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  1. Alexandros Mareno hurriedly prepares for the auction, helping his family to move crates of items, afterwards, he'd wipe the sweat from his forehead, then run a hand through his absurdly perfect hair, which somehow, made it even more perfect then before. "Hopefully my family becomes even more rich!" said the lad, smiling the sun's smile as he took a raffle ticket for himself. IGN: De_no RP NAME: Alexandros Mareno
  2. A much needed rewrite! Thanks Elrith, very cool!
  3. Actually love this concept, feel like personally selling magic items is a better experience for both parties
  4. Vasili of Lakia wipes his sword clean of blood and muck using a brown bandanna as he reads the missive. "I am niet being able to reading." said the Norlandic man before taking down the poster and heading for the outhouse.
  5. Robin reaches what is called a table jumper's high, a state in which fatigue does not affect one's endurance. Finally, he stands, and walks into the tavern, downing the strongest drink in all the land, Ashwood moonshine.
  6. Looking good man, hope it pops off
  7. Robin begins training on the meat in his freezer, using them as a punching bag. "Those minas are mine!" he said as he trained smashing his fists into the 'temple and kidney' of the hanging meat.
  8. Robin sends word, letting Viktor know of his plans to attend the Hearth Forum. "Glad ta see things kicking back up again."
  9. Robin watches life return to his city, a sigh of relief as the strangulation of Varhelm ceases. "Well, we've got things to do people! back to work!"
  10. Great looking build, the builders did amazing work here!
  11. @LionbiletiYo, whats ur discord, I got that nordengrad WC with "tornado" just straight up cleaning house with aura

  12. Been thinking about you man.

  13. Deano

    A Beard Avenged

    Ram hears the news of the missing Uruk "Diz ztout am nub'hozh kuhnt, flat'n Uruk whu am returning znaga." he spits a loogy on the floor, planning on how exactly he would shave the Dwarf, and what he planed to do with the beard. The ancient Uruk grinding his sword until it was razor sharp.
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