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  1. I think it's safe to say most people have had both negative and positive interactions with mental illness IRP. Unfortunately though, I feel as though the negative experiences far outweigh the positive. It's not a poor thing to have in a character at all though, as you did say it pretty well that the world of LotC is pretty fucked. I believe the issue arises when people use it as a crutch or use it as the one thing their character's personality revolves around, or just simply try and get attention for it. Other than that, I don't really have an issue with it being portrayed IRP at all
  2. I just remember people hating the aviary plugin back in Anthos since it was much more of a hassle than it was worth. People thought it would be beneficial but it ended up being a detriment. I'm not opposed to lining out more defined rules regarding birds for combat situations (as other people have mentioned), but if the goal is to ban birds overall, another, more viable solution needs to be presented first and be ready to go.
  3. For all that's good and holy, please
  4. I remember a time where there were many of your kind. I, too, sign. Filavandrel
  5. I think I can sum it up pretty well by a gif I made last year All the memes aside, LotC will always have its up and its downs, but good memories were made on here, despite it all, and I hold those memories dearly with a strange fondness.
  6. I'm in the same boat pretty much. 14 when I joined, 24 now x.x
  7. A grizzled elf glances upon the missive, his inquisitive eyes scanning each line with a furrowed brow. He shudders slightly as memories of a previous vassal state under the high elves crosses his mind from long ago following the Descendants' exodus from Anthos "This usually only ends in one of two ways... Should be interesting to see what comes of it, however."
  8. Aenor strokes his beard in contemplation, glancing over to his sheathed blade resting in the corner of his abode "The time has come again, it seems. For Irrinor."
  9. Name of the club: Dominion of MalinWhat type of club is it? (Public, Private): Public What is the theme of this club? (Politics, group, etc.): Nation Group Why should this club be created? What is the purpose of this club? Does it add something not already fulfilled by an existing club?: Allows for newer players not keen to joining Skype groups to go about asking questions and getting comfortable with the elven playerbase Who will moderate this club?: Myself and the other leaders of the DominionDo you understand that failure to moderate your own club to their respective rules can result in FM interventions?: Yea boiAre there any exemptions to the rules that you would like, if so why? (N/A if open club or none needed.): M-muh freedom of speech
  10. Aenor begins to have flashbacks of Anthos, with all the new circles sprouting up.
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