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  1. Since Chaw did it thought I might drop this in here too
  2. I'm sorry ;-;
  3. I was there I have a recording I just can't upload it until Monday my internet will be **** till then
  4. Thats fairly hot tbh
  5. I can't tell if your post is a meme or serious, but let me clear some things up, first of all Cornivore is not a naturally toxic person and only really is on provocation, which you have done on multiple occasions as such all the times you came in teamspeak and harrased Cornivore while Norlandic leadership was still playing, which has some how been left out of this whole thing. Also, the second thing is none of him raiding you or us going to your settlement is ooc despite the fact of how rude you are to him oocly, he has plenty of reason as you stealing his titles banishing him insulting him in rp and also putting out a KOS on his leaders, yeah if you expect him to take that kindly okay then. The first time we attacked your settlement for these things was about two days ago when we raided in you, in this post you make it seem like after the raid we came 20 minutes later to raid you again when infact it was 24 hours and Cornivore saw that you had not put up a raid timer and attacked you again. Also Havoc is a newplayer so excuse him for any mistakes with the rules he may have made.
  6. A bannerman sits pondering how Maric knows what goes on in the Courlandic camp
  7. "There is difference to rebelling against Tyranny and not, if Tyranny is evident then it is mans right to, if not then who can say," A red haired man in a trenchcoat would mutter
  8. The gms and fms take down Cornivores post but leave this one up, tsk tsk
  9. #HumanThumbsAgainstChemicalWarfare
  10. Reeve would chuckle in his grave "Atleast we don' need to siege down an entire keep to kill a Kovachev"
  11. Anyone record the Houndsden warclaim from the Offensive side and going to be uploading it?
  12. ave
  13. As Leader of Houndsden I will be posting here
  14. Whoah there