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  1. Kurag

    A Warsmith's Plee

    Quickly scribed fliers find their way to many notice boards across the dwarven realms. Greetings, my name is Drakaem Doomforged, the last lore keeper of the war-forging craft. I seek the best smiths the sons of Urguan have to offer, and would like to meet with them as soon as possible. If you believe you fit this criteria, leave a notice below, and I will contact you shortly.
  2. Kurag

    Graia's Lore Master Application

    He can write.
  3. Kurag

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

  4. Kurag

    Wanting to buy an Inferis skin

    That's it really, I need to buy a custom Inferis skin, PM me for details and we can negotiate a price. My discord is Shoosh#2921
  5. Kurag

    Return of the Ferals

    You're still around.
  6. In my humble opinion, Imi is a very solid pick. She's dedicated to things she sets her mind to and has had a pretty good run as AT recently. +1
  7. Username _Notprepared_, Lhindir_ Age 17 Timezone EST Discord: Lhindir#2921 What map did you join during?: Vailor Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Varies, though usually around 5~ hours a day, up to 4-7+ on weekends Have you ever been banned before? Not over anything long term or serious. Have you ever held a staff position on Lord of the Craft? If so, for how long? Nope Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Recently, some events in my life, school finals, and months of culminating stress caused me to finally crack and make a spontaneous leaving post, although now that its all blown over, I've found myself coming back to Lotc. I personally think that I'd enjoy working with the community again, on a broader scale doing modreqs. I'll have plenty of time between travelling during the summer, and even more after, and if given the chance to be put on the team, I'd be more then happy to help out with this excess time. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Nope Anything else you want to tell us?: Nah