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  1. *Pratai hears of this missive, her shaking her head and collecting what few items she did have* “seems like the demons are the only ones able to uphold promises” *her muttering in her little room and goes to leave the town* “they dont need me, they never have .. and if they do, they will come to me … im tired of going to them”
  2. Name (Both RP & IGN): [Response] Greta Ireheart – Lowbie Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): [Response] Miner – Artisan Do you require temporary housing?: [Response] No Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): [Response] Narberall#6736
  3. Simochii


    Born in Gobbo town in Krugmar she lived the hard life, klomping with siblings to survive in a hard world where the weak get left behind. She valued honor and loyalty while growing up as raised that way by her parents while she was still a toddler. However, they would die in battle thus leaving the poor girl to survive in the world like a street urchin. On occasion, she would travel to Suitca to collect pets from the pet store and bring them back to kill and sacrifice to the older Orcs, Goblins, and Oologs but not in their face more like putting them on the blarg of the intended targets home all mangled and bloody from her killing it. She would shine and sharpen her tusks on rocks and would surely survive off the farm's food she would scavenge from and learned to blah from a distance. Generally shy around other Orcs after her parents died she would stay away from them after her siblings went to find other things and places to be. She wants to grow up to be the next big grubgoth and to provide food for the hungry and eventually get used to other orcs who would accept her in now that she wasn't a defenseless child. Her journey starts now from the depths Krugmar to the vast city unknown to her, maybe one day she will join a clan and do them bub’hozh and bring much honor.
  4. Simochii


    I have put in the required feilds ... I did not know that they slipped past me.
  5. Simochii


    "Far far away within the mountains lays a small village undocumented by explorers the entryway well protected by a veil of vines and loose roots from the glorious trees they worshop as divine guardians. Simochii being one of the fledglings of the clan and from one of the happiest families within it however, her soul seemed to ache and yearn for a different life of that of meere farming. Known for her medicine and stitching at a young age Simochii was led into the medical practice at the ripe age of eight while before that age was prompted to watch and make notes of the current in feild doctor at the time Dr.Rootafell the third. The old man also prompted Simochii to take up sewing classes to study her stitching techniques as well as make the rags needed for cleaning and dressing various wounds he tended to." "Having the urge of adventure in her heart she would often wander out of town and even sometimes out of the divine protection of the veil. One day while exploring a band of guard found her and wondered where she had come from, not wanting strangers in the village she proclaimed she was lost and therefore was taken in by them. One being wounded from battle and with instinct as her guide she helped patch him up. Astonished by her talent the marines put her under the care of thier own doctor to study very vigorusly the art of medicine. At the age of fifteen the young woman had already made a name for herself and was the prime prodogy of that particular base but even that glory did not spare her from punishment when her whimsy had struck." "By the time she grew to be eighteen she was a well endowed artisan of medicine yet even then the yearn for adventure remained so using her wit she escaped the guard and went to join a Pirate crew in hopes they could protect her from them while in return she healed thier sick and injured."
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