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  1. “OH THAT’S MY UNCLE!!!!” Romulus would say of Donald Dabber
  2. Rombo misses Bottle and wishes they could get some food after the war.
  3. Romulus thinks Zachary is a tool, but Zach can think whatever he wants.
  4. Romulus would think it’s cute the wood elves are trying to be big boys.
  5. @Boomboxdoom23 @Gusano @Harrison @ibraheemc2000 @Knightei @roseways @Trinn @Axelu @Malinor @Man of Respect
  6. THE FLEETING MARSHAL Risky Ralph was an abomination of a man, yet prescribed to the Renatian forces with a singular purpose. A creature so fierce that men would pass out in fright before they could have a chance to fight back. Perhaps it was a miracle that this tactic worked - he arrived upon the manor which the High Marshal of the rebellion and surely enough the Marshal fled in utter cowardice from the manor via the roof. Though, a loud crack echoed throughout the plains as his legs snapped in to pieces. Another leader captured. Henri Ashes, the High Marshal of the Haeseni Empire - surely a true military hero for the rebels. Yet, here he was. Stood in chains upon the guillotine which had claimed many lives of the Haeseni Empire. Perhaps there had become little to document, all seeming so repetitive due to the frequency of the executions. Nonchalantly the Empress muttered the words, “97.”, all of us knowing in what it referenced. Yet, the Empress was surprised to hear that a supposed Marshal fled from Ralph with such ease. “I thought Marshals were meant to be brave…” [!] Attached to the bottom of the missive is a list of the so-far deceased signatories marked in red. Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven Arthur de Falstaff, High Marshal Henri Ashes, Second High Marshal Edward Morris, Count of Ager and Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Nedric Arkazniv, Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Leopold Stafyr, Count of Nenzing and Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska Aelthos Tundrak, Crown Prince of Fenn Brube Barbanov, Prince of Haense
  7. Romulus would grimace upon receiving the letter, “Her own family betrays her...” he would crush the letter in his hand, “I will defend her honor,”
  8. On Broken Oaths, a Fractured Empire Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Highness, Romulus of the House of Horen, 16th of Horen’s Calling, 1715 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today should be a day of celebration, for my son, Prince Remus Horen has been named the Emperor as Godfrey I. But where there should be celebration... there is only sorrow. Where there should be love… there is only hatred. Where there should be peace… there is only war. When my great-grandfather Aurelius founded the Empire of Man, he did so with the intent that Humanity would be unified underneath GOD and under the eyes of his descendants, and for almost half a century his word would be true. Humanity would expand its power and influence to levels not seen since the reign of John I Frederick, and we would enter an era of prosperity and human dominance. My father, Augustus, while a man who sinned greatly, forever had the needs and concerns of his vassals and subjects foremost. He managed to maintain and improve the relations between the vassals, groups who once bared arms against each other finally co-existed. And now my son will work to reunify and bring Humanity, the Imperium, and the House of Horen greater prestige. And now… you wish to destroy the work of my kin. You wish to destroy the great Imperium and Kingdom of Renatus. You wish to replace us with false pretenders. You wish to disturb the peace and wealth humanity has experienced in the years the line of Pertinax has reigned. For this, you are forever enemies to the Imperium, and to Humanity… To the people of Haense, where was the bravado when you allowed Adria to be burned? Where was the love for Adria as it burned? Your King was a ward to my father, where is your loyalty Marius the Meek? Where did this newfound love for the Adrians you let die come from? Haense has been one of the most loyal vassals to the Imperium. Your predecessor Sigmar bent the knee to my great-grandfather, and you decide to not uphold your family’s oath to mine, no you side with the false pretenders. To the people of Ves, I wept when your city was burnt. Ves was a city I loved to visit, it’s people a kind very welcoming to myself, and now you rally against me. I who advocated for your survival and peace, have been most heinously betrayed. It pains me to learn that I will inevitably meet my kin in Ves on the battlefield, but I will protect my son and my family. I will fight against our enemies. To the people of Curonia, I married your princess. The union between myself and Anabel Devereux is a happy one, a marriage that brought joy to more than myself. It helped to bridge the people of Renatus, and the citizens of Curonia together. And now, you have betrayed this union, this alliance between the House of Horen and the House of Devereux, a house MADE royal by my own father. The very Emperor you rebel against is one of Horen and Devereux blood. Where has your loyalty gone? And finally… to the false pretenders, you claim to be the most senior line of the House of Horen, but yet the line of John persists and sides with us. It’s matriarch is our Lady Privy Seal and works for the benefit of humanity, and it is commonly known the strongest claim is the right of conquest. My forefather Aurelius dismantled the weak Sixth Empire, and replaced it with something stronger. He, along with my grandfather and grand-uncle, restored the glory to the Imperium, and you seek to dismantle it. I believe your line swore fealty to mine when Pius of Horen-Marna abdicated to my great-grandfather over his own son. You betray the oath of your ancestor and betray humanity. I wish I did not have to pen this. I would rather we all be able to see eye to eye and bring humanity back under the our fold. I have spent much time among you all, learning from you all, living with you all, and fighting with you all, but I am a Renatian, I am a Horen, and I am the father of Godfrey I. You were my friends… Now you are my enemies. IN NOMINE DEI His Imperial Highness, Romulus of the House of Horen, Duke of Cascadia
  9. Ign: Dad_Jokes IRP Name: BuBbA bArThAm Age: Bubba doesn’t know his age Residence: His Mom’s House Discord: Dyl#5096 Speech: A crudely drawn picture of a guy giving a speech would be drawn. On the paper there would be jelly stains.
  10. Free that guy Bobby Shmurda 

  11. I’ll support this when @FlamboyantTyrant supports my Planet Destroying Space Station lore.
  12. good kid +1, deserves a 2nd chance
  13. I’ve heard there’s a possibility that they have him banned for other stuff and that this was their excuse to ban him, even so they should tell him why he’s banned. It is only fair he’s given a proper explanation and if he is innocent, then give him another chance.
  14. Stack Loot

    Art raffle >:D

    Can I enter trinn?
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