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  1. Rufus ponders if Dwarves find it necessary to insult quality of writing, considering he can barely read.
  2. End the Charade

    Pick Kincaid!



    1. Hero_Prodigy


      When we end the charade will we have a parade?

    2. joey calabreeni
  3. Far from Clownetkoski and Rufus, in a remote cabin east of the Westerlands, a woodsman continues to chop wood.
  4. THE VILLAGE OF CLOWNETKOSKI The Humble Fief on the Emerald Isle “It’s almost harvesting season!” -Clownetkoski Motto Constructed in the 1608th Year of Existence, under the guide of His Streltship Rufus Strablaski, Ratcatcher, Maer of Clownetkoski, and Rightful Yeoman of Svetsky. ORIGINS OF CLOWNETKOSKI The humble village of Clownetkoski was established in the year 1608. Following the death of King Caius I, disenfranchised vassals of his left the West for better or for worse. By Clownth's Red Nose, the pilgrims found a new home: The Emerald Isle. The Konigsberg Company were the first settlers of the island, beginning to lay the foundation for many pranks to come. Prenkus von Konigsberg, patriarch of the family, was elected to be the Village Elder. Following the beginning months of moving supplies over, a stranger had come by the name of Rufus Strablaski. Rufus Strablaski was left without a home, yet the zeal of GOD burned in his strelt chest. The Konigsbergs brought him in, and after showing his prowess in establishing the village: He was elected Mayor. Now, the Konigsbergs and Strablaski look to the future, a future of pranks and holy worship. HOW TO GET TO CLOWNETKOSKI To arrive in the humble village of Clownetkoski, all faithful must make their way to the docks of the Cloud Temple. From there, go to the Heartlands. Once arrived in the Heartlands, move on to the cart bearing the Holy See colors: the white and yellow of Owynsport. Once arrived, step onto the dock and sail forth the Emerald Isle. Once docked, honks blessings onto you. Welcome to Clownetkoski. VILLAGE AMENITIES The Church of St. Clownth The Church of St. Clownth is the primary spot of worship, town meetings, and pranking. The worship of Cannonism is enforced, with the reverence of the village’s primary Saint: Clownth McClown. Honks blessings. _______________________________ The Penance Cave The Penance Cave is where the holy broth is brewed by the Followers of the Cross of St. Clownth. Villagers come here to repent for their sins at the request of the Village Elder. The Holy Cow, Clinnith Clonth, patriarch of the Clonth Family, resides here. His utters are the source of the holy broth. Clinnantha Clonth, sister of the cow of Clownth McClown (Clinnith Clonth), practically lives in the Penance Cave. She has taken up a life of worship, taking the vows as a nun and is celibate. She spends her time in quiet contemplation and prayer in the Penance Cave. _______________________________ Robert’s FAT Barn Robert’s FAT Barn is the place that FAT rats are bred. All meats of the village for Chef Macmood are made here. The loyal steeds of the Emerald Isle are made here, as well as the primary supplier of Goodwill’s General Goods, a new store opening in the town. _______________________________ The Town Well The Town Well was established in the first year of the pilgrims arrival, having been the primary source of drinking water and extinguishing fire. Long may GOD bless these devout souls with fresh water, less it is tainted like that of the average Southeron Tribe. _______________________________ Harvesting Fields ITS ALMOST HARVESTING SEASON! FAITH Faith is of utmost importance to the villagers of Clownetkoski. They recognize themselves as Cannonists, however in these dark times, humor is necessary. They have put their faith into the relatively unknown Saint of Cannonism, St. Clownth McClown. Focused on spreading the good word of GOD and the comedy of St. Clownth McClown, the villagers make church an everyday part of their life. Should they sin, they repent in what is known as the ‘Penance Cave’ below the church. Though simple, the people of Clownetkoski are known to be absolutely devout to GOD and his word. They are known to be in regular contact with the High Pontiff, showering him in gifts whenever he visits the hamlet. NOTABLE FIGURES OF CLOWNETKOSKI Plenty of figures are to be noted in the humble village of Clownetkoski. Should any questions be had, seek them out; for they were the original pilgrims to set forth to the Emerald Isle in search of humor. _______________________________ Maer Rufus Strablaski “Make remove of Courat!” The Village Maer acts as the de-jure leader of the village; building and managing expansion. _______________________________ Village Elder Prenkus von Konigsberg “I saw the lord and he wears a big red nose.” The Village Elder acts as the de-facto leader of the village, guiding peasants and giving quests. _______________________________ Village Constables Ivar of the Clan Earshatter “YOU’RE A BIG FAT ******* *****.” Robert Goodwill “All Elf boy is girl.” The Village Constables serve as the lawbringers of the village, rallying the mob and defending the village from pagans and all those insult the faith. _______________________________ Village Chef Muhammad Hamza Macmood “Ahyes.” The Village Chef feeds the fat monkey villagers. He ensures that harvest is well stocked for the winter and that the village has fat Baratheon bellies. _______________________________ Village Elf Laindir “Todd” the Ruined “What to heck?” The Village Elf serves as an example to all pagans. They are to learn from him and repent often. He is tasked with enchanting using Elven genetics. _______________________________ Village Anomaly Konk the Clever “RAT NOISES.” The Village Anomaly is a figure of legend in the town lore. _______________________________ The Honkbringer Sir Goodfella the Funny “I am the sword of your GOOFY and AWFULLY hilarious antics, MY SAINT.” The Honkbringer is the Clownth Ahai Reborn. He is sent to our plane to wield the legendary Honkbringer, and to bring honks into the world. GOVERNING Though Rufus, Prenkus, and Ivar are recognized as leaders of the village, they are but humble and not egotistical, such as the Sky Pagans. The village is ran by the community, and as such, village votes held in the Church of St. Clownth are common. However, should there be any questions, Rufus Strablaski is more than willing to answer them, da.
  5. bewarethepaganforeitlurksinthenight

  6. hey @lt, you know that @clownmanron has been on the serer for three days and maybe, just maybe, as a staff team you should reach out to him and offer help rather than calling it a joke and a meme? 

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    2. The Pink Lion

      The Pink Lion

      Feel free to approach me or another manager if any LMs are giving you trouble, @clownmanron. That goes to anyone in general, too.

    3. clownmanron


      thank you very much, at least there are good people like you around to help out and keep the community alive.

    4. joey calabreeni
  7. 6eMXiL1.png

    1. Gucko


      only if he eats my ass...

    2. Pinochet


      do u think ur funny gucko

    3. Hero_Prodigy


      make a thot patrol themed one

  8. and the sun rises
  9. "almost harvesting season." rufus comments to his fellow clowntholics.


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    2. Space


      to be fair i haven't watched a game this season i only ever started to enjoy baseball as a way to have **** to talk about with my grandpa but i don't see him as much anymore so :(

    3. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      aw :( we can talk about baseball anytime space

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      also this guy is FINE ASF

      followed, liked and subscribed to him now LEL