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  1. spawn me in items 

    1. von_Aesterwald


      do i look like a dwarf gm

  2. big man tom how r the gains

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    2. Freischarler
    3. Tommy Shmurda

      Tommy Shmurda


    4. Ford


      i want to thank tommy, when i started lifting i could only do the bar for reps but now im doing 185, major props for the inspiration tommy bless

  3. hey carl hope yorue doing well 

    1. Freema


      hey, pop me a text 

  4. i heard youre a real big guy now around these parts

  5. Babe, come back, I need that good white rose **** 

    1. Tommy Shmurda

      Tommy Shmurda

      okay but i need a sheepskin condom none of that cheap ****

    2. CosmicWhaleShark


      I don't spot with that scrub latex **** don't you worry mayn

  6. Username: sheumgal Character: Robby the Rake
  7. oren needs to reform the salvus

    shields it is the only clear path to victory

    1. Snoop


      I agree, and i'll be there to take the lead once more. Ave Salvania!

    2. lev


      salvus shields kicked shambo out for being too good at pvp haha ;-3

    3. Braxis


      Give the crown of Salvus back to Redbaron or Agnub what could go wrong? Just keep that acursed and STD riddled thing away from me.

  8. where do i submit my villain application ????

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    2. Ford


      oh **** 


      yo i just wanted to let you know that it was you who started making me lift


      5 months and going strong, gains are very visible much love 

    3. lev
    4. Tommy Shmurda

      Tommy Shmurda

      glad to hear youre lifting ford use those uber black genetics

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