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    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      I'm sorry Trinn ;-;  

    3. Trinn


      no please ;.;

      We're both going to experience confusion of names at one point. 

    4. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      .. probably at many points XD  it's oke.. we can do it.. and educate everyone that depending on who your trying to msg you have to put the underscore or second n

  2. To all my peeps.. you are awesome.. sorry for leaving the day before the wedding andddddd yah... sorry for letting you guys down.. anywhoo I'm going to return to poofing.. I'll be back maybe in a year or so.. idk.. as sooon as I move out and get my own computer that is.. XP Don't forget about me! ;P

    1. InfamousGerman
    2. Mj.


      rightful vanir clay will be missed, don't forget to continue cybering w/ me on Skype and snapchat

  3. I need help y'all.. I need names that have 7 letters in them and ends with Y ... currently trying to figure someones name out and those are the only hints I have... O.O..

  4. moment when you get on and your like oo looky person!! and then they walk away right when you are typing... ;-; curse you slow fingers...

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    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      XD I just... want a gif of Space doing that...

    3. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      punch them as they pass and make them wait.

    4. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      is that why people punch me all the time? I thought they were just trying to hit on Finn... hmm...

  5. Is the server down for anyone else?

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    2. Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Guess the weather decided to up the ante. Or whatev. Time to wait.

    3. Jake the Dog

      Jake the Dog

      england mofo, our weather never changes!

    4. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      Jake TS!! NOW!

  6. want to attempt someones character.... but I'm afriad it'll turn out really bad... so if you are willing to take the risk... O.O.... give me a link to your character... I shall do headshot.. or try... or chicken out...

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    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      @confoosed- I apologize in advance.. I'm not really happy with it as he looks very very very young... ;-; and I don't think I captured him very well.... but here you are.. ;-; * hides in corner of shame*


    3. Your Favorite Impure™

      Your Favorite Impure™

      Thanks! :D I appreciate you taking the time to do this c:

    4. Your Favorite Impure™
  7. AC3 or AC Black Flag??.... that is the question...

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    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      ......................... not so sure about that......... but we shall see... I used to play Pirates when I was a kid soooo if it's like that should be somewhat good..

    3. Maletone Blazebeard (Aqua)

      Maletone Blazebeard (Aqua)

      I hated black flag...AC3 was way better.

    4. Elk


      Neither; get Dead Space.

  8. Why... WHY do poeple take their IC hate and make it OOC hate.. and then make anyone who want to be part of more than your group suffer becuase " oh my gosh! You can't do that, becuase we'll have to banish you and your character becuase your OTHER totally unrelated character is joining our enemies and we hate them, so if you do your out.." it's just like WHA... blows my mind... every time...

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    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      yah.. It's just kinda frustrating for the people who want to do more than just roleplay with the same people all the time... I understand the part about the meta, but when they've been around for a while and know that metaing is wrong then it really shouldn't be an issue.. I just feel like everyone is confined to one side. Some probably like it that way.. but maybe I'm just weird by want a foot in different types of rp.

    3. Birdwhisperer


      What they're doing is meta. A lot of people have characters in opposite factions, it's not really unusual and they shouldn't be trying to control that.

    4. Savoyard


      Fight the power

  9. Can anyone explain to me what the ban times are? I'm curious as to how the admins decide whether its 2 weeks or 2 months?

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    2. AlmondTree


      Pretty sure no. Might be wrong.

    3. L0rdLawyer


      There is a base ban time and base warning point system. Usually a ban for hacking is 3 months, pugsy is a month I believe, toxic attitude is like 1 week.

    4. gamer_guy


      I got banned for being toxic along with excessive trolling and harassment, and they gave me three months. It really depends how bad the situation is.

  10. Help is needed.. ;-;... I downloaded the 1.8 forge and now whenever I try to open minecraft with forge it crashes.. O_O.. Idk what to doooo

  11. and we are down!! WOOO 1.8!!!!!! ^-^

  12. Sooo... I'm going to do an adventure time with Finn thing and I'm not sure whether to put it in screenshots or rp... becuase it's IC but it's got lots of pictures... :/ which one should I put it in?

    1. gamer_guy
    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      nvvmmmm.. I'm going to put it in Rp.. ^-^ Since it's very much IC

  13. So I'm going to try to download teamspeak today..but I have no idea what I'm doing so help? which one should I download? Do I have to pay? ect.

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    2. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      and I just leave the mirror the same... sorry.. I don't download things very often...

    3. Aislin


      A mirror is just different download locations, it doesn't matter which you pick.

    4. Devland99


      Trin I can help you if you hop on MC right now

  14. The moment when someones like.. Going to be going to a place I'll talk to you through pm's.. okay.. so you follow them and find they go to a party without you... . ;-; ...

  15. Thinking of creating a dwarf character in the future... A major question I have is how would you go about becoming part of a dwarven family? also what would you say a female dwarf should look like? Any help will be awesome..Also any useful refrences to culture and such would be great!

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    2. gam


      Irongut clan is best clan, no doubt

    3. Trin Keeper

      Trin Keeper

      @Karma, because you know.. it's fun to grill characters.. very tasty.. XD nom nom nom

    4. cmack1028


      forest dwarves best dwarves

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