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  1. Vexalia readied her finest black gown. “I shall most certainly attend. His imperial majesty was a great man.”
  2. Vexalia, former imperial sorceress, received the news when on one of her travels. The elfess was struck with a sudden sorrow as she knew she’d lost a close ally. She would mourn the loss of her friend, and promised herself she’d try to make it to his funeral. Still, she recalled the new empress, and the memories she had, knowing the empire would be in good hands.
  3. Vexalia read the notice regarding the ghost. At first, she didn’t think twice about it, before she saw the name... ‘ANTANIOS RUTLEDGE’. The elfess nearly spat out her tea with that.. ”What in the name of-- Who’s idea of a sick joke is this?”
  4. Hey is Vexalia still alive? I have a new character I think she'd really like to meet 🙂

  5. Feel better soon, AlmondTree. My thoughts are with you.
  6. I feel cannons and the like should be available as they’d provide a fun mechanic. As for guns, you could likely implement primitive firearms, such having a possibility of backfiring upon the wielder. They’d be more powerful than bows and crossbows, but would also take a lot longer to load.
  7. A mega +1 from me. Before the rewrite, Izkuthii had like six different forms. Thanks to the reformatting, everything is far clearer and simplifiied. Recruitment should also be a lot easier now that more than one person can connect and disconnect. Love it.
  8. Moribundity#2647 italian blue- 1.7k
  9. Discord: Moribundity#2647 italian blue 1.5k
  10. Discord: Moribundity#2647 Italian Blue: 1.3k
  11. Vexalia wondered if she’d get a more spacious clinic.
  12. RP Name:: Vexalia MC Username: Moribundity Discord: Moribundity#2647 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Sutica Why Do You Wish To Come?: Adventure! Riches and the adrenaline rush! What Skills Can You Bring?: Mage and a skilled medic.
  13. “We must crush whoever stands in our path.” A mali’aheral stated coldly from the comfort of her chambers whilst a handmaiden poured her a cup of tea. “Such behaviour from the barbarians cannot go unpunished.”
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