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  1. Guides work if they are active and actually do their job. If this is truly a large issue, what really should be promoted is a general attitude shift of the playerbase. Everybody should be more understanding and less toxic (and not just to new players), especially since many new players can be young and completely fresh to our style of roleplay. Leading by example also helps. Things like constant meming in looc can cause rp to degrade and leaves a bad impression on new players. This isn't that hard. Be nice, be helpful, and everyone will have a better experience because of it.
  2. Denied.
  3. Accepted.
  4. Accepted.
  5. Denied for now as the applicant is on hiatus.
  6. Ski's a reasonable guy and obviously has plenty of staff experience. +1
  7. Mira'ley is the twin to Xel'Zress, not Mira. Mira Oussana was actually Rathina's aunt. I do not know specifically how Mira was related to Khel. There is also Z'ress, a daughter of Khel as well as Aeryius, another son of Khel. @Time Lady of Kittens knows the Oussana's better than I do.
  8. Accepted.
  9. Accepted.
  10. Denied.
  11. Accepted.
  12. Denied.
  13. Denied.
  14. America, what the hell are you doing?

    1. Weabootrash
    2. erikur


      making it great again

    3. Abeam


      making america great again 

  15. Denied.