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  1. Aethling

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    Have you interacted with many Druids? Or witnessed many lessons?
  2. Aethling

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    You’re misunderstanding the points that people are raising. The issue isn’t “we’re Druids, we don’t like other people touching nature” it’s “We’re Druids, this is virtually just Druidism in every way.” Shillelagh is already done with Druidism, we use Blight Healing to restore life to wood and can then manipulate it with Communion and Control. Floral Sway and Faunal Sway are literally the most common things you see a Druid do with Gifts. Extirpation is just Blight Healing, even its aesthetic ‘cleansing chaotic fire’ is also possible in Druidism. Just stop for a second and see how this submission isn’t just touching on nature, which no one worth their salt has a problem with, the problem is that it’s fundamentally a magic based around a ‘guardian of nature’ which is what a Druid is. This offers nothing new, except I presume it won’t function like the Druidic Order and be restricted.
  3. Aethling

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    I could bang on about “this is just Druidism, but for people who don’t like the Druid community” all day, but I feel like you’re going to get enough of that. Really, did you talk to any Druids at all in this? It just seems poorly conceived. It conflicts with existing lore about the Aspects and such, like you haven’t really offered any explanation for how that works. To move onto specific issues: There are already Druid philosophies which espouse this kind of behaviour. It’s actually very enjoyable for a character to struggle to adhere to tenets which encourage this kind of shift in personality, I don’t know why you’d just force it upon a character. Further there are people who just don’t gel with nature as a metaphysical thing, as an idea, but through this process that kind of conflict is just removed entirely, it just seems very “whoop I removed the angery part of your brain” which is like.. ??? This fundamentally breaks magic mechanics. One of the inherent weaknesses in casting is that it makes the user vulnerable, but this just removes that entirely with a very flimsy reason. Lastly, literally everything this magic hopes to do is more easily achieved with Druidism, which is far more fleshed out(for better or worse) and established, stable etc. What niche in the server’s ‘narrative’ does this fill, that isn’t already filled?
  4. Aethling

    Declaration of Paragonship, 1706

    “ah remember readin’ aboo’ Omithiel in uh historeh book,” a Dwed girl remarks with a nod. “Narvak oz da Brathmordakin.”
  5. Aethling


    A teenaged Dwedki folds her arms proudly over her chest, “Narvak oz Urguan!” She grins, looking up to her cousin. “Narvak oz Brathmordakin na Dwedmar.”
  6. Lunarite -=[]=- Legendary Origins Among the Starbreaker Dwarves, they speak a legend of their progenitor Gotrek, who took a star to his forge and with Yemekar as his forgemaster, together wrought it into a blade of pure starlight. Gotrek inscribed runes into the sword, which burned brightly and when the Dwarves took to the field to do battle with Khorvad and his minions, the runes flared with the light of the Sun and blinded the undead horde. It was only when Khorvad himself clutched the blade that it was destroyed. Other Dwarven stories speak of Urguan’s hammer blazing a trail of light when he, Krug, Horen and Malin fought together against Khorvad. Among the children of Malin, the stories of the battle against Iblees recall Malin’s arrows streaking through the night as if shooting stars. Even long after his departure from the world, crowns said to gleam beneath the Sun and Moon, as if magical, were passed down to Elven Princes and Princesses. To this day the Warhawkes fashion gifts and jewellery from the other materials found within fallen stars, though they lack the lustre attributed to other goods fashioned from a star’s heart. Whatever remarkable material Gotrek’s sword, Urguan’s hammer or Malin’s arrowheads were made from, there are no tales which name it, and none alive to this day know of it to tell. Its secrets lost to time. -=[]=- Starstone Description Raw lunarite. The metallic ore resembles gold at first glance. Lunarite is a metal found exclusively in meteorites fallen to the mortal plane from the heavens. It is an uncommon find, which is usually retrieved from the very centre of the space rock, requiring the hopeful prospector to dig deeply within. The raw ore has a silvery-gold appearance, rapidly oxidised during the meteor’s passing through the atmosphere at tremendous speed and heat. Raw lunarite glistens much like the ores of precious metals do, usually seen as pale goldish streaks or blots through the stone ‘heart’ of the meteorite. It takes an experienced eye to determine that the ore is that of lunarite, rather than gold, nickel or other conventional metals. Initially the meteorite’s residual heat can pose a danger to a would-be miner, not to mention the potential for radioactivity. This would lead the wise individual to allow the rock to cool and to study it some, prior to breaking it open for the treasure within. From there the extracted ore is smelted down and refined much like ferrum, though its melting temperature is slightly higher(approx. 1700°C). The molten metal requires slag to be skimmed off and possesses a very bright silver colour, the brightness of which reduces upon cooling, but remains very beautiful. Once solidified and cool, the refined lunarite can be worked into a variety of desirable goods such as armour, weapons and jewellery using mundane shaping methods. The resulting metal demonstrates similar hardness, density and tensile strength to that of ferrous alloys, it’s also receptive to tempering and does not tarnish or rust. Mail forged from lunarite Elven cutlery, created from lunarite. -=[]=- Forged From the Heart of a Star Capabilities Other than the specific origins and gathering methods, lunarite’s other unique quality is the soft silvery glow it demonstrates when exposed to natural light, which is akin to that of the Moon(hence its name). Sunlight or Moonlight will yield this ethereal gleam, making it a particularly desirable choice for lustrous jewellery, or impressive arms and armour. Goods created from lunarite are prized for this quality, which Descendants in the past may have attributed to magic or even divine origins. It does fall from the sky after all. Lunarite does not exhibit this property in raw or molten states. A lunarite dagger exposed to moonlight. -=[]=- Redlines The glow of lunarite is not substantial enough to blind or disorient, it’s purely aesthetic. Armour, weapons and tools created from lunarite must be mechanically represented by their iron counterparts. All lunarite RP items require ST signing. Lunarite is equal to ferrum/steel in terms of its strength, durability, toughness etc. Goods created from lunarite are not immune to damage, wear etc. Acquisition of lunarite ore requires an ST to oversee the roleplay of seeking and mining it, or for a player to submit evidence of such roleplay to an ST. Should the roleplay be accurate and of a satisfactory quality, the ST will provide the signed lunarite ore, which may be mechanically represented as renamed gold ore. Knowledge of lunarite is lost to the Descendants. They do not know its name, where it comes from, nor its properties. Hints lie in old stories and legends, which might lead a character to mine out a fallen star. It’s reasonable that a smith hoping to make use of ‘starstone’ might think to refine it like ferrum or precious metals first. Purpose
  7. Aethling

    [Rule Suggestion] Buff Villainy.

    What they said ^
  8. Alpha female hyenas tear the testicles off the males so they can’t breed, so there are reasons any animal/Mani could or couldn’t have these qualities assigned to them. irl no we don’t associate squids with these things, but the lore can be anything we make it, it doesn’t have to relate to irl cultural beliefs- the fact that it’s very different is good.
  9. Aethling

    Bug Megathread

    Changing the colour of a water bottle’s name with /edit col [colour] no longer renames the potion to “Potion.” Not sure if this was ever intended behaviour, but I found it very useful and would like to see it return.
  10. Aethling

    Bug Megathread

    - I’m unable to add specific players to my buddylist, but others are fine. In this particular instance, the player was online during my attempt: - Right-clicking carrots with a hoe didn’t harvest them, leaving the fully-grown block in place.
  11. Aethling

    Serrimor Lore Book Doc

    I enjoyed it, wish I could have played around some more honestly! Looking forward to the return, given that snazzy tree.
  12. Aethling

    Tech Update February / 7.0 / 1.13

    If my appendix hadn’t tried to kill me, I’d have beaten you
  13. Aethling

    Tech Update February / 7.0 / 1.13

  14. An Archdruid continues to move about the sled as she damn well pleases.