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  1. From across the sea an aged man catches word of the succession a few months later. With a content nod he returns to his elven harem, delighted by the events afar. He contemplates a return, but soon returns to a drunken stupor, quickly forgetting all together.
  2. “They never learn do they?” A long forgotten man asks himself, happy to see the orcish menace put to sword once again.
  3. Francis applauds the Basirid family’s diligent work, pinning down a slew of parchments to accompany the initiative. “I found this in the Palace’s library, I hope the new staff follow it!”
  4. “Maybe if they try hard enough we’ll let them raid our cookie jars.” Adil would quip, going back to tending his gardens.
  5. Dwarves pls unban me from your discord I fite for Uruguay 

    1. Padre_Tales


      TRAAAIIITOR! *swings*

    2. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      Die Chilean scum 🇺🇾 

  6. The winter soldier finally melts : (
  7. Doone, the friendly wood elf botanist supports his Aldin friend in his political endeavors!
  8. Adil Amos smiles, very proud to be an Acolyte to such a magnanimous, God-fearing papacy.
  9. Adil looks over the advert, penning a quick application in earnest. Name: Adil Amos Race: Farfolk Gender: Male Intent on joining (Temporary/Full time): If temporary, how long do you intend to stay?: Full time, I agree to all aspects of monastic life If full time, do you agree to taking on all aspects of the monastic life? Do you agree to follow the rules of the Monastery? Yes Habibi
  10. Conrad frowns at the predicament, although understanding of the Vesnians cowardice. “It is quite remarkable how quickly this new Prince can **** up this wonderful city. I think we might be seeing the end of the beautiful metropolis that was the Golden City.”
  11. Mate that’s certainly not the argument you should be driving at. There is a lot wrong with this server but the ban length on erping is definitely not the problem. The server could get in legitimate legal trouble if it allowed people to openly cyber. Not to mention the high amount of minors that play in this community. You’re asking for trouble when you start acting nonchalantly about **** like that.
  12. Conrad could not be prouder for his friend. “The boy is finally a man, let’s just hope in the future he learns to hold his liquor!”
  13. Huh weird it’s almost like this is a roleplaying server
  14. Conrad signs with a toothy grin.
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