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  1. Aethling

    The Secrets of Carbarum

    A small Starbreaker Dwedki grins.
  2. Aethling

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
  3. Aethling

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    MCname: Nivndil The Staff of Fate: https://i.imgur.com/HhHw4id.png Acquired as a Krugsmas present from the Cosmos Druid Indra(Wytchlings), who acquired it from the Mist Druid Earendur(ZBLBAC5), as its original owner. It is ultimately a sentimental item, it has no magical properties. Ancient Tome of the Owl: https://i.imgur.com/do6R1JR.png Given by the Lynx Druid Tailesin(DrususTheDumb), who acquired it from an eventline in Axios. Its functionality is largely flavour. Whispers of the Far Glade: https://i.imgur.com/kyCI4xH.png Given by Quavinir(Auric_Saint) following his evictions of some homes in the Dominion, as a Steward. Flute of the Wild: https://i.imgur.com/1P8OSDL.png Quilt of the Aspects: https://i.imgur.com/mhvpIRR.png Bought from a market stall in the Dominion. Goldenleaf: https://i.imgur.com/750FfNV.png Received as event rewards from the Battle of Okarn’Thilln against the September Prince. Largely kept as a momento, to be displayed in the Druids’ relic room. Annil’ame: https://i.imgur.com/5lRuSyP.png Given by the Hare Druid Taynuel(Eranikus), the original owner, for safekeeping. Shoot of Lavendis: https://i.imgur.com/hWIpBLR.png Donated to the Druidic Order by Turge(SirVictim) Sparrow’s Flight: https://i.imgur.com/WchG4rO.png Given to me by Hurricane Druid Awaiti(GaiaLOTC) for safekeeping. A Fold of Shade: https://i.imgur.com/MRXn7TA.png Received as event rewards from the Battle of San’Kala against the September Prince. Strange Black Cat Plushie: https://i.imgur.com/zXQDTgY.png Strange Bat Plushie: https://i.imgur.com/PaxCiCt.png Given by the Aiden Winterleaf(lil1nano) for Krugsmas Druidsgiving Cornucopia: https://i.imgur.com/bgn5xBa.png Acquired from the auctions, I believe from Wisteria Druid Renn(Murlocs)
  4. You clearly don’t understand how a Circle is operated, but mm’kay buddy.
  5. We have a large, long-standing playerbase who have contributed extensively to the history of the server. Largely we just need a place to build a Grove, and nation status allowed us to do that and the other perks were useful as well.
  6. A Mali’ame Drui narrows her eyes over the letter. “Neither the Mali, nor the common are grammatically correct. Who let this person preside over knowledge?”
  7. Druids have encountered the same issue for a vaguely similar RP style, and it’s frustrating. Give the Kadarsi a tile. +1
  8. Aethling

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    An Archdruid recalls the many battles she attended across the North of Atlas in a tireless war to stop the September Prince. She recalls the Caribou and Hedgehog Druids using living slingshots to pelt September with boulders, she recalls the great hammer of root and stone with which the Druids pummelled September at San’Kala. She recalls knocking a Skywhale from the air, and with the aid of her Brothers and Sisters, attempting to push back the surging roots at Okarn’Thilln. She recalls gouging a huge axe into September’s tree at the Second Kal’Bogrin Offensive, she recalls Unattuning many of his soul trees- She recalls wrenching the axe back at Caras Eldar and plunging it into September’s groin. Twice.
  9. Overview For some time these Druidic Gifts have had no clarified limits to their capabilities, which for the most part hasn’t been abused. In light of a few incidents and the generally lacking guidance for lower-tier users of these Gifts, a few of us volunteered to help write a clarification. Our general aims were to firstly establish sensible upper caps to the range of Blight Healing, and to the enhancement of herbs offered by Herblore, then to outline where each tier sat within those boundaries. Several TA holders were involved in this process, and it was then brought to a majority of the Druid community for thoughts and suggestions. The feedback was mostly positive, so here we are. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blight Healing Ranges The following ranges are given as a maximum. Performing Blight Healing at the max range of your tier is enough to physically exhaust you and will likely result in blacking out and other symptoms of extreme exhaustion, requiring extensive rest. Radius and area are used as an example, but a creative user could guide mists in a number of ways. T1: 4 metres/blocks; 8x8 area T2: 8 metres/blocks; 16x16 area T3: 12 metres/blocks; 24x24 area T4: 16 metres/blocks; 32x32 area T5: 20 metres/blocks; 40x40 area Additionally, corruption cannot be cleansed until T3 and must be taught, as it requires more complex manipulation of Blight Healing energies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Herblore Ranges This also assumes someone is using this Gift to its maximum potential, rather than making a lesser enhancement. It’s difficult to conceptualise the huge variety of effects into numerical values, thus the following examples are provided to indicate the capabilities of each tier. T1: Effect receives a minor boost, barely noticeable. High chance of failure. Enhancement lasts 1 irl hour. T2: Effect receives a minor improvement, which is noticeable. Slight reduction in chance to fail in familiar herbs. Enhancement lasts two irl days. T3: Effect is moderately improved. Failure very unlikely in familiar herbs, unfamiliar herbs less so. Enhancement lasts one irl week. T4: Effect is markedly improved. Chance to fail is almost entirely muted. Enhancement lasts one irl month. T5: Effect is improved to the greatest one could reasonably expect. Enhancement lasts virtually indefinitely. Remember that if a herb is processed immediately after enhancement, the resulting remedy, poison etc., keeps the alteration until it has expired. When an irl week is a year, solutions, potions etc. will expire unless kept in adequate conditions. Use your common sense, expiration dates shouldn’t be necessary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Increasing potency The spores of a blistering toad mushroom cause corrosion of the throat and airways by default. In this example, it’s assumed that the intensity of the spores is the target of enhancement. These are what one would expect to occur should someone inhale the enhanced spores: T1: Painful to breathe T2: Infrequent coughing, in addition to pain T3: Severe pain, which provokes coughing fits T4: Coughing fits sufficient enough that the victim is likely to vomit and will struggle to breathe T5: The soft tissues of the throat and airways melt painfully, likely leading to asphyxia Crouching feather may be smoked or brewed into a tea, which calms and clears the mind. Assume in this example, that the herb is infused into hot water as a tea, that by default its effects last for 2 iRP hours, and that the duration of its effects were the area enhanced using Herblore. T1: Effects last for 2 and a half iRP hours T2: Effects last for 3 iRP hours T3: Effects last for 5 iRP hours T4: Effects last for 6 iRP hours T5: Effects last for 8 iRP hours Habgobsnit is a grass which can be dried, ground and smoked for a clarity high, or pressed for its numbing juices. In this example, assume the potency of the clarity high has been enhanced with Herblore and that by default, the high begins about ten minutes after smoking. T1: The minor loss of potency from the drying process is mitigated T2: Moderate anxieties are assuaged, cognitive processes un-hindered by minor stressors T3: Clarity is such that the user feels more aware of themselves T4: The high comes on more quickly T5: Severe anxieties are soothed with a smaller quantity. Marked calmness in stressful situations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Decreasing potency Remember that lessening the quality/effect of a herb is more difficult, more draining and is less efficient than increasing potency. Night sap is a golden sap, which induces sensations of calm, relaxation, safety and sleepiness. It’s sometimes used as a sleep aid, though it causes splitting headaches or even paralysis upon waking. It’s also highly addictive, so in this example assume it is the addictive quality which is being lowered with Herblore. T1: Minor decrease in the chance for addiction. Users still highly likely to become addicted T2: Further decrease in chance for addiction, the addiction is still akin to that of opiates T3: ‘Moderately’ addictive. Addiction is more like that of nicotine, meaning some will escape it T4: Those who become addicted will experience less severe withdrawal T5: Addiction has reduced to the level of alcohol. This does not mean that it is no longer addictive, but that the majority of people are able to use it without developing an immediate addiction. Repeated use will still pose a risk Flash fruit is an orange-like fruit with yellow streaks upon the skin, which can be consumed to quench thirst. The flesh of the fruit however, will numb the throat. In this example, it’s this numbing quality which is being reduced with Herblore. T1: Eating small amounts of the flesh will not immediately numb the throat. There is still some loss of sensation T2: About a quarter of an orange-sized fruit can be consumed with only some numbing taking place T3: The majority of an orange-sized fruit can be eaten, before the throat becomes entirely numb T4: Eating the whole fruit is now possible, though will leave moderate numbing in the throat T5: Upon eating a whole orange-sized fruit, the numbing effect is much less severe and retention of feeling is possible Yarrow can be used to enhance the medicinal effects of other herbs, but alone it can reduce blood pressure and inflammation. A side-effect is that it can lead to fainting and dizziness from low blood-pressure, so in this example assume it’s this blood-pressure reducing quality which is targeted by Herblore. T1: Fainting is slightly less common in strong doses and overdosing. Dizziness may cause nausea T2: In concentrated doses, fainting is most common in those of a fragile constitution. Most users are likely to experience nauseating dizziness instead T3: Fainting is much less likely, even when overdosing. Dizziness is still uncomfortable. Has a decreased ability to lower blood pressure, thus much less useful in treating high blood pressure if one were to use it T4: Fainting is acutely found in overdoses with those already weakened. Dizziness is much less nauseating, allowing for fairly normal day-to-day functioning T5: Fainting is highly unlikely unless extremely concentrated doses are consumed. Dizziness is reduced enough that someone could continue daily life largely uninhabited, but combat or casting would still suffer some. At this point, the ability to treat high blood pressure is largely muted, requiring a healer to obtain a fresh sample of yarrow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits A_Keefy and Archipelego as our lovely LT points of contact, also making some good criticisms and suggestions. Darksoundwave, ThatGuy_777, ShadowedOblivion and Eranikus for their writing assistance and scrutiny. Wytchlings for providing feedback. The Druid Community for some encouraging feedback.
  10. Aethling

    The Death of A Prince

    An Archdruid peers down into the Loftywoods and the enormous rotting carcass of the defeated September. Her eyes take on a hawkish gaze, predatory and unblinking, as if daring the body to move once more. “Now you truly serve nature, abomination.”
  11. Aethling

    A most putrid of presences

    A small Dwed girl peers up at the notice from amongst the crowd. “Are yea sure ‘e’s no’ jus’ realleh ugleh?”
  12. Aethling

    Recovering The Ancient Tongue Of The Elves.

    Where you’re indicating a ‘seeker’ ‘scholar’ ‘teacher’ etc., you should use “-ir: - Designates the purpose of someone“ Teacher is nealuir taelu, as in Mali’taelu, is still a stem-word and means nothing on its own. You mean taeluir, lit. “one who learns” i.e. student.
  13. Aethling

    elnarnsae'ame - The Elven Pantheon

    “Blessed be,” an Archdruid bows her head.
  14. Aethling

    A Mother's Memory

    Far away, a voice whispers. “Blessed be Adrian.. Blessed be Joshua.” (( I’m so sorry for your loss. Take all the time you need, and know that you can always talk to me if you feel up to it. We love you and we’re thinking of you and your family. ))