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Harren laid in bed, wrapped up in pink blankets and sheets, as a sniffle occasionally emitted from him. It was the cold he had gotten from travelling home from Providence that kept him there in the bed, only peering over at Adalia as she sat at the couple’s desk, writing away at plenty of fanciful invitations for the wedding that was to come.


“Do vy think vy will still be sick for our wedding?” She asked, to which he responded by sneezing into a handkerchief in a pitiful display. Nevertheless, whether Harren may or not be suffering from a cold during the wedding ceremony, it was the day that he and Adalia had been waiting for for many years now, they would finally, after some eight years of being together, be married, husband and wife.


A few more hours passed of Harren, suffering greatly (perhaps a little too much) from that cold, while Adalia drilled out invitation after invitation until her wrist sprained, before she finally said, “I think yam done.” He, with sudden newfound energy, sprung from the bed to investigate the invitations, and concluded with a gleeful smile, “They’re perfect.”



Couriers spread the word throughout the lands of Hanseti-Ruska, some even making the long and cold trek to Elysium with the invitations:

“Wiz lifst ag wikleyz, monn tea finnak zwy inzavinie iv mittsrod goet becenz,


It is that time of year where the Church bells once more chime for the wedding of a couple, for in the year of God, 374 ES, shall the union of Harren Anastasyus var Ruthern and Adalia Maria de Astrea happen on a summery night of Tov and Yermey.


The wedding will, if the construction process goes well and is swift, take place in the recently commissioned Church of Blessed Dmitry, which is currently under construction in the Margraviate of Greyspine. If that should fail, it will be held in the Basilica of St. Henrik in Karosgrad.


Following the wedding ceremony, there will be a celebration with food and drink at Greyspine, which is to happen at the badminton court behind the Castle, as a badminton tournament, in honour of the couple, who are both fervent enjoyers of the sport, shall be held simultaneously! The badminton tournament will start with a match between the bride and groom, whereafter it shall follow into a tournament of doubles, in which the bride and groom shall team up to face potential challengers. Anyone who wishes to participate in this tournament is requested to send a letter to the bride and groom to sign up.


May the union be withstanding, through thick and thin.


Monn Godan ovare team,

His Lordship, Harren Anastasyus var Ruthern

Her Ladyship, Adalia Maria de Astrea


Special invitations are specifically delivered to the following individuals:


His Royal Majesty, the King of Hanseti-Ruska, Heinrik II Barbanov, and his Royal pedigree. @Rudi

His Grace, the Duke of Reinmar, Friedrich Barclay, and his Ducal pedigree @ColdestPepsi

His Grace, the Duke of Valwyck, Ruslan Baruch, and his Ducal pedigree. @Sarmadonn

The Right Honourable, the Count of Otistadt, Kazimar Ludovar, and his Comital pedigree. @HogoBojo

The Honorable Viscount of Krusev, Jan Kortrevich, and his Vicomital pedigree. @Luminaire

The Honorable Viscount of Varna, Britannus Vanir, and his Vicomital pedigree. @Legoboy7984

The Honorable Viscount of Aurveldt, Isaak Amador, and his Vicomital pedigree. @Pureimp10

His Lordship, the Baron of Astfield, Stefan II Vyronov, and his Baronial pedigree. @Wolfey34


His Grace, the Duke of Elysium, Eugeo de Astrea, and his Ducal pedigree. @Suicidium



[OOC: The wedding is going to be taking place at 4PM EST on Sunday the 23rd of May!]

(4PM EST 23/05/2021)

If you want to participate in the Badminton tournament as a duo, please message either garentoft#1980 or Shay#1111 on discord!

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The Viscount of Varna eyes widen "My goodness.. everyone is getting married, need to find a woman fast."

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"FINALLY" Tatiana vas Ruthern exclaimed as she received the invitation to her twin brothers wedding.

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Rosalind de Astrea, now that the invitations had been distributed, was in a WHIRLWIND of dresses and flowers and arrangements of very important things such as colour schemes. Although technically, this was her daughter's wedding - you wouldn't know it, for Rosalind the MAMEJZILLA had made her return.

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