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  1. After some thought, Alexandria points at Sigrid’s pumpkin. “I choose this design. Thank you to everyone who has participated.” (( @LightTheTrainer I sent ya a friend request on Discord or we can coordinate if I see you online in-game :) ))
  2. papyb harassed me into doing this papyb has good characteristics in and out of roleplay. she is observant, communicative, smart, helpful, dedicated, and won’t be afraid to put her foot down [on ppl like dewper] lotc is dumb
  3. “His Imperial Highness chose the spot...” Alexandria happened to say. Alexandria ponders about Remius and Sandk1ng’s submissions.
  4. Esry


    Full Name: Alexandria Marie Horen Year of Birth: 1664 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt ((MC Name: Esry
  5. The Opening of Alia’s Cornerstone Garden and the Pumpkin Contests Photo creds. to Allieice THE 22ND OF TOBIAS’S BOUNTY, 1686 Between 3 Owyn’s Lane and 4 Owyn’s Lane (better known as The Royal Camerlengo), Alia’s Cornerstone Garden has been constructed and opened to the public. One may find a variety of aromatic herbs, succulent fruit, fragrant flowers, and wholesome vegetables, which are open to public picking and harvesting. – – – Alongside Alia’s Cornerstone Garden and the Fiesta de Fantasma, there are two contests now running. Pumpkin Growing Contest: Whoever brings in the largest pumpkin to Her Imperial Highness, Alexandria Horen in Carolustadt receives the prize of a ribbon and 500 minas. Your pumpkin size will be based off a roll system. Find Esry in-game for more. Pumpkin Carving Contest: Her Imperial Highness, Alexandria Horen, is accepting pumpkin carving designs. The grand prize winner, as chosen by Her Imperial Highness, will receive 750 minas and a private lunch with His Imperial Highness, Augustus Horen. This is an art contest. Submit your pumpkin carving art designs below. The winners of both of these contests will be determined by Sunday, October 28.
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      oh how i've missed you so <3 #wce :purple_heart:

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    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    it is too late
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    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    i got a lesbian pixie cut