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  1. Already working on Druid Grove for 8.0
  2. Aethling

    Safety Team

    What a meme
  3. Preventing new charters for the time being seems like a harsh, but fair measure currently. Charter cleanup has been so neglected, this is needed. I know it takes more effort, but seeing old charters turned to ruins would be really cool, rather than just being nuked. If that’s still possible.
  4. A Dwarf comes by one of the notices upon the noticeboard outside the tavern in Kal’Varoth, perhaps nailed there in only half-heartedness. Her dark brows furrow together as amber eyes read over the warning and the promise of pay for slaying such a beast. “Hmm.. interes’in’..” Lulubelle thought to herself.
  5. Thanks for the update, you’re doing great work!
  6. Aethling

    [Your View] Coups

    Rules will always be lawyered and GMs will always make mistakes or be biased. Neither solution is perfect.
  7. Aethling

    [Your View] Coups

    Druids have their own method of ousting a leader, so coup rules will always be awkward and won’t work with regards to us. Let nations figure out their own means to coups and RP it as they know it goes, instead of wrapping it up in red tape.
  9. An Archdruid bows her head, as she feels nature stir to a mournful song at the passing of a Brother Druid, “Blessed be.”
  10. We had one, which was then given to Lilach, Ducky’s Mage to be used in the event. This was stated. Neither I nor the Druid playerbase are responsible for Aesopian’s calamitous butchering of Druid lore to justify his mmo-style boss battle. Wasn’t there, can’t speak to it I’m afraid. To my knowledge only a few Druids were active throughout most of the Vaeyl eventline, primarily being Hareven, Quillian and another I don’t wanna name in case they’re meta’d, because they lived close to the wall. The Order played no part in it by and large, in fact my only interaction with the Vaeyl was two of them riding into the Mother Grove on polar bears and the latter two Druids trying to convince me the Vaeyl were evil and benign respectively. If you wanna talk the Dominion’s involvement then @ Dominion leadership, but don’t lump Druids in with them.
  11. Aethling

    About a coward

    “Ew,” snorts a lass.
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