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  1. Cruz ©


    Conrad de Falstaff reads the missive within Leuven, frowning at the news. “Myre was truly a man of the people. I hope he shall soon get well. He is the Prince we need, but sadly, not the one we deserve.”
  2. Cruz ©

    Crow Chronicles, Vol. 4

    Conrad attains a copy of the paper whilst drinking piña coladas in his summer cottage, noting the information pertaining to the last years’s Duma. He’d pen a reply to the office of the Chronicle. “The duelist was my cousin, Armand de Falstaff. The County of Leuven also seeks to take an ad out to spread word of the newest Inn within the Kingdom, Helbruke; an Inn at the Crossing.”
  3. Cruz ©

    Unionization of Farmers

    Conrad de Falstaff offers his seal of approval to the burgeoning class within Leuven.
  4. Cruz ©


    Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven pens his trademark upon the missive
  5. Cruz ©

    [Lazio] Charter Application

    As a Neapolitan man I must inform you that Lazio CF is my mortal enemy, i -1 signature because of this
  6. Cruz ©

    Servant for HIRE

    Conrad peruses over the notice, contemplating his need for a proper servant. He quickly scribes a note in reply “Salut Madam Kimbler! My estate is in need of a trusted hand, one with the skills you claim to have. If you would like to speak business I would be happy to meet you within Reza.” -Conrad de Leuven
  7. Cruz ©

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: cruzazul8 IC Name: Reginald P. Bronson Residancy/ Street name, number: 3 Sigmund’s Ct.  Class/ Title: Citizen/Soothsayer
  8. Cruz ©

    [Denied]Arteh's World Developer Application

    Arteh did some gd things to axios +1
  9. Cruz ©

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Gawain mulls over the most recent applications with a smile, penning a reply to each as he does every aspiring adventurer. “Come to the FirstLight Tavern in Belvitz to be interviewed!” -Gawain d’Auvergne
  10. Cruz ©

    [Varendozian Bounty] Goblins of Ardes

    The bounty has been successfully completed by a large group of Copper Class Adventurers!
  11. Cruz ©


    “Truly a city to behold! Our law is so advanced, no other city can even fathom the magnamity of our precepts.” Gawain comments, inspired by the complexity of the ducal law.
  12. Cruz ©

    [Denied]Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    I am surprised to see this if I’m honest, I did not know you were back stevie. For those that do not know the infamous white rose menace, Steven has been a shining example of what this server is about for as long as I can remember. He is a fantastic role player and a very good dude. Massive +1 from me!
  13. Cruz ©

    On The Anti-Pontificate

    “This is getting spicy.” Gawain would quip, enjoying his spicy cevapi as he watches the chaos ensue.
  14. The bounty has been completed and the rewards given out! Congratulations to the first of the copper class adventurers to quell the threat!
  15. Cruz ©

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Gawain begins to read through the onslaught of applicants, quickly penning a reply to each of them separately. “Your applications have been APPROVED! Please head to the second floor of the First Light Tavern in Belvitz to begin your interview. Look for the man with the cross on his tabard and a funky face.” -Gawain d’Auvergne