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  1. An Archdruid stands atop the crown of a mighty Elder Tree, gazing out over the land beyond the Talus Grove. Where once she had done so with a troubled countenance, now there was peace again.
  2. A Dwarven woman snorts, “Umros go’ uh stick oop they’re arse again.”
  3. Aethling


    Toodoo ‘Ron Weasley’ Spooderbutt Happy Birthday!
  4. [!] A poster appears throughout prominent places around the continent, particularly upon notice boards in cities and roadside taverns. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blessed be and good day Arcas. Many of you will know that Druids seek to live harmoniously with nature and encourage others to do so, and over the centuries we’ve come to study the patterns of weather and the meteorological forces which come to dictate much of it. We now wish to share the fruits of this knowledge with the Descendants of Arcas, by means of a ‘forecast’ of the continent’s weather patterns for the coming months. 。✿。 Snow’s Maiden leading into Malin’s Welcome A front of low pressure is pushing in from the sea on the West Coast of Arcas this week, so we’ll be seeing fronts of heavy rainfall, high winds and possibly some rumbles of thunder. Areas like Krugmar and the Talus Grove may experience some flooding and fallen trees. Temperatures will be on the low side, about 10°C (50°F) but there may well be some stuffiness to contend with, so it may feel a touch warmer. As that moves further inland during the next few days, we’ll be seeing it begin to blow itself out, but still some heavy showers and high winds in areas like Sutica and Aegrothond, probably leading to some choppy seas around their port cities. Temperatures also drifting around 12°C (54°F), but feeling a lot more brisk without that humidty, In the Northern areas, Urguan and Renatus can expect some sleet possibly a bit of snow in the Urguani mountains. Heavier snows for Fenn, Haense and Adria, but they should clear by the beginning of next week. Across the North temperatures will be a lot colder, barely making it above freezing toward Irrinor, do look out for the snow freezing overnight as that could prove hazardous for travel. Further toward Curon we’ll be seeing temperatures drop to -10°C (14°F), then down to -15°C (5°F) overnight, so you’ll want to keep the fire stoked and help your neighbours shovel the snow from the street where you can. 。✿。 Malin’s Welcome and ahead As this weather front passes over the mountain range into the Wildlands, it’s being chased by a front of higher pressure, which should lead to some light rains and some more sunshine across Arcas as we move into Spring. Expect any remaining snows in the North to begin melting away, but do look out for the possibility of ground frost with a touch of mist at the base of the Fennic cliffs and in the lowlands. In the South that sunshine should be more apparent, temperatures maybe creeping up toward 17°C (62°F) if you’re lucky. We hope you have a good month and we’ll be back for the next forecast. 。✿。 Blessed be
  5. [!] Fliers and posters appear around the realm, the paper of their making is thick and lumpy, likely from recycled pulp. Pinned to noticeboards or glued in other places with wads of sticky sap. ~✿~ The Druidic Order would like to welcome all* to our Spring-Summer Festival. The blooming of Spring, the growth, warmth and the flowering of Summer are a time for celebration and merrymaking. We welcome you to enjoy warm Summer days and evenings with us as we see nature’s cycle turn toward colour, sunshine and plenty. Hurtle down through white waters at the Great River Race, test your strength and lift the sword from the stone, have a Tiva wreath specially made for you, or just sit back and enjoy the sun with a refreshing drink. There are activities for all to enjoy! *Shuns and banished persons will be refused entry into the Grove. ~✿~ ¤°✿。 Attractions & Games 。✿°¤ Great River Race Can you navigate the hazards of the river and finish in first place? High-Diving Take the plunge! Parkour Puzzle Frustratingly Fun! Shogging Don’t get wet Sword in the Stone They say whoever removes the sword will become King! Of where? We have no idea Sand-Castle Building There’s no tide to wash them away here ~✿~ ¤°✿。 Stalls 。✿°¤ Lottery What will you win? Tiva Wreaths Fabulous Flowers! Tattooing Traditional Wood Elf tattooing Portrait Painting I’ll take three After the fun and games are over and the sun goes down, come to the tavern for a drink, or wander the Grove and soak up the beauty of nature. ~✿~
  6. An Archdruid thinks the old man should either help or go back to playing bingo.
  7. Raids are fine. Auriel’s suggestion is the most reasonable, if you want to create a financial barrier to entry. I still think changing things right now is totally unnecessary.
  8. [!] Posters are pinned to noticeboards throughout the Talus Grove, affixed in place by vines. Below lists the banishments and Shuns of the Druidic Order, should any such individual come to the Grove without the company of an Archdruid, they are to be refused entry and treated as follows: Banished individuals are not to be permitted into the Grove without the approval of an Archdruid. Outside of the Grove, one may speak to them as they would any other outsider. Shunned individuals are not to be permitted into the Grove without the approval of an Archdruid. Additionally, should they attempt conversation one must reply “Much wind pours from your mouth.” Continued attempts to converse or harass warrant a warning for the Shun to leave the immediate area, even in the world beyond the Grove. After a third warning, a Druid may initiate force. Kill-on-Sight Shuns are not to be permitted into the Grove without the approval of an Archdruid. Should one be unable to destroy or apprehend the Shun, they may call for assistance using whatever means are at their disposal. KoS Shuns All September Cultists Race: Various Reason: Aiding the September Prince in his enslavement of nature, to bring war to the Descendants Notes: Individuals unknown. Have been seen to wear the guise below. Name: Ascanius Dunlain (TheEarthAndWilds) Race: Snow Elf Reason: September Cultist, conspiracy to poison a Grove, harassment of Dedicants and Druids Notes: May use aliases including Modus and “Hound Druid.” Has been known to utilise deception to be Attuned by Druids. Name: Faei (Gallic) Race: Sprite Reason: Confirmed September supporter, killed numerous times Name: Elrinith/Nilth (GloryToArstotzka) Race: Snow Elf Reason: September Prince Cultist, aiding and sympathizing with a KoS Shun Notes: Previously executed in the Dominion of Malin for September sympathies. Name: Glineth (NetGene) Race: Demon Reasons: Being a demon. Aiding and sympathizing with a KoS Shun. Teaching a KoS Shun Dark Magic Notes: Sketch pending; assume demonic appearance such as horns, claws, fangs and other indicators of abominable origins. Recommended to cover all skin, should force be required. Shuns Name: Belestram Sylvaeri (_Fid_) Race: Elf Reason: Involvement in the death of Caribou Druid Abelas Name: Evark Evocress (Jenny_bobbs) Race: High Elf Reason: Repeated torture of Druids Name: Schnub’nub, The Goblin Pimp (MinionManXD) Race: Goblin Reason: Abduction of Druids for the purposes of selling into slavery Name: Nei (Vaasek) Race: Dark Elf Reason: Attempted murder of Dedicants Notes: Artist’s sketch pending; Has glowing pink eyes and gold piercings, well-built. Name: Lennollir (_Contingency_) Race: Wood Elf Reason: Spy; aiding a KoS Shun Name: Pale Pot (Original_Potato) Race: Halfling Reason: Aiding and sympathizing with a KOS Shun. Possible a dark mage or demon Notes: Has been seen with a fire-breathing goat. Recommended to cover all skin, should force be required. Banished Name: Rin (Starfelt) Race: Elf Reason: Attacking Druids and Dedicants Notes: Now-Unattuned Thistle Druid. Has been known to linger outside Groves to prey on the unwary. Name: Aeran (SpaceofAids) Race: Wood Elf Reason: Repeated antagonism and harassment of Druids Notes: Now-Unattuned Donkey Druid. Experiences profound confusion and disorientation, may not understand where he is or why he is banished; additional patience may be required. Do not allow near benches. Name: Lawrence Smov-Avurn (Yikes24) Race: Elf Reason: Attempted murder of a Dedicant, following unwanted advances Name: Alfius (SubstandardRP) Race: Human Reason: Aiding and sympathizing with a KoS Shun Name: Mystery (Tha_Mystery_Man) Race: Elf Reason: Aiding, sheltering and sympathizing with a KoS Shun Name: Telos Race: Elf Reason: Aiding and sympathizing with a KoS Shun
  9. Stop pink Welves
  10. MC Name: Nivndil RP Name: Lulubelle Starbreaker Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli
  11. Lulubelle Starbreaker brought her closed fist up to her chest as Fimlin passed. The only King of the Dwedmar she had known outside of history books.
  12. /buddlist and /bl no longer function Ignore me, I’m big stoops
  13. The War of September By Archdruid Nivndil Preface I preface this chronicle of the war against the self-anointed September Prince, with a warning to future generations. Do not so willingly join a cause, simply because it appears just. Take caution to observe the forces at play first, and discern the truth of things for yourself. Losing but one Fae, or Drui to September was too many. ~ ✿ ~ The Rise of September When hordes of undead assaulted several cities and nations of Atlas, we quickly discovered that corrupted Wonks, frog-people who inhabited the caves beneath the Wonkawood, were involved. Idols were gathered from fallen minions and necromancers, then brought together within the Wonkawood to lure out their Dark Frog-God patron, Khurmt. The Descendants did battle with him and his horde. Orc, Dwarf, Human and Elf stood side-by-side to cut down the undead, while siege weapons, Druids and Mages brought Khurmt low. When he fell, a purple light illuminated his eyes and he rose once more, claiming that only the Green Prince could destroy him forever. He was quickly vanquished again however, with a final charge from the Descendants. The Battle of the Wonkawoods was won, but I felt a stirring in the land. Based upon the dreams of the Far Glade, which intruded upon the minds of sleeping innocents, and the words of March Ash, I concluded that this stirring heralded the awakening of the September Prince. It was some years later when I returned to the Wonk caves and the Deep Door was opened by the blood of Orc, Human, Dwarf and Elf. Upon entering, we found ourselves within a chamber and experiencing a dream-like state. Our party managed to recover a book from the library there, a record of Druids living upon Atlas prior to our own arrival and that of the Descendants. It indicated that September had arisen before and brought a great swath of destruction to Descendant civilisation, purging Atlas of the Elves and Orcs who lived here prior. Within the chamber an amber crystal was held above a pool of water, which we could only assume housed the slumbering September within. This was surrounded by animals and creatures, including an enormous snail and a wyvern. A year later to the day, the magic of the Deep Door dispelled and it opened to admit all who would enter. Regrettably, this was surely the point at which September’s rise was inevitable. Realising what would occur when September awakened, I rallied the Order within the year. Alas in that time, many others sought to bring about his awakening and disturbed his chamber. When we Drui marched upon the chamber, we used our Gifts to suppress September back into slumber. For though his powers mimic those of Gifts, we knew him for what he was. A creation of the Daemon of Dreams. Lyes, is what the Willow Druid called such a Daemon. We knew that September was so linked to the Far Glade, a dream-world surely created for the machinations of Daemons. We pushed him deeper into stasis through our efforts and it was for a time, successful. From that point on, the Dominion of Malin stationed soldiers to guard the chamber against those who would come to awaken September. I myself joined in the vigil, where both Clerics and Mages also attempted to suppress him in their own ways. Under the protection of the Virarim, we were able to study the chamber largely uninterrupted. The Owl Druid Communed with several of the sleeping animals there, and determined that they followed September out of resignation- that where they may have once gladly joined him, they found themselves unable to leave his influence, now subjugated into his service. We Drui found this monstrous and an abomination of nature, to enslave creatures of the Aspects in such a way. With each year however, I could feel September stirring still. Our attempts could only delay an inevitable awakening. ~ ✿ ~ The Meeting of the Minds 5th of Malin’s Welcome,1675 A summit was called in Holm by Azkel Frostbeard, to discuss how the nations of Atlas would deal with September. Talks quickly broke down, while Azkel and High Prince Abelas suspected that they were the targets of Mental Magery, from the Haelun’orian delegation. Sleights became vulgar insult and a skirmish quickly ensued. Before another attempt at talks could be established however, explosives were detonated within September’s chamber, pushing his awakening over the edge. September had risen. ~ ✿ ~ September’s Forest All Drui felt it. A shift in the whispers of nature that spread across the continent of Atlas. From his chamber, a great aspen tree erupted toward the sky and sprouted leaves of glistening emerald. This would be the tree from which September emerged. In the time of the chamber opening, we were able to recover more records of his prior rise. These later volumes of the first volume we’d retrieved in the dream-state, enabled us to discern a possible weakness. For though September was not Drui, much of his abilities mimicked our Gifts, and so he must also follow the same rules to an extent. We determined that the trees which had stirred with him, could be used to attack and weaken him themselves. Thus we scoured the land for them and found many. Their glistening emerald leaves were distinctive and stood out against the native tree populace of Atlas. Alas, Fae and Dryads had already been lured into September’s influence. They stood as guardians to defend his trees with a formidable zeal. Regrettably, we had little choice but to slay them, before destroying the trees themselves. Unattunement and magical fire like that of the Azdrazi proved effective. For the two years prior to the Battle of San’Kala we hunted for these trees, destroying them despite the harrowing experience it put us under to perform the Unattunements. Their guardians were fierce, including Cervitaur, Satyr, griffons and manticores. We were not without causality in our attempts. Then came the day we were forced to confront him directly. ~ ✿ ~ The Battle of San’Kala 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1677 September’s forces gathered outside what was once the Orcish capital, which was now Dominion-occupied San’Kala. Anticipating this day we were not taken by surprise however. An alliance between the Elves of the Dominion, the Dwarves of Holm and Kaz’Ulrah, Orcs of Krugmar and the Horde, Humans of Renatus, Haense and volunteers from as far South as Sutica, rallied their forces. We lined the defences at San’Kala as September stepped onto the battlefield himself. A towering arboreal figure, which cast us into shadow. Though he had brought titanic creatures with him as champions, we were many. As the battle ensued, we were hit with waves of Fae and beasts brought under his thrall. It fills me with woe to write, that we were forced to cut them down. September wasted no time in his attempts to destroy the city, calling forth fire to rain from the sky, which quickly tore through the wooden structures supporting our siege weapons. The lower walls were damaged and his forces swelled in through the breach. We held strong however, and even when Descendants appeared carrying his banner, our courage did not waver. We Drui manned the lower walls to repel the beasts which clambered and leapt up from the field, our shields locked together protecting one another. Only after extensive damage to the walls, did we retreat further into the city, via ladders dropped by our comrades from above. From the cliffs over the centre of the city, we then gathered together and pooled our strength. With the assistance of my Brothers and Sisters, roots tore through the ground and lofted a great boulder as a hammer head. When September pursued us we brought it down upon him, while High Prince Abelas and Hedgehog Druid Harold hurled rocks at him using catapults of vine and root. Shamans chanted alongside us, while the skirmishers repelled September’s forces to protect the flank. Despite a great gout of flame from Shagarath the Old and our hammer, without concentrated siege fire we could not halt September’s advance. When his horde began overwhelming the defenders, we retreated further into the keep at the rear of San’Kala. From such a distance, the hammer was more difficult to control and lacking siege weapons, the keep only served as a rallying point before our escape. When the final retreat was called, our forces were exhausted, though truthfully our losses few. September announced himself victorious, before leaving the battlefield. San’Kala was torn asunder, and his forces moved in to purge the remaining defenders. We escaped the collapsing city using extensive walkways leading down from the keep, dropping down onto piles of hay and pools of water. Orc and Elf alike, carrying the wounded to safety. The battle was lost, but we were not deterred and knew that we had at least offered greater resistance that September had anticipated. ~ ✿ ~ In the years after San’Kala, the Order continued to hunt for September’s trees. The Dominion offered the assistance of its Virarim soldiers. Leatherback Druid Kairn was gravely wounded in one such attempt, and Hawk Druid Artimec was briefly captured. Mages and Ascended also volunteered their aid in destroying these trees. Knowing the forces we would face in the coming conflict, Ram Druid Jeremiah took it upon himself to prepare for the battle in earnest. With some assistance, he helped to birth an Entling guardian to combat September’s champions. ~ ✿ ~ The Battle of M’baku 6th of The Grand Harvest, 1680 M’baku had been captured by the Kadarsi from bandits some few years prior to the battle, but the town was not built to defend against a siege, least of all September and his followers. Fewer Descendants offered their aid in its defence than those at San’Kala. However, when the Mother Grove was assaulted by undead, the Kadarsi were among those who arrived to assist in its defence. Thus we Drui had no qualms about offering our own aid in return, particularly as it meant an opportunity to further harm the blasphemous ‘Prince.’ When we arrived, he had already amassed his champions. A Blood Ent, a skyshark and a colossal war elephant. Brother Ram had outfitted his herd of dire sheep with helms possessing anti-magic runes, to shield them from September’s influence. He’d equipped his Entling with the same, and rode upon its shoulder bravely. When the battle ensued, we were set upon by harpies and minotaur. The war elephant quickly crashed through the wooden walls of M’baku, while the Brother Ram’s Entling fought hand-to-hand with the Blood Ent. We Drui knew to utilise our Gifts, summoning huge slingshots and hammers to combat September directly once more. It was to both our surprise and disgust, that we found more Descendants had joined September’s ranks. Having done so perhaps under the cowardly delusion that they might be spared his wrath, or at least would be the last to face it. They interrupted the defending forces, stopping our Gifts and those of Ascended and Clerics. In this regard, I admit they were effective. With the defenders struggling to hold ground against the cowardly Descendants of September’s horde, we were forced to retreat. The oasis-town of M’baku was quickly overrun. As we looked back, we could see it bloom with lush new life, while the towers and few homes were torn asunder. It was beautiful, but we Drui would not fall for September’s deceptions. ~ ✿ ~ In the months after the Battle of M’baku, a member of the Dominion of Malin’s Council, Athos Corrin, suggested that the Dominion declare for September during court. Queen Renn, the Wisteria Druid, immediately refused such a folly suggestion. The other Lords and Ladies of the council, myself as Lady Reeve of the Mother Grove included, sincerely disapproved of Athos’ absurd, delusional idea. It was then that Athos announced he was in league with September and his forces and was executed immediately, by then-Praetor Evar’tir Ithelanen, for treason. We learned then, that September and his ilk were willing to pursue whatever avenues necessary to lure in Descendants to his false crusade. The Order continued to hunt and destroy September’s trees, during these years. A small boon to our cause was that we were able to liberate some of the enthralled guardians from his control. During this time we removed a strange growth from an Ent to do so, and on another occasion were able to untether a Spriggan from his tree, upon their release they disappeared into the wilds. Free. It was our ability to do these small things, which gave me strength, despite the weariness this war brought to my Spirit. ~ ✿ ~ The Battle of Okarn’Thilln 9th of The Grand Harvest, 1684 Unexpectedly, September’s path of destruction took him further South than we believed he would initially travel. The Tilruir’tir of Haelun’or, Arzota, was keen to secure international aid in the defence of their capital city, Okarn’Thilln. Within the year, a summit was called at the Cloud Temple, for various nations to pledge their support in the coming battle. Humans of Nordengrad and Haense volunteered their assistance, as did then-Praetor Arwenia Silma of the Dominion, on behalf of Queen Renn. I attended with River Druid Cal, Archdruid of the Naelurir. Ibraheem of the Kadarsi Sultanate also attended, pledging the aid of his people. The Grand Prince of Fenn and his entourage attended also, but declared neutrality, and refused to pledge aid due to the lack of international support in Fenn’s conflict with the Vaeyl Order. When the day of the battle came, we had a cohesive plan for the defence of the city. The Dominion leadership was in command of the defence, and secured supplies of ruibrium to create modified munitions for siege weapons. Elvira of the Ascended had worked tirelessly to create ruibrium-infused ballista bolts, while Clerics Velulaei and Aila blessed other munitions. As September and his forces approached, we discovered saboteurs within the city. Sprites and other Fae attempted to destroy our siege weapons prior to the assault. They were however, disrupted before they could do much damage. With the first wave of the attack crashing against the walls of Okarn’Thilln, we Drui summoned huge hammers of root and stone once more, to guard the siege weapons from aerial assault. Strangely, Little creatures were dropped onto the walls, which spread a strange effect amidst our forces. Unharmed, but unable to fight with their fullest strength, as if too weak to hold their weapons. While defenders on the walls were softened by this sorcery, dire-wolves and other beasts swelled into the square of the city, where the Descendant infantry awaited them with a wall of blades and spears. The siege weapons continued their volleys, and Mages gathered within the library with Arzota, to prepare a tainted crystal with which to sunder September’s soul. After charging it with mana, it spewed a great beam of energy at September, tearing open a great wound in our foe’s chest. In his pain and outrage however, he summoned roots to tear through the outer walls. This forced us to retreat to a higher level of the city. Meanwhile my own hammer, aided by the strength of the Moonlight, Sable and Lynx Druids, knocked the returning skyshark from the air. Swarmed with minotaur and other beasts during our retreat, the defenders of Okarn’Thilln were valiant souls. Holmite Brigadiers cut a bloody path through the skirmish, while from horseback Queen Renn of the Dominion charged down many foes. When I was struck and knocked to the floor, surely to my end- I saw a flash of ferrum armour as Leopard Druid Miklaeil shielded me, then helped me to my feet. Each fought bravely, and without the grit of our siege crews, we could not have dealt September the damage which we had. Though as his roots erupted throughout Okarn’Thilln, they tore the siege weapons apart. Retreating further up, the Drui tried to gather our combined strength to force the roots to retreat. Harpies assailed us from above, but were met with shields and spears from us and our comrades. Our efforts were unsuccessful, for there were too few of us to force the roots back. Rejoining the infantry at the Silver Council’s chambers, we became surrounded by the beastly horde. Manning the gates in groups, we created a bottleneck in which to funnel the attacking forces, but charging minotaur forced many defenders to scatter. We managed to hold them off for about half an hour before we then saw the white smoke, signalling the final retreat via a prior established evacuation route down the East cliffs. In the strait below, the Dominion’s Ironwood Armada awaited us. I saw Virarim covering the retreating defenders, allowing us to board to safety. Bluejay Druid Hareven, after securing the main force of Drui, then returned to Okarn’Thilln to gather straggling survivors, including Rainbow Druid Skylar. We were forced to retreat, but had dealt September a wound like never before. He bled, and was poisoned by ruibrium. Few of our own forces were lost in the defence, due to the leadership and cohesion of our forces. In the hours after our retreat, Okarn’Thilln was destroyed in an enormous explosion. Either from some sort of device, or perhaps a strange obelisk, which I had been called to investigate in the months prior to the battle. Since then, its ruins have become occupied by a colossal ancient creature calling itself Xhar’vull, the presence of which pollutes the area and poisons all those who tread too close. ~ ✿ ~ The Battle of Boiling Blood, the Kal’Bogrin Offensive 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1685 Under the leadership of Ulhart Grandaxe, the Dwarven Kingdom of Bogrin rallied to counter-attack September-occupied Haelun’or a year after the siege of Okarn’Thilln. The Dominion of Malin, the Empire of Man, the Kadarsi Caliphate, Az’Adar, Holm, Kaz’Ulrah, Ascended and even the Hou-Zi State of Qin joined forces to halt September’s thralls from advancing further South. Camps and forts were constructed on the foothills South of Haelun’or’s great plains and siege weapons assembled. Hedgehog Druid Harold and the Flora Druid represented the Order on the field of battle, while the majority of us sought out more of September’s trees to destroy. Initially the Descendant forces were met with the cowardly cultists of September’s ilk, fewer in number now than before, or so it appeared. Through tactful leadership and coordination, the allies cleaved through them while sustaining only minor casualties themselves. Regrettably, the Dwarven camp was raided while the main forces were distracted and cultists slew the healers of the triage tents based there. September himself did not appear, and instead likely hid within the Wonkawood, licking his wounds from Okarn’Thilln. The skyshark from the siege however had remained behind to defend his captured territory. It spewed lava-like blood onto the allied forces, which quickly burned and melted through the Elven fort. Meanwhile Mages and siege weapons wounded it gravely. Waves of beasts and Fae under September’s thrall were vomited onto the battlefield. As the soaring titan reeled, the siege crews brought it down from the sky, while the skirmishers cut through the enemy ranks. When all was done, the fields were quenched in blood and littered with bodies, but the Descendant forces stood victorious. They had prevented September’s forces from marching further South. During the Battle, the King of Ord Darek Hammerfist, and his kin had attempted to move the Kal’Varak into position with one of September’s trees in an attempt to imprison his soul. Ulhart Grandaxe rallied a force from the streets of Holm and they raced to the aid of Darek, finding his party wounded upon arrival. Together the Dwarves of Az’Adarm Holm and Ord fought through an assault of bears guarding September’s tree, before dragging the Kal’Varak into place. They were successful and in doing so, greatly weakened September. Together they began to formulate a battle plan to take the fight to the enemy and end his false crusade. ~ ✿ ~ With September’s soul sealed within the Kal’Varak, his trees were rendered vulnerable. Their gleaming emerald leaves turned an autumnal red and they were unable to summon as many defenders to protect themselves against our attempts. I was joined by Vailoen of the Paladins of Xan and her initiates in the destruction of one such tree during this time. While other Descendants followed in destroying these trees where they found them, no longer were we working alone in the background. ~ ✿ ~ The Second Kal’Bogrin Offensive 3rd of The Grand Harvest, 1688 Led by the Kal’Bogrin Dwedmar once more, the offensive against September’s birthing tree was readied. A fort was erected upon the foothills of the mountains flanking his tree, housing siege weapons and supplies for the coming battle. When that day came, we Drui joined the Descendants upon the field once more and in greater numbers this time. From within the fort we were protected well, allowing us to use our Gifts without the interruptions of M’baku and Okarn’Thilln. As had proved effective before, I assembled a mighty hammer of root and stone, aided by the strength of Druids Sable, Willow, Lynx, Hedgehog and Moonlight. September’s tree was not without guardians however, and our assault was met with a colossal horse and an enormous moth. Solomon had joined us for battles prior and had brought with him weapons with which to fell the titans. Upon his request, I brought our hammer low to then fling him up to the horse firstly. While he plunged his spear into the equine champion, we focused upon the moth and shattered its carapace. Meanwhile, the traitorous Descendants under September’s banner attempted to disrupt our siege. Volleys of arrows arced into the fort, setting catapults alight. Our continued use of Gifts went unabated thanks to the raised shields of Druids like Lynx and Willow. The horse became paralysed, while a volley from the catapults tore off the moth’s wing. Beaten and bleeding, the titans were of little threat when the infantry pushed out from the fort to finish them. Lacking champions to defend it, we then trained the siege weapons upon September’s tree itself. Bringing the root hammer down upon a boulder, we reshaped the stone into a rough axe blade. Jagged and primitive, it would sunder the tree better than a hammer. Solomon climbed upon it once more, as it loomed over September’s tree. He jumped free as siege munitions set the tree ablaze, while the root axe cleaved a great wound into the trunk. This mighty push from the allied forces could not be maintained indefinitely however, for September’s own infantry was still present, along with beasts such as harpies and minotaur. After delivering what damage we could, during which they assembled a counter offensive, we then prepared to retreat. Weary, yet charged with victory we Drui gathered our party and withdrew together. Bogrin soldiers raised the rear gates and Virarim cleared a path, withdrawing forces leaping over trenches and embankments. We were victorious, but not so bold as to stay longer than our ken. Quickly we Drui disappeared into the wilds to lose any would-be pursuit, before returning to the Mother Grove. ~ ✿ ~ The Battle of Al-Damashq 8th of Sun’s Smile, 1693 In the years preceding the battle, the Kadarsi had been harrying September’s cultists. During one such patrol, they tracked the cultists to a delve where the Kadarsi soldiers discovered a scroll which foretold of a means to combat September. When the heretic turned his attention to the Caliphate, the Descendants rallied. The land surrounding Al-Damashq was salted in an attempt to disrupt September’s abilities which so mocked the Gifts of Drui. It was at this point, when the Rainbow Druid received a vision of the poisoned land, and so he and I went to investigate. Upon our arrival, the Kadarsi explained the situation and invited us to see their ‘secret weapon,’ while requesting the blessings of a Drui to empower it. Elaborating as to its devastating power as beyond that of the destruction of Johannesburg, they were convinced that it would fell September once and for all. I then explained that my Gifts could not influence this scroll, and truthfully nor would I wish to bring such devastation upon the land, for it was counter to my duties as a Drui. When the day came, the Order was still searching for September’s trees. Deer Druid Dwyn, Hedgehog Druid Harold, Leopard Druid Miklaeil and Lynx Druid Tailesin assisted in the defence of the City. A gruelling onslaught of bodies and the clashing of steel against flesh. I was not present, but when the Kadarsi used their weapon I felt it. Even South of Kaz’Ulrah I heard and felt its impact, even its ‘echo’ through nature. The scroll summoned a meteor from the skies above, hurling it against September. In the wake of its impact, the Descendants thought him defeated, but alas he dragged himself away from the battle, broken and defeated. Surely withdrawing only to nurse his wounds. ~ ✿ ~ The Battle of Caras Eldar 10th of The Grand Harvest, 1696 In the months prior to September’s siege of Caras Eldar Elestial, the Elder Willow of the Mother Grove, gave birth to an arboreal champion of our own. Under our request and the sharing of our energies, the Elder provided us with an Ent guardian who was strong and dutiful in her vigil. Her name was Marihnsil’ame, ‘Great Spear of the Forest.’ From the Mother Grove, she descended through the Loftywoods to begin her protection over Caras Eldar. When the day of the siege came, many Descendants had assembled in force. The Empire’s Legionnaires, the Holmite Brigadiers, the Legion from Agnarum, the Sylvaeris of Aegrothond, Uruk of Krugmas, the Avchirran of Gladewynn and of course we Drui, all rallied for the defence of Caras Eldar. Even soldiers of the White Vaeyl joined us to fight against September, despite their dislike of we Descendants upon Atlas. The Uruk had brought spirits with them to fight alongside us. I am reminded of the carvings upon ruins I’d seen around Atlas, of a great army of spirits and Uruk assembled to defeat September centuries ago. Like the ruins of past Elven civilisations I had found, our rallied forces possessed an eerie similarity to these ancient depictions. It was atop the canopies of the city that the Drui assembled, while Descendants manned the siege weapons and formed ranks in the square below. Druids Scorpion, Lynx, Hedgehog, Python, Willow, Moonlight, Tsunami, Melody, Rainbow and Dedicants Emac, Varan and Saelian prepared to do battle. This time, September’s cowardly cultists were even fewer in number and less than a handful were able to infiltrate the walls of Caras Eldar. When the battle ensued, the infantry in the streets below met them with spears and shields, rending their cowardly hides. In the trees above, with the assistance of my Brothers and Sisters, guarded by Dedicants, we brought forth a haft of bramble, root and vine, lofting the great stone axe head once more. As we had done during the second Kal’Bogrin Offensive, Solomon climbed onto the axe and we ferried him to one of September’s titanic champions, a huge flying shrimp. He tore through the trunk of its body and scattered its shell to pieces, while outside the walls below, Marihnsil’ame rushed forward courageously to hurl her spear through a powerful griffon. The siege crews began their volleys, while the infantry gouged a swathe through the beasts under September’s thrall. With Solomon, the siege crews and our Ent ally making short work of September’s titans, we brought the root axe back to us, to carry Arzota from the canopy up to September himself. What occurred up there I am unsure, but whatever magicks he employed crippled the heretical Prince, his arboreal flesh turning dark and rotten. With the cries of battle beneath our feet, we sundered the root axe into him, tearing through his body as it rotted. Despite being flanked by September Cultists, the infantry on the ground were able to repel them effectively. It was during this time that the Scroll Druid readied herself with a small entourage, and under the escort of Marihnsil’ame, assaulted September with a spore-like spear said to be blessed by Cernunnos himself. When she struck him, the fungi took hold immediately, rendering September further weakened and unable to advance. We took this opportunity to throw everything we had at him. Another swing of our axe hacked a deep wound into his body, tearing into him and spilling sap-like blood. The White Vaeyl assembled atop the canopy with us and took control of a ballista. Readying an object I can only assume was the Darkseed mentioned by the Cleric Aerith, perhaps a decade beforehand- they took aim and launched it at September to deliver the final blow. This seed’s destructive power could not be contained however, tearing through his husk and spewing outward. By this point, I was exhausted and we were in no position to withstand the force about to assault us from his corrupted and decomposing body. The Sylvaeri ascended the treetops to escort us to safety, something which I had not expected given the Shun of their patriarch, Belestram Sylvaeri- Nevertheless we prepared to evacuate Caras Eldar. At the tunnel to the Mother Grove, though drained, Archdruid Elenora and I assisted others in their escape to the Grove before I joined them. She remained behind to see stragglers through to safety. It was during this time however, that a strange vision overcame us Drui- a figure ressembling a Mali’ame woman appeared to us, veiled and wreathed in red hair, flowers and plantlife, she was a mockery of Cerridwen. She restored September’s broken body, which erupted into flame as he mindlessly continued his siege of Caras Eldar. Elenora, Hedgehog Druid Harold and the Flora Druid, together bravely seized the root axe we had discarded in our escape and cut off September’s hand, before cleaving him in twain, suffering burns from the resulting inferno. Returning to the Mother Grove, Brother Shark began work on Blight Healing Sister Scroll, while Sister Eclipse and Brother Ocean treated those who were injured. Elenora’s wooden hand had fused to her armour from the heat of September’s flaming body, soon replaced by Brother Shark, cuts to her face cleaned and stitched. I myself was uninjured, but was racked with exhaustion from the battle, a price I would gladly pay again to purge imbalance from the world. September was destroyed. We had won. ~ ✿ ~ In the aftermath of September’s defeat, his body collapsed into the Loftywoods outside Caras Eldar. Without his Spirit to inhabit it, the corpse was merely wood and sap-like blood, which began to decompose. Around it a new ecosystem began to thrive, one of peculiar fungi and rot- though unpleasant to behold for Descendants perhaps, we Drui knew its part of the cycle. That death feeds the soil and brings forth new life, that all such life comes to serve nature in the end through this. September’s enthralled beasts, Fae and even his Descendant cultists were freed of their bonds, the tyrant vanquished. In this way, nature had won and we Drui would go on to serve it, heal it and protect it as we always have. Blessed be. ~ ✿ ~
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