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  1. Kenswey frowns in the afterlife, sad that the bloodfeud with the Silversteeds had not been persued.
  2. Where’s my stall”comlains Omar
  3. goodbye helena, hello renatus!

  4. castrate all pedos but please make sure they’re actual pedos and not ******* 18 year olds dating someone 2 years younger and that are not actual pedos castrate real pedos
  5. “It’s magic,” he’d reply.
  6. You need to cut your sentences down, I have a hard time following” says Titus
  7. YETH!!!!” yells Titus as he prepared for the field battle alongside Donald F. Dabber.
  8. Yeth....’’ says Titus as he walked back home with his role-model Donald F. Dabber.
  9. wow guys i got a follower thanks

    1. Ixli


      ill follow chu if you follow mwah

  10. Mcname: ferdaboys69 Talent: insane pvper
  11. You mean after they charged in and died?
  12. KRUG KRUG KRUG. That ******* charge was unreal.

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