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  1. [Actor] MickMeist wants to perform

    +1, good roleplayer, good OOC fellow too which is rare these days.
  2. Can we go back to 2012's era of magic apps?

  3. Alternative Death System

    Sneaky way of getting pvp default without actually having pvp default to be fair.
  4. Alternative Death System

    Actually, can I get a clarification because I'm not sure I understood entirely. So, you want to get rid of monks, but give holy orders an ability to revive someone who died....for three months after the death? When the way it currently works is you have a week to decide not to PK (correct me if wrong). Which essentially makes them monks, but more circlejerky and gives them power to choose who to revive instead of everyone having an equal chance?
  5. Alternative Death System

    Maybe branch out instead of playing the same generic character in a new form. Part of the fun of roleplay is branching out, playing different types of characters, et cetera. I mean, I can't speak TOO much because my last character (mostly shelved right now) and current character are both "Norlanders", but I'd like to think people who roleplayed with both can confirm Lily and Elle have very different personalities and existences.
  6. Alternative Death System

    Not wrong, reread my two replies now though, I think I'm done adding to them. . .
  7. Alternative Death System

    You quoted me too quickly, though I'm still not a fan because I think this'll just end up in more OOC crying and PG/metagaming to prevent a PK on a character someone has worked on for a long time. It'll also just end up a circlejerk on who gets resurrected. I do like it though, because it'll make assassinations and things of that nature more meaningful. It'll also hopefully make people think about the consequences of their actions more too. Edit: It's cold, my brain isn't fully awake, I'll probably keep editing this reply to expand on my thoughts later.
  8. Alternative Death System

    Morghuul can only come back once? Okay yeah I'm fine with this. Murder the undead..
  9. +1, not the hero the server wants but the hero we need.
  10. I'm not special but I want to do modreqs.

    +1, good FM, I wouldn't mind having him and Fawb as GMs as well tbh
  11. [Lore Submission] The All Father's Gift

    +1, though due to Elle following Astrid I would like to make a suggestion. Instead of having one of her spells cause attraction, have it cause an increased arrow accuracy. In lore she's a symbol of honor and loyalty, as well as vengeance if I recall correctly because Beorn cheated on her so she slid an arrow into his heart while he slept. Having one of her spells make someone more attractive makes next to no sense in my opinion. Otherwise I liked it. If you don't like the arrow suggestion, she also tended to their farm so perhaps a spell relating to her that aids in crop growth or animal happiness. Edit: Also Snow's spells should have to be sung AND accompanied by an instrument to be cast in my opinon.
  12. big dog goes home

    Farewell "big dog" Malgonious
  13. Attention

    Try and stop me11!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!111
  14. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic