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  1. @Sorcerio He did what you could not
  2. Sq, might've been confused as mage gold,is brittle and got the two mixed up maybe? Edit: NVM they combined the two for some reason.
  3. He is right, the data seems off – You have calculated 104 guidance logs in total but only 19 settlement tours, can we have a bit more transparency on what ‘guidance’ logs are? I understand it is also going through commands and walking the player through RP. Though it also should be settlement tours to get the player to directly engage in RP. With the majority of elves accepted being high elves, it’s disconcerting that none where guided or attempted to be taken to Haelun’or or other elven settlements (besides the 1 to Irrinor). The data can also be turned to humans, being the most accepted overall race, yet out of the 50%+ of humans accepted 9 got toured. (Which is a majority but this statistic should be way higher for the amount of guidance logs made. Is the bulletin board project in effect or still ‘being worked on’ as it was supposed to (in theory) mediate the problems.
  4. OOC: Oh well, looks like the ‘arcade’ machines found IG will now be considered OOC but feel free to continue to post your scores below <:
  5. Erebus Trying out new systems would come across a high score in Stacks
  6. Erebus in retaliation to the competition above, raises the Snake Hi-Score. OOC: @WhereIsMySpoon
  7. The Arcade Battle friends and foe and get and achieve a hi-score! Stacks: https://n-blox.com/ Void Adventure: https://kbhgames.com/game/classic-tron Snakes: https://playsnake.org Tic-Tac-Toe: https://playtictactoe.org/ :Hi-scores: Stacks: Telos (_Pan) – 24,354 score. Void Adventure: N/A Snakes: Jenny_Bobbs – 705 score. Tic-Tac-Toe: N/A Post screenshots of your high scores below for competition.
  8. I am honestly not sure due to the rule I quoted above.
  9. Hello, just coming in to ask why this is the case with Kha & Hou-zi. They’ve been confirmed to have superior souls (Like descendants). I’m just curious on lore reason for locking them out. (Wonks are confirmed to have lesser souls so don’t worry)
  10. Name of creature: Ireheart Mountain Wolves Reference Picture: https://pin.it/6grncgtu3opseu Origins: The Northern isle of the dwarven clan of Ireheart found themselves settled up within mountainous regions within the realm of Anthos where they first discovered the Mountain Wolves, constructing a settlement of dwarven handed together for the first time naming the Ireheart Clan. Within the weeks of setting up the settlement, the clan of dwarves were met with mysterious attacks through the hounding snow-storm of livestock going missing folklore was even made of the 'beast within the snow'. Eventually, after months of constant sightings of livestock missing a discovery was made when one of the mountain wolves managed to get themselves stuck in one of the stables after ripping the horses to shreds around with their sharpened claws, the maw of their teeth and size. The Ireheart clan surrounded the pen of the trapped dire-wolf, ranging to the size of seven feet in length. A distinctive fur hide was covering it to keep warm and a spark of silver-white eyes, the wolf blind. The clan of dwarves surrounded to look at the beast startled within its cage approaching with caution, seeing this gigantic creature. A series of weeks would've passed, and the creature would still be living however barely yet aggressive to the dwarves. The wolf was refusing to eat now as it knew the beast would have no escape, the dwarves were keeping the wolf for sentimental reasons showing how they've beaten the animal that's been hunting their livestock. They noticed the Wolves health weak and got curious about where the den of such a creature would be and decided to release the beast strapped with a chain tied to its neck. With pikes and blades of the dwarven Ireheart clan pointed behind, They allowed the creature to move towards its den. Upon escape, the wolf tried to run in a swift motion, although due to the chain tugged back to a choke, progressing slowly. The Dwarves eventually found the den, coming up not even two hundred meters (218 yards) from their settlement. Bones scattered across the snow of various sheep and cows with signs of teeth marks scaring the bone, moving closer the bones are seen splintered. In such hesitation, the Ireheart clan didn't notice the final tug from the Mountain Wolf as it broke free of the hands holding the chain and while running entered the cavern den. The dwarves hesitantly followed not wanting to escape its prize found out what the wolf was protecting, a litter of two young cubs - with another third on the ground limp. The original mountain wolf was nudging it with its snout, pressing it into the cub's limp body moving it up and down unresponsive. The mountain wolf, snarling now knowing one of her cubs has passed and began to aim its aggression towards the clan of dwarves entering within it's home. The two living cubs were whimpering in the back as the mother stands in the forefront. Within a moment the mother wolf would be struck down - a series of pikes being tossed and penetrating her pelt. The dwarves seemly showing no remorse would move forward and begin to take the hide as a trophy. The two pups in the back crawled in the corner scared yet giving soft growls through whimpers were left unharmed and even accompanied by Kjell Ireheart, clan leader. These were the first two wolves to be named the Ireheart mountain wolves. Through trial and error, these two cubs of opposite gender raised under the bloodshed of the dwarven clan. The wolves grew up with ferocious aggression also grew within them, similar to their mother. The dwarves couldn't tame this side of them, only to now keep the wolves as trophies and pets to rid of unwanted guests, it was only from the hand of Bastion Ireheart that the beasts could properly be tamed. Their actions not only brought the clan back from near extinction but made it secure with a new mascot to parade in the triumph the Ireheart Mountain Wolf. Ireheart Mountain wolves although unable to be tamed through conventional means of generations, which was attempted through the breeding of more cubs and the hunt to capture of more wild wolves. A discovery curated by Bastion forming a powder mixture of elven and orc dried blood with other powdered concoctions could disorientate the beasts forcing them to become docile and in turn - rideable. The nature of the wolves gone with the removal of the aggressive behaviour and the mixture had to be correctly maintained to keep the wolves within this state as without it, they'll return to the aggressive nature found previously. Multiple generations of the now called Ireheart Mountain Wolves through some selective breeding has continued to progress these creatures to become docile, the process of 'bonding' with the wolf done through the cub, bonding with a dwarf, which caused the beast to greet/play with the bonded individual on sight. The aggressiveness, however, remained when commanding the wolf for more meaningful tasks such as; utilizing the wolf for heavy loads of carrying, climbing on and even riding will always trigger this switch. The Ireheart dwarves countered the aggressison with use of the 'mixture' to disorientate the creature's senses, making the wolf docile until it wears off making it possible for these 'meaningful' to be done without aggression. Eventually with selective breeding, the wolves craved the addiction of the mixture in turn becoming more docile with each litter to eventually not have an aggressive bone within them. The dwarves have tried to reverse this causing the creature to become aggressive but in all counts have reduced their size to a regular wolf – this keeps their aggression but now unmountable. Summary: https://pin.it/6grncgtu3opseu The Ireheart Mountain Wolves naturally in the wild are incredibly aggressive wolves who mostly prey within the snow affluent areas on high spots of snowstorms due to their coats being of mostly snow-white with some odd variations of colour within every litter. These wild wolves would hunt in a pack of two usually the bonded parents to feed the offspring at home, hiding in the snow to strike at easy prey undetected and escape. The wolves being around the size of seven meters in length at full-grown wouldn’t create noise within the snow while moving distributing surface area across their large paws across to soften the engage and escape. In captivity, the Ireheart Mountain Wolves would be more docile, no longer the full aggressive behaviour as seen in the wild variant. These wolves can still be considered dangerous, the docile breed remains non-aggressive and cannot be changed however the aggressive wolf sized breed will defend the bond they make with the dwarf if raised by them. The wolf’s docile or aggressive breed wouldn’t react to anything else otherwise unless for attention from the one bonded meaning it won’t follow it’s bond unless it seeks playful attention. The Mountain wolves still pay homage to their wild side that selected breeding couldn’t remove, the aggressive variant. When forced towards doing anything strenuous, the wolf would outright refuse, and if forced, the creature would become aggressive and attempt to attack even the one bonded. The dwarves counted this, due to the wolves being blind and relying mostly on its senses to stay alive created a mixture of powdered blood from elves and orcs and other crushed powdered herbs. This mixture, when forcefully inhaled from the Ireheart Mountain Wolf would confuse its senses of blood to become temporarily docile performing these meaningless tasks by the command from the one bonded to it. While the mixture is within the system, the wolf will not become aggressive at anything and cannot be used within combat. Once the mixture wears off and not reapplied the wolf will become extremely aggressive and disorientated to what is around itself that it’ll attack what is the most perceived threat, being the rider, wagon, chains, ext forcing it to act. The selectively bred docile wolves are much larger than the aggressive counterpart, having no fighting bone in it’s body, the size it has significant enough to mount a dwarf for riding. These type of wolves feed off the mixture fed to them from birth and although the Ireheart dwarves no longer need it to control the docile breed, it’s required to keep the beasts calm and non-aggressive to themselves as they’re addicted. The Ireheart Clan would personalize their bonded wolves with a series of designs from leathered armour of various colours/symbols, dying the fur of the wolf or creating intricate designs to ‘pimp’ out the wolf to showcase to others. The Ireheart Mountain Wolf wouldn’t see this as a threat usually promoting comfort or a superiority complex for the wolf over others treating it as badges/symbols for its form of a hierarchy. Habitats: Snow Caves/Snowy Mountains. Can you use in combat: Yes & No. There are two variants of the creatures, one aggressive and the other docile. The aggressive breed can be used in combat being much smaller wolves (complying to server pet rules). These wolf breeds listen to it’s bonded partner. However if ‘drugged’ up on the mixture the creature will remain docile and unable to become aggressive. The docile variant are non-aggressive from birth, tamed and fed for riding and performing strenuous tasks for the one bonded. They cannot get aggressive and will either, run or remain still if its bonded partner is in combat. Characteristics: Aggressive Breed: The Ihreheart mountain wolf, is the rough size of a regular wolf with max dimensions of; 2 feet tall(on fours) and 4 feet in length and weighing up-to 23kg 50 pounds. Docile Breed: The Ireheart mountain wolf, wild and tamed will have the same features; Canine fangs, narrow snout, paws able to spread out to cover surface area on the snow for easy traction, sharpened claws and it’s size of 7 feet weighing over 110kg or 242 pounds. Strengths/Weaknesses Rideable Mount. Ireheart Lore for Direwolf which states in clan history. Intimidating mount. Provides RP. Aggressive Variant can be used in combat. Docile Variant cannot be used in combat. Travels the same speed as a regular horse. Another wolf variant. Redlines: Cannot be used in combat when ‘drugged’. The ‘drugged’ effect lasts for multiple RP hours, considered by the dosage given. If used in combat, it follows pet guidelines found here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184255-general-combatsummoned-pets-combat-mounts/ (The wolf no matter the size will be RP’d no larger than a golden retriever in combat.) Aggressive variant will not listen to it’s bonded individual (owner) unless ‘drugged’ if forced to attack, perform heavy tasks, ext. Mechanically represented by a horse when riding. Otherwise a pet wolf. The Wolf is blind and only sees via senses. Only the Ireheart Clan would know the taming methods unless taught to others. The wolf is limited to only leather armor to not restrict it’s movement/comfort too much, otherwise becoming aggressive. More Reference Images: https://pin.it/6x7i7uur2djv6b https://pin.it/e7gbtyxrdsluun https://i.pinimg.com/originals/17/00/2b/17002bf4d1141094e01c71f769fdcfa8.jpg
  11. Let’s hope this one passes, looking good!
  12. How void mages connect/use magic now


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