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  2. is dr fate "our" droid?
  3. THE MIRACLE AT MORDRINGS BRIDGE The Battle of the Bridge, 1599 “Ahh.. It is like the poet of old would say, ‘Moonman, moonman, can yuh not see? Wraiths and witches must hang from trees’.” -Farouk Al-Jahwad Accounted by His Highness Caius, Crown Prince of the Westerlands, and Braehn Elendil-An’Hiraeth, on the 16th of The Amber Cold, 1599 The soldiers of the west stood valiantly against the threat of undeath once more. The Battle at Mordrings Bridge is yet another victory for all of Axios as the brave soldiers of the West fought tooth and nail to beat back the legions of the dead. Fueled by religious fervor and their loyalty to the King; the Companymen proved that so long as you have faith in yourself and your battle brothers you would prevail against even the most immoral foes. At a moment's notice, the Adunian, Braehn Elendil-An’Hiraeth, brought news of an army preparing an assault on the Capital. He and a companion had been ambushed when exploring The Frozen Wastes, catching mere glimpses of the creatures as they were forced into McGrubor's Woods and subsequently the palisade surrounding the entrance to Bastion. From there, the pair told His Highness Prince Caius of what they saw. Standing for his people and the White Flame, the Western Prince ordered the tolling of the bells and both Companymen donning the red cloak and civilians ready to defend their home picked up arms to fight. The Crown Prince gathered a mighty force: An unknown Southeron mercenary who certainly added diversity to the team, the Dwarven companion of Braehn, Braehn, the brave Dover Bogla, Haskill the Clanger, Milton Lowedge. This team was to push back against waves of undead in an effort to hold off a potential assault on the city and jeopardize their mission in the West. They sallied out, heading into McGrubor’s Woods as they met the legions of the dead. From then, the forces of light and dark clashed as the boreal forest came alive with the sounds of blade meeting bone and bone meeting FLESH. “FOR KING AND COUNTRY!” As per proper Westerlands style, battle buddies were chosen. Prince Caius stuck by Milton Lowedge’s side, they fought back to back as the dead surrounded them. Ser Hanson and Rolien both struck out against the dead but the numbers game was against them. Morale was low as their equipment began to falter against the endless waves of undead. Perhaps the threat was too grave. As all seemed hopeless, the men cut off and separated; a yell rang true and all hope was restored. “SUWOOP!” Atop his battle donkey, His Majesty King Leopold I rode into battle shouting with Commandant Berengar Helvets, and Philip Marshal the Squire at his side. The Miracle at Mordrings Bridge; reinforcements from Bastion rushed into the fray, bashing against the unholy foes. Haskill, the esteemed blacksmith and owner of the Freeman’s Forge, laid his sword bag upon the ground. From there, the likes of a novela action hero ‘John Rambo’, he began to throw the weapons to Companymen who required a new blade. With renewed vigor, Prince Caius’ band of troops pressed onwards with the reinforcements-- Pushing the dead all but to Mordring’s Bridge. From there, they held at the end with shields raised into a big beautiful wall. The men of the West hacked and slashed their way to becoming an indie game! The dead, lacking a proper commander, began to break. Their numbers crushed, the Companymen truly beat them back into their hellscape known as The Frozen Wastes. “PRAISE OWYN!” They had done it, victory. The victory tasted of “... raspberry snow with a hint of wood.”, so says Prince Caius. Men celebrated, looting the corpses of the dead for any loot that may signify any sort of value. A parade of sorts was established as the men made their way back home, eager to spend their new wealth and to regale the settlers of their glory upon the battlefield. In memory of Dover Bogla, you joined up with a mere farmers pike to fight the army of the damned. Thank you for your service, it's a shame it was cut short by Sky God intervention. Excerpts The following excerpts are pieces written by soldiers who were on the battlefield. We hope their documentation will serve as a reminder to the everburning flame that burns in any who fight for the West. The Mongrel Knifefighter, written by Braehn Elendil-An’Hiraeth The Determined Squire, written by Philip Marshal the Squire
  4. "What's this about a Kingdom of Salad?" Comments a Prince.
  5. GUCKY BUILD GARDY!!!!1111!!!
  6. "Formerly accepted, your time in this world was too short Bogla. The Sky Gods shot you like the dead Hansetian caribou."
  7. IN MEMORIAM A tribute to the fallen of our realm "God fearing men do not die, they only become immortal!" -Lord Rakim of House Yar Drafted by His Highness Caius, Crown Prince of the Westerlands, on the 22nd of The Grand Harvest, 1599 To humble ourselves, we must keep those that have fallen in mind. We serve God, we serve Owyn, and we serve his Majesty. Those that paid the ultimate price must never be forgotten, for they are immortalized in history. Praise Owyn and God save the King! May the White Flame burn eternal! The Fallen "Steadfast, in heart, soul, body, ahnd mind. Loyal, to humanity by making zah greatest sacrifice to preserve ah better tomorrow. Zohs two vords ahr zah basis auf our society... Ahnd no von has lived to zem more zen zah honorable dead. Gott mit uns." -Ser Romane Niwarsay II MEMORIAM, SER ULRIC VON AESTERWALD ‘THE PILGRIM’: Even in the face of death, Ser Ulric was honorable till the end. The once Grandknight held an impressive career, serving a variety of roles of martial skillsets. His work is continued today as the Knights of the Westerlands adopt his rules. He was an accomplished and a faithful ally, falling against the very same menace we continue to fight today. Do not let his sacrifice be in vain, Vanders. Fight how Ser Ulric would have wanted you to, with dignity and the White Flame burning bright. MEMORIAM, SER OSSERIC SIEGE ‘THE WOLF’: Ser Osseric was like a grandfather to many of the soldiers of our Company. His age brought a welcome wisdom on any expedition we took. His cautious and cool behavior along with experience at dishing out commands saved soldiers from certain demise on a multitude of occasions. Even with his disfigurement he remained loyal to our cause. God bless you, Ser Osseric; hopefully now you can finally rest. MEMORIAM, SER VITALLIUS DE CAPUA ‘THE BASTARD’: The Bastard was a pain to some and a good friend to others, his crass and blunt nature more often than not ending in a brawl or a spout. Nevertheless Ser Vitallius earned his dues in the company. A skilled swordsman and a veteran soldier, he brought a unique element to the Company that may never be filled again. Hopefully you finally have enough time now Vitallius, your duty is over. MEMORIAM, JOSEPPI CALABREENI”: Joseppi Calabreeni was a guerilla of a man; he had a big heart, big hands, and a big appetite. Well loved by his comrades, and diligent till the end: Joseppi Calabreeni truly was the perfect soldier. The Big Bozo lives on through Old Joseppi, the grand clock tower standing tall and proudly in Bastion. Rest well, Calabreeni… Perhaps the cursed cannolis will have gotten to you as you took to the Seven Skies. MEMORIAM, ROLAND HAMLEN: Death’s End would not have been constructed if it wasn’t for Roland of House Hamlen. The man was a workhorse and ensured proper resources were gathered and managed just as our walls began to rise. Though he was oftentimes quiet and kept to himself, Roland Hamlen was integral in the rise of the West. Thank you, Roland Hamlen. We will not rest until you are avenged. MEMORIAM, SIGMAN: Like the swamps he came from, Sigman was a big bog. Blunt and to the point, the Savoyard served us well. His duty will not be forgotten, nor will his character. From singing Savoyland to teaching Caius of women; Sigman was righteous at heart. MEMORIAM, SER AVENEL ‘THE ENCHANTER’: A specialist in all things of magic origin, Ser Avenel gave many of our soldiers a helping hand (literally and figuratively) when they required his assistance. The magician will not be forgotten, to many he was a close friend and to others, an advisor of the unknown. Your service to our Kingdom is well documented, Lars. Thank you.
  8. Y1.6K Thomas Talbot runs about Bastion, plastering various posters upon the city-scape. Following the eclipse that happened just a few nights prior, he was certain the end of the world was to follow. “THE END IS NIGH!” he’d scream, he kept screaming until he heard himself scream. Thomas soon began to stockpile water, manufactured canned goods, and began building his thanic shelter. “1600 IS UPON US! FLEE! FLEE! RUN WHILE YOU CAN! THE END OF THE WORLD IS UPON US!” The masked clad man would run through the nights, absolutely mad at the implications of this eclipse, what did they mean by this?
  9. Within a very specific set of ruins, a White Flame ghost would appear. It was none other than a far gone Qalasheen, whom once served as the Vandalore Champion to Decimus Rovin. "Use the white flame, Vanders. They will guide you..."
  10. Westerlands Royal Court #1 Drafted in proper Manston format by His Highness Caius, Crown Prince of the Westerlands, on the 14th Day of the First Seed, 1599 PRINCE CAIUS SIGISMUND OF HOUSE HOREN, CROWN PRINCE OF THE WESTERLANDS Requesting the permission to lead an expedition force to the [REDACTED], home of the [REDACTED], to investigate and combat necrotic activity. Decision: Approved, a small but effective expeditionary force will be granted. KARYSSMOV KAPHIRI, CROWN PRINCE OF SUTICA: Requesting to sign a non-agression pact and officialize the non-aggression-principle between the Kingdom of the Westerlands and the State of Sutica. Decision: Approved, negotiations will commence upon the conclusion of the court. Don't violate the N.A.P! LORD RAKIM OF HOUSE YAR, ARCHCHANCELLOR OF THE WESTERLANDS: Requesting permission to make military reforms as needed to increase the efficiency of our armed forces as well as evicting soldiers from family homes who fail to provide a required Waldenian thanic family. Decision: Approved, working at maximum efficiency is of utmost importance (as well as ensuring productive soldiers.) IN NOMINE DEI, His Majesty Leopold Francis I of House Horen, by the grace of Owyn, King of the Westerlands, Vandoria, High Sovereign of the Westerlands, Sixth Lord Vandalore, Warden of the West and First Baron of Sennstisten