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  1. Free my ****** kincaid he doesn't deserve this

  2. Huh, interesting, +1
  3. Raymond gets to work posting the propaganda around the isles of Axios
  4. Raymond Ronjon signs the charter
  5. Listen up listen up, we should definitely do Houndsden except this time in 1.8 because with the more people that will be attending we can show the offense a different fight they should've got with the glorious Houndsden defenses.
  6. Should've used mine as an example smh
  7. Will you join us in the Zootopia Army?
  8. Drug Sheep dawns his mask preparing for war
  9. I'd say something edgy and rude but I'd get banned for it
  10. Ave Zootopia shall never fall
  11. And so it begins..
  12. Ja one sec lit
  13. Pretty lit tbh
  14. A ginger man in a trenchcoat wanders by hearing the story muttering "Ignorance is our strength.."
  15. a man in a trench coat with ginger hair mutters as he passes by "Ignorance is our strength.."