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  1. Hey, I’m looking for someone to help me revive Savoy! Message me if you have access to their nobility and are interested in the project! 🙂

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      i respect you ggt, but dont poison the memories bro 

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  2. The sick and young Count of Darrowmere reaches out to the Duke of Carnatia. The missive reads the following: “You and your family are welcome to Lorraine.” https://discord.gg/TSksfv
  3. “Suffonia will one day rule over Curon,” states the Count of Darrowmere with a genuine smile.
  4. THE TRIAL OF THE LORD PALATINE Or OF MARKUS KORTREVICH OF HAENSE -=- As recounted on 4th of Malins Welcome, 1747 A commoglerate of A.I.S forces stormed the roads for another consecutive day, their goal was as simple as any other day in which the sun rose high over-head. To bring dismay to the Orenian territories. On their traverse up and down the roads the young Count noted that resources were being hauled in & out of an under-construction Haenseti fort, thereby convincing himself to await for another shipment to arrive - and that it did, the Lord Palatine of Haense was overseeing the transportation of such. It did not take long for Markus Kortrevich, the Lord Palatine, of Haense to be subdued and put unconscious. Upon their arrival to Darrowmere the young Count was quickly met by a mixture of men hailing from all parts of the A.I.S; a trial was quickly set up. Thereby, let the trial of Markus Kortrevich commence. -=- Therefore let the charges levied against the Lord Palatine stand as: Treachery, for he sides with the Orenians in their betrayal against the A.I.S when they were attacked and their sovereignty is were infringed. Genocide of Lorraine, for he sides with Haense when they are one of the infringing parties that propelled the grave genocide of Lorraine that happened less than a few dozen years prior. Murder, for he was the man who brought his blade down upon Brutus to sentence him to death. There need not be much deliberation for the charges, it was plain knowledge to all present that he himself dealt the killing strike to Brutus during his execution. Unanimously, the court agreed that the Lord Palatine of Haense was GUILTY of all charges levied against him. -=- The man, deemed guilty, was taken out in chains to the courtyard where just punishments for his crimes will be applied as the Lothranians deem necessary. ((CaptainZenny was not killed after the trial and was instead lashed & beat. Zenny didn’t want to PK his character and we respected his decision. Please do not insult, harass, or attack Zenny OOC for his choice because at the end of the day that’s what it is; his choice, not ours. Thank you to both Zenny and everyone else for the fun role-play I had from all this.))
  5. A missive is sent out and spread throughout all of Arcas “The knights of Lorraine have captured Markus Kortrevich, Lord Palatine of Haense. The Haensetian will be put on trial for the charges genocide against Lorraine and treason.” The letters were signed by Count of Darrowmere.
  6. THE TRIAL OF AMADEUS -=- As recounted on 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1747 It was another day that the Lothranian mounts reigned rampage upon the Orenian roads, their hooves crashing down against the cobbles below. Perhaps it would be too bold to even claim them as Orenian roads anymore, for these were clearly under the rule of the mighty Lothranian cavalry. During their trek down the road, the Count of Darrowmere himself saw that left betwixt the mud lay freshly-imprinted feet marks, with some quick ingenuity - the young Count deducted that a man must have parted from the road to go around for safety. He quickly sallied forth a nearby bannerman and set along the mountain! They traversed up the mountain and to their dismay they found one Amadeus, a colonel of the I.S.A and prominent member of Haense. He was quickly subdued and brought to heel, dragged off towards the bastion of Darrowmere. Upon their arrival to Darrowmere the young Count was quickly met by a mixture of men hailing from all parts of the A.I.S; a trial was quickly set up. Thereby, let the trial of Amadeus commence. Therefore let the charges levied against Amadeus stand as: -=- 1. Treachery, for he sides with the Orenians in their betrayal against the A.I.S when they were attacked and their sovereignty is were infringed. 2. War Crimes, for he allegedly partook in the slaughter of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. 3. Genocide of Lorraine, for he sides with Haense when they are one of the infringing parties that propelled the grave genocide of Lorraine that happened less than a few dozen years prior. -=- After much considerate deliberation from the entirety of the room, they decided that he was GUILTY of a majority of the charges - if not by direction action, then by clear association. The young Count bowed his head after making the verdict, and retired to his bed chambers; the boy needed his beauty sleep ever so dearly after a long and productive day. With that the man was brought in chains outside of the throne-room, led by the Prince of Rubern and his loyal retainer, Flemius. The men of Lorraine lined up alongside the walls of the courtyard as he was placed atop his knees - the ever so faithful muttered quiet prayers for the man. A few struggles and grunts were emitted from Amadeus, but they were soon dispatched with alongside his head as he was put to death. Let this be the last day Amadeus walks this land, deceased like many others that are insistent on their unwavering loyalty to the failing Orenian cause. The bells rang throughout Darrowmere, the war shall rage on. -=- ((Seannie agreed to PK, honourable man.))
  7. A missive is sent to all Imperial factions and the cloud temple noticeboards. It would read the following: “We’ve captured the Cardinal of Helena. He is a prisoner of war. His ransom is 3,000 mina. Pay his ransom and he will not be trialed for heresy in Morsgrad. If his ransom isn’t paid in one saint’s hour he will be sent to Morsgrad for trial.” The letters were signed by the Count of Darrowmere [!] The ransom was paid. [!]
  8. The young Count of Darrowmere, whom is eleven years of age, walks into the conference followed by his friends Ser Loras of Lorraine and Grand Knight Dima the Rabbit. The boy would take his seat, refusing any drink or food offered to him by the Norlandic servants. Throughout most of the dialogue the Count would remain silent, speaking only when spoken to and allowing his knights free speech throughout the conversation. “My apologies for Lorraine’s misdeeds towards your kin, and condolences for any high elf lives lost during the Kaedreni raid on your capital. They will be avenged, I will see so myself,” the boy stated towards high elven leadership.
  9. THE END OF A KAEDRINI As recounted on 5th of Snow’s Maiden, 1747 Thunder rattled amongst the dully-lit sky as hooves clanged against the cobbled roads below. Behind the thick opaque clouds, the sun was dawning - the ideal time for the Knights of Lorraine to ride out from their bastion in the east to patrol the roads. Their journey led them all the way across the Kings road, to the gates of Helena. It became a pitiful affair quickly, for the skies cleared and the Lothranian Knights remained in clear view of the I.S.A, whos numbers dwindled by the day, yet they did nothing to stop - or resist- the Knights, they merely lay in wait, watching those who were far more superior to them in something of an awe. The hiding Helanians remained within their city and attempted to offer fake pleasantries, thinking their intellect was far greater than the Lothranians; hoping they may lure them inside to slam the gate down upon them. Little did they know, it was the Helanians who were being distracted, for while this conversation was ongoing afront of Helena - two courageous Knights had snuck around the back of the city to infiltrate. In the damp back-alley of Helena, the Knights emerged and confronted a man donning the tabard of Kaedrini and with one swift move to the head the man crumpled to the floor unconscious. Once he had been dragged out of the city, they rendevouz with the Lord of Darrowmere afront of Helena and rode off in security. The long return along the Kings Road was eased due to the company that the Knights held in one another, making it less of a chore. Eventually, they rode upon the stone bastion of Darrowmere, a county rich in fertile soils and fortified buildings. The prisoner was placed within a holding facility while the young Lord of Darrowmere, at the tender age of eleven would prepare to summon his court and begin a trial for the man of Kaedrin. The young Lord positioned himself upon the dais, carrying a confident aura that seemingly resonated from him. In his tutelage he was often reminded of the genocide that took place against his people only a few dozen years prior to his birthing, in which the Kaedrini had abandoned the Lothranians when they truly needed them. The long trial would commence, with words being spat out in countless flurries - but eventually, the Lord of Darrowmere would stand tall and boom his childish voice across the halls with simple words after no longer being able to bear another word. “GUILTY.” However, the Lady Vilych begged the court to show mercy to the man for they were acquainted. The Lord of Darrowmere saw fit to appreciate that not all encounters must end in death, and agrees to leave the man without his teeth but that he shall remain in his life. Albeit, a much-too-eager man-at-arms struck the man in the face to attempt to knock his teeth clean out - alas, the strike was too hard and the injured Kaedrini drew his last breath this day as the court hummed in to a stricken silence. Baffled by the situation, the Lord pronounced that the newly-appointed murderer shall be punished with forced military service for an extended duration of time. Schwyz, the nobleman of Kaedrin was dead. ((I got his permission to make this post, he PKed))
  10. “A Kaedreni noble will be put to trial in Lorraine. He is being charged for treason and genocide against all Lothranians.” The missive was signed by Lord of Darrowmere.
  11. The young Lord of Darrowmere finishes reading the missive. He’d ponder in thought before stating to Ser Feathers McGraw, “it seems the Haensetian King has passed into the next life, his people must be in grief... I will pray for both his soul and his people’s swift recovery from these trying times. Send word to their new king sharing our condolences and let it be known we wish for diplomacy between our two factions. Long may His Royal Majesty, King Andrew IV reign.”
  12. PROCLAMATION IN RESPONSE TO THE BARBARY OF THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE Let it be known to all, that despite the gentleman’s agreement between the Lorrainés and the Kaedreni Kingdom, the latter acted as an uncivilized aggressor and initiated conflict despite their words promising the opposite. Let it be known, furthermore, that in direct response to these dishonorable actions, all Lorrainés knights are ordered to: For the next four Saint’s days, instead of the usual policy regarding captives: all knights will capture, torture, interrogate and kill everybody that they capture that are citizens or servicemen of the Holy Orenian Empire. After this retaliatory period, all ransoms will be increased by 500,- Minas regardless of stature or importance of the captor. Let it be known that by GOD, the Lorrainés shall not waver to the serpentine vermin that deceive with lives of Canonist fathers and mothers as collateral damage. ENOUGH. Hoped to have sufficiently informed all whom it may concern, Lord-Regent of the County of Darrowmere, Timothee Staunton
  13. A missive is sent to all Imperial factions and the cloud temple noticeboards. It would read the following: “We’ve captured an Imperial citizen She is a prisoner of war. Her ransom is 1,250 mina. Pay her ransom and she will be released. If her ransom isn’t paid in one saint’s hour she will be sent to Morsgrad for trial.” The letters were signed by the Lord of Darrowmere. [!] The prisoner was freed! [!]
  14. What are everyone’s thoughts on this suggestion; replacing activity checks with scheduled mina payments. Factions and regions that fail to meet payment are punished (Ex: More lenient raid rules, possible conquest, region eviction, etc). Let’s keep the debate polite and respectful of each other’s opinions. Please consider elaborating on any criticisms you have on the topic. Suggestions are encouraged.
  15. THE FIRST LORRAINÉS ASSEMBLY 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1746 │ County of Darrowmere Civility. A word that used to be associated with the greater predecessors of Lorrainés archdukes and dukes alike. An association continued by attempted restorators such as Leufroy or Bohemond d’Amaury. Yet the war had interrupted this civil conduct, forcing servicemen and knights of The Order of the Rabbit to resort to guerrilla tactics for the sake of victory. The militant, almost sporadic character of these tactics started to seep through the facets of Lorrainés reputation and way of life. Bureaucrats, diplomats, tailors and artisans: all had existed dormantly under the shadow of constant conflict. The talented Timothee Staunton was referred for his military excellence, but by no means had the political finesse to establish a bureaucratic apparatus. The initial kidnapping of Berchard d’Amaury from his Provins estate proved a welcome development for Darrowmere: as the young one carried a similar obsession with organization and legacy like his late father. As the young Berchard felt increasingly at home, surrounded by knights and citizens that treated him in a princely fashion, he took over more affairs of state from the young Timothee. Thus, it was him instead of Timothee Staunton, that was placed on the throne to lead the first Lotharingian assembly. It marked the return to civility among a period of barbarism and war. Even Lothar d’Amaury, a prominent Orenian, attended the assembly by the invitation of his brother. It proceeded as follows: THE TRIAL OF THARIK CLOUDHOME ON THE CHARGES OF GENOCIDE The Ser John de Balain genocide lives on through the hearts and minds of the Lorrainés people: suffering from the many holes in their family tree of would’ve beens and could’ve beens. It is therefore an omen of benevolent justice that a Sergeant of the Brotherhood of St. Karl, accomplices to this genocide, was captured after he had strayed from his homestead of Reza. His ransom was set on 3.000 Minas and graciously paid by Tiberius of Haense. GOD BLESS his kindred soul for helping a fellow of his man out, even at such a high cost. Despite the war, we give credit to honorable man wherever credit is due. Tharik Cloudhome was therefore released. THE QUESTIONNAIRE With plenty of new citizens declaring Darrowmere their new homestead, it was deemed necessary to hear their concerns or questions about the society they had just ventured into. Squire Stefan Onfroi inquired about the future plans of Timothee Staunton’s administration, to which Berchard replied marking three important points. I). The rapid expansion of farmsteads, II). The diversification of the Artisan class & III). The increased fortification of Darrowmere and outskirts. The next question was posed by a new lady to the realm, who wondered what her services could be in the highly militarized Darrowmere. Berchard ensured her that there will be an investment in smiths, tailors and a tavern which is hoped to upstart an economy that can employ artisans of all kinds. STATE OF AFFAIRS Private convention between those of the Lorrainés government. Timothee Staunton had received word from the Duchy of Morsgrad that they can expect an expansion of their lands and henceforth ascend their title to that of the County of Darrowmere. This development is deemed a crucial catalyst for the Lorrainés expansion plans. With hope of having sufficiently informed those whom it may concern, Timothee Staunton Lord-Regent of the County of Darrowmere ON BEHALF OF Berchard d’Amaury Count of Darrowmere, presumed heir to the Archduchy of Lorraine Dima “the Rabbit” Grandmaster of the Knightly Order of the Rabbit Lothar d’Amaury
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