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  1. Yuhhhh Get Intoooo Ittt! :D
  2. OOC MC Name: HeftyDonut Discord: HeftyDonut#2972 Timezone: EST IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Erindealynn Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I wish to join the Mages Guild to begin deeper studies of the void and begin working on becoming a formed mage of the order and of Arcas. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I practice no arts. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime that works for you, on discord.
  3. Catherine Marie Staunton nee’ Windsor would seem to read over this missive with a faint sigh rolling her eyes, before signing the lorraine cross upon her chest. ”I am happy to see someone is trying to make the city great and active again, good luck Courlanders.” The Queen-Dowager of Courland would say from the church she sat in as she read over the letter before than going to toss it upon the fire and continue her praying.
  4. Catherine Marie would seem to nod at this motion, letting out then some harsh coughs whilst sitting in bed. “I have raised my son well..” The Prior Queen-Consort of Courland would say going to sigh the Lorraine Cross over herself. “Please, GOD let me stay a little more, I beg of you.” The woman would say in a calming tone going to set the letters aside on her desk. “Ave Staunton, Ave Courland” She would then fall to sleep in bed to wake up the next morning...
  5. HeftyDonut

    ~A New Dawn~

    Catherine would look at the letter with anger upon her face as she would roll her eyes soon after such, The woman would then look to one of her hand maidens upon her ship. “How dare he- He must know he goes against Nolan O’Hara’s will to make me matriarch and goes against all of the families will. My cousin has lost his mind, The family is dissolved that is FINALE ” she’d say waving her Hand maiden to bring the Captain of the Ship into her office room, she would then go to command her ship captain to turn the boat around. “We are leaving sea, I have family matters to attend to back upon Arcas...” Catherine would seem to then add a small grin upon her face.
  6. Catherine Marie would look over such notice with a bright smile growing upon her face. “My son will be a great King.. I promise you that.” she’d chuckle lightly. “Ha! “ she’d then move to nod once more. “And i must pick a gown for such a celebration. Ave Courland!”
  7. Catherine Marie would seem to be reading over the missive in the Throne Room of the Selsmire Palace, she would then let out a light chuckle as she then sets the letter on the shelf next to her. “I have never seen such a horrible person act in such a manner... I’m happy I did not get attached to the damned woman...Oh no wait the term Girl, would have to suit her more.” she’d then go to push herself up from the throne she sat upon and head off to her room.
  8. Full name: Catherine Marie Staunton Position Applying For: Entertainer Previous Experience: none, Plays flute (Taught) herself Where do you see yourself in five years?: I don’t exactly know (Discord Name): HeftyDonut
  9. DISSOLUTION OF THE HOUSE O’HARA 9th of Horen’s Calling, 1760 It is with great sadness that I write this document. In my short reign as Crown Princess-Consort and future Queen of the Kingdom of Courland I would like to make an announcement to all the people of Arcas: For too long my former family has caused problems throughout all the different nations of Arcas. Treason, betrayals and other treacherous attitudes have characterized the conduct of the O’Haras through many different generations. The O’Hara name is stained with too many mistakes and errors committed in the past. Therefore, I, Catherine Marie, Matriarch of the House O’Hara hereby dissolve the House O’Hara for good and strip from myself all titles and honors associated with that House. None shall from now on wear the cursed surname of “O’Hara” ever again. Finally, I would also like to write to the Vassals of Courland and to The Trade State of Sutica to say that whoever suddenly came to the conclusion of us being shades or harboring shades is totally false and wrong; any sort of dark magic is an ill state within the family of O’Hara. Having said that, I would like to come to some sort of agreement with the Fester family, about how we may be able to settle this affair. May GOD illuminate our path and bless us all! Ave Staunton. Ave Courland. Signed, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Catherine Marie of the House of Staunton, Crown Princess-Consort of the Kingdom of Courland As the Queen-Mother of Courland it is my duty to make sure our courts are safe from harm. Thus I have asked our government to send word to the church to ask if we could together test the members of the O’Hara family that resides in Courland. We have ourselves tested the Crown Princess-Consort and have found her to not be a shade, along with her sister Mary Anne. At this moment we await for the church to come and confirm this as well to ease the minds of our people. The lawyers and detectives are working on checking if the story that they have been accused of matches, for one mistake of a distant relative should not affect the rest. They are women, women should not be held responsible for what men choose to do. Just like men should not be responsible for what women choose to do. We are all our own persons, do not judge many from the actions of one. Though trust my word when I say that if they are all proven guilty they will be executed or banished. For dark magic is a sin to the canonist church, and we hold our faith close to our hearts and follow it as best as we can. Signed by, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elissa of House Staunton, Queen-Mother of Courland
  10. HeftyDonut

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: HeftyDonut Discord: HeftyDonut#2972 Character Name: Renae Lola Age: 39 Race: Mali’aheral (High-Elf) Reason For Joining: My persona is wanting to become a rather well doctor/physician and as of now studies and herbs wanting something a little more advanced to pick up. Affiliation: Nowhere really permanent at the moment.
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