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  1. Nice, bit complex for LotC, but other ideas to throw out there; Sieges =/= Assaults Effectively a node map of a nation's fortifications and supply lines roughly detailing the routes supplies would be able to reach the fortification. Instead of going straight to siege (actually an assault) the attackers have to secure at least 1 supply route via skirmishes. The attackers can then siege out the fort, though if there are still many supply lines left, this will take a longer amount of time. To reduce this time, more skirmishes can be held to cut off the fortification from its supply routes. After the allotted time, with damage to the fortification representing the continuous siege weapon barrage or at any point before then, the attackers can decide to assault. This could result in what we'd consider a siege now. The defenders can also decide to sortie, causing the attackers to instead have to defend their siege camp, but if the time expires, the defenders surrender the fortification. TLDR: Skirmishes attack supply routes, fortifications are actually sieged, attackers can cut off more supply routes with more skirmishes or assault, defenders can sortie to take back a supply route, the longer a fort goes sieged, the more damage it takes, plus the closer to surrender the garrison gets.
  2. "A race divided," he begins, "as cat turns on cat. And I mean that literally. I don't think there's many more than two to turn on eachother..."
  3. eZ fix: 1 region owner
  4. "So much for sticking to principles," he mutters upon hearing the regretful inevitable.
  5. 'The union of men. Against the men that made you relevant. I wish there was proof for the allegations made against Courland, but hey ho. To all those honourable enough to have stayed with Oren during its demise, stayed with Haense during its fall, I applaud you for sticking to your principles as shall I to mine, not turning your backs on your brethren as these parasites do. Keep your guard up against all those who turncoat, for you'll find them absent at the first sign of weakness,' a nondescript yet literate Courlander pens his response several times, then dispersing the letters. ((Couldn't this all wait until after exam season?))
  6. "Grr those Stauntons and their Imperial ways, conquering left, right and centre! We're just trying to get along, us!" "We just formed an Empire." "Only to defend from those damn Stauntons!" "Didn't they just give Haense back their land, removing their only other kingdom thus reducing their Imperial viability?" "GRR those filthy Stauntonites, they're tricksy bastards, you're just thinking what you want them to think!" "Sure." Is how he imagines the conversation went down between the new Emperor and his second-in-command.
  7. "So this one guy, a brother or a Lord no doubt, attacks the Arch Chancellor," Rotger begins retelling the story, "and then he gets pardoned for it afterwards!" He bursts out into laughter at the fable, though it dies off quickly as his face turns to a steely serious one. "Lucky I turned up to the fight late. Aaanyway, what-- why'd the princess been banished?"
  8. "Finally a conclusion to this bloody conflict."
  9. Rotger thinks it's shifty mixing in anti-opponent propaganda with genuinely healthy sentiments, thus trying to link the healthy sentiments with the anti-opponent propaganda. He then thinks that the author would be able to gain the support of more people from both sides if they were to cut the anti-Courlandic stuff, leaving it just a plea for peace. For instance, he thinks, there is no comment on the repulsive behaviour of the mercenaries employed, their attacking of civilians (which has since resulted in the death of one) and their constant dishonourable side-changing ways. "Maybe more Courlanders would agree if they didn't insult Courland as much." "Also is it unsurprising that aid is requested from foreign powers when Courland sees many of the coalition's former opponents (not just Courland's) still on the battlefield?" "Neither side is completely in the right, and the sooner we realise this, the sooner peace will once more return to Axios." "And don't call it a treatise if it's going to be so obviously biased."
  10. >Refuses to pay 7k to liege lord

    >Pays tens of ks for mercs

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    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      >Wins the battle


    3. Max 'the Warrior-Prince'

      Max 'the Warrior-Prince'

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they spent money on mercs

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haense alts

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we lost because of lag/alts/bad commanding/cheat/hacking/whatever excuse you want to use



    4. mra8ur93ss


      grr oren grr




  11. Rotger would comment about how the Danknamemes fought with the rebels but he didn't make it through the battle.
  12. As news of Lisette's passing reaches Rotger via letter, he'd feel a wave of anger overcome him. He tears the letter to shreds, scattering them to the flame before he turns to his companion. "They'd might as well have slid the knife between her ribs themselves, kidnapping a lady, hanging her in a skycell, parading her around a dungeon. ******* Rutherns."
  13. Rotger recalls tearing down the gate that was for a good couple days the only thing barring the Archduke's men from Galahad. Then watching Galahad be stabbed. Repeatedly. Let's just say instead of a pinata and bats, it was Galahad and Courlandic/Dwarven/Snow Elven blades. Odd, that he'd walk 'so freely' into a keep, only to die again in it.
  14. "Awful lot of happy people excited about a pair of ladies being kidnapped. If the kidnappers were Orcs for instance it'd be a different story entirely."
  15. "I'm in the North," says Rotger to himself, "is this for me?"