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Realm PRO MC Name: WaveLincoln


Realm PRO Character Name: Cesar II de Pelear


Realm Name: Hyspia (Politically: The Viceroyalty of Hyspia)


Primary Realm Color: Azure Blue (Dark Blue) 


Proposed Tiles (Highlight 3 on the map): Our current city and tile is situated in Desert Tile 13 below Haense. 



Realm Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum):
This was waived due to the nature of Hyspia being granted independence from Haense. However, to better help with understanding our culture, values and lore. Here are some forum posts: 


Realm Government Structure Explanation: Hyspia is a hereditary absolute monarchy. The ruling monarch of Hyspia is the Viceroy. All final decisions in the realm fall to the Viceroy as his decrees are absolute. The succession of the Hyspian throne follows Absolute Cognatic Primogeniture. The Eldest living child of the Viceroy shall inherit the throne. The Viceroy is advised by an appointed council whom advise the Viceroy and help govern the realm through each of their departments. This council is dubbed "El Consejo". The council is headed by the hand of the Viceroy: El Gran Canciller. The Gran Canciller, by the will and blessing of the Viceroy helps lead the other members of the council and their departments: El Colonel (Minister of Defense and War), El Ministro del Pais (Minister of Foreign Affairs), El Jucticiero (Attorney General and Justiciar), Ministro de la Patria (Home and Interior Minister), and the Gran Mayodormo (Treasurer and Head Steward). 

Capital Builds (photos required): The Capital, La Dorada is currently situated south of Haense on Desert Tile 13:












How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: The idea of a farfolk nation, albeit numerous, have never come into complete fruition since the end of Arcas. Hyspia is intended to be a remedy to that. Hyspia provides players an aspect, taste and rich experience in the farfolk subculture of the LOTC human community. A culture which has developed for over four years. 

How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Hyspia has been a part of the human lore since Arcas. It has interacted with the likes of Oren, Savoy, Sutica, Balian, Aaun and Haense. The Hyspian people have contributed to the human political and cultural climate of LOTC in many ways and we hope to continue to do so under a unified banner. 

Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: Yes, I ran Stran, a Duchy under Aaun. My character was the patriarch of House Ivanovich and the Duke of Stran. I also have experience in managing a nation's government. I was the Amiratus (Archchancellor) of Balian for about four months. 

Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes I understand. 

Please have your 15 signatories reply to the post with their MC Name, RP Name, and Persona ID (the 4-6 digit number at the top of /card).

MC Name: Wave Lincoln 

RP Name: Cesar II de Pelear 

Persona ID: 80448


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MC NAME: RedResult
PERSONA ID!: 76213

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MC NAME: Bethinwonderland
Rp name: Verónica Isabella Weiss

Verónica Weiss.png

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Mc Name: ItzJustWaffles
Rp Name: Laurelie de Pelear II 
Persona Id: 65326

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MC Name: Chorale__
RP Name: Sylvester Lucien Halcourt d'Artois de Clermont

Persona ID!: 19922

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MC Name: PanchoII
RP Name: Jose Fuentes
Persona ID: 84271

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MC Name: teeylin
RP Name: Arman de Pelear
Persona ID: 79678

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mc name: _mady07

RP Name: Ramona de Pelear

persona ID: 72097

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MC Name: lmcfc
RP Name: Iduna Colborn
Persona ID: 83657

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MC Name: exogens
RP Name: Gaafar Al Salibi
Persona ID: TBD

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