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  1. The Cheshire Neko

    Officially 19 so ask me anything!

  2. The Cheshire Neko

    Festival of Vividity

    Festival of Vividity Fliers would be posted everywhere for anyone to see! On the grand harvest of the year 1664 we will be hosting the second ever Festival of Vividity! This festival is about love, friendship and acceptance. The games will be based on teamwork and trust along with a few simple must haves booths. There will be four empty stalls for anyone to take up shop and sell their items if that is something they would like to do. Please send a bird to Arabella Delevoye at least an Elven month beforehand to reserve one. Any requests for a stall after said time will be denied. The festival will take place in the Warhawke park, the beginning of it will be off to the left side at a bonfire near the Oasis. There will be a ceremony to start off the event and then after a few words it’s simply fun games and delicious foods! All are welcome! (It is on Saturday the 26th at 5 pm est - 10 pm gmt)
  3. The Cheshire Neko

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] _Lackless_'s attempts to sell his soul

    Most these people +1ing only know him from the last few months, but Lackless has been part of the warhawkes for what, over a year? I wasn't going to say anything else but god damn these responses.... If I didn't know any better I'd say lackless asked for help on the calling others out front, that seems very like him. Honey, it isn't a rumor if everyone (who is giving negative ones) has witnessed it with their own eyes. Rumors don't have truth, the things everyone is commenting about does have truth behind it all. If so many people are here commenting -1's and making it their job to step out of their comfort zones to type out a negative response, doesn't that mean something? Doesn't it raise some eyebrows? If you look through these peoples activities you'll see some or even most don't usually do this, they usually don't call out people and post negative things on the forums. Have you thought about the fact that Warhawkes tend to spend all their times in teamspeak of discord together and therefore this is where all this "he's not a good person" stems from? You won't find many dms or logs about it because we all witnessed it firsthand being said from his own mouth. This person shouldn't be a gm, he shouldn't be rewarded with that kind of power. Lackless scares me. I'll be upfront about that. I've been around enough to see toxic people and what they can do to others, I've been part of the carnage of someones toxicity reaching the max. Lackless is obsessive, he brushes people and their opinions off because its to much trouble to just listen. He's made sexist comments before and never apologized when called out. He even said once he was couped that he'd get us (the warhawkes) back. His character had no reason to be suspicious of the coup, all of us had spoken maybe once about revolting and it was done in a private place. Yet he came with an entire crew of Dominion guards all geared up and ready to attack. This guy is not gm material, he worries me honestly. Continue defending him, it'll just remind me who I should steer clear of. Oh and one last thing: I kicked you off the region because i didn't see a house with your name on it and asked a cleric friend if you were part of their order. The druid grove slipped my mind due to inactivity and at the time that i cleared out the region of members that seemed out of place I didn't know you were even talking to him. Don't try and seem like some victim when really it was an accident. You could have messaged me about it instead of doing this.
  4. The Cheshire Neko

    [Denied]Aerenna's Game Moderator Application

    i don't know what happened there but from what i do know, the relationship was bound to end when it started. To give someone a -1 over something like a breakup is honestly sad. Emma is hard working and takes being a GM very seriously. She's rather unbiased but when she knows there's a chance of favoritism, she won't take a modreq just to make sure she's doing the right thing. Honestly she's one of the few gm's i've seen constantly doing stuff and working extremely hard to get the job done. Mega +1 from me for her, sometimes we make snap decisions when we're stressed or upset and regret it once our head is clear. So i get why she may have left and i 100% support her decisiom to return!
  5. If you would like to play a child and be part of the warhawke community, two Delevoye characters are up for grabs!

    1. PieOnBreak


      Hnnnn, I just unshelved my dwarf



      more lines

      moms spaghetti

  6. anyone else having trouble getting on lotc atm? 

    1. PieOnBreak


      Mmmmm, Occasionally. Many people are actually having said issue.

  7. The Cheshire Neko

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] _Lackless_'s attempts to sell his soul

    Exactly what Allie said! I've seen Locke completely throw everyone's opinions and suggestions out the door only to do what everyone asked him not to do. He's incredibly petty and I can see him use his GM powers for his own personal gain and not to benefit the server or follow the rules. From experience he's incredibly immature and will figure out a loop around the rules to benefit him all to deny any allegations made against him. A gm should be level headed, unbiased, mature and able to admit when they **** up. Everyone does, no big deal, but it all depends on if your willing to admit it. All in all i think this application should be denied. Soo..... -1
  8. The Cheshire Neko

    Shamanism for Mali'Ker

    Arabella furrows her brows, hearing from a friend about said parchment. "Has he even trained to be a shaman? Has he sat back and truly learned about priesthood? I've never once heard Dak'ir mention his name. Never the less I guess its time to see this faux prince in action..." She'd swipe a bottle of vodka in case her time said tavern was dull and make her way down the never ending road to the Dominion.
  9. The Cheshire Neko

    The Prince of Mali'Ker

    Arabella Delevoye, Chieftess of the Warhawkes, brows furrow at the parchment, a smile creeping onto her features at the sheer stupidity that this statement held. She'd simply toss it into her fire for kindling, striding over to her balcony so she could gaze upon the ocean water that reflected the midnight glint from the stars and moon. "This man claims such a title in the most cowardly of ways, stating there is no debate, those are the words of a fool who knows he'll fail. Your ancestors back you, but do the rest? Delilah the Mother, Malin the All-Father and so on. Do they? You speak of separation yet your clan won't join the Warhawkes in Khel'seth, a beautiful city built just for our kind. How do you plan on ruling us all from your puny throne built from arrogance and deceit? Go ahead and play around in your clan hall, pretend to be something you are clearly not, we'll simply prosper here in Khel'seth with the true prince of the 'Ker, Erolas Ba'ikana."
  10. Anyone want to play a warhawke!? My character needs someone to play her son, pm me if your interested!

  11. Does anyone do full body skins? Pm me on discord if so!

  12. The Cheshire Neko

    Delevoye Clan

    Delevoye Del-a-voye The Delevoye’s are a large mali’ker family and are all from one direct line. The fun-loving family is a matriarchy and rather close-knit, having family dinners often and living under one roof. Their history is long, intricate and sometimes devastating but you’d never see that upon first glance of a member. Trying to make a Delevoye go against their family is nearly impossible and has only been done once, to which such failed. This household depends on one another heavily, like wolves, they thrive when with their pack. Common traits for this Clan would be sarcasm, perseverance, determination, creativity, loyalty and curiosity. Faith Faith within the Delevoye clan is very important. They all follow the ancestral religion and are sometimes given lessons by their Matriarch, Arabella. Within their home would be a room dedicated to their deceased loved ones, dimly lit shrines lining the walls of the narrow room. Once a day they burn incense in said room and pay their respects to their ancestors. If one were to seek out priesthood in the clan, they’d be making everyone proud. History It all started with Kalvo Delevoye, a young ‘ker male who was unhappy with the lifestyle he had been raised with. Growing up he could take useless, rather unfortunate looking things and turn them into something grand. He loved to experiment with red stone and at the ripe age of fifty opened up a market stall to sell his trinkets. His family laughed at his dumb ambitions and left him, deciding he was not a true family member for his dreams. One day while manning his booth he met the most beautiful and soft-spoken Mali’ker woman he had ever set his eyes on. She was enamored with his craftsmenship and soon they married. Freya and Kalvo had two sons, Archontas and Ethir. Ethir went off to deceive people and spun webs of lies like no other, he was a disappointment to his family. Archontas though, the eldest of the two, kept up the family traditions and took up tinkering as well. While Ethir went off to have a child all to force the mother to leave them both, Archontas was flourishing with his business. His business sold interesting trinkets and paintings, and just like his father, he fell in love with a customer. They soon married but struggled with their marriage and conceiving. Ten years into their marriage he began an affair with a tailor named Iangeth. This continued for two years until Kalvo found out and demanded his son end his infidelity. Archontas quickly called it off and worked hard to repair his marriage. Unbeknownst to him, Iangeth ended up having a child, his son, and raised him on her own. Kalvo knew of such a secret and financially helped her raise the boy. Six years later Archontas and Lily had Arabella, their only child. Lily ended up having postpartum depression and left Arabella to be raised by their servants, only speaking to her daughter when she needed to be reprimanded or reminded of her duties as a lady. Kalvo and Freya visited Archontas often and would usually bring young Arabella a gift or two with each visit. When Arabella was forty, tragedy struck as Archontas died of an unknown condition, having died in his sleep. Lily spent their remaining money rather quickly and decided to arrange a marriage for Arabella that would help with their newfound struggle. The marriage was never one of love, a miserable life enveloped Arabella in severe depression. Years later she finally was pregnant with her husbands child, but ended up miscarrying four months in. The abuse became intolerable, so Ara ran off to the village one day and later that night poisoned her husband. She took all his money and jewels, running off into the night with her mother. They lived peacefully in a nice sized cottage for around two decades before her mother passed, causing Arabella to leave her happy bubble and go off into the world. Arabella ended up having a daughter not long after leaving the cottage. The father of her child was insane and therefore cut out of her life, for the first few years at least. Luna Delevoye endured a tough upbringing filled with struggle but found solace in her family and doll making. The other family members soon came after. Members This will only show the living members Arabella Delevoye, Priam Delevoye, Luna Delevoye, Damon Delevoye, Lyra Delevoye, Nerrin Delevoye, Atlas Delevoye, Relmius Delevoye, Aries Delevoye, Astrid Delevoye
  13. The Cheshire Neko

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  14. The Cheshire Neko

    Reformation of the Tahorann'okar

    If Ara were to hear she'd quirk a brow, confused by the notion that everyone was evicted by her. "I believe Lockezi led a mass eviction months before the coup, best to remember that."