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  1. [Many doves would fly overhead, delivering many fliers of a wedding.] The Union of Baelius and D’Airelle [Scribed by: Mariya de’ Draghicescu and Anastasie D’Airelle - 1809] It is with a growth of happiness in ourselves and within the celebration of the engagement of Mister Casper Jahan Baelius and Miss Anastasie Maëlle D’Airelle. We announce the wedding of the two people and would like to formally invite the following to witness the union of the young pairing. Invitation List- Even though all are welcome to the event, we see it fit t
  2. Mariya Draghicescu nodded as she read over the missive. The girl would now begin writing a letter and prepping a bird to her seamstress to gather a gown for such an occasion. "Oh, Good lord I cannot wait... I've been bored as of late." She'd say moving off.
  3. [!] Near the Caracal Druids home within The Mother Grove, natures song would tense up and the voices would become quieter. Renae Arvellon would be sitting in her home reading over this 'notice', her face red with anger as she read over such. The druidess offered a soft, gentle chuckle as she continued to read, now going to sigh tossing the 'notice' into the fire. "A shame, truly..." The 'aheral chuckles as she sat continuing to drink her tea. [!]
  4. Mariya Sofia Draghicescu ~ Tribune Candidate of 359 ES [A portrait of Mariya in her current state] Dear all Citizens of The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, I’m Mariya Sofia Draghicescu. Over the time of arriving at the Capital of Hanseti-Ruska, Karosgrad I have seen a bit of how things are supposed to work around the city. I first got here when I was around seven years of age. I then became a ward of Her Majesty, Queen Isabel, learning how to be a proper woman and lady of the courts and city. I then began working on my profession of the Arts, I ha
  5. IGN: HeftyDonut ~ Character Name: Mariya Sofia Draghicescu ~ Age: 14 ~ Place of Residence / Street Address: Margraviate of Greyspine ~ Position: Tribune
  6. Settlement PRO MC Name: HeftyDonut Settlement Name: The Ducal State of Bravuna Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198300-culture-the-bravunian-people/?tab=comments#comment-1818409 Settlement Government Structure Explanation: (There is an explanation of the government in our cultural lore. https://www.lordofthecraft.ne
  7. Mariya listened to her best friend Maisie as she read over the paper giggling some aswell. "I'm sure it only sucks when it's bad drama!" The young girl would say giggling some more.
  8. The Nights Ballet - An Audition Announcement [!] An announcement would soon go out on a small sheet of parchment around the cities of Karosgrad and Providence and it would read- “A Ballet! I Mariya Vilac shall be hosting a romance-drama ballet. We are looking for dancers who are searching for an opportunity to perform in front of many. The event shall be hosted in the Karosgrad Juliard Academies theatre” [!] [!] At the bottom of the little poster would be the cast list people may audition for. [!] ~~Cast List~~ Katerina - Eldest girl who is bet
  9. [!] The Caracal Druid would be sitting within her home in front of the fire, seeming to stare deep into it. Pots and such messed over the home's counters as she sat there. Now the Druidess would push herself up, slowly moving to grab a metal plate and begin placing some food on it. Now, as she went to sit back down in her seat in front of the fireplace, she would suddenly pause the tone of nature going on a halt within the grove and then resuming the song for now rather sad and elegant. "Syllia- No... Not Syllia this time." The lari started softly falling to her knees soon enough, the plate fa
  10. ((IC)) Name: Renae Arvellon Race: Mali'aheral Applying For: Co-Head or Librarian Age: 76 Experience: Working in the Cloud Temple library as a scholar/librarian and currently working with The Mother Circles (Grove) library. Citizen of Elvenesse: Yes ((OOC)) Time Zone: EST IGN: HeftyDonut Discord: HeftyDonut#2972
  11. [!] The Caracal Druid would seem to call for a messenger raven that she kept around sending it off with a letter reading: "Dear Aaliyah I would love to join you upon your journey back to your home lands, to help in any ways possible. Though is has been sometime since I have last ventured out anywhere I would still like to say I'm very much capable. I'm a battle medic along, very skilled with close-ranged weaponry. Along with this I am also a rising Druid and a Sun Chi-Monk of The Dao-Order." Send a letter back to me if you are willing to have me. Renae Arvellon, The
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