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  1. "Ave Oren," A disgruntled elf murmurs within the confines of his home upon hearing the news.
  2. My body is ready.
  3. Aenor would listen to the speech, expression placid until Artimec finished the address. He shifts in his spot, gauntleted hand idly resting on the pommel of his blade as his lips form a faint smile "Never shall we falter in our path, llir, nor shall we abandon you. The myriad of elves residing in the Dominion stand by your side. Ay'elame."
  4. Aenor would pin up an old copy of a document, which would still be in practice, next the other notice. Alongside it would be a small response "The laws of interbreeding remains the same within the Linandria. While the document shown has certainly aged, there has been no announcement that what is written is null and void. The section I namely reference is as follows: ' ' Lastly, the statement written on the notice next to mine, regarding breeding with whoever you would like, is in turn null and void. Ahern ito nae'leh, Annil Aenor Calithil" ((The Document pinned up:
  5. Aenor would meander into the library, metal plates of his golden hued armour clanking against one another. He pauses, gaze panning over to the stairwell as the sound of faint voices fall upon his ears. A chuckle escapes his scarred lips, the weary elf pondering to himself for a few moments before he'd give a singular nod. Hands clasped behind his back, he would ascend the steps, pausing before the conversing duo as he reaches the top. His lips anchor into a faint frown as he spots the Doomforged, gaze flicking over the dwarf in scrutiny for but a few moments. His posture portrays that of a long-standing military man, stalwart and sure in his movements. He would stay silent, though offering Siri a brief, amiable smile, as not to interrupt the pair as they speak.
  6. Well, I don't see any redlines regarding FTB, so it has my support +1 All memes aside, I do quite enjoy this lore. It was a good read and I could see it providing some interesting RP.
  7. Forgot to post my comments on here. Oops, thanks for reminding me Cal c: Sid has certainly changed since I first met him awhile back. I've watched someone with practically no maturity morph into someone with a level head. I believe with the right guidance from those already GM, he could be a great asset to the team. Keep it up, sid +1
  8. A shame we didn't interact more than we did, but I wish you the best of luck out there!
  9. I'll keep this relatively short and succinct, as most points of view have been stated already. Let's keep IC and OOC separate. Simply because you do not agree with how things are OOC'ly does not mean that it should be changed simply due to that. As many others have stated, what's occurring today on the server is the product of years upon years (IRL) of RP interactions between characters and nations. One of my absolute favorite things about the server is watching the story evolve. My one and only character I've had went from a hate-mongering xenophobe in Anthos, during the White Rose wars, to a level-headed military man who considers Oren his nation's closest ally. It wasn't an instantaneous change, and that's the beauty of it.
  10. Disgraceful, simply put.
  11. I've heard relatively good things while you were on the team. You have my support, friendo. +1
  12. Incomingwalloftextonskype
  13. "Well then, another Aureon outside of Linandria. How odd," Aenor would drawl idly, before continuing on with his business.
  14. "..What a mess," Aenor would murmur, idly wiping the blood off of the tip of his spear with a small rag as he glances around at the aftermath of the brief scuffle.