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  1. LotC has changed a lot in the years, especially in terms of RP quality and style. I think the suggested additions to the form are welcomed as it hearkens back to the application process of 2011, 2012, and 2013 which effectively produced much of the community today. But some things do make it appear a bit lengthy, which could go well or push people away who really just want to get in and get a taste of the RP. I think it should be kept in mind that players coming onto LotC do not need to be seasoned roleplayers. I also don’t think anyone is ever “qualified” to roleplay – we all had to learn som
  2. Hello, folks, I was requested by a former member of our community, Salamandra, to do him a favor. This guy is a truly old RPer and character here on LotC with an outstanding persona and character about him. Not so long ago, though, he found it was his time to take a necessary leave from the server. He recently concluded a complete autobiography of his character's entire history from Aegis to Vailor, and has asked me to post it to LotC as an official piece of writing to be viewed by the player-base. This extensive reading can be found through the following link to a Google doc: https://doc
  3. Please keep the comments relevant and disregard past RP issues. This is a lore proposal. As for making the magic more accessible - I agree very much with Booklight and with Cmack. And as I mentioned in the first few sentences of this lore proposal, the magic is underway to reaching more people. By no means will it become something that can spread like wildfire across the Druids. It is meant to sort of be a "rite of passage" like thing for Druids who have devoted their time to the Aspects, Druidism, etc. That's an entirely in-character traditional aspect of this lore, however, and a
  4. Druidic Shapeshifting is a secretive magic that, for a long time since its creation, was exclusive to the point that it almost went inactive as a magic. Lately, through in-game efforts, the magic has begun efforts at expanding to reach more Druids of experience and dedication to the RP. There has always been a feeling about the current Shapeshifting lore that some of its restrictions are unreasonable and doesn't allow the magic room to expand. Since efforts have begun to revive the magic in-game, I thought this would be a good time to propose a few minor additions and tweaks to the magic.
  5. I support this alteration on the grounds that it gets rid of direct healing - a thing which should have never been added in Athera and which I have constantly opposed. HOWEVER, I think an edit should be in charge regarding the wooden limbs. Druids with the Control of Nature subtype can make the limbs, BUT only other Druids with that subtype would be able to make use of these limbs with the magic. I think Druids with the Nature's Healing subtype should be able to make the limbs useable for even non-Druids, as the way I have always RP'd it as Callax involves a specific remedy and ble
  6. There was a great and powerful Druid. He walked the wood with his gnarled staff and ancient wisdom, and with each step his energies encouraged the flora around him to flourish. He was a true soul of the forest; his great longing not to live in the company of others yet to spend an eternity serving the Aspects of Nature in any way he could. This Druid was clever-his mind was sharp and he knew that his body was just a vessel for his soul which connected all Nature in some way. With this in mind he traveled the forests, the plains, the rolling green hills spread with verdure, and h
  7. I don't mean to talk in circles, but even after your previous post, I still must say that the end result is, basically, Druidism. I'll also go into further detail and relate with examples. There is a different method to achieve the magical feats, sure, but the appearance is Druidism. Druids "nurture plants and affect their growth using the Fay to produce hard, gnarled barks and resource enriched plants to be cultivated for domestic use as well as defensive use." The Fayen act much like a similar ability of the Druids as sort of "tree-guardians," only, we call them Treants.
  8. I like the lore and the concept, to be honest. However, looking at the magic, it is much too close to Druidism. The only access to controlling Nature in any way (even to the slightly lesser extent than Druidism that you have in this lore) is only accessible through being attuned to Nature through Druidism. I don't have qualms with adding more kinds of magic, but this isn't unique enough. The Nature domain (commanding animals and growing plants/ tree-like golems) is taken care of by Druid magic, and Necromancy already controls corruption. Yeah, the methods are slightly different and this magic
  9. In-game name: Werbles Roleplay name: Callax Skype (PM if desirable): dylan.judy Do you belong to any other guilds (and if so, which?): Yes, the Druidic Order. Note: I wonder that should I obtain a coat, might I tailor it to a green; the color is more my flavour. Ah, and I have a hat.
  10. My thoughts are similar to Stobohobo's... It seems as if you are incorporating a variety of different magics into this one idea you have, and it wouldn't be favorable to the RPers of those particular magics that some of your ideas may intrude upon. I can't say that I'm a fan of this lore; it should be more unique.
  11. how ya been bro?!

    1. Salamandra


      Bad he's a druid.

  12. Callax sits back in a rocking chair he formed from the roots of a tree; he holds the leather-bound tome in his hands. The roots creak sotly as he rocks back and forth and reads the tale with a faint and amused grin. Upon completing the story, he closes the book softly and rests it on his lap, just against his staff. With a distant gaze into the forest, he strokes a spindly hand over his beard and ponders over his love for both goats and tales. He examines the conclusion and introduction of the tome for an author's name, but can't seem to find one. "I think I'll keep a copy of this one," he thi
  13. I think this would add for a very pleasant, enjoyable and immersive aspect to RP. +1 You better make Callax's memorial some wind chimes out of these!
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