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God Of Pie

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  1. I love your icon on the forums, That's pretty cool. Whoever made that, props to them.


    Same with the gif on your banner too! Those're both really cool!

    1. Allieice


      mY DOGS

      (i kid)

  2. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    Wendigo is a pretty cool person, I mean, I play a mute, I would know. 11/11
  3. Hung out in a discord I wasn't supposed to be in for about a month, and they just found out because I told them. Now I am playing uno alone while listening to dogs howling. :ok_hand:

  4. [Addition] Ritual Of The Three Moons

    I've always loved the ferals lore, this just gives it more depth. +1
  5. Your skins may have been stolen!

    you just jinxed it It's basically stealing someone else's art, although for minecraft, I have no idea how legal or illegal that is.
  6. Lore Submission: Lugandans

    I would only ever accept this as lore if I was a queen. I kno de wae NO, that's my job
  7. Why do I have so many profile views? I'm not too active on the forums.

    1. Nurbo


      Because you're a cool kid

  8.  listen to that QUALITY MMMM THE BUZZZ

  9. Hraesvelgr's Eyrr