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  1. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    Orvar looks across the Grand Hall staring at the dwarven head of Hrothgar mumbling "I know one fat bastard that won't be attending"
  2. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    +1! Totally deserves it, I've known him for a long time and i haven't seen him doing or being enything that harrison stated.
  3. A Beacon in the Twilight

    Orvar mutters something about how High Elves have never been good for anything anyways
  4. Kaz’Ulrah-Norland Union Issued, signed and confirmed on the 10th of Malin’s Welcome 1631 Preamble As the world slowly descended into chaos once more, the need for security amongst the people of Axios became a necessity again. With ceaseless aggressions from Orenian and Urguanian soldiers on all fronts, the world slowly turned it’s weary eyes to the generation old aggressor. War after war, decade after decade, Orens inabiltity to keep hold of a v treaty would lead to doom for both Oren and Urguan if they chose to protect each other. The signatories herein shall henceforth charter the creation and their respective membership of the Union, a full intergovernmental military alliance to the end of protecting the sovereignty of the higher peoples of the world and preserving civilisation and order against all that threaten it; The signatories herein shall maintain perpetually a state of total non-aggression and peaceable diplomatic relations with their fellow member signatories of the Union; The signatories herein shall aid in the mutual defense of all allied states of the Union and their respective vassals, in any way deemed reasonably necessary to ensure their continuance; The signatories herein shall facilitate total judicial cooperation between one another, including though not limited to processes of extradition, and shall abstain from the granting of exile, refuge or succor to those entities wanted or convicted by another signatory; The signatories herein shall only hold their fellow signatories responsible for the actions of those individuals acting in an official capacity as their government representatives and agents; The signatories herein shall promote free trade and the free movement of goods and persons between one another, while simultaneously lifting any restrictions that impede these movements; The signatories herein shall send armed forces of assistance to their fellow signatories in the event of conflict either on the continent or abroad with those polities hostile to the Union; The signatories herein shall totally abstain from interference with the internal governments and affairs of their fellow signatory members of the Union, and shall recognise and support the total sovereignty of the legitimate governments of their fellow signatories according to the respective system of government of the state in question; The signatories herein shall recognise and support all legitimate successor governments according to the state in question’s respective system of succession; The signatories herein shall consider any enemy polity hostile to one signatory to be an enemy and hostile to all signatory members of the Union; The signatories herein shall prosecute with all such force as is reasonably necessary any such entities that threaten the sovereignty of their fellow signatories; The signatories herein shall adhere to, in good faith and without coercion, all provisions of this document; The signatories herein shall acknowledge that this agreement is hence in all effect and binding upon all successive governments of the signatories until such time as the turn of the year 1641, whereupon this document shall be subject to review and either renewed accordingly or discontinued. Signed and confirmed, High King Verthaik Frostbeard II, True Protector of the Dwarves, Defender of the Brathmordakin, Friend of the Free People of Axios, King in the North Orvar High Diplomat of Norland
  5. Anisgar's AT Application

    Everything I've seen him do he goes try hard +1
  6. [Ghoul][CA]

    don't accept this man hes power gaming scum!
  7. land land land is land

  8. Orvar spits at the mandate "I don' know why we signed a non-aggression pact, ******* couldn' finish us off at the Siege of the Krag and now they hide from the Orcs"
  9. Wow, actual fail.

  10. He Will Bach No More

    "Attempting to leave the gatehouse is a grave crime indeed" Orvar muttered to himself
  11. He Will Bach No More

    Orvar sends off a strong salute to the fallen soldier