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  1. "Ne'las Sharondalan's vote" reads the top of the ballot. Okarir'maehr: Odessa Visaj [X] Abstain [ ] Okarir'sil: Esgalwathion: [ ] Ne'las Sharondalan [X] Abstain [ ]
  2. Crinky's attempt for LT

    Meaning I read the lore many times and how it operates, as well as many experiences IRP with @KorusPrime and I think I know the ins and outs.
  3. -1 Keep this one on application phase. I don’t think he deserves to be GM- he’s already made his hostility and grudge holding clear to @Kowaman.
  4. PSA Atlas Rules Update

    Wars don’t generally begin for fun, to be fair. I see what you mean though, and I’m memeing har har!
  5. Raid Rules Feedback

    I like the raid rules. The only thing that I absolutely despise is that more then one person attacking a settlement counts as a raid. It should be like, 3-4 people before it is aliased a raid. I also think the Admins & Dev’s should stop trying to satisfy the community and just do what actually works best for the server. People who complain likely won’t leave in the long run!
  6. The Thotty Crusades

    I give up on thinking that LOTCers will behave NICE and CORDIALLY on the forums.
  7. Searching for Arcane Teachers!

    A black crystalline shard would have a copy of this letter strung around its body, delivered past the mailbox and directly onto the step of the Wizard Blundermore. ( @Blundermore )
  8. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    So, there has been roughly 15-30 posts hidden regarding this elf/orc topic. In light of this, if it is continued, warning points will be dished out. Please keep the remainder of this post relevant to the topic introduced by the owner of the thread. Thanks, friends!
  9. A new King

    “Opefulleh Silverweiners ain’t comin’ back??” Inquires Deneryn after downing some ale.
  10. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    This is why I love Sporadic. Rest of you, stop complaining!
  11. LT Announcement Pt. 1

    If a student is dropped, say after 3 months, do they just stick in that tier until a new teacher is found? And what do you suggest they do?
  12. Arch-Daemon: Aggaroth, The Lord of Torment

    I love the idea of a new Daemon, but I think there shouldn’t be a need for naming this one an “archdaemon”. However, Sky, all of LOTC’s lore is something not existing to suddenly existing. (For example, the creation lore has changed once or twice.)
  13. Lore Submission: Lugandans

    It needed death