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  1. Dont know if you can hold it tighter than soulbound, but, go off There was already a big thing that happened when ST forcibly took the hammer which was soulbound off of beamon so...
  2. Doesnt matter if you change your mind, shouldnt have been declared in the first place. Half of the server still thinks thats a thing. You do realize that once you kind of, tell the entire server you’re going to try and kill them, that tends to spread like wildfire. The entire thing can’t just be undone with a single ping in a discord with less than a tenth of the server in it.
  3. Shoulda thought about that while you were declaring you’d PK half the server if nobody participated. Yikes
  4. As you all can likely see, I just went on a huge rant in several discords regarding the unfairness of the current end of the map event. So if I’m going down, I’m taking those responsible with me. I came back to this server for god knows what reason, and I am constantly reminded why I left, seeing toxic actions taken by players and LOTC’s various teams. I’m not going to beat around the bush, so let’s get right into it. The Inferni event has been a big question mark for a lot of us, I can say that with confidence. Whether it be the fact that the guidelines for the event were written in the middle of the event, or the fact that those heading it seem to have a complete and utter disregard for the players participating in it. A bit of context as to what I mean, this picture right here https://image.prntscr.com/image/d7asQ2D9TDO9se-cETwpjw.png is the limit of the dwarven defenses, meaning nobody at that camp can go beyond the red border there. Now, there is an exception to this, that being the fleet that has been positioned outside the dwarven gate on the coast since the start of the event. I came home from my overnight shift at work to hear that an inactive landmass owned by goons was forked over to the ST for the event as seen in this image here Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, as the fleet is right there and can see them if they try to move out of their new land, I’m fine if they have land that is inactive, the goons shouldn't even have a say whether or not the ST get it anyways because they don’t play. Now our problem arises in the fact that I have been informed via VC that an elephant with the hammer of urguan WALKED RIGHT PAST OUR FLEET AND UP NEXT TO THE SKULL ignoring the entire fleet. This is further backed up if you simply observe that the ST spearheading this event have been playing CIV as of late, and while this may seem insignificant at first, you begin to realize that they are treating this as a turn based game of CIV, which is even further backed by the fact that every week the nations make their actions, and afterwards the demons do theirs, back and forth. LOTC is not a turn based game in case you weren’t aware. Anyone who plays this server would know that, it’s one of the first things you see upon launching the website even. LOTC is an RP server, people didn’t go to a game store and buy LOTC to play a turn based war simulator, they got on mineman and began to play for free on an RP server. To address this, upon joining the leadership chat in the Inferi Alliance discord, I scrolled up quite a ways to see if there were any bits of information that I would need in order to play the game that Dingo has laid out halfway into the event. (The logistics you can see here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BAdLi5p8DQ7_TKBKtzAP6s3DXmrh9xjoyLoyfTGevos/mobilebasic) This here is a blatant lie, these ships were formed prior to him writing the logistics above and have been there since the start of the event, and scrolling up quite a ways in leadership chat shows no signs of dingo ever asking anything about the dwarven fleet (unless he asked at the very start of the event, which even then would be strange because if something were that important you would want to keep pestering people until you get the answer so you can, y’know, properly lead an event.) As well as at the time, there would've been no need to consult dingo as he again, waited until halfway through the event to actually write the rules for the event. Then there’s the whole “Mass PK if nobody participates in my event” thing that I’m not even going to dig into, that’s a whole other mess entirely. To those who know me, I don’t take too kindly to being lied to, let alone in an attempt to discredit me. To this, I bring the title of this post. I ask that moderation and administration hold the leash a little tighter, as to not allow one of your own branches to needlessly anger/run off part of your own playerbase, things like this can be avoided with honesty and being accepting of criticism, or something as simple as asking for feedback before doing. In simpler terms, think before you do. And it is not just me sharing in this frustration as I am sure dingo is plentifully aware of, as I spoke with him prior about people disregarding his event. Dingo is already VERY aware of the fact that people have been displeased with his event and his “Act first ask later” tactics, to which his response appears to have simply been “I will PK basically everyone that participated in this event” should they not do anything because they aren’t enjoying the event. Simply put, the lesson to be learned here is to carefully plan out things like this. Large map ending events should not be made as they are being played out, nor should they be based off of the mechanics of a game with an entirely different set of mechanics. Things like these should be handled by people mature enough to take on such a task and have it ready from the get go. If you cannot handle the criticism and feedback of a community telling you they aren’t enjoying your event, chances are you shouldn’t be the one handling the event. So this brings me to the last part. The consequence of ignoring your player base so that you can run a movie. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190137-im-tired/ I’m sure many of you have seen and known what this post is, and I reference it because I am leaving again. Clearly in my time apart from LOTC things have sadly gotten worse, and as much as I love the playerbase and the rich mechanics, the diversity and the potential to do so much, it is in those who turn the cogs of the server that I share my despair with. Is it simply too much to ask for a server that is not subject to the whims of those clearly not capable of fulfilling their position? With that said, I am going to be of the first to leave because of this event, and I have no doubt there will be plenty of others that jump ship once they realize they are being forced to PK for an event they had zero control over. Cy@
  5. MC Name: Reece_Nolan RP Name: Hraaken Underhammer Discord: You know me, Beamon4. Which part of the tournament do you wish to participate in (PvP/Archery/Both): Both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.) EST
  6. It was at the dwarven ruins that supplies had finally arrived under the orders of Hraaken Underhammer in the King's stead. Far from the camp which had begun being set up stood the lost lands of Korvassa, home to demonic beasts and unsettling screeches. In the charred dunes was there no remnant left of mortal resistance, no evidence of a struggle apparent as the ashes of the brave were now part of the sands the Inferni Legion walked upon. Following the announcement of the Grand King, the floor of the throne room was once again emptied to reveal a single dried spatter of blood blending in with the orange tiles before the throne. it would seem that at least one fighter who met their demise at the hands of the Infernis was right. The hopes of those who had fallen, the dreams of those to come... They would not be shattered.
  7. The Call to Victory Written by Hraaken Underhammer, To every living descendant across Arcas. [Music] Where the Dwarves rest did a lone candle streak through the inky darkness. No forge was lit, no hammer rung, only blackness occasionally interrupted by the dim glow of bubbling magma below. An armored figure marched up the winding spiral of Kal-Evraal barely illuminated by the flicker of a lit wick. Shortly after did Hraaken Underhammer finally arrive in the clergy hall where a few other lit candles welcomed his own. As he entered the main chamber, Hraaken could see the High Preceptor passed out at a desk to his right, buried in parchments and books detailing the gods and times of old. To Hraaken’s left, Kazrin the Brown sat silently regarding him as the rest of the city slept restlessly, their uncertainty resounding through the quiet caverns. Hraaken then moved to pass the cave dwed, taking in details such as a newly forged axe by Kazrin’s side, and a few open books in front of him. He wondered whether the sage-like Starbreaker he saw was reading multiple books at once, he wondered what purpose such a person would have to be up while the rest of the world lays uneasy in their beds. Regardless, he continued on and left Kazrin to his work. Hit footfalls echoed to the shadowy back end of the library where he quietly took a seat on one of the wooden chairs, a small creak coming from under his armored weight. He took off his helmet and set it aside, the blackened glass inside metalwork faintly reflecting his candle as he passed the flame on to a few more candles at the table. There Hraaken sat, unfurling a blank parchment and beginning to scribe away at a document with enough power to potentially shape the future into a new fate. ”In this message, I wish to address all living descendants on Arcas. You may not know me, I am an Underhammer, a dwarf belonging to an old race, an old family of wise and unshakable workers. In my time on this land I have come to learn that despite those who are sun stricken being assailed by the light, they lead happy lives. They have families as I do, they have cultures, they have values, they have dreams and ideals they wish to hold to the end of their days. Countless others before me have wrote tales and recorded history, and I intend to believe that countless others after me will continue to do so. There are warriors of men, mothers that hold their children dear, there are lovers that embrace each other even during this perilous time. All of it would be for naught should we lose it all to the spawn of Khorvad. That being said I do not make this letter to bring yet another scroll of sympathetic dread to your doorstep, as I have heard of the mighty heroes across our many lands and realms of old. I have heard of the might of Kjell, I have read the wisdom of elves past, I have seen the will of Humans, the ferocity of Orcs. I have seen what occurs when all descendants band to together, they write history so strong that even the book recording their actions trembles at the raw power of change. I write this to all living descendants reluctantly, as it is not my place as a simple elder to ask for this. I am no king, I am no emperor, and I am no leader, but I am calling for every last one of you to band together once again to bring forth the tides of change to our history books. To that end, I will be gathering a small force including my son and grandson to travel to each of your major cities and discuss actions to be taken against the incoming threat. There is no where to run this time, there is no city to abandon this time. It is do or die, we have no time to bicker among each other over wrongdoing or one’s honor. What matters is that we win for those who have fallen as well as those who have not yet had time to enjoy the world of the living. I urge any nation leaders that may be reading this document to band together with your neighbors despite your differences, for they can be settled afterwards once we have ensured a future for us all. To reinforce this claim, I have already gathered workers to produce the resources necessary to fortify the lands with which our final stand will take place. I do not wish to win, I wish to beat them back into their hole, a total call to victory.” – Thane of Century Omega II and Clan Elder, Hraaken Underhammer With his document done did Hraaken rise from his seat, quietly push in his chair, and make to the exit of the clergy hall in haste for there was work to be done. As he proceeded past the tables where Norli slept, Kazrin still sat reading away as if sleep were not a concept applied to him. Hraaken gave him a solemn nod as he left, regardless of whether he noticed. It was only then did Hraaken come forth to endure the Endless Toil yet again as he ventured back down the spiral of Kal-Evraal’s walls. His footsteps again being the only disturbance to the snoring of countless dwarves in their homes. As he drew near the Underhammer clan hall, he passed his parchment to a figure hooded and cloaked like the dark itself before letting them walk out of the city into the night to spread his word in good faith. Soon after Hraaken returned to the small forge in their hall and unstrapped his armor to reveal his tree trunk arms with valleys of gray muscle rippling across. He would grab a hammer and continue to shape the Gorix-Az on the anvil in front of him as he prepared for war.
  8. A somber wind blows across the sea separating Korvassa from the mainland. On this wind is carried a single flake of ash that was once doomed to roll in the dunes of the land lost to the Infernis. This flake gently wafted down to Siramenor’s gate and joined the dirt of the path leading up to a gathered crowd of wood elves reading over the letter. Although they could not share in this flake’s tragedy, the wind understood who’s ashes it would soon be carrying next.
  9. The Battle for the Hammer [Music] It was as the city of Al-Faiz fell amidst the drums and screeches of the demonic legion’s advance that the lone Ireheart stood. Atop by his six foot bear Joff, he charged into the city attempting to rally the panicked warriors calling for retreat, but to no avail. Seeing that the city’s fall would spell the inevitable end of everyone he loved and cared for, he swallowed his pride as a living descendant and charged into the fray. Releasing his bear upon the front line, the Inferni soldiers were mauled by tooth and claw relentlessly as Durgar himself pushed on wielding no more than two Starbreaker forged steel knuckledusters crying “Narvak oz Urguan!” His advance split the fray in two, soldiers falling left and right helpless to fend against the rage of an inspired son of Dreek. A shadow cast by a gargoyle flew by, soon crushing several of its own infantry under foot upon landing. Atop the beast rode one of the Infernis Generals, Zekul’akudah wielding the Hammer of Urguan which was held in a red light as the sky soon blackened with his words. “You.” He stated, his body slithering forth as several snake heads plumed malflame around him. But Durgar was not phased, his onslaught continuing as he fought his way to the general. His eyes spoke of many trials and tribulations. Tales of grief, of disheartening guilt for his actions, stories of seeking redemption among his kin and loved ones. His eyes were filled with a bloodlust that showed not reckless abandon, but a righteous cause in his heart. “The only one that remains.” His voice slithered, coiling around the sand stricken battlefield as his soldiers obeyed mindlessly, surrounding the pair. “You deserve the bite of your ancestors.” “Spare me your words, I’ve come to ensure that the lives of my loved ones are not in vain!” Durgar spoke out, crushing the skull of an Inferni soldier under foot. “The hopes of those who have fallen, the dreams of those to come, they will not be extinguished!” He affirmed, charging with nothing more to say at the general in full stride. With this fatal mistake, the general hefted the Hammer of Urguan up and cracked Durgar upside the chin at full force using his own momentum to further the blow. With a sickening thud echoing through the air, Durgar flew into a spin and landed in the footfall of their arena with his jaw dislodged. But he felt no pain, he felt only his ancestors, including Yavok himself coursing through his veins to bear witness to this duel. Popping his jaw back in place, he rose once more. “You realize it too don’t you? I think I understand it now myself, I’m no hero.” He grunts with a lisp, charging forth again and putting all his strength into a blow with his stone golem hand, its olive rune flickering violently as it reflects his mental state. “I didn’t even stand a chance the moment you came off of that beast.” He utters, grinning as his eyes welled with tears. Hellfire raining upon the city behind him as he drops to one knee trying to gather himself. “Mine, agent of the betrayer.” The general said, as Vorukhan-Ur strode forth to the scene. The general now looking back down at the dwarf kneeling before him. “Choose your death.” He hissed, one of the snakes of his body slithering forth to lift Durgar’s chin so that he may behold his executioner. “I make myself known, now!” Vorukhan-Ur calls forth. “...As the one most fitting to destroy the champion of the Irehearts.” He says approaching the ring of Inferni soldiers guarding this sacred duel. “Grant me this chance to scorn the memory of Urir forever!” He begs the grand general. As the pair discuss his demise, Durgar’s hand lunges forth to grab the Hammer of Urguan, which resonates and glows with his sorrow and realizes shortly that his fate is sealed, the anguldaemonic runes only being able to glow to acknowledge him as his grasp was contested. “I’ll die a fighter then. If I could not teach my kin honor, I’ll teach them to be inspired!” He declares in one futile last attempt to free the hammer, mustering the last of his strength into repeatedly blows towards the general’s elbow yet again to no avail. “Navark oz Urguan!” Yet the generals snake like eyes watched, respecting his efforts yet fully understanding it meant little to change the face of the battle. Joff, finally breaking through the last of the infantry called out to his owner with one last roar before being gutted like a pig and slamming head first into the sand, lifeless. In Durgar’s heart, he knew his time was up. He knew he would not walk through the hall of heroes guided by Dungrimm’s hand as he had failed to uphold his blood oath. “Durgar Ireheart!” Vorukhan-Ur announced. “Suffer now the culmination of your forefather’s sins. You are, the descendant of the rapacious, the glory of failure, and the fear of the unguarded and meek. Never will I ever... Forgive your lowly kind.” He proclaimed, his spell now finished as a bolt of black crackling lightning struck down upon the Ireheart ready to annihilate his entire being, denying him any further chance of life and possibly existence in the afterlife. It was in this final split second that for him, lasted years, did Durgar lastly utter, “I love you mom, pop.” “Distasteful.” The general hissed as his kill was stolen by his lesser. Looking back upon where the valiant warrior stood, remained only a pair of Starbreaker forged steel knuckledusters atop a pile of ash. The general then looked out to the waters, seeing the last of the troops claiming to protect to city retreating with their tails tucked. His piercing gaze watching as the beasts of his army made comfort in their newly ruined home. https://imgur.com/a/9MxrpxC
  10. [Music] [!] A rolled parchment containing a message for all who behold it would arrive in Krugmar. ”I cannot speak for my brothers and sisters in Clan Ireheart, nor will I attempt to do so as I have already questioned their honor once. It is clear, the animosity between both Orcs and Irehearts is a thick and darkened blood that runs deep in our veins. With the grudge still going strong, it is however unclear to me whether we will ever make amends for the damage done. For the Orcs that have been disgraced for so called ‘honor’ in duels that actually hold no honor at stake. It is my wish to even the playing field, even if it is just myself acting upon this, I still hope that by attempting to honorably complete my trials that I may set an example for those after me that not everything need be solved with blind rage and fury. It is in this message that I propose a rivalry to the Orcs of Krugmar, an antithesis of the grudge if I may. As you may very well know I have formed a Blood Oath to bring honor back to the Ireheart name in my own way, and I have set out on foot to do just that. This rivalry would be one of a competition rather than hate, a display of strength rather than a showing of brutality. One as to say, ‘Come back when you’re strong enough to face me’, rather than the humiliation of taking the skin off of ones back. At the peak of this rivalry will then, and only then, honor be brought into question. The hide on the back of the Orc’s hand being wagered, and the skin of my chin along with my beard being my wager. Should I not be strong enough to overcome my opponent in an equal playing field, it would be the skin that my beard grows from that shall be severed, preventing me from ever growing it back again. Should the opponent lose, the skin on the back of their hand is less severe than their entire back, however it would be nearly impossible to hide that said Orc had lost at the hands of an honor bound Ireheart, thus branding them the lesser of the rivalry. It is now that I ask for three different Orcs of different clans, different colors and walks of life to step forth and become my rival in good faith, rather than the throws of a falsely proclaimed Honor Duel. It is here that I wish to grant this aforementioned even playing field so that we both may have the opportunity to prove each other wrong with a smile on our faces, to prove that both Orcs and Irehearts have honor, regardless of whether one or the other wishes to admit it. While this may unfortunately not bring about the end of my kin’s grudge, I hope that it may right a wrong in another way, as a sort of apology.” - Durgar Ireheart
  11. Name of the creature: Golem Spider (Optional) Link to a picture of the creature + name of the artist: Is this creature tamable and if so, how: No. Can you use this in combat: N/A Habitats - Check all that apply: Caves/Caverns Summary of the creature: Golem Spiders are massive scaly spiders that are unable to spin webs, instead violently hunting down anything that moves, sometimes eating things that don’t move. As they mature, the raw material that they produce turns the composition of their scales to something akin to stone, which lends them their name. While still soft and mushy on the inside, Golem Spiders are incredibly strong and durable hunters that will even go as far as sticking half their body in searing hot lava just to catch a prey. Their main forms of attack are with their legs and mandibles, often seeking to pull apart their victims to keep them from squirming about. Characteristics of the creature: The Golem Spider is usually found in their adult phase, on the brink of death as is their life cycle. From birth, the Golem Spider has an unending hunger that deems it an Omnivore. The baby upon hatching will eat the waste that the mother ejects from its body and feed for generally one stone week before having the strength to move on its own. After around three stone weeks from birth, the Golem Spider enters its most deadly phase of life, adolescence. Golem Spiders in this phase can peak around 10 feet in height standing on all legs upright and boasting a leg span of about 15 – 25 feet depending on its diet, usually weighing in at 500 to 700 pounds again depending on its diet. Adolescent Golem Spiders are what primarily shape their ecosystem, acting as extremely nimble hunters that usually attack anything that moves, even their own reflection in water. Golem Spiders metabolism will exponentially increase upon nearing their adult stage causing them to always hunt until they can no longer keep up with their metabolism and must sit themselves in one place where they begin to consume stone. Once they have fully entered the adult phase, they will be incapable of moving on their own except for their front mandibles which aid in shoving more stone into their mouths, processing sediments and minerals as a form of nutrition and ejecting low temperature magma as waste. As they continually feast, mother Golem Spiders will then deposit their eggs in their own waste after carrying their eggs inside them until they near death, usually being fertilized during teen years. One thing of note is that, Golem Spiders are unable to die of age, instead Golem Spiders will almost always starve to death as their metabolism gets so fast that they simply cannot stuff enough food in their body to keep up with the demand their body exerts on them to stay alive. (Optional) Origins of the creature: The Golem Spider is a native to the cavern structures of Almaris, while their origin isn’t entirely unknown, what species they were prior to evolving into the Golem Spider is a mystery. It’s believed that the Golem Spiders resulted from not having enough food to survive after hunting all other cave dwellers to near extinction. The Golem Spider is believed to be what is now known as a starved alpha race, or, a race of creatures that dominate the food chain as the alpha so fiercely that they inadvertently endangered their own species from lack of food or resources. Strengths/Weaknesses Due to their size, Golem Spiders MUST always eat to keep up with their metabolism and they can possess top speeds of up to 45 MPH in short bursts as well as physical strength capable of sheering stone. Their scales tend to be similar in composition to stone in both strength and material which lends them their name. The older the Golem Spider however, the weaker it becomes as it becomes immobile upon fully entering the adult phase, yet almost as durable as black steel plating. Golem Spiders have a clear weakness in their joints, the tough scales giving way to thinner tissue which allows them to remain nimble despite their weight. These joints are easily damaged by something as simple as a wooden spear, their other weakness being cold temperature which freezes the lubricating fluids in their limbs making them immobile and rendering them unable to eat should they not already be in their adult phase. This lubricating fluid freezes around 40 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit making it very susceptible to ice and other cold objects already below the mentioned temperatures. Red Lines Golem Spiders must eat every day roughly 10 pounds of material during their adolescent phase. Golem Spiders cannot create webbing and do not possess any poisons or acids, making them entirely reliant on brute physical strength and incredible speeds for their size. Golem Spiders have damaged their ecosystem so badly that not even they can survive in it easily, making them very hard to find due to their low numbers. Golem Spiders are by no means magical despite their name, they simply get their name due to their stone like scales, making them entirely a natural phenomenon. Golem Spiders during their adult phase are extremely difficult to kill unless you can flip them over, and while they do create low temperature magma as waste, they contribute to only a small fraction of the lava found in underground caverns. Golem Spiders are not able to be tamed or swayed, period. If you offer them food they will simply eat you and the food, as their hunger pains are their primary driving force. Golem Spiders CAN go to the surface, but typically do not due to the awkward terrain of the surface being more difficult for them to navigate without having cavern walls to push off of. Golem Spiders can be killed by a single player, but it would be an incredible feat to say the least; If you play a Golem Spider as an event team actor, DO NOT HOLD BACK, YOU ARE A CREATURE WHO IS ALWAYS ON THE BRINK OF STARVATION! Availability: Rare - A person requires lore approval to discover one of these. EDIT: THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT OF GOLEMANCY, IT IS LITERALLY JUST CALLED A GOLEM SPIDER BECAUSE ITS SCALES ARE STONE LIKE THANKS TO ITS DIET!
  12. [Music] It was in the clergy hall of the dwarven city that Durgar Ireheart stood. Among the conflict sparked by empty words between the Norlanders and Irehearts did a standstill take place. Blood drawn between kin over a quarrel that had no merit, and yet Durgar's anger refined him further in the face of the Brathmordikan itself. As the shrines solemnly spectated two Irehearts fighting each other did they finally reach him. As his brother left the hall disheartened by the actions of his clan, Durgar came to realise why he had not felt like an Ireheart. He had heard stories of his ancestors slaying dragons and taking on foes that no one dared to challenge. He had heard tales of great honor and courage to which none could fathom. Heroes that had saved not just themselves, but everyone around them using their grit and anger as an emboldening fuel. He was none of those tales. He did not feel as though he were an Ireheart because he simply was not an Ireheart. He was a murderer, along with the rest of his clan. He had taken the life of a dark elf on the road and wore its own ear as a twisted trophy, he had barged into the grove and demanded of the druids to defile their tree to prove an empty point. Like those before him, he misused his anger, mistook it for bravery just as those prior had done as they needlessly slaughtered elves and orcs alike, declaring death upon those who resided within the grove in peace over a piece of wood. With his blood, shed by his own clansmen to bring forth his conviction, Durgar painted a new line in the place of his green war paint upon his head. He swore a blood oath at that moment, shouting out not so that the citizens could hear, but so that even Dungrimm himself could bear witness as the shrines paid him heed. He declared in this oath, that he would bring glory and honor back to his clan in spite of the murderous souls among him. He swore on the Brathmordikan, on the Ireheart name, and to himself that he will uphold this task, defeating all including the demons in order to absolve his clan of their crimes against their ancestors. Striding forth, he walked to the grove of the world tree, bringing word of his promise and thus extending his oath two fold. He amended, stating that never shall a descendant race, not elf, not orc, not human and not dwarf, shall have their necks met with the blade of an Ireheart again without an honorable and worthy cause lest they wish to be forcibly removed of their clan name in the throws of an honor duel with Durgar himself. Slitting his palm on one half he allowed his blood to mix with the soil of the grove before his audience, then marking the second branch of blood paint upon his head. It was then that the Ireheart, renewed with purpose and the blood of Dreek pumping through his veins mustering the courage and wisdom of Urguan himself to draw him before the scrutinizing gaze of the current Grand King. It was there that he planted his feet, extending his oath a third time, thus making his promise threefold to the title of Grand King. He spoke of the atrocities committed by his clan and by himself, seeking redemption through his oath to make Clan Ireheart once again prosper. He swore off his trials, crushing the rotting dark elf ear under the sole of his boot and abandoned the bark of the world tree at the foot of the throne. He declared that his trials would be to uphold that of his blood oath through his life and even persisting to do so through death should Dungrimm grant him that privilege. As his threefold oath was sworn in by yet another slit on his palm and a drop of his blood soaking the tiles of the throne room, he made one final request. Should he fail in his endeavors to bring the Irehearts back to its former glory as it had been in its founding days, he asked that the Clan Ireheart be added to the Book of Grudges.
  13. MC Name: Reece_Nolan Character Name: Durgar Ireheart Character Age: 122 Appearance: Light skin, black hair, brown eyes Bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (LeftyBojengles) for help: Dreek Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of __, grandson of ___ etc): Son of Dreek II Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: Yes What is your Discord?: Reece | Samuel N.#2622 Image of the skin you intend to use: https://namemc.com/skin/e496301cf31fca92
  14. IGN:Reece_NolanRP Name: Durgar Stonevine Any past experience in taverns? (not required to be employed.): The Bearded Lady (I think thats the name, it was the one in the previous city that Atandt was king of. What role do you wish to be employed as (Bartender/Brewer):Bartender (if you have the need for any cooks then that too. What is your discord (not required, but really helpful if you wish to be notified on events and other important things):Reece | Samuel N.#2622
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