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  1. Hey. I believe you were the one that was locked out of their account. Did you manage to recover it?

    1. Lionbileti


      Yes, I freed myself from my unearthly Binds.

  2. the greatest of the dev teams' crimes is that they're added : thinkplant: as an official emoticon

    1. Lionbileti



      You've been,



  3. @Ambduscias how to do you respond, friend?
  4. Bring him on
  5. if you're of legal age please do
  6. i regret so much
  7. A rogue Savoyard winemaker proceeds to decapitate Peter Sigismund with his fellow cavalrymen. Looting the Mardon sovereign's immaculate armor and spreading the wealth amongst his counterparts.
  8. prolly run into china town and see what i can manage
  9. i thought u wre blacklisted