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  1. A Bearded Mali salutes his fallen brother
  2. Sure its kinda retarded that everyone can just instantaneously make a seer without backing it with any rp, but at the same time, who cares? It’s just like anything that gets spread about into excessive hell, it becomes a dumpster-fire. Anyone who played any form of seer well should have expected this, this happens to literally every niche when too many people get their hands on it, if something is meant to be rare and unique by the lore writer, they would have written it into the lore to not be self taught. If you rp seer, and rp it well, so be it, just don’t hang near the people who are being retards about it, there’s not much anyone can do here and it’s essentially Impossible to change anything without a MA wipe and a rewrite.
  3. I hate this outlook that disconnection has to have tenets. Even if you ignore the fact that rp is indeed rp, having disconnection work without tenets automatically adds in a level of depth and creates actual stakes, there are still huge problems with requiring tenets for disconnection. If you have been around for any period of time you have probably seen this firsthand, someone will get a magic and then they’ll go rogue, going around and teaching people who will either abuse it or rp it poorly. With tenet disconnection there is essentially no way to deal with this if someone refuses to pk on death, and soon it spirals out of control and what once may have been cool has now been stepped on by 1000 random people, think gen 3 necro, blood magic, and naztherak. If you get disconnected, shits tough but it’s not the end of your world, don’t go crying about it and trying to hide behind stupid ooc disconnection rules, use it to develop your character.
  4. I’m glad all the work Kale and Sorcerio have put into this piece has finally come to fruition, its a very cool piece that will definitely benefit the server as a whole upon implementation. +1 of course
  5. Okay, but why did this need to be further alchemy?
  6. An unremarkable looking Mali’thill wrings his hands in excitement
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