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  1. Condemnation of an Impostor, 1648

    CONDEMNATION OF AN IMPOSTOR - Let it be known that the woman who is currently only known as “Julia d’Amaury” is an impostor and a false claimant to the surname of d’Amaury. Therefore, it is decreed that from this day forward, that day being the 9th of the Sun’s Smile, 1648, that the woman pretending to be a legitimate member of the House of d’Amaury shall be known simply as “Julia” or the name given to her by her biological parents. The reasons as to how the acting heads of House d’Amaury know that this woman is an impostor are listed below: No male d’Amaury has ever had a grandmother, mother, great-grandmother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, cousin, or wife that bore the name of Julia along with the surname of d’Amaury. All living male and female d’Amaurys have been contacted, none of them have claimed Julia as their legitimate or illegitimate offspring. No women of the House of d’Amaury have participated in a matrilineal marriage. Every living female d’Amaury has been accounted for and their whereabouts are known, no female d’Amaury has gone missing in the last fifty years. After reviewing various records a total of one-hundred and one times, no one can find evidence of the existence of any d’Amaury that bore the name of, or the nickname of, Julia. These factors, that are listed above, have caused the House of d’Amaury to believe that this individual’s claims to the surname of d’Amaury are nonexistent, and to declare that the woman who claims to be “Julia d’Amaury” is an impostor with absolutely no legitimate connections to the House of d’Amaury. SIGNED, Eleanor Alexandra Barbanov née d’Amaury, Queen-Mother of Hanseti-Ruska
  2. [Denied]Pureimp10's gm app

  3. [Denied] Draeris' FM Application

    he's an amazing rper and a good person ooc +1