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  1. “You’re too merciful!” Says Robin, clearly distraught at the ruling! ”Still, Alfred is banished from our realm, I’ll apprehend him upon sight in Nordengrad, for you are my friend and Earl.”
  2. B7W4

    [Lore][RP] Airship

    I don’t really like the concept of a flying siege fortress. Building your walls higher won’t matter anymore.
  3. B7W4

    The Festival of All Hallows Eve

    Keeper Delia continues to hand out pumpkin masks for All Hallows Eve, whinging about how the youth don’t respect traditions. “Put on your masks!” She would yell in a commanding voice!
  4. B7W4

    Suffer No Evil

    The Ashen Lady reads over the document she was handed and a smile can’t help but form across her lips, she finishes reading it, then starts back at the beginning. “She’ll make an excellent keeper one day.”
  5. B7W4

    The Holy Order of Purifiers

    Keeper Delia smiles, clapping at the new forming of the purifiers. “It will be nice to have some men in red running around again.”
  6. B7W4

    All Hallows Eve

    All Hallows Eve The Demon Night The night of Hallows Eve takes place on the darkest night of the year. When the abyss is most pressing upon the mortal realm and the gaze of the All Father and the ancestors is elsewhere. It is on this night, the most dangerous night of nights that Fatherists gather to ward themselves off from the demons and foul beasts of the Abyss that roam the night, twisting the minds and hearts of mortal men and kidnapping children. To ward off demons and ensure that they are protected Fatherists will string about ribbons of Red and Orange, colours of the All Father to scare off lesser demons. Large pyres will be lit and placed about the outer limits of any Fatherist settlement. Each abode will place burning torches and candles at every doorway and window sill for the entire night to ensure that no demons can enter. Finally every Fatherist will wear a traditional mask of a paragon or a beast to ward off demons or to trick them. Ensuring that their souls are not twisted during the night of demons. It is customary to weave father totems from sinew and wooden rings, gluing the entire thing together with Ash sap and stretching rabbit pelts over the back. These will ward off demons, and placing them at every entrance to your home will keep it safe from the demons of the abyss, and their corrupting nightmares. Lessons on the undead, demons, wytches and how to kill them will be taught to men, women and children, blessed aurum blades are to be forged by the purifiers and their approved smiths, these weapons will be handed out to the common folk for the defense of our homes. The Faith will be expected to create a salt line around your home and bless it upon request, once this is done, your home will be marked with an [X], The symbol of the Father. Salt will burn demons that attempt to enter your home, and the blessings will make them slow, and without wit. It is customary to carve pumpkins, onions, etc with faces of beasts and monsters, then display them at one’s doorstep, upon the heads of scarecrows, and in other places outside of the home, a tactic used to scare off lesser demons and wytches. It is expected to always help out one another during this time when the abyss is closest to our realm, for it is almost harvesting season, and if we are too weak fighting amongst ourselves when the demons come and burn our crops, everyone will die. Children may request food on behalf of their family, and it is required to comply to their requests as best as your are reasonably able, it is also customary to give the children sweets, like cookies or candies. OOC: Have fun doing Halloween RP for the rest of the month! 🙂 Rae Arden of Nordengrad, High Keeper of the Red Faith, Keeper of the Twin Hearth’s of Nordengrad Delia of Hightree, The Ashen Lady, Keeper of Hightree Magnus Ironwood of Nordengrad, Lord Purifier of the Red Faith
  7. B7W4

    Thoughts on The Hope of Man

    Delia reads over the script with a smile, hope swelling in her chest. “Very good work.” She says aloud after reading the thesis through a second time. “This one will make an amazing initiate, and a better prelate and purifier if he continues his studies of the faith and martial combat.”
  8. B7W4

    Thoughts on the Soul

    Oracle reads it once or twice before nodding firmly in affirmation. “Yes.” She simply stated. “You’ll do well if you continue your studies of the scrolls.”
  9. B7W4

    Thoughts on the Creation of Beings

    Oracle reads over the paper, nodding her head. “Well said, should he continue his study, he will become an excellent prelate.”
  10. B7W4

    Policeali's Game Moderator Application

    Truly a good man for the job
  11. B7W4

    Where the River Meets the Tree

    Robin tries to think of a time that Torsten didn't stand by his side when he really needed it... but he just can't.
  12. B7W4

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Tbf that 121 check was because there was multiple rallies from other groups in Oren there to watch the court, including 21 from Ngrad the other stuff is pretty good though, I don't normally see big numbers from Renatus though, usually closer to 12 or so.
  13. B7W4

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Robin of Volaren Clan: Volaren Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Yaander Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid Arden