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  1. Four things give the average player worth on LotC; RP skill, PVP skill, profession levels and rallying ability, though only one of these usually leads easily to others. If you can rally lots of people, you have more professions, PVPers and RPers at your beck and call. So when it's all a massive **** measuring contest, being able to get another 5 guys but having to give out a keep is understandable, if a bad call; it's give out some land or lose it all.
  2. Rotger first removes the pamphlets illegally slapped up on the walls of his Verisian tavern before mumbling about crazed crusaders doing more harm than Veris' spooks ever have; "one bad egg attacks one loud human, suddenly all spooks are bad. One loud crusader tries to start a race war against farfolk, nobody batters an eyelid," he says to himself.
  3. 1) Horen 2) My house 3) Other large house to make me seem unbiased 4) Non-Orenian house 5) My friend's house
  4. Rotger, hearing of the large numbers of planned attendees, frets over the thought of some of his once peers frowning down at the circumstances he now finds himself in.
  5. Plays USSR well until he doesn't, plays Italy well until he doesn't; doesn't see his commitments through. -1/3
  6. Why are the descendants always the good guys? Why are they always the focus? Perhaps two creatures fighting each other cause damage to Axios and the players are advised to pick a side. I just don't think the player characters should always be the centre of attention in these cataclysms. Everything tries to kill us. Maybe this time two other forces fight, we can either spectate or get involved.
  7. Because we really need event characters to kill off cowardly characters. Sarcasm. imo too many ppl willing to charge head long into any fight, need to hunt the foolhardy not the meek.
  8. If we go for a variant of option A (either option A or the reverse of it) the rules about giving out land need to be made stricter. I understand that a lot of human political RP is about securing rallies by giving land to people who themselves hold a rally, but most of the human nations are dotted with tokenist cities, towns, settlements, castles and keeps. Condense the pro Orenian Tahnic nations into one city, perhaps a town or one or two villages, one or two castles, one or two smaller keeps. As the anti Orenian forces are spread amongst other races that wouldn't feasibly move into one nation, they could be moved into a town, a castle and one or two keeps. The excess land can then be lopped off by seismic activity that also damages inactive RP hubs in the land that isn't being removed for some fun adventuring. Conditions should be discussed with both sides first ofc, but a fractured Tahn could give a pretty cool thought to why Asul and Ceru are separate; Axios is an unstable land mass. Another bonus is that it gives us reason to want to leave; it's dangerous with the tremors. Another bonus is that 6.0 could be styled around one of the older land maps, possibly fractured like Axios, possibly sunk into the ocean, possibly raised, though the ruins would give so much more flavour to the land; there was nothing quite like exploring the Dreadlandic ruins near Courland. TLDR: Condense Oren into smaller space, condense rebels into smaller space, earthquakes split Tahn and/or Asul+Ceru, destroy unused land and damage unused settlements.
  9. "Wasn't Rubens a Courlander?"
  10. Assumed my gender, -1
  11. Comic Sans... Has to be a -1.
  12. Nice, bit complex for LotC, but other ideas to throw out there; Sieges =/= Assaults Effectively a node map of a nation's fortifications and supply lines roughly detailing the routes supplies would be able to reach the fortification. Instead of going straight to siege (actually an assault) the attackers have to secure at least 1 supply route via skirmishes. The attackers can then siege out the fort, though if there are still many supply lines left, this will take a longer amount of time. To reduce this time, more skirmishes can be held to cut off the fortification from its supply routes. After the allotted time, with damage to the fortification representing the continuous siege weapon barrage or at any point before then, the attackers can decide to assault. This could result in what we'd consider a siege now. The defenders can also decide to sortie, causing the attackers to instead have to defend their siege camp, but if the time expires, the defenders surrender the fortification. TLDR: Skirmishes attack supply routes, fortifications are actually sieged, attackers can cut off more supply routes with more skirmishes or assault, defenders can sortie to take back a supply route, the longer a fort goes sieged, the more damage it takes, plus the closer to surrender the garrison gets.
  13. eZ fix: 1 region owner
  14. >Refuses to pay 7k to liege lord

    >Pays tens of ks for mercs

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    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      >Wins the battle


    3. magical girl max

      magical girl max

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they spent money on mercs

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haense alts

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we lost because of lag/alts/bad commanding/cheat/hacking/whatever excuse you want to use



    4. mra8ur93ss


      grr oren grr