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  1. Stack Loot


    “Long live Augustus I Horen!!!” John would shout
  2. Stack Loot

    A Dragon’s Journey

    John would nod, “Your Imperial Majesty... may you accomplish this last journey of yours. I will do all in my power to support His Imperial Majesty Augustus. I am glad to be of the Dragon’s blood.” With this the Horen would turn to his cousin, “Well then, you have some work to do now, let’s not disappoint our ancestors.”
  3. Stack Loot

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    +1 norlanders just mad. Tornados a good guy and he’d be a good gm again.
  4. Stack Loot

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    The Imperial Legion Actions: •begin training of the 75 remaining troopers, putting through different simulations to refine their skills in all fields. •Tarus resumes his training of his skills with the lightsaber and the Force •Commission new armour for the 75 troopers. •Secret Actions •have the remaining imperial troops train with the rest of the Imperial Army troops.
  5. Stack Loot

    An Announcement for Candidacy

    An Announcement for Candidacy [!] A gathering in the square of Carolustadt, circa 1692 A man would face a crowd in the square of Carolustadt, “To my brothers and sisters of Carolustadt, I hear you. I hear your pleas for safety against the bandits who repeatedly plague the roads. I hear the call for action against the heathens who threaten our security. I hear the ignored voices who call for Bracchus’s resignation. I hear you- and I intend to make your voices heard. My name is John Charles d’Anpalais, and I hereby announce my candidacy for the Prefecture of the Crownlands for the Aurelian Party. The time for change is now, let’s be the facilitators of it.”
  6. CANDIDATE REGISTRATION Full Name: John Charles d’Anpalais Prefecture: The Crownlands Political Party: The Aurelian Party
  7. Stack Loot

    Unwritten Rules

    Rule has been in place before that too, I remember modreqqing a gm about it months ago.
  8. Stack Loot

    Unwritten Rules

    Rule has been there for a while.
  9. Stack Loot

    [Denied]knox213's Game Moderator Application

    Banned me for something he should’ve taken the heat for -1, then told me I could be unbanned if I sold out DPM and tsuyose at the time.
  10. Stack Loot

    Thanksgiving Day

  11. Stack Loot

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    Imperial Legion Turn 2: “Sir,” Otto would say, “We have a transmission from the capital, it is re-establishing contact with all imperial battlegroups.” “Patch them through.” Taurus would speak with the capital, and unity between the three battlegroups would be established. After that, a storm trooper scout would come to him. “We have reports of Mandalorians to the south commander.” he’d state. “Oh? Mandalorians? They’re on Edichi as well- but more importantly why do you know why they’re so close to us?” “Actually sir, they’ve approached us first and they’re sending a delegate here.” “Well then, we shall welcome him in, inform me when he’s here.” Taurus would say leaving the control room. He would move over to his personal quarters, just walking back and forth, “Hm…” he’d mutter, “If looking on the surface does not yield results… Perhaps we should try- other avenues-” he’d be cut off by the sound of his personal squad entering his quarters, “Ah! Captain Sigma I have new orders for you…” he’d give him the orders(not posting to avoid meta). Sigma would nod leaving the room. After talking to his personal squad, Taurus would return to the command center. “Otto,” he’d would calmly say, “You are to send scouts over to the mountains in the east and upwards to the north. We have Mandalorians to the south, I doubt anyone will mess with them.” he’d smile, backing up and letting Otto take the floor. “Men,” he would begin, “We need to increase our might, if we are to maintain control of this planet, we must be in our strongest condition. Reach out to Titan Drive Yards and Monolith Drive Yards, secure us a partnership with them so that the Empire as a whole can benefit. We also need to begin collecting resources, and taxing to produce and income.” he’d raise a fist, “For the Empire!” Actions: Contact and unification between all Imperial groups has been established, (mod) Welcome Mandalorians into the city. (mod) Secret actions (mod) Continue sending scouts to the mountains to the east, as well as begin scouting to the north of us. (mod) Reach out to the drive companies along with the Imperial Loyalist Centre. (mod) Begin light taxation of the populace, as well as taxes on imported goods. (mod) Keep patrolling the streets and monitoring the flow of people in and out the city. (mod)
  12. Stack Loot

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    Imperial Legion Stranded on Edichi (Turn 1): Commander Otto would walk towards Taurus in their base. “Sir,” he’d begin, “we have lost communication with the rest of the Imperial fleet outside the sector. That pulse… it fried our communication devices.” “And our fleet? How does it fair?” Taurus would reply. “Everything is in check sir, we’ve taken no damage from it. But sir, what is our course of action now?” “Nothing changes… We continue on with the mission. Send word to all your subordinates, we’re staying on course.” “Aye sir.” he’d respond leaving the room. Taurus would face the rest of his commanders. “This pulse has cut off our communication with the other groups, we must re-establish contact with them and maintain order and control over Edichi. For the longer we are in the dark, the longer rebels can plan insurgencies. We must also maintain control over our city, up the patrols and send scouting parties to the mountains to the east. I want firm control of the region. I was told stories about the glorious 501st Legion, let’s see how they actually perform.” The Hunt for Jedi: Taurus would grip his lightsaber tightly, “Now that the Edichi issues have been handled, I can focus on my true mission- the hunt for Jedi.” He’d face a select group of 10 clones he handpicked to help him in his mission. “You 10 have been selected to aid me in my mission to hunt the last of the Jedi. I hear that each of you is an elite soldier.” (clones will remain nameless right now, i need time to think.) “Sir, we will aid you however we can.” the captain would reply, “Good then begin your search and report back to me. You are dismissed.” Actions: Establish connection with the other Imperial groups. (mod) Maintain control over the city, having patrols and monitoring who leaves and comes in, but not interfering in daily life. (mod) Send out squads to scout the nearby areas. (mod) Send out personal squad to begin hunt for Jedi. (mod)
  13. Stack Loot

    haha norland wi com 4 u xD

    We’s comeen fer Vege neeext lololol ecks deee!!!!!
  14. Stack Loot

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “Laurie Horen?” John d’Anpalais would say, disgusted that there would be another impersonater of his house. “Guess we need to kill more imposters.”
  15. Stack Loot

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Discord: you got it faction of choice: Imperial Battlegroup 3 faction name: Imperial Legion Faction History: The 501st Legion was one of the Clone armies sent to investigate Edichi. Being one of the most respected Clone Armies, the 501st Legion was selected due to its track record and efficiency. But when the Empire was declared, the 501st Legion fractured. It was split between Republic loyalists and new imperials. The imperials, being numerically superior would win out, and the 501st Legion would be rebranded as the Imperial Legion, an army dedicated to the preservation of the Empire. When the pulse it and communication between the rest of the Empire shut off, the Imperial Legion deems it their responsibility to enforce order on this world. Hero Name: Taurus Ronin Hero Backstory: The origins of Taurus are clouded, forgotten. He was first discovered as a slave to the Hutts in 30 BBY when Taurus was just 7 years old. The boy would be selected as one of Palpatine’s first Inquisitors, force-sensitive individuals not Sith Lords, but designed to hunt down Jedi. When it was discovered that Republic loyalists existed on Edichi, Palpatine personally selected Taurus to eliminate any Republic loyalists and any Jedi that may be with them. Points: (Force Sensitive Yes) 2 Force Combat Suggestions: 2 red lightsabers por favor