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  1. voidal magic sucks because you tried balancing it like an mmo lmao

  2. If you've already added to the debate previously why bother posting again? This thread could have 200 people saying 'yes' that doesn't mean the lore goes through.
  3. The most heavily debated topic to date. We have the players that type 'no' as if this is some voting booth, and the players posting memes. Thank god none of you make decisions for the server.
  4. its ok i heard another war is brewing

  5. James Fisher finds the missive intriguing and folds it thrice, storing it with plenty of his other documents in the bookshelf at the base of his staircase in his home. He takes out some fresh parchment to fill out his information and send it off! Name: James Fisher Race: Human Age: 39 Past Accomplishments: Famed solicitor within the orenian empire. ((Discord: DrakeHaze#5150 )) ((Username: DrakeHaze ))
  6. I'd like to add a bit more to the discussion to detract from ppl shitting on the current oldheads in charge or necromancy. I've been reading through this thread and have come to understand a bit more about whats been going on with necromancy over the course of the server kinda. I feel like the solution that would be best for everyone is something that is not achievable due to current culture climate on LoTC, straight up. We've been through this song and dance before when it comes to conflict on LoTC and all the different mindsets involved with it. You want to know why conflict doesn't work
  7. Been here 10 years and the only necromancy that I've witnessed outside of Events and antags is when Lhindir walked into Providence with his Gravelord name above his head. I'm not too sure what my view on Necromancy and undead stuff is, I think its cool and a fantasy staple so its bound to attract players both positively and negatively. I think undead playable creatures and the like was another way to add more players into the fold of necromancy without giving them the magic, like a trial I guess. The thing about promotion is generally what happens everywhere. Players in an army for example
  8. James Fisher reads the missive and folds it twice, stowing it away at the bookshelf at the bottom of his stairs like most documents "Not teaching children law is a good move on their part. Gives me more business." the pale man would state aloud in his lovely home, sipping wine.
  9. Alteration died for the sake of balance in a non-competitive gameplay loop. Went from a mystical all-rounder magic that benefitted from smart usage by players to a magic that makes items to sell on auction house. I say this as a teacher of the magic. The wizardly magic will never be the same.
  10. James Fisher is very shocked by this newly written missive, and like all missives he properly documents them in the bookshelves by his staircase. "A very thought out and well informed missive, although I have only one complaint. I am almost certain the Nordlings witnessed the Orenian flank led by the Luciensburg peoples and ran towards them thinking it was their main force, ultimately placing their forces out of position to be hit by Oren's main force. A bit of tunnel vision, that." the pale man would chuckle to himself, looking to the equipment he wore during the battle and taking note of som
  11. @DahStalkerwhen can i be a tier 3 paladong?
  12. I do not agree with this test, this does not represent me as a member of LoTC
  13. James Fisher takes careful note of the line of succession, crossing off a few names he'd nod to himself "This list is in need of a trim. Time to start planning."
  14. "Someone need to be sued?" inquired James Fisher aloud after reading the missive
  15. good fight, see you next warclaim

  16. @LlirCan I fight in round 1 of the 50v50 and then in round 2 on an alt? If not what precautions are in place to prevent me from being on the roster twice on two different accounts?
  17. the musin bit the power cable to my modem!

  18. what are the musin skins lookin like?

    1. cappor


      they're pretty good 


  19. did the skaven dlc come out yet?

    1. MonkeNotic


      Just dropped, we in Urguan

  20. only child personas are permitted at this warclaim btw

  21. RP Name: James Fisher MC Name: DrakeHaze Voted: Yes
  22. James Fisher folds the missive three times and stows it away on the bookshelf by his staircase for documentation "I should recruit child soldiers. Clearly they are quite effective on and off the field of battle. Funny, that."
  23. James Fisher outright rejects these statements and prepares for war! "I claimed it first!!!"
  24. Tythus once he stops paying the server fees.
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