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  1. As Leader of Houndsden I will be posting here
  2. Whoah there
  3. Would wonder whilst at the same time how quickly this new Norlandic state would fail under the new monarch, and why the Ruric "goons" had to protect someone that left the Krag one night
  4. Raymond Ronjon would remark "Really, this man that let his people be slaughtered so easily by yours truly is going to take the Crown of Norland? As I did in the Ashguard and under the Krag I will only serve a Ruric,"
  5. Raymon Ronjon would laugh at the pitiful speech and how many times he needed to say my nomination.
  6. Is this even a question tho
  7. A legend has fallen today
  8. Well.. Cya Malgo
  9. -1 Terrible person is constantly bullying my good friend Pando shame on him. +1 -1 +1
  10. this is my brother, we share an account i UNO mind. Sheet I meant to change that
  11. Raymond Ronjon would chuckle at the time he whent into Svenheld and slaughtered one of his Thanes and say, "Aye the Grimlees are a great family! True good brothers and sisters!"
  12. Hot Roleplay name(What your new Torto family members name will be): Thumb Torto Ethnicity: Human Thumb What lineage: the human thumb himself Direct descendants of Jason and Meredith are allowed, but only 2 spots open, and you have to be 8-15, 8 years old pls pm me when your online I really want to play one
  13. I mean sure even though my computer lags every time I shoot a gun now in csgo for some reason, I'll msg it to you
  14. Same I voted for cache
  15. Disgusting pigs what is all this voting for Dust 2