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  1. GodOfPie

    Elrith Builds!

    10/10 elrith is a cool guy, his builds are cool too. I would know, I played a graven.
  2. Is there any reason why I can’t submit with .gif, like does the websites not allow using .gif files? Although video files are smaller for this project, the quality is also significantly worse. (At least for me) @LotsOfMuffins
  3. Yo, lemme play a golem @Telanir

  4. Don’t make me pull out my trump card

  5. If I randomly post a message on your forum page, that’s me trying to network as I try to get back into LoTC. I’m antisocial so bear with me.

  6. The forums aren’t being kind to me today, 504 errors all over the place.

  7. 9e4d9f079eb7fe1ad1ceaae95af4333c.png

    i’m moving here so as to not spam the forum of that pretty amazing lore (100% support it) with my reply

    i’m stealing this one too, I dig the banner of your profile.


    -alphapie out

    1. Sybbyl0127


      thanks hahaha, and im glad you  have things to react with now : D


  8. I’m stealing @Sybbyl0127’s +1 mainly because it’s a pretty color-- On a side note I enjoy this idea because it’s one of those non-combat-y magics, which I particularly enjoy seeing as it helps add a twist towards slice of life and homely rp. Plus it makes me think of Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter.
  9. happy halloween, from alphapie, in may.


    should probably say happy new year, in may.


    or maybe happy leprechaun’s day, in may.


    may the 22nd be with you. oh that’s a cool autocorrect, it automatically changes stuff like that into a superscript.


    my birthday is on memorial day, happy birthday me.


    i hope you’re having a good day, here take an lotc shitpost I made one time.


    "There be a rare type of iguana 'round these parts. T'is only found in Urguan. T'is called the Urguana, a mythical beast which lives beneath the deepest depths of the city of Urguan. Back in the day, us dwed went too deep in t’e mines and came across the beast. It chased us out of the mines an’ reclaimed the depths as its ‘ome. 

    None dare t’ return to them mines, and t’e Urguana’s cries can still beh heard today.”


    forever bored,



    1. UwUuSoWarm


      I love you my child 

    2. GodOfPie




      I’m slowly reintegrating with LoTC again, just need a REASON beyond bringing back a character.


      I’m lacking my HOOK of the STORY

  10. Yo, If you need someone to play something like a character or a child or sommin’, send me a DM here or reply to this post, or my dms on discord are open.


    Discord: Adelemphii#6213

    1. Nozoa


      you know what to do (make a hou-zi)

  11. You’re a potato >:)

  12. https://gyazo.com/f4f5a2be74b4f3146284ff0bfa984a9d I will leave this here, for all of you to see the amazing project I am working on. wowow so exciting 

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