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  1. Mojo

    Running Warlocks.

    A local vagrant chuckles quietly to himself
  2. Petition to declare today national Omar Grimmer’lak Day. Exist to sign

  3. Do your own thing, as jaded said lotc has a lot of toxic ooc drama that's best to avoid, there's really no right and wrong way to play. Focus on your characters development and have fun.
  4. A disinterested homeless man belches loudly as he reads the notice
  5. Commenting for later, very epic art
  6. A traveling author reads the notice, taking note of its potential implications for his work
  7. The evidence is stacked against him it seems...
  8. A conspicuous bearded man squints at the flyer
  9. Mojo

    Why Do You Play?

    At this point its solely because I've got nothing better to do, in the past it was my fascination with new and interesting lore, combined with cool mechanics like what nexus provided, but for the most part neither of these things are really prevalent anymore. I do appreciate the refreshing gameplay that the botany plugin focuses on, its a nice semi return to nexus.
  10. Mojo

    Botany Backtrack

    Cake sword? jokes aside It's neat, if possible a mechanic that switches extra rare plant nodes around a randomized area would be really cool.
  11. Mojo

    [World Lore] Gender

    Cake sword
  12. A reminder to all the sheeple: The moon landing couldn't have happened because its still in the sky.

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