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  1. Tommy Shmurda

    Sultan_Mogroka, The_Sultan, 7lo's Lore Master Application

    not white -1
  2. Tommy Shmurda

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Ebonsquire's ET Application

    white rose POC +1
  3. Tommy Shmurda

    The MANTICORE Initiative

    Username: sheumgal Character: Robby the Rake
  4. Tommy Shmurda

    Gang Gang

    meme me hard daddy
  5. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]Wolf's Global Moderator Application

    lotc needs a gm outsider to #draintheswamp and stop all these immigrants from joining #BuildTheApplicationWall
  6. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied] Chaqery's Magic Team App

    probably the single most qualified person to be on the magic team, more so than most of the people on the magic team now even. put some respek on chaq's name +1
  7. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]Tirenas' Game Moderator Application

    hes a bad man +1
  8. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]Leric's GM App

    excellent minority +1
  9. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]rd. 2

    good guy +1
  10. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]cruzazul8's GM application #6

    filthy raev scum
  11. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]Ark's GM App

    he has the full support of rosenberg co
  12. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]Ark's GM App

    oh yaaa +1
  13. Tommy Shmurda

    [Denied]yekim7 gm app

    yeah sure
  14. Tommy Shmurda

    Golds Gym

    does anyone in this thread actually lift weights