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  1. Only two hours left!  Get your Wiki submissions in now!


  2. Only a couple days left for the Wiki Competition! Get your submissions on the Wiki!


  3. Denied.
  4. As long as a new player can find a main city, or even the CT as suggested above, they should be able to find this guild roleplay if the guilds are willing to put in a little effort to recruit in those cities. I would view this channel as worsening the already prevalent issue of Ooc chatrooms dictating what could have been organic rp moments.
  5. This channel would only add another layer of purely Ooc interaction and eliminate an opportunity for rp generation. In-server recruiter characters in cities fulfill the same task while creating roleplay and ingame activity. It is the same time being spent recruiting - one option is Ooc, the other is IC (which nearly always is preferred). The way to fix many problems is to simply roleplay.
  6. ((I wish you the best with your future endeavors, Bluestarr. It was always nice to see you around Haelun'or over the years. Farewell.))
  7. Denied.
  8. [ MC name: Destinator8] Name: Almecki Selected Candidate: [x] Nelgauth [ ] Myrna
  9. The Wiki Competition is still going!  Keep up the good work - there's about two weeks left to get your contributions in!

  10. Hope your future treats you well my friend.
  11. Accepted.
  12. Accepted.
  13. Accepted.
  14. Accepted.
  15. Accepted.