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  1. Renae Arvellon would be wondering the beaches of Siramenor a faint hum emitting from her as the ‘thill made her way up to the citizen doors before swiftly pausing in front of the doors looking over this notice. “Hm? What’s this?” Renae would say continuing to read. “I- Hmph.” She’d roll her eyes at such a letter with a light shrug. “This rather sad.” She’d then move off into the Village going to sit by the large bonfire, continuing to speak whilst she sat. “Did not expect such I guess.” The druidess offered another shrug before she’d reach into her own satchel wrapped around her body going to grab a small book and begin studying.
  2. Discord: HeftyDonut#2972 Skins / Bid: Elven Skirts / 3,500 Mina
  3. Discord: HeftyDonut#2972 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac / 4,500 Mina
  4. Yuhhhh Get Intoooo Ittt! :D
  5. OOC MC Name: HeftyDonut Discord: HeftyDonut#2972 Timezone: EST IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Erindealynn Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I wish to join the Mages Guild to begin deeper studies of the void and begin working on becoming a formed mage of the order and of Arcas. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I practice no arts. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime that works for you, on discord.
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