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  1. Whistles aren't very clean though..... All in all, Jaeden knows his stuff and he's an all-around good lad. He'd definitely make a great addition to the team. +1
  2. Oh, Asian, Asian on my screen, who is the best Mememeister you've ever seen?
  3. ((Here's hoping third time's a charm when trying to type this up and post it)) The letter would be brought to Aenor's attention, the grizzled elf's blue-hued eyes scanning each line with scrutiny. After the grizzled elf finishes reading the letter, his brows furrow as he stays silent in contemplation for a few moments. After some time, the Annil would emit a growing chuckle, shaking his head a bit before meandering over to his desk. Soon, he would begin to pen a response to the letter and poster: To the bold Avern, Melgarth, I must admit, I admire your desire to approach an issue without hesitation. I will be the first to admit that the Order is in a lull of sorts, given recent events. However, you must keep in mind that you have only recently returned to your 'Ame brethren after the conclusion of yet another wearisome war. We have achieved what we hope to be a long-lasting peace, thanks to the continuing efforts of our High Prince, Tristin, and of our cultural head, Artimec, and we will take advantage of said peace to its fullest extent. You reference times long past, in Athera and Vailor; times which you were not present for. I can say with absolute surety that what is occurring now within the Sirame occurred back then numerous times, and has happened to many different orders spanning the ages. Activity rises and falls, similar to the ever-changing tide of the ocean. In this time of peace, I seize the opportunity to work closely with my officers to reform to the Sirame into something competent and honorable. However, such change does not happen in a day, nor in the blink of an eye. There must be a sturdy base from which to work on, and once it is defined, one is able to expand from there. Regarding your first reform you would make, if you were given my authority, I will state that coming to an agreeable time to conduct a large training session is difficult. Not every mali is one and the same, each differing in what is occurring in their own lives. Large sessions such as those aforementioned were attempted, and will continue to be attempted if the Order so desires. We have implemented a Drillmaster previously, though complications that I will refrain from delving into arose, and we will find an apt replacement as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I will also state that I have conveyed my desire for Sirame to participate in spontaneous spars and training sessions. You do not require the sanction of myself or the other officers to show initiative. Find your meandering brethren within elcihi and offer a spar, offer to delve into the handbooks which you are given and further study that which you are to abide to. I trust you have the resourcefulness to better yourselves, to prove you are devoted to carry out your duty not only to your city, but to your people. In reference to your second reform you would enact: we have had punishments for the Sirame outlined for some time, passed during one of our Convocations long before you returned. I can only assume you wish to see the aforementioned list, so I have procured a copy and will have sent it with this letter, to read at your convenience. The list is subject to edits and tweaks, so I would recommend to glance at the notices within the barracks in the future to ensure you're informed. I have informed my officers of my desire for them to enforce these punishments more frequently and aptly. With luck, the Sirame will soon regain its composure and those who are issues will be shaped into better versions of themselves, and finer evariran. This is an aspiration in which I hope we can all strive for. Finally, I will keep this portion of my response succinct by simply stating that I am open to new notions from all Sirame, no matter their standing within our ranks. Whether you wish to approach me privately or profess your desire to change in our Convocations, I will always retain both an open ear and mind. Should you personally wish to continue to pursue changes regarding power held within the ranks, approach me and I will ensure it is a topic added to the agenda for the next Convocation. I can also ensure that neither of those you mentioned, or myself, will approve of such a ludicrous request, as positions of power are not freely given out, rather they are earned. Continue to show initiative as you have, and I am sure you will do well in this regard. -Annil Aenor Calithil
  4. Tristin has shown his maturity in numerous situations, and I believe it should be a no-brainer when it comes to accepting him back on the team once more. He has my full fledged support. +1
  5. "Ave Oren," A disgruntled elf murmurs within the confines of his home upon hearing the news.
  6. Aenor would listen to the speech, expression placid until Artimec finished the address. He shifts in his spot, gauntleted hand idly resting on the pommel of his blade as his lips form a faint smile "Never shall we falter in our path, llir, nor shall we abandon you. The myriad of elves residing in the Dominion stand by your side. Ay'elame."
  7. Aenor would pin up an old copy of a document, which would still be in practice, next the other notice. Alongside it would be a small response "The laws of interbreeding remains the same within the Linandria. While the document shown has certainly aged, there has been no announcement that what is written is null and void. The section I namely reference is as follows: ' ' Lastly, the statement written on the notice next to mine, regarding breeding with whoever you would like, is in turn null and void. Ahern ito nae'leh, Annil Aenor Calithil" ((The Document pinned up:
  8. Well, I don't see any redlines regarding FTB, so it has my support +1 All memes aside, I do quite enjoy this lore. It was a good read and I could see it providing some interesting RP.
  9. Forgot to post my comments on here. Oops, thanks for reminding me Cal c: Sid has certainly changed since I first met him awhile back. I've watched someone with practically no maturity morph into someone with a level head. I believe with the right guidance from those already GM, he could be a great asset to the team. Keep it up, sid +1
  10. I'll keep this relatively short and succinct, as most points of view have been stated already. Let's keep IC and OOC separate. Simply because you do not agree with how things are OOC'ly does not mean that it should be changed simply due to that. As many others have stated, what's occurring today on the server is the product of years upon years (IRL) of RP interactions between characters and nations. One of my absolute favorite things about the server is watching the story evolve. My one and only character I've had went from a hate-mongering xenophobe in Anthos, during the White Rose wars, to a level-headed military man who considers Oren his nation's closest ally. It wasn't an instantaneous change, and that's the beauty of it.
  11. Disgraceful, simply put.
  12. I've heard relatively good things while you were on the team. You have my support, friendo. +1
  13. Incomingwalloftextonskype