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  1. It do be like that sometime



  2. Character (Gargim) killed his voice yesterday during that voidal mommy event yesterday, shouting and directing injured people towards the medical station. A shame nobody listened during the 3 hours he was shouting, killed his voice for the good will of no attention.

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    2. z3m0s


      This Gorgim fella sounds like a standup guy, a hell of a dwarf.

    3. Senior


      I tried
      Look standing around looking menacingly at Mother was important. Though I am surprised I managed to convince anyone in the clinic to move in time tbh.

    4. GodOfPie


      @Arkelos good luck finding me xd

  3. Don’t forget about me, your 1 month long son, babywhiteknight.

  4. ef61afacc796d4b386ad323bd5c8a774.png


    Do I classify as a professional coder now? Time to apply for Dev.


  5. @UwUuSoWarm is cooler than @WhiteKnight_19

    Pie confirmed.

  6. Chrome sucks.

  7. 😉 


    How are you enjoying LoTC so far?

  8. 35314766f365dc6d9c97c3b139ae1b93.pngIt’s that time of the YEAR! Happy birbday me.

  9. Bruv I had 42 notifications, #Inactive.


    gimme 5 reasons why I should open minecraft right now.

  10. 5acd462280f0351c99236e2eec853ba7.png

    Telanir looked at my profile last

  11. You’re making your way up in the world, 16 content count. Congratulations.

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    2. GodOfPie


      They tried to make me play their child, but then they never followed up. They continue to yell at me every day, but never say anything else.

    3. UwUuSoWarm


      I don't yell at you! 😞

    4. GodOfPie


      You’re right mom, I’m sorry. 


      So how about them log pits?


    Yes, it me.

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