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  1. Great tutorial! Looking forward for the future tutorials you guys will make. I think this will be a very good addition to the server to help new players understand LOTC’s plugins.
  2. A man rested his back against a certain wall in a certain garden, the soft glow of a lantern illuminating the surrounding area. The lyrics escaped him in the form of a hum as he crossed one leg over the other, his boot bobbing down as it mirrored that rhythm. “You’ve got to hand it to them, they know how to write a song..” He’d murmur.
  3. art by me do not steal
  4. [!] A fancy piece of parchment paper would be boarded along the Druidic Grove, as well as other places such as the Queen’s Isle. It seems important, so you decide to read it! ”Greetings! My name is Stephen. You may know me as the dashingly handsome, charming, charismatic, reliable Wonk- and by far the people’s most iconic personality in all of Arcas. Well. I’ve come to say that even great toads such as I can make mistakes. It seems, while testing out some recipes in my (TRADEMARKED!!) Magic Cauldron to create infinite resources of fancy rocks, I accidentally created an entire ecosystem of beasts fused with the things! Oops! As usual, I am not responsible for any of my creations maiming, harming, killing, murdering, disemboweling, or eating and/or cannibalizing any Descendants. Or anything in general. This is simply a notice telling those who live away from the major nations to be careful when travelling around! Who knows what you may find around the corner! If you see any of these creatures, please call a professional to exterminate them for you. You can keep whatever you get from their corpses I guess, but give me creative liberties if anyone asks where you got it from. Yours truly- Stephen the Wonk.” It seems ‘Stephen’ has provided an artist’s depiction of one of the creatures for you.
  5. MmMonkey

    pIxEl rAt

    Looks good tato
  6. Dael’debol would be sitting across from Varan, a single brow raised as he watched the Snow Elf’s silent and odd mannerisms with his curiosity peaked- though he did not care quite enough to ask what the exact occasion was. ”Is the wine that good, friend?” The man asked him in a low murmur with a faint smile stretched across his features, nursing a glass of wine as well in his own hand.
  7. Mad respect, so much passion and care into a single work. This is definitely something to be admired upon.
  8. just about a month over one yes
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