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  1. [✗] Test 5

    This application has been denied. Moved to the Denied Applications forum.
  2. [✗] Test 5

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Your application has been Denied. This is because: - You have failed to make all the required changes. You can make another application in 3 hours. Due to all your past applications, you will have one more chance to do an application until the 1st of December. Better luck next time! (Remember, the AT are always willing to help out!)
  3. Farryn's 500th post AMA

    Good choice tbh. I understand <3
  4. Farryn's 500th post AMA

    Who is your favorite AT member besides everyone except for gargled?
  5. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    "Do yeh forget teh Urguan brought in Oren? Which is whe we brought in teh allies? Silleh, silleh, Urguan. Bringin' in teh nation who has backstabbed 'em atleast twice." Deneryn shakes his head slowly, disappointed.
  6. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    "T'anks for 'ettin' me know, friend. I'll seh yeh when yeh lose anotheh rebellion." Deneryn Frostbeard chuckles.
  7. What Verthaik will never achieve

    "Ah, are there? Sorry, I didn't realize." he responds lazily, dropping the notice before departing.
  8. What Verthaik will never achieve

    "Friend of the elves? Who is this 'Charles'?" inquires Varen'thal, Okarir'lliran of Haelun'or, the Silver State, City of elves.
  9. * ~ The Lynx Challenges the State ~ *

    “Cloud temple monks.” says Varen’thal
  10. * ~ The Lynx Challenges the State ~ *

    “Why don’t we just kill them all? Oh, right, civil ethics. Forgot about that bit. Yeah, fair trial! But only if I’m there because I will not let Cinh go in alone after the last time he did.” States Varen’thal.
  11. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    "'orry teh inform yeh, Charles, but t'ere is no more Urguan teh be Champion uv or aneh Kingsguard for a dissolved nation anywehs." sighs Deneryn Frostbeard in response to the post.
  12. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  13. Moved to Accepted Applications Forum. Player whitelist pending.
  14. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Your application has been Accepted! Welcome to Lord of the Craft! ~*~ Please join our New Player Discord, so that you can meet other new players and individuals who will help you get started, as well as various staff members for any remaining questions you may have. You can join the New Player Discord here. ~*~ If you'd like to explore more lore, you can find a vast majority of our lore here. Once more, I'd like to welcome you to LOTC!
  15. Inquisitoners' Application for LM

    I notice your presence! +1