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  1. The dimly lit room surrounded him, each wall calling silently to the delirium that span endlessly inside his head. The icey boundaries loomed over him, concealing his mind from the outside world. It’d been getting worse, more dreams, more hallucinations and less happiness. He’d only ever get to experience one chilling place, the inside of the seemingly endless and solitary halls. In his shifting daydream, he’d stand there, staring down at the looming drop below him, calling for him to step forward and drop, to watch the walls bloom as the ceiling rises beyond the eye’s reach. He couldn’t though, something stopped him every time, pulling him away from the temptation and the warmth of ending it all there. He could feel it, the warm embrace of the end; but he could not reach it, forever pulling away as once more, he tried to greet it. He could try for what seemed like days, even weeks, but it came to the same conclusion, he’d turn, pacing off in frustration to follow the slippery ridge along the narrow and daunting crevice, waiting for the sun to rise, and for him to wake. He was alone, He was cold. And he was confused. [[I tried writing. The formatting is even worse.]]
  2. Yis
  3. Could be fun.
  4. The Pact of Veris and the Second Council Written on the 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1594, Veris. The queen will step down from power and allow the creation of a new council. The immediate council will be composed of Potro as financial/economic adviser, Erolas Ba’ikana as diplomat and director of External Affairs, Ellie as administrator for relations to magic, Bruce Vesperi as city renovator/builder, Hannah Cooper as director of festivities and communities. 2.1 Elections will be performed every four years [IRL month] 2.2 Only citizens of the city will be allowed to participate in the elections each month. No single council member will have power to dissolve the council or eject another member. States of war, neutrality or alliances must be voted on by the council. The council will be composed of five members to break ties in voting. The guard force and military leadership will be separated from the council, yet remain as an important part of the city. Any betrayal from a council participant will lead to banishment, severe punishment or death, voted on by the council, the severity of the offence being taken into account beforehand. Public trials or private trials can take place. Signed, -Erolas Ba’ikana, of the Warhawkes -Bruce Vesperi, Valm’s son -Potro, the potion maker - [[-Ellie Acal'Elor]]
  5. Ellie scowls, "Didn't expect that." she remarks, "People change."
  6. Garsto finger-guns in approval. "Good lad Brathal."
  7. Golly, updates! -Halfling tab added ↳Halfling Skin added ↳ Added into halfling spoiler !
  8. Requests full. c; Thx
  9. Sneak peak on next skin: Halfling mercenary confirmed.
  10. A monk grumbles to himself; "Who?" AVE LORRAINE
  11. Requests full, sorry.
  12. Brother. Why. No, just no. Adding you on as a reserved request because I want to try a dress. <3
  13. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a simple little page I've put together with examples of my skins! My PMC Scroll down and open the spoilers to reveal the examples. :0 Edits made: -Added 'Other' spoiler -Requests Closed -PMC added -Halfling spoiler added Request Form: Username- Description- Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- Note: I will deny your request if I don't think the payment is enough. Generally 300 or 400 mina. More than one item unless it is like, ;ooo Waiting list: 1. ShimmeringBliss Extras: 1. Vege, if I get time. 2. Fury, If I get time. 3. SandK1ng, If I get time.