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  1. Titus smiles from the Seven Skies
  2. THE CREATION OF THE HOUSE OF TIBORICZ 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1758 I, Pertinax Augusten Tiber, the patriarch of the house of Tiber declare Tiberius the younger, his children and any who come of their blood cadets of the house of Tiber. I do so due to the distance between our lines, and the savage ways of this cadet branch. They spend their time fighting humanity with the norlanders. My house will not claim these individuals which is why I deemed it necessary to separate myself and my house from them. The house of Tiboricz will not be able to claim the infamous, yet surprisingly useless “Dragonblood” name. These individuals shall take upon the name of Tiboricz, like their progenitor Tiberius the younger had done momentarily during his reign of Guise. I name the only living member of this cadet house, Prince Magnus of Casteburg, it’s patriarch. Signed, Lord Pertinax of the house of Tiber.
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  6. Pertinax smiles knowing he’ll be 10 thousand minae richer
  7. Penance of a Tiber It is a terrible thing for a boy to go to war. Yet only prostrated on the chopping block could Titus Tiber admit this to himself . As he lowered his head to the pod of lobster-red enlisted state soldiers, memories of his life flooded from every which way - but they all sprung from one fateful moment at the dawn of the War of Two Emperors, where before he could even count the bolts, his commander put a crossbow in his hands and commanded him to gun down Joseph’s army. The youth was nursed on the tales of Donald Dabber and Pertinaxi triumph, but they did not soften those nascent memories of war and turmoil. The red fields of Leuven, the roaring battles of Rodenbough, and the sea of blood that dashed against Helena in her failed sacking - with each victory, the boy’s heart hollowed. These were hard and vicious things asked of a child, but they were in service to his country and the dragon banner of his ancestors, so they must be good. Thus, when the day came that a great Renatian exodus to Morsgrad was called, Titus Tiber did his bidding as he was trained to do. He wed to a good woman befit the heir to Tiberius Horen, and lived among a strange and foreign people at the command he was given. But Helena was his heart and home - it was all he had before he knew war. He was drawn to it as though it were his birthright and it was not long before he returned and found employ as one of many of the Lord Protector’s master-at-arms. Training a young Joseph Clement, Titus found some peace in his service, but with every swing of their wasters, the Pertinaxi asked himself. How can this boy be so innocent? This ten-year old youth was untrained in war, so mild-mannered that he could not even ride a mare unassisted. At that same age, Titus had killed a score of men with lance. More than peace, there was a black ire and envy boiling in Titus. Helena had grown soft, with lumps and lethargy, since the days of his boyhood, and that stirred rage. But the fact that the boy could be elated, happy, good-spirited and kind in the face of that stirred hatred, a mad jealousy for what he could never have. So when the great pagan banners of the Duke Godric were risen in the name of the AIS to destroy Oren, Titus became known as a great butcher of men. A common Ruberni cutthroat, he slaughtered travelers like cattle in war against the empire. These actions were thoroughly against his code as a patriot of man, yet completely in line with the doctrine of war impressed on him at the age of six. He killed conflicted, and wasted away as a man, deliberating which mantra mattered more to him. It took time for him to realize, but it was humanity. It always was. For what good was fighting if there was nothing worth fighting for? That bitter truth had Titus turn down his sword and return to his homeland. He found common work clearing pests as an auxiliary but the itching of guilt always gnawed at the back of his throat, that someday a soldier or lord may spot him and end it all as it righteously should. That day finally came when an aged Titus Tiber stumbled upon the Baron Selm and Archchancellor on envoy to Selm. Titus knew the Archchancellor some twenty years ago as a close friend to his cousin and elected to join them - but the old Rhenyari’s sharp gaze read through the Pertinaxi like a book. For one last beautiful night the trio drank dwarven brandy and enjoyed the gardens of Selm, musing the philosophies of redemption and atonement, until by morning the Archchancellor’s writ found six state soldiers waiting at the entrance of the beautiful barony. Titus was arrested, detained, and brought before Varoche Hall to declare his innocence - the Baron Selm his judge, Simon his solicitor. He could not lie to these men. As he kneeled before a massed crowd of onlookers and jeerers at the traitor Tiber, blade kissing his neck, Titus took it all in with one last long look. His last will was that his child be taken a ward to the state, given his cap and plate, and be raised to never act in the way he did. He knew that was his atonement - the workings of his son, who may just have a better life than he.
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  10. if anything ct’s are more bias than mods bc they have less of an impact on the server so they think they can permit themselves to be biased without disrupting the server as much @MeteorDragon
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    A Dragons Ire

    Titus would read the letter, he’d then sigh and leave it on his desk for a few days, giving him time to think. After having taken time to think of a response, he decided to rip the letter and toss it into the fire without leaving a response. He’d then mutter to himself ‘And I thought it was my father, Vitus Tiber who had orchestrated the sacking and burning of Ves.’
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