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  1. Participants Needed For My LOTC Series!

    Ey I was in the first episode
  2. I sneeze, get a headache and a stuffed nose.. Great.

    1. Altarael


      Stuffed nose usually means your sinuses are congested. To unblock your sinuses perform 5-10 pushups or perform a form of acupuncture where you press between your eyebrows, and push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, alternate between these methods for temporary relief, purchase a nasal/sinus drainage device or purchase sinus decongestant medicines for instant relief.

  3. I love the fact that I wake up at 3 am every morning.

  4. Hallo lovelies <3

  5. Youtube on xbox is horrible

  6. I think youtube made a mistake, because my channel was terminated for no reason.. I didn't even get an email about it.

  7. Working on getting a desktop computer, laptops don't work well enough for me.

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    2. Nekkore


      Idk. I think building it is much cheaper.

    3. God Of Pie

      God Of Pie

      That's what I assumed, just wasn't 100% sure

    4. Tox


      building is extremely cheaper if you shop right

  8. I wonder how many o's are needed to make thhe worlds longest Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  9. Do you guys (and girls) like (CYOA) also known as choose your own adventures? Well I do! I am actually in the work of plotting one currently but am having trouble when it comes to character names.. 


    I seek your help with this as I trust this community most for this.

  10. Gotta love ramen! (and puppies)

  11. Im not that popular of a guy, But i love this server. If I have leftover money from christmas I will donate it to the server because its christmas.

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    2. God Of Pie

      God Of Pie

      Already have before, so too bad m80

    3. Kim


      Buy urself something nice like edible thongs or smth

    4. God Of Pie
  12. My phone is loving the forums right now. (Not really) But lets get to the point, If I were to get a new computer and installed mc on there would any of my friends -(maybe you drumdrum, or you sid) - help me get BACK into LOTC again? I miss roleplaying with the community. (phone wanted to put communist right there, dont know what to think.)

    1. Space


      Join a guild or a group!

    2. God Of Pie

      God Of Pie

      Love that gif aids

  13. Im so exhausted right now, 1v1'd a streamer on rainbow six siege and the game lasted for 9+ hours...

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    2. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      After 9 hours I'd hope you won

    3. Weabootrash


      i dont remember games in rainbow six lastying 9 hours


    4. God Of Pie

      God Of Pie

      It was a custom match on stream and I won.