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  1. His paypal information is on Zarsies' original post. He personally entered it into my phone to send it to Zarsies and already received some funds from members of the community. I can confirm the information is correct since when he saw Mitto's contribution he fell back on the sidewalk in awe.
  2. I have a white collar office job. If you're willing accompany Meanking you're more than welcome to watch over him while I'm at work
  3. Hey guys. I'm posting a bit of a small update on Meanking's situation as of now: For the time being a very close and dear friend of mine is housing Meanking for tonight and potentially for a few more days. Even better news - I was able to introduce Meanking to a group of friends and old colleagues where there's a great potential he'll acquire a job as a summer counselor at a local youth center in my area. With that being said, he does have a work visa and does have a very good chance of finding temporary employment in New York. Meanking is currently in a very safe area of New York and well-fed. I've personally paid for his meals and given him directions for places to stay and areas to avoid while I'm at work. Meanking has an unlimited MetroCard so he's capable of traveling throughout the city for the remainder of the week without restriction. With that he's also picked up a lot of college student tips on living on a strict budget. A few generous friends are offering to sign Meanking in at their dormitories so he has a place to say for a night or two. Additionally I've already made the arrangements to pay for Meanking to stay at a hostel if he finds himself without a place where he can rest without worry of theft, injury, or even losing his passport (god forbid). Also something that should be noted, the error that caused Meanking to be stranded wasn't intentional or malign in any sort of capacity. It was a mistake due to Meanking transferring from a camp for children with special needs to a camp for underprivileged children. This second camp ended earlier which caused the confliction he's currently dealing with. The group that sponsored him didn't swindle Meanking, it was the result of a unfortunate series of events. P.S. To Mitto, a personal thank you from Chace. He's extremely grateful for your help and hopes to repay you as soon as it's possible. It means a lot, truly. And for everyone that's shown their support from our community, I need to thank you all personally. It's extremely thoughtful so many of you truly care about the people that have been apart of this community for so many years. I don't think anyone could ever forget this level of comradery. Edit: Something else to add, while Meanking is done with the summer camp (which was his entire reason for coming to the United States) he does have unfinished business that he's trying to tend to. I won't go into details since I don't know how much Meanking wants to disclose but a co-worker of his was hospitalized and he's trying to guarantee his enrollment in that camp for underprivileged children next year.
  4. "Wherefore does the Light fade?"
  5. he's a good boy just keep nalatac away from him before he puts on another dress
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