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  1. Vexalia received word of the missives, her eyes widening at such before she released a chuckle. “Never thought I’d not be the one to speak out against them.”
  2. “Ave Oren, Ave man!” The Court Mage of his Majesty Peter III commented.
  3. “Ave Oren.” A certain Mali’aheral spoke out from the comfort of her clinic once the news reached her. Her tone was solemn, yet she saw hope in the newly chosen successor, Antony.
  4. A certain mali’aheral’s gaze lowered upon hearing the news, ears drooping as amethyst orbs scanned over the kha’s writing, analysing every word.. Vexalia emitted a loud sigh, as she recalled her fallen ally, Tepah, who had fallen in a similar fashion decades ago. ”Barbaric.” The woman uttered, flabbergasted by the wood elves’ barbaric actions. ”I have never been so happy to have been banished.” However, the lass then shrugged, clearing her throat aslight as she added. I’d love to see the wood elves’ excuse for murdering a child..”
  5. Vexalia hummed as the missive reached her hands. “Curious.” She hummed, releasing a giggle.
  6. FORMAT Username: Moribundity Character Name: Valindra Bid: Starting bid of 1000, Item 1
  7. Vexalia cheered. She’d definitely be living in Helena!
  8. I want to cringe but I think this is a serious reality check for some.
  9. Vex would’ve loved to attend if she’d not been banished. She did, however, send a bouquet of flowers to the Oakenarrow residence.
  10. Vexalia hummed at how her most of this is centred around her. “Very obsessive.” She thought.
  11. Vexalia, the voidal mage huffs, thinking this was all caused over her being with someone. The mali hairflipped from the safety of her base.
  12. “Demonic?” Vex, the mali’aheral chuckled, reading the missive. “That’s a new one. Didn’t think I was that much of a *****.”
  13. Vex readied her party dress.
  14. i just got interviewed for admin

  15. Vexalia, in a bout of kindness, readies her swimsuit and all manner of gifts for the druids.
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