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  1. Talim enjoys his well earned frog legs. "How strange his entourage claimed to know nothing of the Vale, then called it Miven town.. and what strange customs do the frog people hold.. posing in the shape of a T.." The Elf thought on as he finished the delectable meal. "Who could hold such a grudge against the Vale, I shall have to consult my mali kin.."
  2. Talim sighs in relief, wiping the sweat from his brow after he'd finished smithing the last plate. "By the grace of the aspects, let this armor protect my kin." The Elf replaced his tools and carried the last crate of arms and armor to his fellow mali'ame.
  3. An elf red of hair reads over the missive. "Those who would go to battle with deceitful words rather then with an honest blade disgust me. Let us see how they employ their assault of words when swords are brought to their throats." (I saw haelunor is bussin again.)
  4. Alexandros Mareno stood tall from his position atop the ruined southbridge fortifications, from his position, he could feel the wind blowing across his face, causing his mask to flutter violently, he had heard the news prior and climbed on high to think. He remembered the day when his uncle Cyrus was coronated with the Carbarum circlet of Myrine and when the barony became a March, it was perhaps the proudest day of his life, and then the saddest. "You were one of the good ones, Olivier, whatever your reasons were, I know you had them. May you rest alongside Cyrus and all of the other fallen Savoyards." Alex sat there atop his perch, just leaving himself to his thoughts. "Damn." he said, swallowing sadness.
  5. Was a shit show, but I had fun with the boys, reminds me of the old times, this.
  6. Nykolai Rosik prepares his finest black suit for the occasion, wondering which mustache oil he should use for the event, he decides **** it and mixes three or four of them together. "I must outshine these Edvardssons with their fancy words." he declares to his wife as he picks out the perfect sash to hold his sword.
  7. Nykolai claps his hands together loudly, proud of his friend boots. "My friend has come long way, this is of the good, very of the good, you deserve nothing less, my friend." he declares in his thick lakian accent.
  8. Merry Christmas, and have a happy new year, everyone, take the time to forget about politics and surround yourself with family and loved ones if you can, because you deserve the break!

  9. Alexandros Mareno watched from outside the gates of Providence where he and his comrades had forced the vastly larger Orenian force to retreat to time and time again "Pathetic." he said aloud with a glaring gaze to those hiding from him. Once Alex had returned to Stone Tower, he began cleaning his blade, he wouldn't allow the blood of one Orenian to rust his blade as it was still destined to taste more, the young cavalryman was driven by the death of his uncle and his goals were revenge.
  10. I hate excluding people and getting excluded, and actually capping the amount just makes it so the sweats get sweatier
  11. Robin Grimaces, throwing his lance with as much strength as his arms would let him, the weapon flying through the air and sticking up in the dirt. He looks to Wholesome Willy with a deep, perhaps permanent frown. "If my lance had only struck true, the lad would have lived to see another day, ****! alas.." he sighed once more in a depressed state. "I did not dehorse that fucker." Alexandros sheds a tear but remains silent, grief overcame his face and was only halted when his expression was masked in green, he would get revenge for his uncle and childhood friend.
  12. What a grand and intoxicating innocence!

    1. Telanir


      What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you kill a god?

  13. Eirik the great feels a resurgence of Norlandic pride in his chest among other places as he sees his son's order once again reforming. "IRON FROM ICE!" The King shouts at the top of his lungs, a cacophony of Norlandic spirits joining him from the Father's great halls.
  14. Find it odd that people think the druids are in a unique position to cause conflict and push the narrative of the server forward when no one else does? Why do people think this? They are getting blackballed by the story team or PRO of regions on every turn it seems like. Uniting the Elves? That's the fastest way to kill them, there is too much animosity and difference in culture to be viable unless you want to delete all of the sub-races and make Caesar's legion on LoTC with Elves, only that wouldn't work because they'd just quit if you tried to delete their cultures. I don't know man, why don't you go out and create the RP you want instead of whining about how other people aren't giving you what you want? You will not be more successful then literally every other nation trying to bring conflict to their groups, and even when someone tried, they were threatened with a mega coalition of every other nation.
  15. This map is dogshit, not even gonna sugarcoat it, whoever decided that new players spawn without food and then have to walk to a nation that is so far down the road that they'll starve before reaching it, I have mean things to say about them, but I'll refrain. I was appalled when I had to make that first run to Norland. I quit on Axios or Atlas or something, I don't really recall, but the lack of conflict feels bad, since I have joined for the past three months it has felt like we are on the cusp of making very good and healthy decisions for the server, but then bureaucracy bogs it down and we are stuck in this endless loop of disappointment and mediocrity. Ando alur blight is cool, I missed the Elvenesse event, but I was told it was cool, other then that there's really not been much going on, a few raids here and there have been fun, really respect the Dwarves right now because how they react to conflict is very healthy in my opinion, they don't ***** and whine, they roll with the punches and deal with the raids in RP instead of trying to use OOC rules to lawyer out of them.
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