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  1. DrakeHaze.

    Lingering Lands, Mystic Maps

    Is the first riddle bastion?
  2. DrakeHaze.

    [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    From what I remember back in Asulon it was just Brevias who had horns as dpm said. Though back then your orc increased in size somehow based on its rank due to some vague gene and had something to do with warhammer. Found out later that same reasoning could be applied to how orcs could have horns. Also was explained to why orcs could have more than two tusks. I think this is kinda cool though, what about Travista?
  3. *Fliers are pinned up in all major cities and districts* " Short and sweet. Stoneshot = 25 Mina Each Current stock is 64 TNT = 250 Mina Each Current stock is 56 If you are looking to purchase, reply below. "
  4. DrakeHaze.

    [Denied] Slavus shield

    Hes a good FM
  5. I think I read this yesterday if I remember right, pretty good stuff. No complaints from me, good **** +1
  6. Wait till you see the holy archons...
  7. Can I be a shaman or black shaman please
  8. DrakeHaze.

    [Accepted] Devvy's FM App

    if she removes all my warning points yes
  9. DrakeHaze.

    [✗] [V2] The Burden of the Wardens

    Y'know man, I liked the first one. Shame it wasn't accepted. I like that some of my suggestions were mixed in, glad my inspiration wasn't for waste. Ye ye accept this lore, great stuff. +1
  10. DrakeHaze.

    RNC 2: Racial Bonuses

    Everybody should be on the same level as humans so its fair.
  11. DrakeHaze.

    [✗] Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    Hand-cannons would not be a good idea. Why would you want guns so bad that you'd make a redline that you 'could lose your hand'. Haven't actually read OPs post, been reading comments.
  12. Crafting is instant now, I don't see how expiration on food can be that much of a problem now.
  13. DrakeHaze.

    6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    I am very excited, excellent job all those that have worked on this map! But my question is.. Is this confirmed Orcish lore map??? :D
  14. DrakeHaze.

    Zarsies' Biased LM Application

    hello yes
  15. DrakeHaze.

    [Completed] What the Hell Does a Mina Look Like?

    They were emeralds in Asulon, they shall remain as such.
  16. DrakeHaze.

    [✗] Clerical Wards [Re-written]

    Wait there was a clerical ward feedback thread? Sounds familiar.
  17. DrakeHaze.

    Catherine Thorsson Ruric Dalca, the Living Among the Dead.

    The one displayed on my profile. Y'Golekraj, Voidal Horror.
  18. DrakeHaze.

    Catherine Thorsson Ruric Dalca, the Living Among the Dead.

    I would like a relation.
  19. DrakeHaze.

    [Denied] The Fire Mind's response (MT app)

    Very much yes
  20. DrakeHaze.

    Patch 5.2.3a

    I do not understand the map mechanic.
  21. Oh. The drawbacks far outweigh the gains.
  22. Nah just stoned. Don't see a use for them though.
  23. @Tox I just don't want to have to use an object to cast magic when its just another weakness.
  24. I don't want to use focus crystals thanks.