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  1. screw u hunwald my content mod didnt change me

  2. hello lotc  i am still content moderated

  3. THE SEVENTH CONTRACT OF THE PHOENIX The men of the Phoenix Band had met with their contractor in the city of Helena, for they met with one Illythia who was a smith of the city. She sought out protection, and thus, came to the Phoenix Band. With little hesitation, a contract was signed by way of Tamir - a leftenant of the band. TERMS OF THE CONTRACT: The Phoenix Band will, on request, come to defend the Blacksmith that Illythia owns if it is under threat (robbers, people not paying etc.) PROCESS OF THE CONTRACT: 450 minas per saints year ((every Friday)) will be deposited to a member of the Phoenix Band, if this is not paid then the contract will terminate. THE PHOENIX BOWS TO NONE OWYN ALEXANDER RENAI TAMIR
  4. ferdaboys69


    Tamir returned to Arcas with his band mates, excited for what lies ahead.
  5. why the wz down little man @Silverstatik

  6. Mars’ ego was huge, but a good man!” says Titus
  7. hello free me from content moderation

  8. Can’t wait to waste a stack of arrows on elves hiding in their fort! Says titus
  9. there a lotc furry discord i can join? i’m trying to meet other furries in the server.

    1. Crevel


      same tbh, I want to meet other individuals who share the same fascination with kha that I do <3333

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      so the kha discord

  10. Had to be there!” said Titus, unhappy with the fact that they only decided to fight the Oreniens after the rally had dissipated.
  11. Do you think they will send out their men naked to meet us in battle again?” Titus would ask as he arranged his collection of stone swords.
  12. Titus and his cousins prepare cheerfully for the war to come!
  13. Titus and his kin prepare for the upcoming war with unsettling excitement!
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