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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Banard, Hexicanum Ban Reason Server guidelines violation, antagonistic behaviour. 2 weeks. May appeal 6/12/18 Players Involved volcel Corvoo By your own understanding, why are you banned? Naturally, for not heeding the moderator's warning and instead outright insult them as an individual and the entire staff team as a whole. Why should you be pardoned? Everyone has a certain threshold for their anger, and Corvoo just happened to be the unfortunate one to step over it. Emotional impulses are something that plays with every human's mind, and even if you're as stoic and moderate as a rock, your temper's bound to catch up with you sooner or later. With that being said, remorse is also a prevalent human trait, and so I've been able to swallow my pride, look back at my actions, recognize the intemperance of them, and repent accordingly. Moreover, I've served my time. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I'll learn how to properly pull the reins on my emotions and generally keep myself more collected, lest I needlessly lash out at otherwise innocent fellow players for the most mundane error. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. While I disagree with most of the practices that revolve this particular tract, the Community Guidelines certainly makes some impact on the server by promoting modesty and cracking down on wrongthinkers. I staunchly agree with what the Deceit, Narcissism In Roleplay and Be Detached but Enthusiastic details, as I have always believed honest integrity and relative indifference and open-mindedness to any changes and consequences pertaining to one's character(s) are absolutely essential traits all members of any roleplaying community must retain. Though this probably sounds like conflicting statements, the ability to relate and acknowledge the unadulterated aspects of your character that makes it; well, a /character/ while also being able to detach yourself from and acknowledge the mortality of it-- to accept and maybe even appreciate that what can happen to your character; most likely will sooner or later. An adaptable mindset like this, as aforementioned, is key to bringing enthusiasm and proper narrative in roleplay, as well as keeping good conduct and cooperating with respective roleplayers which breeds a stronger experience and incentive in general.
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    Fourth Generation Necromancy

    Y E S
  4. volcel

    [Strength of the Abyss][MA] i've been waiting.

    >implying holy mage incels can achieve agent smith tier badassery lol.
  5. volcel

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    the no plate armor thingy on darkstalkers is VERY unnecessary and restrictive delete or face the wrath of khan
  6. volcel

    Satyr Rewrite (AGAIN)

    @Slothtastic u obviously shouldn't be writing lore or lurk on the internet in general if you can't handle legitimate criticism
  7. no he'll only use his pex to minmax lore further for his own gains and purposes -1
  8. volcel

    [Denied][P] Shelyn's Game Moderator Application

    big zzz
  9. volcel

    [✗] [Rewrite]Lycanthropes, The Ferals Of Morea

    finally we can do proper van helsing rp
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    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    OH ****
  11. volcel

    [Misc] [SA] Joanna Paige

  12. volcel

    [MArt] Radiance of Aeriel

    >a sword made out of gold good luck swinging that brainlet
  13. volcel

    [Recruiting]Bloodline of the Rams in Atlas

    RP Name: Arkgnthand'Ram MC Name: YRNCOMPADRES Reason for joining: BIG horn roleplay Tell a joke: we are the 56%