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  1. Man, it’s almost like these could be resolved through decent training and some experience.
  2. In the shadow of the erupting voidal geyser, a Mali’ame riding fiercely upon a white mare races through the savanna and steppes toward the Talus Grove. Her robes whipping in the wind and her red hair as if a rippling flame. As the horse draws upon the lush verdure, the Druid releases a bellow like the yowling of a wildcat, “Drui of the Order, arm yourselves and prepare for the Void’s worst abominations! The Balance is in peril and you will defend it!”
  3. Bastards still haven’t added my book to the shelves either
  4. Is this meant to refer to one inch or one foot of metal? I also understand the purpose of LW in how it relates to Haelun’orian culture, but reasonably it would eat through different substances at different rates, correct?
  5. Lulubelle takes her position in the cha-cha slide, just in time to criss-cross then Charlie Brown.
  6. That’s dumb. All lore should enrich the server’s narrative, and magic should offer something enjoyable to the people who don’t possess it in terms of a good RP experience. Writing your lore for a clique seems ******* sad frankly. edit: I agree with this, however.
  7. Agreed. Players who abuse their magic, whether powergaming or blackmail, or ooc harassment, should be punished and blacklisted. The magic and the rest of its userbase are not to blame.
  8. I believe the issues which led to this policy from the ST was the inability for players to deal with the holy/dark dynamic only in RP. That it seeped with toxicity and holy players would metagame or even oocly harass dark users or creatures, in order to ‘get them’ and vice versa. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. If players can keep the conflict purely iRP and create an interesting narrative together, then that’s good. There’s room for nuance in a dark/light dynamic too.
  9. There was an eventline involving the swamp, which would have likely opened up the ‘map lore’ surrounding it. However it clashed with Mystery’s Voidal Tear events and players couldn’t do both “antagonistic threat with spooky terrain corruption” scenarios. My understanding is that the swamp eventlines died as a result.
  10. You earned that Mystery, congrats!
  11. A Dwarf questions the integrity of cast steel armour.
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