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God Of Pie

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  1. ET Modreqs

    There are some mistakes in spelling here Xarkly, you put 'except' instead of 'expect' Also, ET best team
  2. Laid to Rest

    Vulryn 'Ivema | Tour Guide' shakes its head upon gaining word of the death, casting the letter aside after muttering, "I didn't mind the Baroness, May she pass on to a better life." The being would then return to polishing its sword, muttering once more- "If I ever encounter that kharajyr, they'll know their death before they can say the word '****'. I will not feel happy about killing a kharajyr, one of my favorite races out there."
  3. Who am I you say? More like who are you!

  4. [Trial]Scene21's GM application

    Good man, Nice man, A lot of good qualities... Although I don't really quite think he plays enough to be a GM, I'd say personally that he should get back into LoTC a bit more before trying out for GM. Nothing against you bucko, but I have to give this a -0.5
  5. Mr. You have too much money, go buy a wife or something and stop giving it to the people playing minecraft all day. We don't deserve it. 


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    2. oblivionsbane


      I will always be curious of scene's interest in this server.

    3. Scene21


      It's fun making people panic when they think they're about to lose the only inch of e-respect they have by being staff on a MC server because there could've been a possibility I'd purchase the server. @oblivionsbane 

    4. L0rdLawyer


      Tythus doesn't sell.

  6. A thorn in our sides.

    "I always knew the grand prince of the snelves was hiding something.. Heh, whaddya know.." An armored figure would chuckle softly, patting it's sword.
  7. Is that an airsoft profile picture? <3 it. Amazing. Airsoft is love Airsoft is life.

  8. Hnng, the first one got a strike on youtube.. here you go, enjoy it! 


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    2. God Of Pie

      God Of Pie


      the suspense is killing me, nobody is telling me


    3. SeventhCircle


      I mean you can watch it if that's what you mean. 

    4. God Of Pie

      God Of Pie

      alright good good, because the last one I tried got a copyright strike so yeah.

      But I was in a mood and didn't know what to put as music, so I just rickrolled some peeps really shittily because I'm an old meme and all that. I'll actually do serious animations eventually.

  9. Aether VIP giveaway

    I've been wondering where you've been @Scene21 I made this for you! Count me in!
  10. y u nuh haff discordf76d6b0f50a0ef18c1c249db3c3af9cd.png

    1. June8th


      i do but i dont want to add u

    2. God Of Pie
  11. +1 A very nice person and would be a great addition to the team, hope he makes it past the interview! Good times, that interview. All in all, I had the most fun with the trial part of it.
  12. Lobby Server!

    </3 @Tythus
  13. The Beginning of my series

    Do you always shout in your youtube video intros?
  14. Happy Easter and April first?

  15. Come now appie, don't leave lotc. I know you visited my profile, Come on back buddio pal.