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  1. B

    miss u..

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      Cruz ©

      ❤️ ? ? 

  2. Big balls attacking football...

    Quietly confident

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      Confidence shattered

    2. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      You can thank ol loris for that one ???

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      Some events in life leave you speechless. Bumzema's goal was one of those.

  3. give my friend @Ser Paul Ryan his forum account back or the hostages die

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      hey im back btw

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      Cruz ©

      god bless lark add me on discord cruz#1553


  4. violino is very chill and hard working. She would definitely improve the ET if added. +1
  5. Cruz ©

    The Adrian Proclamation of 1661

    The young king Karl gets word of this missive from his page, quickly penning a reply to the reformed duchy. “If you wish to speak of this at a crow’s moot or with me in private I would gladly partake, diplomacy has been long forgotten in this realm. I am not replying to this mass sent missive bureaucracy. Your people forget that my ancestors helped fight to protect Adria, whilst Renatus, savoy, and the like schemed to see it destroyed.” Karl II
  6. Cruz ©

    [Denied]FlyingHalfMast's Game Moderator Application

    decent dood w/ good family values +1
  7. Seannie is a quality role player. Although we have not always seen eye to eye in the past I cannot discredit his roleplay. +1
  8. Pvp? 

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    2. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      orcs not wanting to pvp? what is wrong with this world????

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      lmao you right

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      we can pvp at the warclaim on Saturday, cruz!

  9. Cruz ©

    Citizenry of Hanseti-Ruska

    Another missive is posted below the bulletin "The palace is seeking a wide assortment of staff, ranging from maids to chefs to blacksmiths. If you are in need of work and/or housing please speak to a city official."
  10. how'd you get so many followers @Cruz ©

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      oh i only have 12.... yet you have 76

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      gotta step ur game up jakub more like jascrub

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  11. sup

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      G R E A T. Just got accepted to a pilot career program out of PDK

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      Good ****. We need to play some osrs sometime

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  12. i am in DREAMLAND

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      dw you'll have the europa league next year

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      Cruz ©

      guaranteed win in europa league we dont lose that

      last 6 yrs chelsea has a CL 3 Prems and a europa league with some fa and carling cups speckled in there, what has liverpool done? :>)

    4. Dreek


      not been managed by borinho

  13. I am also a region owner of Haense. I can also confirm that Kevin should’ve had access to the citizen doors. It is my fault that he wasn’t on them. Unban shaq!

    1. Doggedwasupxxx


      wow when i thought we could come up with names for Lord of the Craft stuff. Yet I was wrong..... 

  15. United Southern Alliance (U.S.A.) For generations, the men of Norland and Haense have waged war across the realms. In the wake of the aggressions suffered at the hand of the Kingdom of Renatus and her allies, we of the signatory parties recognize our differences, but we chose instead to highlight our similarities and form a new bond to build upon so that we may regain the trust of one another and preserve for our children the greatest gift that we can offer, peace. And let this document serve as a stepping stone on the path to a realm where Haense, Norland and Haelun’or may live in peace, without fear of insurrection, or war. A cruel winter it had been for the otherwise comfortable people of Markev. The bustling city, once no stranger to the eyes of eager merchants and desperate immigrants from far away lands, had been left in desolate solitude. But high above the empty streets streamers of black and gold still wave vibrantly in the course of the Southern wind, carrying on with their unsung duties as bearers of the colors. Left ungoverned by royalty, unprotected by an army, and abandoned by their faith, the remainder of the people of Markev sought to prepare their stand against those tyrants who would have them governed and protected from palaces in far away lands— a life more fit for cattle than mankind. Rather than accept a fate of servitude, these free and civilized people chose instead to risk their lives— sacrificing the comforts of conformity— to pursue greater liberty. The silver spires of the Mali’aheral stand anointed over the Sohaerate, only the blue and white flags wavering in the cruel plateau winds. The high elves and their Kharajyr allies rest comfortably in their luxurious taverns, yet an air of darkness settles over the peoples. Death has struck this city more then once, and it’s presence is wholly known. Yet, piercing the veil of black arises a new light; hope. The beginning of yet another legacy is beginning to arise amongst purity and silver, and the true elvendom is willing to take it. Along the rocky islands of the Norlandic realm, the men of the rock and swamp continue to make the necessary preparations to defend their homelands against those who would wish to see their countrymen slaughtered, their cities pillaged, and their families enslaved. The knowledge that others join them in combating such an overwhelming menace is a much-needed boost to these men’s spirits. While the world at large may condemn the men of Norland, it is a true blessing that others are willing to rise above the mist of confusion and see clearly what these men stand for... -The signatory parties will agree to take no hostile actions against one another until the dissolution of the alliance. -The signatory parties will agree to formally accept all denizens of each others realm with open arms and without pause. -The signatory parties will agree to come to one another’s aid should threat impose upon any of the three states. -The signatory parties shall agree to engage in free trade amongst one another until the dissolution of the alliance. -The signatory parties will agree to mutually ensure that each signatory nation has the full freedom to follow its own laws, culture, traditions, religion, and choose its own leaders. Ser Adalwulf of House Horen, Lord Protector of the Grey Marsh and the Salt Seas His Majesty the King Karl II Marius of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Akovia, Krajia and Aldersburg, Margrave of Rothswald and Adria, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Vsenk, Valwyk, Rostig, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Lord of Markev, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera Ah’Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Cenwall Maeyr’onn of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii, Guided by Larihei’s Grace in his Blessed Rule, Laurir and Malaurir of Mali’thill, Sovereign of the High Elven People, Protector of Silver Law and Overseer of the Kharajyr State. His Majesty Godden I of the House Ruric King of Norland and Chieftain of the Norlandic People, Jarl of Ruriksgrad, Jarl of Jornburg, Jarl of Ashwood, Jarl of Smol'Krag, Jarl of Foldgrad, Defender of the Red Faith and Bulwark of the Norlandic People. Medi’ir of the Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Arelion Laurir’ante of the Laurir’ante Talonnii. Okarir’sil of the Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Edred Maeyr’onn of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii. His Lordship, Rolan of the House Kovachev; Duke of Carnatia, Count of Kovachgrad, Turov and Kvaz