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  1. Vexalia just nodded, still sorrowful at the loss of her friend. ”When will Llyria learn that their actions have consequences?”
  2. Vexalia summons her popped corn from the void. This was bound to be a good show.
  3. Vexalia Tinuviel Artoxia sat within her towers betwixt the safeguarded silver walls of Haelun’or. The elfess received the missive via a serving, a smirk tugging at her dark lips as she reached for her armor. “And so it begins...” she mused. “I never thought I’d be fighting for Fenn ever again...”
  4. Vexalia gave a rather obvious roll of her eyes from a bench Fenn where she received a missive. “People in these positions should not be married.” She lectured her Karin. “It breeds all sort of corruption. I told Dimaethor that this was the case, and that she was only in it for the power. I give it a few years tops after Dimaethor loses power and Iaria finds a new man. I tend to be right with these things- I was right about Illiran..” With a soft chuckle, the woman returned to her book, placing her spectacles farther up her nose. “I won’t be attending as I get treated better as a former outlaw in fenn than an upstanding citizen in haelunor. Even though Dimmy ignores me, I wish him the best, even though Iaria is using him.”
  5. Vex nods as she sets forth to help destroy the tears.
  6. “Don’t celebrate me.” The woman stated flatly. “I am not worthy of such.”
  7. A number of fliers were posted all around the snowy kingdom of Tahu’lareh, written in immaculate handwriting. Honourable Citizenry of Fenn, Even though I have committed atrocities, that lie deep within the princedom’s history, I must plead for your forgiveness. I miss the days spent within your noble kingdom, and seek to rejoin your ranks once more and for my lengthy, decades-long banishment to be lifted so that I may truly make amends. The crimes levelled against me were the attempted and even some successful murders of those who had wronged me in the past. In my foolish ruthlessness, and lust for vengeance, I put several innocent lives in peril, which is unforgivable, yet I seek forgiveness anyway, for my hate has died, and I come with peaceful intentions. I hope that one day, in the distant future, we all may somehow get along. With warm regards, Vexalia Artoxia (Formerly Katrina Atmorice)
  8. Vexalia scoffed. “Good luck with a bunch of ignorant twits, Dimmy.”
  9. “Rosilya, why?" A mali’fenn gasped upon hearing the news. "Why didn't you tell me?" The first part of the letter stunned her, though as the letter progressed, her eyes widened, though a smirk played upon her lips. “Hah! I knew it! I knew Iaria was hiding something. The maheral hides behind lies! Impurity! Deceit! She who dares act like an athri and speak ill of our sohaer behind her back!” She cried from the safety of her own cellar.
  10. Necroposting but I’m leaving a message anyway, because Xalid was one of the most kind and caring moderator around, who genuinely showed he cared not only about enforcing rules, but ensuring player happiness. He, of all people, did not deserve the treatment he received. I hope the person responsible knows just what they’ve done, and the consequences of such actions that are incurred not only unto themselves, but those they target. Xalid is a great guy, the server-dad. Coming forward like that takes guts, and if staff punish you for shedding light on what the darker side of LOTC is, and the fact this regularly happens behind closed doors, then they ought to reconsider. Doxxing and harassment are very serious matters on the server, and I feel that chances to make the server feel safe are often passed up, which is upsetting, as the server has potential, yet toxicity and outright creepy individuals still run rampant. I hope this gives the gameplay team a good reality check- even a kind server-dad such as Xalid fell victim to something that was so outright disturbing, it forced him off of the server. Getting more personal, Xalid, you listened to me when I had nobody to turn to. You were willing to put up with my rants and went out of your way just to see me smile. I still talk with you on discord, but I really will miss seeing you (And good ol’ uncle Jakkir + Mittens) on the server. You’ve been like a second father to me, helping me overcome personal obstacles that I'd never overcome alone. When you were around oocly, you always used to lighten the mood, like when you remembered my birthday and filled a resource pit full of cake and tasked us to eat our way through it. Yeah, we cheated a touch by eating the cakes at the bottom and letting gravity do the rest, but it was a great time- the people I was in a call with were nothing but laughs and smiles. It really does pain me to see you go, but know that you’ll always be warmly welcomed by myself should you choose to return at some point, Stay cool, Server-dad, world’s okay-est boss, distributor of lame dad jokes.
  11. Vex ponders the repercussions of devouring a sentient piece of solid sediment.
  12. Vexalia grinned as she debated attending.
  13. Moribundity

    Swamp Rules

    Praise be!
  14. A Legacy, Destroyed “Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.” ~Hamilton, the Musical (Wait for it) {Some sadass music for this story: Here!} The second her offspring had been released from her womb, she thought her legacy was secure; she thought no more ill could ever befall her. Her husband was gone, missing in action for almost a decade, yet Vexalia Lothryne did not weep, her pride and joy, her reasons to live- her beloved twins- were still around, making names for themselves in his stead. Vyrthur and Estrael... They’d almost killed her when they came into the world, yet she still loved them; the products of a passionate love between her husband and herself. They were so much like her, yet so different at the same time: The epitome of affection in her eyes. Such pure beings, she was adamant nothing could ever happen to her treasured children... ... Vyrthur Jakkir Lothryne: “Come on, Lothar!” Came the calls of a toned elven male sat on the back of an ethereal white stallion to his ally, a wood elf of similar stature. He was a beast of a man; built to athletic perfection. His muscles were prominent against his pale, yet scarred flesh, in the rare case that it was visible. Heavy plate covered his vitals, and everything, bar his neck. A greatsword of elaborate and fine craftsmanship sat upon his back, jostling with every movement his mount made. The male huffed as his gallop dropped to a canter, his canter to a drop, before ultimately coming to a full halt at the foot of a hill. The male gave an audible huff, his exhalation casting away a mass of messy silver locks from his visage, which exposed deep sapphire hues, which glistened in the sun. He bore a look of determination on his visage as he impatiently waited- the male hated dawdling for any purpose, yet he was a just man, also holding the values that no man should be left behind. Eventually, a good thirty seconds later, the wood elf trotted to his side on a considerably less impressive brown mare. His expression bore a look of anxiety as several papers from his tattered satchel fell to the ground. Clad in the same plate armor, albeit less cared for, he gave a gentle shudder, the chainmail beneath his armor jingling together with such a motion. An eerie silence echoed through the pristine valley, giving the mali’ame a great feeling of unease about him. His gaze scittered about, searching... ”Vyrthur, llir. This may not have been a wise contract to take... We are tremendously outnumbered and--.” The male’s voice was cut of by guffawing laughter from the snow elf beside him, who patted his horse reassuringly with a firm shake of his head. ”Nonsense! How bad could a group of bandits be?” He asked, a brow perking in a rather humorous fashion. “Anyway, I’ve heard that atop this hill, glowberries can be found, not to mention there’s apparently a set of ruins nearby. I’m hoping to bring a smile to my Haelun’s face upon my return with these ingredients... She’s not been the same since my maln left.” Noting his pure intentions, the ‘ame gave a few nods in response, his nerves seemingly cooling due to the confident exterior of his companion.. The pair slowly began to ascend the hill, with foolishly loud movements. A howling wind rushed through the valley, yet no wind could be felt on either of the duo’s skin. Vyrthur’s eyes narrowed. A rustle came from the bush. Placing a finger to his lips, the mali’fenn gave a gentle “Shh.” as he turned.. Something was amiss.. Shink The wind had indeed not been natural, but the sound of arrows hurtling through the air, one of which lodging itself deep within Vyrthur’s neck, just after he’d pocketed a handful of flowers for his mother. Helpless gargles could be heard from his person.. It was no use... His struggles ceased moments later as his deep hues rolled into the back of his head... He was dead before his lifeless corpse had even reached the foot of the hill. ... Estrael Tinuviel Lothryne “H-Haelun..” The rasps of a sickly girl barely reached the edge of her bedroom within the charter of Starfall, yet it needn’t reach that far; her mother, dutiful and oddly caring, sat at the side of the daughter’s bed, her dainty digits combing through the youth’s hair in an attempt to provide comfort to the weak Estrael. Vexalia’s features were soft, a reassuring smile tugged upon her lips; forced to remain there as a safeguard to both her and her daughter’s sanity. A rag sat upon the youthful mali’fenn’s sweat-soaked head, her skin paled, bordering on a deathly gray. “Am I going to be buried next to Vyrthur?” Estrael asked, coughing up a few red specks of blood into the sheer white handkerchief she’d been provided. Her cheeks were sodden with tears, which had also soaked into her stark white hair. The scarred hand of Vexalia found it’s way to Estrael’s own. The mother was evidently taken aback by her offspring's forwardness. She trembled, feeling much more like the child rather than her own daughter at this stage. Pausing, for a few moments in contemplation, Vexalia exhaled a shaky breath as her head bowed into a nod. A level of directness was a notable trait that’d been passed from Vexalia to Estrael, one that Vex both loved and loathed. “D-Don’t talk like that. You’ll be better soon..” Came the stuttered response of Vex, which was only met by a hoarse chuckle from the other female. She knew; she knew this was the end, yet she was brave, braver than her own haelun..The one who should be brave for her, yet she couldn't. Vyrthur was dead, buried beneath the glowblossom tree in Haelun’or, next to Vex’s tower. She couldn’t lose the last piece of her legacy. It was impossible, she thought. “You are an awful liar, haelun.. We both know it is my time.. You mustn’t mourn me. I have had.. the most wonderful time.” The youth replied with a slight chuckle at her mother's pitiful attempts at reassurance. She gave her elder’s hand a gentle squeeze, though thereafter a cry of utter agony left the adolescent, who used her free hand to lift her shirt, revealing a gruesome sight. Her skin had blackened, around a gruesome stab into her upper abdomen. Heavy layers of various healing agents had been applied, yet to no avail. Any action done by Vex now was in vain. The applying of disinfectants did nothing. The last thing that could be done was easing Estrael’s pain with heavy doses of atheros. “Estrael...” “Haelun! Promise me!” Estrael now yelled in an almost inhuman wheeze. Her eyes had started to redden, her skin beginning to drain even further of color. "Promise me you’ll not give up! It is not your time! I’ll tell Tinuviel, Vyrthur, even maln if he’s up there... That....” The woman fell back against the bed, her breaths, while heavy, drawing in no oxygen. “That...” The sentence was left unfinished. Like Vyrthur, Estrael’s silver eyes rolled back, signalling the loss of her life... Estrael’s suffering was no more... Vyrthur's suffering was no more... Yet Vexalia's would be forever more...
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