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  1. Minecraft Username: Adelemphii Discord Username: Adelemphii#6213 Character Name: Glykos Character Age: 192 Citizenship: (Yes/No) No Reason for application:
  2. why was beardmancy removed

    1. JokerLow


      it was far too powerful and majestic for what the server could handle

    2. GodOfPie


      unlucky man,loved beardmancy

  3. ngl I'd totally sign a "[Mailman] [CA] GodOfPie's Creature Application" just to play a mailman, sounds more engaging than me just sitting afk alt-tabbed for 8 hours kekeke.
  4. Discord integration shouldn't be too difficult, depending on which api y'all use for the linkages between forums/discord/in-game, Could be as simple as getting the discord tag linked to the in-game account it was sent to and (if using JDA) you open a private channel, send a formatted message saying mail was achieved, and bam it's done. I suppose a toggleable setting would be nice for this feature. (Discord Integration isn't as hard as it sounds, most of the time.)
  5. Nothing will take you back to 2015-2016, not even the countless forum posts you may have posted and re-read. Nostalgia is yet another devil which may cause your suffering, yet it may still bring joy upon your face if you resist its temptations of controlling you.

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    2. Luv


      As much as I was public enemy number one back then, I’ll always miss the AT meetings with @tillyand @Fireheart. I’ll always miss my adventures with the infamous, Mr.Goosey too.

    3. GodOfPie


      I keep looking at my old posts on the forums and remembering times with old friends who I have no contact with anymore, so the nostalgia hits bad remembering the fun memories from Athera/Vailor

    4. Fireheart


      AT best team @Luv

  6. 2021-08-22_16.38.38.png

    frog cult 2.0? @LithiumSedai@Areln

  7. 10/10 elrith is a cool guy, his builds are cool too. I would know, I played a graven.
  8. Is there any reason why I can’t submit with .gif, like does the websites not allow using .gif files? Although video files are smaller for this project, the quality is also significantly worse. (At least for me) @LotsOfMuffins
  9. Yo, lemme play a golem @Telanir

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