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  1. Aethling

    GaiaLoTC's Application Team Application

    Gaia is very involved in Welf culture and has assisted in its continued development and depth. Their maturity, quality of roleplay and approachability would make them a wonderful point of contact for new players. I think to pass up the opportunity for these qualities to also rub off on new players would be remiss. +1
  2. Aethling

    Raid Rules Updated

    This doesn't make me immediately want to die +1
  3. Aethling

    [Community Review] Raids

    4 players who spam Discord and maybe get another ten defenders out, against an uncapped raiding party with days to plan ahead. Mm'kay. Speaking as the NL of the Druids, only a prolonged time without PvP is appealing, so we can get on with our RP. Granted, we don't operate like other nations, so I imagine others might find CBs and looting potentially rewarding. The truth is, if I could make my tile exempt from being raided and raiding others, I would. I can't, so here we are. Until there is a complete clean-up of the meme RP, I can't support any of these proposals as they are. I don't trust the playerbase, when they still pugsie because someone didn't stop for "Latz haltz," which they're not required to.
  4. Aethling

    [Community Review] Raids

    My points are going to be from the perspective of someone who is here for roleplay, not raiding. I agree with several ideas, such as no one-day personas for raiding etc., but I take issue with several of these suggested changes. If I haven't specifically mentioned something here, then assume I generally agree with it. Yeah this would be nice, except the current generation of raiders(some of who are actually capable of good quality roleplay) choose to make really low-effort emotes. I shouldn't be obligated to RP through being tortured or mutilated or w/e a bunch of edgy kids would do to my character, just because I had the audacity to log in during raid day, and was met with "Raider has defeated you. Raider ties up the woman. Raider carries her off." In an ideal world, with a mature playerbase who cooperated in good faith, this would be good. Except this is lotc, so it'll just be abused and empower the goons, while making the RPers more jaded. Absolute no from me. You stated in the thread about the survey vis a vis raid rules, that you wanted to prevent the midnight raids against cities with low population as a means to "get pixels," but this is going to exacerbate that. For starters, removing the cap is only going to favour the raiders, because a defending city will always be 'capped' by the number of people motivated to get on at that point. Again if this were an ideal setting, people would be only too happy to log in to defend their city and their RP hub, absolutely. Except that if you're losing and you've been hit several times in the last week, then it's demotivating. Sure as you suggested you could "secure allies to assist you," but why should we have to RP out things like alliances etc., to combat what is primarily an Out-of-Character action i.e. pvp raids? This is more 'work' to prevent raids, on a platform that should be fun. Further, there are no benefits to a settlement or city in these changes. An extended cooldown if you repel a raid, "a breather where you can relax," hardly rewarding. I play lotc and RP to enjoy a fantasy world, it shouldn't be a job that I have to 'take a breather' from. Yes RP items are 'only pixels,' but I don't see why I should be expected to pour hours of RP into meaningful magical items etc., as per some requirements from the LT, for them to be taken by someone who can't use them and will auction them for 10k mina the next day, because they downed the poor fuckers trying to defend. My immediate thoughts are that this is good, but needs adjusting. 4 players expected to defend against an uncapped raiding party with battering rams? You might as well just declare the raiders the winning party there. You'd need at least 5 fairly competent defenders to repel a party of 10 raiders at present, fewer perhaps if you're fortunate enough to have your own goons. Please note, I like the idea of battering rams and a number of points you've touched on here. I'd be less pissy about raids if the RP quality weren't so abysmal and they didn't interrupt actual RP so someone can get their pixels.
  5. Aethling

    Public Denouncement of the Crown of Malin

    An Archdruid of the Mother Circle continues preparations to combat the September Prince. Within the Mother Grove swords are sharpened; shields are painted with the Order's symbol; the great Elder Tree in its centre is prepared to bring forth a mighty guardian; the Drui gather their strength.
  6. Aethling

    A CALL TO ATLAS [Kadarsi Sultanate ask for AID!]

    Within the depths of the Mother Grove, an Archdruid reads the letter. "The Battle of San'Kala was but one in a war. September is a heretical abomination, he will be brought low and we Drui will be there to ensure it."
  7. Aethling

    Ragnio's Lore Master Application

    Good fit for the lore team. Responds well to criticism concerning his lore. Recently assisting Ragnio with a lore proposal was very enjoyable, his enthusiasm is contageous. +1
  8. Aethling

    Storm's End

    Freshly battle-worn, the Autumn Druid strode into the clinic to find Awaiti unconscious and under the care of Delmira. Though exhausted, Niv brought Awaiti's body to the recovery ward in a bridal carry and placed her down. Trembling and with tears welling in her eyes, she dropped to one knee and bowed her head, chanting an Elven prayer that none but the Hurricane Druid would hear. Departing briefly, she'd return with water and cloth, then began to wash her Sister Drui. The Leatherback Druid watched in silence. "Oh Sister.." A shaking hand brushed the hair from Awaiti's face, before Autumn departed. With shoulders already sunken from exhaustion, slumping further still, she'd return to the Mother Grove.
  9. Aethling

    On Skies Asunder

    The Drui of the Mother Grove and the Naelurir stood side by side with Dwarves, Orcs, Humans, Halflings and Elves, shields locked together to repel the onslaught of minions under September's thrall. Spears, swords and shovels would meet the hostile forces in a visceral wall of steel. When the lower levels fell, they would retreat further up. Arms grasped each other tightly, a sea of eyes flared in violet, emerald, silver, deep forest greens, gold and sea blues. Tremors and shudders joined the storm of shifting beneath San'Kala, and roots like century-old oaks rose up and bore a great stone boulder. A hammer. As the Drui pooled their energies they would grapple with September, bringing the hammer down upon his wooden form. While vine-like slingshots hurled rocks at him, and whip-like vines lashed at his limbs. As his voice thundered over them, the Druids did not falter, refusing his blasphemies and heresy. Exhaustion eventually took hold. Shaken and battered, they stood together and withdrew when the retreat was called. Knowing they would face September again, they would be ready.
  10. Aethling

    The Caras Eldar Report: Week One

    Within the Mother Grove, the Autumn Druid Nivndil reads a copy of the report, bringing a cup of tea to her lips. Faintly glowing moss-green eyes, flick over the print and rest upon a few particular words. She lowers her cup. "He's not Druidic, ikrun." The Drui sighs gently, shaking her head before sipping her tea quietly and continuing to read.
  11. Aethling

    [RP] Not another word was spoken.

    As the discussion broke down and thinly-veiled slights gave way to vulgar insults, the Autumn Druid stood with a tranquil expression, shoulders held in a proud, dignified manner. A testament to Elven elegance and grace, surely she could be up to her ears in **** and remain calm. Sensing the ensuing violence, she turned from where the Druidic delegation sat and strode serenely into the library adjacent to the Holm senate chambers, her bare footfalls silent. When she joined her kin, Nivndil found that they were defending children and neutral third-parties within the library. Though she and the other Drui had anticipated for the summit to devolve into childish bickering, the taste of fulfilled expectations was no less bitter.
  12. Aethling

    Recovering The Ancient Tongue Of The Elves.

    Suggestion llin - shame, embarassment, dishonor lliner - to shame, to embarass marllin - disgrace, humiliation
  13. Aethling

    Meeting of Minds

    Mossy green eyes flick across the script, as an Archdruid reads her invitation. She lifts a quill, dips it and taps off the excess with a soft clinking from the glass inkpot. The Drui then writes her response in a beautiful flowing script, "ay'Azkel Frostbeard, On behalf of the Mother Circle, I shall attend. il'hileia Meracahe'ehya Archdruid Nivndil Duskhollow"
  14. Aethling

    [Accepted] A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    Why were you even removed? I hear good things about you doing FM stuff, and I've seen you actively working on threads that were prime shitpit fuel, to keep things for spiraling into a dumpster fire. +1
  15. Aethling

    [✗] Sprites Rewrite

    I love the telepathy, so much more 'magical' and mysterious than Sprites learning Common. They read much more like a Fae creature, which makes me look forward to RPing with Sprites. I'm not familiar with what points were required by the LT, but you seem to have tidied things up well, so props. +1