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  1. Anyone want to play a warhawke!? My character needs someone to play her son, pm me if your interested!

  2. Does anyone do full body skins? Pm me on discord if so!

  3. Delevoye Clan

    Delevoye Del-a-voye The Delevoye’s are a large mali’ker family and are all from one direct line. The fun-loving family is a matriarchy and rather close-knit, having family dinners often and living under one roof. Their history is long, intricate and sometimes devastating but you’d never see that upon first glance of a member. Trying to make a Delevoye go against their family is nearly impossible and has only been done once, to which such failed. This household depends on one another heavily, like wolves, they thrive when with their pack. Common traits for this Clan would be sarcasm, perseverance, determination, creativity, loyalty and curiosity. Faith Faith within the Delevoye clan is very important. They all follow the ancestral religion and are sometimes given lessons by their Matriarch, Arabella. Within their home would be a room dedicated to their deceased loved ones, dimly lit shrines lining the walls of the narrow room. Once a day they burn incense in said room and pay their respects to their ancestors. If one were to seek out priesthood in the clan, they’d be making everyone proud. History It all started with Kalvo Delevoye, a young ‘ker male who was unhappy with the lifestyle he had been raised with. Growing up he could take useless, rather unfortunate looking things and turn them into something grand. He loved to experiment with red stone and at the ripe age of fifty opened up a market stall to sell his trinkets. His family laughed at his dumb ambitions and left him, deciding he was not a true family member for his dreams. One day while manning his booth he met the most beautiful and soft-spoken Mali’ker woman he had ever set his eyes on. She was enamored with his craftsmenship and soon they married. Freya and Kalvo had two sons, Archontas and Ethir. Ethir went off to deceive people and spun webs of lies like no other, he was a disappointment to his family. Archontas though, the eldest of the two, kept up the family traditions and took up tinkering as well. While Ethir went off to have a child all to force the mother to leave them both, Archontas was flourishing with his business. His business sold interesting trinkets and paintings, and just like his father, he fell in love with a customer. They soon married but struggled with their marriage and conceiving. Ten years into their marriage he began an affair with a tailor named Iangeth. This continued for two years until Kalvo found out and demanded his son end his infidelity. Archontas quickly called it off and worked hard to repair his marriage. Unbeknownst to him, Iangeth ended up having a child, his son, and raised him on her own. Kalvo knew of such a secret and financially helped her raise the boy. Six years later Archontas and Lily had Arabella, their only child. Lily ended up having postpartum depression and left Arabella to be raised by their servants, only speaking to her daughter when she needed to be reprimanded or reminded of her duties as a lady. Kalvo and Freya visited Archontas often and would usually bring young Arabella a gift or two with each visit. When Arabella was forty, tragedy struck as Archontas died of an unknown condition, having died in his sleep. Lily spent their remaining money rather quickly and decided to arrange a marriage for Arabella that would help with their newfound struggle. The marriage was never one of love, a miserable life enveloped Arabella in severe depression. Years later she finally was pregnant with her husbands child, but ended up miscarrying four months in. The abuse became intolerable, so Ara ran off to the village one day and later that night poisoned her husband. She took all his money and jewels, running off into the night with her mother. They lived peacefully in a nice sized cottage for around two decades before her mother passed, causing Arabella to leave her happy bubble and go off into the world. Arabella ended up having a daughter not long after leaving the cottage. The father of her child was insane and therefore cut out of her life, for the first few years at least. Luna Delevoye endured a tough upbringing filled with struggle but found solace in her family and doll making. The other family members soon came after. Members This will only show the living members Arabella Delevoye, Priam Delevoye, Luna Delevoye, Damon Delevoye, Lyra Delevoye, Nerrin Delevoye, Atlas Delevoye, Relmius Delevoye, Aries Delevoye, Astrid Delevoye
  4. Stick Ball!

    A drawing depicting a ‘ker male holding a thick wooden bat would be at the top of this flier. The Warhawkes are once more hosting a friendly game of stick ball and we formally invite the people of Talar’ikur, Okarn’thilln and the Warnation of Krugmar to come play with us. Refreshments along with food will be provided for those who wish to stay around after the game has ended. The game will be hosted on the Grand Harvest of 1659 and will be set in the Bokolo field of Khel’seth, the Warhawkian city. The game will be explained once there, no need to worry though, it’s not a dual of any sorts! We all look forward to seeing you there! ( The event will be hosted on Saturday at 4 pm EST / 9 pm GMT )
  5. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  6. Aether VIP giveaway

  7. Reformation of the Tahorann'okar

    If Ara were to hear she'd quirk a brow, confused by the notion that everyone was evicted by her. "I believe Lockezi led a mass eviction months before the coup, best to remember that."
  8. Reformation of the Tahorann'okar

    Reformation of the Tahorran’okar 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1658 History of the Tahorran’okar The Tahorran’okar was formed when the Warhawkes first settled in Axios. The idea first circulated in the mind of Dakath Ba’ikana, a loyal Warhawke who suggested a military force to protect the new nation. As various Warhawkes settled into their houses and tents Dakath, Parion, and Tahiti formed the basis of what would be the Tahorran’okar. The Tahorran’okar, or Hawks Guard in common, are meant to be the military backbone of the Warhawkes. While almost all citizens of Riv’vallel are expected to fight to defend their nation and tribe, the formation of an official guard and foreign expeditionary force was thought to be needed once the Saga of Riv’vallel started to accept non Warhawkes into the nation. With a new need for order came the thought of a group that would house both Warhawkes and non Warhawkes in their want to serve the nation. After many years of roaming around Axios, and losing their home, the Warhawkes built Leyu’Celia, a beacon of hope for all the wandering Warhawkes across the land. With this new home built, it would mean the return of many of their old kin that had been in hiding for many years, and many new faces as well. A return of the Hawk Guard would be needed to maintain order within the walls of Leyu’Celia. Erolas and Dakath sat down one night and began to plot the return of the Tahorran’okar Now in the new warhawkian city in Atles, Khel’seth, the Tahorran’okar are once more rebuilt thanks to the help from the council and Angren Arlenium. A guard force is a thing of tradition in the tribe, the duty originally only given to the Ba’ikana of exceptional skill, known for their strength and scouting ability. The Cosmic Guard were the original guard of the Warhawkes, not something written onto paper but a tradition passed down by generations. Knowing this, the leaders of the Tahorran’okar place the Cosmic Guard at the leadership of their ranks. A warrior of the Warhawkes is traditionally equipped with either leather armor tanned from available wildlife or plate armor worn in traditional Warhawke fashion. In combat the Tahorran’okar prefer speed over strength, their plate armor worn with only sparse metal in order to be able to maneuver. The weapons of the Tahorran’okar are the traditional tomahawk, sword, or bow. Guards will have all of these available to them. Ranks of the Tahorran’okar (In order starting from Elokar’ii) Medi’lin - The Medi’lin are the medics of the Warhawkes, a recent rank created in the interest of healing warriors and innocents alike after battles. The Medi’lin are usually made up of those who lack fighting skill but make up for this with their skill in healing. Not everyone passes through this rank, but their job is a prized part of the Tribe and holds respect among the warriors. Elokar’ii - The basic rank of the Tahorran’okar, their job is to protect the citizens of Riv’vallel. They are to act as a guard force, honoring and enforcing the laws of the city and as a military force, serving in whatever foreign venture the Chieftains desire them to. A recruit must be obedient, strong and agile in order to serve, guards seen unfit will be removed or never climb the ranks. Vira’khel - The Vira’khel is a step up from Elokar’ii, they are the more seasoned guards of the bunch and tend to know how to handle most situations. They keep a watchful eye over the Elokar’ii and teach them what they can. A veteran Vira’khel can understand and follow orders with little to no help.They’re a stepping stone to higher positions in the Tahorran’okar. Elnealuir - These are the second highest rank in the Tahorran’okar, their job is to assist the Cosmic Guard in trialling the recruits, making sure they are fit for service. In addition they are to make sure the guards do their duty in protecting the nation and the city, a job similar to an overseer. These soldiers must also carry out the same duties as the Elokar’ii. Star Guard - Veterans in previous wars, the Star Guard are for those who have proven their dedication to the Tribe with sweat and blood. Only the most honored veterans are worthy of such a rank. They are chosen by the Tribe to guard the stars, the ancestors by belief, and while they do not hold official power in the Tahorran’okar, no recruit can doubt their prestiege and deny them respect. Cosmic Guard - The final say in the Tahorran’okar, these men report directly to the Chieftains for their orders but order the lower ranks of the guard to do their daily routines. The Cosmic Guard is a selective rank only fit for the most competent leaders and warriors. The current Cosmic Guard is Angren Arlenium. Several Forms would be down below for anyone interested to fill out
  9. A Letter to the Dominion

    To the Dominion and her people, The former Chieftain of the Warhawkes left our nation as a disarray of uncertainty and anger, never once did he consult his people on the decisions he made. The treaty made between the Dominion and Warhawkes shocked all of us and angered many, not because we have hatred geared towards the Dominion, but because he did it without the consultation of his people or with their wishes in mind. While the Warhawkes want to remain friendly with the Dominion... We are hereby nullifying any pact, treaty or promise Lockezi made on all our behalves. We’d like for everyone to know this, to understand we will not vassalize nor see the Dominion as a higher power or partake in any violent activities that they do. This statement is not one of war or hatred, it is one rewriting the decisions of our previous chieftain in favor of our people. Signed By Arabella Rosalie Delevoye Matriarch of the Delevoye Clan Chieftess of the Warhawkes
  10. when you've got like 80 posts to work on but your mom keeps handing you alcohol 

  11. Happy Easter!!

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      God Of Pie

      you too mi amigo, you too.

  12. A New Chieftess

    Arabella grins, her short curly locks a bit frizzy as an abundance of papers would be scooped up into her arms. "Lets get this **** started!"
  13. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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      can I marry in roleplay I want to inherit your wives

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      I wish I had a love

  14. [Accepted] Violino's Forum Moderator Application

    i'm gonna have to give this a -1. Violino despite me telling her multiple times that the reason i dislike her has nothing to do with a mutual person has continued to ignore me and go along with blaming my discomfort around her on someone who is not even part of the reason. She told me to kill myself in a not so humorous way and has shown toxic behavior multiple times. I just don't think she should be on any staff team, especially ones that deal directly with people and sometimes in the FM team you have to do just that.
  15. [Denied]Leap is a really stubborn boy! (GM Team application)

    Leap is just fantastic! He's nice to everyone he comes across and really helpful along with patient. I'm definitely +1ing this