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    After brief deliberation, Caius Sigismund Horen once more lifts up the quill. He pens a response to the nameless claims against his prior letter to the public concerning Santegia. A smile wrapped his visage the entire time. “Santegia is objectively, observably terrible.” Ser Draken Lancefeld 9th of the Deep Cold, 1639 A FINAL RESPONSE Greetings unto you, Ol’ No Name. I felt compelled to respond to your open letter, and as such, this document will be self explanatory. Drafted by myself and Brother “BOB”, I implore you and your people to carefully read it and consider the offer at the conclusion. Many thanks, for this is our final response. “Santegia does not support any enemies of humanity. Although, one cannot say the same for Oren or the Church. The witnesses of the brutal transgressions committed on the righteous Demetrios Palaiologos clearly note the presence of an undead - an entity condemned by the Church itself. Yet, the Order of St. Lucien did not seem to care much about the creature, instead priming their focus on butchering an innocent preacher.” Your dearest Demetrios picked up arms against men of the Church, instead of standing idly by, he stood against humanity and our faith when he supported the likes of Norlandic Barbarians. The men of the GOD weren’t going to lay down and let him kill them. His death was inevitable when you take a stand with those that have directly opposed Canonism on multiple occasion. He was not a pious Canonist or else he would have understood the consequences of being complicit with malicious heathens. Are you an idiot to even suggest our lines work with the undead? My entire reign was spent combating the undead and defending the Western borders from a portal of unknowable power. Meanwhile, the likes of House de Savin butchered innocent Haensemen for a grudge that had long been paid back. The Order of St. Lucien was re-established in part to directly combat necrotics; taking up arms to free the lost city of Johannesburg from Thannic mutants and reclaim the lost city of Bastion. Your premise of us supporting the undead is unbiased and a mockery. Furthermore, the Order of Saint Lucien aided in the defense of Senntisten when those dwelling in the corrupted husk of Johannesburg attempted to spread their dark tendrils further onto the plane of the living. “I am loath to admit this, but the Canonist Church is far from bipartisan. It is supposed to be an impartial figure, above petty political squabbles; however, it only represents Oren’s best interest. I only need to quote the words of Elder Vladimir himself to justify the case, “This transcends morality… This is politics…” I will concede that the political realm is evil and has done our world no good in faith. I directly opposed the reformation of the Holy Orenian Empire based upon the destruction and innocents killed in the blast of Johannesburg… Peter Sigismund is an Emperor who he himself killed his Holiness Lucien V: A brainmelt that led to the direct drainage of any virtue left within a shell of an Empire. The House of Horen is meant to be the dragon, the most powerful, strong, and holy according to GOD and GOD only. Three out of the Four exalteds were, in fact, descendent from the same Horen line. We, Brother “BOB” and Caius agree to this sentiment. Has it already been mentioned enough that the Holy Orenian Empire was dissolved? How can we serve the interests of a title and Empire that doesn’t exist? That is preposterous, and to suggest anything of the sort shows how ignorant you truly are to both our people and movement. “This is only because the High Pontiff’s corruption has seeped into the church like a disease, polluting the once venerable institution! I must also remind you that Oren itself is guilty of such an act, for they were the first to join arms with Urguan.” His Holiness called off the Order of St. Lucien following misconduct before you denounced him and the Church. Answer me this, how is it corruption for you to denounce the very same High Pontiff that sought to make amends. The Isles are a large place, and unlike the Elves, we do not use magic to transport information of any sort. It takes some time you impatient and impulsive baboons. The reason that the Lucienists even so as first involved ourselves in your state was due to a BROAD directive from his Holiness to flush out any and all paganism and heresy around the world that resultant from signatures on the Axios Coalition and the pagans which signed it. Santegia was one of our initial targets for investigation and inquisition due to word of mouth of the common man that they were aiding Norland Barbarians and Orcish Savages to attack fellow Canonists, alongside their King’s signature within the Axios Coalition. The defunct Grand Kingdom of Urguan did not outlaw Canonism and tolerated priests, monks, and pilgrimages throughout their land. I can confirm this, as the Lucienists acted peacefully and were unabated in Urguan. Furthermore, Urguanites were willing to hear the doctrine of GOD, an open mind and alternative to their faith. The entire reason the Church involved itself and joined arms with Urguan was to prevent an imbalance of power in which pagans (The Orcish Shamans, Dark Elven Tribesmen, and Norlandic Red Worshippers) would become the hegemon, and spread chaos and infidelity throughout our lands. It was a worldly quest, yes, but even the Dwarves of Urguan acted the part of the humble heathen against Orcish slavers, Dark Elven ravagers, and Norlandic barbarians. To allow such chaos to spread would result in the downfall of modern civilization and the will of GOD. “Santegians take up arms to defend themselves from the darkness lurking within the so called Order of GOD, and their perverted High Pontiff. The church has abandoned them thanks to its leadership having strayed from GOD himself in favor of an avaricious desire for political gain.” The High Pontiff quite literally wishes to be a separate entity from the state. He cares not for land, or titles: but the defense of our faith and tradition. He was forcibly placed unto the regency council by my son, Frederick Victor, and expediently attempted to remove himself from such. Enlighten me, what would the High Pontiff gain politically if he sought to kill innocent so-called Canonists? None, for it is counter productive if he would aspire to UNITE humanity into an empire, which might I remind was dissolved. The Faith has not abandoned Santegia, Santegia has abandoned the faith; I shall delve into more details later, we’re far from over. “Such a view is relative, for in the eyes of the Santegians, we are to cleanse the Church of its corruptions, to reprimand those who have sinned against our people. They are guilty of perpetuating the elaborate ruse of wanting to unite humanity, while they continue to latch onto the last vestiges of Oren. Thusly, it makes sense that a Horen would continue to support the FALSE, crooked Canonist Church! By doing so, they only further divide mankind.” Allow me to… Put this together… The Holy Church of Canon, the so called evil and corrupt Canonist Church, wishes to unite humanity by… Dividing humanity? Did I get that write? Did you perhaps stumble over your words in your quarters and forget what you’re writing is a living oxymoron? I do not even need to attempt and rebuttal such an idiotic point. You cannot do one by doing the complete opposite. What happened to that education you so proudly boasted about, mm? As stated previously, the only ones who were slain sided with Norlanders and Frostbeards, both of which have a history of attacking Canonists and humanity as a whole. They were sinners. When you sleep with a dog carrying fleas, you may as well be treated as a disease. I myself was an Owynist heretic at one point, the entirety of my Kingdom was. Only when the High Pontiff Lucien V reached out to me, and I then reached to GOD, was when I found conversion. The further deeds of the Order of St. Lucien only solidified my faith when they rescued me from the castle of Senntisten, as undead marched at my door step. You must remember that the Marna bloodline historically was angry with the Canonist Church for siding with the Dwed. We didn’t take up arms against it, we didn’t side with savages and play the victim, no. We reached out to faith, to the High Pontiff and GOD’s servants. My father and myself grew into avid Maltists, a doctrine accepted by the High Pontiff as compatible with Canon law. “The qualities of one’s ancestors do not determine the actions of their descendants. Do not make make hasty judgments of collectives, but the individual. And if you are too stubborn to agree with such a statement, you may turn to your own ancestry and that of Oren to see the political roots of Canonism.” The political roots of Canonism fall flat when the very creation of it was resultant of failed bureaucracy under the Chivay Empire to put the Church under her thumb. Following the death of High Pontiff Pius II, the bureaus attempted to quickly subvert the Church under their control, seeing it lay dormant for years until the Chivay Empire fell, in which a re-emboldened faith returned. In that case, secular governments quite literally persecuted and saw fit to extinguish the flame of the Church; as seen with the Kingdom of Aesterwald’s schism. So… Yes, Canonism is rooted in political reformation in the sense that it was liberated from bureaucracy once more. I believe you require a history book to understand that Canonism isn’t a recent thing, we have tradition and a lengthy history. “It is hypocritical for you to state such, as we all know the Church has always been a political institution with its central authority and hierarchy of command, but it has failed to recognise our Kingdom for too long. Religion is supposed to transcend nationalities and be open to ALL, not just those who happen to be of a particular political alignment. It has absolutely NO place in bureaucracy and warfare!” The Church is a religious institution, is that not clear? In what way has it failed to recognize you as a Kingdom? They appointed unto you bishops, priests, and missionaries, solidifying your place as a Kingdom within Canonist doctrine. We do not assign bishops to Hou-Zhi mud huts. It is absolutely comical that you even call yourselves Canonists if you completely omit the tenants of the Exalted Owyn and the Exalted Godfrey, you absolute disgraces. Allow me to cite a variety of examples from the Seven Scrolls: “Canticle of Fidelity: So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid thee, My faithful, this: Thou shalt keep fast to thy word and to thy station, and aspire not to greatness among men, but to My glory. And I am the Lord GOD without peer, and My order is the only order, and My law is the only law, and the highest reaches of heaven shall be open to the virtuous king and servant alike. “So to ye Sons of Godwin I admonish: There are no partners to GOD. For he is foremost in the sky, and has no equal, no part, no manifestation. In His name, I beg thee, brother, turn away from false gods, and seek salvation in the One.” There is only one GOD almighty, by his doctrine he has no partners. To aid the pagan or Dwaven polytheist is a direct mockery of the exalted Owyn’s word, only that can be redeemed through penance. “So to ye Sons of Krug, who have fallen to other faiths, I admonish: GOD punishes not, but protects. And there is no pain with GOD, but without him. And so thou sufferest not in retribution but in separation, and in the Skies all shall find solace.” Any and all retribution brought onto Santegia is of your own accord. With your state falling to other faiths, GOD will not protect you if you abandon his grace. The unrepentant shall suffer. “And there he slew the corrupt and unrepentant, and searched for his godparent. But Joren, son of Horen was never to be found. And in his grief, Owyn went into the greatest city of Edel, and reproofed the wicked with his sword for seven days, until every servant of Iblees lie at his feet, and he collapsed. So the Lord saw the penance of Owyn, which was the death of the unrepentant at his feet, and Owyn was made again as the light of his blade; and the great city was destroyed, and all for leagues the wicked who looked upon it were struck with the afflictions of Harren. So Owyn joined his father’s father in the Sixth Sky.” The Exalted Owyn himself found penance in slaying the corrupt and unrepentant, just as the Order of St. Lucien struck down the Norlandic Fire Dancers and the Frostbeard Polytheists. To slay the heretic is to truly rid yourself and the world of sin. “T’is revenge stooped in morality. Demetrios was a divine individual who graced peace on those present, so much so that the Archbishop and Bishop of San Adrián sought to make him a blessed of the faith. He died for what he believed as a preacher of Canonism, defending the innocent populace of Santegia, who the Order of St. Lucien so mercilessly slaughtered in cold blood.” He died not a preacher of Canonism, for everything he stood for in that moment was in direct contest with our faith. He died defending Norlandic pagans who commit sacrilege against the faith and Frostbeards who reject GOD in favor of a polytheist doctrine in which Yemeker is split into multiple separate deities. “This is hypocritical, because Oren allowed the Harian faith, that of the Daelish and the faiths of the Dominion of Malin.” You do realize that this is the first time in years that the Church has been given a proper faith militant? The Empire saw fit to keep the Church unarmed, condemning the protection and defense of the Church time and time again. The Order of St. Lucien has conducted a wide range of operations within Holy Orenia, including the Sultanate of Haria (however difficult as the drought had killed many a Qali, making them hard to find!), Adunia which was cleared of any wrongdoings, Daeland (our direct neighbors), and that of the Elves. Thus, such an argument is unfounded. The Empire had laws in place for years pertaining to the Church. Only when a faith militant would be granted were they enforced. Bureaucrats saw fit to limit the Church to prevent pure retribution, and as such, most laws were not properly enforced by the Lordships of the Empire. Blasphemy: Where an individual intentionally speaks sacrilegiously or in contrary to the teachings or dogma of GOD or the heavens, this shall be the crime of blasphemy, a felony. Apostasy: Where an individual intentionally abandons or renunciates the teachings or dogma of GOD or the heavens, this shall be the crime of apostasy, a felony. Heresy: Where an individual intentionally believes or partakes in false teachings or dogma of GOD or the heavens, this shall be the crime of heresy, a felony. Atheism: Where an individual intentionally rejects the existence of GOD or the heavens, this shall be the crime of atheism, a felony. Evangelization of False Faiths: Where an individual intentionally spreads and converts other individuals to the belief of a faith in contrary to that the Canonist faith, this shall be the crime of evangelization of false faiths, a felony. Evangelization of Heresy: Where an individual intentionally spreads the false belief of unorthodox and untrue dogma or teachings to other individuals, this shall be the crime of evangelization of heresy or false doctrines, a felony. Delivery: Where an individual intentionally and actively participates in the worship of demons and devils, evangelizes the worship of demons and devils, or encourages the growth of devilic cults, this shall be the crime of devilry, a felony. “His Majesty, King Leoiaritzaltzu allows the continued preaching of Canonism within the nation, as he does with other faiths - as the standard established by Oren itself. The act of ejecting Canonist clergy from the capital was a mercy call to relieve them from any potential ills that may befall them, as a result of the sins committed by the High Pontiff himself. He is fair and just, and righteous in his goals.” Yes, allow the tongue clicking King Montezuma to expel priest because he knows that his people, which are heathens, would act with WRATH against the church folk! You admit the ill intent of the Santegian people regarding Canonism. There is no institutionalized law pertaining to the faith and it’s protection. How dare you call yourself a Canonist when you cannot even assure the righteous’ safety? “If you are to consider the history of the past as you have done, Oren's savage massacres have painted lands sanguine red in blood for centuries. The sacking of Malinor is but one example of the atrocities committed in the name of your Unholy Orenian Empire.” I do concede, the Holy Orenian Empire has acted with wrath in the past. Though, if you even think so as a little like an actual mortal human being you can realize that in almost every single war which Oren partook in, Orenia was attacked first or the other side broke a treaty deliberately. Furthermore, with regard to the sacking of Malinor, the deviant Elves rightfully deserved such for their corruption of the human mind. Burning their forests and chopping their trees established humanity as the superior power for years to come. However, I must state simply that the most absurd thing stated in this argument is the claim that the Orenian Empire was unholy during the time of the Sacking of Malinor. Have you forgotten already, my dear “Canonist”, that the third Exalted, Godfrey, quite literally formed the human Empire which lasted well into the sacking of Malinor? Do you spit upon the legacy of the third Exalted, claiming that his empire was unholy? Foolish, foolish. "For the savagery that lingers in Oren, you must only turn to the crucified corpses of innocents that adorn Metz - truly a putrid sight." Savagery is purely subjective. Those crucified did the wrongdoings and sin that earned them their place upon the cross. Crucifixion is the only way to cleanse their soul; if a person suffers their punishments for the sins that they committed on this plane, their souls will be cleansed and accepted in the Seven Skies should they be human. Lucienists have never belonged to Oren. It has always been a Church Order. Remember, the Orenian Empire has been dissolved for nearly three years now. Meanwhile, we look to the ilk of Norland and other rogue states which assault the innocent for no wrongdoings other than belonging to Oren. I have seen Orcs use their tusks to defile the innocent woman, Norlanders chew hair for nutrients in their impoverished bandit state while worshipping the color red. There is a saying amongst we men of GOD with regard to the former head of the Brathmokardian: Witty Witty, Keep Hogarth away from Kiddy Kiddies. "It's not pretending, as His Majesty is still Canonist. In fact, he was the one that authorized church members stay in the Duchy of Mystra, and only barred Canonist clergy from the capital to reprimand the Church for its inability to take action regarding the recent atrocities in San Adrián." Then perhaps allow him to make amends by expelling the real threats to GOD: Norlandic paganism and Ibless worship! I thought that the reason for removing the clergy was to act as a “mercy call to relieve them from any potential ills that may befall them, as a result of the sins committed by the High Pontiff himself”, not to reprimand the church? It is as if you cupped your palms and drank your own urine. The Church did take action. Those accountable for misconduct were flogged, and black marked by the Order of St. Lucien. To be black marked is to be stripped of their rank, forced to uptake a quest for penance. They are spat upon by their fellow brothers. Furthermore, the Order of St. Lucien was instructed to cease incursions prior to the denouncement. The Order of St. Lucien abided. This is, as the great Lucienist Elf philosopher, Saeros, once said, “Not an argument.” “This is rather hypocritical from the people of Oren, who all constantly seek to overthrow their 'Emperor'. The King himself has done no such deed, for he does not need to feed off the corpse of Oren, the masses gather around him to escape corruption and destruction wrought upon them by poor judgement and leadership that has now taken its toll. History has a peculiar habit of repeating itself, haven’t you heard?” Do you have rabies? None of this makes sense. “Santegia seeks to protect humanity from the current corruption of the Church, and shall lead GOD’S light upon them all. It is a bastion of awareness and enlightenment; of the people’s steadfast belief in GOD alone, and not the power hungry present leadership that seeks to turn the good Canonist people away from HIM. The Church once respected the faiths of others, as long as they were not deemed a threat, but now the warped High Pontiff has sought to slaughter his own - now you stand against those with faith.” Is that why you have a silly red tree now if you wished to lead GOD’s light upon them? You are not even attempting to hide the spit you leak onto the Church. Once again, you equate a secular state with that of the Church, and claim that you can guide the faithful better than that of the Holy Church. Likewise, the church has never respected the faith of others. It expressly states in the Holy Scrolls that there is only one faith, that of Canonism, and that others are false. Mission work is separate from outright tolerance. You are idiotic. “Again, the acts of ancestors do not determine the present. One can make the same point you stated about Oren, and the Horen family. You lot have a reputation for murdering your own kin and overthrowing leaders. In fact, you are warring with your own blood right now.” Are you foolish? Is the Santegian state so sheltered that they do not realize that His Majesty Canonius and His Majesty Frederick Pius have established a truce and alliance against Norland? You are but an uninformed dog. The House of Horen cleanse their weakness traditionally, it is the way the Horen family operates and why we have risen to the top time and time again. It is why the Exalted Owyn slew his uncle, Harren, for bedding an Elf and slaying his father. It was GOD’s prophecy that he would do such, for GOD is omnipotent and all knowing. Certainly, this was an act of wrath as described by GOD himself, and Owyn was punished; yet, through righteous penance, this violent sin may be uplifted. Thus, it is in fact truly holy for Horens to purge the weak amongst our family. “The only proven savages in this case are the Orenians. For neither has Santegia attacked the innocents of Oren, or raided their settlements. The same cannot be said for the ‘Empire’.” Do I need to remind you for the last time that there is no Empire. Santegians have reportedly been aiding Norland and the Frostbeards on the assault of Canonists, through scouts and word of mouth. There are only humans, and race traitors. For Horen’s sake, your king quite literally signed a pact of Coalition with heathens which entailed the slaughtering of fellow Canonists. The sides are quite clear. “Such a remark shall not bully our nation into submission. Calling upon allies is the right thing to do, and there is no shame in that.” Just pray that your allies can withstand the allies of GOD. Remember, GOD protects, as Owyn stated to the descendents of Krug. This crusade holds not the goal of enslaving your people, but to forcibly remove the corruption which hath taken over the mind of your King. Return to GOD’s grace and that of the Church, and you may find peace. His Majesty does not mock God, he stands besides him and sees the truth in the current state of the Church. It is not tradition for the Church to be rife with greed and corruption. He himself was far too diplomatic in his approach, and now the Church has forced his hand. To go against the Church and his Holiness is directly equal to heresy. The Church has not forced his hand, for his Holiness, once more, had the Lucienists stand down before you irrationally denounced the Church versus calling for a meeting. He had showcased a willingness to negotiate. It appears you have overplayed your hand. I thank Grandmaster Robert “Bob” Rovin of the Order of Saint Lucien for aiding me in the doctoring of this response with regard to theological arguments and for the reasoning behind the Order’s actions. As such, I believe I have sufficiently retorted any and all of your arguments against us. From this point onwards, I shall no longer respond to refutations, for an infinite cycle of replies would be sprung into existence. A statement from “Bob” himself: The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Savoie and Saint Lucien maintains their vow to uphold and grant mercy for those of Faith who seek it. Most of whom the Order encounters do not opt for such. The Kingdom of Santegia does not need to follow in the same path of the common elf, in which they opt for a self-fulfilling suicide via further provocation and antagonism. Should the people of Santegia seek peace, and I believe they do as my men return with the scavenged armor of many without casualties of our own, I implore and call upon the King of Santegia to come to Metz and present himself before his Holiness to answer for his crimes against the faith and pay penance. Should your king decide to pay penance, he must come alone, for he alone is responsible for these heretical acts and maintains this responsibility to his people. Terms for a glorious ceasefire and a quest for penance so that King Leo may return to the grace of GOD will be granted upon him by his Holiness and myself, the Grand Master of Saint Lucien, following deliberation and courteous conversation. Some terms for peace and united will be non-negotiable, and others may be discussed. ANTE BELLUM CAIUS SIGISMUND HOREN, DEVOUT CANONIST AND ADVISOR TO THE KING OF MARNA BROTHER ROBERT “BOB” ROVIN, GRAND MASTER OF THE ORDER OF ST. LUCIEN AND BISHOP OF METZ
  9. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    now that I have limited time id rather pvp than sit through an excruciating and pointless 2 hour rp fight raids should be scary. factions should require to protect themselves from a legitimate threat and have to build their own military or get protection from someone else. four raiders is pathetic lol. if the playing field is being leveled, hike up the raid limit. allowing these bubbles of no threat or response to conflict results in stagnation.
  10. Life is meaningless....what have i done....

    Bashar al Khalestine bows his head solemnly for the martyr Abbas. "Orkod fe salam, rafiqi. I pray for your ascension to the Seven Skies. What you have done truly exemplifies the Qali spirit. Adil would be proud."

    Caius Sigismund upon reading of this 'Boon of Bastion' allegedly spat out his morning brew and was required to purchase new papyrus to draft a new document upon. The fresh papyrus letters are promptly sent to the Silver State, Santegia, and Haria. My points have been proven just; as the threat of invasion looms over the wormish state of Santegia... They rush to call the help of any who offer it. In my days as King, the High Elven state was one of anarchy that we continuously monitored no matter how cordial we were to our neighbors in the West. Everything we did for the state in terms of pledging protection was simply to gather information and cleanse them of their unholy inhabitants, a tiring task when the entire city had ritual circles in their vile caves.. The Silver State is not shining at all, in fact, it is a dull reminiscent of a power hungry state bent on controlling what shouldn't be controlled. Your declaration to this alliance is pitiful; the Silver State of yesterday was ridden with necromancers, dark arts users, and everything that stands to see humanity wiped from our Isles. I highly doubt anything else has changed. You align yourself with a shell of morality in pure desperation to not stand down and accept judgement from the holy God above; your stubbornness only proves the Order of St. Lucien's suspicion of your integrity as a nation. The state of Haria is an even sadder one; once a proud nation of Farfolk people... Once a Caliphate rushing to the aid of Orenia, their northerrn cousins, once the originator of legendary soldiers such as Hallowvale or the soldiers of the Qali Spring... Fighting for a true Haria, a free Khalestine. Yet now they bend over and drop their burkas, taking it from the Santegian villain. Beware, Harians: History does not turn a blind eye to those that lay down with the dog with fleas. This Alliance is merely an attempt to demoralize the men of Marna, the men of Haense, the men of Renatus, and most importantly...The Men of God. Yet you fail to realize the pious cannot be demoralized so long as the Rhodesian Cross is painted upon their tabard, and a rosary is wrapped on their neck. You make a mockery of what the word Bastion should instill; of a city built to contest everything you are doing stands for. The Elven antitheist who worships no one but himself is not a good look for you, Santegian Worm. Your choices are of pure desperation, truly when are we going to go out for that trout dinner? ANTE BELLUM CAIUS SIGISMUND HOREN

    Caius Sigismund upon reading the letter from the Dwed King, eagerly and quickly returned a public response to the King of the Undermen. Times have indeed changed old friend, once again politic seemingly have us at each others throats. I respect you and your people, the heart, the hearth, the fire that burned inside the Frostbeard men for freedom against a tyrant. When the tyrant forced your people to kiss the ring, my own men stood beside you for justice. I still even consider us friends despite this predicament. I write a slanderous campaign as was our promise to you against our oppressors; no matter who they be. As my age grows, my future seems to be of simple advisory. After consoling myself with the good Lord Prenkus, I’ve come to the conclusion: We will always fight for a righteous victory no matter the circumstances, High King. You now aim to beat a dead horse of an empire that was dissolved naught but several Saint Days ago. It pains me once again to see the Frostbeards used as cannon fodder, as a tool in a war that is not their own. What should be an era of celebration and victory for your people, having beat back the red Urguanites back into their heretical sky fortress, is now wrought with getting involved in a war after the Santegian Worms insulted our gentle Pontiff? What right does a Kingdom which spawned from that which deemed to see humanity fall into chaos have to insult the leader of our faith, High King? What right do your people have to dictate our faith instead of growing their own? None. You involve yourself in a petty war for petty reasons: spite. Hadn’t you already gotten even with Oren, a grudge completed, when the Empire is now no longer? When the Urguanites were defeated? Once, your land was pure and free: A land of noble hearts and men who aspired to fly their own flag, not bail out a foolish petty Kingdom. Ascended and the likes still roam freely, the people of mixed race: pagans and druids looking to pollute the mind of any child of God. Your Church, born out of hate for yes-men and nepotism, now stands still: unenforced. Yet what do you do? You involve yourself in the religious squabbles of man. You speak of self defense, of your “coalition”. But what we see opposing them is a small Kingdom of pious men: who only seek what is right in our faith. In the words of my good advisor, Lord Prenkus, If your plan is to destroy the HUMAN SPIRIT… Then you are on the right path. But you, Verthaik and your coalition brothers will have to do much more than fight nations with banners ot kill our ever-lasting fight towards FREEDOM and PIETY. ANTE BELLUM CAIUS SIGISMUND HOREN
  13. The Santegian Flounder

    The Santegian Flounder A musing of the Santegian Ingenuity Hark thee, Santegian Fish. You flounder upon this land, gasping for dear life. The Lord's flame shines down upon you, taking away the water which once filled your gills. I ponder, I truly do, how one can so quickly flip in mere instances. The Church had every right to condemn your ilk and call for a holy crusade; for it is obvious that the rulers of Santegia are no more than fools with paper crowns. You spout dedication to the faith, of disavowing the Church and her order; yet now you pride yourselves in the aid of this alleged 'coalition' to rid the world of the "Mad Dogs". The only Mad Dog I have met is a Felder, and he is worth thousands more than each tainted soul in your desolate land. Santegian Fish, you bite the hook as the tasteful worm of hopeful victory is waved in front of you. As promises from heathens to rid you of a mythical Orenian threat; you fail to realize we aren't Orenian at all. We're men of God first and foremost. We do not pick up poles to catch you, Santegian Fish: We pick up spears. Your reckoning will come, and all that you taint. Your acquisition of the once proud Sultanate has not gone unnoticed. You are put a guppy in this large ocean, cleaning the teeth of the shark. Santegian Fish, there is time yet to surrender yourself: To deny aid from the heathens and perhaps repent. Only when your land is cleansed of those that make a mockery of our faith is truly when that process can begin, do us all a favor and ensure it is done quickly as to avoid a prolonged conflict. Return a letter from time to time, Santegian Fish: I am getting tired writing to myself or your telepathic guardsmen. Perhaps we could dine over trout. ANTE BELLUM CAIUS SIGISMUND HOREN
  14. The Santegian Worm

    The Santegian Worm A formal response to the Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien, Drafted by an old King Hail to thee, Santigians. On this day of the Lord’s year, you have put out an insulting piece bent at getting revenge and exposing the holy Order of St. Lucien. You seem to wish to put the mad dogs down; putting their supposed hypocrisy on a pole and dancing it about in your mud hut villages. I disagree, in fact, the only hypocrites standing are your own. When your own populace supports enemies of humanity, enemies of the church, it is the faith militants right to enact justice upon your population. Your people take up arms aside heathens; pagans that look to wash the world in tribalism and savagery. When this is the case, it is only just for the Order to wash your Kingdom clean of the unholy. You question the legitimacy of our Holiness, yet your own faith and upbringing was built on falsities. Your Courlandic ancestry is already showing as you politicize faith to garner allies. Run off to your Red Faith dogs, fool: you will be no better than that foolish schism back when the Empire fell. You don’t do this to be a moral man, you do this for revenge. If you truly venerated God and the Church, you would have expelled all of heretical beliefs from your lands at once. Instead now, your petty Kingdom looks to join the fire dancing circle and hangings. The people you turn to have killed more innocents and wrecked more havoc than the entirety of the Order of St. Lucien. Do not pretend your condemnation is opposing the injustices of the church, and not the faith as a whole. You know exactly what you are doing when you begin to ask these questions. You are a worm, feeding off the corpse until you will burst from the chest and embrace your true form: that of a sinful, evil, man. My own people stood against the faithless, the West stood strong against those that looked to suck the very life out of humanity. Your ancestors ran to kill other humans for land and titles, greed, I know your heritage. I know the type you come from. You do not fool me with these documents. I dare you to oppose the Order of St. Lucien, truly. Stand by yourself against the faith, for the moment that you see yourself at a loss and in the wrong is when I guarantee you will flee to savages for their help, Worm. When the time of judgement comes; you will stand beside those that mock our God, that mock our tradition. Then, and only then will you be able to pray for forgiveness when the righteous are at your door. ANTE BELLUM CAIUS SIGISMUND HOREN