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joey calabreeni

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  1. hey fms now that I'm content moderated how do I actually accumulate a warn the server is boring and there's nothing to do so id like to be banished to the shadow realm again

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    2. Hero_


      Caius is still alive somewhere joey I know it

    3. James2k


      wlanders never die, they just go missing in action

    4. Hero_
  2. noob meltdown

    1. Vege



       APPLY NOW

  3. staff announcement speeches soundin like this is some company boy this is a minecraft roleplaying server lol get off the pedestals 

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    2. mitto


      it's minecraft?

    3. Hero_


      One day my friend, that will say Calabreeni LTD instead of Tythus LTD. 

    4. James2k


      availer ran the server like a business too, but you gotta understand there's a huge difference between an actual business model and kids LARPing as CEOs.

  4. @Silverstatik we used to rp in turov a whole bunch, and even spoke in Haense ts. You're a good dude with good family values and I'm glad we got to rp the few times we did.
  5. go back to your farm *goldberg*
  6. i would say that 501 would be vince mcmahon while tythus is like the shadow shareholders in WWE that want to keep it PG13 lotc and wwe are similar in a lot of ways truth be told, as we approached a more modern era the product was turned more child friendly to appeal to a larger crowd. people often look back at old wwe, i.e. the attitude era or even ruthless aggression era because of the unrefined, vulgar, and chaos it brought. super stars like stone cold steve austin. lotc could be described in a similar way, when people say x map was better, because there weren't many rules kept in place. tsuyose and harrison are like goldberg and brock lesnar being given the top card at mania when they're old as **** and have quit and done other things 5000 times.
  7. henlo i cant get any tv signle all I see is crackling. can you offer some advice for the best way to tune a tV. thanks 

    1. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      two spoons of butter.

  8. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/76782-joey-calabreeni/?status=295247&type=status i'm going to make an analogy of some sort to sport entertainment (wwe) wrestling to explain why i think people who have held staff 100 times before shouldn't be allowed back on the staff team unless they were a superstar staff. in wrestling, more often than not, the new guys who are just brought on the roster are the ones that get snubbed. they might have all the fan support, they might have all the skill set, but ultimately it falls to the wwe writers to direct their story in a way to ensure they are given proper exposure as a wrestler and allowed to work on their mic skills. the wwe writers often fail at this exponentially. old wrestlers come back and often do one of two things: get beat to give a new guy a push, or dominate for some last hurrah move. but when you have these old guys coming back and taking a title off of someone, they devalue the person and push them down the roster. fans start losing their support and you might damn a person to a lifetime of jobbing (losing) all because some old guy had to come back. if the wwe wants to continue, they need to build a next generation of wrestlers with character, skill, and fan support. lotc can be put in a similar sense. i constantly see people quitting their staff position mid project because they're "overwhelmed", "stressed", or don't want to do it anymore, only to make a gm app the next week. people are removed for inactivity and added back, only to have like a single week of activity before sitting on their blue tag again. lotc needs fresh ideas and fresh faces. tl;dr brock lesnar i love you, ya ayran machine but please just leave so that new stars can be built up and the title can be passed around in a new era of wrestlers, not left off the show to dry.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWvbJsB0OBc thank you for showing me this i love it



  10. put maga hats on pictures