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  1. owo onichan whats that thing in your pants?

  2. Hytale’s probably only going to release mid 2021 or something... feelsbadman


    We’ve previously said that Hytale will be ‘ready when it’s ready’ because we’re serious about providing the community with a game that meets their expectations. We can now be a little more specific. Factoring in the scale of the project and the high bar we want to hit, we’re planning for Hytale to be playable by everyone in 2021.”



    1. nevy40


      In their latest updates they did indeed say they’re shooting for mid 2021 as they want time to perfect their product due to the immense hype.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Launching later and being a fully functional game is better than having a half-finished product earlier tbh. I think they’re doing the right thing by giving themselves so much time to work on Hytale.

  3. Boons can work if there’s no way for players to min-max them, maybe give a blessing with a curse at the same time?
  4. Sign-Up Format Mcname: sandk1ng Talent: logging in every time in a week for creative cafe
  5. What about my current warning points then? And what happens now once I reach a certain threshold of points? How do I appeal my points? Do my warning points vanish with time?
  6. I think its funny how the server has so many issues but the biggest problem is talking about politics on OOC chat. There’s /chat leave ooc for that, you know :) Use politician pictures to fight back opression #FreeHongKong
  7. politics are ruining lotc

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      donald trump best president 2k19 btw global warming is a chinese myth

  8. Company of Heroes 2 is free on Steam for 3 hours

  9. What defines a mage is about how much he min-maxes, how many magics he keeps and how much he brings in to the table when it comes down to RP. If a mage min-maxes, he’s already bad to me, because it’s the main character syndrome where you need to be the most powerful for no actual reason, like everyone else. I’d say the older the player is in the mage scenario, the worse they are when it comes down to powergaming, because they’ll refuse to lose just because they’re the 235th gandalf that is destined to kill balrog and they can’t lose to subpar roleplayers that didn’t roleplay time enough Mages that have 3-4 magics but only use one and bring no benefits to roleplay besides using it to 1v10 people are bad too using robes and flexing your magic for no reason is also bad.
  10. I’ve been very innactive lately, coming back and forth, but I still lurk on the forums because of Travista and random posts every once and then, I like to make memes to voice my concerns but I really feel like anything is actually never heard. I mean, there’s the Telanir’s periodic posts that comes out every once in four months, but I hardly ever see any of the issues solved or acted on. Feedback effects are hardly noticed besides a change of view, there’s hardly any reciprocity, stuff is left pending for years and sometimes admins just decides to ignore you when you shoot a PM and replies are often one-sided, which has been the issue 70% of the time in my time trying to interact with them. So, I don’t know. I’ve decided to write down what I think that can be easily have action taken on, with a candy ontop of it, and will make the server better, but at the same time I also do know that this won’t have any effects, I just hope to inspire people or something. Anyone within any of these teams can actually do this, you don’t need to be in a position of leadership to ask your manager and support him (or have him support you) to do this stuff. Story Team hardly has any effect on the entire context of the server. I think that the story team could work together to make a larger scale event, where every story team member can be put to work, such as splitting work to give a better effect and deliver something to the playerbase which has been lacking since September Prince (aka an antag) and that Ice Castle event with the bad dark guys from last map, White Order or something. I mean, there were possibly mistakes or things that went wrong with the entire eventline, but that could be used to make an actual event line, maybe even a handful of 3 or 4 or one person could do it The story writers plan the entire history (or one), the builders will go and build some cool stuff, maybe then you can get someone to make you skins for the event team (maybe even make a team for that or a contest?) I mean, I know that this isn’t easy and requires a lot of planning beforehand, but players will be content with the results (or atleast i would), but I just think that it’d be pretty nice to have any global events before the world end antag, something for players to care about and interact with. Events were feeling pretty stagnant before I stopped playing and even nowadays. Community Team can host different things that benefit the server. The CT is supposed to help new players and interact with the community while taking in new player applications. It’s a cool respectable job, but I think that the CT could host events that benefit the entire server. For example, skinning competitions with a specific theme that can be used to increase the skin database for ET or for normal players, just like the battle of arts, but you reward every neat submission because they’d be doing a contribution to the entire server. Its low-effort high-reward. Treasure Hunt events are actually cool too. Also maybe work on the Wiki or re-do the wiki team to fix it? When Moderators replies to feedback, it is short, straight and definitive instead of “feedback noted”. If it can be done within time, say how long it might take, if it can’t, explain the issues and why it can’t be done, or say that it’ll be done as soon as possible. Split the FM from the Moderators Giving workload to people that are willing to only moderate the forums is okay. Its not because the staff is big that it’ll be bad. The more you squeeze staff, the more work you’ll be taking away from people that could be fully dedicating themselves to one task. Also, its not like FM has any real power. Finish and never do again the Lore Games The lore games can pretty much be seen as either a culling of magics or an opportunity to increase your powers even further. The lore games have been going for a year or so, and there’s so many submissions that its hard to know what’s in the Lore Games or not at this point. Most lores don’t even need a rewrite, we’re just making stuff more complicated and pushing people into rewriting something that doesn’t needs a rewrite. Take dark shamanism for example, I think that it never needed a rewrite, and the further it was rewritten, the more it began to stray from actual dark shamanism where the purpouse is to defile the spirits, now it can be just a trophy magic for random elves that make no sense of why the spirits would grant their name to someone that a dark shaman has guided to the spirit realm instead of being skeptical about it. The lores, instead, could use clarifications, instead of having to re-do the origins and the reason every time. An obligatory spell list also makes no room for creativity. It becomes just like another D&D wizard magic book that increases as you level up instead of the idea of freely manipulating elements. Why? Because you pull entire fireballs out of the void instead of fire now. Wait, have the lore games been dropped all this time and we didn’t even know about it? Fix drug plugin Please. :(
  11. Holy ****, that music is pretty good, I like it
  12. I think that the Community Team could host skinning – and skinning only –  competitions to have a larger skinbase for new players to use, reward every submission and give better prizes to the best looking, its like the Tailors Guild but without the enslavery element


    I honestly think that this would benefit the server more than it would by hosting tomb raider events or treasure hunting to give a feeling of motion. Creative Cafes is cool too, alongside the Battle of Arts that gives Creative Wizard like candy :J


    Also, Community Team is more active than do-nothing Story Team when it comes to EVENTS THAT EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE AND KNOWS ABOUT :0 community team new antag makers?



    1. SoulReapingWolf


      Lookout for the evil monk Ignacious Bless in Escape the Temple 2.0

  13. hi *smiles awkward in corner and sucks hair*

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      Man of Respect

      Uh oh!

      *curls leg for travy but then a dirt yellow hand touches my leg*




      Help me daddy *blushing* a dirty hand wants me to cheat u

    4. Travista


      “No!” I say. *blushes*




      I reach for my iron axe/helmet.




      In a short battle, the yellow hand is DEFEATED.




      Then Leonardo-chan and Travis-chan ESCAPE. 




  14. woah bro u making skins now like top best skins man eat kfc drink pina colada etc
  15. The difference between dark magic and holy magic is that dark magic should be considered taboo and harmful to communities or customs, and as such it could be different for each playerbase. For example, if there’s a magic that only goes after elves because they’re elves, maybe it wouldn’t be considered taboo for orcs or dwarves? Say, for example, necromancers and everything that has something to do with life force should be universally considered evil and wrong, because you’re stealing life juices to survive, that’s the equivalent of killing people to survive, thus, you’d be a threat to people, thus, it should be considered a dark magic, or taboo magic. It’d make sense for spells to counter one another or something if the patrons of said magic have some sort of rivalry instead of just labelling them as “dark creatures of which my super spells break”. For example, Aeriel, which is paladin patron or something, has a rivalry with Iblees, so he creates tools to give his christian worshippers to deal with necromancers that come from Iblees or something. Iblees, seeing that his kids are being bullied, also creates special powers to survive or fight back so he doesn’t gets subjugated, but holy magics shouldn’t universally affect unholy beings just because they’re dark, such as cleric lights burning dark shamans, which are two very distinct magics with different sources and different backgrounds. Also, the bad guys, which is the evil and bad mages are supposed to lose in the end because this is a history and we also need to realise that it’ll never take a turning point that affects all players in the server to a reasonable amount, being in the end, restricted to only the holy vs dark war in which no other normal players have ever heard about, everything is a hero story and good triumphs over evil, because, this way, you can create enjoyable roleplay for both parties. I mean, it wouldn’t be bad if the good guys lost sometimes or in certain ocasions. This is a game, and the winner are the ones who have the most fun in the end, not the most achievments and godlike powers, yet, we insist on creating back and forth lore that only makes **** worse and stronger so we get closer to the 1v10 RP powers.
  16. I remember the contest for world lore, I had hosted it at one point and got a comission for that. The issue is, the world lore did indeed become canon, but it never became relevant because it couldn’t be used for any scenario and there wasn’t proper knowledge surrounding it. World lore would need to be extensive and involve a storyline or eventline, or else it becomes obsolete lore, and such was the case with all the submissions. Lore for regions, if anything, should be written before map release and be very short if its not to have anything cool. For example, iblees fields, a place created by the god demon iblees after he farted through a microphone and sent corruption towards the whole world. on this place you can find a lot of old ruins occupied by cultists that hold powerful artifacts that contain shards of iblees farts these farts can be used as a buffer to roleplay by being relevant instead of a collector’s item that stays on your chest just to be donated at the end of the map because of your oversaturation of 200 items (honestly the reducing of vault size was stupid since no one really uses these items. These items could be labelled as VINTAGE and specify that it became obsolete and can’t be used on roleplay so i could continue to collect items) Creation of lore for solely one event is a waste of talent, region lore should be directly related to the map antagonist for it to have any effect, and it also needs the potential to have events, being reduced to not every region but a few.
  17. im starting to think that magic is too complicated and needs a reason to exist but its never good since it always needs rewrites and we need to come with some new history and extensive, cute lore stuff that no one whom is relevant to that specific piece of lore would really care about except for the content part of what you can and can’t do


    read 5 pages of lore to cast firebolt 😉 

    1. Language
    2. FreeHongKong


      I blame the mages.

    3. _Hexe_


      just delete all magic we playing 5e now **** this gay lore writing ****

  18. why are you so gorgeous (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Man of Respect
    2. Travista




      I’ll be honest with you, Leo, it’s the diet. My acne cleared after increasing my bro-ccoli intake and whiskey + Redbull helps me preform in the gym. 


      Thinking about you, Leo xxo                   (●´ω`●)

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect



      Your diet sounds really good, I don’t eat too much broccoli but I lost a lot of acne after I reduced chocolate and began to eat carrots daily, but my real fuel is detergent to keep me editing and kill all bacteria


      I think about you all the time I can’t take you off my head  

      (⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡

  19. heerozeero be like 😮

  20. sry it wasn’t my intent to say the other opinion is invalid or null, but that a good playerbase, that also isn’t null and shouldn’t be invalidated, does wants Nexus back also, loud wheiners stands for people that post in the forum a lot or their stuff matters, not whiners edit: Nexus, in my opinion, created a line between RP and PvP, where Nexus ultimate goal was to enhance the server’s PvP aspect; every road leads to PvP utilities in the end, all the grinding is used for PvP with NO exception. If you wanted to PvP, you HAD to grind to be relevant/competent or have someone else grind for you, but at the same time no one was obliged to grind if they were actual roleplayers. Max you’d need to grind on Nexus as a hardcore roleplayer would be the same we currently need to grind: food, food and food. It did not interfere on daily rp stuff unless you want to beat raiders, people grinded because they wanted to grind over RP and be more competent at PvP, no one was forcing them to do anything if the intention was to RP. I like a lot different mechanics or something over vanilla minecraft with local chat and no diamond. I’d be really satisfied if something could fill my need to grind, one of these things would be a brewery plugin like the one we had in Anthos or a music composing plugin. Drug plugin is amazing but it’s broken right now and there’s no devs to fix it, it’ll probs be dropped come next map and this stagnation will likely continue for the next one or two years
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