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  1. Victoria would go to let a light chuckle Out before sitting by the fire in her abode with a grin Whilst skimming over her notice of the two families reunion. “How great this will be no?” She’d look and say her hound
  2. ~15th of The First Seed, 1751~ The Current Duchess of Ciano and the Current High Prince of Rosenyr hereby state that the long lasting friendship shall continue on this day as the two families will unite together.. As is it comes upon the idea the two chosen of the great Alliance are Mary l of the ducal house Ciano and Elrond of the princely house of Nria. Below Listed are a set of agreements of the two families to insure the best stability upon the marriage.. ~The d’Ciano Terms~ The d’Ciano family will offer two part-time scholars to the Principality of Rosenyr. The d’Ciano family will offer Five-Hundred Minae to the House of Nria. The d’Ciano family will hereby grant the Husband to be The Title of Count of Papual along with the marriage of the two. ~The Nria Terms~ The Nria family requests that Rosenyr will not be forced to enter a conflict if one were to ever happen. The Nria family will offer a home inside of Rosenyr if they ever wish to stay for an extended amount of time. The Nria family also requests that matrimony between the two take place in Rosenyr per tradition in the Nria family. In Peace May we Live On Sisters and Brothers Signed- Her Grace, Victoria Elizabeth Rose d’Ciano Her Ladyship, Mary l d’Ciano His Highness, Asger Nria His Lordship, Elrond Nicephore
  3. RP Name:: Victoria MC Username: HeftyDonut Discord: HeftyDonut#2972 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Other (Wisteria Conclave/Small Guild) Why Do You Wish To Come?: Gain of Knowledge and for the Adventure What Skills Can You Bring?: Some Medical Knowledge, Magical Skills.
  4. Name: Jewel Tathvir((MC Name)): TheJollyHeftyAge: 65What magic are you trained in, if any? None How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? I am Mali’Fenn/Snow ElfHow long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? None Seeking for a Home and Citizenship as of CurrentWill you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? YesWhat magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Telekinesis and Elemental Evocation, if possible
  5. “This is truly foolishness” The Enchantress would say whilst sipping on tea
  6. Charlotte Josephine Delatour would read the notice soon after shrugging a bit. “This is very sad to hear, long may her legacy live” SheThe young girl would say even whilst not actually knowing the women and her status, soon after she would go to sign the o’ holy Lorraine cross over her chest.
  7. Andromeda Merentel would stand in the corner of the tavern as she sips on some of her apple juice as she slowly reads the letter and then lets out a huge cry “Father! H-he’s gone! “ she would then go to drop everything and run out of the tavern but before she makes it out fully she trips on herself “I will miss you father!” she’d say as she goes to sit and cry into the ground and then slowly falls asleep on the rough, sandy, hot ground.
  8. Andromeda Merentel, Daughter of the Duke would read the letter and yell “EW, Papa is so nasty!”
  9. Victoria d’Ciano would read the letter as she sits by the fireplace, soon after she would let out a rather large sigh as she rolls her eyes “What hell has the Empire fallen to? How many ‘Emperors’ will fall or abdicate the throne and who will be next?” A few seconds after she would let out a small chuckle “I guess Uncle was right after all.” As she would then toss the letter into the fire.
  10. Victoria D’Cianò would let out a big huff as tears fall down her eyes “Uncle Eric tell my mother I said, Hello” she says as she goes to throw the notice in the fireplace.
  11. ~A Letter of Abdication~ ~Long May Their Reign Be Remembered~ The Duchess and Duke of Ciano, Victoria, and Albion sit in on their council thrones in the Athalian courtroom and start to hold a small and quick conversation… Before one hour later a horn is blown through the city of Athalia as someone yells “Here ye here ye, Join the Duke and Duchess in the courtroom for a special announcement from Ciano.” The people of the city would begin to hustle as the sunlight begins to slowly fade away from sight as darkness enters the land of Arcas. Two hours ago men and women dressed in a court fashion style at the tables in the room and the guards in front of the courtroom in a still position. The Duke and Duchess would raise from their seats up above everyone else “We must tell the people of Ciano and the people of Athalia that we both here abdicate the throne to our two sons Ives as regent until young Alafon is thirteen in year age and Alafon as Duke of Ciano once he finds a Consort and is officially thirteen! As for me and the Duke Albion” says Victoria Duchess of Ciano “Will keep the title as Baron and Baroness of Lifrand… Long may our two sons reign!”
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