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  1. @Jaeden embrace it.
  2. Right, you can contact any ET for events, the dark green tags in game and on the forum signify the ET! The plagues never work because when someone has it, they just mess around and intentionally spread it. It also depends on the kind of event you are looking for with a guild, some ETs dislike large amounts of players because sometimes it can go south as players start to muck around or not take it seriously, but if it is 3 or 4 doing a hunting event or discovering an abandoned castle, it is okay, in my opinion. I'd try to help you more but I'm pretty tired, contact me on Skype @ levitatedpotato if you need me. As far as I am aware, and I only found this out today, we have been having a months break.. @arockstar28 should know more?? Don't quote me on this, I'm unsure if this is right.
  3. Edit, full skin or head? - Clothes. Race - Human Age - 20 or so. Gender - Male Hair style - N/A Hair, eye and skin colour - N/A Outfit description - Royal furs and robes, fancy hat. If you search up 'the master of laketown' you might find the image of the hat, if not, leave it out. http://m.imgur.com/981myvN Other details you want me to add? - The hat, (if possible). Steve or Alex skin base? - Steve
  4. +1
  5. Why did you get denied before. ;-;
  6. -=- Monks have best and strongest healing. -=-
  7. Golly, updates! -Upcoming Human skin! ↳Inspired by the Laketown Uniform! !
  8. Adunians aren't half elves, they are descendants from elves and humans with most likely interbreeding from other races over time, the fact that they are so different and have their own culture makes them Adunians, the lm would probably remove them if they were literally half-elves.
  9. Inaccurate.
  10. c; hi. Why is Abelas so ugly?
  11. Lives up to the title.
  12. Am proud, mama.
  13. :) very nice.