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  1. Moribundity

    The Maheral Guidance Initiative

    A Mali'ata'fenn debated whether going would hasten the need for her purity trial.
  2. Moribundity

    Curonia Prints, Eighth Edition

    Lady Lothryne, despite not living in Curon, reads every article with a smile. She hopes she'd soon be able to visit to pet Javier herself.
  3. Moribundity

    Curonia Prints, Sixth Edition

    Vexalia thanks Javier the bear for his service in PARLIAMENT.
  4. Lady Lothryne couldn't help but frown and deek deep sympathy as she related to the Maheral..
  5. Moribundity


    Lady Lothryne enjoys a sip from her wine glass from the council chambers of the imperial palace as the missive reached her. The mali’fenn gave a snort accompanied by the rolling of her eyes. “Ah, death upon the reivers would be mercy compared to what the empire has planned.” She let out a low chuckle as she relaxed back in her chair.
  6. Moribundity


    Imperial Writ of Exile The Imperial Ministry of Magical Affairs oversees the execution of two convicted heinous dark mages by the Legion. Ave Man It is GOD’s will that the evil be cast out among us, that darkness must be purged from the holy lands of Helena. It is man’s will that disloyalty, and disobedience shall not go unpunished. It is the Emperor’s will that these deligrants and na’er-do-wells be cast out from the land upon which GOD’s radiance shines. The following persons are henceforth banished from the holy empire of man on pain of death for the enclosed offences: Shame unto the sinner, Marius DeNurem for harboring empire criminals in his lands, for attempting to divert the righteous course of justice, and failure to prevent the darkness from corrupting his lands. Shame unto the sinner, Caesar the elf, for the murder of a legion officer, fraternizing with dark mages, causing innumerable innocents’ deaths be it by his own hand or otherwise will, failure to adhere to the Lex Arcana, illegally casting and teaching magic, knowingly harboring anti-imperial sentiments and acting upon them, participating in miscellaneous Dark and UnGODly cults, treason through the plotting the murders of his imperial highness, Emperor Augustus, and Her Excellency, Lady Vexalia, espionage, and intentionally lying to or misleading empire officials and legion personnel. Shame unto the temptress Ravena Avern and any identities she may possess, who knowingly engages in dark magicks, plots and commits murders, and forcefully revives the dead from their eternal peace. Shame unto Sighard Av Markev for knowingly and willingly participating in Iblees cultism, espionage, and plotting with the Thania group, lying to and misleading empire officials. Shame unto Nilth, the blonde High elf, for harboring anti-imperial sentiments and knowingly acting upon them, espionage, treason, espionage, dark cultism, lying to and misleading empire officials. Shame unto Osheim, the white haired, scarred high elf, for participating in dark cultism, espionage, harboring anti-imperial sentiments and knowingly acting upon them and lying to and/or misleading empire officials. Shame unto Morgan, the degenerate elf otherwise known as Fenn’Celia, for harboring anti-imperial sentiments and acting upon them, treason and espionage, and lying to and/or misleading empire officials. Shame unto Hiren, the ascended-blood elf for espionage, treason and lying to and misleading an empire official. Shame unto Telos Tathvir, for Espionage, and lying to and misleading an Empire Official. Any other members of the Thania group, shall meet the same fate unless explicitly specified. The Privy Council applauds The Princedom Fenn on their attempt to infiltrate the watertight ranks of the Empire of Man and implore them to try again so that more refuse may be purged from Arcas. Should they ever set foot on the holy lands, the taint shall be seared from their forms through a baptism of flames. May GOD have mercy on their souls. Signed, Her excellency, Lady Vexalia Lothryne, minister of Magical Affairs and Privy Councillor His Imperial Highness, Prince Cassius Horen, Lord Justicar, Knight of the Red Dragon Order, Divine Dragon Commander, Baron of Hamilton, etc
  7. Moribundity


    Vexalia applauded from the side. “Long love Emperor Antonius.” The woman grinned up to the prince who had shown her such kindness before. The least she could do was attend his coronation.
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  9. Vexalia sweats in mali’ata’fenn, but hopes to attend regardless.
  10. Moribundity


    Lady Lothryne observes a moment of silence, though appeared somewhat optimistic. Antonius would make for a great successor.
  11. Moribundity

    The Vigil

    Vexalia silently appreciated the group’s noble goals though pondered how they’d get to every elven nation in Arcas.
  12. Moribundity

    Royal Decree of  Banishment ,1706

    “Mmn, I sense another war coming on.” A certain elven minister commented from behind her desk. “And I’m going to be on the front line, bringing the fight.”
  13. Moribundity

    A tribute to the fallen commander

    “Burn in hell...” A snow elf murmured as she crossed a name off of her list with a smug smirk as a close friend informed her of the loss. She harboured no remorse, only resentment towards the fallen. “My only regret is not being able to inflict the damage she did on myself back unto her.” she commented dryly to her husband. “Maybe her successor will know better than to harbor fugitives of the empire and send spies.” Turning, the Mali wasted no time in going back to her duties. A stack of papers and a denounciation were in the works.” (loved Sulien as a character. I’ll miss her greatly. <3)
  14. Moribundity

    A Haeseni Magick Update - 1706, the plot thickens

    “Nice try, Fenn, nice try.” Vexalia muttered as she sipped on a glass of red wine from the comforts of her own office, her husband at her side. “The web never fails to ensnare the flies you send my way, and thus the spider prevails yet again..”
  15. Moribundity

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    It’s been a good run. Thank you for keeping the ET in one piece. All the best, Cole.