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  1. Aenor strokes his beard in contemplation, glancing over to his sheathed blade resting in the corner of his abode "The time has come again, it seems. For Irrinor."
  2. Name of the club: Dominion of MalinWhat type of club is it? (Public, Private): Public What is the theme of this club? (Politics, group, etc.): Nation Group Why should this club be created? What is the purpose of this club? Does it add something not already fulfilled by an existing club?: Allows for newer players not keen to joining Skype groups to go about asking questions and getting comfortable with the elven playerbase Who will moderate this club?: Myself and the other leaders of the DominionDo you understand that failure to moderate your own club to their respective rules can result
  3. Aenor begins to have flashbacks of Anthos, with all the new circles sprouting up.
  4. Would an FM be so kind as to pin this?



  5. I'll quote my good bud Leowarrior14 here from your previous thread: As far as I'm aware, granted I could be mistaken, the three month cooldown between each CB does not restart after it lowers (I.E. Three months have passed, drops down to Tier 3, cooldown of three months restarts), nor can you hold one CB for three months, then start another one, three months, and on and on. So, granted all that happened nine months ago, the last time those could be valid was a whopping 5-6 months ago. In regards to the whole "blaspheming the Spirits", one of our Princes is actually
  6. Hey, so excuse the low-effort response but I just returned from work while on two hours of sleep and wish to nap for a few hours. If a response is given in the time that I sleep, I'll respond. Otherwise, I'll elaborate on this post when I wake. You stated you wish for this to be a Tier 2 Warclaim, but I fail to see where the Dominion has acted on any of the CBs for a Tier 2 Warclaim. The Dominion has stayed neutral in all conflicts of late, and have no treaties with any factions, knocking out the first "bullet point" for Tier Two CBs. We have not raided you, and most definite
  7. Twenty-one minutes, a record!

  8. Fifteen minutes. A record!

  9. I love coming across things like this while wandering c:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Space


      yeah that place is pretty ******* sick. would love to see a dwarven city in that type of cavern

    3. sullincollivan


      Is that prismarine? I like the color palate alot 

    4. Your Favorite Impure™

      Your Favorite Impure™

      Yea, it's near Sutica @Sythan
      I have to agree with you there @Space. Dwarven or Dark Elven city in something similar would be pretty ******* awesome. coughnextmapcough?
      I'm like 99% sure that's prismarine. Could me mistaken though, as I don't build a lot @sullincollivan

  10. Since when was this implemented again? Or have I just been completely oblivious of late?


    1. mitto


      unstoppable force meets immovable object

    2. Your Favorite Impure™

      Your Favorite Impure™

      And 'lo, a confrontation written in the very fabric of time has come to pass, the fowl and the elf parting as equals.

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