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  1. @Astrophysical Fixed Norazod's heritage! Ozneat, Lekso, and Norazod had originally been listed as children of Glorin, one of the sons of Gloin, which wouldn't have made sense timeline wise, so I gave them a new daddy. But if you have canon names for your characters' parents, let me know and I will make adjustments!
  2. Gloin's Folk Family Tree Here it is, my fellow Hefrummos, Brown Dwarves, Forest Folk, Dirt Dwed, and Tree Huggers... The official family tree for the descendants of Gloin Treebeard, the first Forest Dwarf, and the various clans of Hefrumm. This tree has been brought up to date with many previously missing and several new Folk, and it will be actively kept up to date. Someone will periodically update the main Dwarven Family Tree with any new information, but the Gloin's Folk tree is meant to go into more detail and be easier to navigate for Forest Dwarves. If you would like to be added to the tree, please reach out to your clan chief, the High Chief of Hefrumm, or myself.
  3. Vigr gave a grunting nod and lifted his wooden tankard of ale and prune juice concoction, "It all be comin' toget'ah, now. Saviticus an' T'udrin would be proud o' wot 'Efrumm 'as become."
  4. Smaller map for sure. I think a 4kx4k would probably suffice, but just in case of future growth I'd go for a 5kx5k to account for any non-habitable areas like the seas/oceans. I love the idea of both a surface world and subterranean world. Could definitely go smaller (4kx4k) if we account for some underground based groups. I wonder if there is a way for this concept to basically include two maps? One on the surface and one below. It would require stackable regions, though, which maybe is more trouble than what it's worth. But a neat idea!
  5. His left nostril wrinkled as Vigr Treebeard sniffled, trying to suck in the tear before it fell down his cheek, instead having to catch it with a single swipe of a stubby finger, "How love-leh, oooh 'tis mooshroom steugh fer da soul..."
  6. Qizu, I have become a big fan of your contributions as of late. Very neat! I can clearly see attributes of previous submissions, but you have done a good job at balancing this CA with your rendition. I anticipate the epic pirate RP potential.
  7. I miss the days when we didn't have to reference a list of rules in the middle of combat to micromanage our RP. I understand the point of all the CRP rules; some people act ridiculous in combat and these rules are intended to nerf that ease of ability. I'm sure this helps cut down on the amount of ridiculousness that happens in CRP, but no amount of rules is going to stop a powergamer. They just make it tedious for responsible RPers to engage in this form of storywriting. Is there an option between two parties in combat (probably only in 1v1s or small fights) where they can agree to ignore the miscellany and instead just trust each other to have a fun fight? Or can we just go back to defender default where the defender can decide either a) PVP, b) honor based CRP with all the rules, or c) old fashioned CRP based in mutual trust and storywriting? Otherwise, it really sucks when players who don't enjoy CRP are attacked and then have to reference the rules list to make sure we're staying within the limits and RPing all this correctly.
  8. Astor thoughtfully places a few select stones of gravel upon the pyramid with grace and reverence, doing so carefully to ensure that they would not cause a disturbance to the structure or themselves tumble away. "Four hundred ninety-nine...five hundred!" he counted with satisfaction, "Half way there."
  9. Excellent story, and I think this fits the Adunians quite well. I'm interested to see how these beliefs will interact with those of us with characters (perhaps it's only me!) who still worship the gods of the Old Faith and follow the practices under it. Certainly not mutually exclusive, and I think lots of room for cultural growth RP!
  10. The Brae name must be carried on!

  11. I wasn't proposing we turn LotC into survival minecraft. Just that players have a hand in actually developing the places where they RP in the world. As much as I adore the massive, majestic builds, the most memorable and RP-friendly places are those which are built by the communities who inhabit them. Building isn't just an essential component to Minecraft, it's also an essential component in roleplay. Having that component be more present in the world for players doesn't take away from us logging on to RP with our friends, but it adds tremendously to the experience of those who wish to take an active part in shaping the world. It's also much more realistic in terms of factions, settlements, nations acquiring materials and creating something rather than paying minas for a build to be pasted in from creative.
  12. Let's play Minecraft! No prebuilds (except, maybe, encampments) and hostile mobs spawn. Make it truly feel like the world ended and we have to start all over somewhere else. Players must work together in our respective kingdoms & factions to survive the world and build our settlements from the ground-up.
  13. Way to go Community Team! A very satisfying update. But with so many accepted apps, I feel like I should be seeing more pink names in-game. What suggestions or ideas are currently swirling around on building that new player retention? I enjoy showing new players around and getting them into their initial RP encounters, so I'd like to help how I can in this regard.
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