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  1. The Settlement Act, 1626

    The granddaughter of Augustus d'Amaury and the daughter of King John of Lotharingia, Queen-Consort Eleanor of Hanseti-Ruska read over this document with squinted eyes and pursed lips prior to going to shake her head so fervently that almost all of the ringlets in her hair came undone, she then grasped the right side of her gown with her right hand in order for her to stand up from her seat abruptly with ease - the woman then stifled a nervous chuckle while crumpling up the piece of paper in her left hand before tossing it at the fireplace as she mumbled sordid words in Auverginian. Eleanor Barbanov née d'Amaury then shifted on her heel so that she may march through the open door that lead to her bedchamber with an expression that can only be interpreted as one of extreme anger painted on her visage.
  2. [Denied]Pureimp10's gm app

  3. [Denied] Draeris' FM Application

    he's an amazing rper and a good person ooc +1