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  1. Cruz ©

    On The Anti-Pontificate

    “This is getting spicy.” Gawain would quip, enjoying his spicy cevapi as he watches the chaos ensue.
  2. Cruz ©

    [Varendozian Bounty] Nordengrad Deserters

    The bounty has been completed and the rewards given out! Congratulations to the first of the copper class adventurers to quell the threat!
  3. Cruz ©

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Gawain begins to read through the onslaught of applicants, quickly penning a reply to each of them separately. “Your applications have been APPROVED! Please head to the second floor of the First Light Tavern in Belvitz to begin your interview. Look for the man with the cross on his tabard and a funky face.” -Gawain d’Auvergne
  4. Cruz ©

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Gawain notices a familiar name in the applicants, quickly scribing a letter to send to the de Sarkozy. ”Due to your preexisting history in the County you have been accepted and enlisted as a Copper Class adventurer. Make your way to Chateau d’Auvergne to begin your adventure!”
  5. Cruz ©

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Gawain mulls over the most recent applicant. ”Your application has been APPROVED. We will send word with a time for the interview.”
  6. Cruz ©

    [Varendozian Bounty] Goblins of Ardes

    Gawain enlightens those interested with his based logic “Take heed with these vile creatures, they’ve a pack mentality and have proven quite resourceful, despite their dimwittedness.”
  7. Cruz ©

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Gawain begins preparations to indoctrinate all Belvitzan children into the guild.
  8. Cruz ©

    Hello friends

    Haha love u giam #UpAuvergne #haxballgod
  9. Cruz ©

    The Firstlight Tavern Council

    Gawain approves of the triumvirate ”Buncha legends those three are”
  10. Happy Chanukah friendos

  11. Full Name: Gawain d’Auvergne City of Residency: Belvitzia Year of Birth: 1654 Address: County of Auvergne
  12. Gawain smiles as the city continues to thrive “Let’s hope this barkeep isn’t stingy with drinks!”
  13. Cruz ©

    Announcement of Candidacy, 1693

    Gawain pours out a 40 for his good FRIEND and liege Legoboy “A vote for Henrik is a vote for HAENSE!”
  14. Cruz ©

    knox213's Game Moderator Application

    Ffs how is this not accepted yet
  15. There was once a time when a little wolfkite was nothing more than a screamer in ts, I will take some responsibility for his past spergery as I egged it on but what I have seen from wolfkite for the past year or two has been completely different. I think he’s really grown into a capable leader and a valued member of this hallowed mineman community. +1