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  1. idek why there'd be a coalition against mercs lmao

  2. Accepted Accepted
  3. Denied Denied Accepted.
  4. Dunamis is looking for recruits, apply if yah want.


    1. Racker / Lefty

      Racker / Lefty

      L LLLLLLLL L L L L L L L L  L L LEH12K1L`¬¬¬¬!!!!!!
      can i join im just like dunamsi!!!!!

      LLLLLLLL               LLLLLLLLL

    2. Dreek
    3. The South
  5. How about no. States man
  6. buy me, im a dirty *****
  7. "They're both ugleh oi say." says Ulof.
  8. I'd like 5 gonna do a blacksmith franchise here in the future.
  9. Edymr begins to make preparations for a surplus in the Horde's stores. Surely the dwarves are being too charitable.
  10. "God wills it!" Shouts a zealous Jorge.
  11. yeah no, still dweebs. #spooklivesmatter
  12. elves
  13. Creature Has vanished, Bounty canceled
  14. "Could hire Dunamis... We've a bone to pick with the Courlanders. Send me a bird if you lot are interested." States Edymr, a Dunamian archer-man
  15. "My theory stands. Stones don't float."