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  1. ferdaboys69


    So it wasn’t just Caranthir that had tried to keep their identity hidden from us to, and I quote, not seem like a biased GM? Also, all this information you’re providing had been left out even when I did ask about my ban, hence why my idea would be useful.
  2. ferdaboys69

    How’d you get your Username?

    u mean the time u got 3 day ban for coming back after dying? <o/
  3. ferdaboys69


    So first of all, if my english has some errors in it im sorry, I’m french so english is not my primary language. Anyways, due to some events that have happened to me I’ve come up with an idea that could solve alot of problems, for players and staff. So in the last few months I’ve been banned twice (both reversed) and both times in the ban message the GM did not leave their discord so I had to ask in support chat who had banned me, which should not be something I need to do. But this inspired my idea to have all the bans logged in a thread on the forums, organised by month, year, etc. This would improve transparency between players and staff and would limit staff abuse, which is something we’re all striving for, right? Anywho, these posts would contain the screenshots, the banning GM’s contact info, the ban message, and many other pertinent informations that we need to either fish for or are completely left out. This would also help organise the bans, so GM’s and players can keep track of who and how many players were banned during a certain amount of time. This wouldn’t be a luxury but something that would be necessary to improving the system that’s so easily exploited. I don’t know if this has been suggested before, or done before but any feedback to improving my idea or making it suitable for actual application in the banning process would be appreciated. Edit - Also, I was made aware that GMs could sign only – Gm Team if they felt uncomfortable mentionning themselves on the ban message. This has been abused and will continue to be abused so I’d sugest making more limiting rules to this guideline.
  4. ferdaboys69

    How’d you get your Username?

    im just hella ferds 🏒
  5. ferdaboys69

    Redemption for Incompetence

    crymore............. resolve what? just ban them and compensate the orcs...
  6. ferdaboys69

    Roast Thread

    virgin cage fight
  7. ferdaboys69

    Burning of a Branch

    earl killer by the way” kenswey would think to himself
  8. ferdaboys69

    [Denied] Pog's Forum Moderation Application

    application itself displayed a level of maturity most of us dont have, seems like a competent lad that deserves a chance +1
  9. ferdaboys69


    Kenswey would walk into Nordengrad, still wearing his uniform. He scoffed at the sight of the empty and tree-less square. “Quite a fuckin’ downgrade, good job Mournstones.” and with that he’d leave the town never returning.
  10. ferdaboys69

    Unwritten Rules

    hi if its not written down somewhere, it shouldnt be bannable thanks bye
  11. ferdaboys69

    The Coronation of Louis II

    lal lal nub kayr ((wants fm btw))
  12. ferdaboys69


    ‘’Bizarre flex mais d’accord.” says a young Loïc des Rosiers
  13. ferdaboys69

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Kenswey Fiscere Clan: Fiscere Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Yander Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid Arden