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From Ruination [FRP]


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Galaharian League


Across the League wheels turn and gold changes hands. All in all, quite a normal year on the surface. But there were murky ripples in the water. The men of the league play games of war and economics in blissful ignorance. The women however live in fear, fear of a certain pair of white eyes. But the ripples are hardly detected, and life goes on.


Duke Giovinco Barbaro strides down the spacious halls of his Storm Keep with his three Passan commanders. In the past year or so after building, he had been busy renovating. Now shrines to the deep one mark every corner. Tapestries, silks, and oil lamps suffuse every hall way. Fresh sea food pours in, as well as supplies. Giovinco had done about all he could with the Storm Keep in the past few years. Now it was time to hand the keys to someone else. His loyal Passan Commanders would cater to the defense, supported by a council of Leagues-men officers and merchants. Giovinco will remain in the Storm Keep, but his priority has shifted....


*The Passans people have slowly been shown the true wonders of a mercantile world. They had even expanded their borders, and their towns. A growing luxury and service economy was booming. Citizens wanted more goods, and clothes. However this entire boom was engineered by Galaharian merchants. They had not given loans to Passan merchants, but gifts. However this was leading to the Passans becoming increasingly reliant on Galaharian imports and finance to keep their growing domestic economy growing and booming. The Ivory bank and Duke Barbaro officially take over the operation. They will not upset the status quo what so ever. Galaharian merchants continue to integrate into the Passan economy. But the influence of their economic power is now focused under one branch, the Ivory Bank. They will begin to use this new found power to slowly and subtly expand their influence even more in the economy of Passans.




In more martial matters the army of Galahar begins to mobilize and rally at Throatavilla. Quite an unprecedented event, many Leagues-men grew weary of this new move. However Governor Salvanzo of Throatavilla clears the air. Every an ally of the Guilds and Ivory Bank, he screens the army and commanders in a proper vetting process. His clerks compile a three thousand page report, and distribute it. The army was indeed being legally paid and ordered to assist Bordeleuax in their final assault on the Carrowlands. Elsewhere brave new regiments of troop are raised.


**Galahar also begins into a very new, and very odd line of research. For two years or so now a most peculiar Uhlan Wood has come in from Hilmedhi. This wood was wondrously light, and seemed to enhance speed. Always one to look to the stars, the League RnD team takes this new wood. They begin to fashion it into a long staff, with supporting frames. This staff and frame of Uhlan Wood will ideally hold a Bog Silk sheet over it. The ultimate goal to make a form of glider then can harness the gales of wind over ocean and land alike. Slaves are used to test the gliders of course.



Population; 6,218,934 / Income; 107k


Mod Actions


*Continued Ivory Bank ventures in Passan. -9k [20k Total]


**Research into a ‘Glider’ -10k


[!] Shipping in a Librarian Adept to assist in the investigation of last years mystery


Ivory Bank subsidiaries start construction in the capitals of; Passans, Bourdeleaux, Danwent, Hilmedhi, Fey (But in their port city of course).


[Redacted] -10k


Financial Actions


Building City -15k

 Building Port/Merchants Guild in newest City -25k

Recruiting 2 Units of Stormriders [T3] -12k

Recruiting 2 Units of Leagues-men [T3] -13k

Building 6 Ballistae -4.5k

Paying loan to Fyr-Darrick -8.5







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“Arjun is born again! Mihir’s return is soon to come!”


The big man stood with arms outstretched in the village square, flanked by his followers, and all around them was chaos. Far in the east of Surya’s domain the rule of law was tenuous, and by the time the Civil Watch arrived he would be long gone into the nearby mountains. Ravi’s men had come at dawn, and there had been no one to resist.


“Yet still the so-called Sattva pretend that they are the only enlightened leaders in the world! They lord over you as if infallible...but we know that their ill-advised stewardship will soon come to an end!”


The village around him was on fire, as his men rushed about extracting whatever wealth was left. The Rajas they found were killed on the spot. The villagers would soon be herded to the square. A messy business, and one he would not have enjoyed just a few years ago. But now, he knew it was necessary.


“We take Surya from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of salvation, and we give it back to you...the people.


By now, he knew, a message would have reached a garrison somewhere nearby. But it was too late, far too late. Soon he would be gone, and some of the villagers would come with him. They always did.


“Your lovely town is now yours. None shall interfere, do as you please! But start by storming Surya, and freeing yourselves from oppression!”


Ravi sparked only anger in himself at the mention of his old home, and gripped the sword he had been exiled for tightly. He heard the Sattva wanted it after all, now. Well, they could damn well come for it.


“Step forward those who would serve,” he continued fiercely. “For an army will be raised.  The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure. Courts will be convened. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be shed!”


The mountains were less than a day’s walk away. By nightfall he could be hidden from the realm, and the next day he would march again, for some other unhappy village. And after that he would do the same. Again and again, until the whole realm rose up against their asinine leaders. Until the Mahasattva was grown and he could guide her into a new realm, one of justice. One where nobody would give him orders, not anymore.


“The Rajas…” He spat. “The Rajas will survive, as they learn to serve true justice. And with your help, this great nation...it will endure. Surya will survive!”


Or at least, he would.




The eastern frontier experiences a minor crisis as a new nuisance appears in the mountains beyond Surya’s reach. Every few weeks, new villages come under threat from a series of lightning attacks that seem designed to undermine authority in the region. Reinforcements soon arrive to prevent further attacks, but fail to apprehend the culprit. As many wonder where he will strike next, the Sattva take an unusual amount of interest, for the bandit leader matches Ravi Singh’s description.


In Aros, the Maharajas Sarjee Scindia begins to energetically patrol his borders, and requests more cavalry from the twin islands. Who knows what he’s planning?




Current Statistics


Expenditure (130,500 Gold)


Routine farm expansion. [2 Farms; 10,000 gold]


Mihir guides more settlers to the frontier, this time to the north... [Settlements; 10,000 gold]


Surya continues to cement itself as an economic powerhouse, the greatest city in the world. [12 Factories; 90,000 gold]


The House of Steel, a temple-tower in the northern district of the mirrored city, has long been home to the order of chosen rajas, fighters that choose to serve in the ranks rather than become administrators or officers. With Surya’s newfound wealth, this old temple can at last be refurbished. Perhaps the chosen rajas will find themselves with new gifts from Mihir in the future…. [Temple in Surya; 10,000 gold.]


[10,500 gold saved.]




[Map goes here when I’m back on my computer]


Population 9,452,577


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Kingdom of Five



Nation Roleplay:

The war in the east as its being called throughout the Kingdom sparks interest and great concern, two ‘neutral’ foes locked in a deadly battle. A king on his deathbed was of greater concern however, the passing of the torch came abruptly as Prince Dakkar Swine watched his father die of old age becoming one of the youngest kings to ever sit on the throne at 23 years old. A great funeral was held in his name, a man of exponential growth and pride as well as a peacemaker. Dakkar following in his father's steps for the year declares a great deal of manufactories and farms to be built. It was also time he purged his close advisors, a few warhawks entering the ranks of his majesty.


In the east, Duke Feobald’s expedition has entered its final death throes as thousands have literally died traveling the marshes and unforgiving environment. Many discoveries untold to the world will be first heard off in the realm of the Swine and with it ambition will grow...

Population: 8,622,501 Fivians

Gold Expenditure: 99,050 Gold with Upkeep included + 1k in trade

(20,000 Gold) 4 Farms are built!


(74,250 Gold) 11 Manufactories are constructed this year.


(4,800 Gold is saved.)

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The Royal Era of Aemer, A.E 413 (Year 1513)



The dying, following the skirmish south of Arris. A small, yet decisive victory for Numeria, from which it saw nearly nine thousand Sehmonians put to the sword.


Hundreds lined along the battlements of Arris, their gaze kept upon the horizon - what the defenders had been praying for, had finally arrive. The King, in all his regal glory, had arrived at the head of a relief force, causing many within the walls to rejoice, anticipating their soon to come freedom at the hands of their own King.


Only the Marquis, Aelyr, kept a scowl on his visage. He had expected a far greater army, a force worthy of being led by his King, but instead, he saw what he perceived to be rag-tag, hurriedly assembled peasant force. His mood only worsened as he failed to locate any signs of the Lyrian Sentinels, the only banner of note present being the King’s Own. The Numerian Lordling sighed sharply, his head shaking in disappointment as he made his way off of the walls. Though not aware of this, the King had just a few days ago annihilated the Sehmonian reinforcement, and was ready to break the siege.


No great nation was formed out of pleasantry and cake, they were formed out of desire and purpose, a will and a testament. Blood and toil made people great, such is the path of Numeria.





Available Imperial Denarii (Gold): 48,000


In conjunction with the arrival of Blackmarrowian Reinforcements, Numeria seeks to dominate the field with an overwhelming majority of Heavy Infantry to serve as the core of any fielded Army. [Recruiting 5 (2500) units of Heavy Infantry at T3 | 30000/30000]


The Kingdom does see it fit to bestow upon the Republic of Danwent a sum of five thousand Numerian Denarii for their continuous effort to ensure amiable relations between the two nations. The Royal Council does not push for any further diplomatic actions with the Republic, but wishes for current relations to remain secure and prosperous. [Gifting Danwent gold | 5000/5000 @Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)]


The growing wave of religious extremism continues, now enveloping the northern populace of Numeria. Thousands petition the local council to establish a center of worship, which they do. Within the City of Nyria, the Duke consecrates the construction of a Temple, dedicated to the four pillars of the Elements. [Constructing a Temple in Nyria, +3 Adepts | 10000/10000]


While the War continues to rage, the High Chancellor embezzles the excess funds of the yearly budget. Utilizing it for his own project, he funds various researchers and historians from around Numeria to set up a research facility within the Town of Mineria, where the peculiar stone, Osmalt was first found. Correlating the artifacts found within the supposed Tomb of Symon and the veins found within the Mountains, dozens of rudimentary scientists toil away at unlocking the secrets of this black material. [Spending 3k into researching Osmalt]



Leader: Aemyr V of House Namyr

Capital: Royal City of Lyria [Merchant Guild, Shrine, x1 Manufactory, Church]

Cities: Nyria [Merchant Guild, ]

Tyria [Merchant Guild, Church]

Tyniria (+3k) [Merchant Guild]

Arris (+3k) [Merchant Guild]


Towns: Mineria (+3k)


Settlements: N/A


Fortress: Helmden


Current Projects:

Researching Osmalt (Rare Mineral)

Developing Mountain Highway near Mineria

Building Hermitage [10000/50000]


Population: 6,415,917 Total

500,000~ in Lyria

300,000~ in Tyria

200,000~ in Nyria

3,500,000~ in rural regions




2 (1000) units of Heavy Infantry [All T3] (Dismounted Knights)

1 (500) units of Lyrian Sentinels [All T3] (Unique Heavy Inf)

6 (3000) units of Blackmarrow Heavy Infantry [T4] (No Upkeep)

2 (1000) units of Blackmarrow Veteran Heavy Infantry [T4] (No Upkeep)


7 (3500) units of Medium Infantry [All T3] (Numerian Serjeants)


8 (4000) units of Light Infantry [All T3]

1 (500) units of Light Infantry


2 (2000) units of Light Archers (Unique Light Archers)


1 (500) unit of Light Cavalry (Numerian Rangers)

5 (2500) units of Medium Cavalry [All T3]

2 (1000) units of Medium Cavalry (Numerian Squires)


Total Infantry Count: 20,500- 41 units



14 Adepts, 2 Magi






Base Income: 3000g

Economic Points: 5000g

Town: 9000g

Population: 18,000g

Trade: 1000g (Republic of Danwent)

Merchants Guilds: 15000g (Lyria, Tyria, Nyria, Tyniria, Arris)

Manufactorie(s): 1000g (Lyria)

Treasury: 2000g



Infantry: 4000

Fortress: 2000


Total: 48,000

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Commonwealth of Ruhn







“...Third of three,the Veiled Diviner rumbled, as I watch over those beyond life, so must you watch over those who breathe mortal air.”


Melchior Hoffman stood before a grand bed surrounded by a dozen stony-faced nobles. Their attention was not on the Diviner, but that of a thin, wrinkled woman lying beneath linen sheets. Her labored breathing and pale features were a clear sign that her duty in life was coming to a close. His hooded head and veiled face made the scripture somewhat muffled despite his clear voice.


“All men need guidance, for no man is born wise.’


And so He reached into the Child’s chest, and took from him a rib bone. He went to the earth and placed it atop a great mountain, and there he spoke to the People below.


“This is my seal, and pact, with you. Know your duty, and I will not abandon you. Know reverence, and They will guide you. Know that I do not seek your end, but await your arrival. For even when duty ends, your Duty will begin.”


And lo, they abandoned their fires and placed their own bones with the first.”


The woman’s family bowed their heads as he spoke. A wealthy lot, but most had done their duty and dressed in relatively simple attire (despite the expensive material of course, but the nobility couldn’t discard of all luxuries, could they?).


“Will you, Olga, hold to the pact? Will you enter his embrace willing to perform your Duty? Will you watch and protect your children and your children’s children until they see Him with their own eyes?”


The woman weakly nodded her assent, and the imposing priest raised his arms and gestured to the family surrounding her.


“Then let your descendants petition your favor, and your forgiveness. Blessed is the humble child who seeks closure to all ills, for the weight of hatred is heavy. Let her journey be swift.”


Placing his hands on his heart, Melchior quietly exited the room as the family slowly closed in around the small woman, holding her hand and kissing her head as they whispered their final farewells. Those performing the Final Rite were not expected to remain, as petitions were private things.


The servants in the manor bowed reverently as he swept down the steps. Some even averted their eyes when he glanced in their direction--Melchior was yet to decide whether he liked this or not.


Finally trudging out of the front doors, he afforded himself a moment to breathe and relax. It had been a while since he had performed this duty, but the other Veiled Diviners had thought it appropriate to have one of their own number there. The woman, Olga, had donated an obscene portion of her personal wealth during the latter years of her life towards the construction of the new shrine on top of Mount Ruhn. Almost all the structure’s foundations were paid for with her money which pleased the higher echelons of His temple. It was only right to show their appreciation in whatever humble way they could. The full rite only took fifteen minutes to complete, but it was taxing regardless. It would be a travesty if her final moments had been imperfect.


Finally he exhaled, and began the long walk back to the mountain’s precipice. Most of the older nobility lived in manors on higher peaks and this made walking the winding roads and perilous bridges taxing on one’s stamina. Due to recent breakthroughs in engineering unusual mechanical lifts and sturdy, tunneled pathways were replacing the old cobbled roads that twisted around the crags like languid snakes. He could see a new bridge in the midst of construction spanning between two crumbling hills. Such improvements would cut travel time in half, but would such frivolous luxuries deprive the citizens of their blessed humility? He pondered this as he walked through a smoothly-cut divot on the mountain side, complete with a stone pathway and wooden railings.


The next generation would have things much too easy.


After an hour of walking, he finally arrived at the top of the mountain. Shrine-tenders quietly scooted about the grounds, cleaning the newly interred remains and whispering prayers. Few paid him any heed as he marched up the central walkway. At the doorway, the First Speaker stood waiting for him. He had been the one to present him to the other Diviners for appraisal. Understandably, they had agreed to him joining their ranks very quickly, especially after seeing his blessing from He-That-Waits. They were an honest and straight-forward sort, which was what he appreciated most about them.


“Most Blessed, I am gladdened by your return. The others are already waiting.” The First Speaker practically tiptoed around him after his ascent. Perhaps he knew of his new gift?


“How are the acolytes?” Melchior boomed as he stepped through the gateway into the shrine.


“Their faith is unshaken, Divine Hoffman. But they are confused. They say it feels different. Wrong, even.”


Melchior walked with the First Speaker silently as they passed by the great pillars of bone that stretched into the murky dark of the ceiling. Thousands of skulls donated by local families adorned the center-most monument—a 20-foot obelisk crafted almost entirely of thigh bones. An architectural marvel of bonesmithing, but certainly not the greatest monument Melchior could imagine.


They arrived at the very back of the shrine where stone stairways lead to a deep storage cellar. The passage down was inky black, and only a hint of light could be seen at the bottom of the steps.


“Return to your duties, First Speaker. Comfort the acolytes, and assure them that we pray for answers and guidance. We know not yet His plan, but hopefully our ancestors will beseech him.” The First Speaker said something more, but Melchior ignored him as he descended into the dark. The First Speaker was an important pillar of His temple, but whatever he had to say could wait an hour or two.


After minutes of climbing down the steps he finally reached a heavy, wooden door that groaned ruefully as he pushed it open. The wide stone cell was the sort of thing used to store vegetables and supplies, but large enough to fit a small house. Its emptiness was offset only by dozens of burning candles and five figures at its center. All of them were draped in the same heavy, black robes that Melchior wore, and they surrounded a man sitting on the ground.


“Brother Hoffman!” One exclaimed with a rasp as the large man marched forward. “You have arrived just in time. This man may not require your attentions after all. He seems very willing to tell us all he knows about those gems he and his comrades came into contact with.”


Melchior took his place in the circle, and he looked down upon an average looking man. Beads of sweat were running down his weathered cheek, and his lip quivered upon seeing Melchior approach.


“And the fate of the others?” Melchior probed.


“Nothing could be done for the deranged one, and his family requested he be sent to Him before his time.” A second, feminine voice hissed from beneath her hood. “Parliament will decide on it.”


“The captain,” interjected another with a lighter, wispy voice, “was also cooperative. We theorise he may have been the catalyst for what happened, but his faith does not appear shaken. The rest of the witnesses consider the rumours about the acolytes and him,” the Diviner pointed a bony finger at the weathered-looking man. “To be just that; rumours.”


Hoffman nodded but did not take his eyes off the trembling figure. “What is your name, my child?”


“Geoff, milord. Leftenant Geoff.” He stammered. Melchior loomed over him, and spoke calmly, and slowly, like someone trying to ease a panicked beast.


“It is good that you desire to speak to us, Geoff. It shows a commitment to Him and your ancestors. These things are pleasing to us, and by extension, Them.” Melchior leaned closer still, until his veiled eyes were lever with Geoff’s. “Please, tell us of the gemstones you found.”




Misc. Effects:
Colonial Bureaucracy: 400,000 pop required for towns.
Tablet of Zakhet: 5% off of all construction prices.
Seljin Fish & Chips: 0.25% growth per turn.



Base Gold:
9,000 gold,
Towns/Cities: 15,000 gold,
Merchant guilds: 12,000 gold,
Population: 13,500 gold,
Trade: 6000 gold (2000 from port),
Manufacturers: 4000 gold,
Harkon’s Gems: 4000 gold,
Upkeep: -7,500 gold,
Total: 56,000 Gold (58,400 incl. vault)
2400 in vault


-The standard yearly farming expansions go as they always do, some opting to be sent north to the untouched wildlands, while other venture south to the picturesque coastlines beyond the Seljin Straits. (-9500 gold toward two farm stacks)

-Barter Town and Staublund grow rapidly from masses of colonists trying to strike it rich in the south. (-28,500 gold towards upgrading two towns to cities)

-A merchant guild establishes itself in Leberstadt. (-8550 gold towards merchant guild)


-Hunters from Ruhn are commissioned by the Barter Town hunting authority to search the rivers and safe areas of the deserts for the supposed “sand crawlers” that local savages had used in their primitive  armour-working. (-3000 gold)


-Research on the properties and functions of the Levers of the Divines continue. Now that the scholars are out of pills and fish, they turn to prayer for insight into the strange mechanisms. (-3000 gold towards research, total of 11,000 invested)


-The Veiled Diviners begin to question and learn everything the sailor knows about the gemstones, and his current condition. They are very thorough in their work, and even request money for supplies, food, and (if necessary) tools. (-3000 gold)


-450 sent to vault.

Population: 4,874,857 citizens.


Cities & Investments:
Ruhn (Merchant’s Guild, Temple, Military Academy, school)
Bruger (Merchant’s Guild, Temple)
Riveruhn (Merchant’s Guild)
Shatterbridge (Merchant’s Guild)

Leberstadt (Merchant’s Guild)(Next turn)
Barter Town (City)(Next Turn)
Staublund (City)(Next turn)
Oakwood (Settlement)
Shadowcliff (Settlement)

 Defensive Structures:
Fortress Bergen


Other Investments:
19 Farm stacks (21 next turn)
4 Manufactories



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The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick




Nation Stats




King Eonir the Great Stag


High Priestess Dycha


Prince Aeleandor the Warden








Base: 7,000


Towns/Cities: 12,000


Population: 11,000


Trade: 4,000


Trade Caravels: 16,000


Manufactories: 3,000


Merchant Guilds: 12,000


Port: 2,000


Upkeep: -11,200


Total: 55,800




Start: 56,000



Trade Partners


Galaharian League

Empire of Bordeleaux

Kingdom of Hilmedhi

Kingdom of Bulgar


Cities, settlements and Fortresses


Talsyn (Capital), Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,000,470


Anmyr (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 800,470


The Midnight Anvil (Fortress) Garrison: 500 Light Archers


Modryn (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 580,017


Tal Silvoc (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 600,044


Tal Dovar (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 500,000


Glade of the Eternal Midnight (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 500,000





Temple x2

Farms x10

Merchant Guilds x4

Manufactory x3


Barracks x2


National Idea


Guardians of the Forest: For Centuries the Fey peoples had watched over the Forest with careful vigil, many never ending their watch and opting to continue service in the Army of the Fey rather than retire to find a craft outside of Military pursuits. 20% Cost reduction on Veteran and Elite Cost, 10% reduction on upkeep costs for Veteran and Elites.




3,900 Greenthroat Riders (Medium Cavalry)


3,900 Greenthroat Guard (Medium Infantry/Archers), T2 Equipment


200 Greenthroat Guard Elite (Medium Infantry/Archers), T3 Equipment


2,250 Light Infantry


3,000 Light Archers


200 Veteran Light Archers, T2 Equipment


12 Trade Caravels


6 Adepts


Military Equipment


Iron (T2): 5,800 Equipped, 1,100 Stored


Leather (T2): 750 Equipped


Steel (T3): 2,500 Equipped


Detailed Military List






The Royal Fey army had faced the Darykrians on the field in a large battle, outnumbered by the humans on the field by some miracle the Fey were able to take the field though at a heavy toll on the army itself. The decision would be made to consolidate the gains that the Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick had taken over the years including the bridge that it had fought so hard to reach and ensure that they could begin rebuilding the army to field something that now even the Darykrian’s couldn’t match. The Greenthroat Riders, the mysterious Knights of the Woodland realm had won the day for the army and each of them who had survived would be given honours by the King himself, Prince Anaeran who had commanded the Cavalry would be given particular distinction among those honoured.


The Hermitage in the Homeland would be funded to be fully constructed by years end, giving the adepts their wish of having access to the higher lores of magic in regards to the Elder Soul the patron of the Royal Fey. Outside of that there would be no funding for domestic projects due to the high costs of the war that was beginning to mount up after the Battle of the Bridge in the greater War for the Forest.




20,000 Would be spent completing the Hermitage of Fyr-Darrick


20,000 Would be spent recruiting 1,800 Greenthroat Guard equipped with Steel equipment.


15,000 Would be spent on recruiting 1,000 Greenthroat Riders to be equipped by T2 Equipment already in storage


1,000 Would be paid to Galahar, in recognition of their mercenaries in service and the supply routes.

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Related image





Image result for king hezekiah sick

The sickly Duke Arvid in his chambers.



The doors of the humble room burst open as Prince Bruce stood in the doorway, his jaw dropping at the sight of the ghastly sight of his fathers near-soulless body strewn upon the bed. The sheets were drenched in sweat, and the only thing audible in the room were the sounds of women weeping, and the groans of old Duke. Other then that, it was silent, yet the walls of the room were lined with visitors and mourners alike. Bruce, the Prince, had just arrived from the gathering at the realm of the Lithborn, and he raced over on his bear from Ulya to the keep at Tykirfell, where the King was, as soon as a maid bore him the ill revelation. “Father!” Bruce yelled, as his sword and everything he held in his hands dropped to the ground as he rushed over and kneeled at the side of his elder. The weak eyes of the man slowly made its way over to the prince, who was tightly clutching his bony hand.


“Myyy sonnn…” mumbled the King, followed by a sequence of brutal hacks and coughs. “Father…  the Bloodied Once can help you, we can sacrifice all the sl-” the frantic prince began saying until he was interrupted by the sickly royal. “No, my time has come, listen, Bruce,”


“Blood for Blood father, Tykir can grant you blood.”


“Listen to me, Bruce. I will not postpone my suffer-” a brutal, and bloody, combination of wheezes, hacks and coughs, would interrupt the commencement of the Duke’s monologue. Arvid’s other hand would, with a lot of effort, place itself upon Bruce's head,  and he would smile lightly, a small glint appearing in his pale eyes. “Bruce, my son,” he would begin, almost as if his life is fleeing him with every syllable. “My death is here, there is nothing to be done.” He would gasp profoundly, the entire crowd of aides, guards, and members of the aristocracy would grow completely silent, and focused upon the pair. “You, my son, have things that need to be done, however. I have seen it in my dreams and in myvisions. A champion has told me that you, my son, will be close to Him, he will use you, and you will let Him.” Bruce would struggle to nod, squeezing out a response; “Yes father, I will,”. The Duke would continue,pausing after every few statements to recover the strength to utter the words that follow. “Bruce, my last words to you, will be the following. Take heed of them, and use them.” Bruce would nod, his adam's apple bobbing as he pushes his rising sorrows back into the depths from which they emerged from.


“You have His favor. Conquer this land, its enemies likewise, and become not a Duke, but a King of the realm, a King of Blood.” And with that last sentence, the Duke exhales one last time, and his hands fall upon the white fur covers of the bed. The sounds of weeping and mourning would overtake the room, as Bruce’s face would sink into the sheets.


When one door closes, another opens.





Image result for snowy fantasy landscapes


Hundreds of men set out to the lands south of he-that-waits, and begin hammering the rocky earth with their iron picks. The scene is a similar sight for miles without end. Figures of men spread out across the terrain, hacking at the same rock for long, dreadful shifts. Some, after a several hours at it, find themselves in a foxhole some 2 metres deep, before they simply quit, and choose another rock to begin chipping at, and repeat the same process. The citizens of Ulyadar, especially the elite, have faith in the words of Assirbanakh, a stone effigy older then the very existence of any concept known as an Ulyadi. So much so that they have even offered a reward for the lucky individual who finds the coveted ice steel. When flyers advertising such an opportunity made their way onto notice boards in cities, towns, and colonies alike, there was a great rush amongst the peasantry of the nation, and hundreds of men took up the call for labor, and made their way to the designated areas. Now, for a month now, the great collection of peasant-miners has been combing the coastline, toiling in the brutal arctic gustsin search of the lucky clink that will be the forever craved ice-steel.








Star: Ulya(Capitol)

Circle South :Yakur

Circle Northwest: Alost (Port)

Circle east, on small lake:Tykirfell





Circle on big lake, Odeilia

Circle north, next to glacier:Rypapa

East on peninsula: Elirkuta

First on peninsula:Halsar

Second on Peninsla:Grimsar


POPULATION:3,997,670+7%+3k slaves=4,280,507

ARMY: 2 units medium infantry, 1 unit light infantry









TRADING PARTNERS: Chapel of True Knauledge, Fortress Libraries, Kingdom of Bulgar, The Order, Herzaka, Trident






















-A Trading offer is sent to the Kingdom of Icefell.


-In order to supply the new settlements built in the north, three fish farms are constructed to give them a constant supply of food in such a hostile and inhabitable environment, even to the hardy Ulyadar, who still starve to death and succumb to diseases on the isolated colonies.(-15k)


-With the rapid expansion of Odeilia, the crown grants Odeilia with a city charter. As is custom, accompanying the city charter, is a sizeable convoy of gold and chests to be used for the expansion of the town of odeilia into a city.(-15K)


-A sizeable outstanding loan is repaid from the treasury onto the hands of the demanding nobles as they skyrocket interests rates, forcing several greedy accountants and financiers to cough up the necessary gold..(-7.5k for population mess up)


-The long voyage for the raiding parties of the realm commence once more as they leave the port of Yakur right after the harvest, and set sail for the coasts of Naros. They sail from village to village, port to port, and nation to nation as they plunder indiscriminately. They will return only when the hulls and holds of their fleet is full with wealths and riches of slaves, bounty, and gold from the Narosian nations.In order to secure Tykirs blessings for the plunder, a ceremony is conducted at the blood forge, where a levy of 50 slaves are paid in blood to the fiery depths of the forge.(-5k funding)


-After consultation with the ancient entity of Assirbanakh, its wisdom is followed as the parties follow the direction of the rock and head due south, and begin to mine and dig in search of a deposit of the legendary and famed ice steel.(2k)


-After the construction of a cathedral in Ulya for the Duke and the denizens of the Duke’s domain to use for their own worship of the all seeing Blood God, his home, the Blood Forge, still remains untouched, in its original state as it was left by earlier civilizations thousands of years ago. The construction of a shrine at the site of the home of the Blood God begins.(-16k)

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Kingdom of Icefeld


No RP due to IRL stuff sadly. 




5,000 is spent on the settlement of Iredeck, an underground town carved into the rock and ice

along the shore of Expedition Bay

5,000 is spent on the new settlement in the Ice-Plains, Hofsfell

9,000 is sent to the banks due to an accounting error

5,000 is spent on a new mushroom farm

6000g is spent on the expedition to the Western Auldic tribes


2,500,000 Base

1,010,000 Growth


Total Population: 3,510,000


Cities- 2

Towns- 0

Settlements- 1



3,500 gold



Base Income: 3000g

Economic Points: 6000g

Merchant Guilds: 6000g

Foundry: 1000g

Iceglass: 4500g

Population: 9,000g

Upkeep: -3000g



2,500 Icefeld Raiders

2,500 Medium Infantry

1,000 Icefeld Sappers

1,500 Archers



14 Mushroom Farms

2 Merchant Guilds

1 Foundry

1 Tier 1 Iceglass Mine





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The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda






{Economy Point [Economy Points x 1,000G]} – 3,000G

{Capital City [3,000G] – 3,000G

{Towns} - 9,000G

{Trade [#Partners x 1,000G]} – 4,000G

{Trading Caravels [Max 16]} – 5,000G [Risme, 4], 5000G [Auldin Tribes, 4]

{Specialized Trading Caravels} – 7,000G [Kingdom of Five]

{2 Inbound Trading Caravels} - 500G [Risme]

{Population [1,500G*(Pop./500,000)]} – 18,000G [6415925 Population]

{Manufactories [1,000G Each]} - 7,000G

{Commercial Buildings [3,000G x #Merchant’s Guilds, 1000G per TradePartners/2 per port]} – 17,000G

{Greenleaf} – 2,000G

{Holder of the Grellhau Canal} – 3,000G

Total – 80,500G

Stored Gold:

Total – 0G


{Army Upkeep [1,000G x #Soldiers/3,000]} – 2,000G [8,500 Soldiers]

{Navy Upkeep [1,000G x ShipWorth/5,000]} – 13,000G [4 Cog, 8 Caravel, 1 Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 T Caravels - 66,500G]

Total – 15,000G

Start of Year Treasury – 65,500G

Total Investments:

Army – 2,000 T1 R M Cavalry, 500 T1 R M Archers, 3,000 T1 R M Infantry, 1,500 T3 R M Infantry, 2,000 T1 R Light Archers

Navy – 1 Minoleki Cog, 8 Auldhauan Caravels, 3 Auldhauan Cogs, 1 Auldhauan Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 Specialized Trading Caravels

Religion – 10 Noble Adepts, 1 Magi, 2 Young Magi (Turn 2/10)

New Auldhau [Level – Capital] –  POI [Shorebridge], Fortress, Walls, Place of Worship, Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple, School, Manufactories [7], Shrine, Hermitage, Church, Manufactories [3 IN PROGRESS]

Little Auldhau [Level – City] – POI [Shorebridge], Keep, Merchant’s Guild, Temple [IN PROGRESS], Manufactories [3 IN PROGRESS]

Strakzhau [Level – City] – Keep, Merchant’s Guild

Mirvliecht [Level – City] - Greenleaf, Merchant’s Guild

Alsmacht [Level – City] – Merchant’s Guild [IN PROGRESS]

Grellhau [Level – City] - POI [City of Krell], Merchant’s Guild, Keep, Grellhau Canal

Drakisl [Level – Settlement]

Graevisl [Level – Settlement]

Eisenhau [Level – Settlement]

Ostliecht [Level – Settlement]




A dark aura hangs over Melda, as the first frosts begin once more. Deep in the recesses of the fortress of New Auldhau, the House Auld sen Mel tends to its youth, plays host to the leadership of the Faith of the Married Gods, and licks its wounded ego. This year, little is heard outside the city’s stone walls.


[10,000G] – A merchant’s guild is built in Alsmacht.

[5,000G] – The Temple of Little Auldhau is completed [9000/9000 Total]

[45,000G] – Six manufactories are constructed, 3 in New Auldhau and 3 in Little Auldhau.

[4,000G] – 500 Medium infantry, in steel armor and with normal training, are recruited from the people of Melda.

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The Kingdom of Hilmedhi


The days were long at sea, and traveling through land they were even tougher. The year prior, the King had taken a nearly year long trip away from his bed, wife and children. His adventures led him straight back into the arms of his loving wife, whose scars and agnony were subsiding into distant memory. When he left his the gate with his company of Ironbreakers, Ashur came sprinting through tugging on his father’s hand not to leave them.


“Ashur, my child. I only take leave towards the Dorhimi. I promise I will come back.” He watched as his son’s face turned sour, and twisted with sadness. The boy missed his father and he was already setting out on a dangerous journey again. One day, when you are king. You will understand.” He patted the boy on the head, and then kissed his forehead. “Thorin awaits you at the smith Ashur. Now get ready, and put that anger into it.” The King rose, his chain metal covered hand jingled about, resting it on the hilt of his sword. He turned to his men and nodded before heading towards the Wagon’s that awaited them.




The port city of Dorhimi was bustling with activity, growing larger and larger with each passing year. Traders from all around the world would come resupply and trade their wares amongst each other on their journeys across the great southern trade lane. Throck smiled as it looked wonderful on the outside, but of course everything had its nasty little secrets.


When the group descended into the depths of the sewer system, the king was in awe of such depth and detail. Immediately piped his desire to replicate this in his cities, with such desires to a healthy standard. Though the puppy love was soon worn down. Slavery, drugs, and poverty plagued the sewers in the inner city. It fit well with the twisted, scat filled sewers.


After being lost for ages, they finally found what they nicknamed ‘Sewer Rats’. To help guide them out back into the streets of Dorhimi.


Their adventures soon lead them, into a far less **** filled, crime ridden part of the sewer. One that was far more upkept and abandoned. The walls less twisted from years of erosion. As the continued their dive deeper into the depths of the sewers it became less like a sewer system and more like tunnels to a ritual ground. Creatures never seen before by a Hilmedhian carved into the walls. Torch light glowing in the horizon, and eerie rooms in the beyond. The dwarves continued their march, and what was below? The world may never know…



Income: 50,000


The men in the trading hub of Reaver’s point are hard at work. Building a new port, and merchant guild. (20,000)


The scholars, Cardinals and engineers of The Kingdom are hard at work researching the newly found treasures and map they discovered. (25,000 Gold)


A new settlement is expanded, to help secure the peninsula even further. (5,000 Gold)



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Reports of mist-riddled villages range down the Narosi coast, from Danwent to the Symon Empire. Every last one is left empty and dead, with its people lying pale upon the ground, their throats slit like grinning red mouths.


To the far east, the Bloated Throats renew their offensive on the Ashval with the coming of spring. Like madmen, their unending hordes of blood-crazed creatures throw themselves at their enemy, as eager to kill as they are to feed. But this year, the offensive stalls in some places, where two stalwart units now hold. Named Kanve’s Men and the Ashval Legion, they follow training from the Librarians, have Librarian advisors, and librarian gear. They suffer tremendous casualties, but every man knows what to expect, should they take a single step back. And for one of the first times, they hold. The same cannot be said for the entire nation, as many other groups of fighters are devoured alive, once they are overrun.


The first conventional land battle of the Eadni-Mongerel war, the so called Field of Fear. It was expected to be an easy victory for the Eadni, but their naval prowess did not translate onto land, as they were pushed back and routed by the mongerellian drowned men, a special class of soldiers who kill their fear in the sea, and return as zealotic infantry. Great glory was earned, but no advantage can be pushed, as the Eadni control the sea, and make great advances upon isolated islands.


It is said that some scholars within the Symon Empire are stirring the pot, spouting ideas of democracy! Tolerated for now, as intellectuals are always strange folk, the Emperor nonetheless seems irritated, if reports are to be believed.


An explosive battle between the Karel and the realm of Hakan. Unexpected and sudden, it occured when two armies numbering in the lower thousands encountered each other after the Karel army was deviated by a flooded river, and accidentally entered Hakan territory. Taking it as an act of war, the Hakan retaliated in force, and it is said that thousands of Karellian men burned alive. A complete and total route. Details are vague, but all prisoners were burned alive in a large open field, the greasy smoke rising for miles around. Few no can doubt that total war is imminent.


To the North of the world, the Auldic Tribes continue to expand above the Karel, and word comes of vicious skirmishes between roving bands of opportunistic Karel slavers and Auldic tribesmen.


Finally it is said that the Free Cities have finally decided to found a new city. A first in a great many centuries, but the revitalized trade within the world has led to such.It is said that the son of Lord Celis of Lem will be given governorship. Lord Celisto, who is to rename himself to Lord Karx, by his own demand. Some whisper that the only reason he is chosen is because the other lords know well of his dislike for his father, and need not fear about cooperation amongst the two.


The Fortress Libraries


And the Ashval are more than grateful for this aid. They welcome the men, as well as High Guardian Theodor Kryze, to their nascent capital of Mud Creek, once a village, predictably, along a creek. However, in recent years the river has grown, and the city is thriving as more and more refugees from all around the Eastern Ash gather here, desperate to survive agains the flesh consuming hordes from the south. A quick tour, given by their leader Breton Kanve, reveals just how unprepared they are. Their men are rough groups of wood cutters and militia men, their administration is the few literate folk of the region desperately scratching down catalogues on rough parchment, under leaky roofs. The autumn storms are hitting the place hard, and disease is just as rife and plentiful as abject human misery. But anything is better than being eaten alive, and the people continue on with a steely determination, bolstered now by their new allies, which they shower with praise, and offer all amenities they can, despite how humble they may be.


The Deep Libraries’ upper levels, still touched by rays of sun narrow channels, high above.


The Kingdom of Bulgar


The Blackmarrow leave a letter of approval, when they depart from the gathering, thanking the Bulgar for their hospitality. However, they do also leave a cryptic enough gift pressed into the letter itself.


The Monks of the Chapel leave with a polite final speech, thanking them for their hospitality, and hoping for continued good relations between the two nations. Their smile is a bit forced at the last message, strain visible within their faces. Or is it fear?


The raw, untempered beauty of the Bulgar borderlands, upon the edges of the Greenthroat


The Republic of Danwent


The fields around Esorvor are flat, and as such, the castle is build upon a flat open field, with a river rounding it north. A small subsidiary, it nonetheless offers some protection from that direction, though it curves away before it can offer much more than that.


The Sehmon, or perhaps they should now be called Symon, scholars, leave this year. They seem a little concerned by the political mood within the republic, but they have a wealth of knowledge on their method of governance, and seem impatient to share it with their colleagues back in the Empire.


One of the many peaceful, wealthy holdings upon the coast, overlooked by the lady of the house on her evening stroll.


The Empire of Bourdeleaux


The land of their new settlements varies little from that which the Bourdeleans have become accustomed to. As such, the new settlers find little to inconvenience them and soon thrive.


The siege of the citadel continues without showing any signs of abating. However many supplies they have stored within those walls, it seems it may last them for a while, for the citadel is quite large, and seems to have been designed to withhold any siege, no matter how long it may be, or how large the army is. One may only dream of the possibilities, once it is in ones hands.


Carrow Citadel from another angle. An artists rendition found within one of the occupied villages.


The Galaharian League


And so, control of the merchant operations in Passan shift over to the bank. The passanese continue to consume the goods fed to them by the Galaharians, and as the bank begins to operate in the area, some of their own merchants begin to take out loans, many of them to build their own ships, with which they may sail to Batista’s Landing to begin trading.


The wood does not enhance speed. Instead, studies show that its light nature allows it to build ships of surprising speed, in large part due to the way in which this oily wood seems to slide across water with ease. Kites are not an uncommon concept within the world, but any attempt at making them large enough to support men seems to end with their immediate death, or the kite breaking apart, or simply being unable to lift the man. The very few examples that manage to life them off their feet simply spin out of control, or drop the moment the gale of wind which support them abates. As such, apart from a few broken bones and some bruises, and a lot of wasted wood and cloth, they make little progress in their initial year of work.


Without any gold, no banks are built.


A being emerges from the sea.




The self-acclaimed greatest city in the world continues to grow, though some local geezers do claim that all the smoke from the manufactories may obscure the sun one day! What a terrible notion.


Beyond that, little is to happen, though many of the extreme border villages are certainly happy enough to join the cause of this rebel group. They hold little loyalty to a distant city that despises their very nature. Of note, many of these may also be native Golûns and Esmans, more swarthy in nature, with darker skin and broader features.


The elaborate wealth of Surya, reflecting the mid-morning sun in all its brilliance.


Kingdom of Five


The son feels a foreign jolt of approval pass through him as his father dies. It is as if, far away, in a far distant plane and place, something is pleased by the crown now resting upon his brow.


In the east, the Karel request aid in their campaign against the Hakkan, as they suffer a tremendous defeat in the first battle, thousands upon thousands burning to death. It seems that the Hakkan are neither happy with taking prisoners, nor pleased with this broken treaty. They execute every single prisoner they have, burning them to death in a great open field.


The deep, filthy and disease ridden swamps, which now claim many hundreds of swinemen as victims, forever entombed within the mud.


The Kingdom of Numeria


The properties of Osmalt seem straightforward enough. A highly dense stone, of glass-like appearance, it resists nearly any attempt to break it and appears to be extremely difficult to mine. Indeed, therein lies the main problem with it. It is absurdly hard to extract from the ground, even in small quantities, and despite the research conducted, the scholars of Numeria have yet to find a way in which to do so.


And beyond that, Arris continues to hold against the siege, though hunger is beginning to grip at those within the walls, as they quick advance of the Symon army prevented a full harvest. Nevertheless, the situation has yet to be truly perilous.


An intercepted message rider who now lies within a field, rotting away with an arrow buried within his unprotected back. (discord)


The russet hues of autumn touch the forests of Numeria, turning them into a firestorm of color.


The Commonwealth of Ruhn


The hunters venture far and wide around the Commonwealth’s desert holdings, and they do find a few of these sand-crawlers, tough, 1 meter long lizards that stick low to the ground and sport a vicious arrow of spines on their backs and teeth in their mouths. They pose a considerable challenge for the hunters, but their presence is encouraging. While there are certainly not enough in this area to bring home, these outliers might signify a larger presence somewhere nearby. Of note, they seem to stick close to the rivers.


The Levers continue to withhold many of their secrets, but the researchers are now reasonably confident that the levers use some sort of hyper-advanced pulley system that functions with gigantic weights, hidden in deep pits below ground.


Questions upon questions. (Discord)


One of the way to the boneshrines, Lady Olga’s body is escorted with utmost respect, under the watching eyes of roosting ravens.


The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick


A war to continue forever more, it seems to some. But a victory is a victory. Yet, the Darkyrians are seen to have their own limited celebrations, spotted by scouts. It seems that they to consider this a victory. Strange indeed, as smoke continues to rise in clouds from within their lands, the forest continually burned down as it attempts to grow back once more.


A war elk, its rider dead in battle, being tempted back into the fold by one of his closest friends. Two broken hearts sharing in grief.


The Duchy of Ulyadar


Unfortunately, the Duchy of Ulyadar has no knowledge of such a Kingdom as Icefeld. As such, they wander aimlessly about for a few days before daring to return to the capital, and claim that they found no such place.


This year, the raiders find the Order villages better prepared against their raids, and lose more than a few men in the skirmishes that erupt amongst the villages. But they will have their due, and slaves and gold return to the capital, though they do see a few galleys chasing them as they leave the coasts. Those more enterprising folk who go even further south soon find a land of thick jungles, with exotic animals and strange spices, its shores of white sand and balmy heat contrasting sharply with their frigid homeland. Beyond that, they find the first cities of those who call themselves the Mongerellians. Their cities are well protected against naval attacks, and seem both alert and ready to repulse any raiders, as if they were expecting someone. But their villages yield new folk, brown of skin and with a foreign accent. A long and fruitful expedition indeed. (Discovery of the Mongerellians. 5.000 slaves, 3.500 gold. 1 units worth of T3 armor looted.)


The men dig deep, and hard. The ground is frozen and rocky, but the further they go, the more excited they get, for they find bits of fashioned stone, and trinkets of an older civilization. Eventually they strike it, the iceglass. But it is not a vein, as they thought. Instead, it is a stash. A cellar-like room, still holding beneath the ground, in which large caskets of black steel hold at least 2000 spears, swords and axes made of iceglass. A great find indeed.


The raiders sail down a river to a prosperous Order village upon the mainland, their boats already full of loot and slaves.


The Kingdom of Icefeld


Construction, expansion and exploration in the frozen northern wastes.


Curious about their recent resurgence, the Blackmarrow send an envoy, inviting them to the court of Sentinel, where they may have a meeting with Lord Lucius Blackmarrow.


In the south, scouts and patrols report sighting the savage men of Ölm upon the fringes of the forest. They never attacked, but always watched with guarded eyes, before vanishing back into the woods once more.


The arctic, wind-blasted peaks of icefeld, beneath which many an industrious soul toils away perpetually, in service of survival.


The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda


C O N S T R U C T I O N .


The twin cities upon each side of the pass, connected by the rocky land bridge.


The Hilmedhi Kingdom


Treasures and maps, quite the loot, with quite some insight to give. (Discord)


The King and his men begin their search, deep beneath the Dohrimi docks.

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Republic of Danwent – 1514



“Dead?” – “Yes, senator. All of them.” comes the quiet but shaken reply from the unit commander. The news were dire. A foe unknown and unexpected raided the coasts of the Republic, killing many, leaving a trail of blood and mist behind. Not strictly noted as a punishment of the Elder Soul, it was clear the Republic had to act. And act soon. Following such, Thoryus Armon, Otto Mikkelbach and Hasoran Alaari, a newly appointed General of the Republic took off, marching to the coastlines with troops to ensure peace and safety for the citizens. Whoever this foe might be, he avoided the bigger towns and cities at the coast at least, given they were much better protected, with soldiers there. Local lawkeepers however were little to oppose a well armed and organized force.


At the same time, the galleys of the Republic were mobilized, to patrol the very long coastline of the Republic, not directly to engage in combat, but to perhaps catch a glimpse of however was attacking, deterring them with their presence if possible. Dionius Liber is being sent to the Symon Empire, with request to speak to the Prince who signed the treaty back then, as the news arrived that they themselves were attacked by this ominous enemy as well.


On a lighter note, perhaps to distract the population from such an event, the first Games of the Republic were announced in Tzaria. A sport and talent competition for martial and physical activities of all sort. Whilst there was local qualification, for citizens to try to be amongst the best in the respective categories for their nation, representing them in the end, invitations to participate were sent out to the Empire of Bordealeux, the Kingdom of Numeria, the Symon Empire, the Galaharian League, the Librarians were invited, the Eadni were given a missive too, should they be willing to send someone, as well as Fyr Darrick. Should other nations catch wind of this event, they are free to notify the Republic to receive and invitation as well, to dispatch their most talented competitors.


The challenges for the First Games of the Republic would entail: Spearthrowing. Running. Swordfighting. Archery. Riding. Hand to hand. The winner for each category would take home 500 unmarked gold coins in the standard Duwat form and weight for their country.


This event should bolster the mercantile activity and influx of travellers and adventures from abroad, hopefully bringing fresh ideas and more coin into the Republic itself. The Prosperous Path party specifically is behind it.



More roleplay to be added, once some things are sorted out.


Nation Info:


Republic, ruled by 112 senators (lifetime positions).

Traditionalist League: 13 Senators

Commoner’s League: 26 Senators

Prosperous Path Party: 32 Senators

Stalwart Guard: 24 Senators

Frontier: 6 Senators

Adherence Party: 9 Senators

Unaffiliated: 2 Senators


Senate Seats: 112 total, 112 filled (20 from the Capital, 10 per city, 8 per town, 4 per settlement)


People of note:

Aywentos Rumaari (Senator of the Traditionalist League), aged 37

Dionius Liber (Senator of the Commoner’s League), aged 39

Theodos Abemani (Senator of the Prosperous Path Party), aged 37

Thoryus Armon (Senator of the Stalwart Guard), aged 40

Otto Mikkelbach (Senator of the “Frontier”), aged 31

Kaylius Sarnari (Senator of the Adherence Party), aged 34


Population: 9,315,246 this year. (4,500,000 Starter)

Growth: 3% + 4,5% (farms) + 0,25% Moranese Wheat + 1% (national idea)

38 farmsteads.



Tzaria (1,100,000 inhabitants) (Capital) – Market, Trade Port, Manufactory, School, Temple, Place of Whorship, Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Essevith (800,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild

Ruhia (600,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Susvii (700,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company

Koryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild

Wessevith (600,000 inhabitants)

Raedia (500,000 inhabitants)



Hybria (600,000 inhabitants)

Shovia (500,000 inhabitants)

Tzarkyii (500,000 inhabitants)

Esorvor (500,000 inhabitants)





National Budget:

Treasury: 700 Duwats.

Income: 106,000 Duwats

Base Income: +3,000 Duwats

Economic Points: +4,000 Duwats

Merchant Guilds (5): +15,000 Duwats

Trade Partners: (Symon, Numeria, Bordealeux, Eadni, Galahar, Librarians, Fyr Darrick) +7,000 Duwats

Trade node of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (city + trade port)

Population Taxation: +27,000 Duwats

Trade Port of Tzaria: +3,000 Duwats (7 trade partners)

Trade Port of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (7 trade partners)

Towns & Cities: +24,000 Duwats

Moranese Wheat: +1,500 Duwats

Manufactory in Tzaria: +1,000 Duwats

Road tolls: +1,500 Duwats

Exports: +3,000 Duwats

Esorvor Resources: +5,000 Duwats

Gift from Numeria: +5,000 Duwats (this turn)


Expenditure: 11,000 Duwats

Armed Forces:  -6,000 Duwats

Total of 19,000 men. Equals -6,000 gold for land maintenance.

14 companies of Bronze Legion (T2 Unique Regular Medium Infantry) at 7,000 men (1,500 garrisoned)

12 companies of T1 Regular Light Archers at 6,000 men (1,500 garrisoned)

3 companies of T2 Regular Medium Archers at 1,500 men (500 garrisoned)

9 companies of Danwentii Pavise Crossbows (T3 Unique Crossbows) at 4,500 men (1,500 garrisoned)


Naval Forces: -2,000 Duwats

4 galleys at 250 men each


Fortifications: -3,000 Duwats

1 Keep in Ruhia (No upkeep) manned by 500 Light Archers

1 Keep in Essevith (No upkeep) manned by 500 Light Archers

1 Fortress in Tzaria (-2,000 Duwats) manned by 500 Light Archers, 500 Medium Archers, 500 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Tzarkyii (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Hybria (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Koryii (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Esorvor (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion.


Available currency: 95,700 Duwats

National Resources:

1 unit of Moranese Wheat for trade (Market in Tzaria) (Exporting to Sehmon)


Republican Actions:


Three new stretches of Farmland are ordered for the growing population in the Republic. (-15,000 Duwats)


The trend of militarizing the otherwise so peaceful nation of Danwent continues. The Stalwart Guard grows in members, by the month. Thoryus Armon’s agressive agenda seems to be thriving, preparation for the worst case scenario that has set into everyone’s mind being the primary driver for the spending of the Republic. (-15,000 Duwats for three barracks)


Five new companies of Bronze Legion are being trained for the nation’s safety. (-15,000 Duwats)


The trade capacity for the Moranese Wheat is being expanded upon. (-10,000 Duwats)


A new settlement is being established inside the Republic, on the northwestern shore of the now Republic owned lake. Arevith shall be its name. (-5,000 Duwats)


More Merry Merchant guilds are being built in Wessevith and Raedia. (-18,000 Duwats)


Raedia receives a trade port too, whilst being of less importance than the capital Tzaria or Susvii, it should help with the influx of merchants from everywhere. (-13,500 Duwats)


Prizes are set aside for the First Games of the Republic (-3,000 Duwats)


The remainder is retained for the time being. (-1,200 Duwats)


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The Fortress Libraries






“It is as described, honoured kindred. I believe our blessed sister Serena speaks the truth. All reports are in concurrence, all scrying reveals no deception – only the trace of the divine. A miracle occured within the ruins of Salthand, a miracle that defies our conventional understanding of the sacred magics. In his mutable glory, Myriad the Changing God saw fit to Change the rules of her own blessings to bestow knowledge upon Adept Viscanti. Truly this portends the Omniscient’s favour upon the Great Endeavour. We shall go forth into the world renewed in purpose and convinction – our path is just, our cause noble. Let all Orders and Rates rejoice, and worship the Changing God through our respective labours and studies. May his blessings be forthcoming, and Myriad.”

- Address of High-Magus Allidar Varchus to the Triumvirate regarding the Salthand Revelation, 1514.






Points and Basic Stats:

Population: 2,346,744 Humans

Cities: The Bastion, Fort Vane, Hardshore

Buildings: Merchant Guild x 2, Temple, Church, Shrine, School, Trading Company x 5, Manufactory x 2, Farmland x 9 (+2%), Bog Silk Market

Economy: 6

Education: 7

Size: 2

Military: 2

Mysticism: 4

Trade Partners: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, Bulgar, Sehmon, Danwent, Trident, Ashval

Enclaves: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, Danwent, Trident



500 T1 Librarian Knights (50 men per unit)

1000 T3 Medium Infantry

1000  T1 Light Infantry

500 T4 Light Archers

7 Adepts

1 Magi



Saved: 0

Base: 3000

New Towns/Cities: 3000

Econ Points: 6000

Pop: 6000

Trade: 8000

Merchant Guild: 6000

Manufactories: 2000

Bog Silk: 3000

Bog Silk traded to Galahar: 6000

Enclaves: 10,000

Upkeep: -1000


Total Funds: 52,000



  • Ashval enclave. [10,000]
  • The entire Librarian army is marched into Ashval to defend their border. This includes a magus and four adepts.
  • Work begins on a Hermitage at the Bastion [19,000]
  • Archivists search the Great Corpus for reference to the “Sunlit Empire of Mora”.
  • Farmland [5000]
  • 500 T3 Medium Cavalry [8000]
  • The libraries invest heavily in the field of medicine, hoping to improve battlefield survivability and general health. [10,000] (Ed 7) (10% School Bonus)
  • The three adepts remaining in the homelands use CLAIRVOYANCE to aid the above research.


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Kingdom of Five



Nation Roleplay:

The advisory hall croaked as Dakkar’s loyal retainers chattered on about the Hakkan-Karel conflicts in the east. A hot topic had finally come to the newly minted King’s ears, his father's previous treaties did belay with him as they only hindered the Five. A crude map now sat before him as the Duke Feobald settled in now home from his two-year long journey. After sipping his beer the Duke’s hoarse voice surprised Dakkar.


“My king, I bring before you the territories that my expedition marked on our way through the no-man's-land between the two. Thousands lied slaughtered with old villages burnt out by fire, if the rumors are true then we know that the Hakkan are being overly zealous in the protection against Karel villagers.”


Contested talk rose up to stop Feobald before Dakkar rose his hand to incite silence to the table.

“The mongrels to the east are no-longer to be kept on peaceful terms as time before, my father has passed and with it the old codes and laws we had to abide by. They dared charge you for the coin you took with ceaselessly slaughter civilians who care not for their inferior way of life.”


“You speak of dishonoring your father my king-” Dakkar loudly bellowed at the fool who spoke.

“I speak from a position of power he once held, send forth a missive to both to come for peace talks lest we intervene against the one who sends no one to negotiate.”


Silence swept over the attended, glances exchanged before one of the King’s men stood nodding his acceptance of the King’s orders then left the room to carry out his assignment. The howling wind outside the windows of the meeting hall was the only sound made after his leave, the rest stunned at what they’re witnessing. Feobald looked around and stretched his hands, “We’re to prepare for war then?”

Dakkar’s brown eyes met Feobalds, his expression now lighthearted. “Bring forth all our soldiers and arm them with steel, make sure our cavalry ranks have grown and bring more rangers into the fold. Muster the kingdom’s forces by next year and we’ll have your answer.”

Population: 9,226,076 Fivians

Gold Expenditure: 120,950 Gold with Upkeep included + 1k From trade

(42,000 Gold) The recruitment of 2,000 Medium cavalrymen and 1,000 Swinish rangers with steel (T3) and (T2) for the rangers as their complement.


(20,000 Gold) A sacred shrine is constructed in the keep of the kingdom, the fallen one’s cult and their newly crowned king gratefully worshipping within.


(56,000 Gold) The iron that the 14,000 strong medium infantry core uses has begun to rust and warp with the passage of time, with the masses of manufactories built the previous year almost hundreds of steel armor sets and gear is shipped out. (T3 given to 28 units.)

(2950 Gold is given to the poor!)


(0 Gold) The Kingdom of Five offers to host diplomatic peace talks to deescalate the situation to their east, the letter penned to both the Kingdom of Hakkan and Karel site that they would begin next year and if simply ignored the Five will be forced to act.

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