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  1. I dislike complaining about staff but in this situation, I feel it’s so dire that I must. This has gone too far and is not the first time Kae and Pun have shown bias against a player base. This needs to stop before people start leaving- the warclaim was hard fought and hard won... you were so quick to call out an invis guy who only killed two folks than Reivers and hackers on the other side who killed far more. I hate the fact I’m posting this but please cut the crap.
  2. Vexalia silently approves Daisy’s way of life, and continues to ready her halfling airforce and the ballisae that launched those brave souls.
  3. Vexalia waved to the pontiff happily upon his return.
  4. Vexalia added two more Ivae’fenn suits of armor to her collection, and added a tally mark to her treasury room.
  5. Vexalia was idly messing about with Prince Aelthos Tundrak’s severed head as a servant read out the missive. “What’re you gonna do now, hm?” She asked coyly to the head. “I think you’ll make a fine decoration to our outhouse, amongst the **** where you belong.”
  6. “**** of Demetrio. You’re irrelevant and nobody likes you.” The elfess who had been attacked by him once scoffed.
  7. Lady Lothryne casually counts up her CBs against Fenn.
  8. Feels creepy knowing who's viewed my profile.


    1. Publius


      no worries I’ll hit up a gm and get that removed for you rq

    2. Harold


      i use it to see whos talking about me tbh

  9. “I wonder if this madness is a symptom of some vile disease the EU got for all kissing Aelthir’s arse.” One of the few non degenerate snow elves commented from her throneroom.
  10. Vex would've gladly sung along as a Princess of Alderyn... If she thought the snow elves of Fenn were doing any good for the world and not being a blight upon civilised society. Instead, she merely cackled in humor. "My four year old child could write a better anthem like this in their sleep. A horribly weak display of faux power. Good job, Fenn ass kissers- what do you want? A cookie?" Rising from her throne as her servant tossed the note into a nearby brazier, the redeemed true elf made to pace off to watch the paint in her bedroom dry; a much more entertaining task than reading dull anthems. What she regretted most was the time she'd wasted reading the anthem of a Union that would eventually fall by her allies' hands.
  11. “I miss Kairn.” A snow elf sighed, her gaze lowering for a brief moment as she recalled her friend’s reign. “He wouldn’t have resorted to kissing the ass of Tundrak scum. If he were still here, we’d not have to do this... He’d frown upon his successors if he was still with us..”
  12. Vexalia Lothryne, Princess of Alderyn, Conqueror of Alderyn, Hero of the Reimposition of Unity chuckled upon being declared the first proper snow elven royalty. "Mayilu!" The elfess called out to her significant other whilst reading through the missive. "I made it, I'm a princess now. Fenn can kiss my royal ass!"
  13. Vexalia smiles and writes the date in her grimoire. Her nephew was all grown up.
  14. +900000000000 Do it, ST No Balls
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