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  1. "You're dumb"
  2. Raymond chuckles rocking back and forth in his chair "Heh I know that face I can't believe that damn welf is still kickin' around banditing!"
  3. If theres no bias to there decisions then theres no reason we shouldn't see it..
  4. Warzones were fine in my opinion no need to make them overly complicated, but where are my new raid rules @Xarkly
  5. ((Honestly Tank, off yourself?
  6. Reeve would put a hand on Jons shoulder guiding him away from Markus gesturing to the belt
  7. "It shows Rutherns know how to get things done no matter how hypocritical it can be slaughterin' children versus slaughterin' women, however we Norlanders shouldn' be talkin' about the wrongs of slaughterin' seein' as I have Mythdorts body in me backyard" Chuckles Raymond Ronjon
  8. Hello this is TheCollectivist I don't know why my comment was removed seeing as I was the one that made the report I think I would be relevent to the situation, but as for the record I want him unbanned it was a petty on both sides we've both apoliged and theres no reason to keep the ban standing.
  9. Yo

    Welcome Huxf!
  10. A Courlandic peasant would be huddled in the deep of winter praying for the Goobie not to take his starving family
  11. Crawford sits in a dark corner by himself muttering "is good bone.. very good bone.."
  12. Oohh... Who hangs in the Ashtree deep in the Krag? "Mythdort Frostbeard!" Pale and bloated he is! "Mythdort Frostbeard!" If Dwarven nonsense something you wish "Mythdort Frostbeard!" Then drop on the floor and die like a Dwarf!!
  13. Huh, interesting, +1
  14. Raymond Ronjon signs the charter
  15. Should've used mine as an example smh