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  1. Rotger sneaks away with one or two from the delegation sent bearing such boons of Haria. "Mor datesh, needsh mor datesh," he declares, mouth still full.
  2. "Who are they again?"
  3. "No," he mutters to himself; three wars and they're still coming back for more; Haense had openly raided Aleksandria a few Saint's Weeks back... "Now it ends."
  4. "Ave, His Majesty Joeseph," Rotger declares, "Ave Courland!" ((http://vocaroo.com/i/s1dG9KobYOaf))
  5. +1 Is trying to be the antagonist on Axios so we can blame him when it gets destroyed, will make him easy to blame for disliked GM choices.
  6. Rotger grimly watches the scene unfold, arms crossed, leaning against the back wall. Upon the declaration of Tobias' passing, he'd echo the words muttered in the hall; “The king is dead, God save the king.” He then adds"three wars, an' this is how it happens. Enjoy the Seven."
  7. Rotger hears of this from his bedchambers. "Two crippled nations born from the ashes of a crippled Empire are trying to use their crippled armies to overthrow a city-less nation... Or am I not understanding this correctly? And what happened to the d'Amauries, are they the usurpers? If they are, at what point did the d'Amauries lose the throne in the first place?" The servant simply shrugs, not relaying the angry, bed-ridden man's rant out of the room.
  8. "Three months," the servant warns Rotger, "don't even try getting up for two. And there's a ceasefire for three anyway, so you're not missing anything." "Damn it fine," he thumps the bed, his recently healed leg having let him down in the combat, and almost led to his incapacitation.
  9. Nice kid, +1
  10. Rotger thinks he has a suit of armour previously owned by a Julia, one Julia Barbanov. Curious.
  11. In the end, we're all still playing LotC, so none of us are winners.
  12. Rotger then wonders why it is that two nations technically still not at war would murder the royals of another except for warmongering reasons, followed by asking himself what a screenshot it. Moreover, what a screen was. 'If it were putting an arrow through a lady's changing screen', he thinks, 'that's just wrong!' He then recalls that he stipulated that Courlandic soldiers fought off the opposing soldiers the pontiff had smuggled in with him whilst on his 'diplomatic' mission. Not that much of it matters, now the Mardonian army is dead and sinking into a marsh.
  13. Rotger would once again note that no Courlandic soldiers touched the pontiff. Rotger would then note that Mardon's soldiers are kidnapping Courlandic nobles & executing them. 'Wait,' he thinks to himself, 'how long did Haense get away with the same crimes before--'...
  14. Rotger raises a brow having never heard of nor met this 'Gregory' person.
  15. -1. Also how does his circumstance effect his criticism of your circumstance? You're the one under the microscope here.