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  1. "Worse or weaker?" Questioned that pale elf who had been inflicting disaster upon the 'thill from afar. Her features warped into a wicked, malice-filled grin as she read over the missive with her sharp gaze. Rather than showcasing anger, she appeared very much entertained by the sudden change in leadership. "His transgressions and foolishness during his time as leader will not be forgotten. Incompetency is unacceptable, even as a mere pawn." A slow shake of her head was given as though she'd won a battle in a war through the shortcomings of her opposition, a gloved hand shifting through her almost ethereal looking locks. "Poor Braxus, his mental deficiency has just made him that much easier to be captured and terminated, and I don't even have to lift a finger. In raising a new and frankly unready mali to power, he has just signed their own death warrant. It should be most entertaining to watch all of this unfold."
  2. Valindra accepted that she didn't get an invite as she'd socked Oliver in the jaw a few mali days ago
  3. Valindra silently mourned the loss of the musin she’d once procured an entire bathtub of strawberries for.
  4. Always sad to see someone step back, but also I’m glad you’ve acknowledged that it no longer makes you happy and done something about it. I’ve always enjoyed our RPs, from meeting back in Carolustadt to playing chess through boring diplomatic meetings. Thank you for all of the good times, friend. Take care of yourself and know that you’ve pretty much an entire server who are rooting for you wherever you go now. PS: I look forward to our chess rematch, whenever that may be so you may finally kick my ass at it.
  5. "This is an unacceptable travesty of justice!" The elfess gasped as she read the note, shaking her head in blatant disapproval. "This woman is entitled to a generous amount of compensation!"
  6. "Incorrect- I proposed negotiations between Haelun'or and Ivarielle, and not an elected monarch but a monarch to oversee and guide with a council doing the bulk of the work." Valindra tutted upon reading the report, shaking her head in disappointment. "Whoever wrote this was clearly dropped on their head as a baby."
  7. “Deathroll?” A long time gambler grinned, readying a disguise so she could gamble away her coin.
  8. Valindra signs the petition with a faint smirk.
  9. “Another victory.” Mused an ‘aheral, who seemed to be having the time of her life and thriving upon the unrest as she read the summary from her Elysium cave tavern.
  10. “You alone are not the Silver State, Braxus. Accept that you fucked up.” Valindra snickered as she read the response, rum bottle in hand. “I wonder how it feels to know that even your supposed allies, your own council are turning on you since they have seen the truth.”
  11. “Haelunor brainwashing strikes again.” A pale elfess snickered, shaking her head. “I feel as though they’re trying to get publicity to get malipower to replace the contents of their armoury… Perhaps another visit is due. My massive stocks of iron could use a top-up.”
  12. Valindra grinned wickedly as she cleaned the Orenian blood from her blade. After doing so, she proceeded to acquaint herself properly with Urguan’s new land. “Like taking candy from a baby..”
  13. "Mm, I do pity these brainwashed 'thill... Perhaps we should just... let them be..." Valindra sighed, seemingly quite dejected. A large frown played upon her lips and a long silence followed... ... ... ... And then said expression warped, into one of amusement. "Ha! I jest... At least to the letting them be part!" Cackled the white haired elfess, taking a swig from her glass of wine. "I'd be all too glad to put these fuckers in their rightful place if they ACTUALLY become a threat to the princess's claim."
  14. "I mean, she has already won. Almost every major and relevant nation backs Ivarielle's claim. I don't see why she'd bother debating over a truth against a brainwashed Sohaer and Dimaethor's herd of cattle." The elfess snickered, finding the word that had spread around to be truly amusing. "She really did just walk out on them? That is true princess energy right there."
  15. An elf in the midst of battle hummed the tune in celebration after cutting down an imperial wig-wearer in a particularly brutal fashion.
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