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  1. california is pretty nice.

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      we miss you joey but never come back

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      ur pretty nice

  2. hey step bro

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      i can see their noses through the trees... they’re all around us, man

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  3. sadly my laptop has been confiscated by a fellow deviled egg, i will now be returning to cyrosleep until i can afford a laptop myself. have a good one.

  4. 📯 A Hilarious Response 📯 Dated 12th of The Deep Code 1714 On the eve of whatever day it happens to be, I read something funny. Now, I know funny more than the next ser, and I am no mime, thus a response was written upon this very curb of which I sat. As a wanderer and devotee to faith, it humors me at the accusations that I follow some sort of pagan G*D! A holy pilgrim, devoted to more than one G*D? Truly laughable. The dimwitted players in this game that wrote such words are quite dull, considering they don’t know history if it smacked them in the head. The origins of the ‘Lord of Laughter’ stem far from cultism, but the dedication to good fortune and faith found within a humble history rooted in a small village known as Clownetkoski. There, a holy and devoted people built a fiefdom blessed to them by then High Pontiff Lucien V, many were survivors of the Westerlands crisis (A crisis held true by the Prophet Owyn’s light, mind you: The dead are often hard to kill without the flame of true faith.) The ‘Lord of Laughter' title is our praise and veneration for the late King Caius Sigismund Horen ‘the Funny’, the young King who knew little, but had a heart and faith to bind him. Venerated to this day by heroes such as Bottle the Brave, naming his son after the great King. King Caius the Funny, circa 1602 Since my arrival in this realm, I have found Imps with forked tails questioning anything with a heartbeat. They knit pick and strawman with seemingly outworldly knowledge anything that they deem to be heretical or cult-like. Just the other day, I was held in contempt for existing with a red nose and walking the streets of Ves, all for the matter that I was acting as a religious confident of one of the innocent men they arrested. How hilarious! You may call me a fool, you may call me a joke, you may call me a clown, yet the most hilarious thing here is how angered a group of people is getting over pixelated pressure. You can hunt me till the ends of the earth, but know that my spectral being has a higher calling of the Seven Skies, I know where my faith comes from and I know it to be true. I know it to be right and just. Monks, peasants, and any who are faithful: disregard what the Church has stated, and for once just have a laugh at how silly this is. The Long Joke is upon us. THE RED NOSED MAN SPEAKS Two priests walked into a tavern, And Prince Yury killed them both.
  5. “I’ll tell everyone what you did here dogs!” -A true devotee of the faith to Prince Yury and his brutes, following the butchering of several Owynists. Hark thee, “Beware your faith, beware your good fortune, for the Killer of Cloth spares neither. A man of faith may as well a target donned over his robe, for this Prince is neither stoic nor noble, but a rabid dog. The man dubbed Prince Yury butchers innocent priests the likes of a deranged hyena. Our church stands idle, likely compelled by coin and bribes as their most faithful, their most humble, those that give everything they own and their life to the Skies above, perish before an egotistical man with a far needed trip to disconnection. Followers of the flame, of St. Owyn, are persecuted: being branded cultists despite the lack of evidence or proper trial. A self-righteous and dangerous cause, what is our Church if not devoted to Saintly truth? Laws are turnt and blood is spilled on the streets by the day. Before us stands a man who prides himself on butchering those with the sacred duty to the Skies above, before us is a man who borderlines insane, before us isn’t a Prince by divine right at all… But a Prince of the Pig Trough, the Killer of Cloth. I pray for the faithful that have fallen before him, and pray to the above that this madness ceases. Power unchecked is a dangerous game, and the abuse of the servants of the Almighty is an even more dangerous one. THE RED NOSED MAN LISTENS “The only thing funny here Is the puppet churches inaction.”
  6. Westerpranks X It all started with a mission To quell the dead To light a fire To burn bright. King Leopold King Caius And many more of the Marna line The Westerland spirit was never broken It’s laughter never betrayed For the Lord of Laughter watched. His flame, burning in your belly That feeling of good nature That feeling of humor The Lord of Laughter ensured it. The days are dull The peasants are ignored Once more, the trifling of the long disconnected stirs. The Red Nosed Man wanders Bringing jests and comedy on his path If you bump into him or his men Say a prayer, and have a laugh. X THE RED NOSED MAN COMES. “The wedding was so beautiful, even the cake was in tiers.”
  7. The Prankster That Was Promised x Wheat, uncut. Peasants, unfed The Lord of Laughter Could very well be dead For when the Prankster That Was Promised Rises from his chains A honk will sound And the world will be sane. The Lord of Laughters Burning comedic effects Will burn those With little to nothing left The Clownzor Ahonk Laced up his large shoes And set off on a quest Of disconnection of mere fools. x THE RED NOSED MAN MUSES “Why was the broom late for work? It overswept.”
  8. The tome of the Lord of Laughter 18th of the Grand Harvest, 1714 “Upon the 18th of the Grand Harvest, of the year 1714, I was sent to this realm from damnation in the River of the Wandering Soul. The Lord of Laughter banished me from his realm, branding me a mere court fool as all that was funny was squandered by play wrights messing with the strings of fate.” “He spoke of a prophecy, of the one, the Honkbringer, the Clownzor Ahonk,the Prankster that was Promised, his chosen vessel. Many saw the once mortal King Caius ‘the Funny’ as the chosen, yet they were wrong.” “Now the prophecy stands, all will be laughing as the true Honkbringer brings the realm of Minecraftia to gut-bursting disconnection.” THE RED NOSED MAN PERSISTS “If a mushroom was such a fun guy, why didn’t the Lord hold a ball at his holding?” “There wasn’t much room, and the mushroom was executed for treason.” :O)
  9. “The Lord of Laughter’s Red Nose must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” States the The Red Nosed Man.
  10. hilarius background story 

  11. what does development staff mean does that mean you can develop a ban for xray

    1. Wrynn


      I coded it into the server...
         ban(e.getPlayer, 9999);


    2. joey calabreeni
    3. jdesarno


      A miracle. 

  12. look at me im an old player coming to take back my rightful minecraft blocks!

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