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  1. Ggt

    CT Warp Cart

    “Minas or die RP is bad. It’s unrealistic and stupid.” https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/05/us/popeyes-sandwich-stabbing/index.html
  2. 12th of snows maiden 1766, hours before the battle between Nordling and imperial forces. Frederick looked over at Reynault saying, “are you sure this’ll work? The Nordlings claim they’re not allies with the Ashen, that they’re enemies too.” Reynault watched his three best men ride off on horseback towards Morsgrad’s gates. “They’ll come, trust me,” Reynault stated, a smile on his face. - The Nordling reinforcements arrived and were defeated by the imperials. - Reynault handed two identical letters to the young courier boy, “report this back to the King of Haense and Emperor of Oren. We’ve proven the Ashen are indeed affiliated with and allies of the Nordlings. This should be enough for war.” Reynault handed the boy a pouch of minas.
  3. MC Name: ggteixeira RP Name: Reynault Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: No
  4. I look forward to seeing inactive factions and settlements evicted. ?

  5. Name: Reynault OOC USERNAME: ggteixeira Allegience: The Hounds of John Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
  6. [[RP]] Given Name: Reynault Family of Origin: N/A Years of Age: N/A Province of Origin: N/A Prior Occupation: Mercenary Battlefield Experience: A lot.. Reason for Interest: Seems interesting! [[OOC]] Username: ggteixeira Discord: N/A
  7. Agorka’Zok ran the whetstone along the edge of his blade, sharpening it. He was ready to serve his Rex, the true Rex (6x), until the bitter end..
  8. Two slaves dueling in the Krugmar arena. All warriors from all races and factions, except for dwarves, are invited to Krugmar in one krug’s day to participate in one of many tournaments to come. Spectating is free but participants must meet the following requirements: - Not be affiliated with the Kingdom of Urguan (you guys can come on alternate characters though). - Pay a 50 minas entry fee. The following gear will be provided to all participants: - A training sword (Wood sword). - Four blunted wooden javelins (4 arrows and a crossbow). - A shield (A shield). The winner of said tournament will be awarded: - 1,500 minas. - All the entrance fees. (This tournament will be run and organized by Ggt. This means it won’t take longer then necessary!) (Tomorrow/Monday, 3 PM EST)
  9. Ggt


    Akorg nods in agreement, “diz uruk speaks da trut’. Mi supportz him.”
  10. Timothee of Helena smiles.
  11. Damn, they’re freeing all the dogs and the demons!

  12. FULL NAME: Jon Noj AGE: 18 RACE: human (heartlander) RELIGION: canonism REGIMENT OF CHOICE: wherever needed (preferably roads) ((MC name)): ggteixeira ((Time zone)): est
  13. Hey, I’m looking for someone to help me revive Savoy! Message me if you have access to their nobility and are interested in the project! ?

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      i respect you ggt, but dont poison the memories bro 

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      I’m doing it 

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