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  1. Don’t forget about me, your 1 month long son, babywhiteknight.

  2. ef61afacc796d4b386ad323bd5c8a774.png


    Do I classify as a professional coder now? Time to apply for Dev.


  3. @UwUuSoWarm is cooler than @WhiteKnight_19

    Pie confirmed.

  4. Chrome sucks.

  5. 😉 


    How are you enjoying LoTC so far?

  6. 35314766f365dc6d9c97c3b139ae1b93.pngIt’s that time of the YEAR! Happy birbday me.

  7. Bruv I had 42 notifications, #Inactive.


    gimme 5 reasons why I should open minecraft right now.

  8. 5acd462280f0351c99236e2eec853ba7.png

    Telanir looked at my profile last

  9. You’re making your way up in the world, 16 content count. Congratulations.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. GodOfPie


      They tried to make me play their child, but then they never followed up. They continue to yell at me every day, but never say anything else.

    3. UwUuSoWarm


      I don't yell at you! 😞

    4. GodOfPie


      You’re right mom, I’m sorry. 


      So how about them log pits?


    Yes, it me.

  11.  you need  jeebus bob ross in your life.

  12. I got internet back two days ago after the Hurricane, instantly joined a minecraft SMP server and got diamond gear and a stack of TNT from grinding. *cough* Time to blow some people up with some sneaky traps.

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