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  1. Dont know if you can hold it tighter than soulbound, but, go off There was already a big thing that happened when ST forcibly took the hammer which was soulbound off of beamon so...
  2. Doesnt matter if you change your mind, shouldnt have been declared in the first place. Half of the server still thinks thats a thing. You do realize that once you kind of, tell the entire server you’re going to try and kill them, that tends to spread like wildfire. The entire thing can’t just be undone with a single ping in a discord with less than a tenth of the server in it.
  3. Shoulda thought about that while you were declaring you’d PK half the server if nobody participated. Yikes
  4. As you all can likely see, I just went on a huge rant in several discords regarding the unfairness of the current end of the map event. So if I’m going down, I’m taking those responsible with me. I came back to this server for god knows what reason, and I am constantly reminded why I left, seeing toxic actions taken by players and LOTC’s various teams. I’m not going to beat around the bush, so let’s get right into it. The Inferni event has been a big question mark for a lot of us, I can say that with confidence. Whether it be the fact that the guidelines for the event were written
  5. MC Name: Reece_Nolan RP Name: Hraaken Underhammer Discord: You know me, Beamon4. Which part of the tournament do you wish to participate in (PvP/Archery/Both): Both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.) EST
  6. It was at the dwarven ruins that supplies had finally arrived under the orders of Hraaken Underhammer in the King's stead. Far from the camp which had begun being set up stood the lost lands of Korvassa, home to demonic beasts and unsettling screeches. In the charred dunes was there no remnant left of mortal resistance, no evidence of a struggle apparent as the ashes of the brave were now part of the sands the Inferni Legion walked upon. Following the announcement of the Grand King, the floor of the throne room was once again emptied to reveal a single dried spatter of blood blending in with t
  7. The Call to Victory Written by Hraaken Underhammer, To every living descendant across Arcas. [Music] Where the Dwarves rest did a lone candle streak through the inky darkness. No forge was lit, no hammer rung, only blackness occasionally interrupted by the dim glow of bubbling magma below. An armored figure marched up the winding spiral of Kal-Evraal barely illuminated by the flicker of a lit wick. Shortly after did Hraaken Underhammer finally arrive in the clergy hall where a few other lit candles welcomed his own. As he entered the main cham
  8. A somber wind blows across the sea separating Korvassa from the mainland. On this wind is carried a single flake of ash that was once doomed to roll in the dunes of the land lost to the Infernis. This flake gently wafted down to Siramenor’s gate and joined the dirt of the path leading up to a gathered crowd of wood elves reading over the letter. Although they could not share in this flake’s tragedy, the wind understood who’s ashes it would soon be carrying next.
  9. The Battle for the Hammer [Music] It was as the city of Al-Faiz fell amidst the drums and screeches of the demonic legion’s advance that the lone Ireheart stood. Atop by his six foot bear Joff, he charged into the city attempting to rally the panicked warriors calling for retreat, but to no avail. Seeing that the city’s fall would spell the inevitable end of everyone he loved and cared for, he swallowed his pride as a living descendant and charged into the fray. Releasing his bear upon the front line, the Inferni soldiers were mauled by tooth and claw relentlessly as Durgar hims
  10. [Music] [!] A rolled parchment containing a message for all who behold it would arrive in Krugmar. ”I cannot speak for my brothers and sisters in Clan Ireheart, nor will I attempt to do so as I have already questioned their honor once. It is clear, the animosity between both Orcs and Irehearts is a thick and darkened blood that runs deep in our veins. With the grudge still going strong, it is however unclear to me whether we will ever make amends for the damage done. For the Orcs that have been disgraced for so called ‘honor’ in duels that actually hold no honor at
  11. Name of the creature: Golem Spider (Optional) Link to a picture of the creature + name of the artist: Is this creature tamable and if so, how: No. Can you use this in combat: N/A Habitats - Check all that apply: Caves/Caverns Summary of the creature: Golem Spiders are massive scaly spiders that are unable to spin webs, instead violently hunting down anything that moves, sometimes eating things that don’t move. As they mature, the raw material that they produce turns the composition of their scales to
  12. [Music] It was in the clergy hall of the dwarven city that Durgar Ireheart stood. Among the conflict sparked by empty words between the Norlanders and Irehearts did a standstill take place. Blood drawn between kin over a quarrel that had no merit, and yet Durgar's anger refined him further in the face of the Brathmordikan itself. As the shrines solemnly spectated two Irehearts fighting each other did they finally reach him. As his brother left the hall disheartened by the actions of his clan, Durgar came to realise why he had not felt like an Ireheart. He had
  13. MC Name: Reece_Nolan Character Name: Durgar Ireheart Character Age: 122 Appearance: Light skin, black hair, brown eyes Bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (LeftyBojengles) for help: Dreek Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of __, grandson of ___ etc): Son of Dreek II Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: Yes What is your Discord?: Reece | Samuel N.#2622 Image of the skin you intend to use: https://namemc.com/skin/e496301cf31fca92
  14. IGN:Reece_NolanRP Name: Durgar Stonevine Any past experience in taverns? (not required to be employed.): The Bearded Lady (I think thats the name, it was the one in the previous city that Atandt was king of. What role do you wish to be employed as (Bartender/Brewer):Bartender (if you have the need for any cooks then that too. What is your discord (not required, but really helpful if you wish to be notified on events and other important things):Reece | Samuel N.#2622
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