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  1. Aethling

    Murlocs' Game Moderator Application

    Biased Elf GM +1
  2. Aethling

    Autumn Waits For Nobody

    “I’ll slit his throat as many times as I need to,” a Druid whispers into the night.
  3. Aethling

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    It is possible that we could see a report of our own nation’s activity? I feel like that would be good information for us to have.
  4. Aethling

    Pact of the Woodland Realm, 1687

    Archdruid Nivndil Duskhollow of the Mother Circle signs this pact, “Blessed be.”
  5. Aethling

    No Consequence RP

    One of the Druids has a resting tremor. For those who don’t know, that’s your hands shaking when not tensed or using them. Every day he logs on, he rolls to decide how bad the shaking is. Recently it was a bad day for him, and my character noticed. They had a discussion about it, examined him and my character began devising a treatment plan. Discussing it oocly, we agreed that it would never fully cure his condition, but would add a modifier to his roll, to lessen the worst of it. This means he’ll still have bad days. And this was really fun for me. I enjoyed looking into medical treatments for tremors etc. then figuring out what we have access to in the lore and what’s reasonable for a medieval fantasy world. Completely curing his condition easily would be lazy and offer no real development. I’m also guilty of insta-healing certain things, but usually when I feel like there’s been poor effort put into causing the injury.
  6. Having experienced his personal characters, I know that Jondead is able to create very enjoyable roleplay. There’s no doubt that this will transfer well into the role of an ET. His ideas concerning less click-oriented events and more atmosphere, mystery and horror etc., are very encouraging. +1
  7. Aethling

    Tome of Belief

    The Autumn Druid reads through the tome with an expression of serene concentration. Upon finishing it, she dwells in silence for a while, assessing her own understanding of things. Finally she comes to nod with a newfound perspective and appreciation for others.
  8. Aethling

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Right so it’s.. not always been part of it then? Because as you just said, it became separated for several years. Leo created a cultural revival for Welves, which built upon Druidism. Druidism is not exclusive to Elves and there are many Druids who are not Elves. Even of Elven Druids, not all are associated with Leo’s flavour of Druidism. All of you points are irrelevant.
  9. Aethling

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    There are Elven Runesmiths, and Dwarven Druids. So like.. swing and a miss. Druidism hasn’t always been part of Wood Elven culture, it was brought into Wood Elven culture and doesn’t monopolise it either. In fact the ‘flavour’ of Druidism used in Welven culture isn’t universal so.. again, moot points.
  10. Aethling

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    Uncapped raids every 48 hours would be a disaster for activity. This would be throwing the majority of the playerbase under the bus for a vocal minority of pvpers. The broadcast/modreq time for the raiders could be lower though, tbf.
  11. Aethling

    September Prince, Feedback!

    As one of the 'protag syndrome folks' who has been heavily involved in the eventline, has been trying to keep their group motivated to participate in the events, as the only group consistently involved in destroying the soul trees- I resent this frankly rude and dismissive remark. The Druids have had to exercise a policy whereby there are extreme consequences for anyone who joins September. Many Druids have expressed an inner conflict as to whether they are doing the right thing in fighting September. Upon returning from the battles, we have extensively roleplayed having to attend to injuries, characters who are so exhausted from using their abilities that they become physically ill, among other things. Edit: One Druid lost her arm and went into a coma for several irl weeks as the result of the battle of San'Kala. Even outside of the Druids, Farryn's Ascended was so committed to creating ruibrium-infused munitions, that she developed ruibrium poisoning herself. Farryn changed her skin to reflect such symptoms and to my knowledge the character is still suffering. So before you start making accusations, maybe you ought to clue up.
  12. Aethling

    September Prince, Feedback!

    September was meant to retreat from the battle, once sustaining ~15% damage to his body integrity. He instead remained despite damage beyond that and showed no actual wear or exhaustion resulting from his injuries. He is powerful and I don't begrudge this, but Aesop is now ignoring the rules of his own events. September was able to instantaneously kill a player-character Thanos-style based on that player rolling 100. The emote heavily implied that the player was subjected to a PK situation. This is utterly unacceptable and a total overstepping of the line on Aesopian's part. Despite continual encouragement for the players involved in the eventline to "try harder" and to have creative solutions for damaging September, Aesopian nullified the efforts of some players, using methods which have never previously been indicated to be possible. I'm speaking of a number of Clerics who had been powering up a spell for multiple emotes, who were then totally mitigated by "the blood of one of September's titans blocks the damage." Throughout the event, large packs of buffed mobs were spawned directly on top of players. This caused lag spikes from the sudden explosion of entity damage, which I'm sure we all know impact mechanical combat significantly and overall isn't really conducive to an enjoyable event. Related, but not pertaining to the large warclaim event itself- The Soul Trees which may be destroyed(by more than just Unattunement from Druids, tbf) to weaken September's soul integrity, have only three active staff willing to RP them. Several of the original ETs assigned to oversee these side-events have indicated that they no longer desire to do so, leaving only A_Keefy, Riftblade and Aesopian himself do this. The extent to which the Druids(who have been heavily invested in this eventline from about May onwards), now have to rely on Riftblade or Keefy to handle these events for us, is such that we haven't been able to do an event in several weeks to my knowledge. Because we've been unable to contact other ETs, and we'd like to give Rift or Keef the chance to enjoy their own RP for a bit.
  13. Aethling

    [✓] [Paladin Rewrite] Champions of Xan

    Reading this, I am actually interested enough to consider making a Paladin. Good work! +1