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Third Empire - The Decline (RP)

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Third Empire - The Decline

10,361 AE




"The Galaxy is changing, comrades. The tumour that is the Empire is slowly turning upon itself, devouring itself from within. This is our time, brother and sisters, this is the great era of our liberation - some nay sayers would tell you that we must have peace, that we must beg the Empire to leave us be, that we must beg for concessions! But know this, comrades! Change! Will not! Come from above! They may offer as many concessions as they like - but we have seen into their dark hearts and we see them for what they are - liars! The may offer us concessions, but change will not come from above! We are the instruments that will guide the Proletariat to liberation, comrades! But to have freedom, we must first spend blood to defend the sanctity of our nation, and the liberty of our people!"

-Chairman Dmitri Radtskevsky, addressing the nation. 



Water. Blood. Lead.

These are the three things that await a newly dropped infantry trooper on the jungle planet of Buath, where Imperial forces under Stellarch Nalani Itamere battle through thick flora, braving Irik guerillas, Irearchy regulars and savage fauna, in a grim attempt to bring the brutal Siege of Buath to an end.


The Siege of Buath has lasted nearly two years, and around four million Imperial soldiers have been dropped to the hostile surface. Most of these forces are clustered in the same, small area - the only major gap in the planetary shield. Several legions have been stacked on top of each other, pinned by enemy forced on all sides. As a result, combat on the planet surface is slow and grinding, as Imperial troops are forced to clear out the jungle section by section.


Nalani Itamere, though weary, is guaranteed several more years of campaign in the area, until his forces manage to shut down the shields that prevent additional troops landing on the planet. But even as he makes his preparations, the Senate is breathing down his neck, and constant, incessant demands are being placed upon him to end the campaign quickly.




Scandal erupts in the Senate! The Tanu Kāvan, along with all of his senior ministers, are caught in a major sex scandal. After being discovered hosting a massive orgy, involving men, women and animals, the Tanu Kāvan is forced to resign from his office, while he retreats to an estate in the far off Outer Rim, while a proxy performs his duties. Tanu Kāvan Arakatera, Kāvan Te Eriki and Arēro Wirimu are the three most prominent resignations. As a result, the Emperor dismisses the rest of the cabinet, and instructs elections to be held for the now vacant Government posts.



War rages in the Outer Rim, as recently appointed Stellarch Ekutu Nettana musters his beleaguered forces and attempts to stop the ceaseless Free Workers' Assembly advance into the last remnants of Imperial Space in the region. Nettana received his appointment following the execution of Stellarch Matī Timane at the hands of Syndicalist forces. With two Hyperlanes leading into the region, Nettana is stretched thin as he attempts to defend the planets Danare and Ivani, the gateways into the remnants of the sector. Dmitri Radtskevsky, Chairman of the FWA has appointed Admirals Chekov and Jelavic to lead the assaults. 


Though Nettana resists for now, it is only a matter of time before he runs out of fuel and ammunition, and his resistance is quashed.




Aokigahara, the self styled Pirate King, rampages across the Galaxy, burning and capturing shipping in all corners of the Empire. The pirate, though a major threat, has been largely ignored, and as a result he has evolved from a minor nuisance to a serious threat. In his stolen Battlecruiser, The Horseman, he leads his squadrons of raiders to victory, time and time again. Finally convinced of his menace, the Senate have appointed Stellarch Rahn, one of their closest allies and an old veteran, to hunt for Aokigahara, to bring him to justice.


But though Rahn scours the Hyperlanes for the Pirate King, Aokigahara evades him, disappearing in one place and then appearing a Galaxy away, as if by magic.


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The Province of Altaire



The fourth hour of Altaire Prime’s daylight period began.

The inscribing console whirred into life as it powered on. The setup sequence was initialising, but there was no time to waste staring at a black screen. The first clerk handed Tarau a data-pad pertaining to a legal issue between two planetary governors over mining rights in an asteroid belt. He quickly tapped out his conclusion and the clerk marched away without a word. Both claims were idiotic, but he sided with the one who wrote the most earnestly.

The next clerk entered with several stacks of data-chips full of trade and tax information. It was dropped on his desk without a word, and they departed as quickly as they arrived. Tarau disliked those that spoke needlessly—government employees who insisted on small-talk were quickly expelled from institutions he frequented. He set the tray to the left of his impeccably neat desk and organised the chips from most to least important.


The head of the accountancy department pushed in front of the next clerk. He quickly informed Tarau that the tithes from the Honoria system would be delayed for a week due to administrative error. Tarau nodded once, and the man left as quickly as he entered. This was the first time Honoria had made such a mistake, but he wouldn’t bother investigating unless it happened again. He placed two of the chips to the right of his console, and a waiting attendant swiped them immediately and rushed out of the room.


The console finished its start-up sequence.


He loaded the chips into ports at the front of his console and numbers began to flash across the screen. Provincial tithes were stable, but not acceptable. Massive food imports were necessary in order to keep the plebs at minimum nutritional balance. He brought up the information on the planetary bodies capable of producing Nutri-Pleb and scowled at their lack of output. The issue would have to be solved, and soon.


The attendant returned, and Tarau tapped twice on the empty space his right. The attendant ran off to fetch him a cup of Patri-Caffe. Another clerk marched in, and placed two data-pads before him. One bore an invitation to a lavish banquet a system-baron was throwing. The second bore a message from the Baron of the Basilius system who proclaimed the banquet to be an assassination attempt on him. The latter Baron was a known paranoid and recluse. Tarau quickly tapped out a short message of thanks, and then tapped out a polite apology for his absence at the future banquet on the first pad. He wasn’t interested in going anyway, and he considered it a fine enough excuse.


A messenger walked to his desk and read out a missive from the Altairean Senator on Kaumai. He was willing to look into space for construction, provided he was sent the funds to “convince” zoning officials in the capital. It was nearly a month since he had sent the initial message through his personal psykic. The network seemed to get slower by the day. Hopefully the funds for the project itself would arrive without much difficulty.

The sound of a commotion beyond his view almost drew his gaze away from tax analytics. The shattering of crockery dragged his attention to it, albeit with some annoyance. A flamboyantly dressed man with long feathers protruding from a beehive of hair sauntered into the room, wiping what smelled like patri-caffe from his sleeve. Tarau narrowed his sallow eyes.


“My most gracious of Stellarchs,” Chrys began with a mirthful grin, bowing so low that the feathers tickled the floor.

“No.” Tarau interrupted tersely.


Chrys looked up from his bow with a start. “...but my gracious lord, I hav-“

“No.” Tarau interjected, this time far more sternly.


Chrys blinked, and with a dejected slump trudged back out the door. He kicked at pieces of the broken mug as he left, which brought the attendant to the verge of tears as she scrambled to clean the mess. In a brief moment of fearful instrict, she glanced over to Tarau. He stared back, and tapped the empty space to his right. She quickly ran out of view.


An utter waste of time--that Patri-caffe spill put him several minutes behind schedule.


Tarau looked back to his analytics and made a note to bar entry to Chrys Anthymym before at least the eighth hour of daylight. The imbecile would be dealt with later. For now, there were other issues to be reviewed.


He was still waiting on further information regarding the rebels on the galactic rim. They cited strange ideological positions of “worker’s rights” and “freedom” and (with little surprise) the plebs saw this as a chance to seize power from their rightful Stellarchs. He had ensured the “intellectual” contagion was excised from the pleb information networks, and those who carried “traitorous” data were punished firmly. He would accept no time-wasting in his province. However, there was still much to be done in terms of defense and industrialization. Tarau always had an eye for opportunity, and it was waiting for someone to cast their dice.


The attendant returned, eyes clear of tears, and placed the Patri-caffe in its intended spot. Tarau did not spare her a glance. It had only been ten minutes, and there was still much work to do.




-10,000C + 2B spent on 1 shipyard in the Nepos system.
-20,000C + 4B spent on 4 heavy industry in the Spalatum system.
-40,000C is sent to Senator Dysy Pytyl in order to both “convince” and enable the construction of a massive monument on the capital world. It would depict Emperor Akoni, blade in hand, pointing into the sky. At precisely midnight, the sword’s tip would point directly at the moon above the world, symbolizing the Emperor’s might and authority.
-40,000C is sent to Stellarch Nalani in order to aid in his campaign against the vile alien threat. Although Altaire is far afield, Stellarch Tarau is always happy to aid the defenders of the Empire.
-10,000C is put up as a bounty offered to any and all within Altaire and nearby systems for relics and unidentified objects of human origin. Tarau wishes to build his collection, and although he is a busy man, he allows himself one hour per day for personal activities.
-11,450 is vaulted.





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- 10361 AE -


“Where is this rotten son of mine?!” thundered the voice  of Rankor throughout the throne room of the government palace on Korhal. He was fuming, as his spoiled brats are once again defying his will and command in his late years. For the past months they have become unruly and inobedient. Theor his eldest and heir apparent to Raetia was standing next to him, grey hair, wrinkled face, already well past 200 himself. The man in charge Rankor just turned 251, an age that can barely be fathomed by a normal man, his body held together by nothing but medicine, cybernetic implants and sheer willpower. But as many have been whispering, from the simple palace servants to the high echelons of the Stellarchy, even those implants are failing and the medicine is becoming ineffective. The ancient Lord Raetia was dying and it was only a matter of time. Still, being in the presence of the man was leaving an impression. It was not his stature, but appearance. Rankor’s aura is looming, giving off a pressure that brings but the most stoic people to their knees. After all, it was he who held the reigns on Raetia for the past twohundred thirty years.


All of this considered, for many it is unimaginable that he might be gone one day. Who will succeed him? Theor the eldest son was a ruin in similar ways like his father, but then there were also the other nine sons, their families and the countless grandchildren and great grandchildren. Today was important, as Rankor has summoned all his sons to Korhal in order to facilitate the talks of succession. He had pushed it out long enough, but after yesterday’s morning where he was unable to move his legs for two hours after waking up, he realized that he won’t be around for much longer anymore.


And now there was Cryon, his sixth son, who refused to answer the summons. And Zelbar. And Martok. Three of ten who did not arrive. Bad omens. “You insolent little shits. I warn you all, if you decide to fight for this very chair once I bite the grass, I will come back from my very grave to murder you and your offspring! A civil war is NOT what we need, you hear me?” Rankor thunders at the seven who showed up, they themselves shifting back slightly, with the dozens of descendants from them lined up down the throneroom, shuddering at the surprisingly loud voice of the old patriarch. “Cryon. Zelbar. Martok. Oh, these boys, oh how can they refuse their father at this hour... I wanted to include them all! All of you! So nobody is emptyhanded! So little appreciation for all that I have done, oh these evil men, these greedy, evil men...” Rankor continued to complain, shouting rude remarks in between as his anger did not seem to subside. “Leave me at once, all of you! We will talk tomorrow, maybe then they decide to show up. I have an realm to run still!” Lord Raetia shoos away the hundred family members or so, to leave him alone with nobody but his stewards and generals.





The planet Hyperion (20-J) receives Heavy Industry improvements in order to supplement the construction material the Stellarchy has available for future projects. (-10,000 C, -2 B for 2 Heavy Industry Improvements for B production later on)


The remainder of Credits are being kept back for another time.




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The Dominion of Badab


----[Enter Password]----


----[Password accepted]----

Echo class records requested

---[Request accepted]

----[Accessing records]----

Year: 10,361

Title: Strategic assessment of planet Uraika (31D)

By: Tyrant of Badab, Maru Parata


The planet of Uraika is a tidally locked planet that is located in the system of 31D.

To it's North is the planet of 30D, which is in possession of the Ierarchy. To it's South is the system of 17E.

For those not aware of what a tidally locked planet is. A tidally locked planet is a planet that has one side constantly turned towards the sun. Whilst the opposite side of the planet is constantly put in darkness. This results in the 'northern’ part of the planet being a harsh desert whils the 'southern’ part has an arctic enviroment. 
Though between the two halves there is habitable band. Which holds a moderate farming community. Helping provide a surplus to the national supply.


The culture of the planet is unique in how it's local people have taken a religious belief in ice and fire. Representing the two sides of the planet. With some people specializing in 'the path of fire’. With these individuals often becoming soldiers. Whilst in contrast those that take 'the path of ice’ are more focused on job that require extensive amounts of knowledge. With many of them becoming engineers and specializing in fortifications. 


Strategic assessment:

The planet of Uraika is of Alpha priority.

Whilst it produces less and it's position is inferior in strategic value to the Osalin system (17E) it's importance is greatest as a buffer between the Dominion and the territories of the Iriearchy. Furthermore, it's status of a tidally locked planet makes the planet extra hostile and makes it more ideal for defensive based operations. 

Thus, as it is the system that is in greatest danger it is recommended that the maximum amount of troops and ships are assigned for this. 
The risk in keeping the Southern border weak against possible pirate incursions have been assessed but has been determined to be less of a risk than the possibility of an incursion from the North.

Thus for the time being, whilst our military is severely weakened, it is reccomended that the entire military is to be stationed on the planet. Whilst extensive efforts are to be taken to further fortify the planet. After recent raids have dismantled nearly all of the available fortifcations. Reducing the available defenses to practically nill.










After several recent conflicts the leadership of the military Dominion has been severely diminished. As such the Tyrant of Badab has stated that old Admiral Iosefa Tenadi who is now 114 years of age is to be reinstated as admiral of the navy. 

1 Admiral recruited (25kC)


It has been found that the sector serves from a severe economic problem. There is not enough storage available for the storing of metal, fuel and other goods whilst there are by far not enough Building Materials to both fortify the system of Uraika and develop the economy of the sector. As such the Tyrant has decided that for the moment that large economic investments are neccesary. Specifically.


2 Warehouse districts are to be established on the planet of Taneri (59E). (5kC & 2B; size 2)

Furthermore, delving operations on the planet of Rebas are to be increased. Especially the delving of goods like rebar, iron and other resources used for construction  as well as the infrastructure necessary to turn it into building material. (10kC & 2B; size 😎


23,375kC is stored for future use.

Total cost:

10kC & 4B; size 10


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News Cycle | 10361 AE


Whispers abound that the Directorate has convened on an important matter – so important that even the Narelli Family’s convoy was seen entering New Vara.


The trade fleet of the Varan worlds has slowly fallen apart over the years – La Bella Vara confirms the imminent construction of Heavy Industry and Shipyards to rebuild and expand said fleet.



Actions |


A request is made to the Imperial Throne, to allow Louie “La Vara” Vernazza, the 8-year-old son of Sunny Sal Vernazza that has shown talent in Psykic arts, to be trained by Imperial Authorities, and perhaps to be appointed to a position within the (relatively powerless) Imperial Court. Along with this request is a very large...gift, sent to local Imperial Authorities by the Vernazza Family. [30.000 C, 4E, 12M, 20P]


A Shipyard is constructed on Serrano [Planet 48i] | 10.000C, 2B


Four Heavy Industry is built on Pratio [Planet 34i] | 20.000C, 4B


5850 Credits are sent to the Emirate of Qahtan for 9 Imperial Units of food.


20.000 Credits disappear in an accounting error???


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Posted (edited)

Emirate of Qahtan

((Just wanted to get something up for the MP as I wont be around much tomorrow :idk:))



Expenditures (45k C, 6 NP, 6 M, 1 B) -


A mighty fleet to ship out goods is required. (6 NP, 15k C, 6 M; 6 Freighters)


Industrialization of the mining world. (1 B, 5k C; 1 Heavy Industry)


An admiral is trained from the finest Qahtan has to offer. (25k C; 1 Admiral)


Trade (4, 54 Food) -


Twelve units of food are shipped to Magister Militant Theodora (HELL)


Nine units of food are shipped to Salvatore "Sunny Sal" Vernazza (EDEL)


Twenty-seven units of food are shipped to Lord Tarau Naei (MITH)

Six units of food are shipped to Lord Matareka (HARY)

Edited by Quackers

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Grand Duchy of Alamar

Year 10,361 AE


(No RP yet, still thinking stuff up)




77,500 Available


2 Luxury goods Industry Buildings are built across the Stellarchy of Alamar in order to increase resource production and such. 2B, 10,000


1 Heavy Industry Building is built within the Stellarchy. 1B, 5,000

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JUNE 11TH 10’360AE


A lone corvette prowled the asteroid fields of the Nakuora System. The small patrol vessel had extended its docking gear, embedding it within the signature of a particularly large space rock. The corvette had powered down almost in entirety, save for a handful of crucial subsystems.


Were it not for glaring red backup lights or the flickering of consoles, the bridge of the corvette would’ve been engulfed in near complete darkness; indiscernible from the void which the transparent bridge viewport alloy separated them from.


From the center of the bridge, a solitary figure took a seat at the central command and control console, which instantly identified and activated upon his presence. The C&C console thus illuminated, welcoming the commander, and the captain’s chair rose and countless HUD elements came to life, projecting the most paramount ship status updates at the forefront. “Alright, that’s enough mucking about, gentleman. Bring us to full operational capacity.”


“Aye, cap.” Another voice sounded from the darkness, who promptly flicked several switches and pulled a lever, which initiated a mechanical whirring sequence that had the consequence of bringing all the lights and stations of the bridge online.


It was surreal, the captain thought. He’d always dreamed of having a command of his own; upon the bridge of a starship. He’d imagine several billion other kids have had that thought race across the mind. In the imagination, this corvette was the instrument of exploration and adventure, war-like armaments and strike packages aside. He was lucky. Not many got to traverse the Void for a living. And far fewer had even left their home planet. It was among the many perks of his post, but most importantly, it was his crew that he admired and respected the most.


“Captain Harring, expecting trouble, are we?” asked the First Mate, who stood at attention just off beside him, whose presence he’d nearly forgotten.


The daydreams and the memories quickly faded away, and the captain regained his composure and he firmly responded. “Always.”




[-25,000 C] Recruiting Admiral

[40,000 C, 8 B] Constructing 4 Shipyards on Severi

[2,500 C, 1 B] Constructing 1 Warehouse on Rouven

[5,500 C, 3M, 2 NP] Constructing 2 Hoornar-class Corvettes



[5,500 C] Hiring 11 Freighters to ship 9 Food to Matareka, and 2 Components to Vennendal.


15,250 C to the treasury

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Despotate of Oberstein



I am so tired from driving, I apologize : (

Stat post: 1 Smugglers Den [1 Point]


(10,000 C, 2B) A single shipyard is pressed into orbit over Oberstein to begin providing freighters.


(10,000 C, 4B) 4 Warehouses are built on Troubling sorrow. 


(10,000 C is saved)

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T H E   H O L Y   O R D E R   O F   H Y P E R B O R E I A





Spring, 10,360AE


The ascending sun’s rays peeked over the horizon, filling the high-windowed room with a warm orange glow, and flitting ships casting a dance of tiny shadows on the walls. The eyes of an old and grizzled woman opened, and then squinted as she frowned deeply. This was Theodora Komnenos, Magister Militant of the Holy Order of Hyperboreia. As she finished morning prayer, she gazed out across the heart of a world in thrall to the faith of the Order – and by extension, her. Her scarred face showed nothing in the way of sympathy, or love, or kindness for that which she controlled. Only steely determination.


Theodora rose to her feet, perfectly in time with the entry of her adjutant into her room atop the Palace-Cathedral that was the administrative centre of her slice of the galaxy. She did not turn to face him, her gaze tightly focused on the scene before her.

“Blessed be the Purge, Magister Militant,” he hailed.

“Blessed be,” Theodora flatly replied. 

“We have received a psykic transmission from Kuamai. Panayiotou has actually succeeded in having himself elected as Kavan Te,” spoke the adjutant.

“It is no surprise the Senate would take to an incompetent fool such as him,” she spat, her contempt for the man made clear. Theodora rarely greeted good tidings with the recognition they deserved, but she was actually glad at the news. Imperial might was now in the hands of the Order, for even a fool like Panayiotou was faithful to the Purge before all else. 

“I take it, then, we must adhere to the promises made and begin planning to strike down the Empire’s traitors,” she said after the brief thoughtful pause. The Adjutant remained silent, knowing not to interject into a spoken thought of the Magister Militant. 

“Inform the Knight-Commander and Magister Equitant Iraklios that I will be waiting for them in the Hall of Swords. We have much to attend to.”

The Adjutant bowed his head, and left without another word.





1 Armoury on 28-A [7,500C, 2B]

4 Heavy Industry on 33-A [20,000C, 4B]

1 Heavy Industry on 23-A [5,000C, 1B]

2 Black Industry on 27-A [10,000C, 2B]

1 Unit of Transports [1,000C, 1M, 1NP]

1,500C saved



6M to Qahtan [my freighters]

12F from Qahtan [their freighters]

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10,361 AE


((stat post to get it out before the mp))



Finances & Resources:




Actions & Expenditure:

  • 1 x Shipyards on Bal’Matene (8-A). (10,000 C + 2 B)
  • 1 x Heavy Industry (B) on 11-A. (5000 C + 1 B)
  • 1 x Heavy Industry (B) on 13-A. (5000 C + 1 B

Warehouse Storage (5 max) & Treasury:

  • 22,000 Credits
  • 1 Black Goods
  • 1 Finished Goods
  • 3 Food

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House Matareka

Imperial Takakasi Province


Lord Ihorangi Matareka looks through the hardened glass of his Flagships observation rotunda. He never got tired of the view in FTL, usually spending his time in Rotundas like this one. The anticipation came first, lines of comm officers making final checks. One could feel the ship powering up, almost as if it was hungry to race the stars. Finally, the point of acceleration, a heavy weight on the chest and mind. All erupting into a beautiful myriad of blue and gold as the system is passed within minutes. Lord Matareka’s favorite was after this, when it all dissolved into a luminous tunnel of blue streaks. One could lose themselves for hours studying the various patterns and flares of the phenomenon. Suddenly his concentration is broken by a commotion.




“It’s ok, let them in” Lord Matareka says with a sigh. His head of security, Jack Fauchex, knew he liked his quiet time here. So he would usually shoo away visitors or people looking to talk to their Lord. But Ihorangi knew he could afford very few luxuries of late. His people were starving in one of the Empire’s worst famines, and he was on his way to the Galaxies largest war front. “Sir, I present you Lady Taimana Matareka” Captain Fauchex belts out. One could here the uncertainty in his voice, usually never a trait descried to the Captain. At that name Lord Matareka jumps up, clearly unsettled.


“Hello Father” Taimana begins, clearly reveling in his shock. “I-“. Before she can go further, she is cut off by the loud bark of Ihorangi’s voice. “WHAT are you doing here? I gave you express orders to remain on Takakasi.” Holding up her hands placatingly, and looking less smug, she says. “I did not want to spend the year with farmers discussing crop cycles. I came to do what our House has done for millennia, Fight!”. And she was clearly bedecked for it. Lady Taimana was a beautiful heiress to the Matareka Estates. Tall, with curly dark hair, hazel eyes, and a athletic frame. She wore a tight fit body glove, in the colors of House Matareka. At her hip was a heirloom Arc Blade, and a modified heavy pistol. Admiring his daughter even in his anger, Lord Ihorangi says in a softer tone; “I understand your need Taimana, but you need to think of the needs of our People first. They need leadership from their lords now more than ever. Going to Buath is something I must do, for our House.” He finishes with a long sigh.


“You should of won the elections, you should be the one sitting on Kuamai! Not willfully putting yourself to some fanatics whims.” Taimana angrily states, planting her hands on her hips. Smiling at her ferocity, Ihorangi replies; “It is one of thousands of elections I have been in. Do not speak ill of the Kavan Te, he is a wise man, wise enough to recognize my value even as a political opponent. I go to serve the Empire, Kavan Te, and the soldiers. Even if I lost personal gain, our duty is to protect the Empire from the xeno menace.” He smiles, putting his arm around his Daughter and walking them out of the Rotunda. “Well if you are already here, we have much to discuss. Anyway, who did you leave in charge of affairs while we are gone?”




“Seneschal  Hamuera” Taimana says with a laugh. “I wonder how he’s holding up, we better wish him luck.” Lord Ihorangi says with a slight frown.



Seneschal Ahuru Hamuera studies the hundredth corpse in a line hundreds longer. Holding a perfumed handkerchief to his mouth, him and a team of Matereka travel this dirt path. All around them thousands of acres of crops lay in fallow patches. The stench of rotting vegetation and bodies was sickening, worse than an open sewer. For the millionth time Ahuru cursed Taimana Matareka. The arrogant heiress used him as a plaything, taking advantage of his role to her Father. When she was not using him in the bedroom, she often used him to do her more boring chores. This “Boring Chore” to her was one the House took seriously. The Famine was getting worse, and only so much food could be imported. The loyal people of the House were starving in droves, even with their Lords doing everything they could to help. And so Ahuru had to placate the survivors, tally the dead, and try to manage the renewed farming programs.


Vomiting on the side of the road, he sighs wearily and continues to inspect the long line of dead....





Income; 61,500 Imperial Credits

3 B, 3 E, 7 M


Mod Actions


  1.  House Matareka sends a desperate plea to their neighboring worlds and merchants passing through. They need immediate food relief, the famine killing thousands. [-19] The lack of food was so severe they were down to eating boots and rats.
  1.   Converting 1 E into Arc Lances for Flagship. 


Financial Actions


Building 3 Heavy Industry in sole Agri World. -15k C, 3 B

Treasury +60,000

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Posted (edited)

Kingdom of Orteau




Alain jumped from the hovering shuttle, pulling on a brown woolen coat as he landed on Locronan’s windswept surface. Even on a hunt, he wore the long coattails of Orteau noblemen. There were guests around, after all. One had to play one’s role.


His brother Adrien was next, stepping out of the shuttle less energetically as it touched the ground. Handing Alain a rifle, he pointed downhill, where a forest was sheltered in a wide canyon. Locronan was a hunting preserve, the personal property of House Teniert and stocked with all manner of game. In that glade, there was supposedly a particularly large herd.


“Lady Dryden, eh?” Alain smiled at his brother as they walked down, outpacing their companions - some lesser nobility, others just wealthy commoners.


“So father says. She’s not bad looking.”


“What’s her name?”




“Well, that’s going to get damn confusing.” Alain shook his head, slowing for a moment. “You think he did it on purpose?”


Adrien opened his mouth to speak, but sighed instead and kept walking. “He probably never even thought about it. You know how he is.”


Alain growled in annoyance, jumping off a low rock ledge into the outer trees. “Poor Anna.” Adrien said nothing, so he continued. “It’ll be nice having you in charge.”


“Don’t think you can just slack off,” Adrien brightened up a bit. “That way,” he pointed into the trees.


“What on earth do you mean?” Alain followed, peering into the forest for game. He found them not deep inside, dressed in rags and tending a small village. “All I have to do is get drunk with the right people.”


“That was all you had to do.” Adrien hid behind a large pine. “I’m not going to do all my work and all of father’s while you keep hosting the parties.” He peered around. “First shot’s yours.”


Alain obliged, kneeling and firing at the closest alien. It screamed as it fell, and a smaller one ran toward the corpse in a panic, yelling some kind of gobbledigook in a panicked tone. “Just don’t give me a damn desk,” he chuckled, shooting again. 


“It wouldn’t suit you.” Adrien joined in, as did the guests trailing them. His brother’s wasn’t the only life that would be changing, he thought to himself. He’d be married and running a kingdom soon. These sorts of trips were going to become quite a bit more rare, and father would surely have very little tolerance for bad news from home. Still, for now he was having quite a fine day indeed.



144,000 Credits in Treasury


[15,000 Credits, 3 B] - To support a campaign of infrastructure expansion, three units of heavy industry are built, one on the planet Taizon (13H) and two on the planet Pregnin. (17H)


[15,000 Credits] - A large sum of cash is transferred to the western sheriffs, to support their efforts on the frontier.


[10,000 Credits] - A similarly large sum is sent to Lord Elfering, as part of an ongoing business deal.


[5,000 Credits] - The agreed sum is transferred to Universal Shipping.


[5,000 Credits] - Payment for crops is sent to Maru Parata.


[50,000 Credits (Half from Will)] - Away from home but unwilling to abandon his lavish noble lifestyle, Lord Teniert purchases the finest accommodation on the imperial palace moon and begins to hold parties there and in the residences of fellow Noble Alliance members. All senators and their families are welcome, with the exception of the Merc*ntilists. Teniert draws in guests with notable Kaumai performers,  the skills of his cook from home and the fine wine produced on Orteau, and tries to cultivate an atmosphere where matters of state can be discussed casually...and under his watchful gaze. All such gatherings conform to aristocratic values, for Teniert will not hesitate to eject anyone who engages in what he would consider rude debauchery. He also sees such events as an opportunity to improve the general reputation of members of his bloc, such as Botelli and particularly the humiliated Dryden. (PM me when you read this)


[69,000 Credits to Treasury.]




10 Freighters carry 10 units of food from Rob’s nation to Orteau.

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Third Empire - The Decline

10,361 AE

"The one thing I shall say for the Accursed, is that they are masterful soldiers. For all our efforts, we rarely match their talents."


For two years now, Stellarch Netana’s beleaguered forces have continued to resist FWA pressure following their shattering defeat and scrambled reorganization across the previously held province. This year, it seems, is no different. Reports from the theatre are scarce, given Netana has only a single Psykic at his disposal.

His tattered fleet meets FWA forces under the command of Admiral Jelavic over the surface of Ivani. With only a single dreadnought still operational, along with a handful of supporting vessels, his defense proves to be sufficient enough to drive Jelavic from the system, but he has made it apparent that his ships are in critical condition, and he will soon run out of ammunition.




The Hunt for Aokigahara continues, as Stellarch Rahn's ships continues to comb a trillion miles of hyperlanes, searching for the elusive Dread Pirate. Though he has traveled the Galaxy for nearly a decade, Rahn is no closer to apprehending the Pirate King, and the operation has become the longest running and most expensive manhunt in Imperial history, for though the Stellarch has destroyed a dozen of Aokigahara's ship in recent months, the man himself slips the noose every time it tightens around his neck.




Political violence is on the rise across dozens of Imperial worlds. The People's Liberation Front and the Interstellar Republican Alliance, inspired by the victories of the Free Workers' Assembly, begin a series of mass strikes. Both organisations announce their "Long War" policies, and they commence a remarkably organised and well supplied guerilla campaign against Imperial authority. The first attack by the IRA is a major car bomb attack outside an Imperial military base. Public support for both organisations is remarkably high.

The Province of Altaire

Pytyl’s largest hurdle is obtaining permission to build such a monument, which he manages to do, helped on by him being elected as the Kavan He-ai. While the commoners don’t quite appreciate the monument any differently than they would any others,  the gesture puts Naei in a good light. (+ 1 Influence)


Nalani is more than grateful for the additional funds, and he promises to repay such support against the alien menace, some time or another.  (+ 1 Influence)


The Stellarch’s bounty brings in plenty of unwashed peasants, offering up some trinket or another as a ‘rare and priceless artifact’ almost all of which prove to be fakes, or completely worthless. However, among the mountain of garbage, authorities have recovered at least one object of note. A small, metallic and spherical trinket, which is clearly quite dated, and no doubt authentic. The Stellarch’s staff is unable to discern what it is, Mr. Green, however, believes he knows someone who would. (Discord)



For two hundred and thirty years, Stellarch Rankor has spent his time bedding every woman he can lay his greasy hands upon. This year is no different, as Rankor finds little to do but bed ladies and shout at his sons.

Dominion of Badab

The reinstating of Admiral Iosefa Tenadi is almost universally well received across the Stellarchy. His previous career by no means being dull or unreputable. Many welcome the aging Admiral back to his post as well as his strong reputation (+1 Prestige for Tenadi)

The Vara Directorate

The Emperor is delighted to allow such a talented child to study under his own personal Psykics on Kaumai. Sunny Sal receives a letter, written in the Emperor's own hand, expressing Rän-ji's admiration for Vernazza's loyalty. (+1 Influence)

Four freighters worth of food supplies from Qahtan are captured by Aokigahara’s fleet.


Emirate of Qahtan


An enormous year of shipping for the Emir, as food flows from his systems out across the length and breadth of the Empire.


Grand Duchy of Alamar


An Interplanetary Republican Alliance car bomb goes off outside of the Ducal palaces, killing dozens of officials, and causing a vast amount of damage. (-5000 credits.)


Mandate of Vennendal


Late in the year, the Stellarch of Vennendal is instructed to attend the Emperor. Personally. (Discord)

A unit of components bound for Vennendal are captured by Aokigahara’s fleet.

Despotate of Oberstein


People's Liberation Front sponsored riots spring up across the Despotate, causing intense disruption in the province. (-1000 credits)


Holy Order of Hyperboreia


The zealots of the Holy Order rejoice, as one of their members attains a position of crucial military importance. Hyperboreia has never been as prominent as it is now. (+1 Influence)

Thankfully, the Western Rim is largely untouched by Aokigahara’s fleets, and the Order’s shipping is untouched.

Stellarchy of Matene


Even by the standards of the Outer Rim, the Matenese are a strange bunch. They are largely distrusted outside of their homeworlds, and many incorrectly believe the race of purple skinned humans to be aliens. That does not change this year.

Three units of food from Vennendal and two from Qahtan are sunk by Aokigahara’s fleet.

House Matareka

Across the Galaxy, Lord Matareka flies, his ogre daughter in the simultaneous embrace of Tyrone and Jemal for the entirety of the journey.

Kingdom of Orteau

Five freighters bound to Orteau are sunk or captured by Aokigahara’s fleet as they travel through the mid-rim.

Orteau once more finds itself in a position of power in the Imperial government, what they shall do with it this time, remains to be seen.

Sky will cover response to final action. 

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Posted (edited)

The Dominion of Badab


A tale of two:

Iosefa Tenandi woke up with a startled gasp, heavily sweating and breating as he lay there, sprawled out on his king sized bed. Though the breating slowly started to slow down. 
He then with a groan got to the  side of his bed, feeling with his left foot and somewhat numbly with his mechanical right foot the sensation of treading on a soft carpet. He then walked downwards to the kitchen. His footsteps echoing through the empty villa. 

The former admiral looked out over his house as he walked down the stairs. Feeling the wooden edge of the railing as he went downwards. Then with a quick word of. "News” a tv screen in the kitchen suddenly went on. Showing a middle-aged woman, giving the latest news. 

"After a surprise attack by Irik forces Admiral Henare sadly died in the battle. Violently fighting off the attack and preventing it from reaching the surface of Uraika. However, this leaves a great gap as the 1st  fleet now has no commander. It is uncertain who the new commanding officer will be as of the time being.

As the news anchor spoke Iosefa thought about Henare. He had never really liked the young man, a bit too rash, but he had been a good honest commander. Someone who got the job done. Who would not make the same mistakes he had done.

Iosefa then leaned against the kitchen table as faces flashed through his mind. The faces of those who had passed on in the afterlife, people who had done so due to his mistakes. Men, woman, people with smiles, frowns, people with relentless ambition, people who were satisfied to serve the Dominion and defend it with all their heart. All such good men and women, regardless of their flaws. People who he had failed, sent into the gaping maws of the abbys.


He let out a tired sigh and turned off the tv. And started preparing some breakfast.

And yet often he still longed to go back to those times. The activity, the rush, the adreanaline, the companionship, the glory. 
Often it was hard to seperate all that the had loved from all that he had despised. The glory and the dread. The companionship and the loss he felt. 

It was such a contrast of feelings, which is why he had stopped. Yet he often wondered if he had made the right choice.


As the former admiral began to eat his breakfast, he reminisced about his empty home.
His wife was dead, had died of a brain 30 years ago. 
His son and daughter were good kids. His daughter served as an administrator whilst his son worked as head miner on Taneri. Helping to produce the metal and building material needed for the Dominion. But in their hard-working jobs they hardly came to visit him. Which was of course understandable, they had their own lives. Yet it so often left a void in him, as he woke up in this large empty house. 


The daily visits to houses of retired people like him made it easier. The chatting, the gossiping, the playing of poker. Yet he could not help but feel that he had lost something. Lost the fire inside of him. Felt like had given up when there was still so much left. The idea of spending the rest of his life like this, doing nothing and just playing games. 


Then surprisingly he heard the doorbell ring. He hadn't ordered any deliveries nor did he expect someone to come visit any time soon. He was sure he hadn't forgotten anything whilst leaving the elderly center. Especially not the few credits he gained from Poker. Though he loved the anguish and annoyance in the face of Debora far more than the actual tiny monetary prizes from the poker games.


He then walked to the door and opened it. Not worrying about any crime in a retirement neighborhood like his where the police patrolled often. Though there recently was the worry about possible uprisings from the disenfranchised. 
What he certainly did not expect however was to see in front of him was the Tyrant of Badab himself, accompanied by what seemed to be two fully armed soldiers. The brown-haired Tyrant. Then spoke in a polite and respectful tone. "
Iosefa Tenandi, do I have permission to enter your home.” To which the retired admiral stuttered out. "Ce-certainly” The Tyrant then nodded and stepped inside. Curiously looking around the villa whilst his two guards remained outside. Pacing on the smooth floor as he walked towards the lounge and sat on the couch near the tv. Whilst almost in a trance Iosefa sat in the leather-backed chair. The Tyrant then spoke up.

"From your expression you are probaply wondering why I am here.” To which Iosefa nodded. He was unsure, maybe the man wanted him to join in some military parade. Give him some extra medals. But that was unlikely, as he hadn't done anything spectacular and it wasn't in the style of the Dominion to give honours so long after one finished their military sevice.

"The reason why I am here. Is that the Dominion needs you again.” Almost instinctively, without thinking, the Admiral responded with a quick and curt "No”. As he instinctively thought back on the pressure he felt. The responsibility of so many on his shoulders. He did not want it, he he 
He felt a hand on his shoulder. As he saw the Tyrant, giving him a surprising look of sympathy. The Admiral then thought back to the young Major Parata. A man who always seemed so cold and rational. ALmost like a machine at times, the ideal military machines. Ye this was contrasted by the tales he heard of him doing everything he could to save his men and the valiant acts and occasional speeches done by the man. The high command had occasionally called him a man with two faces. One face the cold rational military commander. Who could sacrifice hundreds of his men to hold a strongpoint. Yet who would also lead a valiant charge to protect the wounded soldiers and personally drag them back to the medical corps.

Yet now he looked at someone with neither of these faces. But one with a caring and concerned look. ANd he wondered if this was just another mask or face as well but something else. As he also recalled the tales of the family man with 4 children. 

"I know how hard it is. To go back to the frontlines, and I am sorry that I am asking you this. But the Dominion is in desperate need of commanders. We are entering hard times and the navy needs a figure to rally behind. They need the Guardian of the Gate.


The word seemed to echo in Iosefa's head. The hundreds of times he had heard the name muttered, especially during his retirment. The Guardian of the Gate. These days it was almost an empty title. But he remembered the reverence and hope as the names were spoken by men in the navy. The name that had been given to him after the incursion of ‘23. Where he had manged to fight of an Irik fleet attack and even manged to, at great cost, destroy several Irik battlecruisers. After he had stated to a message to the previous Tyrant after victory had been achieved.
The gate of the Dominion has held."
As he thought back he once more heard the calm reassuring voice.
You can do it. You did everything you could. You did the best with what had been given. None of their losses were your fault.

To which Iousefa shook his head. 
No, it was my fault. My fault they are dead.

Then the Tyrant frowned and Iousefa thought he now saw the face of the valiant, and aggresive commander.
And you will let their sacrifices be in vain.
What happened to them wasn't your fault. But if you take the fault upon themselves then take the responsbility they put upon you as well.

The Tyrant glared at the former admiral.
Often the loss of one's soldiers is a lesson. And you have had many lessons admiral. Do you want someone else to have to take the same lessons as you do.

The Admiral then straightened, as he felt the familiar pressure on his shoulders. But also the responsibility and confidence that came with it.
I understand what you are trying to do Tyrant you are trying to guilt-trip me into accepting this.” As Parata let out a sigh and was about to stand up, seeing the chance as gone, Iousefa spoke out.
So let's go.

To which the Tyrant let out a confused. "
What ?

As he saw the Admiral rapidly rise from his chair as he said. 
I said, let's go. There is much to be done 

The Admiral then with a slight spring in his step walked towards the door. As he now thought about his memories again.

The Tyrant had not magically convinced him to do this, but it had helped him in realizing something.

Being an admiral, it was his responsibility, his duty and his joy. It was the part of his life that was missing. It was his purpose. And he realized that he would not die in some old retirement center due to old age.
He would die and serve like an Admiral. With admiral and with his ship.






In order to supplement the ground forces on the planet of  Uraika (31D) from the ranks of the heavy infantry a new general is recruited. This general is former Major Hiwa Akana. She is known as a loyal and dedicated commander. As well as one who is quite aggresive and eager to fight. 
She is especially well known for, with just two other members of the heavy infantry, killing an Irik commander in melee combat. During the most desperate point of an assault on Uraika. 
Though this resulted in both of her companions dying and she being heavily wounded. To such a degree that she wasn't able to command from the front anymore and was given a more backseat role. Though due to her injuries she was given a nickname, though none dare say it in her presence.
The one-arm
 (25k C recruiting a general)


In order to reinforce the Navy of the Dominion of Badab the Tyrant commissions  a shipyard to be built in the orbit of Krevak (17E), the economic center of the sector and one of two that might in the future theoretically support a driveyard. (10kC & 2B)

In order to help repel any assault on the planet of Uraika damaged fortifications are restored to partially-functional condition. Especially focused around the 'Northern’ part of the planet where the sun constantly shines. (10kC, 3B & 2M)


45kC, 5B & 2M


In order to further aid in gaining enough resources for future construction one more Heavy Industry is constructed on Rebas (57E) to aid with the refining of materials. Whilst another is built on Taneri. (59E) (10kC & 2B)

After several discussion with the minister of the treasury and the Tyrant of Badab it turned out that a minimum wage was simply not feasible with the income currently available to the Dominion of Badab. Seeing it's income to citizen ratio. Thus, instead of investing into a minimum wage, another social program is to be enacted.

Specifically extra government-funded scholarships are to be invested into. Focused on children who come from poorer households and could normally not afford college or a higher education. This has double use in that it is a program that promotes social welfare and that in the long-term it will increase the amount of skilled labour. (33,25kC)


Total: 43,25kC & 2B

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