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  1. Jenny_Bobbs

    Axios Map Download

    @Tofuus Can you give us the map for the new one coming out so I can spoil any secrets you have in store?
  2. Jenny_Bobbs

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    I only ask due to your quote of: Due to the nature of Translocation, if stored in the void it keeps all current properties in a stasis-lock. As an example with an arrow, if you fire an arrow and trap it in the void with translocation, once you reconstruct it (resummon) it will hold any/all properties it had including velocity (350 feet per second). If the same can be done with this sapling. You could essentially keep it alive. Therefore keeping it locked to one sapling. Aka, trap it in the void – it never dies, soul tree never produces another sapling – If soul tree ungrown / destroyed the tree-lord cannot replant therefore PK. – I would try to remedy this.
  3. Jenny_Bobbs

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Does the sapling have any special magical property an individual that has studied Transfiguration and or Translocation (due to voidal feeling now being apart of it), will have no effect? Therefore preventing it from being translocated?
  4. Jenny_Bobbs

    Unwritten Rules

    A previous rule still can still be inforced which I cannot currently find on the forums is. "If someone has to leave during a roleplay scenario, the roleplay is paused until all parties can resume from where they left off unless agreed upon otherwise" Aka, if you're in important rp and someone requires to leave for a few hours or the night the rp will resume when all members are back online. Unless someone can point this rule out to me, I am unable to find it.
  5. Jenny_Bobbs

    Community Meeting

    I will state, now this isn’t an attack against you in any way – Though as per usual with positions on Lord of The Craft you have a hierarchy of managers / Directors and finally admins in any staff team, to Flamboyant now being promoted to an admin (congrats btw) I was curious if a lore-master director will be chosen as it has previously been done due to admin duties and lore duties taking too much time for someone to efficiently do both? Though to a more generic question in relation to the new map, what will be the limitations of freebuild come the new map? An example- would it be possible to build by the cross-roads?
  6. Jenny_Bobbs

    Trees and how they work

    Although the comments here are less then serious I'll try to makeup for it. Everything in real life during the medieval ages are on LoTC, this includes you guessed it trees. Therefore any real life property trees have transfer to LoTC, you can RP your tree facts.
  7. Jenny_Bobbs

    [Denied][I] Its_Just_Leap LilGhost_'s Game Moderator Application

    Keep him away from my farm and he's alright. +1
  8. Shouldn't Legends be put in the allocated Roleplay section of the forums instead of Lore?


    Since it is accepted and put into the implementation section wouldnt that make the "legend" lore? Making it truth?


    I am confused in this regard.

  9. We got a magic plugin now:


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    2. JokerLow


      Why aren’t such things around anymore, it would’ve improved the roleplay.

    3. Jenny_Bobbs


      The Lore Team is one of the main reasons why we don’t have plugins like this on the server, it cannot cope with the amount of lore / spells so the plugin was put on hold. Another reason was due to players/staff showing distaste to the plugin (One main reason was: “How will this affect PvP”). If you saw the Nexus plugin removal posts you can get some idea to what happened here.


      The third and final reason is, Telanir decided to discontinue the project after spending a few months on it, you can get him to confirm if he wishes to re-reply.

    4. JokerLow
  10. Jenny_Bobbs

    Suggestion to '/vault'

    When you have multiple minecraft accounts. . . - In all seriousness, if the vault is opened up sooner it could address some bugs which usually come with the plugin with some items not being allowed to transfer.
  11. Jenny_Bobbs

    Remove Post-Warclaim eviction notice

    I do think this sounds reasonable since the battle isn't spontaneous and the inhabitants have had a week to prepare.
  12. Jenny_Bobbs

    Fjarriagua: The Witches of Winter

    Could you expand more on deals and specifically what deals one can make, one paragraph for a potential large sum of magic could lead to problems later in life. Other then that, I dont see a problem with anything else to point up from an OOC standpoint.
  13. Jenny_Bobbs

    Rule Proposal

    As the same with PvP combat, no one can join as the affiliating players have initiated or preparing I do believe the same should happen for those in roleplay combat until it finishes (or a certain threshold after it starts). I say this due to the amount of time that passes from roleplay combat to PvP combat, rp takes significantly a lot longer which multiple other players that join a fight can be disruptive or increase the time the combat has to continue waiting for more emotes.
  14. Jenny_Bobbs

    Magical Licensing

    OOC: Soul Puppetry is no longer a magic – best remove it from your list!
  15. Jenny_Bobbs