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  1. caius he smile
  2. we're truly becoming an offbrand minigames hypixel server
  3. Caius began to take every flower pot in the city, shaking his fist at the Rebel siege camp. "That'll show 'em."
  4. since i am still barred from making [Redacted] Updates, this is a continuation of my project to get my thoughts out to the community. thanks for understanding. this thought crossed my mind as i was melted today in service of Oren please answer @Vege
  5. This is now a droid thread, meatbags. Prepare to be terminated. Roger Roger.
  6. @Wendigo got
  7. since I've been barred from making status updates I will put them here to exercise my forum rights thanks for understanding check periodically and smash that follow button right above x kincaid @Harold
  8. im not 14 im 12
  9. no matter what happens with this war im still going to be a reptilian bounty hunter in the future and no one can stop me good post 👍 👍 💯 💯
  10. FMs I beg you to leave this one here, from the bottom of my heart, this is a tribute to my friend @Aengoth, nothing of harm will come from this. I just need this consolidation during this time of grief. Please. Aengoth, a candle in the dark. Aengoth brought these forums a sense of fatherhood. Aengoth brought them the jokes we as a community needed. No matter factions or colors, Aengoth stood with us as a veteran player and former staff. Aengoth was a proper shitposter. Aengoth was a hero. Aengoth was just misunderstood. Post forever, Aengoth. Long live Aengoth, the forum fisher. (if this gets deleted I pk irl) [*]
  11. i miss you already #freeaengoth


    1. Ilyich


      Stay strong, Joey!

  12. can you be my bounty board
  13. "Good song!" comments Caius.