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  1. Hans decks the halls in the most regal of colours.
  2. What’s your favourite fruit?
  3. +1 Been working on a build, the patron arrives to inspect & first thing he says is “these walls aren’t siege proof.” Indicates to me there is a problem with how sieges are done. Perhaps make trebs more expensive? Introduce proper siege ladders or battering rams as cheaper alternatives. Dismantle the treb-&-charge meta.
  4. Recently rediscovered some portraits from the festival of Veris. They gave me a great chuckle after all this time, so thanks!

    1. Jollybee


      glad you still like them!! 🙂

  5. Statistically correct, practically it seems it depends on more variables than pure player counts. If it depends on the player being of a certain staff rank, then: Statistically correct, practically, it depends on the chance of the glitch occurring, combined with the number of times the glitch may fire. If it’s 1 in a million, and there are only 5 players (3 in Oren (accounting for their higher numbers) and 2 in Renatus) then it’d take a lot of battles to appear again. It seems to be reproducible, as I believe Pun has said though, so obviously not that low. eg... Oren is statistically more likely to benefit from the glitch. If you want to include NOT ONLY KILLS but potential damage done too however, let’s say 2 kills correlates to a total of 20 hearts of damage done across the board. If someone earns 2 kills in the WC, they’ve dealt 20 total hearts of damage, but been the final hit on 2 people. This is an approximation, I don’t have the actual numbers. So taking into account various sources of illegitimate kills: Renatus: Lobby pugsy, maybe 5? We don’t have an exact number: 50 Hearts Renatus: drfate visual glitch: 2 kills, 20 hearts. Marna: Lobby Pugsy, 12 more than Renatus seems to be the accepted number. 170 Hearts. Marna: qSwizz hacking, 7(?): 70 hearts. If you want to go into the minutia of counting hearts of damage, statistically, sources of illegitimate kills are sources of illegitimate hearts of damage. The number of illegitimate kills is a good enough model for number of illegitimate hearts of damage. Therefore, with Marna getting what seems to be 17 more illegitimate kills, it’s a reasonable suggestion that Marna did an inordinate amount more illegitimate damage throughout the battle than Renatus did. Yet the only reason the part of the warclaim is being repeated is because of the much smaller amount of illegitimate Renatian kills, which wasn’t even Renatus’ fault, whereas the main sources of illegitimate Marnan kills were due to the choices of a few Marnan players. As someone else stated prior (sorry I forgot who) Renatus stands to lose everything by this repeat, which is one going contrary to both precedent and the suggestions of the writer of the current war rules. As someone else again stated prior, all of the decisions leading up to the warclaim (which everyone must admit, OVERALL, DELIBERATELY OR NOT, favoured Marna) the decision was taken basically to ‘just roll with it, we’ll sort it out afterwards’. Yet this stance is inverted here. It doesn’t make sense.
  6. ”A victory of royale scales,” Hans adds as an addendum to Edvard’s comment.
  7. “Ad hominem,” the recently arrived monk-hopeful shrugs as his eyes flicker across this page, “although humorous for one Emperor to bleat of Exalted Horen’s virtue while making of the admonish-able actions of Harren son of Horen. Tis one thing to fall folly to Harren’s mistakes, human as we all are, but entirely hypocritical to chastise the other for failing also.”
  8. 1) Horen 2) My house 3) Other large house to make me seem unbiased 4) Non-Orenian house 5) My friend's house
  9. Because we really need event characters to kill off cowardly characters. Sarcasm. imo too many ppl willing to charge head long into any fight, need to hunt the foolhardy not the meek.
  10. >Refuses to pay 7k to liege lord

    >Pays tens of ks for mercs

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nathan_Barnett36


      >Wins the battle


    3. max.


      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they spent money on mercs

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haense alts

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we lost because of lag/alts/bad commanding/cheat/hacking/whatever excuse you want to use



    4. mra8ur93ss


      grr oren grr




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