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  1. Caroline seemed to roll her eyes as she read over the newsletter. A rather loud gasp was given by her as she continued to look over the tabloid. "My oh my!" she'd say glancing to Maric. "This... Lady of Thorns believes I was the best dressed during the wedding and events! Do you think this correct, my love?" The Lady Greyspine asked Maric softly. @GMRO
  2. :D New Favorite Month: June ;D
  3. Caroline would nod slowly as she looks over the notice, a bright smile sitting upon her face. "Oh God, Oh God!! How lovely... Lovely indeed! I'm rather excited. I will plan a new gown for the tailor's to begin on by chance." She'd laugh softly before returning to the care of her two month old daughter, Alexandria.
  4. Caroline de Selm read over the missive as she sipped upon her tea while sitting in the Josefian Memorial Library, within the Nikirala Prikaz of Haense. "Oh my! This is indeed very interesting." The young adult nodded. "I do hope they write more, I would love to hear the gossip and such of the Social Season." She'd then shrug looking back over the books held within he Library she stood in.
  5. Mariya Sofia de' Draghicescu-Bishop sat at the desk within her manor home in the capital of Haense. "I can't believe she is gone." The young-woman would state softly as she sat there, tears in her eyes. "Another person I held dearly, gone." She'd sigh as she went to place herself in bed and cry herself to sleep.
  6. IGN: HeftyDonut Character Name: Renae Athri'onn - The Sorgh-Laamuz Seer Magical Ability(s): Farseer, Shamanism Discord: HeftyDonut#2972
  7. Mariya Sofia de' Draghicescu, Titular Lady of Bravuna rolled her eyes, chuckling some with her husband. The young-woman snapping her fingers as a butler then went to carry a tray out which held a single tea cup. Mariya taking the cup and sipping from it as she began to read over the parchment. "Pfft... You are right my love." she'd then shrug, placing the cup upon the tray allowing the butler to head back to the kitchens. "I do not care enough to become angry or annoyed with whomever wrote this. I shall make sure Daphne is within her bed sleep." she'd then lift herself from her seat, moving c
  8. IGN: HeftyDonut Character Name: Mariya de' Draghicescu Age: 18 Place of Residence: Koenastriet I Position: Tribune
  9. [Many doves would fly overhead, delivering many fliers of a wedding.] The Union of Baelius and D’Airelle [Scribed by: Mariya de’ Draghicescu and Anastasie D’Airelle - 1809] It is with a growth of happiness in ourselves and within the celebration of the engagement of Mister Casper Jahan Baelius and Miss Anastasie Maëlle D’Airelle. We announce the wedding of the two people and would like to formally invite the following to witness the union of the young pairing. Invitation List- Even though all are welcome to the event, we see it fit t
  10. Mariya Draghicescu nodded as she read over the missive. The girl would now begin writing a letter and prepping a bird to her seamstress to gather a gown for such an occasion. "Oh, Good lord I cannot wait... I've been bored as of late." She'd say moving off.
  11. [!] Near the Caracal Druids home within The Mother Grove, natures song would tense up and the voices would become quieter. Renae Arvellon would be sitting in her home reading over this 'notice', her face red with anger as she read over such. The druidess offered a soft, gentle chuckle as she continued to read, now going to sigh tossing the 'notice' into the fire. "A shame, truly..." The 'aheral chuckles as she sat continuing to drink her tea. [!]
  12. Mariya Sofia Draghicescu ~ Tribune Candidate of 359 ES [A portrait of Mariya in her current state] Dear all Citizens of The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, I’m Mariya Sofia Draghicescu. Over the time of arriving at the Capital of Hanseti-Ruska, Karosgrad I have seen a bit of how things are supposed to work around the city. I first got here when I was around seven years of age. I then became a ward of Her Majesty, Queen Isabel, learning how to be a proper woman and lady of the courts and city. I then began working on my profession of the Arts, I ha
  13. IGN: HeftyDonut ~ Character Name: Mariya Sofia Draghicescu ~ Age: 14 ~ Place of Residence / Street Address: Margraviate of Greyspine ~ Position: Tribune
  14. Settlement PRO MC Name: HeftyDonut Settlement Name: The Ducal State of Bravuna Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198300-culture-the-bravunian-people/?tab=comments#comment-1818409 Settlement Government Structure Explanation: (There is an explanation of the government in our cultural lore. https://www.lordofthecraft.ne
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