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  1. Thank you for your feedback, I'll ping the CT chat and management to respond shortly. @armajesty @KaleyKitty @puffyduck @LotsOfMuffins
  2. Some good feedback on this. @LotsOfMuffins take a read when you have time.
  3. Deadline would be the 31st of December!
  4. Goodluck to everyone. Hope you like the rewards this time round!
  5. Goodluck anybody who goes hunting x
  6. %15 of extra crowns per crown package: Bronze: 165 Silver: 337 Gold: 600 Platinum: 885 Aengul: 1815 If you’re buying VIP, (This is my calculations, please don’t assume these are the best ways just some I found after running through the extra crown %). Coal: – 1x Bronze Package. Iron: – 1x Bronze Package, 1x Silver Package. Excess – 1102 Crowns. Gold: – 1x Bronze Package, 1x Gold Package. Excess – 365 Crowns. (Save $5). Diamond: – 1x Silver Package, 2x Gold Package. Excess – 787 Crowns. (Save $10). Bedrock: – 1x Silver Package, 1x Platinum, 1x Aengul. Excess – 1287 Crowns. (Save $30). Ender: – 1x Bronze Package, 1x Gold Package, 2x Aengul Package. Excess – 695 Crowns (Save $55). Aether: – 4x Aengul Package. Excess – 660‬ Crowns (Safe $100).
  7. I asked ST and majority on said high elf blood doesn't differ from other elves or have special properties.
  8. How does high elven blood differ from other races?
  9. @_Hexe_ Didn’t you have diamond VIP?

    1. _Hexe_


      no i respect myself and my paychecks

  10. Jenny_Bobbs


    Manually Accepted.
  11. Last day to submit your piece~
  12. This contest is about, art, skinning, building, music and creative writing! We cover a lot of fields on this contest so hopefully you can participate!
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