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Tommy Shmurda

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  1. probably the single most qualified person to be on the magic team, more so than most of the people on the magic team now even. put some respek on chaq's name +1
  2. Brother Oratio continues his prayer in the Cathedral of the Dawning Flame, proud of his brother's for what they have accomplished.
  3. hes a bad man +1
  4. rip burger fund
  5. excellent minority +1
  6. good guy +1
  7. An armored Westerland's Soldier pipes up, "For Humanity, for Bastion." As he polishes his new found Black Ferrum axe.
  8. gonna have to give a hardcore no on this one
  9. height : 5'9 weight : 170 lbs Max bench : 315 lbs x 1 (havent maxed out in a while cuz messed up shoulders) Max incline : 225 lbs x 5 (havent tried maxing out b/c messed up shoulders) Max deadlift : 495 lbs x 1 Max squat : lol Curls : 135 x 1 best mile : 6:40 back when I was wrestling sports : boxing and wrestling @Imam Faiz Kharadeen
  10. here we go again i just wanted to say hello to everyone and have a nice day before everyone starts getting mad
  11. very nice artwork man +1
  12. i have nothing against anyone just dont be rude to me and i wont be rude to you love you all
  13. John "i swear im afk" d'amaury
  14. Alright I'm all charged up Humanity is sieged. The chosen race of the Creator Himself, conquerors of the world and builders of the greatest cities known to the world, is assaulted by a coalition of the non-human opportunists and ambitious schismists; from the unrighteous snow elves, squabbling in their filth and wringing their hands for another to betray for meager coin, to the barbaric orcs, thirsty for only blood and female slaves. This pact, this band cares not for the well-being of any virtuous man, wanting only their selfish desires for fame, power, or wealth, disregarding all true morality. Nearly two centuries ago, it was all of mankind’s duty to protect her nation and her monarch from the non-human threat which lingers on the borders. But sect of man was a zealous and fierce in this duty as the famed Kaedrenis- strict martial code and burning faith emboldened them into new heights, subjecting the elves to human law in mere months and never losing a single battle upon the field. None more famous than the Chivay brothers, Thomas and Peter, tactful generals who defended both the faith of man and protected Oren’s borders against the foreign hordes. However now, a decorated Kaedrini general has been called to defend humanity once again. With the reformation of the order of the Flaming Rose, Grandmaster Tom the Old has already begun recruiting old comrades, sons of former Roses, and any who would heed the call to defend humanity against the race traitors that dare call themselves human. The Orenian Empire is strong and shall not fall to outside forces. The sword arm of an Orenian is blessed by GOD himself. The human race has continue to look toward Oren as their beacon of hope- and a beacon of hope it shall be. Like the Rose that burns upon the tabard of humanity’s newest defender- so too shall the traitors against humanity burn on the fields of battle and for all eternity. Daddy is home. [Thank you to yoppl<33333]
  15. "youre really asking for me to butt blast you, arent you" says ser tom the old