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  1. “All he did was speak,” said the young Leufroy d’Amaury with a frown.
  2. A young, frail boy stood before Owynsburg: the crimson walls towering high above him. He walked up the steps, towards the two figures chatting in the distance. A Helvets and a de Robicheau chatting about before the Rambling Rose tavern: was he finally freed from his lone journey? “…” he silently went to stand before them as he fiddled with his hands. Nervous, no, scared. “Who are you young one?” Adrian would snort, crossing his arms. “..” more silence. Jacques leaned forward “Are you okay?”, then Adrian would interject “Are you r e t a r d e d? Why can’t you speak?” A barrage of questions would ensue. “I am Leufroy d’Amaury.” The young boy would state, already whimpering in anticipation. But nothing would happen, as both would simply shrug and beckon him. After being seated in the tavern: they offered Leufroy bread and some cigarettes. “You can sleep in Varoche boy, no need to look so sad all the time.” And so, a new chapter would begin for Leufroy d’Amaury.
  3. @Da_Emperors@Anore@DarkWrath94&@EULA_Police the official Lord of The Craft clash team, victors!



    1. Da_Emperors


      4-0 EZ BOYS, GG you are a badddd man

  4. the new 1.9 pvp and plugins that go along with it are so much fun, especially in larger scale fights, and best of all there’s no lag!

  5. damn, telanir AND priceflash replied to my status upade. i am unironically honored 

  6. unban howard his brain is huge

    1. Telanir


      agreed, Howard is legitimately wise he just didn’t know when to stop flaming

    2. Priceflash


      why did they ban him howard deserves immunity

  7. @Archduchy of Lorraine I’ll protect you from Icarus

  8. Ggt

    The Hound.

    “You deserve better.” Brad would state with a scowl on his face, pointing forward “You led the Hounds of St. John! My father always spoke highly of you Reynault, you risked your life everyday on those roads: fighting against anyone who’d harm the innocent and the meek! Reivers, Nottingham, Norlanders: you fought them all Reynault, and you won. How many lives do you think you saved?” Brad would sigh “Countless, and for ******* what?” The room turned quiet, a ray of sunlight finding its way through the branches of the trees. “Think Reynalt..” he would shake his head, an expression of disappointment dominant: the two continued on their patrol “They don’t care for you. We could get killed tonight on this patrol by bandits, and not a single imperial tear would be shed. But if they caught us patrolling without an officer right now, you’d be whipped Reynault, WHIPPED!”. Reynault responded: “No more talking, I just want to patrol, please.” Brad could only cackle in response “Father was wrong about you, you’re nothing but a stupid Imperial hound: you’re no hero. You abandoned the Hounds, had your town stolen by your so called Ludovar friends, hell, the Haeseni won’t even let you into Haense after all you’ve done. You’re pathetic Reynault, PATHETI—” Brad was cut off as he was punched on the jaw by Reynault. The blow sent Brad stumbling and then onto his back, Reynault mounting on top of his chest and repeatedly hammering his fist on the young man’s face. “AHH! I’M SORRY! PLEASE, NO MORE, PLEASE!” begged the now bloody and bruised Brad. Reynault stopped, now only panting and staring at the consequences of what he had just done. Reynault’s mind wandered to memories of his past.. Reynault stood up and said, “my name is not Reynault. It’s Timothee, of Lorraine. I trained all those bandits during the AIS war. Many lost their lives because of my actions. I’m cleaning up my mess boy, that’s all this is. Now get up and speak of this to no one -- less you want us both to hang by the gallows.” And with that they continued their patrol, the road stretching endlessly forward.
  9. “The world does not care if you’re happy and it won’t cry when you die.”

    1. Anisiya


      bro u good..? 😐

    2. Ggt


      🤣 Yea I’m just quoting HBO’s Raised by Wolves, it’s a great show 

    3. Ark


      ill cry if ggt dies

  10. I think I’ll get on and role-play. 🤔

    1. Elite_Snipes_


      skirm when GGT

    2. Ggt


      We’re skirmishing the high elves on Friday! 

  11. My character Reynault has an unjust skepticism towards all non-humans. He thinks dark elves are no good because he spent most his life fighting dark elf bandits. 

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    2. argonian


      ‘ate veggie burgahs

    3. Stalistena


      how could you forget your boy jaubc?

    4. Ggt



  12. Ggt

    Orc Ideas

    I’d play an old fashioned orc with you.
  13. Damn, it won’t let me share music on my status update 😕 




    1. Mirtok


      I see the rick ross video just fine. Set your status update window to allow rich text format, under the options menu on the main forums page at the top of the status update window

    2. Ggt


      Thank you!

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