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Tommy Shmurda

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  1. i log onto the forums after two weeks and see this faiz youre a mad man
  2. Username: sheumgal Character: Robby the Rake
  3. straight facts
  4. meme me hard daddy
  5. Join these proud and strong men. Owyn wills it.
  6. lotc needs a gm outsider to #draintheswamp and stop all these immigrants from joining #BuildTheApplicationWall
  7. probably the single most qualified person to be on the magic team, more so than most of the people on the magic team now even. put some respek on chaq's name +1
  8. Brother Oratio continues his prayer in the Cathedral of the Dawning Flame, proud of his brother's for what they have accomplished.
  9. hes a bad man +1
  10. rip burger fund
  11. excellent minority +1
  12. good guy +1
  13. An armored Westerland's Soldier pipes up, "For Humanity, for Bastion." As he polishes his new found Black Ferrum axe.
  14. gonna have to give a hardcore no on this one
  15. very nice artwork man +1