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  1. [[RP]] First Name: Marvick Surname: N/A Age: 22 Reason for Interest: blood for ashford [[OOC]] Username: wolfdwg Discord: Mead#7648
  2. Old player looking for a group/nation to join for 8.0.

  3. Mead

    Surge PvP

    This is very painful to watch.
  4. Hobo as always the father of the dwarves build style, good work sir.
  5. Same soup just reheated. Same rp different characters. Same cliques nothing new.
  6. Jamie Oliver, son of Charles Elliot now reaching his elderly age, groaned. “No.... more.... brother wars...” he’d croak finally passing onto the next life.
  7. “War it seems, I hope I see some payment atleast...” would state a new blooded memeber of the Hangman.
  8. “I don’t want no stinking Nordish on my fields; anymore then I want some Imperial bureaucrats creating a system rifled with blight for my streets! Off with yeh claimants, Rubern belongs to the people!” states a disgruntled Ruberni peasant, descendant of some harlot and haughty Reiter.
  9. The Ghost of Lyonel of Dunharrow, one of the four heroes of the Siege of Helena, sighs.
  10. Looking for an Artist to draw something non-LOTC related, will pay $.


  11. Kerrik cannot help but smile! His role was small, but his words with the Grand King had obviously inspired his actions. He gathers what belongings he has and sets back into the wintery peaks, his duty fulfilled for now, until next time Urguan calls upon for his sword arm once more.
  12. Mead

    Oren Cowers

    "Truly interesting times." Would remark Merric as he heard the tales of the Nottinghamites and their struggle against persecution.
  13. Today’s Skirmish, gf orcs, no kills and stutter due to shadowplay :/. Nevertheless enjoy!
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