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  1. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    United Republic of Korea South Korea stood among the most advanced nations in many fields. Robotics, education, green living, digital culture. In 2019 that was halted by the infamous North Korean cyber attack. Now, with huge investments having been and continuing to be poured into the aftermath of the Northern Liberation, it returns to the path. Now, with huge industrial centers being built in the North, usable infrastructure, and the cutting edge technology of the South, the mines of what was once North Korea could be fully utilized toward that purpose. Government funding pours into the updating and expansion of the dilapidated mineral industry, finally putting to use the huge reserves of hundreds of different kinds of minerals hidden under the soil. [3 AP] With a 95% broadband connectivity in the South, the use of robotics to further society is a well-known wish of the Korean government. Research and programming centers funded by the government hire thousands of programmers, technicians, engineers, and even white-hat hackers that had been liberated from the Kim regime. Foremost among the newly founded institutes is 서울 전자 센터 (Seoul Jeonja Senteo, SJS), or Seoul National Electronics Center. The Korean elite, including such chaebol as Samsung and companies like LG, Hyundai and SK Telecom, are brought on in the effort to create Digital Household Assistants like more powerful, evolved versions of the Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Home. Commercial robotic household and teaching assistants, along with fully integrated household AI (with product compatibility, of course) and the resulting realization of the Internet of Things are the projects pursued by the government in this huge step towards the future. President Park's statement is "We wish for robotic household assistants to populate every apartment, for every school to utilize robotic teaching, and for every caretaker to be a robot by 2028." Any commercial-ready products are put on the shelf almost immediately. [2 AP] With the founding of the SJS, the governments of the United States of America and People's Republic of China are invited onto the robotics and integrated household AI efforts with the goal of furthering the world economically and technologically. The stated reason as to why these two countries are picked is historical relations and high standards of digital technological progress. The only other very robotics-inclined nation, Japan, is noticeably absent from this list for what the Korean government calls "a declaration that they are willing to declare war on a peaceful nation in their revocation of Article 9". [MOD] The Korean government issues condemnations of violence committed in the Middle East and Spain, and the threats of violence from the German government, along with another year of condemnation of Japan's revocation of Article 9. Furthermore, what seems to be a declaration the Russian leadership is declaring it a monarchy is heavily attacked by Korean politicians, with many calling for an international intervention by the powers and superpowers of the world and declarations of the necessity of democracy. [MOD, only on the Russian issue] National Economic Statistics Current GDP: 1,060,000,000,000 Current Economic Growth: 40,000,000,000 [Base 20 + Trade 10 + Growth 10] Finished progress towards next growth: [0/10] Finished growth counts: 1 Republic of Korea Army Active Personnel: 863,750 Reserve Personnel: 6,577,250 Tier 1 Craft: 406 Fighters 448 Attack Aircraft 348 Transports 273 Trainers 709 Helicopters 81 Attack Helicopters 2,654 Tanks 2,660 AFVs 1,990 SP Artillery 5,374 Towed Artillery 214 Rocket Projectors 1 Aircraft Carrier 15 Submarines 13 Frigates 12 Destroyers 16 Corvettes 70 Patrol Craft 11 Mine Warfare Craft 786 Merchant Marine Strength Tier 2 Craft: 115 Fighters 143 Attack Aircraft 25 Transports 42 Trainers 51 Helicopters 5 Attack Helicopters 1256 Tanks 1,025 AFVs 563 SP Artillery 1,075 Towed Artillery 600 Rocket Projectors 19 Submarines 3 Frigates 110 Patrol Craft 6 Mine Warfare Craft 40 Merchant Marine Strength
  2. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Korean Republic Infrastructure and healthcare were the first priorities of the Korean government. Next on the government's agenda is permanent economic growth. Investments by the government into the growth and creation of chaebol, or group-owned corporations, within North Korea begins. Sustainable energy, labor mechanization, and electronics receive subsidies in Northern provinces, even as media begins to penetrate with low-cost essentials and new jobs flooding into the north. The creation of Pyongyang universities and usage of it as a secondary hub begins, as well - companies are subsidized lightly for hosting their manufacturing centers in the greater Pyongyang area, reinvigorating and reinventing the once-communist stronghold. [5 AP, now at 10 towards growth]. Further statements by right-wing politicians mount as outcries by the 80% of Koreans that had already had negative views of Japan surge. Representative Tang Eu-Seun spoke on the matter to a crowd of thousands. "The Japanese have, by the pressure of their prime minister, revoked Article 9. All of Asia, even the Chinese, know this to be wrong. They have gone against decades of peaceful democracy and declared themselves a militant state in the eyes of all. I assure you, they believe themselves to be the natural rulers of Asia. This is not true. Even as I railed against their unwillingness to repent, they prepared a statement as if they did not commit those crimes. As if the massacres at Nanjing and across Korea did not occur. As if we are the greatest of friends because the Kim regime threatened both our nation's safeties. As if their killing my grandfather and his brothers, raping of hundreds of thousands of Koreans, and slaughtering of civilians as sport was a thousand years ago rather than a short enough time that we not hate them still, that our family trees are still marred by murder. I implore the People's Republic to intervene and once again bring stability to the Far Eastern region by enforcing the return of Article 9, or to encourage talks of it. If the Chinese are unwilling, even after they suffered a fate in many places worse than ours, know that we will ensure the Japanese are never in a position to repeat their atrocities." [MOD] Economic growth - 30,000,000,000 [Base + Trade] Current economy - 1,020,000,000,000
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Maltese Principalities A single man. A surreal meeting. An immutable truth. 1 AP - The new xylorite begins to be mined. I feel like I've heard this somewhere, a few times. 4 AP - Another colony ship. 1 AP - Scanning for a resource-rich world for said colony ship to be sent to. Please tell me there's something other than xylorite out there... 5 AP - The disruptor rifles are taken apart and analyzed for their knowledge, in the hopes of Malta being able to build ship-based disruptors. This is tentatively named Project LONGINUS. [5 AP Total] 2 AP - The Kalronian phasic rifles, a project once abandoned, are picked up once again, hoping for some clue into reproducing them. [3 AP Total] 10 AP - Project Star Trek, still attempting to find where no man has gone before. [40 AP Total] 0 AP - Maltese salesmen begin to travel the near galaxy, looking for somewhere to ply their rainbow fruit and xylorite wares. Their first attempts - the Ganvius and LC. 0 AP - The ~2,500 Kalronians that had been essentially confined to a residential sector on Rhodium are offered release. Alternatively, they are offered to stay on, as full citizens of the Principalities. It is argued that the world they had colonized was barren, destroyed by a human coalition no longer in existence. The world they now live on is lush, green, filled with the activity of many races. They would be given houses, farmland if they wished for those grains they had cultivated, their children entry into Malta's premier Academies, and stipends to boot. Staying on would also qualify them for a vote on citizen race status across the Accord.
  4. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Korean Republic Korea had been at war since 1950. Its people had slowly drifted apart, til they were almost distinct. Height, weight class, language. Everything had changed over those long 70 years. Now, however, the time for reunification had passed, and Korea could once again call itself a single nation. The fervor for updating the North has just begun. Almost all governmental funds not invested in infrastructure upkeep or current projects is put into the North - giving it the boost it so desperately needs. Academies updated to modern standards, hospitals built and roads paved. Dozens of new projects to employ those wallowing many that had been under the sole of the destructive Kim regime. Initiatives across South Korea to help the North begin, even as trains and cars cross the border for civilian use for the first time in generations. Those aging veterans of that war so long ago, and those that had been separated by the enormous wall communism had become, finally saw their families once again. Lovers, siblings, cousins. [5 AP to NORTHERN UPDATING] The road to a brighter future had been started upon, but more steps were required. Trade deals with Indonesia, Spain, Syria and Taiwan are accepted. "For the benefit of our industries and peoples alike," notes President Park. Even as the country comes together, some politicians, most far-right, begin anti-Japanese speeches. "For decades they oppressed us. For decades they raped our daughters, murdered our husbands, burned our lands. There is yet to be recompense. All of Asia has felt the pain caused by them, yet America spared them the righteous justice of the billions wronged. Even now they seek to rebuild their military by revoking Article 9 of their Constitution, which has so long been a central point in the peaceful governance of trade and relations between Japan and the rest of Asia. There must, and will, be consequences!" A fervor begins to spread in the lowest echelons, it seems.
  5. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Maltese Principalities 2 ap to the Han Dominion, as promised. The colony ship is sent out to parts unknown. ((Sector east of capital, unless it's already covered. then sector 2 north of it. place tc for me.)) 10 Ap on Project Star Trek (Now 30.) 10 AP on MD Device (Now 40.) An international missive goes out, noting the possibility of robotic attack. Maltese armies and it's navy is on high alert.
  6. Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): Korean Republic Leader Name: Lee Eun Ae Background, ensure it fits with game Background: The newly united Korean Republic moves into the new global era with a national identity essentially split in half. Those in the North are shorter, speak a language that can almost be considered completely separate, are often more lean, and gaze fearfully upon the world they have essentially been thrust to - that of the high rolling, fast-paced modernity that has held Seoul in rapture for decades. Those in the South, now, put their full effort into the drawing forward of those wayward brothers trapped by the fallen Kim regime. Do you Praise Pok: Praise pok
  7. Frost Witch Recruitment

    ill join!!!
  8. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Constitution of the Interstellar Accord Comprised of the four founding nations of The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The Star Republic of Edonia The United Canadian Front The Imperial Republic of Mankind These former nations have chosen to merge into a federated state for the continued prosperity and purity of will of its members. Each former nation will, in the rest of this document, be referred to as a Sovereignty. These Sovereignties will now all answer to the Accord’s governing body. Furthermore, upon the signing of this accord, certain founding entities are to be renamed. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta renamed to The Maltese Principalities. The Star Republic of Edonia renamed to the Republican Systems of Edonia. The United Canadian Front will be renamed to the Republic Star State of Kanata. The Imperial Republic of Mankind is renamed to the Imperial Provinces. The Accord is ruled by a governing Council, further made up of the High and Low Councils. Each Sovereignty has one member within the High Council and a number of members proportional to population in the Low Council. Every vote must pass both High and Low Council with at least 75% of the vote. For every 10,000 citizens of a Sovereignty, they are given 1 seat on the Low Council. The number of counselors and votes needed to pass will be updated in spans of time no longer than five years between. As of the drafting of this document, the numbers are as follows. The Maltese Principalities 98 Counselors The Republican Systems of Edonia 33 Counselors The Republic Star State of Kanata 33 Counselors The Imperial Provinces 73 Counselors Total 237 Counselors Votes needed to pass: 164 The Interstellar Accord should be viewed as one entity to deal with diplomatically and legally, but trade and certain politics are managed by each regional entity. The higher machinations of court and diplomatic policy will be implemented by the council. Furthermore, the following laws are hereby enacted effective immediately upon the ratification of each Sovereignty. The Accord and all of its Sovereignties will immediately sue for peace with any outstanding factions. Diplomacy except for minor affiliation, trade, and technological agreements is to be done with the consent of and through the Accord and its official channels. Declarations of war are to be done by the government of the Accord, as are any sues for peace. Guaranteed free trade between the Sovereignties of the Accord, civilian or governmental, and the approval of non-emergency and nonessential Quantum Anchor usage between the Sovereignties, to be moderated by the Department of Travel. The trade of goods harmful to bodies, such as chemicals and drugs, is allowed to be denied by individual Sovereignty governments from passing through their space. Sovereignty governments are allowed to further limit the rights and add laws to their space, but are not allowed to revoke rights given within this document. The sharing of rare resources and materials between all member Sovereignties in order to improve fleet and national readiness. Freedom of information between the governments of the Sovereignties of the Accord. The dedication of resources to be decided upon in future by vote of the Council to the welfare and improvement of the Accord. The integration into a single military umbrella, meaning the combination of all arms within the Accord upon declaration of war. Any criminals of one Sovereignty fleeing into another will be returned upon capture to be tried in the Sovereignty in which they committed the crime. The creation of a standard educational code, to be named the Galactic Standard for Education (GSE). All academic institutions built and to be built will be brought up to and surpass the current galactic standard of education in any fields and curriculum taught. Any new standard-level information will be shared between the member Sovereignties of the Accord. In addition, all friendly nations in the galaxy are asked to send any basics in all fields, and a call to any citizens with educational background is sent across Accord space. The unification of bottom-line policies between the sovereignties. Current bottom line policies include the following: No genocides committed towards citizen, friendly, or affiliated races of the Accord. The equal treatment of all citizen races of the Accord, and freedom of movement of all citizen races between the Sovereignties. As of the ratification of this document, citizen races include the following: Human Ganvius Ascardian Da’nor Tjieran Ceri Skellar Libellan Any mixes between the races. As of the ratification of this document, the following mixes, henceforth referred to as “Multi”s, exist within Accord space: Human-Tjieran Human-Da’nor Human-Ascardian Tjieran-Ascardian Ascardian-Da’nor Upon the birth of a new race of Multi, that interbred species will be given immediate citizen race status, no vote needed. For a new alien race to be considered citizen, a vote must otherwise be taken, with 50% approval in the High Council and vote of 139 in the Low Council, to be changed if the number of Low Council members change. Furthermore, upon the ratification of this document, all current citizens of each member Sovereignty is to also be made a Class I citizen of the Accord. Citizenship is to be split into three classes, designated I, II, and III. Class I citizens are afforded all rights; Class II subject to additional laws including but not limited to federation inspection and requiring renewal of visa every five years for the first twenty before being upgraded to a Class I; Class III, labelled as a “Worker's’ citizenship”, subject to further additional laws and to require renewal of visa every year for the first five before being upgraded to a Class II. Any Class I citizens or lower found to be in violation of Accord laws is subject to degradation of citizenship level and subsequent deportation or other punishment. All offspring of a Class I citizen is afforded immediate Class I citizenship. Any offspring of a Class II citizen is afforded immediate Class I citizenship. Any offspring of a Class III citizen is afforded immediate Class II citizenship. Offspring citizenships are counted as having been activated on the date of their birth, at 12:59 PM Accord Time, set tentatively to the 26-hour Rhodium cycle. Noncitizens, those that have lived in Accord space for a span of time less than five years, require worker’s visas or permits, which can be applied for in Accord governmental offices or embassies. The Interstellar Accord will furthermore extend the wish to establish embassies to the following states [MOD]: Confederation of Xaplonius Tassaran Republic Ceri Collective Backhatta Hive Skellar Kingdom Republic of Galaron Tjieran Principate Ascardian Principate Protorian Council Grand Alliance Libellan Union Ganvius Nation Redon Imperium Karass Dominion Upon establishment of an embassy, the following races will be given citizen race status: Redon Karass Galaron Grgl Backhatta Protorian Tassarean Furthermore, any nation that wishes for an embassy may forward a request to the Accord Council for the creation of an embassy and citizen race status within the Accord. The creation of a single Government of the Accord, to be called the Accord Council. Each Sovereignty shall contribute to this government, which will tentatively be located in the House of Rhodium, First District, Second-Fifth Levels on the capital world of the Maltese Principalities, Rhodium. This government will be separated into Departments, each led by a Board Director. Board Directors are to be chosen by whichever Sovereignty is in charge of the department, as follows: Department of Education (Board Director: Maltese Principalities) Department of Travel (Board Director: Maltese Principalities) Department of the Interior (Board Director: Imperial Provinces) Department of Sciences (Board Director: Imperial Provinces) Department of War The Department of War will further be separated into the following; The Interstellar Accord Combined Army (IACA) (Board Director: Republic Star State of Kanata), to be led by the Marshal of the Accord. Qualifications for Marshal include, but are not limited to, the induction as a Five Star General within one of the Sovereignties, and ten or more years of military experience. The Interstellar Accord Combined Navy (IACN) (Board Director: Republican Systems), to be led by the Fleet Admiral of the Accord. Qualifications for Fleet Admiral include, but are not limited to, the induction as an Admiral within one of the Sovereignties, and fifteen or more years of military experience. Any sweeping departmental changes are to be passed by vote on the Council, and any funding to particular departments will also experience such. Signed, The Sovereign Military Order of Malta The Star Republic of Edonia The United Canadian Front The Imperial Republic of Mankind Seventh of God's Graces, 25:16 RT 2142
  9. this is what ive been doing since i retired from most of my staff teams. more to come, and if you have a request message me and i might be able to help they usually take me about an hour and since im bored out of my mind otherwise this will be a free service i only do lineless vectors, don't ask me for vectors with lines in them because you'll be rejected and i think it looks cooler this way anyways rn i also only do cell shaded because i got the program a couple of days ago so i cant figure out how to configure gradients
  10. eWoTIPN.png


    i took up vectoring yesterday, fear me.

  11. [Player Report] Devvy

    this is my turf rukio u dont control me lock her up!
  12. [Player Report] Devvy

    the first two fm posts on this thread were attacks both on me and the playerbase as a whole. they tried to remove my freedom of speech and i am telling you guys right now that i will fight for our freedom.
  13. help the evil staff are trying to remove my ability to speak to the masses

  14. [Player Report] Devvy

    Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) @devvy @Harold @The Pink Lion Everyone that devvy has cyberbullied, including but not limited to @Devland99 @Quackers @Pureimp10 @NJBB @Eggles the Beagles @Disheartened @Legoboy7984 @HurferDurfer1 @floop @yopplwasupxxx @Aeldrin @Esry @Hero_Prodigy @mitto @rukio @Dabliusmaximus Rule(s) Broken: (Cite the rule(s) being broken.) Cyberbullying, rule abuse, harassment, and other antagonistic behaviour will get you banned. Even if you break no rules, we reserve the right to prevent you from using our services. ; Write constructively, and in good-spirit of our community. You may not get along, and you may not respect everyone, but you must behave civilly. ; The staff is here to help. We volunteer ourselves to this community out of love and a desire to see it succeed. If you have issues with any of us please contact an administrator. ; Use common sense. You are responsible for helping build a serious roleplay environment. Evidence: (Link all relevant evidence.) this just shows that devvy doesn't care about the community as a staff member, and that she really doesn't behave civilly. i was trying to get the word out on my lm bias and this girl instantly comes in and tries to steal my skin. thats also staff impersonation which used to be a rule but i couldnt find it in the rules section so i cited common sense. i tagged flamboyant and harold because they were witnesses to devvy cyberbullying me. This is just one of many offenses - I've tagged many people that have seen her abuse both on teamspeak, in game, and on the forums. here's some more evidence much more but my internet is kinda slow so i couldnt keep going through her activity threads Proof of Attempted Resolution: (Link proof that you’ve attempted to resolve this before you posted this report.) she's really hurt both my feelings and i feel the feelings of many of the people of this good server. please help me save lotc society. please like and post a +1 if you think corrupt child army fm devvy should be removed. edit: Also if this topic is hidden it's because she removed it out of bias. Be warned. edit 2: the pictures had to be removed but the knowledge of the masses that devvy has attacked still stands!