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Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

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The Free Human Technocracy


Not a peep came from the Technocracy after the disastrous occurrence above Utopie, the council was facing some serious backlash from the galactic community and from its very own citizens. The council was going at it during the worst storm ever on Viyter.


“We should not be exploring options of joining other federations! Our priority should be restoring relations with the Lithuran Coalition and the Protorians.” Saelesh belted out towards Ben and the other three standing in the room their faces only could be seen when lighting would flash over the mountains. The windows rattling with the winds starting to pick up.


One of the figure would step forward. Once a young man, he was now in the prime of his young life. He was in a grey tailor-made suit, with a nice patterned red tie. He stood almost as tall as his father at 6’1, Johnny Walker was now becoming an accomplished young man. “Saelesh calm yourself. The time for change is coming. Just not this quick.” He laughed as the wind and rain picked up, flashing a perfect, pearly white smile. “Big changes are coming here. Kyber Kore will make sure of it.”


The room was silent at the sudden outburst from Saelesh but even moreso because of Johnny’s statement. Was it a threat to them? Or was it some grand plan, that Kyber Kore would go back to working for the council with their research and development of resources. Only time could tell if Johnny was going to shock the technocracy to it’s core.



Joining of the Dominion of Man (0AP) 


*Paying reparations to the Thulean Republic (10 AP)


*Lone Star Arms and Armor is contracted for the construction of a heavy orbital defense station, this would go nicely with the defenses already constructed in orbit and the Karass Planet to Orbit defense cannons. (2 AP)


*Kinetic weapon research (2 AP)


* Using the new cloning technology acquired before the Eandi were wiped off the galactic map, Johnny puts in for an order of 10,000 new clones to be made. (2 AP)


*Establishing a mine in the distant TC (0 AP)


Population: 436,000 Humans, 48,000 Da’nor, and 22,750 Human-Da’nor  


Trade Partners: 

Han Dominion 

The Grand Alliance




Trade Federation 

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The Kingdom of Unified Systems

"Rule Britannia."




A single man would have been sat in a dark and grim office, holding some files in his hand, with another man standing by an open door

"Seven ships, and yet you can't make a single high quality one here?"

"Sorry sir!"

"Now that I'm leading this navy, I want the best, quality over quantity, go and ask the King to take some funds away from that God forsaken humanitarian nonsense, we need a bigger and better fleet."

"Sir yes sir!"

The first man would stand up and walk over to a window and look upon the ship docked below

"Need a more original name scheme as well.."





4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 2AP                

((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +2AP Equality))


More is invested into [REDACTED], Unsure if it will work or not still. [3AP] (Still Czar's Skype..)

Taxes to the Dominion of Man [1AP]

Sending AP to the Han Dominion [2AP]

More is invested into farms [1AP]

A single corvette is built [1AP]





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Imperial Provinces



Location: Novam Domum, Imperial palace





------[Public announcement]-------

On a podium in front of the crowd the Emperor Horus Varellion would in an completely blank and neutral face look into the crowd gathered before him and read of the paper in front of him.

"To my people and many others most importantly to the members of the Dominion of Man I apologize for my actions. By me giving away information that was not mine to give away I have caused a terrible fate to the people of both Eadn and the Affiliation. In doing this I have set in motion the events that would culminate in the destruction of THC above the orbit of Utopie by the hands of the Thuleans. This would be all." Then in a large amount of displeased being behind him the emperor would walk away from the podium back to the palace. Whilst he did not want to say it his pride was unimportant compared to the lives of his people in the long run. 




Reluctantly 3 ap is spent on 'reparations'

4ap is spent on constructing a colony ship 

13 ap is spent on project bob the builder 



20.000 active duty soldiers

5000 men in power armor

100 heavy walkers

1000 hunter droids

100 tank droids

1st Armored division

3000 heavy infantry 

100 heavy walkers

1000 hunter droids

50 tank droids


population: 760.000

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Republican Systems of Edonia

(Interstellar Accord)


General Activity:



Population: 360,000 Humans

Feldspar - [SL3] [1 Trade outpost] {4/25 Industry}

Aldeban - [SL0] (Itoron)

Frostband - [SL0]



The plasma cannon research is paused to make way for more suiting projects.


Construction begins on the shipyard above Feldspar adding another larger slipway. [2/10 Shipyard 4]


Being the father nation to start the Distantium project, the collective research from the members would be continued in earnest by the RSE. {SEPARATE FROM SAMO} (1 AP) [10 AP invested]


The SRE would help with Project Longshot and begin making a prototype named MK II Fulmine. (1 AP) [12 Invested]


With the code issue resolved research into the targeting computer would resume in earnest, more code would be written and tested. The Scientist who fucked up would be sent to just record the testings of the program until he proves himself a capable coder again… In the meantime the science team would mostly focus on just improving a frigate's main battery. (4 AP) [2 AP invested]


Even though the RSE’s ships are fitted with Itoron-Steel armor, a few engineers have a bright idea of also turning the bulwarks and some other integral internals into Itoron-Steel on the corvette see if it creates a truly durable vessel. Obviously this would make a vessel slower, but why be fast when you can endure? (1 AP)


Funds and resources are put into Project Bob the builder (7 AP)


Total AP: 16 (4 + 8 + 2 + 2)


Technology and important buildings:

Anti-Gravity (5 AP)

Gauss Ship Cannons (Average)

Gauss Rifles (UCF)

Tri-Phased shields (Federation)

Warp Drives

Itoron-Steel Hull Armor

Quantum Comms

Laser Mining

LAS VI (Variant II) Program

Itoron-Aluminum Armor (0 Produced)

Itoron-Steel Power Armor I (1000 Produced)

450 Captured Kalronian Phasic Weapons

Kalronian Dictionaries and assorted books

Kalronian Crops

Laser Ship Weaponry (Technocracy)

Ares II Rifles (Federation) (3000 in stock)

Xylorite Reactors

Xylorite Power

Quantum Anchor


Allies and Trade:

U.C.F: Alliance and Trade

Malta: Trade

Free Human Technocracy: Trade

Ganvius: Trade

GTC: Trade

Interstellar Accord (4 Nations)

Han Dominion: Trade

Lithruan Coalition (4 Nations)


Fleet Registry:


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Solar Ascendancy

Founded 2143


The Sovereign marched through the old federation government building as it went through a remodel, her Guards close trailing behind her. Exiting the building she looks out at the streets of Terra a place where all sorts of Xenos had gathered to work together to form a life together. Grgl, Tassarans, Libellans, Human-Tassaran Hybrids, and oddly enough roughly a thousand Karass had come to live in their colonies.


The transition was more violent than the Sovereign had wanted. But it was necessary, the Old Council wouldn’t give up and tried to kill her and those she sided with. After the smoke had settled, the Colonies were occupied by Silver Knight Troops courtesy of King Edward Armathwaite. He was the primary factor that allowed her to take control.


It wasn’t a Democracy anymore, the Solar Ascendancy had arisen from the ashes of the Federation. She held absolute control of the Ascendancy, out of need, out of the necessity to stop the corruption that held the council before. But it’s honor and equality of all races hadn’t changed.


Many things remained, the rights of it’s citizens. She had grown up amongst the Grgl, Tassaran, Libellans. They were just as much citizens as any human in the colony, even her personal guard consisted of non-human hybrids.


The Military was kept as it was for the most part aside from a few additions. Several new Divisions or ‘Houses’ were formed to directly serve the Sovereign and her council. Division 1 also known as House Phalanx served as her Personal Guard, Including Ships, Marines, Army, and Special Forces.


With a Peace now with the Thule Republic, FEZ, and soon her most important meeting would take place at the Protorian Homeworld between herself and the Arbiter.


Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol


Stellar Class Shipyard - Level 4 (5/20 AP to lvl 5)

Trade Outpost - Level 1

Solarin Battlestation - (3 AP)

Emmerson Science & Research Facility

Notable Locations: Sol Colony


Total Population

Solarin Federation - 395,000 Humans, 47,000 Grgl, 29,500 Tassarans, 23,000 Libellans, 20,500 Human-Tassarans, 1,250 Karass

Total Pop - 516,250

Civil Development/Research

Expanded Farms - Harvest

Emmerson Science & Research Facility - Terra

Federation Academy - Terra

Enhanced Medical Facilities - Terra



Terra - Capital


Remnant’s Memory



Quantum Comms

Warp Drive

Gamedi Warp Jump Drive

Railguns (Ships/Stationary Platforms)

Mass Accelerator Cannons (Ship Weapon)

Mining Drones

Xylorite Missiles

Xylorite Power Generators

Miniature Xylorite Generators

Xylorite Torpedoes

Xylorite Refining

Disruptor Weapons (Infantry-Human Designed)

Power Armor

Itoron-Steel Armor Designing

Quantum Anchor

Laser Weaponry (Infantry/Vehicle/Ship)

Laser Lance (Hepheastus Upgrade)

Swarm Missiles

Mk II Hunter & Tank Bots (Improved Thinking Chip/Dexterous Hands)

Improved Labor Bots (Non-Combat, Thinking Chip/Dexterous Hands)

Jump Packs

Itoron-Steel/Itoron-Carbon Weave Troop Armors



Single Phased Deflectors

Dual Phased Deflectors

Tri Phased Deflectors

Artificial Gravity

Fusion Engines

Fusion Power

Nuclear Power


Military Forces (Total) - 54,000

20,000 Army - Itoron-Carbon Weave Armor/

15,000 Marines - Itoron-Carbon Weave Armor/

4,000 Heavy Infantry - Power Armor Mk I

10,000 Navy


-Resource Access/Trade/Expenditure-

Xylorite Mine - Terra - 100 Tons Per Year/Total Current Tonnage = 200x tons

Itoron Mine - Remnant’s Memory - 100 Tons Per Year/Total Current Tonnage = 200i Tons


Naval Fleet

SAS Fatman - Solarin Freighter

SAS Sprite - Strike Class Corvette

SAS Manta - Strike Class Corvette

SAS Daring - Strike Class Corvette

SAS Courage - Strike Class Corvette

SAS Viking - Centurion Class Frigate Mk II

SAS Roman - Centurion Class Frigate Mk II

SAS Liberty - Centurion Assault Frigate Mk II

SAS Savannah - Centurion Assault Frigate Mk II

SAS Raider - Centurion Assault Frigate Mk II

SAS Glory - Centurion Assault Frigate Mk II

SAS Voidstar - Colton Class Support Carrier/100 Nemesis Fighters

SAS Void Hawk (L) - Praetorian Class Destroyer

SAS Undying Hope - Praetorian Class Destroyer

SAS Unyielding Faith - Praetorian Class Destroyer

SAS Prometheus - Athen’s Class Light Cruiser


AP Total = 18 (9*)

Standard - 4AP

Trade - 4 AP

2 Colonies - 2 AP

500k Pop - 2 AP

Federation - 4 AP

*Hephaestus Bonus - 2 AP

*Government Change Debuff - ½ AP Loss 2 Turns


-Trade Partners-

Hepheastus, Silver Knight, Republic of Utopie, Malta, Trade Federation, Confederation of Xaplonius, Tassaran Republic, Protorian Council, Lithruan Coalition +4 Nations




Onyx Colony lost (My Colony over by the Keerim), for the battle of ONI HQ. 500 Human Casualties for Civil War.


With the recent changes, policy reforms and Peace Treaties signed the new Sovereign hopes the populace supports her new reign (Mod)


The Sovereign reaches out to her citizens to form a council she can look to for knowledge. Industry, Agriculture, Army/Navy, Engineering, Education, and Cultural Advisors. Grgl, Tassaran, Libellan, Karass it didn’t matter. They were all citizens of the Solar Ascendancy, all equal in her eyes. (Mod)


A Colony Ship is ordered into construction (4 AP)


EVE continues to receive funding though it is minimal for now due to reform (2 AP, 10 Previous)


Swarm Continues funding, also sadly lessened due to reform (1 AP, 6 AP Previous)


The Ascendancy dispatches its fleets to scour all uncontrolled territory between itself and Hephaestus Colonies, respecting borders (2 AP)

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Thulean Republic


The Battle of Utopie had shook the Republic to its core. Their membership of the Human Co-operative became a mere masquerade after the revelation that the Free Human Technocracy had been the traitors who indirectly caused the massacre at Ultima Thule, and the de facto leaders in Eadn had ignored the information. Their goals for the HC shifted from mutual prosperity and protection to revenge by any means. And that they enacted, destroying many THC ships and disabling many more, allowing for the Arcturan and Hephaestus fleet to join the surprise attack and disperse the aggressor fleet completely. After this crippling blow brought down by the Thuleans, the Human Co-operative ceased to be. 


However it was at a cost to the Thuleans. The entirety of the Council for Military Governance was killed in the attack as they all were captaining their vessels, including Admiral de Broglie. The remaining members of the government decided it was finally time for a general election, that the Republic had finally fully got back on its feet. Many members of the de Broglie premiership stood forward, certain that their political experience would win them the election. However an enigmatic industrial magnate, Maximilien Montesquieu, CEO and founder of Flambeau Industries, swept from outside the political sphere and quickly gained a lot of support. His rhetoric about liberating the economy and increasing incentive for entrepreneurship and private enterprise resonated with many citizens who felt the large amounts of nationalised industries prevented true economic growth and freedom. In a very large surprise, he managed to secure the election as sole Consul, a change from pre-massacre times. Quickly he set about reducing mercantilism by join the Free Economic Zone, and by privatising industries such as transport, energy, and telecoms. He did, however, continue the previous administration's policy of attracting immigrants, and even increased it in order to overcome the PR issues humanity was facing. But the most ambitious project was the construction of an orbital trade station, that would allow for a great deal more trade with foreign businesses and nations, bringing Thulean goods to ever more markets. 



[1oAP from FHT]

[4AP from Trade Federation]

[4AP from Hephaestus]

Construction of Trade Station [10AP]

Immigrant Attraction Program [3AP; 10 Total]

Project Taranis [10AP; 18AP total]

Psionic Development [2Ap; 6AP total]

Construction of 2 Destroyers [6AP]



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Maltese Principalities


2 ap to the Han Dominion, as promised.


The colony ship is sent out to parts unknown. ((Sector east of capital, unless it's already covered. then sector 2 north of it. place tc for me.))


10 Ap on Project Star Trek (Now 30.)


10 AP on MD Device (Now 40.)


An international missive goes out, noting the possibility of robotic attack. Maltese armies and it's navy is on high alert.

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All stands under the banner of what we would call communism. On the world of the Sarrif, Sarrifon itself, the communists have won the world war, effectively installing puppet regimes, governments or loyal people in all nations, annexing others. With a new drive of unity, so to speak, progressing of removing all traces of capitalism, monarchies and other symbols that oppose their ideology. A concept that appears to work quite well for the Sarrif as it stands. Who knows what the future will hold for them, little do they know what lies beyond, meddling on their world, under watchful Imperial eyes.


Republic Star State of Kanata
Can he build it? Like both of those things? [Skype]

United States Of Arcturus
A colony ship is completed and the Arcturians are eager to set out, capturing their manifest destiny in the stars!

Resources are allocated to be used at the discretion of the Arbiter of the Dominion of Man.

The Stealth Corvettes are completed and added to the fleet by the end of the year.

More resources to the Han Shipyard.

The Trade Federation
Project TAROT & Mendicant continue [Skype]

A loan is delivered to the Han Dominion and the Thulean Republic.

After a year of intense construction, the Nexus grows even greater in size and scope. The trade federation is truly a testament to the nature of the ingenuity of humankind, and certainly puts the willingness of humanity to conduct and navigate through commerce. Additionally, more orbital defense platforms are constructed.

The Quantum Anchor is completed, however given that fitting Crusading Nations with a beacon would be an even more trying endeavour than actually building the anchor. Needless to say, the Ka’cezh ships, all equipped with their own Quantum drives, graciously decline the offer.

It’s something that is not done within one year per say. The TF remains a human nation in the eyes of many, regardless if their leadership changes.


The museum does become a strange attraction though, people from the Northern galaxy visiting it, staying for a bit, leaving again. It’s a bit of tourism at least.


Mercenary companies do not seem to inclined to establish themselves at the TF at this moment.

Asgard Republic

Reconstruction aid from Asgard flows to the P.A.R.

The city turns out to be called Os’laran, as excavators find a old records in a half buried townhall. Some odd old personal objects are found in the ruins, toys, tools, remains of books, a half broken data pad, that appeared to contain fragments of music files. It’s a huge undertaking with very little results so far.

A difficult subject, first they would need a real example of cloak. They try to proceed on improving the accuracy nonetheless.

Nothing of interest is found west of the capital.

Distantium continues on. [Skype]

Progress on the Asgardian Trade Station continues.

The Ares II is not quite the item to be upsized it seems. Many complications prove that, so they have to invest more time and effort into developing a viable ship weapon from the handheld rifle.

Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation

Given the position of Armathwaite the Banking business seems to go well, the capital market growing on the world, with outside money flowing in from other nations. Soon an Ascardian and a Grgl bank open business on the capital world.

Six Corvettes are produced for the Royal Navy of Armathwaite. At the end of this project, the shipyard undergoes upgrades that make it capable of producing ships of the heavy cruiser and carrier variety.

Secret business again, eh? [Skype]

The Han Dominion
The loan is paid back in full to the Alduu’uuranean Mercenary Company who express thanks to their contractors for the opportunity to use their fleet.

The Big [GTFO Loan] Payback.

“Render unto the Arbiter what is the Arbiter’s”.

Project LANCE. [Skype]


Trade is cut off to the Lithruan Coalition. Not a single reply is given by the LC themselves. They appear not to care in the slightest.

A Colony in the southwestern sector is established. Immediately upon setting down on the target world, scanner strike out, revealing massive lifeforms moving in the earth.


With a massive investment into the debts of the Han Dominion, the Corporation has now essentially footed the bill for the destruction of the Holy Kingdom of Eadn. In exchange though, they get a very fancy new battleship. A good trade off?

The mining continues to expand, INDUSTREH.


Margek is nowhere to be found. Before they can grasp hold of him when he was on Hades, he was already up and left somewhere. He commandeered a Grgl’s small private freighter, much to the dismay of the bereaved.

The Arbiter of the Dominion of Man & The Affiliation

Fighter and Bomber projects left right and center. [Skype]

Apprentices go on Vacation?

Not long after making a purchase, the L.S.A.A. arrives in system to fit the ships of The Affiliation with Model III Houston Guns. They make do rather quickly, finishing with the project by the end of the year.

A boat is completed as is the planned destroyer.

The resources reach the technocracy without issue.

Unfortunately, one of the colony ships reaches its destination to find out it’s populated by a small group of machines, that appear to belong to something called the Saryn Guardian Assembly. Instead they find a world covered in endless seas of grass with little forests and some oceans in a nearby sector and settle there.


The other colony is set up on a harsh glacial world.



Project Infinity goes infinitely.
Project Repairers goes to repair.

[Skype both.]

The Free Human Technocracy
In an embarrassing act of defeat, the Free Human Technocracy surrenders several of its assets to the Thulean Republic. Many in the F.H.T. feel betrayed by their government, and some protests flare up. Nothing too dangerous though.

L.S.A.A. moves quickly to begin working on the defense station with about half of the framework being completed by the end of the year. It would be quite a marvel once completed though.

Starting from scratch, the kinetic weapons endeavours would take quite a bit of time, but none the less they continue. 10,000 clones are additionally produced.

The Kingdom of Unified Systems
[Redacted] More of that.

The Kingdom of Unified Systems embraces its new overlords while also improving its agricultural capacity and fleet with a mighty… corvette.

Imperial Provinces
Reparations are paid to the victors, but the Imperium lives on to fight another day. An example of that fighting spirit can be seen in the fervent nature of the construction of the Imperium’s latest colony ship.

Can he fix it? [Skype]

Republican Systems of Edonia
The construction of a massive shipyard begins over Feldspar. An ambitious endeavour, certainly, but one that Edonia can handle in this time of uneasy peace.

Alike their former colleagues on Asgard, they continue development on Distantium.

Project Longshot and the production of the MK II Fulmine begin.

On smaller ships with smaller weapons systems, the targeting computer works brilliantly. In comparison with not utilizing the computers, ballistics see a nearly 45% increase in hitting the target, and a 10% increase in landing a direct hit. Though maybe not satisfactory to the scientists, this a certainly a good leap forward. Struggles still continue with the larger guns, with ships larger than light cruisers only seeing an increase in accuracy of about 12% and direct hit effectiveness negligible.

Resilience or swiftness. On corvettes it might actually prove pointless, given that after a certain point in weight, their agility reduces drastically, needing bigger thrusters, more power, and so forth, which in the end bring them up into bigger ship classes. Whilst restructuring the hull is possible, just slapping more armor onto it, is not viable.

Project Bob the Builder. Can he fix it? [Skype]

Solar Ascendancy
With the loss of the Onyx Colony, the Solar Ascendancy loses a fair amount of resources [-1 Sector AP].

Given the nature of the conflict and the use of foreign troops, the Sovereign faces mostly hatred and resentment from those surrounding her and the people. The memory of liberty never fades from those once ruled by it, and insurrection in the form of open protest and small ‘terrorist’ attacks occur sporadically throughout the year. A tumultuous couple of years looms on the horizon for the new regime.

Those citizens looking to take advantage of the new order, mostly large corporate executives, join the council established by the sovereign. Many do not join out of interest to help the Ascendancy though, most just want to know how they can profit off of the tyranny of the Sovereign.

The colony ship is constructed in short order.

Project EVE and Project Swarm continue on.

No resources are found this time in any of the sectors searched.


Thulean Republic

The trade station is finished as planned, expanding the potential trade capacity of the Republic.


Despite it all, immigration levels barely change. The migration seems to have gone a bit slow if it comes to moving to Human worlds.


Taranis sounds like a world in Starcraft. [Skype]


The psionic studies continue on, but no results are shown quite yet. On the other hand, the two ships are finished as planned.


Maltese Principalities

The colony ship sets out to settle another world for Malta. The world they find is a rugged alpine world. With deposits of Xylorite.


The projects continue as planned. [Skype]




All over the Southern galaxy are reports coming in. Old facilities, some uncovered, others not seen before, robots of old build activating, assembling, proceeding to build ships and warp capable vehicle to start journeys to distinct places. These individual groups of Firstborn robots do not interact with anyone, at most bid them not to interfere. This appears to be the rule at first, when halfway into the year, a communique is sent all across the galaxy. A collective of sentient machines, calling themselves Saryn Guardian Assembly introduces itself. It calls for peace and prosperity, with the express desire to be left alone.


According to rumors, Chaal has been abducted by a Tjieran terrorist group that calls itselves the Fist of Tjol Demak. They are a known organization that advocate Tjieran supremacy and call all other races inferior, with the opinion they are to be enslaved or exterminated. They have not been very present to the public, given the Tjieran Principate has been quite successful at hunting them down.


The Firstborn Margek is seen here and there and everywhere. At the latest, he appeared to have acquired a Heavy Cruiser of Firstborn design, en route to Malta, just to return later. Since then he was cruising through LC domain, closely followed but not trifled with, headed West. His current destination and intentions appear unknown.


The Darkul score crushing victories against the Ar’gakari, the nation fleeing from more systems, desparately fighting against this mighty invasion fleet.


The LC and Keerim continue their heavy engagements, no side gaining any ground. The losses of the LC have reached a billion by now. They estimate the Keerim having lost almost two billion soldiers. In the meantime, they expand their vast garrisons on the US homeworld.


The Corrupter Dominion is losing coreworlds left and right, as the Northern nations keep cleansing worlds. They uncover one or the other nasty truth. One being an old facility, of unknown design ((Not Saryn/Firstborn)) that held breeding tanks for Corrupters and was home to a big bloated being, that appeared not to communicate, but create Corrupters, pure Corrupters. Some of these seemed to belong to the Corrupter Terror Units, capable of actively cloaking themselves without equipment.


With the onset of the new year, in a massive swift operation, the mobilized Redon forces start sweeping into the fractured Karass Dominion. Within one year they occupy half of their territory, crushing any resistance utterly, officially annexing and integrating the former worlds into the Redon Imperium. Whilst it is seen with dismay by some of the Karass, many of their people actually seem to cheer upon being freed by the Redons. Whatever the cause, if the Redons effectively integrate all of the Karass’ domain, their people and resources, they become vastly more powerful than they already are.



Imperial Provinces - 786,500 Humans

Solar Ascendancy - 410,000 Humans, 51,500 Grgl, 31,000 Tassarans, 25,250 Libellans, 22,000 Human-Tassarans, 2,500 Karass

Silver Knight Company - 468,000 Humans, 73,750 Tassareans, 29,750 Backhatta, 35,000 Redons, 22,500 Human-Redons, 22,500 Human-Tassareans, 64,750 Galaron, 5,750 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 8,000 Redon-Tassareans, 2,000 Karass

United States of Arcturus - 223,500 Humans, 16,000 Da'nor, 6,000 Human-Tjieran,  12,500 Skellar, 9,000 Libellans (40,000 Ceri Garrison, 35,000 Ascardian Garrison, 55,000 Tjieran Garrison, 15,000 Da’nor Garrison)

Hephaestus Holdings - 836,500 Humans, 115,500 Grgl, 223,000 Tassareans, 58,000 Human-Tassareans, 37,000 Libellans, 35,000 Redons, 32,000 Backhatta, 25,000 Human-Redons, 96,000 Galaron, 14,000 Redon-Tassareans,  10,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 23,000 Protorians, 1,500 Karass

Free Human Technocracy - 453,500 Humans, 50,000 Da'nor, 24,000 Human-Da'nor

People's Council of Utopie - 416,000 Humans, 29,000 Protorians, 34,500 Libellans, 65,750 Grgl, 65,000 Tassareans, 31,000 Human-Tassareans, 20,000 Backhatta, 21,500 Skellar, 56,500 Galaron, 9,000 Human-Protorians

Order of Malta - 801,500 Humans, 20,000 Ganvians, 30,500 Ceri, 33,000 Tjierans, 62,000 Ascardians, 34,500 Da'nor, 15,500 Human-Tjierans, 19,000 Human-Da'nor, 18,500 Human-Ascardians, 14,000 Tjieran-Ascardians, 10,500 Ascardian-Da'nor, 22,000 Skellar, 19,000 Libellan, 750 Tjieran-Da’nor

Han Dominion - 661,500 Humans

Star Republic of Edonia - 378,000 Humans

Republic Star State of Kanata - 381,500 Humans

Ultima Thule - 158,750 Humans, 23,750 Da'nor, 8,500 Ceri, 11,000 Ascardians, 8,500 Tjierans, 13,000 Redons, 28,500 Krib

Asgard Republic - 361,500 Humans

Porton Technocracy - 322,500 Humans, 20,000 Cevelli, 11,500 Ka'cezh, 9,500 Zyrka, 8,750 Ymorian, 6,000 Alduu'uuranean, 11,000 T'jell, 30,000 Krib, 7,000 Human-Cevelli, 3,000 H’Wong

Andorra - 284,500 Humans, 7,000 Cevelli, 750 Zyrka, 750 Ymorians, 750 Human-Cevelli

Kingdom of United Systems - 304,000 Humans, 750 Tassareans, 750 Grgl

G.E.N.S. - 321,000 Humans




Map Update






Year 2144 by Earth’s Calendar.

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Republican Systems of Edonia

(Interstellar Accord)


General Activity:

The S.R.S. Woodrow idled in space, the frigate had been preparing for a weapons test for weeks being equipped with the newly research Fulmine MKII cannons and targeting computer. In the distance stood 10 drones of various sizes, each equipped with a set of engines and Itoron-steel armor. The weapons test is being done in remote system of Accord space, observers from the entirety of the Accord were on board the frigate as to watch their progress come into fruition. Eager to see this new weapon perform an AH shell was quickly loaded, one of the smaller drones began to speed off in the coldness of space. The computer quickly went to work locking onto the drone, the Fulmine cannon instantly training on the target and in a matter of moments would fire at the drone. The shell flew towards its target and in a matter of time the drone went up in a large explosion. This would be repeated with the remaining nine drones, all were killed within the first five shots. The only problem the computer had handling was a target that changed trajectory such as a fighter. Regardless this test was a huge success in the eyes of the RSE, the computer and the weapon was coming close to completion and in a matter of time would be ready to be equipped as the main-line weapon of every vessel in the fleet.


Population: 378,000 Humans

Feldspar - [SL5] [1 Trade outpost] {4/25 Industry}

Aldeban - [SL0] (Itoron)

Frostband - [SL0]



Massive construction is done in orbit of feldspar with the entirety of the Accord focused on building a massive shipyard. ( 28 AP) [10/10 Shipyard 4] [ 20/20 Shipyard 5]


With the successes of Project Longshot the scientist continue working on it in earnest. (19 AP) [13 Invested]


The improvements raise the morale of the science teams encouraging them to continue work on the targeting computer. The scientist were so ecstatic that they renamed it the Parma computer. (3 AP) [6 AP invested]


Scientist would begin testing Itoron applications once again, they would see if Itoron-Carbon would make a suitable mainline infantry body armor, The Kevlar that soldiers have been using is inadequate. [Improving regular infantry armor] (1 AP)


Science teams would begin working on scanning systems, RADAR and other methods of detecting hostile forces would be worked on. (2 AP)


Total AP: 16 (4 + 8 + 2 + 2) + 2 from Zryka + 35 from Bob the Builder


Technology and important buildings:

Anti-Gravity (5 AP)

Zeus II (Lend-Lease)

Gauss Ship Cannons (32 AP|Tier II)

Gauss Rifles (UCF)

Tri-Phased shields (Federation)

Warp Drives

Itoron-Steel Hull Armor

Quantum Comms

Laser Mining

LAS VI (Variant II) Program

Itoron-Aluminum Armor (0 Produced)

Itoron-Steel Power Armor I (1000 Produced)

Kalronian Dictionaries and assorted books

Laser Ship Weaponry (Technocracy)

Ares II Rifles (Federation) (3000 in stock)

Xylorite Reactors

Xylorite Power

Quantum Anchor


Allies and Trade:

U.C.F: Alliance and Trade

Malta: Trade

Free Human Technocracy: Trade

Ganvius: Trade

GTC: Trade

Interstellar Accord (4 Nations)

Han Dominion: Trade

Lithruan Coalition (4 Nations)


Fleet Registry:


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Andorra La Nova : Shipyard



"Hurry! Go! Work! NOW!" I bellowed. They needed to get the job, an urgent job, done. "This was due yesterday! Stop being such lazy sloths you slackers." Yes, reader, I know that I was being repetitive in my speech, but sometimes repetition is required to get the message into your workers' thick block of a brain.

"Um, sir? It was only assigned this morning." Said one of the particularly thicker skulls, probably an immigrant from some irrelevant southern nation.

"Don't give me attitude, just put your back into it! If I wanted attitude I would have asked for it!" As an influential leader, you must never admit mistakes. Otherwise your workers will begin to doubt your credibility, and lose their trust in your leadership abilities.

The Irrelevant (as I will continue to call him, as all workers are unimportant workhorses) struck a devilish smirk towards his cohorts as he seethed out a blasphemous phrase. "My, it seems Fernando has been working long hours again. I think the caffeine has gotten to him."

I graciously chose to forgive his disgraceful speech by responding with the serenity of a harmonious nymph, "How dare you disrespect ME?! I, the person whom the good princes of our nation deemed worthy to rule over you lowly serfs, deserve your every blessing and admiration! I will not tolerate this insolent behavior!"

The Irrelevant then dared to speak once again, frothing with madness as he spat out further disgrace, "Looks like he's dived into those medieval writings again, it's evident in his speech. We should probably call Isabella to take his place. All that political mire that happened last year undoubtedly put a ton of stress on him."

At this point the Irrelevant had nearly broken my patience. To prevent myself from ruining my charismatic demeanor I took another swig of my fifteenth mug of dark coffee, for one must always stay alert in tense situations, "You think I'm weak?! That I cannot hold the worries of our world on my shoulders?! I am more powerful than the mighty Atlas! I could hold thousands of world! This entire galaxy, and more!" At this point I stood up on top of my desk, to assert myself once again, and thrust my arms up above my he-.

Fernando then blacked out due to sheer exhaustion. He suffered no lasting effects, but he was put out of commission for a week to return to a healthy state of mind. Isabella took over his operation, and was nearly overcome by the same sensation. On an unrelated note, a Cafè Somrient™ facility had a leakage of industrial fluids into its products and was temporarily shut down for cleansing.




AP Collection

Base - 4

Additional Territory - 1

Proximity to Trade Federation - 1

Trade - 4

Member of CCS (Prosperity Fed) - 4


AP Usage

-Engineers improve the existing shipyard in the capital to be able to make larger ships. The level two shipyard should reach level three by the end of the year (6/6 AP).

-Researchers mess around with the newly discovered dakite to discover all its properties and potential uses in running projects HIPS and ATM (2 AP).

-An assortment of public works projects are initiated, from constructing public schools and community colleges to renovating the more decrepit areas of cities. This venture is coupled with a subtle propaganda campaign promoting Andorran society and lifestyle, but without being critical of other races. The intent of these programs is to begin encouraging foreigners to be more engaged in the community, and to promote patriotism among citizens (2 AP).

-A trade station is to begin construction in Mindesorra, both to increase the level of trade power and to give the mining colony some more popularity (4/10 AP).



Total: 293,750 Inhabitants

Andorra La Nova (Capital): 237,000 Humans + 6,250 Cevelli + 750 Zyrka + 750 Ymorian + 750 Human-Cevelli

Mindesorra (Mining Colony): 35,000 Humans + 750 Cevelli



Standard Soldiers: 4,750 Humans

Spacecraft Crew Members: 900 Humans


AP Investment

3 AP into Business (17 more)

0 AP into Industry (25 more)

0 AP into Agriculture (25 more)


Trade Partners

-The Trade Federation

-Asgard Republic

-Kingdom of Unified Systems

-The Imperial Republic of Mankind


-The Thulean Republic

-Random Merchants Who Show Up



1 Destroyer

2 Frigates

1 Freighter

100 Fighters

4 Corvettes

Original Colony Ship, the S.S. Santa Maria



Quantum Communicators

Warp Technology

Shipyard Level 2 in Andorra la Nova

Itoron-Steel Alloy Plating

Dakite Mine

WIP - Project H.I.P.S. - Stealth Technology (Inquire for specifics)

WIP - Project ATM - Who Knows? Improved Money Dispensing?

Hunter Bots (From Solar Ascendancy)

Tank Bots (From Solar Ascendancy)

Dual-Phased Shields (From Solar Ascendancy)

LAS I (From Solar Ascendancy)

Improved Labor Bots (From Solar Ascendancy)


Solar Systems

Gloría System: https://imgur.com/a/GbPyQ

Alfacendi System: https://imgur.com/a/ufS3e

Got another trade partner :)

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Thulean Republic


The continued failure of the Thulean government to increase the rate of migration to the Republic was somewhat of a disappointment for Consul Montesquieu and many in the senate. Still, population concerns were nowhere near as great an existential threat as they had been 5 years ago, with the demographics of the Republic having surpassed pre-massacre levels over a year ago. As such, spirits aren't too dampened in government, and the Consul presses on with his other plans. 


The main focus of this year's surplus funding is Project Taranis. Thus far the project had hit a number of logistical issues, but the Thulean military was determined to succeed in creating a decisive advantage for the Republic in battle, potentially both planet-side and in space. The rest is also dedicated to military spending, by building a number of smaller military vessels. 


The Republic also announces two territorial claims, one on the sector immediately east of Prima Thule, and another immediately north-east of it:




2 Territorial Claims

Project Taranis [12AP; 30AP total]

2 Frigates [4AP]

1 Corvette [1AP]


Thulean Republic Data

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25% of all Proceeds to to Survivors of Tragic Conflicts!





The titanic battleship soared across the Hades skyline, attracting the looks of many curious bystanders planet-side. They had not been informed of any warships in the shipyard that year, but the vessel was unmistakably corporate. It's odd blue tint and - frankly - obtuse shape were hallmarks of Hephaestus shipwrights at this point.




Those aboard the shipyards and trade-stations around Hades could see that the vessel wasn't yet entirely finished. Large holes dotted strategic portions of the ship which would undoubtedly hold vast arrays of laser-cannons, lances, and missiles. As it docked with the Hades shipyard, dozens of tiny vessels started zipping all around it like irritable flies. Each one carrying weapons to be attached. The largest weapons, nearing one-hundred metres in length, were carried by a duo of small freighters.  

Looking out a window of her headquarters aboard the frigate Jin Jin, Amanda Phelps rolled back-and-forth on her heels, gleefully gazing at her newest toy. This was exactly what she had been hoping for when she had joined the Corporate naval program. Big, scary battleships with huge, shooty guns! She could barely contain her school-girl giggles as a colossal frontal laser-lance was gently guided into it's respective place. It was starting to look like a real warship, now!


The beautiful warship didn't have a name yet, but Amanda had been given the honour of assigning it one (since the Board couldn't be bothered). She was giddy with excitement, and she had the perfect title for it.






The industrial district of Hades was constructed in the 2120’s under the premise of supplying more products to neighbouring colonies and alien nations. By 2143, it covered large portions of the planet, save from a surprisingly popular tourist-trap. Hundreds of billowing smoke-stacks poured choking smog into the vacuum of the atmosphere-less Hades. Strange mists produced by the ceaseless manufacturing wafted around the planet’s surface nowadays, creating a dream-like fog among the structures and habi-domes that dotted the planet’s featureless landscape. Deep within these cavernous factories, a father was talking to his son about mental health.


“Dad, c’mon! Don’t make me go! I don’t want to go! I have businesses to run! I’m opening another two locations this month and I have to be p-“

John was cut off sharply by his cantankerous father. The CEO was not in the mood to be argued with.

“Bloody hell, Johnny! I’m trying to do what’s best for you! Next year I won’t have any ownership rights to force you anywhere, you know! You’re going to see a psionic about these dreams you keep having!”

Turning to his son, Steven’s face was marked with equal parts concern and irritation, as any good father’s should be. Today the two of them weren’t surrounded by HERMES agents, Enforcers, or members of the Board. Instead, the pair was skulking around the endless gangways of the industrial district's factories.


“Don’t get on my nerves today, my boy. Firstly, that turd of a Firstborn Margek couldn’t be bothered to answer my call. That’s gratitude for you. What a waste of an investment.”

Steven gestured dramatically around himself and roared with exasperation.

“And now, bloody TERMINATORS are popping out of the ground and throwing together STARSHIPS just outside our property! Can you even imagine just how stressed I am, sonny?”

John looked at his feet and stuffed his hands into his pockets. With his teeth clenched hard, he nodded slowly with a reddening face. Steven paused and stood in place for a moment and rubbed his temples with a vocal sigh.

“Look, John. Like I said, I want the best for you. These dreams of yours are going to kill your PR one day -- especially if you have an episode like that last one again. Screaming and shooting your bedroom’s upholstery is not a way to deal with frustrating night-terrors.”

John grumbled beneath his breath, and held back a flurry of rude words. Steven continued to gesticulate around himself with considerable gusto. He became quite melodramatic during meetings when he had nothing to shoot at.

“I don’t trust that psychological tripe, so you’re going to see a space-wizard. There’ll be fewer paparazzi that way. The wizards will poke around in your head a bit, snip out the offending dream, and that will be that.”

Steven gave John one more hard glare. “Understood?”

With a grunt and a scowl, John agreed with a silent nod.

“Good.” Steven turned around and marched down the gangway, yelling back to John through the steam and industrial noise. “Don’t forget to say goodbye to your mum before you go!”


John leaned on the railing and stared down at the factory floor beneath him. The employees hadn’t even noticed he was up here. The rapidly assembled microwaves were being shunted off to their destination almost faster than the employees could put them together them. They clearly had very little time to observe their surroundings. The young man felt almost like one of the microwaves being sent off for quality testing – getting all the dings and flaws smoothed out before being shipped off. His father may just be worrying about the future of the company, but there was a machine-like compulsion from the old man to make sure his son was in perfect shape. It was like he was running on a schedule, or something.


John rested his head on the railing, and groaned. Did psionics even work the way his father thought they did? Did his father know anything outside of business?


And so John trudged back home to pack his things, and kiss his mum goodbye.






Action Points

4AP by default,
12AP from trade (x2 from prosperity federation bonus),
4AP from 8th Crusade,
5AP from population,
9AP from sectors,
2AP from business,
3AP from industry.

Total = 39AP



-Giving a year’s grace-period for the unfortunate events of the Eadni conflict to blow over, the Board orders the biggest PR-boosting advertising campaign ever put into practice. The subject of the advertising is - of course - war. Having their products exported just about everywhere, Hephaestus caters to individual nations in order to pull on the appropriate heart-strings. They wanted to show that Hephaestus was a 'family' business, and that most of all they were beings with feelings too. For the next three years in:

-Tassaran space, 25% of profits from sales will be donated to injured veterans in the Corruptor war.
-Grgl space, 25% of profits from sales will be donated to injured veterans of the Corruptor war.
-Galaron space, 25% of profits from sales will be donated towards rebuilding devastated planets.
-Karass space, 25% of profits from sales will be donated towards rebuilding devastated planets.
-In Lithruan space, 25% of sales will be donated towards the Lithruan’s war-effort against the Keerim.
-In Protorian and Redon space, 25% of profits will be donated to injured veterans.


Hephaestus understands that war is a dreadful thing, but sometimes it has to be done. What matters now is picking the pieces up, and putting the galaxy back together as best one can. A process that can now be aided by purchasing Hephaestus products. (-16AP)


-When you go to bed, what do you dream about, Pok/Czar? Unicorns? A well-cooked breakfast? A plethora of scantily-clad babes? No doubt you see plenty of fantastical things! Do you know what a Hephaestus miner dreams about? Mining. They love mining so much they may as well be dwarfs. Sometimes they have to get their wives/husbands to dress up like minerals just to get them randy enough for bedroom antics. Holy ****. They NEED that itoron, bro. They need to extract it DEEP from the QUIVERING mineshafts in THICK veins of minerals that dot the many worlds of Hephaestus. More mines are what they need on their itoron worlds. (-10AP)


-With the Corruptor war winding up, Hephaestus deems it necessary to invest further into their economic presence. A new upgrade to the trade-station over Hades is ordered. (-10AP)


-[Redacted] (-3AP)

-Upon hearing about the sudden appearance of sentient robots, the Board makes no official statement. However, the nearest claimed systems to the robots are patrolled more regularly and thoroughly than usual. Clearly, they’re a little nervous about their new neighbour. (-0AP)

-An open advertisement is sent out from the Corporation to anywhere in the southern galaxy where psionics congregate. The message reads as thus:
“Son of wealthy industrialist seeking reputable psionic institution to help with troublesome dreams. Non-psionics need not apply.”
Aside from the relevant contact information, all Hephaestus iconography is absent from the missive. (-0AP)





-Hades (Capital) (SL2) (Trade Station)
-Grand Ares
-Aurora (SL4) (Quantum anchor)

Population: Hephaestus Holdings - 836,500 Humans, 115,500 Grgl, 223,000 Tassareans, 58,000 Human-Tassareans, 37,000 Libellans, 35,000 Redons, 32,000 Backhatta, 25,000 Human-Redons, 96,000 Galaron, 14,000 Redon-Tassareans,  10,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 23,000 Protorians, 1,500 Karass

Hephaestus Enforcers: 90,000 troopers, after voluntary sign-ups.

 Corporate Naval Rates: (Pending when I can be bothered to do the math again)


Hades, Tier 2
Aurora, Tier 4

Trade Ports:

Hades, 20AP (Next turn)

 Accumulation List
Industry: 100 (next turn)
Business: 60 (Next turn) 
Agriculture: 25 (Sweet, sweet worm-eggs)

-Laser weaponry (40% Higher damage variant)
-Laser Lance (2x energy efficiency, 30% more damage variant [25AP invested])
-Warp-drive technology (Gifted unto them by the Terran Federation)
-Quantum Communications Technology (Via trade with Terran Federation)
-Xylorite Energy Generators (Via trade with Terran Federation)

-Xylorite energy cells
-Artificial Gravity technology (Via trade with The Remnants) 

-Itoron-Steel alloys
-Mk I Hunter/Mark II Hunter combat bots.
-Tithonus Mk I/Alastor Mk I combat droids.
-Jump-packs (Gift from Utopie)
-Tri-phased deflectors
-"Project: Lemon"

-Swarmer Missiles (10AP invested)
-Quantum Anchor

-Advanced AI systems (Appropriated from Aurora)
-Railgun weapons (Good ones! Appropriated from Aurora)
-Machine-Human interface (Appropriated from Aurora)

-Ten Firstborn Servitors (One now residing in Steve's office, the others at GAIT)
-"Project: Pineapple"


Trade Agreements
-Solarin Federation,
-Free Human Technocracy
-Trade Federation
-Silver Knights
-People's Agrarian Republic
-Confederation of Xalponius
-Han Dominion
-United States of Arcturus
-Sovereign Military Order of Malta


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Republic Star State of Kanata




Several investors across Jardun III rejoice as the indsutry has finally been improved on their colony, adding a significant amount of output to the ground based products of the RSSK.


Current Colonies (Station Level)(Trade Outpost Level)(Industry Level):

Jardun III (SL3) (TO1)(I1)

Carspan II (SL0)

Eranus II (SL0)


Total Population:

381,500 Canadians


Population Dispersion:

Jardun III -  

180,500 Canadians

Carspan II -

120,000 Canadians

Eranus II -

81,000 Canadians


Trade Partners (Types of Trade):

Ganvius (Civillian)

Trialition (Civillian)

Grand Alliance (Civllian)

The Interstellar Accord (Civllian/Technology) ((4 Separate players))


Developed Industries:

Industry - 0/20 AP

Agriculture - 0/20 AP


Researched Technologies :

Artificial Gravity

Basic Warp Technology

Quantum Communications

Advanced Mining Lasers

Handheld Gauss Cannons

Ship-Mounted Gauss Cannons

Advanced Xylorite Reactors

Itoron Alloy Plating

Tri-Phased Deflector Shields

Xylorite Weaponry

Xylorite Missiles

Xylorite Torpedoes

LAS VI Program

LAS II Program

T-43 Combat Armor Suits

Itoron S-50 Alloy Plating

A.T.C.-70 Mechs (All-Terrain Combat)

T-60 Combat Armor Suits


Military Personnel:

Army -

8,000 Active Duty

12,000 Reservist

Navy -

6,000 Active Duty

9,000 Reservist

Marines -

12,000 Active Duty

5,000 Reservist


Fleet Capacity:

Fighters -

100x A-1 Falcon

Corvettes -

3x Rideout Class Corvette

- R.S.S.K.. Crossroad

-R.S.S.K. Disruptor

- R.S.S.K. Hornet

Frigates -

4x Dundas Class Frigate

- R.S.S.K. Wellington

- R.S.S.K. High Garden

- R.S.S.K. Endeavor

- R.S.S.K. Talisman

Destroyers -

2x Hamilton Class Destroyer

- R.S.S.K. Concord

- R.S.S.K. Driver

Light Cruisers -

2x Richmond Class Light Cruiser

- R.S.S.K. Ironwill

- R.S.S.K. Avenger

Support Carrier -

1x Queens Class Support Carrier

- R.S.S.K. Retaliator


AP Activity (17 Total):


Resources are sent to the Edonian in the assistance to create the first line of Kantian Battleships. (10 AP)


With Project: Trojan merely in the phase of concept, further resources are put into the project. (7 AP)


Navy Documents: https://tinyurl.com/yddqrok4

Army Documents: Coming Soon!

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The Affiliation

*And so the Affiliation has laid claim to a whole new swathe of territory! Where once Tassarans/Grgl/Corrupters fought, they now lived. Sadly the 'I' shaped plot had been ruined by those dastardly robots. But yet they would tuck their heads in, and carry on. As always! For the glacial world little thought of habitation is thought. Instead prospectors and officials of this new Barony begin a survey. They would utilize Utopie's advanced scan droids, and hired Tassaran contractors. A very thorough search will begin on this new frozen jewel. 


*The new and improved Affiliation fleet will for now divide it's time. Most of the time will be garrison duty. The corruptors still had splinter cells and are an ever present threat. Besides that they will patrol DoM space. On the new grassland world a more habitation process is thought out. With a far higher population settling, they establish a true town. The catch of this new colony is that it will be comprised of solely Tassran & any mixes of their race. It will be proudly guarded by the 1st Tassaran Utopie Rifles. They had been serving for years now in the 8th crusade. Their numbers were always swelling, many Tassaran Republics joining their ranks. But casualty throughout the campaign have been truly terrible.


**And so as a reward this new world will be their own personal Barony. Tassarans in the Republic are encouraged to move, take a vacation, or trade with this new semi-autonomous colony world. One of the other things happening on the Ice World is Utopie's new clone projects. For an exorbitant amount, they had purchased rights of the Technocracy to a certain high profile /individual?/. With him came knowledge to the arts of cloning and help in building these facilities. They will mostly be catered to cloning different but similar bases of life. For instance they want o be able to clone anything from Tassarans to humans to horses. 


***In other small news a small Affiliation flotilla is making preparations. For now that means acquiring maps, learning safe routes from Crusaders, and hiring guides/experts. Their plan is to strike into former Corruptor space. They have no explicit goal or aim for now. On the Crusader front, the Hospital ship continues to administer to the wounded and sick. A Detachment of the 1st Tassaran Utopie Rifle's is sent to potentially study, and take samples of the Corruptors/Breeder.


Aribiter's tax (2 AP)


*Surveying two new colonies (3 AP)


**Starting Clone Facilities (10 AP)


Paying Technocracy the rest of amount owed (10 AP)


***Preparing for Expedition/Studying new Crusade finds (1 AP)


AP Total = 26

Standard - 4AP

600k Pop (Democracy) - 4AP

5 Colonies - 5 AP

Trading Partners - 3 AP

Crusade food/medical assistance Bonus - 2 AP

Hep. Inc. Trade Bonus - 2 AP

Reparations (From Asgard/IRM) - 4 AP

Equality bonus - 2 AP


Investments: Agriculture (20), Industry (15), Business (8) - Capital Sector


1 Battleship/2 Destroyer/3 Frigates/2 Corvettes/5 Boats. (Tri-Phase Shields, Mk. III Houston Rail-Guns besides 2 corvettes)       

1 Freighter/1 Small Freighter/6 U-Boats/1 Hospital Ship (Former colony ship that saved these humans from earth.)


50,000 Shock Troops/45,000 Hunter Bots/11,000 Tank Bots


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“Equipping the Good Guys with Good Guns”

Established in 2126, Lone Star Arms and Armor is the heir to a mega-corporation based out of Houston, Texas from the planet formerly known as Earth. Utilizing their massive amount of wealth as a result of weapons contracts all across the globe and fat subsidies from the United States government, L.S.A.A. set off into space as a private venture funded by the companies’s resources. For years, the small colony established itself among the vast wildlands of the North, however the opportunity for a market there seemed rather… bleak, considering the state of peace and prosperity in the North. Seeking more profitable markets, L.S.A.A. made the move in 2142 to move South where instability reigns and weapons are among the hottest commodities. With especially brilliant scientists and craft salesmen, Lone Star hopes to equip the nations of the South so that they may wage war the Texan way!

For inventory, shoot me a private message.

HillMain Battle Tank



21.5 meter enhanced “Houston” Gun turret, Anti-Armor
Twin Rattler-Chain Guns, Anti-Infantry
Miniaturized Xylorite Battery
Cost - 6 AP per 1,000 Tanks

Rattler” Laser Assault Rifle

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