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  1. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    Yes, what my fellow white man said here ^^
  2. [✔]Dominion of Malin Club Application

    Nibba Norseth'onn is apart of the Dominion
  3. [✔]Dominion of Malin Club Application

    Name of the club: Dominion of MalinWhat type of club is it? (Public, Private): Public What is the theme of this club? (Politics, group, etc.): Nation Group Why should this club be created? What is the purpose of this club? Does it add something not already fulfilled by an existing club?: Allows for newer players not keen to joining Skype groups to go about asking questions and getting comfortable with the elven playerbase Who will moderate this club?: Myself and the other leaders of the DominionDo you understand that failure to moderate your own club to their respective rules can result in FM interventions?: Yea boiAre there any exemptions to the rules that you would like, if so why? (N/A if open club or none needed.): M-muh freedom of speech
  4. Re: ElevenJellyBeans' Ban

    Jesus **** this is, well, how do I put this nicely...

    "My favorite letters are 'X' and 'D' together," A non-anonymous High Prince named Aenor would state in response to the horror.
  6. A Letter to the Circles of the Druidic Order

    Longsword sharpens its Aenor.
  7. The Circle of Scions

    Aenor begins to have flashbacks of Anthos, with all the new circles sprouting up.
  8. The City of Gold | Silver No Longer

    Aenor ponders upon this.
  9. The Veris Scandal - Written by Ignelson Avem

    A rather unremarkable elf donning the Sirame uniform would have delivered the missive to Aenor, the elf glancing upon it lazily at first from within his throne. The azure eyes of the grizzled elf scan the parchment, a faint frown anchoring his lips, and it would only grow as he delved further into the written words. Upon completing his reading, Aenor would hold out the missive for the Sirame to take, before ushering him off with a simple gesture "It reeks of similarities to the Malinor of Anthos," The High Prince of the Dominion would shudder slightly as he would reminisce briefly upon the horrid times, 'Nor flashbacks intensifying "How distasteful," He muses, before exhaling softly. After a brief inhale he would call out "Carellith! Come, child, and write down every word I say..."
  10. [Accepted] [Actor] Jaeden wants to do events again

    Definitely, without a doubt. Jaeden proved himself extremely capable when he led the ET as a manager, and even prior to that as a regular actor. I know he could bring an immense amount of variation, in terms of events, to the team and will be a great asset. Definitely a +1 from me!
  11. [Denied]iMattyz tries again

    This beautiful bastard has my full support in his endeavors. Best of luck +1
  12. Elven Language Expansion

    I'm one who enjoys Elven on LotC, so I wouldn't necessarily be against this. However, despite that thread on Elven not seeing much activity in terms of posts, I do believe it was actually updated not too long ago. I noticed a few words not previously there added to the list, so it would seem that someone is at least seeing to its continual expansion (no matter how small said expansion may be).
  13. Would an FM be so kind as to pin this?



    1. mitto



    2. Your Favorite Impure™

      Your Favorite Impure™

      Thanks ni🅱️🅱️a