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  1. This guy is legit
  2. Reserved
  3. ||RP|| Name: Garsto Chosen Craft: Promising Leatherworker! Experience: Uh.. None. ||OOC|| MC Name: TheMoonMonk Skype: You got me.
  4. Garsto gets distracted from his activities as he sees the poster, "Time to check the bank.."
  5. A single request open in my skin page:

    (Click on 'replies' to view)


  6. update: A SINGLE REQUEST IS OPEN PRICED AT 500 MINA!!!! :))) Form: Username- Description- Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)-
  7. ((MCname:)) TheMoonMonk ((Skype:)) levitatedpotato Name: Garsto Race: Elf Practitioner of Arcanism: No. Additional information: None at all!
  8. Skin page updated:


  9. Golly, updates! -Human Skin added ↳ Added into Human Folder !
  10. Yeah dude. +1
  11. hmu if you need hunting events.

  12. Happy birthday Jaeden?