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    When the messenger reaches the Talus Grove, it’s not just the warmer climate which welcomes them. Received by the Autumn Druid, she informs them that the Order are already prepared to assist Curon’s resistance against the Voidal threat, and will attend the summit.
  2. Styxius the Wizard addresses the allied Descendant forces, 9th of Snow’s Maiden, 1730 The Talus Grove thundered with the sound of marching soldiers, the tranquillity of nature disturbed as men and women, Elves, Dwarves and Humans, all rallied together. Fennic flags swayed in the wind, sigils of Xan raised high, Irrinite banners planted firmly into the soil, Haelun’orian shields lofted proudly, Azdrazi artefacts carried through the gate and Urguani Legionnaires welcomed by their Druidic allies, clad in shimmering bronze. Dedicants and volunteers lined up at to be armed, quivers loaded onto shoulders, lamellar roughly shoved over heads and tugged into place, a hearty thump upon the back before attending to the next. The atmosphere alive with confidence and duty. When the horns sounded to assemble, the assembled forces were accompanied by a host of thirty stone soldiers, golems marching robotically alongside their allies with monstrous greatbows swinging at their sides. “Alright you laggards- move out!” bellowed Archdruid Nivndil to her party of Druids and Mages, lead off toward the Voidal Tear by Archdruid Harold. Horns echoed around as the gathered warriors, Druids, soldiers, Paladins, dragonfolk and Magi marched off to confront their adversary. When they arrived, the Fennic siege crews readied their trebuchets, the Paladins seizing control of a ballista assembled by Quavinir. Irrinite archers assembled on the rise, a Ivae’Fenn formed the rear guard, with Druids and Elsillumiran forming the main bulk of the infantry, bolstered with their Golemic allies. No sooner had the battle lines formed, than a gloating voice lifted from the Tear itself, teasing and goading the Descendants in an attempt at low cunning- to shake their resolve. Warcries rang out across the plateau as shieldwalls braced and archers knocked in preparation. There was no retreating. Emerging from the Tear, lumbering abominations dragged their knuckled across the tainted soil to begin their assault, whilst seemingly impossible limbs stretched and warped from the great fissure of corruption. Soon a four-legged arboreal creature emerged, Ent-like in many regards, surely conjured in an attempt to shock the Druidic forces, or perhaps to deceit their allies into believing they had been betrayed. Loud clanks rang forth from the trebuchets, before the command was issued to let their shots fly, sundering into the titan, staggering the abomination. Its gaping maw illuminated with a Voidal purple light as it prepared to charge a beam of arcanic energy- Druids throwing themselves aside to avoid it, in time to see the energy gore through the soil where they had stood seconds beforehand. Briefly scattering, the infantry reformed soonafter. Elsillumarin shields covering the staggered Druids as they came to their senses, while volleys of arrows were loosed from the Wood Elves of Irrinor. The ballista let out a great thunk as it loosed a bolt searing with energy, crackling and sparking as if plucked from a thunderstorm, it struck the face of its quarry. Arrows, shot and magical projectiles soared through the sky in great arcs, slamming into the titan’s body, forcing it to reel and groan in pain. In retaliation a great lumbering foot came crashing down upon the ballista rending it to splinters and scrap, the Paladins fortunately able to escape such a fate themselves, as they abandoned the cart. The monster then began to levitate, allowing it to continue grasping forward for the trebuchets. The recovering Druids then linked arms, the eyeholes of their helms illuminating in bright emerald, sea blue, limegreen, cyan and purple as they pooled their strength. The woodland folk of Irrinor trained their arrows upon another grotesque horror as it levitated over the field, struck repeatedly with waves of black ferrum arrows, as flecks of pink blood rained upon the savanna. Spears aflame with dragonfire hurtled overhead, while arrows of Xannic light streaked in volleys like falling stars. Shrieks of pain and rage echoed across the battlefield from Voidal Horrors, creating a discordant cacophony with the shouts and cries of Descendant forces. The earth rumbled and churned as the titan bared down upon the trebuchets and their crews, crashing easily through the first and second, while something stirred deep within the soil of the savannah. As a low bestial moan shook the chests of all who heard it, a great haft of bramble and vine began to loft a huge stone axe blade into the air, surging up from the soil with a creaking of arboreal flesh. Pausing briefly to ready itself, it let loose a roar of nature’s wrath, swinging into the face of the Voidal titan. The Golem soldiers loosed their arrows as orders were barked from below, another plethora of magical projectiles striking the Ent-like being. In its final acts of destructive self-preservation, it tore through the enormous axe of root and bramble, exposing its underbelly to the volley. The other floating monstrosity screeched and soon surrendered to its wounds. Wrenched to defeat by the combined might of the Descendants, the titan crashed into the ground, exploding into a shower of sparks and earth. The ground trembled and smouldered, before all went quiet. A giant brought low. As the eerie silence crept in upon the battlefield, the cries of victory roared louder than any foe the Void had spewed forth onto Arcas yet. Even the wounded were briefly salved by the warcries and bellows, coughed from burned mouths, and through broken ribs. The Descendant forces then turned to their allies, shouldering the injured and supporting the weary on their way home. Banners raised, flags flown. A united Arcas had prevailed.. For now.. OOC:
  3. A Starbreaker smith begins pumping the pedal of her grindstone, beginning to feed Dwarfish steel over the stone in a shower of sparks, preparing for war.
  4. Lulubelle chuckles heartily “Moar whiskeh!”
  5. “So tha’s where teh spideh bas’ards wen’,” remarks a Dwarven lass.
  6. “Emerald and bronze.. now ice,” an Archdruid remarks far away, with singular nod.
  7. Archdruid Nivndil Asimulum’ker signs this pact.
  8. “Bu’ we sell cigars an’ tha’ here in teh Citeh,” ponders a lass.
  9. A Druid bows her head respectfully at the passing of a very wild man.
  10. Lulubelle breaks out the good whiskey.
  11. An ashen-skinned lass bellows from beneath her helm, striking the butt of her spear rhythmically against the floor of the city. Thum. Thum. “Narvak oz Urguan. Narvak oz da Dwedmar!”
  12. A Legionnaire belly laughs, “Gods, yea leave ‘em alone t’kill each otheh an’ they whinge. Yea poin’ oot tha’ they broke uh pact an’ they whinge.” She rolls her eyes, “Fockin’ Umros.”
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