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  1. Valindra, who had been intrigued by this feud, blinked as more drama ensued. A faint smirk curled at her lips as she rubbed her gloved hands together from the comfort of her own home. "If there's one thing I miss about living in Oren, it's the valah's bickering. Please, don't let it stop." (OOC: Honestly, I love this series of posts. Not to mention the Hamilon reference. It's given me a good few hours of entertainment. Thanks to all the parties involved for some interesting rp)
  2. Somewhere, a woman who had told them to hurry up and marry smirked. Seems they'd taken her advice.
  3. Valindra flexes her voidal muscles as she casually cleans orcish ichor from her uniform and sword.
  4. "Oh how far they've fallen." Valindra emitted a prolonged sigh as she prepared for her wedding in the depths of her own home, checking over the silken fabrics of the gown she was to wear. The Okarir couldn't help but frown at the thought of her fallen comrade, her alchemy teacher, the subject of her rage as an officer when he set fire to the barracks. A bitter sensation washed over the mali'thill, who turned to look out of the window of her accommodation. "Krug himself would be ashamed." The Okarir'maehr recalled the events of the previous eve. The raid. The mo
  5. The notice eventually fell into the gloved hands of Haelun'or's Okarir'maehr. Her ears twitched faintly in frustration of both the poor SPaG (Spelling and Grammar) and the fact that musin had raided her home but a few mali days prior. However, she couldn't bring herself to remain angry at another entire culture like she did the 'ame and their 'aspects'. Instead, she took it upon herself to one day play this game in the Silver State, perhaps with some of her musin test subjects.
  6. - A depiction of a mali'ata. The red eyes imply 'ker heritage, whilse the skin implies 'ame or even 'aheral mixing. His pose indicates wrongly placed arrogance, unbefitting of a lesser and 'ata. [!] Around various places, missives were posted, penned in elaborate and neat handwriting, the page lined with shimmering silvery hues. The words were large, making it easy for all to read. To all interested, mali'thill and allies of the Silver State, Purity is the very core of Mali'thill culture, yet most nowadays are oblivious to that which makes individuals
  7. Having regrettably been absent the mali day this occurred due to her duties within elcihi'thilln, the Okarir'maehr cracked a wry smirk as word reached her while she was taking a break from arranging college courses, books and reorganizing the bloodline archives. As per usual, her glass of Legion Red sat in her hand, the liquid sloshing about in calm circles as the mali'thill let go of a faint, cold chuckle. "The impurities of the Suticans have always been there, but are now highlighted more than ever. May they take the way out we've given them, or taste 'thill steel and Elvenessi
  8. "The Sohaer's arduous work has finally caught up to him." The Okarir'maehr noted solemnly, as she received word from the comfort of her own home, delivered by a courier. Her typical glass of legion red sat out on the table before her, with a book on the aspects of purity sat in one gloved hand while she read the missive. "Under the Okarir'sil's temporary rule, with my logic and prowess, the Silver State shall continue to thrive. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya!"
  9. "And so it begins." Valindra mused, a faint grin taking to her features as she held her signature glass of legion red in her other. "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, with a heavy emphasis on the Hiylun."
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