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From Ruination [FRP]


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Galaharian League


A pall of anger hangs about the city of Batista’s Landing. What should be a year of celebration, has turned to dust. Duke Giovenco Barbaro had finally returned from his ventures in the west. He had left operations in the Banks hand, and his Passan allies to guard the Storm keep. Somber crowds welcomed him back, as he inspected his ragged fleet. The power of Revar’s Gulf it was said. Until one thing and its serpents had tarred that image. And yet the wealth of the League flows in, and the Capital is a jewel of the land. This year a Church is being erected to commemorate the Being that had briefly touched them all. After visiting his wife, the Duke resume his rule of the League. It would seem his pet projects could wait, other matters had taken precedent. 


*The most unsettling of all was the troubles plaguing the Hakan. They were a valuable trade partner, and friends ever since the Duke’s wedding. With only vague reports coming in, it seemed the Karel had started this whole accursed war. The western beacon for League merchants, the Hakan were great for stability in Revar. This external threat would not be tolerated. A force dozens of banners strong is mustered in the capital. Mainly Barbaro household troops, they were experienced and well armed men. They travel by sea. 




**In other news is the Duke’s main reason for coming home. With the west under way to stability and prosperity, it is time again to look to the east. The League’s profitable city of Ivory, and the Ivory Bank’s capital, was just that. One city, and a thin strip of coast. The Aulem were trade partners and friends to the League. But it was clear they could not feasibly settle all that land. And so the League moves to occupy what has laid unclaimed for years. They seek to settle a very strategic island, straddling the trade routes. From there Leaguesmen would set up a proper headquarters for the east. 


The raids of a certain band of Misty buccaneers had proved the Galaharian fleet had a long way to go. Though not rivaled in size and power, no navy was ever truly safe. And so several more ships will be constructed. The fleet will be repaired, and grown past it’s old size. This goes hand in hand with the growing armament and organization of the League’s scattered mercenary bands. Though the Hakan are receiving help, a true force is mustered in the Capital. Hearing of the growing plight in the east the Duke will yet again set sail. 



Income; 118.5k

Population; 6,405,502


Mod Actions


*Sending a full host to assist the Hakan in their war. It is hoped the Hakan will cover the cost of the journey and men. -5k gold and 10k slaves to be the logistics of the Army.


[!] Continued Passanese Economic Plans. The Ivory bank continues to seep into the economic system of the land. They continue to give out loans, hopefully now gaining profit from their returns. They also begin to quietly use this influence to place pro Galahar officials and merchants in power. -7.5k (27.5k Total)


[!] The Passanese are also asked to contribute soilders to the Duke’s Hakan expedition. 







Financial Actions

Building Port and Merchants Guild in City -25k

Building Church in Batista’s Landing -20k

Two Settlements -10k

Building 1 Nuncio -9k

Building 1 Carrack -6k

Researching Heavy Infantry -15k

Passans -7.5k

[Redacted] -16k
Treasury +5k




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Antigonid Dynasty


A Foothold Secured


In late 1513, the Antigonid dynasty finally came ashore in all its glory. A glorious host of the finest 12,500 men, and transported by paid for merchant vessels disembarked in eastern Naros. King Aegos VII of House Antigos is the first on the shore, with a host of Silver Legionnaires at his back. Separated by storms, a second Antigonid contingent led by Strategos Montfort Illius landed not far from the King’s host, they met light resistance, though quickly routing the peasant rabble and armed resistance they encountered. Only several days later, after assembling the entirety of the army and under a heavy storm; A quick and orderly assault on city walls rooted the surprised defenders from their positions in a very clean and rather bloodless siege all while the rain thundered from above. The unprepared monarch of the city was put to the sword, along with all his loyalists, their heads paraded through the streets. Aegos VII was proclaimed King with thunderous under applause and oaths of fealty from the nobles who correctly bent.



(Strategos Montfort Illius issues commands shorty after Antigonid forces rout a small host sent to stop their landing)


The foothold secured is most desirable. Now known as Pelos, The city sits along the coast, with high and sturdy walls. Wide streets and squares dotted the city landscape. The fortress of the city, called Whitehold, sits on an island of rock in the sea. Not far from the city, it is connected to the mainland with a stone bridge. The entrance is protected by a strong gate house, boasting two towers complemented by a thick set of gates. The path to the castle winds around the rock, sometimes at steep angles until meeting yet another gate at a perpendicular angle from the path. The keep boasts somewhat tall and rather sturdy walls made of a whitish gray stone, built in square and rectangular shapes. To the south, a second smaller tower sits on a second island, connected to the keep through a much smaller stone bridge.



(an artist’s rendition of the keep, albeit much more glorious than it exists)


Immediately following the coronation at Pelos, Aegos VII dispatched his Strategos, accompanied by some 2,000 legionaries to root out the last fragment of resistance at a castle known as Summerhold. Another light siege, followed by a brief and well planned assault over the walls led to a massacre. Brutal hand to hand, breath to breath combat, fighting for every inch of the fortress set in. For several days, the defenders worked to hold back the legionary tide, to no avail. By the end of year, Antigonid banners flew from the castle walls, and the last vestige of resistance to Aegos’s rule had be crushed.

Stats & Info


Leader: King Aegos VII of House Antigos

Capital: Pelos

Royal Treasury: 1,500 Denari


6,500 Medium Infantrymen  [T1]

2,000 Medium Calvarymen [T1]

1,000 Light Infantrymen [T1]

500 Medium archers [T1]

Actions & Spending


-2,500 is stashed in the Royal Treasury

-5,000 A new settlement is constructed on the northwestern coast

-9,000 Merchant guild [Pelos]

-36,000 is spent to on equipment for the armories [18 x T3 Equipment] [For Stockpiles]

-45,000 is spent to build six new Manufactories [Pelos]

-4,000 is spent to pay the dynasty's armies and maintain Summerhold [Upkeep]

-2,500 Sellswords (Medium Infantrymen) are disbanded (9k → 6.5k)

-Envoys are dispatched in secret to the [Eadni] to discuss Antigonid intervention in the ongoing conflict (Mod)

-Scouts are dispatched to the south and west to chart possible routes of invasion into or from the Eadni or Mongerellian homelands. Key emphasis is placed on finding a suitable path through the jungles and mountains in the west. Addittionally, scouts are tasked to discern the numbers of any Eadni or Mongerellian armies (Mod)

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The twin islands of Pratyush and Chandra are warm, beautiful, but not quite peaceful. More talk of the mad Tamas of the east spreads throughout the country, but still he remains elusive. Fewer villages are attacked, but those that are hit are powerless to resist. The eastern border pleads for assistance, but will they get it?


In the mirrored city, the young girl who many now call Mahasattva begins her weapons training at the age of eight, as is customary for a Rajas. From a variety of weapons laid before her, she chooses an ancient artifact to learn first: a bow which unbeknownst to her is said to have been wielded by none other than Arjun, the chosen of Mihir and founder of Surya. Needless to say, the spectacle causes a great stir among the Sattva, but fearing the revolutionary talk of Ravi Singh, they limit the spread of this news. After all, if the Mahasattva has come again, what need has Surya for priests….




Current Statistics


Expenditure (157,500 Gold)


Routine farm expansion. [3 Farms; 15,000 gold]


Routine industrial expansion. [4 Factories; 30,000 gold]


In order to provide greater security to the Suryan homeland, the mirrored city directs a colony to be established further east, on the edge of the Surukai jungle. [Settlement; 5,000 gold]



Sarjee Scindia, staying in Aros for the time being, requests further cavalry from the twin islands and gets it. Four fresh regiments of Chittori Lancers arrive to eagerly patrol the land surrounding Ratnagiri. [2,000 T3 Light Cavalry; 20,000 gold]


In the armory of Surya, three new barracks rise into the air, monuments to the city’s ambitions. [6 barracks in Surya; 30,000 gold]


The House of Gold, in the southern district of the mirrored city, presides over the city market and main destination for most foreigners in Surya. It is the most utilitarian of the temple-towers, and behind its mirrors is a courthouse and a bank. This does not free it from its role as a house of Mihir, though, and so expensive renovations are undertaken. More, newer mirrors, beautiful sculptures for the interior, and in the square outside, a large fountain and well for all to use. [Shrine in Surya; 20,000 gold.]


More renovations, this time on the House of the Sun. The central seat of both faith and government is expected to represent the true glory of Surya, and so four new mirror towers are commissioned, each with their own bonfires to ensure that no part of Mihir’s chosen city is ever dark. By day, they shimmer in the distance, as if made out of pure light. [Church in Surya; 20,000 gold.]


In the east city, wealthy Rajas citizens fund the construction of a new school for their children, to better educate them on the many things the Suryan people are discovering. [School in Surya; 10,000 gold.]


[7,500 gold saved.]




Population 10,114,257





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Commonwealth of Ruhn



After the initial shock and interrogation by the Veiled Diviners, the holy men allow Unusual Geoff more freedom within temple grounds. Though his condition is one they cannot seem to ascertain, his overall friendliness and unwillingness to cause trouble are noted. He is allowed outside of the shrine’s basement, provided he is escorted by two soldiers and two acolytes at all times outside of his new quarters. He is given books to read, meals, and is occasionally questioned about his dreams, people he speaks to, current events, and other casual happenings. All these things are performed to ensure he is content in his current state, and he is heavily encouraged to pray for guidance and aid from his ancestors and He-That-Waits.


The Commonwealth parliament is irked and worried about the sudden appearance of people from the east, where is was recently assumed there was nothing of note! The Lord Ministers begin drafting some sort of control measure on the ability of foreigners to traipse around the Ruhn heartlands, at the very least...





Misc. Effects:
Colonial Bureaucracy: 400,000 pop required for towns.
Tablet of Zakhet: 5% off of all construction prices.
Seljin Fish & Chips: 0.25% growth per turn.


Base Gold:
9,000 gold,
Towns/Cities: 18,000 gold,
Merchant guilds: 15,000 gold,
Population: 15,000 gold,
Trade: 6000 gold (2000 from port),
Manufacturers: 4000 gold,
Harkon’s Gems: 4000 gold,
Upkeep: -7,500
Total: 63,500 Gold (66,350 incl. vault)
2850 in vault


-As every year, pioneers head out to untouched lands in the north and south, eager to stake a claim on virgin border soil! (-9500 gold for two farm stacks)

-With the growth of the two southern coastal cities of Leberstadt and Staublund, ports are constructed in said cities to take advantage of new Eastern trade routes. (-25,500 gold for two ports in Lebertradt and Staublund)

-With an increase in trade venues comes increased need for markets! (-17,000 gold for two merchant guilds)

-An even greater need for markets! How about that! (-11,900 gold for two trading companies)


-With such a sudden boost in outcomes, the Ruhnnite Scholars in the School of Natural Philosophy continue to pray harder, beseeching every ancestor they can remember the name of, as well as applying their usual research grants. (-2000 gold towards research into Levers of the Divine, total of 13,000 gold invested)


-Hunters from the Smuggler’s Peaks expand their search of the Loba river for the fabled sand-crawlers, but due to an accidental misfiling of documentation they claim a portion of the western desert for Ruhn! Though it was not planned, it was accepted by parliament. Due to the confusion, the hunters could not continue their search as their hunting licenses were now filled with incorrect information! It would take them some time to find all the correct paperwork and change their hunting route from “outside Commonwealth territory” to “within Commonwealth territory.” (Ruhn claims territory westward)


Annoyed with the looks of the official map of the Commonwealth, the Cartographer’s Guild approach parliament and demand that the government officially claims the vast track of land between Oakwood and Shadowcliff. The two spindles of land upsets them as they draw their maps, and they request it to be amended at once! (Ruhn claims territory between Oakwood and Shadowcliff)





-A missive is sent to the eastern citadel on the Galaharian Isthmus (presumably where multiple merchants pass through), posting a job opportunity. His Temple and the Parliament of Ruhn seek foreign experts of high learning, knowledge in history, and magical acuity to help solve a mystery! Prices for their work depend on the individual’s talent, and their capacity for secrecy. (Job posting! Open to any and all!)

-A similar missive is sent eastward, searching for interest in juicy, nutritious, purple Seljin fish for trade!  (Trade opportunity! Open to any and all!)

-450 gold remaining in the vault.

Population: 5,228,285 citizens.


Cities & Investments:
Ruhn (Merchant’s Guild, Temple, Military Academy, school)
Bruger (Merchant’s Guild, Temple)
Riveruhn (Merchant’s Guild)
Shatterbridge (Merchant’s Guild, Port)

Leberstadt (Merchant’s Guild, Port) (Next turn)
Barter Town (Merchant’s Guild)
Staublund (Merchant’s Guild, Port) (Next turn)
Oakwood (Settlement)
Shadowcliff (Town)

Defensive Structures:
Fortress Bergen


Other Investments:
21 Farm stacks (23 next turn)
4 Manufactories



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Fourteenth Post


Kingdom of Bulgar


Two cities are established on the river where the last two settlements were established a year prior. Plans are made to heavily boost their trade capacity in the year coming to allow for a surplus of goods to enter the kingdom. In conjunction the trade capacity within the kingdom is increased to allow more trading partners who wished for open trade.



Money is fueled into establishing trade routes offered by other nations to allow their goods to be entered into the lands. In preparation for a possible war, spies are employed to enter into the Chapel lands and figure out what their army size and composition is. Nothing else interesting happens this year.


Before Turn

Population: 9,495,656 (7%)

Cash: 129,000 (+5k from gift)

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 3k city + 24k town + 27k pop + 12k merch + 6k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 44k manufactory + 4k Trade Deals + 2k Port - 8k mili = 124.5k p/t
Military: 2500 light Cav, 3500 Light Archers, 1450 M.Inf T2, 12,500 M.Inf T1, Ballistae (3 units), Clerics of The Holy Banner 1000
Building: 4 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, manufactories (44), Farmland (39), Market T2, Port, Trade Post

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage


After Turn

Population: 10,160,352 (7%)

Cash: 0

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 9k city + 24k town + 30k pop + 12k merch + 6k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 44k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 6k Port - 16k mili = 133.5k p/t
Military: 2500 L.Cav, 6000 L.Archers, L.Inf 3,500, 9450 M.Inf T2, 6,500 M.Inf T1, Ballistae (3 units), Clerics of The Holy Banner 1000
Building: 4 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, manufactories (44), Farmland (41), Market T2, Port 2, Trade Post 3

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage

M.Inf T2 2,000 (12k)

L. Inf 6,000  (12k)

T2 Equipment (6,000) 12k

Trading Company: 2 (14k)

Port: 1 (15k)

City 2 (30k)

Farmland 2 (10k)

Settlement Riverstip (5k)

Research heavy inf (15k)

Spies are sent to The Chapel (4k)

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Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II

Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy

Population: ~ 9,168,350

Allies: N/A

Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans



The days surged forward with minimal progress. The Sun beat down upon the Bourdelaic camp. The men had to become quite creative in keeping themselves entertained. Some of the sang, others practiced art, while continued to hone their abilities with the blade. Some despaired, though were quickly silenced by their brethren. The rhythmic windup and shot of the trebuchets had been ingrained in the heads of all the soldiers present. Many now knew the layout of the camp better than their own home town or village. The Camp had become their life, in which many had forged new bonds of friendship in loyalty. This conflict would change the soldiers forever, those who lived. It was estimated that the final assault would claim immense life on either side. However, they had come so far and could not give up yet. For three years had the siege endured. Surely, the Carrows stores were nearing lows.


Foraging parties were sent out regularly, plucking the surrounding countryside free of anything of value. Berries, grain, livestock, were all appropriated for the war effort. And from those who owned the farmsteads from which the soldiers’ reaped, they were compensated fairly for their generous donation.


As the men of A and B Company, 1st Infantry Regiment entered a nearby village, one would forget that there was even a war going on. The village was quiet and peaceful, though teeming with activity. Farmers tended to their crops, while smiths worked their forges, and so on. The black-suited men entered the village in two columns, both parallel on opposite sides of a wagon train, towed by horses and guided by men of the logistics company. Leading up to the isolated village was a mere dirt path, now being trodden by well over three hundred souls simultaneously. Like a small, invading army did these elements of 1st Regiment confidently saunter in. However, that was nearly three years ago when the first Bourdelaic troops crossed the border. Now, for the most part, the average citizen of the Carrow Lords seemed indifferent to the new order. Much autonomy was retained, with Temak Kan acting as the governor of this newly incorporated province.


The Black Army soldiers quickly dispersed throughout the village, asking graciously whatever they could spare. “This’ll do, yeah?” they would ask, presenting a small pouch of golden coinage to each toiling villager, moments before descending upon their food and goods like a swarm of locust.



The All-Saints Cathedral at the top of Souvois


The Emperor and his sons raced back to the capital with haste, all quickly becoming aware of the disapproval of their God. It was a problem that ought quickly be remedied, unless they quickly spiral into chaos and lose his guidance. For centuries had the Great One been the pinnacle of Bourdelaic belief and morals. They had seen themselves as the Father’s chosen people. To see now the Great Sun turn his back upon his children would be detrimental down to the very fabrics of Bourdelaic society. The Emperor fell prostrate before the Altar of the Eternal Fire, almost never before seen.

Why has the Lord forsaken us? He pleaded.


What would you have us do?


Your humble servants mean no offense in our transgressions.


We will redeem ourselves to be seen worthy in your eyes.


Never again shall we stray from Your Divine Light.


A sign; a clue. Set us upon the righteous path.


Deliver us from evil.


The eternal fire lapped at his brows, heat engulfing the Emperor where he knelt. Always in times of doubt, he referred to the Eternal Flame’s Brazier, which would often set him upon the correct course. Through this, the Emperor is said to commune with the Sun God himself. He calmed himself, slowing his heart rate as he forgot about all the world pains that troubled him. Having bled in his name and arm almost broken, he sat rhythmically breathing in and out. He stared blankly ahead but seemed to gaze upon emptiness.




For you, I shall bring about resolution.


The world is rife corruption in darkness.


By my hand, which shall be expunged.


Cast the sinners into your raging flames.


And shield your followers, in your ever warm embrace.


By my sword, I’ll end this war.


Even if I should fall in the process.


Perhaps then, you shall hear of our triumph.


Adrian pressed his hands together in prayer, quickly lowering and splaying his hands flat upon the cold floor surface before rising. He repeated this gesture several times, and would spend several hours in the Cathedral for the slightest hint. He tread a gauntlet of burning coals, said to purify men of all their sins. He sought the wisdom of the Archbishop of Souvois. He made several sacrifices before the altars. And he vowed to spread the Solar Faith to all reaches of his Empire. There was no expense in terms of pleasing the Lord.



Farmlands - 38


Souvois - Merchant’s Guild, Place of Worship, Church

Omignon - Merchant’s Guild

Vascogne - Merchant’s Guild


Manufactories - N/A




Income: 82,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 27k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 6k, Cities/Towns - 27k, Incoming Caravels - 1k)

Upkeep: 7,000g (Army), 2,000 (Veterancy) = 9,000g

+1,000g from treasury


[23,000g] Loan payment to Galaharian League

[10,000g] Construction of 2 Farmlands


[5,000g] Construction of Settlement

[10,000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of T4 Elite Heavy Infantry

[9,000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of T4 Veteran Heavy Infantry

[16,000g] Recruitment of 2 Unit of T4 Heavy Infantry

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The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick




Nation Stats




King Eonir the Great Stag


High Priestess Dycha


Prince Aeleandor the Warden








Base: 7,000


Towns/Cities: 12,000


Population: 12,500


Trade: 4,000


Trade Caravels: 16,000


Manufactories: 3,000


Merchant Guilds: 12,000


Port: 2,000


Upkeep: -12,500


Total: 56,000




Start: 56,000

End: 0


Trade Partners


Galaharian League

Empire of Bordeleaux

Kingdom of Hilmedhi

Kingdom of Bulgar


Cities, settlements and Fortresses


Talsyn (Capital), Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,033,470


Anmyr (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 833,470


The Midnight Anvil (Fortress) Garrison: 500 Light Archers


Modryn (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 613,017


Tal Silvoc (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 633,044


Tal Dovar (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 533,000


Glade of the Eternal Midnight (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 534,053






Temple x2

Farms x10

Merchant Guilds x4

Manufactory x3


Barracks x2


National Idea


Guardians of the Forest: For Centuries the Fey peoples had watched over the Forest with careful vigil, many never ending their watch and opting to continue service in the Army of the Fey rather than retire to find a craft outside of Military pursuits. 20% Cost reduction on Veteran and Elite Cost, 10% reduction on upkeep costs for Veteran and Elites.




4,600 Greenthroat Riders (Medium Cavalry) T2/3 Equipment


300 Greenthroat Riders Veteran (Medium Cavalry) T3 Equipment


5,700 Greenthroat Guard (Medium Infantry/Archers), T2/T3 Equipment


200 Greenthroat Guard Elite (Medium Infantry/Archers), T3 Equipment


2,250 Light Infantry


3,000 Light Archers


200 Veteran Light Archers, T2 Equipment


12 Trade Caravels


6 Adepts


Military Equipment


Iron (T2): 6,600 Equipped, 300 Stored


Leather (T2): 750 Equipped


Steel (T3): 4,200 Equipped


Detailed Military List






Fyr-Darrick would be reeling off the back of a costly victory that had earned them some strategic territory, but perhaps came at a cost that would be considered too high. Immediately it became apparent to the King that more troops were needed to finish this war, thousands more, perhaps tens of thousands. The Fey Treasury had seen remarkable growth over the years when it came to increasing revenues to fuel the war, but even this would take a few years to achieve the desired result and continue the long and heavy march through the land of death. To this effort a heavier footman was needed to help hold the lines. The Royal Army itself would situate itself on the other side of the bridge and would maintain patrols to protect the crossing, though at this point is was unlikely that the Darkyrians could make a crossing for a flanking move.


In the homeland armourers and Military theorists would begin to formulate the ideas around a heavier footman in response to the reports of the Battle of the Bridge in the West of the Greenthroat and the heavy troops utilised by the humans there. In response to the Wolves joining the army in the Battle a new Temple would be constructed in the occupied Darkyrian lands, specifically within the City taken from them so that the God of Life might begin to take hold over the land once again. Not least to increase the amount of adepts that might join the army in the amount of healers and to ever increase the potency of the spells offered by their god. Another migration from the homeland would be ordered so that the borders could once more expand in the direction of the newly acquired territory.


Meanwhile on the desolated battlefield…


As the last man fell on the Darkyrian side and their army had fallen into retreat the Royal Fey Army would take the field, battered, bloodied and beaten it had managed to somehow hold the line against what would nominally be considered overwhelming odds. Largely due to the Cavalry commanded by Prince Anaeran. As the dust would settle, much of the vanguard would cross the bridge and secure the crossing for the Fey, a victory was a victory and to squander the strategic land gained would be unwise, the rest of the army were set to gathering the dead on both sides though leaving the Galaharians for the Galaharians. The general order being to bury each dead body with the seed of a great tree of the Forest so that from their deaths, life could once more spring free in this desolate land and to try and find forgiveness from the God of Life for those who were adherents to his counterpart in death.


King Eonir would walk the fields of death seeing the many bodies strewn across the battlefield waiting for collection, the blood, the gore, the soggy mud. This war was his doing and he rushed into action perhaps before the Fey were ready to fight it, in his fanatic ferver to see the death cult ousted from the woods that he cherished. He would shed but a single tear as he’d stroll across the battlefield before moving to look upon the bridge that he won with the lives of his people, was it worth it? Could this threat have been dealt with at a later date? Many questions crossed the weary Kings mind, he was the chosen King of the God of Life, yet he had to deal out so much death to protect and preserve life itself.


Embittered at this thought, he’d begin to cross the bridge so that he might return to the war camp and the Royal Officers tent with many inside celebrating what is considered Prince Anaeran’s Victory due to his cavalry moves. He’d peel open the inside and move to sit at the head of the Officers table, many of the Fey Knights, Officers and Princes assembled wine in hand chatting about the Cavalry. After some time Prince Anaeran would move to sit next to Eonir, attempting to get the weary Kings attention in order to cheer him up, the young Fey sensing the Kings sorrow.


“My King, we won against all odds today the Gods were with us, why do you feel so sorrowful?” asked the younger Prince, “We lost too many men, no matter the strategy or whatever victory we pulled from the jaws of defeat. I should have retreated and built up our numbers.” he’d state sternly, grasping a nearby goblet of wine. “We had to weaken them, if we didn’t that army would have just grown stronger! We have more gold than them now and can build up our army and smash them when we campaign again.” the fiery Fey say with a look of almost excitable determination.


“You’re a Prince of Life, too eager to shed blood even in the name of our Gods, though you can be forgiven for your youth.” he’d say with a sigh “The Campaign is on hold for a few years, you are to travel to Danwent and represent our Kingdom in a grand tourney there.” raising a hand to the Prince as he saw him about to speak “Its important to observe the outer world, you’ve proven yourself in battle now prove yourself in politics.” the King finishes, the Prince nodding albeit slightly frustrated being sent away from the front “Enjoy yourselves, tourneys win as much glory as battle.”




15,000 is spent on recruiting 2,250 Greenthroat Guard with base equipment.


15,000 is spent on researching Heavy Infantry.


5,000 is spent on a new settlement expanding the borders Westward again, inching closer towards their disjointed occupied region of Darkyria


5,000 is spent on a farm


10,000 is spent on a new Temple


6,000 would be spent on an expedition on the Fey controlled side of the river heading Northward in order to reach its source in an attempt to find a potential route to flank around Darkyrian patrols on the road. The Veteran Light Archers would be utilised as Scouts in this regard. They would snake across the river and keep to the wooded areas and only engage patrols from a distance if they are confident that they can take them in a fight. Should they find a way to be able to snake around the source of the river they are commanded to split into smaller groups to continue the scouting to ascertain whether or not sending a large force to circumvent the Darkyrian Army in a potential flank is a viable move. An adept would be sent with them so that they could communicate with animals and command them if need be.



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The Auldhauan Hierarchy





{Economy Point [Economy Points x 1,000G]} – 3,000G

{Capital City [3,000G] – 3,000G

{Towns} - 12,000G

{Trade [#Partners x 1,000G]} – 4,000G

{Trading Caravels [Max 16]} – 5,000G [Risme, 4], 5000G [Auldin Tribes, 4]

{Specialized Trading Caravels} – 7,000G [Kingdom of Five]

{2 Inbound Trading Caravels} - 500G [Risme]

{Population [1,500G*(Pop./500,000)]} – 19,500G [6,608,403 Population]

{Manufactories [1,000G Each]} - 13,000G

{Commercial Buildings [3,000G x #Merchant’s Guilds, 1000G per TradePartners/2 per port]} – 20,000G

{Greenleaf} – 2,000G

{Holder of the Grellhau Canal} – 3,000G

Total – 94,000G

Stored Gold:

Total – 1,500G


{Army Upkeep [1,000G x #Soldiers/3,000]} – 3,000G [9,000 Soldiers]

{Navy Upkeep [1,000G x ShipWorth/5,000]} – 13,000G [4 Cog, 8 Caravel, 1 Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 T Caravels - 66,500G]

Total – 16,000G

Start of Year Treasury – 79,500G

Total Investments:

Army – 2,000 T1 Regular Medium Cavalry [UPGRADE IN PROGRESS], 500 T1 Regular Medium Archers [UPGRADE IN PROGRESS], 3,000 T1 Regular Medium Infantry [UPGRADE IN PROGRESS], 1,500 T3 Regular Medium Infantry, 2,000 T1 Regular Light Archers, 1,000 T3 Veteran Light Cavalry [IN PROGRESS]

Navy – 1 Minoleki Cog, 8 Auldhauan Caravels, 3 Auldhauan Cogs, 1 Auldhauan Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 Specialized Trading Caravels

Religion – 13 Noble Adepts, 1 Magi, 2 Young Magi (Turn 3/10)

New Auldhau [Level – Capital] –  POI [Shorebridge], Fortress, Walls, Place of Worship, Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple, School, Manufactories [10], Shrine, Hermitage, Church

Little Auldhau [Level – City] – POI [Shorebridge], Keep, Merchant’s Guild, Temple, Manufactories [3]

Strakzhau [Level – City] – Keep, Merchant’s Guild

Mirvliecht [Level – City] - Greenleaf, Merchant’s Guild

Alsmacht [Level – City] – Merchant’s Guild

Grellhau [Level – City] - POI [City of Krell], Merchant’s Guild, Keep, Grellhau Canal

Drakisl [Level – Town]

Graevisl [Level – Settlement]

Eisenhau [Level – Settlement]

Ostliecht [Level – Settlement]




[24,000G] – Four Veteran, T3 Equipment, Light Cavalry are recruited. [1,000+2,000+3000=6000*4=24,000]

[13,650G] – Research is poured into heavier infantry, to create more impenetrable frontlines. [SCHOOL BONUS APPLIED]

[18,200G] – Research goes also into plated cavalry, better warhorses, and weapons of war that would make even the most seasoned infantry afraid. [SCHOOL BONUS APPLIED]

[8,000G] – All current T1 Regular Medium Cavalry’s equipment is upgraded to T3.

[2,000G] – All current T1 Regular Medium Archer equipment is upgraded to T3.

[12,000G] – All current T1 Regular Medium Infantry equipment is upgraded to T3.


1,650 Auldhauan Mint saved.

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Related image





The city of Ulya, circa 1514



The ambient in the grandiose city of Ulya is that of festivity, celebration, and pomp. Today was the day that the Bruce, as he is called amongst the peasantry, would be addressed as Prince no longer, but Duke. Following a period of mourning for the passed Duke saturated with rituals and sacrifices of all calibres, , the entire mood of the Dukedom transforms. Tenebrous banners of gloomy shades of black and gray engulfing the boulevards and alleys of the city were exchanged out for vibrant red and gold colours, the hues symbolising renewal and rebirth.


The actual day of the coronation was unforgettable. The cathedral in Ulya was filled to the last pews, and yet there were still dozens of anxious onlookers lining the posterior walls, and hundreds standing in the square outside. Tens of thousands of citizens came from all corners of the realm to spectate this event, as for many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The first 50 or so pews were occupied by the lower aristocracy, the petty nobles and knights of the realm. The high aristocracy, the elite, and those deemed ritually pure of blood were accommodated in very close vicinity to the action, given places to the flanks of the altar in elegant, spacious, seats of a gray carved stone. Perched on the apex of the cathedral, peering over a rickety platform forming a part of the vaults of the ceiling, some peasants would notice several pale cloaked individuals, examining  the ceremony with fascination and meticulously inscribing every facsimile of a detail into their logs.


After what seemed like an eternity of adepts clad in long red robes scurrying about the altar, hard at work at preparing the scenario for the affair, the altar emptied, and the drones of the laity diminished. From behind the altar materialized Tancred, treading the stairway below the apse in his iconic ritual attire. From the top of his head drapes on the ground a blood-dyed wolf pelt, with black stains applied messily throughout. With every step he took, the nails of the creature brutally scraped the stone floor several paces behind him, its horrendous note resonating throughout the nave.  His chest was left bare, displaying a sea of etchings and markings rendering sketches of runic incantations, and other religious and historical icons. Subsequently, entered Ludin, from behind Tancred, who similarly sports a wolf-pelt on his head, but his upper chest has been utterly reshaped into a canvas, barely any patches of white skin being left.


The pair quickly begin work on preparing the altar for the rite. The altar itself is very simplistic from a far. In the center of a large elevated sanctuary laid a large stone table, about a foot in thickness, and was big enough to bear the weight of a very large person with room to spare. Sculpted into the stone of the altar was the crude figure of a humanoid, each limb having a corresponding groove in the stone. At the places for the extremities, a funnel would be carved, and a hole is drilled into the slab, that would lead directly into a small gouge which would be stuffed with a black-gravel like powder, invisible to the sight of the assembled.


One by one, the priests would bless each hole, in unison, and set it alight with a gold torch. Once they were finished, the four corners of the altar were blazing. At the head of the altar, dividing the sacrificial stone and the flock, was a large pit overflowing with hot burning coals. These flames had to be blessed by Tancred and Ludin, before the ceremony could proceed. After many other seemingly pointless smaller rituals and blessings, Tancred and Ludin became silent, and stood at the front of the sanctuary, their back facing the congregation.


After a brief instance of stillness and inaction,the crescendoing sound of  light footsteps lead into the appearance of firstly, a flowing brown mane, and nextly the chiseled features of Bruce as he ascended from behind the altar, in all his glory. At the sight of the Duke, miraculously, the followers remained silent following the procedures and simply kneeling in respect for their ruler. The sounds of creaking wood and shuffling feet filled the air for some time, until silence was restored to the nave once more, and the ceremony continued.


Tancred and Ludin lifted their hands up, and stared into the heavens. Bruce, at this point, kneeled, his gaze directing itself into the grey stone of the floor. The pair would begin chanting.


Bloodied One, He-Who-Lives-In-The-Forge, The Lord of Blood, TYKIR!


O, everlasting deity, presented to you here is the humble Bruce of Ulya,


Your loyal son, and most humble servant,  my Lord.


Purge his current life-blood, plagued with weakness and sin,


And infuse him anew with an essence of strength in Your name, and wisdom in Your name,


through pain or through love, To guide us, your nation, to your open demesne.”


The chant would end, and Tancred would pull out a bone knife from within his trousers, and turn to the congregation. He passes the blade across his palms, allowing his blood to drip over the kindling coals, and evaporate, with every drip that falls on the flames a fizzle of steam floating upwards.After Ludin follows suit, the pair then shifts their focus to Bruce, still kneeling. “Rise, child, and display the flesh that encloses your weak essence.” commanded Tancred, his voice rebounding off the apse and into the crowd. Bruce would gradually rise , and let his sword fall on the ground with a clang. He begins undressing himself, dropping plate after plate, fur after fur, until he is bare.


“Lay on the altar, child, and bid farewell to the weakness that will exit, and greetings to the strength that will fill you.”


Bruce solemnly lays himself upon the altar, his body quickly being covered with a tapestry centuries old, leaving only the wrists, the face, and a slit for the thighs.


Once he is comfortably strewn upon the stone altar, he responds.

“Forgive the weakness in my blood, o Lord, and bestow upon me blood worthy of a thousand wars.”


With that last prayer, Tancred and Ludin flank his body, bone knives in hand. With extreme caution, the blade slits the wrist of the Bruce laid upon the altar, and then they carefully slice the mid thigh. Blood immediately starts gushing out of both lacerations, and into the indentations into the altar, channeling downwards through the stone pipes straight into the blazing fires on the ground, dissipating into nothing but smoke.


After several minutes of blood surging out of the gashes, Bruce’s eyes droop shut, and his body becomes pale in tone. Adepts rush out from behind the stage, with red hot rods, and jab their irons into the wounds, an awful sizzle resonating through the shrine, but stopping the bleeding.  Tancred and Ludin kneel beside the body, feverently chanting prayers, blessings, whilst black cloaked adepts dispense a concoction of powders into the hot coals at the front of the altar, filling the air with the scent of strong incense, making many of the older spectators tear from the ripeness. 10 hooded and chained individuals are brought and forcefully kneeled before the coals, and a long silver sword with a crimson line running along the fuller of the blade is set carefully on top of Bruce’s lifeless body. Whilst Bruce is in a transcended state, he is also dressed in Ulya’s chain, the regalia of the Dukedom.


Once all of this is done, the Adepts vanish, and there is several hours of stillness and peace, but anxiety amongst virtually the entire kingdom.


But, after a good while of frightened  eyes staring at the soulless being under the covers, finally, a twitch, a slight jolt in his exposed left wrist. Then a larger one. Then the whole hand moves. Ludin was the first to notice it, and  he steps back from his body, prompting Tancred to do likewise after he notices movement. The Bruce is awakening. The sound of chains grinding on each other fill the room, as the falling heads of the spectators lift themselves up in awe. Finally, his blood shot eyes burst open, and his right hand grasps the hilt of the sabre. Slowly, he manages to cast off the tapestry, and spin his body around on the slab,  his feet dangling off the end. Struggling he throws himself off the altar, turning his sword upside down and using the tip of his blade as support to stagger over to the kneeling men. He assumes a very wide stance, and slowly lifts his long sword, his arms wobbling from the strain. In one swoop, he decapitates the skulls of two of the slaves, and almost plunges into the coals in the process. Very little blood flies out from the strike, and instead a mist like substance spews out, only to dissipate near the crimson line, which begins pulsating a ruby rouge color. He regains his balance, and assumes his stance. He trudges over to one slave, and raises the long blade casting his gaze over the crowd. He thrusts his blade downwards, hacking one slave clean down the middle, before, catching his tumbling body on his  knee. He is panting heavily, and his blood-crazed eyes look over towards the last two remaining slaves. In the midst of pleads and cries for mercy in foreign tongues, his entire body bursts into action, and in one fell swing two heads drop into the pit, and his blade smacks a stone column, bits of stone flying off as he drops to a knee, exhausted.




He releases a guttural scream throughout the crowd, which is responded with enthusiasm. He rises once more, and turns around to face Tancred, who approaches him with a gold crown held on a purple pillow. He sets the cushion into the receiving arms of Ludin, and then grabs the crown carefully with his two hands. Bruce, sweating heavily, kneels before Tancred, and bows his head, presenting the top of his skull to the magi.


“The weak has been casted off, and He has deemed you worthy of strength.


With Blood, in Blood, and of Blood, I crown you Duke of Ulyadar.”


Pronounces Tancred, and he bestows the diadem upon Bruce’s recieving head. Tancred takes a step back, and gives Bruce space. He lifts one knee up, and quickly lurches the other one forward, wobbling unsteadily before he regains his balance. He shifts one of his feet, and then the next, each seemingly sucking the life out of him, and he faces his people. Tancred, from behind the altar, raises his hands into the sky, and chants. “My Lord, I hereby present to you your most faithful warrior, He who you have granted the blood of a thousand wars, the Duke, Bruce of Ulya, the first of his name.” Bruce’s drenched lips would crack a large smile as the assembly erupts into jovial cries of approbation and glee.









Alost (Port)(Starter)






East on peninsula: Elirkuta

First on peninsula:Halsar

Second on Peninsla:Grimsar


POPULATION:4,280,717+8k x 7%=4588927

ARMY: 2 units medium infantry, 1 unit light infantry





GOLD:3K(BASE)+13.5K(POP)+4K(TRADE)+12K(MERCHANT GUILD)+1k(PORT)+ 4K(ECON POINTS)+7k(MANUFACTORY)+12K(TOWN BONUS)+500(Bulgar trading thing)+3k=68K GOLD




TRADING PARTNERS: Chapel of True Knauledge, Fortress Libraries, Kingdom of Bulgar Trident























-A new Duke is crowned! With the death of Arvid, Bruce is crowned Duke of the lands, and the lords and knights of the land swear fealty to him in a ceremony which takes place a week after the burial of the Duke. Bruce, is found to be a much more serious person then his father. He rarely uses any form of humour or charisma in his dialogues and statements, but he is however, a warrior. If words are not his gift, then Blood is, and zealous he is about it. He is the best friend of Tancred, similar in personality to him, and they both share an unwavering fanaticism towards Tykir. In order to secure Tykir’s blessings, Bruce personally performs a ritual sacrifice of 100 slaves in Tykir’s name.


-As the declaration of Odeilia a city, several key investors in the area have banded and come together to produce a guild dedicated to the sale of merchant goods and services! Profits during this manner have brought in alt of gold for the kingdom through sales taxes and other levies.(-10k, Merchant guild in Odeilia.)


-The population of Rypapa has boomed in the recent years, and has naturally expanded into almost a city at this rate. The Dukedom grants the city a charter and funds to invest into its development and its expansion into a city of the Dukedom.(-15k, Rypapa to a city.)


-The Narosian port city of Yakur, lately, as seen a massive and unseen before level of growth as a result of Gnupa’s raids into Narosian towns and coastal settlements. As a result, the booty of such raids have brought in wealth and riches into the city of Yakur, and has utterly transformed it from a mediocre, average city, into a city of wealth, and renown, mostly because of its growing slave population, a byproduct of the incursions into Naros. The nobles of the city have put aside money for the creation of a dock to facilitate better the growing influx of commerce entering and leaving the city.(-15k)


-This past raid, the raid fleet had to return relatively early in the pillaging season simply because of the fact that the holds of the ships fill themselves up too quickly, and some of the precious cargo in the ships are even forced to be placed on the deck, which takes away from the ability of many of the soldiers and sailors on board. As a result, the fleet is expanded to include 3 galleys which were previously reduced to peacetime domestic state activities. Gnupa’s raiding fleet now consists of 3 cogs and 3 galleys.(+3 galleys, 4k funding)


-The moment to the Blood God is completed this turn as the finishing details and touches of the humble shrine at the Blood Forge are put in. Reportedly however, Tancred is still not satisfied with such a measly and humble dedication to a God as powerful of Tykir. Bruce, the new Duke, apparently shares the same views.(-2k, Shrine completed)


-Unit of tier 4 heavy infantry is recruited.(-4k)


-1 Fish farm is constructed near Tykir, as a complementary food source for the raiders!(-5k)




-The ice-steel weapons are extracted from the cellar, and the cellar itself is searched for anything of importance or interest to the nation. The weapons are transported to the Palace, where, in front of the Duke, a Mongrellian slave is used as a test subject to discover the properties of such a blade.


-The Mongrellians receive an offer of trade.

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Kingdom of Icefeld




The sounds of chisels echoed through the large pit that had been dug in the plains. Looking above one could see the wind and snow blast across the gaps in the rock above them but deep inside the crevasse they were safe.


It had been only a year since construction began and already the bustling village had become a town in its own right. The floor of the crevasse was filled with homes of hopeful explorers and and other citizens of the kingdom staking a claim to the east. At the end of the cavern one could see the constructions still undergoing on the foundries of the town. Noise making itself clearly heard throughout the day and silent at night. The Chief Builder Oskar Holien had only been at the town three months now and in that time progress was up nearly 30% “Keep those slabs secure!” He shouted over the noise of construction as several men fitted the slabs for the smokestacks into position. The foundries had yet to be lit but winter was coming and it was important to have them lit before then. One of the builders approached raising his fist to his chest “Chief Builder” he stated waiting to be called. Oskar waved him forward “What news do you bring from Kaldvask boy?” He stated with a grunt as he leaned over his table. The boy nodded taking several blueprints out from the satchel he had slung across his back. “New plans Chief Builder, for the next settlement. The Kingdom wishes we grow.” Oskar unrolled the plans looking them over, almost a carbon copy of the ones they were working on now. “There are less than 7,000 of the builders in this new town working. We will need twice as many to finish this town by next year.” Oskar stated with a sigh. “Boy find my steward and help him pack my things, seems i have another construction to lead.” Such was the life of the Chief Builder, ever working.




5000g is spent on the town of  Ivardavet in the northern Icefields

Expedition to the Western Auldic tribes (MOD 6000g spent last turn)

15,000g spent on three mushroom farms.

1000g spent on the gift to the blackmarrow

7,500g spent on one Manufactory

2,500g sent to treasury


Last Rounds Map changes + this round



2,500,000 Base

1,290,800 Growth


Total Population: 3,790,800

Cities- 2

Towns- 1

Settlements- 2



6,000 gold



Base Income: 3000g

Economic Points: 6000g

Merchant Guilds: 6000g

Towns: 3000g

Foundry: 1000g

Iceglass: 4500g

Population: 10,500g

Upkeep: -3000g



2,500 Icefeld Raiders

2,500 Medium Infantry

1,000 Icefeld Sappers

1,500 Archers



16 Mushroom Farms

2 Merchant Guilds

1 Foundry

1 Tier 1 Iceglass Mine





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Kingdom of Hilmedhi


The Kingdom was in somewhat disarray still recovering from the Mistreaver attacks, with the attack’s defeated for the time being the King wanted to pay more attention to the domestic needs. The rapidly growing population was becoming less and less of an issue with the money they brought into the Kingdom. Though they could be put to better use.


The research on the items was fruitful on one hand, but less so on the other. The blade, would be kept locked away for now. The king wishing to bestow it upon Ashur once he became of age, and in the future. The possibility of replication of the enchantment intrigued the priest of Moradin. Needing to know more, the works of a new Hermitage. Designs and city planning to be done, the Hermitage would be finished in a few years time.


Income: 63,500

Upkeep: 7,000

Net: 56,500

Population: 3,599,000


Ulan’s Forest becomes a town (0 Gold)


Farms are constructed to keep up with the rapidly growing population (4,000 Gold)


Two new settlements are established near the top of the Kingdom. (8,000 Gold)

With the newly acquired map. An expedition is sent off using the map, to the newly discovered continent. (2 Caravels and 2 Galleys) (8,000 Gold)


A large chunk of gold is placed into the Hermitage. (25,000 Gold)


The box and the ship continue to see funds poured into their research. (10,000)


A small band of police men are created to monitor the docks of Dorhimi (1,000 Gold)


End of turn treasury: 500

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The mist no longer ails Danwent or Sehmon. It seems to have moved on, like a poisonous cloud. The Eadni, with their proud fleets, have patrolled the Hand relentlessly, wary of such rumours. Yet, it is all for naught, as they lose ships to the mist, and find nothing but vapor within their grasp, when they try to close a trap upon this intangible enemy. Instead, the Mongerellians, and the newly established Antigonid Dynasty feel the effects of this mysterious enemy.


As for the true campaign between the Eadni and the Mongerellians, it seems to have stalled out a little. Apart from the Mongerellians moving their armies forward after the Field of Fear, the two nations have fought little more than skirmishes both at sea and on land.


The Bloated Throats, however, are an unrelenting mass of writhing flesh. (See Fortress Library section) They continue to attack with crazed fervor, the thought of raw flesh consuming all reason.


In the Symon Empire, a new group of scholars have established themselves in the home of a certain Anton Distro, a rich nobleman with a penchant for free-thinkers. They call themselves the Scholarly Assembly for Republican Ideals, and have begun openly teaching the trappings of democracy to those interested in listening to them.


In Aros, it is a year of muster. Neither the Karels, and their young King Karel XXII, nor Hakan the Undying, Chosen of God and Master of the Skies, wish to take the blame for this battle, or take a single step back. As such, it seems that true war is inevitable, as allies are called, and swords are forged. Soon, there will be bloodshed.


The Republic of Danwent


Many visitors, most of them rich. The Danwent republic enjoys a year of prosperity and profit as folk pour into its cities to view the games, and partake in the revelry surrounding them. Some are from quite exotic lands indeed. Some Ordermen from the far east, their faces narrow and yellow, their eyes slanted exotically. While they do not reveal the details of their homeland, they nonetheless make it known that they are mercenaries who offer services to the highest bidder, and have an enclave in Eadn. (5000 Gold earned.) (You learn of the Order, though not their location.)


The galleys patrol the seas, and three return to their home port at the end of the patrol. The final one is never seen again by the Danwenti, and many a woman spends months waiting, despondent, upon the docks for a ship that never returns. But the attacks diminish, a single slaughter at the very eastern edge of Danwenti territory. Then nothing for months, until one day it sails into a beach, not far from a humble fishing village that escaped any of the killing, its sails limp, hull burnt and holed, oars shattered. (Discord)




The Fortress Libraries


Medicine is a rare art amongst most nations, but the Fortress Libraries are not like most nations, and their research delves deep into the bodies of man, and their own records. Much information is revealed, and many biological secrets discovered. Quite some success, the doctors are confident enough that leeches are not particularly beneficial, now. However, clairvoyance had very little effect on their research, it seems to not be particularly useful when used in such a manner.


The Sunlit Empire of Mora seems to be an elusive name, as the archives are scoured from end to end without ever revealing anything about them. The only reference they find are some notes about the properties of Moranese wheat, and its nutritional value. At least, until one young boy finds a few sheafs of paper, by pure luck, hidden within an unrelated book on the mating habits of hogs. They are titled ‘Notes by Hebricus Delandinite on the predecessors of Symon.” (discord)


The Ashval have no year of reprieve, no day of rest, as they are continually pushed back by the ravenous hordes. The Librarian army arrives just in time to witness the end of such a battle, near the forest within which many of the Ashvalese have taken refuge. Their army was little more than a few thousand peasants, poorly armed, defending a small townstead. They are broken in little more than thirty minutes as a huge horde of bloated throats fall upon them in disorder, smashing their uneven ranks and falling upon them. The army implodes, as men flee in every direction, many pulled down by the Throats, who tear at them like monsters, gnawing at their flesh while their unfortunate prey screams in agony. The village is not spared either, as the men flee through it, the Throats hot in pursuit. Those few women and children who remained, trusting in their army, are torn apart, devoured by the horde. The Librarian army can do little but pull back with the remainder of the army, to fight another day.




The Kingdom of Five


In return for their attempt at negotiation, the Hakkan burn the letter before the gates of their city, and leave. But as the Swinemen begin to muster their army, a new envoy arrives. This time, he bears a letter, which he tosses to the ground in front of the army camp, before galloping away, back across the bridge and into his land. The letter reads as such:


“If the Kingdom of Five is to break its word with the Hakan the Undying, Master of the skies and chosen of God, then the Kingdom and all its groveling people will be burnt to ash, in honor of Hakan the Undying, Master of the skies and chosen of God and in honor of Metar the Great eye in heaven.

-Hakan the Undying, Master of the skies and chosen of God.”


Beyond that, there is activity upon the Hakan’s side of the river, comprising mainly of heavy patrols, archers firing indiscriminately at Swinemen on the other side, and the reinforcing of the two castles guarding the bridges into the realm of Hakkan.


During this great mustering of Swinemen, the poor can always appreciate the gold given to them with nothing expected in return. It does also alleviate the heavy hearts of many a mother, their sons now marching towards place unknown.




The Galaharian League


The Hakan allow the Galaharian & Co troops to make camp upon their shores, but they forbid them from traveling into the Sun-Sacred lands near the mountains. That is, all apart from Bourdelean envoys, which they will allow to venture deeper inland. They appear to have no intention of paying for transport or upkeep of the arriving army, though they do ensure that they are appropriately supplied, housed and fed at all times. For the most part, the Galaharians see only what appears to be the Hakkan lower casts, men and women who appear more human, lack the eagle-eyes of their brethren, and feather their hair with duller colors. They bring them food, help build their camps, and generally appear to be the peasants of Hakkan.


The plans to infiltrate Passanese economy continue well enough, as they burrow deeper into their economic system. The loans appear to be the regular sort, much like those that a Galaharian merchant might take from their homeland banks. Indeed, the lack of true bank infrastructure does prevent larger scale loans.


The Passanese northern cities, in recognition for the aid given to them by the Galaharian League, gather together 1.000 medium infantry and 1.000 light infantry to aid their allies in whatever confusing and foreign endeavor they may be planning.


Deep things in deep places. (Discord)




The Antigonid Dynasty


Mist on the shores. A single fishing village on the southern edge of Antigonid territory is found empty one morning, as traders make their way down to pick up a few cartloads of fish. Dregs of mist still cling to the rafters, and bodies litter every road and house. Their throats are cleanly cut, and there appear to be no real signs of a fight, just dead bodies. There are no survivors.


In better news, the Eadni do indeed seem eager enough to have someone intervene in the war. They explain that their naval victories ensure their control over the gulf, but that without proper land-based control, they cannot ensure a decisive victory. As such, they do appear open to negotiations.


The scouts have little success in discerning their army numbers, as their lands are heavily patrolled, and they cannot venture very far into them. On the other hand, those men sent west manage to find a way through the mountains. It seems that there is a thin strip of land along the shore that is not interrupted by the mountains. Some villages block the way, but the scouts have no issue ensuring that the passage is open all the way through.







All Suryans have seen the jungle before. It spreads throughout their land in patches, here and there, interspersing their open fields and hills with impassable green thickets. Yet the Surukai jungle is thicker than most, and populated by beasts. Tigers, red of fur with only a few rare streaks of black, their eyes red, often hunt the unwary peasant, eating them with vicious hunger before fading back into the forest. It is clear that this edge of the sub-continent is not as tame as others.


On the same day in which the final bricks of the Shrine are set, Padme sees the Sun. (Discord)




The Commonwealth of Ruhn


The Levers of the Five divines continue to stubbornly resist attempts at discovering their deeper mysteries. Progress incremental at best, and non-existent on the worst of days. These levers are so huge, so unimaginably complex and so deeply encased in stone that most of their parts are still a mystery.


Righteous annoyance indeed. The land between the two horns in the north is claimed easily enough. After all, there is no-one there to contest their claim.


A Karelian scholar hears of this offer, and makes the slow and dangerous trip to Ruhn, where he presents himself as a potential candidate for whatever job this may be. He claims to be a scholar of architectural history with some background in literature, for whatever good that may be.




The Kingdom of Bulgar


The spies are not allowed into the fortress library itself, as it is a strictly regulated place, but they do managed to walk around the lands without much risk of discovery. It seems as if that border security is not much of a concern for the Chapel. They find little indication of any true army. A few thousand men here, a few hundred over there. The army seems to be neither truly professional, nor remarkable in any way.





The Empire of Bourdeleaux


Visions in the sunlight. (Discord)




The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick


The scouts find that the closer they get to the source of the river, the more heavily patrolled the land is. Indeed, it proves impossible to get closer after a point, as troops constantly burn the forest here, and riders and squads are always on the move, their attention always focused on their surroundings. What they do note, however, is this concentration of men, as well as the patch of woodland which they seem to protect, and a dark spire rising from within it…




The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda

Research and construction a plenty. What might they be planning on those northern isles, huh?




The Duchy of Ulyadir


More than a simple coronation procedure. As Bruce’s blood drips onto the altar, his veins seem to pulse, thicken. Blood spurts from the slits on his writs, splattering Tancred and Ludin. His muscles bulge and writhe, growing beneath his skin and veins pop in his eyes, giving them a blood-tainted aspect. When he rises once more, Bruce is not only a man renewed in mind, and crowned king. No, his body is now massively muscular, his veins popping out and his eyes red. In his mind, he feels a sense of approval, foreign and inhuman, as well as the secrets that his reshaped body still hides. More than that, the scars on his wrists, which sealed themselves faster than normal, seem to have reshaped into the same foreign script written upon the walls of the Blood Forge.


The raiding fleet, going south, is suddenly envelopped in a thick, cloying mist. (Discord)




The Kingdom of Icefeld


Buildings, and expeditions. This one fares far better, and they are able to move far deeper into Auldin territory. There is, it seems, more to see in these lands that simply fish and seals. (Discord)




The Kingdom of Hilmedhi


The expedition fares well, sailing smoothly through the sea, until they reach the bay of Esma, and the continent beyond. They land initially upon an uninhabited prong of land, but scouting to the west and south reveal the presence of foreign villages in each direction. It seems as if this unknown land bears witness to its own indigenous peoples. (Inklings of the Surukai and Surya being on this land, no confirmation yet.)


More is learned about both box and ship. (Discord)


As for the police, they find nothing. No one returns, and any mist in the area is purely natural. On the other hand, they do seem to help in clearing out some of the scum and villainy so tightly ensconced within the sewers!



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Republic of Danwent – 1515




The First Games of the Republic were a resounding success, with new friendships and opportunities gained for everyone involved. Dionius Liber was disappointed as his wish of potential talks between the long-feuding Numerians and Symon did not come to be, but at least the population was less tense given the welcome distraction.


One thing that continues to tear on the minds of the Senators all, were the remains of the galley that got lost at sea. To secure its shores, it became clear methods of protection, warning and communication had to be developed... as to how they would do it was not certain yet, but Kaylius Sarnari, whilst a rather new face, was already forging plans.


Under orders of Senator Thoryus Armon, General Hasoran Alaari is holding large scale maneuvers at Koryii near the border up north to Numeria, armed and ready, 10,000 soldiers of Danwent partake in it. The purpose of training is undisputable, but the location might be a bit questionable.


Following the new movement in the neighbouring Symon Empire,  Aywentos Rumaari and Dionius Liber both travel east, to meet this scholar foundation that adheres to democratic values such as the Republic of Danwent. It’s important here, that the very spirit of democracy itself is not misused to further goals of single individuals, but rather that it is used to pursue the greater good for the many, for the common people. Respect and integrity are essential here, and the duo is willing to teach them more about the values of the Republic itself.


Senator Theodos Abemani takes a prolonged leave, travelling West to Galahar, seeking further voyage even further West, to find new shores and nations to meet. It was essential that the Republic expanded its knowledge of the world, following rumors of foreign powers distant, yet close enough to be of relevance to the wellbeing of the people and the nation itself.


More roleplay to be added, once some things are sorted out.


Nation Info:


Republic, ruled by 120 senators (lifetime positions).

Traditionalist League: 16 Senators

Commoner’s League: 24 Senators

Prosperous Path Party: 34 Senators

Stalwart Guard: 27 Senators

Frontier: 7 Senators

Adherence Party: 9 Senators

Unaffiliated: 3 Senators


Senate Seats: 120 total, 120 filled (20 from the Capital, 10 per city, 8 per town, 4 per settlement)


People of note:

Aywentos Rumaari (Senator of the Traditionalist League), aged 38

Dionius Liber (Senator of the Commoner’s League), aged 40

Theodos Abemani (Senator of the Prosperous Path Party), aged 38

Thoryus Armon (Senator of the Stalwart Guard), aged 41

Otto Mikkelbach (Senator of the “Frontier”), aged 32

Kaylius Sarnari (Senator of the Adherence Party), aged 35


Population: 10,130,331 this year. (4,500,000 Starter)

Growth: 3% + 4,5% (farms) + 0,25% Moranese Wheat + 1% (national idea)

41 farmsteads.



Tzaria (1,100,000 inhabitants) (Capital) – Market (II), Trade Port, Manufactory, School, Temple, Place of Whorship, Merchant Guild, Trading Company, three barracks

Essevith (800,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild

Ruhia (600,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Susvii (700,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company

Koryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild

Wessevith (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild

Raedia (500,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port



Hybria (600,000 inhabitants)

Shovia (500,000 inhabitants)

Tzarkyii (500,000 inhabitants)

Esorvor (500,000 inhabitants)

Arevith (300,000 inhabitants)





National Budget:

Treasury: 1,200 Duwats.

Income: 118,700 Duwats

Base Income: +3,000 Duwats

Economic Points: +4,000 Duwats

Merchant Guilds (7): +21,000 Duwats

Trade Partners: (Symon, Numeria, Bordealeux, Eadni, Galahar, Librarians, Fyr Darrick) +7,000 Duwats

Trade node of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (city + trade port)

Population Taxation: +30,000 Duwats

Trade Port of Tzaria: +3,000 Duwats (7 trade partners)

Trade Port of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (7 trade partners)

Trade Port of Raedia: +3,000 Duwats (7 trade partners)

Towns & Cities: +27,000 Duwats

Moranese Wheat: +1,500 Duwats

Manufactory in Tzaria: +1,000 Duwats

Road tolls: +1,500 Duwats

Exports: +3,000 Duwats

Earnings from the First Republican Games: +7,700 Duwats (this turn)


Expenditure: 10,000 Duwats

Armed Forces:  -7,000 Duwats

Total of 21,500 men. Equals -7,000 gold for land maintenance.

19 companies of Bronze Legion (T2 Unique Regular Medium Infantry) at 9,500 men (1,500 garrisoned)

12 companies of T1 Regular Light Archers at 6,000 men (1,500 garrisoned)

3 companies of T2 Regular Medium Archers at 1,500 men (500 garrisoned)

9 companies of Danwentii Pavise Crossbows (T3 Unique Crossbows) at 4,500 men (1,500 garrisoned)


Naval Forces: -1,000 Duwats

3 galleys at 250 men each


Fortifications: -3,000 Duwats

1 Keep in Ruhia (No upkeep) manned by 500 Light Archers

1 Keep in Essevith (No upkeep) manned by 500 Light Archers

1 Fortress in Tzaria (-2,000 Duwats) manned by 500 Light Archers, 500 Medium Archers, 500 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Tzarkyii (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Hybria (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Koryii (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Esorvor (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion.


Available currency: 109,900 Duwats

National Resources:

2 unit of Moranese Wheat for trade (Market in Tzaria) (Exporting to Sehmon (1))


Republican Actions:


Four new stretches of Farmland are ordered for the growing population in the Republic. (-20,000 Duwats)


On iniative of the Frontier party, the senate pushes legislation to establish two new settlements to the West, now that the mistreaver threat has moved off for the time being. (-5,000 Duwats for a settlement as shown)




To ensure the safety of Danwent on sea, the Republic orders the construction of seven new galleys, to be built in the national docks. (-17,500 Duwats)


Motivated by Kaylius Sarnari, the buildings of faith in the capital, are deemed insufficient and expanded upon. (-20,000 Duwats for Shrine)


Inspired by the victory in the First Games of the Republic, a whole new cavalry unit is being recruited and trained, with the best riders from all over the Republic. Given, there are a lot of decent ones, the troop is not quite an elite. Yet. (-40,000 Duwats for five companies of T3 Medium Cavalry)


A trading company is set up in Raedia (-6,300 Duwats)


Aywentos and Dionius travel east to Symon, to find this Scholarly Assembly for Republican Ideals with their leader. They bring a few funds along with them, to aid this new establishment. (-500 Duwats)


Theodos Abemani travels West to Galahar, seeking further voyage to other cities and holdings of Galahar, and from there to shores and realms unknown. (-600 Duwats)







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Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda





{Economy Point [Economy Points x 1,000G]} – 3,000G

{Capital City [3,000G] – 3,000G

{Towns} - 12,000G

{Trade [#Partners x 1,000G]} – 4,000G

{Trading Caravels [Max 16]} – 5,000G [Risme, 4], 5000G [Auldin Tribes, 4]

{Specialized Trading Caravels} – 7,000G [Kingdom of Five]

{2 Inbound Trading Caravels} - 500G [Risme]

{Population [1,500G*(Pop./500,000)]} – 19,500G [6,806,655 Population]

{Manufactories [1,000G Each]} - 13,000G

{Commercial Buildings [3,000G x #Merchant’s Guilds, 1000G per TradePartners/2 per port]} – 20,000G

{Greenleaf} – 2,000G

{Holder of the Grellhau Canal} – 3,000G

Total – 94,000G

Stored Gold:

Total – 650G


{Army Upkeep [1,000G x #Soldiers/3,000]} – 3,000G [10,000 Soldiers]

{Army Experience Upkeep} – 4,000G [4 Units]

{Navy Upkeep [1,000G x ShipWorth/5,000]} – 13,000G [4 Cog, 8 Caravel, 1 Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 T Caravels - 66,500G]

Total – 20,000G

Start of Year Treasury – 74,000G

Total Investments:

Army – 2,000 T3 Regular Medium Cavalry, 500 T3 Regular Medium Archers, 4,500 T3 Regular Medium Infantry, 2,000 T1 Regular Light Archers, 1,000 T3 Veteran Light Cavalry [UPGRADE IN PROGRESS], 1,500 T3 Regular Heavy Infantry [IN PROGRESS]

Navy – 1 Minoleki Cog, 8 Auldhauan Caravels, 3 Auldhauan Cogs, 1 Auldhauan Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 Specialized Trading Caravels

Religion – 13 Noble Adepts, 1 Magi, 2 Young Magi (Turn 4/10)

New Auldhau [Level – Capital] –  POI [Shorebridge], Fortress, Walls, Place of Worship, Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple, School, Manufactories [10], Shrine, Hermitage, Church

Little Auldhau [Level – City] – POI [Shorebridge], Keep, Merchant’s Guild, Temple, Manufactories [3]

Strakzhau [Level – City] – Keep, Merchant’s Guild

Mirvliecht [Level – City] - Greenleaf, Merchant’s Guild

Alsmacht [Level – City] – Merchant’s Guild

Grellhau [Level – City] - POI [City of Krell], Merchant’s Guild, Keep, Grellhau Canal

Drakisl [Level – Town] [UPGRADE IN PROGRESS]

Graevisl [Level – Settlement]

Eisenhau [Level – Settlement]

Ostliecht [Level – Settlement]




The smelting of steel, the marching of boots, the coming and going of ships of war – the bustle of the manufacturing districts never stops.


[18,000G] – Three units of T3 Regular Heavy Infantry are recruited in New Auldhau.


[36,000G] – All veteran light cavalry are upgraded to heavy cavalry.


[15,000G] – Drakisl is upgraded to a city.


5,000 Auldhauan Mint saved.

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