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  1. hey i think ur rly rly cute

  2. comment if u remember pun haha dont forget to plus one too haha

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    2. _Hexe_
    3. Lionbileti


      @_Hexe_ dont talk to my son like that unless you want smoke.

    4. _Hexe_
  3. if anything ct’s are more bias than mods bc they have less of an impact on the server so they think they can permit themselves to be biased without disrupting the server as much @MeteorDragon
  4. ferdaboys69

    A Dragons Ire

    Titus would read the letter, he’d then sigh and leave it on his desk for a few days, giving him time to think. After having taken time to think of a response, he decided to rip the letter and toss it into the fire without leaving a response. He’d then mutter to himself ‘And I thought it was my father, Vitus Tiber who had orchestrated the sacking and burning of Ves.’
  5. ferdaboys69

    [Your View] Coups

    Well someone tried to coup my region after being evicted without any actual rp on the server taking place and as a compromise to this the staff deleted the region instead x)
  6. “And you’re just a little runt that can’t stop complaining for your little overlords without ever getting anything in return.” said Francis de Alba
  7. well retarded extending someones ban for not doing staff teams job haha

  8. im confused if joel cried to staff or if staff are scared of conflict please tell me which 

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    2. JoelTheGinger


      but im flattered you spend so much time throwing hate at me, you must have a lot of free time 🤗

    3. ChaseusBelli


      49 minutes ago, JoelTheGinger said:

      but im flattered you spend so much time throwing hate at me, you must have a lot of free time 🤗

      Yeah he quit his job now he spends his time playing csgo, stellaris, and whinging on mineman. The old Alex is gone

    4. ferdaboys69


      i quit because i wanted to keep my scholarships to uni

  9. “A coward!” Titus would exclaim as he read the letter, “You grovel at their knees whilst you lived, listening to these supposed blasphemes and did nothing. You’re as guilty as they are for your lack of action, and now you wait for death before making these allegations, a spineless man, I say.”
  10. you've had that pfp so long I assume you're actually a tiny dog

    1. Harrison


      tiny and has the gaming capabilities of a dog so ur not wrong

    2. Milenkhov


      couldn’t agree more

    3. ferdaboys69


      its my 10th birthday pic

  11. wondering when i can redeem my warning points for a prize

  12. investigation bans are a good thing only if the investigation is being handled like actively
  13. any fellow boomers on lotc? 🙂 

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