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  1. I am a big fan of fantasy languages and enjoy seeing them created. In a world of 1800 years, certainly there would be different languages come and go. What race/group would this language be attributed to? Or is that something you will maybe release over time through future writing and RP?
  2. I love it! Reminds me of the old Runescape black knights a little bit, which is a nostalgia trip. Your lore is well-written and the concept is a great one. Props to you!
  3. Clear and concise! It will be interesting to see these rules in action in the future.
  4. Octavium listened as the announcement was read aloud in public. His eyes shifted around the cavern suspectedly, and he grunted, "De Ire'earts need to get demselfs in line. Dis is dis'onorable! Long live de King!" The stout dwarf gave a firm nod so that his goggles fell back over his face as he got back to work.
  5. Senex reclined back in a chair, reading the PSA as he sipped his morning tea, "Quite an interesting study! Though, perhaps I am out of sorts...does the author not refer to these selections of pets as both cool and hot? I never took the temperature of a tarantula, but snakes indeed are a cold-blooded creature... I'd like to pick this zoologist's brain on the matter." The old man finished off his tea and collected his quill and ink.
  6. This is very helpful, thanks for putting the list together for the rest of us!
  7. "May teh Brath guide 'is path and 'is soul be ever at rest," Octavium of the Deepstone mutters a prayer.
  8. “A bun! A bun! My kingdom for a cinnamon bun!”
  9. RIP to all the PKs from the weekend

  10. Herobrine...my old foe. So we meet again.
  11. Whether a rule can reasonably be enforced or not by moderation should not dictate the implementation of the rule if it's the right thing to do. Sure, it's nearly impossible to monitor all interactions between players on other platforms outside of LotC, but it is still right and proper to place safeguards on the server where we can to the best of our ability. If it's right, then do it. These anecdotal arguments against banning FTBs are meaningless to the point of this post.
  12. Hello! And welcome to LotC! I am an old player, but recently returned, myself. I kind of enjoy the wanderer vibe, but I definitely understand the want for a casual group to be part of! I can say I have found that to be the case in Du Loc, and I'm continuing to look out for more locations. I recently moved to the west-coast USA, so I'm also a Pacific-timer! Hit me up on discord if you'd like to RP or to share resources for casual groups we find! HistoryChap#0934
  13. LotC has changed a lot in the years, especially in terms of RP quality and style. I think the suggested additions to the form are welcomed as it hearkens back to the application process of 2011, 2012, and 2013 which effectively produced much of the community today. But some things do make it appear a bit lengthy, which could go well or push people away who really just want to get in and get a taste of the RP. I think it should be kept in mind that players coming onto LotC do not need to be seasoned roleplayers. I also don’t think anyone is ever “qualified” to roleplay – we all had to learn sometime and somewhere, so given a lengthy application, players should be cut some slack unless clearly stepping out of reasonable bounds.
  14. Anyone up for some hot tea?

    1. Kim


      ill bring the hot, you bring the tea ;)

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