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  1. No -1. Just from my experiences with you, you don't have the capability to deal with situations too well.
  2. "Tut tut, Azoth." Hummed Ellie.
  3. He is a good builder but if I'm honest you should still post your builds despite Ang and wrynn knowing, it makes your app seem a little lazy.
  4. Yeah +1
  5. @mitto isn't too bad.
  6. We have a system that if you are killed, you go into a downed state, where you are laying on the floor unable to get up or do anything. If left in this unconscious state, you die after a minute or two?? Not sure how long. The other way of dying in this 'downed state' is if your killer left clicks you (Or pops you) after your defeat.
  7. If someone walks along and randomly kills whilst you are afk, they'll receive punishment.
  8. qt
  9. Shhhhhhhhhh. For my lumberjack halfling's future business, @Youngie5500
  10. @Youngie5500 number 1 please?
  11. I need muh crowns