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  1. Jenny_Bobbs

    Fjarriagua: The Witches of Winter

    Could you expand more on deals and specifically what deals one can make, one paragraph for a potential large sum of magic could lead to problems later in life. Other then that, I dont see a problem with anything else to point up from an OOC standpoint.
  2. Jenny_Bobbs

    Rule Proposal

    As the same with PvP combat, no one can join as the affiliating players have initiated or preparing I do believe the same should happen for those in roleplay combat until it finishes (or a certain threshold after it starts). I say this due to the amount of time that passes from roleplay combat to PvP combat, rp takes significantly a lot longer which multiple other players that join a fight can be disruptive or increase the time the combat has to continue waiting for more emotes.
  3. Jenny_Bobbs

    Magical Licensing

    OOC: Soul Puppetry is no longer a magic – best remove it from your list!
  4. Jenny_Bobbs


  5. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Jenny_Bobbs, Larihei Link to blacklist thread: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/171378-magic-blacklist-candylandman/ Individuals involved: Myself, LM and Flamboyant. Event details: I spoke with several Magic Team Members at the time about a magical artifact being created without disclosing the current tier in the magic upon creation to most of the team, this lead to the magical artifact being powergamed for whoever used it and fundlementally my blacklist. Why should you have your blacklist lifted?: I believe the blacklist should be lifted due to the allocated time being passed and that I understand the reason for the blacklist and agree that it should've been put upon me. For the duration it has given me time to reflect and hopefully if allowed correct my wrongs on the server when dealing with magical artifacts and make it/them more clear when getting approved or performing magic.
  6. Jenny_Bobbs


  7. Jenny_Bobbs

    [✗] Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Soul Puppetry initial conception: Soul Puppetry (no comment) accepted: (Dates: July 14, 2013, August 2, 2013). Now, looking into all magic with lore at the time, the only thing that comes similar is Necromancy Curses. However multiple iterations of necromancy lore has been made: These topics are both the earliest submissions of necromancy, however focusing on the Aegis undead style rather then the necromancy staple we have today. That post would come here: (Posted January 2, 2013) The first necromancy lore post which detached itself from the previous necromancy lore(s) posted. The concept here would be 'curseweaver'. Although a very limited knowledge on exactly what can be done. It would take until May 25, 2013 for a more distinctive detail on what can be achieved is posted: This list gives a Tier level understanding, i'll quote the most powerful being T5. This gives a clear understanding that 'cursing' a individual is much like how necromancers plague the land rather then inflicting deliberating supernatural curses that soul puppetry can inflict. Now, we'll go into the second magic that finally had conclusive lore written and accepted. You didn't have 'curses' as you have today, you changed it through constant rewrites.
  8. Jenny_Bobbs

    [Denied]Aviers's Game Moderator Application

    He's pretty cool. +1. Just don't make him Sohaer.
  9. Jenny_Bobbs

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    I refreshed the page, none of the spoilers showed up originally. So I thought it was all dot-points. As I read all of previous frost-witch lore and additions I knew what everything was. Edit: However I still stand by my original comment, it's nice and fleshed out now that I can access the spoilers.
  10. Jenny_Bobbs

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    A nice lore collaboration of everything. I don't see any new additions to this however, so I presume it won't have to be reviewed?
  11. Jenny_Bobbs

    GM Update Log - April 2018

    Congratulations to all the gm team and the hard work they perform. Also nice formatting with this post.
  12. Jenny_Bobbs

    [✗] [Amendment] [Lore] [Magic] Soul Puppetry Amendment 2.0

    Changelog v1: Added: Connection Guidelines: Spell Guidelines:
  13. Jenny_Bobbs

    Mukai [Creature]

    If they're not a playable race with normal players, wouldn't it be more inclined to put them here: ?
  14. Jenny_Bobbs

    [✗] [Amendment] [Lore] [Magic] Soul Puppetry Amendment 2.0

    The organ squeezing thing can kill you and if a puppeteer willingly does it they commit to a pk. However that being said you do the intensity of the squeezing. If it kills the individual then most likely it'll kill you. Have some control over it. The death curse. You do it. You pk. Have fun.
  15. Jenny_Bobbs

    [✗] [Amendment] [Lore] [Magic] Soul Puppetry Amendment 2.0

    Has always been a t3 spell. The issue with them doing this the puppeteer dies unless dealt with carefully.