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  1. Definitely, without a doubt. Jaeden proved himself extremely capable when he led the ET as a manager, and even prior to that as a regular actor. I know he could bring an immense amount of variation, in terms of events, to the team and will be a great asset. Definitely a +1 from me!
  2. This beautiful bastard has my full support in his endeavors. Best of luck +1
  3. "Oh, it was a peaceful year while the one named 'C u n t' was gone without a trace," Aenor would muse wistfully, the High Prince reclining in his seat within his study. His gaze idly shifts to the myriad of missives sent by the Rex shoved into the corner in a folder labeled 'Empty Threats' "It's at times like this I miss Phaedrus and the orcish honour of that age." The elf then leans forward a bit, beginning to continue his work from prior "This **** is not even worth a response." ((Also yea, what Leo said
  4. I'm one who enjoys Elven on LotC, so I wouldn't necessarily be against this. However, despite that thread on Elven not seeing much activity in terms of posts, I do believe it was actually updated not too long ago. I noticed a few words not previously there added to the list, so it would seem that someone is at least seeing to its continual expansion (no matter how small said expansion may be).
  5. Would an FM be so kind as to pin this?



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      Your Favorite Impure™

      Thanks ni🅱️🅱️a


  6. Though our interactions were few, unfortunately, I enjoyed the RP we were able to have c: Good luck out there, and I'm sure we'll see you around. For if there's ever one rule of LotC... It's that they always return.
  7. I'll quote my good bud Leowarrior14 here from your previous thread: As far as I'm aware, granted I could be mistaken, the three month cooldown between each CB does not restart after it lowers (I.E. Three months have passed, drops down to Tier 3, cooldown of three months restarts), nor can you hold one CB for three months, then start another one, three months, and on and on. So, granted all that happened nine months ago, the last time those could be valid was a whopping 5-6 months ago. In regards to the whole "blaspheming the Spirits", one of our Princes is actually a shaman, and is allowed to practice their art freely. Once more, if Nazdus would like to step in to elaborate on the whole "Conflicting religious views" thing, I'd be more than happy to discuss that once a chat is made to discuss this, if one is actually made. However, even if that CB does go through, it would drop to a Tier 3 WC, making it a simple "Pillage" WC. Dammit Leo, you responded in the middle of me typing this. I'm posting it anyways.
  8. Hey, so excuse the low-effort response but I just returned from work while on two hours of sleep and wish to nap for a few hours. If a response is given in the time that I sleep, I'll respond. Otherwise, I'll elaborate on this post when I wake. You stated you wish for this to be a Tier 2 Warclaim, but I fail to see where the Dominion has acted on any of the CBs for a Tier 2 Warclaim. The Dominion has stayed neutral in all conflicts of late, and have no treaties with any factions, knocking out the first "bullet point" for Tier Two CBs. We have not raided you, and most definitely not consistently, eliminating the second CB. Thirdly, I would find it humorous if an orc had a claim to the throne in the Dominion, which they do not, eliminating the next CB. Fourth one, orcs have never owned Dominion land. Fifth CB: barely any elves of the Dominion, and definitely not any of importance, have committed crimes in the orcish lands recently. Moving onto the "Proxy" CB, the Dominion has not done any of what is mentioned in the terms for the CB, and lastly the only one I could possibly see being a reality is in the Tier Three WCs, and that is a clash of religion. Though, with enough eloquence and words, one could argue that all the religions of Axios clash. Also, we're no vassal <: Anywho, time to go pass out. Edit: So, it would seem in typical me fashion, I went ahead and elaborated anyways, despite writing I'd do it after I woke up. Oh well, saves me a bit of time.
  9. Oh hey, I vaguely recall you from Anthos ('Nam flashbacks), and afterwards as well. Always nice to see an old face returning!
  10. mfw Leo's response: OP: All memeing aside, I saw a few posts that I agree with regarding wartime raids. I'm all for wartime raids being increased in size to compensate, but having the cap raised to 6 for lawless raids pretty much defaults it to PvP, which quite a few nations/towns and what have you, are against.
  11. A missive would find its way into the hands of the Lord Commander of the Ashguard, delivered by an unremarkable elf donning the Sirame uniform. To the Lord Commander, As one who has served in a military order since the Descendants inhabited the lands of Elysium, nigh two centuries ago, I can understand the severity of one's actions when they desert their brothers-in-arms. As one ex-military leader to another current one, and on behalf of the Dominion, I offer the elf, Jeska Lamil, to the Ashguard as an act of goodwill. From this moment on, we will ensure no elf of the Dominion willingly harbors Jeska, lest they receive punishment equal to the severity of such an act. May the Aspects guide your path, and the All-Father watch over you. Signed, High Prince Aenor Calithil of the Dominion