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  1. Moribundity#2647 italian blue- 1.7k
  2. Discord: Moribundity#2647 italian blue 1.5k
  3. Discord: Moribundity#2647 Italian Blue: 1.3k
  4. Vexalia wondered if she’d get a more spacious clinic.
  5. RP Name:: Vexalia MC Username: Moribundity Discord: Moribundity#2647 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Sutica Why Do You Wish To Come?: Adventure! Riches and the adrenaline rush! What Skills Can You Bring?: Mage and a skilled medic.
  6. “We must crush whoever stands in our path.” A mali’aheral stated coldly from the comfort of her chambers whilst a handmaiden poured her a cup of tea. “Such behaviour from the barbarians cannot go unpunished.”
  7. Vexalia sighed from the depths of her chambers in the imperial palace. “Hey, look, I’m famous!” She exclaimed as she pointed to the part about pursuing an ‘alf’.
  8. Vexalia received word of the missives, her eyes widening at such before she released a chuckle. “Never thought I’d not be the one to speak out against them.”
  9. “Ave Oren, Ave man!” The Court Mage of his Majesty Peter III commented.
  10. “Ave Oren.” A certain Mali’aheral spoke out from the comfort of her clinic once the news reached her. Her tone was solemn, yet she saw hope in the newly chosen successor, Antony.
  11. Vexalia hummed as the missive reached her hands. “Curious.” She hummed, releasing a giggle.
  12. FORMAT Username: Moribundity Character Name: Valindra Bid: Starting bid of 1000, Item 1
  13. Vexalia cheered. She’d definitely be living in Helena!
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