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  1. i like your forum title

  2. Moved to Creative Writing That way people can keep both their OOC and RP responses...
  3. if you're having a bad day just listen to my bonkers laughing pts. 1, 2, and 3







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    2. mitto


      this is the last thing you hear before youre forum banned

    3. Harrison



    4. P A R K E R

      P A R K E R

      what the actual actual actual actual actual actual actual actual actual ****

  4. slave

    Trade complete
  5. Only because there can only be one Taiwanese ......
  6. are you new fm lead?

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    2. nathanbarnett36appeal


      Ok thanks, so it would be the co-management team that would handle ban appeals when the banning person was fm lead?

    3. Esry
    4. nathanbarnett36appeal
  7. Moved to Roleplay section
  8. I am not trying to argue with you either, rather offer constructive criticism / discussion. Generally speaking, players deserve to know what reasons led to what decisions. At the end of the day, staff teams serve the playerbase and community. Sure, non-staff players don't need to know every waking detail of staff affairs / conversations, but decisions, especially in higher staff, end up affecting multiple if not most players of the community.
  9. 3. Do you think staff logs pertaining to bans should be made available to the public? If requested by the player(s) directly involved with the ban(s). 4. Do you think staff logs pertaining to the distribution of artefacts and magics should be made available to the public? Also as per request, though I'd say anybody would be able to know why x was given to y. I agree with the first two poll questions, though. Those decisions are often controversial and have a major effect on players throughout the server. Sometimes they can even make or break player groups.
  10. casually wearing a suit and tie
  11. my last post-worthy picture from taiwan
  12. paying 30 minas for someone to put a head on 2 alex skins, pm me if interested

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    2. Esry


      yea but i dont know what skin editor to use for it & needcoolshoes is for steve skins

    3. Harrison


      are you dumb, trolling, or just didnt read what he said

    4. Esry


      a combination of the first and last ones :)