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Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

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The Sovereign Military Order of Malta



"What are you telling me then?"

"That we've found our engine."


The Order of Malta, confident in its scientists and engineers, continues to pour funds into the new Quantum Anchor program. In fact, it gives what amounts to a blank check to the resources needed to continue research of the Quantum Anchor. Complete use of the colony ship's jump drive for research is also provided, if necessary. Supplementary fusion reactors are built to power the tests. (2 AP to research, 1 to specialized research facilities)


Work begins on a shipyard where, in the future, ships compatible with the Quantum Anchor system, mainly in being able to establish a quantum link, may be able to be built. (1 AP)



Physical Accumulation:

House of Malta (12 AP) - Completed

Military Factories (1 AP) - Small Arms Level

Shipyard (1 AP) - No levels complete

Quantum Research Facilities (1 AP)



Planetary Defenses (1 AP) - Rudimentary Railgun Defense Array Construction Possible

Quantum Anchor (6 AP) - Unknown Completion Level



Colony Ship (x1), jump drive removed for research

Shuttle (x2)


Worlds and Stations:

Rhodium (Pop. 146,000)



250 FC Knights - Command Level

5,250 SC Knights - Military Level

10,250 TC Knights - Civilian Level

24,250 Auxiliaries of the Order - Civilian Level

106,000 Citizens of Malta - Civilian Level


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New Sephoria




Date: February, 2120

Location: Eden-2

Documented Event: Finished Eden-2 Shipyard


Director Rosita watches through the shuttle window, as she approaches the shipyard. With the moon's barren surface, and lack of any real resources, the entire moon was essentially useless, so making it into a shipyard was the best choice for it.


Though the yard had yet to receive any actual orders, it was standing by, ready to begin work as soon as it's first orders came in.


The council had already agreed that it's first project should be producing ships to search the surrounding systems, for another planet that could be reasonably habitable.


Date: November, 2120

Location: Angelos-4

Documented Event: Birth of Human-Protorian Twins


Head Scientist Maria stood just outside the Delivery room. Due to the sensitive nature of this event, only immediate family members, high-ranking officials, and the actual doctors, were currently allowed in this section of the hospital.


The announcement of the pregnancy had reached the council several months ago, and they had closely monitored the progress since. Now, on the actual day of the birth, every one of them had showed up, curious how the pregnancy would go.


In the end, the children were born health (as far as the doctors could tell). Each member of the council congratulated the parents, and studied the twins closely. Before Pope Rolando left, he asked the parents to bring the children in for baptism within a year.




(2 AP) 2 Corvettes are constructed, with warp drives, to act as scouts for colonization efforts, and the first step towards the New Sephorian fleet.


(0 AP) Pope Rolando requests the Human-Protorian Twins are brought to the St. Humanity Church, for baptism.


(0 AP) Head Scientist Maria requests that the parents of the Twins approve a series of tests, to be taken over the course of several years, involving yearly blood exams, and physicals, and intelligence and physical tests once the children have aged a few years.


(0 AP) Director Rosita and Head Diplomat Niceto announce the birth officially to the entire population of New Sephoria, as well as announce the news officially to the Protorian Council.


(2 AP) General Luciano establishes a guard for the Twins, and their family. The guard will consist of 5 Wardens, and 5 Soldiers at all times, and will rotate every six hours. The family is to never be left alone, and all Soldiers will be investigated before being allowed to take part in the guard of the family, to maximize security.




Human Population: 188,000


Protorian Population: 500


Human-Protorian Population: 2


Firstborn Robots: 2


Mk1 Labor Robots: 301


Military Robots (Warden Mk1): 41


Quantum Communications System


Eden-2 Shipyard




Artificial Gravity Generators


Warp Drives

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The Terran Federation

21XX, Sol’s Rebirth System, Planet Terra

“Humanity’s place amongst the stars is uncertain, we exist to protect our species..at all cost.” - [REDACTED]



Federation Citizens lined the streets, gathered near info terminals or watched from home on their view screens as the Colonial Freighter ‘Endurance’ launched from it’s drydock, taking with it 20,000 citizens of all species with it to the world of Harvest where they would begin their new life.


“Today is a new day for the Federation.” Vira spoke on camera and radio “Today we begin our first of many new journeys into the stars. Humanity is slowly but steadily earning its place amongst the other empires and civilizations of the Milky Way Galaxy. The planet was named Harvest due to it’s excellent conditions for agriculture and cultivation. The Federation now will have an entire planet devoted to the production of food, a planet we will take great care of and not make the same mistakes we made before. As we will with all future colonies of the Federation.”


The Launch was given a proper ceremony before the Endurance launched it’s way into the heavens and began to make it’s way towards Epsilon System.


The Federation Council announces the organization of its Navy, and an off branch of its military the Office of Naval Intelligence will work civilian and military operations.


Civilian wise it will take part in all Astro-Exploration and Planetary Surveys, as well as Propaganda to provide the colonies with information regarding outside events.


Militarily it will aid in the gathering of Intel and Alien Technology to further Humanity.


Federation Military, Science, and Logistic Division coordinate efforts into the creation of the Federation’s first Military Class Vessel. A Frigate Class Assault Ship, However the Federation Council demands a standard for this vessel, It needs to be capable of combating the many different enemies and dangers in the galaxy. Humanity is at a disadvantage and a design is organized to meet this standard so it is capable of fighting other Alien Vessels.


With war spreading to all corners, and the threat of war nearing Federation Space the Navy is given far more resource funding.


The Frigate will combine multiple technologies humanity has accomplished, however it’s largest and most devastating weapon will be the railgun it will be built around. To be more descriptive it would be a Mass Accelerator Cannon, a massive weapon of which the would be required to be built first. Railguns by Federation standard are better for larger use.



Centurion Class Heavy Frigate Details

Integrated Technology

Quantum Communications, Xylorite Power Core, Warp Drive, Laser Technology (Hepheastus), Railgun Development (Auroran)

Planned Armament

Railgun/Mass Accelerator Cannon

3 Nuclear Capable Launchers

20 Conventional Missile Pods

12 Laser Point-Defense Turrets

6 50mm Point Defense AA Turrets





Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol


Military Class Shipyard - Level 2 (6 AP Total)

Emmerson Science & Research Facility

Notable Locations: Sol Colony,[REDACTED], [REDACTED]

Population: 142,500 Humans, Grgl 1500, 1250 Tassareans, 250 Human-Tassarean Hybrids, 50 Libellans


Military Forces

4,000 Volunteer Police


Off World Ops

Mining Op on Luna, Moon of Terra



Quantum Comms, Artificial Gravity, [REDACTED], Warp Drives, Railgun/Mass Driver, Laser Technology, Reverse-Engineered Firstborn Robots.



2 Caterpillar Class Freighters

1 Nebula Class Freighter




The Federation trades 100 tons of Xylorite with the New Sephoria Colony and received the schematics for their reverse-engineered Robots, Mk I Labor Drones (0 AP)


The Federation sends a message to the Galaron Republic in person not wishing to risk open communications hoping to establish contact to discuss the current war efforts (MOD PLZ)


The Federation reaches out to the Tassarean Republic wishing for them to train a human crew in basic Void (Space) Warfare in a response to the encroaching Corrupter Dominion (MOD PLZ)


The Federation trades its knowledge of Xylorite Power Generation and Quantum Communications for Hepheastus Laser Technology (0 AP)


The Federation shares the schematics of the New Sephoria Robots (Construction Mk I Model) with the Auroran Colony in return for their Railgun Technology. (0 AP)


The Federation’s newest colony ship sets course for the Continental planet recently dubbed Harvest, of the Epsilon System. Upon arrival it will land and begin establishing the Federations second colony and immediately devote to the creation of Farms and planned expansions. (2 AP)


The Combined efforts of the Federation Science, Logistics, and War Divisions work together to integrate newly acquired technology into a human designed Frigate dubbed Centurion Class Assault Frigate. First work would begin designing a massive Railgun/MAC System that would form the spine of the ship. This would be its primary Ship-to-Ship weapon, with the missile pods being it’s secondary Ship-to-Ship Weapons Systems, the Laser and 50mm Point Defense Systems would form it’s anti-missile and anti-air capabilities. At it’s core the Frigate would hold a Xylorite Powered Core/Engine System. Again this is the development and Design with construction of such a prototype coming later pending on progress (2 AP)





-Galactic Assembly Affairs-


The Colonies of Humanity remain neutral in the Redon-Hive Dispute and abstain their votes.

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Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated*

*Batteries not Included




Most people in the galaxy familiar with Hephaestus Holdings would know that the Corporation wasn't a single entity. It was a great cattle pen holding dozens of smaller subsidiaries, each with their own interests. They in turn controlled micro-subsidiaries, and so on and so on. In the end, everything was already owned by someone else. Consensual transactions were the only way to obtain anything from anyone. Even the largest subsidiaries could not force smaller, independent ones to bend to their will without mutual agreement. This was upheld by Hephaestus Security--the guardians of this bizarre, corporate order. But none of this applied to the Board. The Board was like a feudal court, made up of the most prosperous subsidiaries in the corporation. And on the throne of Hephaestus sat Steven Penrith, to whom everyone--young or old, large or small, owed their employment. 


The Merchant King.

So when the King went down to the researchers and engineers of Hudson & Kalai Electronics, telling them they had schematics for anti-gravity systems, quantum communications, AND Xylorite power generators, they did not expect to get them for free.  The Board expected them to deliver when the time came to produce them. They would get rich, or their subsidiary's reputation would be ruined. Thankfully though, they would have some time to look over the schematics and produce some small-scale models before they were needed. Steven had interests elsewhere.




The office of Hephaestus' CEO was covered in yet more paper. The great, mahogany desk seemed like a snowy mountain, and Steven like a giant sifting through its contents.

"So what's a 'Xylorite,' anyway Milly?"

Milly Price, agriculture and tourism mogul, shrugged her shoulders as she stared into a multi-coloured Xylorite crystal. She placed it carefully back into a small, padded box on her lap.

"Some kind of gem-thing the R&D people are going ga-ga over. The xenos seem to use it for money, so we're keeping it with the gold in the Box."

"Gems instead of gold? Good God. Never thought I'd ever feel culture-shock again. Not after that night in Antwerp..." Steven trailed off at the end, whisking his thoughts away to nostalgic daydreams.


"Nah, they're all right. I know this one Redon guy who tells the funniest jokes. They're mostly about maiming things, but those guys have a heart of gold, I tell you! Er, xylorite." Jason Woolard, mining magnate, was sitting in a chair opposite to Milly, casually shooting a target in the corner of the room. Steven had ordered a box of assorted laser weapons for his office. He believed they lent levity to boring meetings, such as this one.

"So uh, you guys listen to the report from the expedition?" He punctuated his comment with another shot from the scatter-laser he was firing.

Milly's nails dug into her chair's arms at the comment. She reached for the gun box, muttering a stream of repulsive curses involving Tassarians, Ascardians, and meat-hooks.

Steven's look hardened as he slouched back into his chair. "There's not much we can do about that now. We're much too small. Maybe in the future we can bugger those guys over. It'll be long after we're all dead, but. No point in fussing over rubbish you can't change."

"That Peter-what's-his-name also mentioned some of those other colonies that were on the expedition. Didn't have many nice things to say about the New-Sephs. Or even the Terrans, for that matter." Milly fired her newly-snatched laser-pistol into the target with a scowl. "Maybe we shouldn't get too chummy with them? I prefer humans over xenos, but those New-Sephs make my skin crawl. It's like the Renaissance never happened to them."

"I guess prosperity and science were just a fad." Jason added with a sneering snort.

Scratching his chin, Steve nodded along with them with the smallest of frowns. "Yeah. Probably ought to keep our eyes on those 'altar-boys.' May need to start looking into establishing more concrete friendships with less zealous colonies."


He twisted his chair around to face the ever-growing industry that now covered his skyline. As he eyed the feverish flourishing of industry and commerce, he shook his head with a weary sigh.




"**** me. I hate politics."




Hephaestus, finally, would begin the construction of a space-bound shipyard. The considerable production capabilities, now that the staff felt their reputation was restored, was geared towards enormous girders and steel plating necessary for the station's construction. (-2AP)

Steven Penrith, worried somewhat by the increasing hostilities around the galaxy, decides that it's time to look into more practical means of protection. He orders his engineers to think up a new form of hull armour for future vessels. 

"Like, ferrocrete, or maybe plasteel? I'm pretty sure Star Wars had plasteel. Make me some of that." -CEO Steven Penrith, after an engineer answered his initial question with "What?"





Population: 153,000 Humans, 6,000 Grgl, 4,750 Tassareans, 2,500 Human-Tassareans, 500 Libellans, 500 Redons, 250 Backhatta


Military: 8,700 security forces, after voluntary sign-ups.




One drive-less colony ship, sitting idle.


One small, Grgl-made freighter.


Spaceports: Zilch, nada, nothin'. Who needs 'em, am I right?!


Accumulation List


Mining: 8AP

Manufacturing: 13AP

Advertising and Market Research: 11AP

Reverse-Engineering: 3AP



One disassembled jump-drive sitting in some engineer's basement.

Laser weaponry


Warp-drive technology (Gifted unto them by the Terran Federation)


Quantum Communications Technology (Via trade with Terran Federation)

Xylorite Energy Generators (Via trade with Terran Federation)

Artificial Gravity technology (Via trade with The Remnants) 

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The Holy Kingdom of Eadn
Star: Ibrahim
Population: 104,000

With the first frigate completed, a grand celebration is held among the highest officials of the Eadni court. During this exclusive meeting of the most elite in Eadni society, the Sultan makes clear of his plans to order a dozen frigates, an order he hopes to have completed in 2 years or less. Considering the incredible amount of money and resources poured into the massive spaceport, certainly large enough to construct two frigates at a time, the Sultan considers this order reasonable. The first frigate will be designated the HMS Khalifa and will be the flagship of the new RENF, or Royal Eadni Naval Forces. RENF command will not be based out of the capital, but instead in Aljadid Dubai and a state of the art command center will be constructed there. 

[2 AP] The first stage of construction of the order of 12 frigates. 

With the hypothetical questions of the warp drive out of the way and the conceptualization completed, it was time for a physical test. A thirteenth frigate would be constructed alongside the twelve that the Sultan ordered with the thirteenth being fitted with the warp drive. The new frigates would be designed so that if the warp drive was successful, a new drive could be fitted onto the entire fleet of frigates. In the year 2120, the first human-built warp drive (as far as the Eadni were aware) would be tested. If successful, the frigate would warp back and report of the finding as they have no way of communicating once beyond the Ibrahim system. 

[2 AP] The testing of the nation's first Warp Drive.

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Aurorian Imperium


The Aurorian Council would not meet in person like they usually do, being too busy and to exhausted to do so they would simply send each other messages.


As the year dragged on it was clear that the shipyard would not be big enough to house such massive ships, like the colony and that's not even scratching the surface of things. So, an expansion of the Aurorian Space station Helix is planned and will begin; plotting to construct a large shipyard into the station(lvl 3 Shipyard construction). Meanwhile, the Aurorian scientists hit a stroke of luck; a recent trade deal with the Terran Federation has granted them access to the Xylorite crystals which gives them a powerful energy source to use. The research and studies commence, researching and trying to create the shield emitter using the new Xylorite crystals as a energy source. Meanwhile, the trade deal had also granted Aurora access to the Robot designs of New Sephoria which will seriously annoys some of the science department they cannot deny these designs will be helpful.PFn0k3RDjvZEl8hoxfQHZuhi4hmH2MifDXJ9HA7v6HU4b1-KyLvZIp-g4S26ozlcyfHdPiejSitNHlfbIMw4Bkb2o2lanZT-73TZA0ysGZLsf9lGNuTT3NSLTXcB3ScnvYsdqQOJ



~Ap points~

Current Total: 4

  • 2 AP is beginning the expansion of the Helix Space station, A level 3 shipyard is to be built into the station.

  • 2 AP is used continuing the research and development of an energy emitter, using the Terran Federation’s Xylorite crystals as an energy source if needed.


  • The Aurorian Council has decided to remain neutral on all matters of war however they do offer a small shipment of railgun weapons to any that want them.

  • ~Planets:~

  • Closest to the sun: Angelos

  • 2nd planet to the sun: Verica

  • 3rd planet to the sun: Omega

  • 4th planet: Aurora(2 moons)

  • 5th: Trianis(3 Moons)

  • 6th: Yavin 7 (1 moon)

  • 7th: Licas (1 moon)




Lvl 1 Shipyard - Planet side

Mining site

Giant Worm farm in the highlands

Railgun Factories

Population: 167,850 Total Population


Normal Pop: 165,000

Alien pop:

Tassareans: 1000

Grgl: 1500

Protorians: 100

Human-Tassareans: 250

  • Military: 50,100 soldiers

  • Some armed with Zeus mark I railgun


Improved battery pack for more shots per battery


  • 1 Corvette


Railgun Weaponry: Finished

Robotics: Capable of assembling a humanoid robot; tests must be done

Encryption: Level 1(Researched and done)

VR headset connection: Adjusted and reintroduced-Connection to robots is established

Shield Generator: 4/??? AP done

  • RkYzWJrhGXLIYOx4IAa5XmamO8zoLo-rbJ90hU5pwMoheT1HA4noxXaKHDis5r6kBvM50YCBQkI1JkNA4lZYRF5Ey0NK6D05sqy5Tnm_gv8m3N7KzuO8NFcnZ8_4Zf87U2EVHvzp

  • Standard issued equipment: Normal Automatic Ballistic Rifle, Pistol and full body armor and helmet.

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United States Of Arcturus


Libra Cluster





Power projection


The key to power projection was something the United States had practiced for nearly two centuries now. The ability to strike anywhere in the world, or the galaxy now for that matter. Was of the utmost important, with intel reports of the so called corrupter dominion continuing its advance into civilized space the United States house of Congress began to worry, would the small frigates and destroyers be able to hold off a nation of the corrupter dominions size, no. The answer was clear the United States was to return to their original naval platform of carrier strike groups. The galactic stage was being set and to many generals and admirals within the United States visions of Pearl Harbour still emanated in their minds, It would only take a spark.



“Unknown vessel unknown vessel you are entering United States sovereign space, set course bearing to 060 or you will be fired upon.” The midshipman waited for a response on the radio which did not come “Captain! Unknown vessel is proceeding on its current course closing at range 12000.” The captain nodded as he looked at the panel below him detailing the ship's course, “Helm set course bearing 239, midshipman set intercept, flank speed.” The two men at the back of the bridge nodded as they began to key in numbers “Boatswain!” The captain called to his left “Aye captain?” He responded in turn “General quarters, set condition X-ray.” The boatswain nodded “Aye aye captain.” He sounded the GQ alarm twice before he picked up the 1MC mic behind him and broadcasted through the ship “This is not a drill, this is not a drill, general quarters, general quarters, all hands to battlestations. Up and forward along the starboard side, down and aft along the portside. Set condition X-ray throughout the ship.” As the GQ alarm continued to sound men and women rushed throughout the ship to their stations, the bright white lights onboard switched to a stark red, as the final men moved to their positions all hatches automatically sealed. “Captain! Unknown vessel is within scanning range, appears to be unarmed science vessel. They continue to refuse our hails.” The captain nodded “FCO spin up missile tubes one through eight, bring railguns to bear.” The FCO nodded “Aye captain nuclear warheads are armed spinning up missile tubes one through eight, railguns to bear!” The blip on the radar screen moved ever closer “Captain, vessel has breached our space, classifying as hostile range 8000 and closing.” The captain nodded “FCO, target enemy vessel, missile tubes one through four. Fire when a solution is available.” The FCO keyed in more numbers on his console “Aye captain standby for firing solution.” The blip inched slightly closer, soon it would be within railgun range “Captain, solution found, firing missile tubed one through four, we have fish in the water.” Several blue dots broke out from the center of the radar screen moving towards the red dot “One minute to impact” The air was tense as the blue dots closed on the red, getting nearer every blip. “30 seconds to impact” The blue dots closed with the red and all the dots disappeared “Four impacts confirmed, reading nuclear signatures confirming impact, target destroyed. Captain we are reading several more nuclear signatures, the ship was indeed carrying nuclear warheads.” The captain nodded as the lights went from red back to white and he took a sip of his coffee, the viewing panels switched from the virtual space to the real cameras showing the ship docked “Good work, let's pack it in for tonight people.”





More and more people continued to step off the freighters and shuttles of the clear cut makeshift landing zone, a year in and already 20,000 people decided to make this lush jungle planet their home. But they had still yet to name it. The second home was, unceremoniously referred to currently as Valentum-1A Its numerical classification, but that needed to change, as more and more prefab shelters and large buildings began to be erected throughout the colony. A poll was held and the name was fitting, for a colony a new start for humanity it was to be called.












5AP for transitioning the shipyard into a carrier capable drydock













165,000 humans

250 Skellar




-1000 US Navy sailors


-18,000 US Army soldiers



Arcturus System







______________________________ UnNLAry.png





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Imperial Republic of Mankind


Location: Planet of Laxamentum, colony ship 


Footsteps hurrying through the halls could be heard at almost any point in the colony ship of the Imperial Republic.
People ran from place to place doing all the last minute preparations they needed to do before they would land in a few minutes as they had almost fully descended from orbit and had already passed the atmosphere of the newly named planet Laxamentum.

This planet was to become the second planet for humanity (as far as they knew) to colonize (not including Earth) and thus the colonists felt a deep sense of responsibility in making sure that establishing the colony would be successful.

Thus 10.000 men and women prepared themselves as they got ready to land.

Very slowly the colony ship went downwards as it kept coming closer to the a flat area.

This area was part of the steppes close to the mountains of Laxamentum but still in the steppes since this was the most convenient landing place and the colonists could eventually expand into the protected valleys of the mountain ranges.

As the colony ship got closer the tension got thicker until finally everyone stood silent as a thump could be heard and a voice would speak over the ship com "lady's and gentlemen we have landed, start phase 1 of the plan.

Then as the ramp slowly lowered machines, people and supplies were placed onto position and as the great ramp finally touched the ground everyone quickly and most importantly efficiently got out of the ship and started designating several spots for a number of purposes like, housing, temporary storage and kitchens etc. 

Just a few hours later the outline of several buildings could be seen as container houses where set up quickly as they were very good as temporary housing since they were simple to set up and to maintain.

Whilst everything was being set up outside constant radio chatter could be heard inside the command center (which was safe inside the middle of the ship, I mean who would be so stupid to put the command in a vulnerable outstanding position, right ?)

Here captain Mathas Smith carefully commanded the whole operation to make sure that nothing would go wrong.

From the outside captain Mathas would appear as one of the calmest persons of the ship yet only his experience and discipline made sure that he didn't get a nervous breakdown with all the pressure he felt on him.

He felt as if the future of humanity was on his shoulder (which, as far as he knows, is true.) 
Mathas doubted if he was good enough as a leader like many in positions of leadership but he reminded him that he was chosen for his competence and experience to lead men into battle or simply run a base otherwise he wouldn't have been chosen for such an important task.

As the day slowly came to an end after hours of hard work Mathas was pleased with all the work that he had done and that everything had gone according to plan.



1 ap is spent letting the corvette scout both systems of IRM (Imperial Republic of Mankind) space for something or things that match the signature of the crystalline liquid inside the energy cell as well as looking for other unknown and unique elements or items that were/are unknown at the moment

2 ap is spent trying to figure out how exactly the mechanism works(presumably turn liquid into usable energy or it works as a type of dynamo) and try to see if they can replicate it as well as the rest of the energy cell and if that doesn't work try to make a lesser version of it.

2 ap is spent on making a nitrogen factory that will make sure that there are huge chemical reactions that release nitrogen into the atmosphere so the air of Novam Domum is safe enough to breathe in and to make sure agriculture will be possible.


Imperial guard

7,500 men 


population: 164,500 humans 


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Die Volksrepublik


Utopie had a sinister background, one few speak of any more. But the original humans remember. The People's Council had really been a military junta. Using others and their technology they had ruled the german citizens with fear. But as the galaxy rapidly opened up they had become obsolete. It was not the way and they had seen that. Thankfully a civil war had been avoided, life is too precious. And now, Utopie is growing. And not just with humans now. More and more aliens are becoming citizens and moving into the city. However a strict limitation to city growth had been voted. The valley harboring Utopie would by and large remain for agriculture.


The new buildings being established were in the centers of near by valleys. The plan a expansion committee had plotted was followed to the letter. Jatorak and in turn the republic would not have massive cities. This would destroy the world and lead to problems down the road. Instead the plan was to harbor hundreds of small cities in the grand scheme. Perfect for this worlds, they usually will lie in the center of a valley. The rest will be given to agriculture, to support the respective city. Industry is left to the mountain outpost, and can be carted down to cities.


A final vote is held for terms of immigration into the republic. Any alien race within the Galactic Council (Or a vassal/ally of) can chose to move  to Jatorak. They will screened for health, and other needed basic guide lines. But by and large people were needed and no one was too picky. Anyone wishing to settle will be given a plot of land, and work would be determined on the locations need or their skill. Every settler is given the right to vote, and full citizenship. This would drastically change the colonies policy, and politics. But that will all have to play out. The only terms are renouncing their old government, and becoming a full fledged citizen. Of course visitors such as Protorians may retain their government, and live as a permitted settler. There is plenty of food and room for everyone, the only course is to grow.


The first non-human members are accepted into the shock troop division. They will enter the same training, and be treated equally. Eventually some will rise the ranks, and become officers amongst thee Germans. The humans are all from a distinct German background, they are comfortable together. However they see no need to exclude aliens from their world. Especially when they can work, and fight. Utopie is becoming a haven for more than a few thousand scared Germans..


Construction begins of first batch of Republic frigates (I don't know how many I'd be able to produce at first) They will receive the basic armament of their class. Alongside that warp drives (tech had been given from T. Federation) and a main battle cannon are added. 2 ap


Continued expansion of new building plan 1 ap


Expansion of mining operations to feed growing industry 1 ap


The Protorian Council is asked to provide training to the new Republican navy corp members. They are asked to add any improvements to the frigates. In return the Republic pledges it's full support to the council into the new war erupting. In fact it has already been voted on to act in support. The request for training and armament is out of hope to give them a fighting chance in the war.






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The Remnants

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The voice of Commander Eli could be heard over the sound of music.

He'd be sitting in a room with 5 of his closest advisors, two of which being his right hand, Cellestia King, and his trusty Scientist, Raymond Ronjon, sitting outside the closed door. They'd all be looking to a screen where Eli would be talking to a member of the Terran federation, "We have been working together for years, Let the Terran Federation and Remnants relationship prosper." Commander Eli would be grinning "Indeed, let us prosper, Commander Eli Out." Commander Eli would walk over to the door and open it to watch Raymond Ronjon fall in. "What did you call us here for?" Cellestia would say, "First, Let's hear the reports." Eli would say turning off the music. "Well, we finished 200 of the 300 ordered ships, 100 outfitted with laser weaponry from the Hephaestus training Company, and the others with ballistics.” The Construct lead would say. “Good to hear, Now what news of the Shipyard?” Eli would respond. “We have it half way done, It will be finished by the end of year.” The construct lead would continue. “Good, now onto the goals for now, I want the Athena mounted with a large stationary Rail gun.You will need some Laborer bots to assist you with that I want 100 of them made as soon as possible. I want it to be loaded with our best 40 of our best fighters, 20 of the laser fighters and 20 of the ballistics. I want the leftover fighters defending the Athena while in orbit.” Eli would say back turned to the group. “Ummm… Sir?” Raymond would say, “We do not have the means to make a rail gun we lack the technology.”. Eli would swipe at the holo screen in front of him and there would be the schematics of a Rail gun, and the Mk.1 Labor Robots. “What!? How did you acquire these?” Cellestia would say standing as the Scientist went up to investigate them. “A Gift from the Terran Federation, on one condition.” Eli would say still looking to the sunset. “That would be?” Cellestia would ask. “We’re going to War.”



Commander: Eli Colton

Planet: Zeta Prime

Colony: New Bayside

Population: 147,000 Humans, 750 Tassareans, 500 Grgl, 250 Libellans, 250 Human-Tassareans

Fleet: 1 Support Carrier Hunter-Variant  (Warp Capable, Artificial Gravity, Stationary Railgun ) , 2 Shuttles, 200 Havoc-Variant Fighters

unsc___athens_carrier_by_annihilater102-d61tox3.jpgTechnology: Warp-Drive Tech|Gift of the Terran Federation

Artificial Gravity Tech|Research Project

Laser Weaponry Tech|Trade with Hephaestus

RailGun Tech| Trade with Terran Federation

Mk.1 Laborer Tech| Trade with Terran Federation



Trade: Commander Eli would trade the Artificial Gravity for Laser Tech with Hephaestus.(0 AP)

Commander Eli would trade help in the War as well as his next technology discovery with the Terran Federation for Rail Gun Technology and Mk.1 Laborer Technology (0 AP)

Military Preparation: Commander Eli would have the Athena, mounted with a stationary Railgun as well as stocking it with 40 Havoc-Variant Fighters.(2 AP)

Military Actions: Commander Eli would contact the Tassarean Republic through The Terran Federation and offer their assistance in the War against the dominion.(0 AP)

Commander Eli would have 60 Fighters begin guarding New Bayside as well as having 100 Orbit the Carrier. (0 AP)

Production: Commander Eli would have 100 Mk.1 Laborer Robots pumped out to help with the construction of the Shipyard. (1 AP)

Construction: Commander Eli would command his construction team with the help of the new Mk.1 Laborer Robots To Finish the construction on the shipyard. (1 AP)

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Free Human Technocracy


“An Arctic World you say? What’s the wildlife situation?” Ben would ask obviously weighing the decision to switch colonization efforts from scientific to militarization. Just so he could please them and keep a military rebellion out of his hair as of now. Considering he knows what some of the mercenary groups were planning.


“It is only dominated by planets sir.. No wildlife and very little forest..” one of the scientist would reply “This planet would be suitable for a military outpost and colony..” he’d suggest another option as well.. “We could use this as a prison site as well.. for the most extreme criminals. It could also be used as a black site. For research purposes..” he’d step back letting Ben think on the suggestions..


“You're right. We are going to change courses.. Still gather scientist and engineers but get the mercenary groups on this ship. They are headed off in a month's time..” he’d place his hand on the table, “that is final.” He’d peer out into the crowd around the table “Any objections?” His glare growing more and more fierce as he moved his eyes around the room.


The group consensus shook their head “no” and some didn't even answer.. Ben’s absolute power was growing and it was becoming known to the colony but it hadn’t mattered as no one objected him. No one feared him but in fact they admired him. A kid grew into a man before their very own eyes and he had lead them into a place of prosperity.. He had their trust on lockdown and could do no wrong by the people..


The Sigma Class Corvette gleamed next to the colony ship, it featured a cold fusion drive along with a warp drive for interstellar travel. They were armed with a 1x high-velocity rail-gun for ship-to-ship combat, 1x 55mm Vulcan Cannons on the underbelly of the ship, along with multiple point-defense system scattered throughout. It was primarily used to patrol local systems, protect shipping lanes and as a anti-fighter/bomber ship when engaged in fleet to fleet combat.




The colony would take off towards the Arctic world, they would be establishing a mainly military operated colony. Setting up in the few green zones of the planet.. (0AP)


Ben would take his main three scientist and engineers to his hidden room. To discuss two new projects that they would be working on. One was code named XYZ and the other was codenamed Health. XYZ would be highly classified and only those of the council and those working on it would know of what it was. (2AP) (I will PM you details Zero)


Operation Health however would be well known, it was an attempt at using the the Itoron metal to form a stronger more dense hull to increase the ships the survivability in combat. (2AP)


Population:  159,500



Quantum Comms, LAS, Warp Drive


Level 2 Shipyard


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Silver Knight Corporation






Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite

Security Chief Lyle Morgan

Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato

Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes


Colony Stats 


Population - 158,500 Humans, 1000 Tassareans, 250 Backhatta, 250 Redons

Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 26,500

Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000

Shipyard Level: 1




25,000 Ground Forces

250 Mech Suit Operators 

5,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel 




Warp Drive

Quantum Communication 

Advanced Exoskelton Design


General Activity 


The Privately Owned and fledgling Silver Navy was beginning its first few ships to be constructed, active recruitment had begun for active and reserve forces for the Navy, the Executives had plans for their private space faring force. Since there was a surplus of young new people on the Colony, many were offered a full free ride through education for taking up offers by the Naval Academy to find decent officers and crewmen for what is to be planned to be a fairly large Private Military and Transport Fleet. 


Other than that the Colonies leisure, education and other assorted facilities and services were up and running ready to use, many smaller businesses that handled services outside of the Companies own area of expertise had been set up and appropriately taxed. The children of the Colony were educated through the Companies own facilities, those who were considered special would be put into appropriate programs to see what they excel at, be it military theory, engineering, science. 


Action Points


The Company Orders yet another two Corvettes to be built in its Shipyards to be completed by the end of the Year (2AP)


The Company Wishes to improve on its Military Mech Suit design, making a model that can be used in space that can act as a pseudo short ranged fighter along with improving its armaments, ammo efficiency and weapons. (2AP)

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The Organization of the Human Colonies


It has been discussed and rumored long enough. The Terran Federation takes the first step in making it a reality.



Solar Alliance Treaty Organization


SATO is a Human Organization in an attempt to unite the Human Colonies under a collective banner. All Colonies and Governments remain autonomous and each Colony can have 1 Seat, 1 Vote.


Currently the Organization has little traction, the Federation calls upon all Colonies (That are Discovered) to take part in the foundation of the Solar Alliance Treaty Organization. As it is hoped that this will allow the Human Colonies to prosper and advance quickly in the Galactic Community.


The Federation had originally proposed a set of standard rules however this will be left up to the entirety of the SATO Council.


The Following Colonies are called upon

The United States of Arcturus

Auroran Imperium

The Remnants

Hepheastus Holdings

Silver Knight Company

People's Republic of Utopie

New Sephoria


Yet to be Established

SATO Council HQ

SATO Standard Rulings

Human Colony Involvement.


(Official Delegations and Debates will take place in the proper Skype Channel)

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The Han Dominion





“Victory! Victory to the Han!”


The cry goes up from a hundred thousand mouths, and a hundred thousand salutes are given as the flag of the Dominion is raised on a rocky hill above the landing site. It is a rare rainless day on the planet now known as Yuguo, and a decent amount of light makes it through the overcast sky.


From its vantage point behind the massed formation of passengers, the Dao Yi can’t help but reflect on how harsh the journey has been. Flung outside the galaxy itself, thirteen years travel from the nearest habitable planet...and to the think the Chinese government had thought a civilian leader could surmount the dangers of space! Ridiculous. Law and order had broken down nearly immediately.


No matter. The passengers had represented the very best of China: fiercely intelligent and loyal to the core, every one. They had always had it in them to survive. They just needed to be shown discipline. And so discipline was what it and the other officers of the former PLA had shown them, and look at them now! Alive to the last man, standing in formation despite their hunger, on a fertile world. The Dao Yi doesn’t resist grinning with pride: that’s what the full helmet and voice modulator are for, after all. No human can suppress their emotion all the time.


“Should we give a speech? They seem ready for one,” asks an identically-dressed figure from beside the Dao Yi.


The Dao Yi hesitates, then merely shakes its head. “No, Dao San,” it says, its voice indistinguishable through the modulator. “In the long run it would undermine morale. This victory belongs to the Han, not to the Daos.”


“And besides…” it throws a hand signal to a nearby officer, who begins shouting orders to the assembly. “We still have quite a bit of work to do.”




Emaciated and tired, the people of the starship Zheng He nevertheless arrive on the surface of Yuguo with fanatical determination in their hearts. For 13 years they have endured conditions that would make rats despair. For 13 years they have worked their fingers to the bone to repair a ship that was built to last for one. Compared to that hell, the galaxy will be nothing.


Chinese they may have been when they set out, but no longer. China is dead, consumed by an expanding star. All that remains is the Han, and the journey has changed them. To survive, they forged the Dominion: a rigid, militaristic hierarchy overseen by the five faceless Daos. The Dominion saved them, and the Dominion gives them strength they would not have on their own. To reject its authority is to reject one’s full potential.


And so the Han set out onto Yuguo, marching in lockstep to their duties. Before a proper society can be established, two things are necessary: food and shelter. And so by order of the Daos, major clearance efforts take place in the surrounding forests to make way for efficient monoculture farms. Meanwhile, mining scouts are sent into the surrounding area to seek out the raw materials needed to construct buildings from steel and concrete.


Though the bodies of the Han are weak and underfed, though their spirits have endured much hardship, every set of eyes shows only iron will.






Land clearance and monoculture farming, mostly rice (2 AP)

Searching for raw materials, especially those necessary for steel and concrete (2 AP)



95,000 citizens

5,000 soldiers

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             Prime Minister Alistar Rineheart would walk through the Doors of the newly built capitol building looking out at this new ocean watching the Marine Life Beautiful he would think to himself before sitting down at his desk to begin the days work "Alright I know your all itching to bore me to death with your requests. Lets Begin."
On that it would begin the Never Ending requests of different groups making requests as to what projects should be supported next or how we should handle this or that trivial for the most part although occasionally a real question or idea would surface this way which was its point those people were asked to come back later in the day to have more time to discuss the idea. Today of all days the First Real day under this ocean and the first day of these meeting became one such day
"NEXT." Alistar would shout out and a group of biologists would walk in and request that we map the breeding and migration patterns of the local wildlife so as to map out Fishing zones so we don't destroy the ocean life from day one." Alistar would simply nod "Come back here at around 8 Tonight and we will discuss it further."
Things like that would happen and come and go throughout the first couple of weeks it seemed that Aegis was going to work after all.
100,000 Humans
AP Actions
2 Ap Aegis would begin monitoring and mapping where the marine life migrates and breeds o as to establish the least harmful fishing zones to the ecosystem
2 Ap Scans of the ocean floor and beneath would begin in search of minerals needed for construction


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