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  1. Stack Loot

    A Burning World ( OOC APP)

    Nation: The Huns Ruler: Attila II Total Population: 700000 + Religion: Tengrism Backstory: The grandson of Attila, Attila II was told stories of his grandfather’s conquest and empire. Now a fragment of what the great Hunnic Empire used to be, Attila II would set out, now the ruler of the Huns, he would embark on a journey to reunite the tribes and reclaim the land which was rightfully his.
  2. Stack Loot

    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Nova Romae Leader: Emperor Charles the Wise Population: 2112 FS: 2 AP:10 Soldier Pop: 500 Struggles of the Empire: Having been set up for 6 months now, the Empire’s true challenge would arise, the struggle to stay alive. Now the Empire would focus on developing the new territory it has claimed, as well as it would begin to search for resources within the surrounding area. Boats would be dispatched from the port to locate resources like fish, scouts would be sent east and west to find waterways and more possible ways of expansion. Any contact with other civilizations must be kept peaceful, do not attack unless attacked first. The empire will survive in the New World. ACTIONS: Continue developing the newly acquired territory Send scouts out to locate waterways and search for resources. Dispatch boats to fish Farmland construction #1 (4/40) Farm #2 construction (4/40) Lodge #1 (4/40) Lodge #2 (3/40) (The ap has been distributed through the lodges and farms)
  3. Stack Loot

    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Nova Romae Leader: Emperor Charles the Wise Population: 2102 FS: 2 AP: 15 Soldier Pop: 500 AN EMPIRE REBORN: Following the other kingdoms westwards, the Holy Roman Empire would land near the shores of the Gulf Coast. Here the HRE would revive its glorious empire. As soon as a settlement was erected, Emperor Charles would order his men to explore the new world, he would send 2 groups to colonize the land nearby. Colonists would be ordered to start the construction of farmlands and lodges Scouts would be sent out to the west and East of the colony. With the completion of the port, the HRE could now begin to fish along the coast of the new colonial lands. It was time for the HRE to rise again, the New World was a land untamed, and rich with resources and opportunities. The HRE would seize the chance. ACTIONS: 2 sets of colonists would be sent out to take the 2 tiles to the left of the colony (8 AP) Farmland construction #1 (2/40) Farm #2 construction (2/40) Lodge #1 (2/40) Lodge #2 (1/40)
  4. Stack Loot

    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    A letter would be sent to Auda to be read in front of his council, "It's finally here Uncle. I''m proud of you. I've witnessed your struggles and fought by the Caliphate's side. They are family and I am proud to also bear the Kharadeen name. Congratulations mi tio. Our ancestor Faiz Kharadeen must be smiling proudly as his work is not finished. The Caliphate has returned Uncle, expect me to come by soon to celebrate." Signed, Demetrio Miguel de Savin y Kharadeen
  5. Stack Loot

    A Brave New World

    Yo quick edit, I’m also gonna settle another tile and add 1 farm. So I should have 1 ap left
  6. Stack Loot

    A Brave New World

    Colony Name: New Rome Nation of Origin: Holy Roman Empire Religion (Catholic, Protestant, or Othordox): Catholic Colony History: Following the Collapse of the Old World, many nations fled westwards for a new beginning. H.R.E decided to continue to expand its empire westwards. It was them who found the New World, so it is rightfully their land to claim. Here in the New World they would begin to build a new empire, one that would rival even the Ancient Roman one itself. Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Initial 200 AP investments: 1 Port, 1 farm, barracks, 1 market Unique Military Unit: TBD Discord: Dyl#5096 Suggestions:
  7. Stack Loot

    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    So uhhhhhhhhhhh, can i get boneless chicken?
  8. Stack Loot

    Chooshire's AMA

    So I have this itching on my back, it itches bad. Any tips on how to fix it?
  9. Stack Loot

    Sultans AMA

    Do you know the muffin man?
  10. Stack Loot

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Imperial China Road to Progress: “To my brothers and sisters, rejoice! The world is filled with vast opportunities! The world is clay, and we, the Golden Horde shall be it’s shapers! As we speak, our military is being revived, our economy is in a resurgence, and we are uniting under one banner! Our unity is important, for in these upcoming months and years, it will be tested. The very foundations upon which our society is built will shake, so we must be ready to withstand it. We must be a stalwart wall, one that can withstand the barrage of a thousand cannons! Our empire will shine once more!” Domestic Policy: Continue to provide relief and government aid to the citizens. Spark a huge nationalist movement to draw more people back to the society. Continue to try and make amends with the dissenters within China to build a better community for all. Advocate learning and education as well as economic growth. Build more schools and universities around China to promote scientific achievement and innovation and to increase the general knowledge of the Chinese. Begin a restoration project on old Chinese monuments and a cities and towns to improve the welfare of communities. Economic Policy/Trade Policy: Continue to build factories, mines, oil drills and farms. Create schools and universities to facilitate education and scientific growth. A telegram is sent to a some nations in Europe(mod will know who) asking for advisors to help with the economies revival. Begin to construction of railroads and roadways around China to help facilitate growth, movement, and to connect and unify China. Military Policy: Continue construction of navy with a focus on aircraft carriers and u boats. Begin working on new aircraft technology and a more aircraft. Continue construction of new weapons and equipment for the soldiers, as well as begin the construction of new tank divisions. Also begin a massive recruitment of Chinese soldiers for the military, as well as send telegrams to select nations(again mod will know who) asking for help with the military revival. Summary: Continue to provide government assistance and relief. (Mod) Spark huge nationalist movement in China. (Mod) Continue making amends with dissenters/rioters. (Mod) Advocate and build schools and universities for education and scientific growth. (Mod) Begin restoration projects on old Chinese monuments and on communities. (Mod) Continue industrialization: factories, oil drills/rigs, farms, mines, etc. (Mod) Letters sent to European nations for economic advisors. (Mod) Construct railroads and roadways for growth and unity. (Mod) Continue naval construction. (Mod) Begin Air Force construction. (Mod) Continue construction on new weaponry and equipment for soldiers. (Mod) Begin construction on new tank divisions. (Mod) Send letters to nations asking for military advisors. (Mod) Begin massive recruitment of soldiers. (Mod)
  11. Stack Loot

    A Heinous Crime

    (Mad respect to you Dewper for doing this man. You must've lost a lot but I'll still show you my support dude.) Demetrio would see the letter. "Takes an awful lot for a man to do this.... He has my eternal respect for this."
  12. Stack Loot

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Imperial China A New Nation: “To my fellow Chinese, I know you have struggled. I know you have been disregarded and thrown away. I know you have been fed the scraps of the old dynasty. I know you have been laboring for while the other kingdoms profit off our hard work. Well, that China is gone, and in its place, a new imperial China shall rise! For I, Gang-Ji Khan have assumed the title of emperor, and I shall restore China to its former glory. The Golden Horde shall rise again! It is time for China to return to the global stage, and show the world our true might! Now is a time for unity! Now is a time for glory! Now is a time for innovation! Now is a time for China! Domestic Policy: China is a nation in turmoil, there is political turmoil all throughout China. To begin the reunification of China, taxes are lowered so that those who are poorer or discontent will have some breathing room. Also any who are angry with the government or have committed crimes like riots or any of the sort are offered pardons if they come back to the government and rejoin society. We also promise to revive and industrialize China, hoping to provide many with jobs and lower the poverty level. Economic Policy/Trade Policy: China is beginning a massive effort to industrialize itself. China is beginning construction of new factories to produce weaponry and war machines. Mines and oil wells/rigs are also made to provide the raw materials for these products. An effort is made to increase the navy size. Food production is also emphasized, with the grasslands of Mongolia being used for food production. All trade offers to China will be accepted. Taxes are lowered so those who cannot pay or have little money to spare, can be allowed breathing room. Military Policy: Our navy and army are to be increased and outfitted. China offers those who join the military tax breaks for their families and government help rebounding from this turmoil. Summary: Pardons offered to all that come back to society. (mod) Taxes are lowered and government assistance is offered. (mod) Factories, mines, farms, oil drills/rigs are to be made. (mod) Trade offers from friendly nations are accepted. (mod) Navy is to be improved drastically. (mod) Military is to be modernized. (mod)
  13. Stack Loot

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Thats fine thats fine
  14. Stack Loot

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Nation: Resistance Iberia Discord: Dylan#5096
  15. Stack Loot

    Issue from House de Savin

    “I will go to the ends of the world for my family.” -Demetrio Miguel de Savin y Kharadeen Effective immediately, I, Demetrio Miguel de Savin y Kharadeen, as Patriach of House de Savin, officially declare that all members and branches of the House not conceived by me, save for those descended from the Horen-de Savin line originating with my cousin Achilius, are no longer recognized as de Savins, and are hereby exiled from the family. Furthermore, any de Savins found living in enemy territory are declared traitors to the Kingdom of Santegia, and enemies to House de Savin. These branches include: de Savin Palaiologos de Savin Those of de Savin y Kharadeen that don’t stand with the crown or the family de Castro y Savin (more specifically those of the Castrov line) In Nomine Dei His Highness, Demetrio de Savin y Kharadeen, Prince of Santegia Patriarch of House de Savin y Kharadeen