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  2. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Category:Parent_Categories

    Heyo, thanks to @2samspan nearly all pages on the wiki are categorized! Check it out - it's an efficient way to wander through the articles of the Wiki.  No searches required!

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      Wow! @2samspan is such a swell guy.

    3. 2samspan


      This @2samspan chap seems like a real stand-up guy.

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      What'd we do without the chap?? Nice work! @2samspan

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    [Results] Wiki Competition

    Wiki Competition Results The Wiki Competition concluded a month ago, and the scoring has been tabulated and finalized. Apologies for the wait. Here are the results. First Place - @Deminisher Rewards: 3000 Minas + Two Skill Tomes + Wiki Wizard Forum Tag Second Place - @yopplwasupxxx Rewards: 2000 Minas + Skill Tome + Wiki Wizard Forum Tag Third Place - @Edeldrache Rewards: 1000 Minas + Skill Tome There were also two award categories: Best Art and Best Screenshot. Unfortunately, nobody submitted art during the competition period. However, there were numerous screenshots added. Best Screenshot - @Ioannis Reward: 2000 Minas "Kal'Sitarae Valley" Screenshot Honorable Mention - @Deminisher Deminisher has voluntarily created the server political maps for years, allowing the Wiki to always have a useful and up-to-date map on the main page. These maps were compiled into a wonderful timelapse gif by Deminisher, displaying the shifting political lines over time. "Axios Timelapse" That's it for this competition. Thank you to everybody who participated! Your work is truly appreciated.
  11. Destinator

    [✗] Elven Language Expansion

    I am satisfied with the language as it is, and do not think it should be updated It is meant to be a mostly-lost language which gives reason to why it is incomplete. The historical mystery is what drives the charm of the language. To quote Mithradites: "It was written in RP as an archaeological project. It's a subtle, ancient language that was supposed to fit the theme of the elves. Each word can have multiple meanings and interpretations. It was never meant to be written in whole sentences and paragraphs, because it's intentionally mysterious and vague. Robbing it of this vagueness removes the vital themed element of the script--an inscrutable, difficult to understand, pretty, mysterious language."
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  14. WT applications will be looked at over the next couple days.  Apply now if you want an immediate response.

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      PS We are working on competition results, but that will take some time.  Expect an announcement in a couple weeks.

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