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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Sanctum Regnum Melitae [15 AP] - "For the good of the Sanctum Regnum, the navy must grow ever larger." - Stacey Edelman, Captain of the OMN Gran Italia | A heavy cruiser, a support carrier, and 100 fighters go into production. [20 AP] - "More battleships!" - Syl, Kalronian Delegate to the Privy Council of the Re | The SL 4 of the Sanctum Regnum is upgraded to SL 5. [25 AP] - "I need a doctor..." - Unnamed Edonian Soldier | The MD Device reaches an unprecedented amount of investment. If complete, it would immediately be equipped. [100 AP Total] [6 AP] - "You make Sicily seem so nice, Franz...I wish your planet wasn't a boiling ball of magma..." - Rexina Afaya'olm, on a wine and dine date | Project Sicily [20 Total] [Research Project] [5 AP] - "Throw some more money at it!" - Re Francis Joseph, when asked about a certain thing | Heart of Things Initiative [15 AP Total] [1000 Xylorite] - Another 1000 tons of xylorite is spread across the market, for the same price. [20 tons:1 AP | Current Stockpile, after sale - 4,800] [0 AP] - The Maltese make it clear they'd like to stay independent, to the Keerim and Ar'gakari. [0 AP] - It is again asked, by the government to its citizens, that all psionics come forward to serve the country - in the navy, if they should like, or on the home front. All young psionics are to be immediately placed within the Maltese Academy Program's top exchanges, should they wish, or taught within the Rhodium Military Academy. In addition, the Grand Alliance Psionic Foundation, GAPF, is invited to establish a branch on Rhodium given the large number of psionic-possible citizens in Malta, and the closeness to Francis' heart of psionics, given his wife is one of noble background from the Grand Alliance. [2 AP] - Sectors diagonal to the left of the capital are scanned for rare resources, hopefully xylorite, and the colonies are placed on planets in the sectors, hopefully xylorite. Northeast and Southeast of the capital sector, please. [0 AP] - The Sanctum Regnum's Inquisitio, or intelligence agency, begins to do voodoo sci-fi stranger things research on the infected Replicant man, like putting him in a sensory deprivation chamber and seeing what happens or what he feels. The nation celebrates the birth of a son by Francis and Afaya, named Philip.
  2. reeeee fjarriauga lore keeps calling ondnarch wyrvun kms
  3. Paragons of Purity

    call it uplifted or sanctified or elevated form or something our pantheons are all aenguls it'd be strange to call normal people with cosmetic changes the same "hey look it's an aengul!" "tahariae? where?" "no silly, the cleric with wings aengul!" also aren't paragons a dwarven thing
  4. I honestly don't think this is as much of a rewrite as you are making it out to be. All of your documents are included in the story, very little of it except for the "following" section, which is, in essence, a summary of current ingame usage, has Snow Elf content, and the only functionally new part of him is the Realm. I have, in fact, done little but reword much of the depictions of him and his backstory section. You can find nearly the same thing in Benbo's post. It was less of a rewrite and more of an information release because, while in the past the guiding rule was to put low info on the forums and have most of the content found ingame, that isn't the current trend. I did a literal copy paste of your event line from the documents into the Ondnarch section, in fact. Not a single rp word in that spoiler was changed from what you sent me. The changes are additions in sections that did not exist yet, which is significantly different from an overwrite. The changes are additional descriptors on what occured, or condensed versions of the very cryptic information you can find. The changes are not like, for example, the complete change of all Elven races, or the change of Aeriel from a biblical Archangel to the current Soul Stream protector.
  5. My reason for including purity in that first "iteration" of Wyrvun is, in a way, a nod to what Wyrvun felt to be in the old write-ups. In modernity, that expansive idea would be dropped in favor of the idea of virtue and redemption. I've added more into the lore touching on this, quoted below, as I do believe that Wyrvun's persona as a type of lover of the kind and virtuous can coexist with Tahariae's very hardcore "Purity above all else". To fit with the others in the Aengudaemon lists, specification was key in my opinion - he loved purity of heart from corruption, as you said, and that is very nearly the definition of virtue. It might be a bit repetitive in the way I wrote it, but I think it should at least make clear that the kind of duality and very close relationship between stories about the virtuous and their tragedies or falls from grace, and later redemption stories, is something Wyrvun takes especially close to heart. It is something that, in terms of Aengudaemons, would lack much of the impact if it were just background lore and not an actual server event - many peoples' first interactions with him was as Ondnarch, this ramaging, destructive beast, but Wyrvun at his core is a very kind, empathic Aengul that just wants people to be happy, and love the snow as much as him. That kind of empathy and single-minded joy is found in Yeu Rthulu, but the two are vastly different in operation and circumstance. He does not preach forgiveness for crimes committed, but is more like a remediator of circumstance, as an Aengul whose following is now much more often than not considered to be damned (see: Frostbeards, Snow Elves, Frost Witches to an extent, anyone that ever says they love Wyrvun). This rewrite would set Wyrvun as something like the idea of white snow - an enchanting second that lasts an eternity (which is why Eternity is also included in the list, other than the idea that eternity ties very closely to redemption and penitence). Wyrvun is among the most explicit in his purpose, one that has not changed in overarching action since his birth - the celebration of winter among mortals, protection of those lands eternally coated in winter and its inhabitants, and, after his release, the uplifting of the damned. With those long years spent in chains, Wyrvun's purpose has been honed, and in a sense, reborn. For the virtuous lost, the masses cast from society from machinations not their own, he is an often unseen savior. Called the Redeemed, it is his taken prerogative to bring a second chance to those innocent souls cursed by their once-was and had-been. His miracles are such that few would credit him - perhaps, in a blizzard, the snow might for a second seem to create a passage, or the lonely pilgrim of the wastes chance upon an abandoned shack or cave in which to rest. On another note, thanks for all the feedback. I'm just one guy, and the more conversation and critique there is the better the lore will be. The reason I wrote this lore isn't to make a magic (you might notice I've never made an MA in my life, and I've played only Elves and Humans since Aegis), and not for the Snow Elf religion (that lore was written months ago, I just never got around to posting it). I already have a Snow Elf race accepted on the server - truthfully, Wyrvun in his current state would work just fine for any of my personal purposes. The fact of the matter is that before this, there were a grand total of three easy-to-find threads on Wyrvun, the three linked by Benbo's compilation (which happen to be the same content as the compilation, and which was written in 2015 without mention of the event line). The Ondnarch event line happened something like 3 years ago - so long ago that I believe I had just stopped being the Count of Ager in Oren, Throdo was still prominent, and the Adunians were catching maces. If it's still something anyone can find on the forums, it's long been buried. By essentially porting it into the modern format, and taking critique from any original writers willing to give input (I've tried to include everything Dreek has brought up, as best as can be done within the guidelines of current lore), Wyrvun will turn from an Aengul that cannot be used except for the most years-old and/or vague mentions about Dwarven history into one with accessible lore, well-defined characteristics, and more possible relation to the playerbase at large. One complaint I haven't addressed is to not dredge up this old lore. In general, I am a big fan of leaving things as-is. I could obviously write loads of lore, talking about every single plant and snowflake from Aegis to Atlas. Wyrvun, however, is a different case - the argument cannot be reasonably made that information on him is easily accessible, nor can it really be made that in his current form, he isn't dead lore. For one of the most player-interactive, engaging event lines of all time, Wyrvun is an incredibly obscure Aengul. He's no longer in the Brathmordakin. He isn't the patron of the Frost Witches. Only the Snow Elves worship him, and who likes the Snow Elves? I'm not saying that we should make a magic around him - we could, but I would at most be taking an advisory stance on any lore of that kind. I'm not trying to turn him into my personal deity - check the last time I was on the server. I'm just trying to make Wyrvun lore that is at least usable for even the most minute of needs or wants, to make lore that is compatible with legends, and artifacts, and the modern write-ups that every other Aengudaemon has either gone through or will be going through. Going through the effort of building a rewrite and taking critiques in an attempt to satisfy as many parties as possible is, in my opinion, a greater compliment to the original lore than letting it sit around, to eventually be thrown out or completely, unrecognizably redone as so many other lore pieces from Aegis-Anthos were.
  6. The text in orange was the original lore in the Aengul section of the forums, and was what led me to being confused about the state of "Governance of Seasons". I would have included it in this rewrite, but felt that it was somewhat out of the current Aengudaemon lines. In old Aengudaemon lore, there was a lot more importance placed on there being few limiters, compared to newer lore. One of the hardest parts of writing this was trying to corral Wyrvun's pretty mysterious, expansive power set into something understandable to the average player, and which could, if necessary, be used as a baseline both for staff-run events and player-made lore pieces in the future. Since it's pretty cool and I'd hate for the old lore to outright disappear, I used the second half as a quote from a legend.
  7. In response to popular demand (and to prevent further escalation), all mention of Cernunnos has been removed in favor of further elaborating and expanding on Wyrvun's control of the cold. Extra response edit: Wyrvun's original lore, as written in many various forum posts and most easily found in benbo's, notes that Wyrvun was born to govern the cold. It was my mistake to include this concept so heavily. Long ago, in ancient times when the world was young and pure, the first snows of the Deep Cold arrived. At first, the mortal races who lived beneath them marvelled at their beauty but as years passed, the cold would not release its icy grip and it held tight as many would perish. The ground froze and crops would no longer grow, as warmth and firewood became ever scarcer. Soon enough, the creator looked upon the world with pity as he saw the suffering of his people. Though without the heart to destroy such a beautiful creation, it was something with the power to destroy all life and thus needed to be controlled. It was then that Wyrvun was created, the very embodiment of the ice cold winds and the frost that settled upon the ground. For he was the Lord of the Deep Cold and the elements of his realm each answered to his call. An Aengul of great power, at his command were all that made up the realm of ice. Such was his power that he could even contest many of the creator’s divine beings. His love for all that was of the Deep Cold was strong, and it pained him deeply that the mortal races of the world dreaded for it to begin and would soon celebrate its end.
  8. I'm not saying he bothers with the weather, but as one of the aspects that hold dominion over nature and govern the seasons, the matter of Wyrvun's title being "Lord of the Deep Cold" was one I felt should be addressed. It was meant to be a side note, honestly, and it doesn't affect any powers either have - note that I did not change any core aspects of Wyrvun, nor did I empower or weaken Cernunnos. All I did was provide a reason as to why Wyrvun is so often called the "Lord of the Deep Cold" and not "Lord of the Winter".
  9. There's a bit of a discrepancy here. I don't care about magic, and this has nothing to do with it. This is an attempt to keep Wyrvun from being shelved by releasing the event line lore (Which is now in there, and thus will be canon), giving him the Realm, the Symbols, and the other info that other updated Aengudaemons have, and making him a somewhat functional being with something more than what can only be called "Pre-Ondnarch" lore. This is also not what I intended. The reason I included mention of Cernunnos was to make clear what each was in control of - Wyrvun is the embodiment of snow and winter, Lord of the Deep Cold. "Governance", in the interpretation a dictionary offers, is the rulership of, and therefore I had to make a reason as to why Wyrvun is only ruler of a small section of winter. This should not have any contradictions with stated Cernunnos lore, and definitely should not be taken as some way to make Snow Elves hate druids. Snow Elves have any number of reasons to hate druids, but a different fact remains - Wyrvun would have lost control of Winter, and thus it would've passsed into Cernunnos' governance, upon his fall to Ondnarch. The Snow Elves were 'created", in the lore I wrote, after his resurrection. Even if they did hate the druids for it, there is a second fact - they can do nothing about it. Wyrvun does not even, necessarily, want them to do anything about it. It's just a fact in the past, that that "control" of Wyrvun's passed when he fell.
  10. We were looking at the Canon for the Aengudaemon, Cernunnos. Your thread is the Origins of Druidism. I was under the apparently mistaken impression that the Cernunnos lore was what we should be referring to when talking about what deities are the Aengul or Daemon of.
  11. I thought we were looking at the Aengudaemon lore.
  12. It didn't make sense to me that Wyrvun has always been, in every writing of him that I've found, called the "Lord of the Deep Cold", with dominion over everything frost and ice, and the Aengul of Winter is Cernunnos. My lore attempts to rectify that, by saying his control over the season is long gone, with the Aspect firmly in control. If you have a better solution, please tell me so we can work together to make everyone happy! You are taking his words and taking quite a mile with it. The aspects guard over the natural balance and nature itself. There isn't a 'well Wyvern had the winter season control then Cernunnos steps in once he's out of the way'. There's not even a comparison there. They don't even control ice and snow. Nature's seasons are apart of just that, nature. There's no ruling over such. This Aengul was known for his powers over the ice and snow. A way to fix it is to just not mention it at all given nothing is even compared here. It just seems very randomly placed in. Also, my understanding was that Cernunnos was the Aengul of Fall and Winter - it says it in their lore page. If that understanding is incorrect, I can omit any mention of Cernunnos, though it wouldn't make sense for Wyrvun to have lost control over that overarching idea of winter/the cold.
  13. Just a note, this is not a religion lore. I did not intend for it to be a religion lore, and I have a completely separate document for anything cultural. Even the Snow Elves are mentioned sparsely in this thread, because I wanted to modernize into a useable Aengul, losing as little of the original information on him (which is incredibly, incredibly sparse if you go to what is publicly available), Wyrvun. Here's the thread, that, if you'll notice, stops at The Chaining of Ondnarch. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/121441-wyrvun-aengul/