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  1. Korvic, we’re all here behind you. As much as I personally have probably been a pain to you cause I’m a dumbass, I couldn’t be more grateful for how much you’ve put into the server. Keep being an angel, We love you?
  2. I would die for them, they remind me of the dnd race also based on tortoises ( can't remember the name)
  3. Bandit RP almost made me quit day one, as I got mugged on a road within hours of being accepted. I didn’t understand how anything worked, or how rp worked in general, and the group who robbed me wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that I was completely new. Since then I’ve been mugged multiple times, and often forced into pvp I wasn’t really wanting. I joined the server for RP, not to be poofed by goons who only want pixels. I don’t see banditry as the problem, its the pvp based bandits who are. The pixel hungry goons, who aren’t here for RP and just here to cause trouble. I love good villainy RP, my character has be sacrificed twice, tortured, and thrown off a roof all for good RP and I really enjoyed it. When the people doing it are also there for good quality RP it makes for some really fun experiences. But this is a Role Play server, not pvp.
  4. Tolly gives dark chuckle, tearing the page from her door. "Best stay ou' o' there.. or- hmm.." She furrows her brow, shaking her head and entering her home.
  5. Cluney


    Born in the small, friendly Halfling village of Brandybrook. Constantly restless, Tolly never quite fit in with her laid back companions and siblings. She would spend hours in the woods outside her home, fashioning little instruments from wood and stone. After a few years of her collecting these little trinkets her parents finally found her an apprenticeship with a craftsman in town who specialized in instruments. She became very good at it, and even better at playing. Having a natural ear for music, she barely knew how to read it on paper, but could tune and play a fiddle with ease. But Tolly had grown bored in her little town. After several years of learning, the young lass left her home to become a traveling bard. She sticks to cities, often being found in bars or inns, sawing on a fiddle or singing a balled to the sound of her lute, or smoking a pipe while watching the other patrons. Traits Curious, good natured, and generally friendly. Isn't prejudiced towards most, but doesn't really care for the High Elves strict nature and avoids their city. Particularly fond of humans, however. Loves a good laugh and a drink with friends, can drink you under the table. Sounds very Welsh. Is down to date or marry pretty much any race, except orcs who terrify her. Is bisexual (like her skygod). Isn't religious, although she did follow the Potato Lord in her youth, and had heard many tales of Knox, The Pumpkin Lord from her parents and the village elders Light on her feet, a good dancer, and occasional burglar (only if she has to).
  6. Cluney


    Born during a cold winter, her family thought the tiny baby girl would be a sickly child like her older brother. They were dead wrong. Cluney spent her formative years tumbling around the hills in and around the Citadel in which she was born. Prone to fighting, the young elf had her fair share of broken bones. Due to her firey disposition, she was quickly snatched up by the local military. Her brother was almost constantly bedridden, and unable to join her. She left the military after 40 years and set off to travel, often writing home and sending gifts. Young and inexperienced. She is generally hot headed and impatient. Surprisingly gentle/loving towards those she likes, loyal a fault. She dislikes being in romantic relationships, having been scorned before. Very fond of cats, large dogs, and rodents. Extremely loyal to her country, although she dislikes how strict the military is. She was taken into the military at around 60, but left a little over 40 years later to venture out on her own.
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