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Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

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The Erakat Caliphate

Year 2152
Population: 1,350,000

Shipyards: 7, 4


Cleaning house.

Paranoia seeps into the upper-levels of Eadni government, especially in the chambers of the Caliph. In a sweeping decree, the Caliph orders every clone to register their serial numbers with the government. At birth, every Eadni clone is issued a serial number that identifies them. A practice since the Sultan’s government in the old Eadni homeworld, it was to ensure outsiders never seeped into the heart of government. The Caliph continued this practice believing it to be one of the few prudent practices that the Sultan ever implemented. In 2152, it was time to actually perform the first real checks since the Exodus.

In addition to updated security measures on the ground, the entirety of the fleet is recalled to Amal. All Sixty-Four ships of the Eadni fleet are stationed in the Amal system and begin intense exercises in that space. In between these exercises, fleetwide upgrades are made as well.


AP Expenditures & Actions
Available AP: 64
The First Leviathan Class Ship is churned out of the Eadni Shipyard, it is dubbed the Dabbat Al-Ard [15 AP] [Details on specs on document, slight modifications w/ new tech acquisitions and creations]

Work continues on the Heya Power Plant with contributions from the rest of the U.L.C. [30 AP; 15 from Eadn and 15 from Malta].

Another dormant project receives a new round of funding along with a new name, Almawt [15 AP; 5
from Malta, 10 from Eadn]

Work begins on integrating some Maltese weapons systems on all Eadni vessels over the course of the year. It is an extensive effort, but is considered well worth it by the time it is finished in 2153 [Czar, you know what I'm talking about I think] [5 AP].

Eadni scientists are sent to Maltese space to begin contributing to Project Sicily, a long-term Maltese project [5 AP].

Another carrier is constructed to supplement the buildup of new fighters and bombers [6 AP].
- 500 Aircraft are constructed, 250 Saqr II’s and 250 X8’s [5 AP].

A massive check of the registers begins. If any false serial ID’s are found, an attempt is made to take these imposters into custody. If they cannot be taken into custody, they are executed [2 AP].

Preparations are made for the assault on Yugou [1 AP].

An Eadni diplomatic corp makes an interesting couple of visits further to the south [0 AP].

In general, the perception of clones in the galaxy has not been very good as of late. Through a series of advertisements and attempts to open Amal, very cautiously, to contact with the galactic community at large, the Erakat Caliph hopes to smooth the perception of his people on the galactic stage. He makes several appeals to the freedom that the Eadni people possess and invites debate on the subject, not shying away from his beliefs but instead openly defending the position of his people [0 AP]


Act I


In 2142, the Kingdom of Eadn was assaulted by barbarous mercenaries hired by the vermin who call the planet Yugou home. These mercenaries sacked our holy planet and brought about the calamity that sent our people fleeing. The Han failed, however, to finish their mission and allowed us to survive. They should have finished the job.

Today, my sons and daughters, you set off on a mission that will be our first step in avenging that terrible calamity. The infidel shall now pay for their transgressions against us. You are the first children of Allah to serve in the defense of our homeland. We fight not out of a desire for conquest, but out of necessity. We fight today for our survival for we know that as long as these filth remain, they threaten our existence, our way of life. We wish to live in peace with our fellow humans, no longer does the Sultan reign and no longer to we seek dominion over our fellow man as we once did and the Han do now

May the word of Allah and the might of our Caliphate survive for all of eternity.

- Address before the crew and pilots of the Eadni Task force headed for the home system of the Han Dominion.

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The Han Dominion

Spring, HSC 9

Year of the Rat





It is during the new year’s festival that the Emperor makes his way out of his palace, and boards a shuttle to Beijing Stronghold. The rumor sweeps Xin Xi’an that their ruler is fleeing, but his weathered face bears only gratification, as if finally finished with a decades-long project.


Yuguo floats where it always has, peaceful, strong and unyielding.




Han Stats Link:




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - [44 AP]

(See second post for everything else.)

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Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation


"Keep Calm, Perform Professionally"







The Council of the Armathwaite Corporation


Chief Executive and King, Edward Armathwaite

Crown Prince Alfred Armathwaite

Defense Minister, Field Marshal Lyle Morgan

First Space Lord, Admiral of the Fleet James McGraw

Minister for Innovation/Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato

Minister for Science/Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes

Governor/Chief Executive of Gibraltar Stanley Hunt

Governor/Chief Executive of Falkland Rex Tucker

Chief Inspector of Huizhou Police Station James O'Mally


Colony Stats



Population - 533,750 Humans, 130,750 Tassareans, 69,750 Backhatta, 112,000 Redons, 42,000 Human-Redons, 40,500 Human-Tassareans, 104,250 Galaron, 12,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 22,000 Redon-Tassareans, 9,750 Karass (1,077,250 Total)

Royal Security Forces - 40,000

Royal Navy Active and Reserve Naval Personnel -10,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 250,000

Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 370,000

Shipyard Level: 4

Tile Improvements: 40 Business, 7 Industry


New Gibraltar:

Population - 130,000 Humans

Royal Security Forces - 10,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 30,000

Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers, Miners) - 60,000

Shipyard Level: 4

Tile Improvements: 29 Industry



Population - 75,000 Humans

Royal Security Forces - 5,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 20,000

Low Skilled Labour (farmers, Builders, Factory Workers, Miners) - 30,000

Tile Improvement: 1 Industry, 25 Agriculture




Population - 25,000


Huizhou Police Compound (SK Private Police)


Population - 6,000 (2,000 Native Huizhou)

Silver Knight Police Force - 5,000 (2,000 Native Huizhou Officers)

High Skilled Workforce (Administrators)  - 200

Low Skilled Labour (Cleaners, Cooks, Facilities Managers) - 800


Total Population: 766,250 Humans, 543,500 Xenos (1,309,750 Total)




55,000 Ground Forces

5,000 Police Officers (Huizhou)

500 Mech Suit Operators (Standard Infantry Mech Suits)

300 Mech Suit Fighter Pilots (Strike Suits)

200 Mech Special Forces (Gawain Suits)

20,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel

Orbital Defense Belt

1 East India Light Freighter

1 East India Regular Freighter

20 Cumberland Class Corvettes

7 Duke Class Destroyers

1 Wessex Class Support Carrier

3 King William Class Light Cruiser

2 Victory Class Heavy Cruiser

1,000 Standard Issue Infantry Mech Suits

200 Strike Suit Fighters

300 Gawain Suits




Warp Drive

Quantum Communication

Advanced Exoskeleton Design (Mech Technology 81AP Invested in Total)

Railgun Technology (Longshot 40AP, Traded from Edonia)

Artificial Gravity

Transformable Mech (Strike Suit Fighter)

Xylorite Torpedoes

Xylorite Reactors

Duo-Infused Reactors

Project Lancelot (Phase 1)

Miniaturized Xylorite Reactors

Dual Phased Shields

Tri Phased Shields (Traded from Thule)

Miniaturized Shield Technology (Dual Phased)

Gawain Mech Suits (Mark 2)

Swarmer Missiles (Manufactured on Contract with Hephaestus)

Laser Technology (Manufactured on Contract with Hephaestus)

Gatling Laser (Small, Medium and Large, mixed use for Mechs and as turrets)

Mech Missile Pods (Ground to Air, Ground to Ground)

Miniaturized Rail Guns for Mechs (Mechs only, maybe put on tanks later)

Concentrated Laser Cannons (Mechs, i.e a laser for the mech to use as a secondary weapon of sorts)

Combat AI for Mech

Miniaturized Duo Infused Xylorite Reactor




Advanced Production Fabricators (Armathwaite)

Orbital Defense Belt (Armathwaite)

Shipyard (Armathwaite, Level 4)

Mining Infrastructure (New Gibraltar)

Police Compound (Huizhou)

The Bank of Armathwaite (Armathwaite)

SGTC (Armathwaite, Level 4)


Trade Partners


Solar Ascendency

Hephaestus Enterprises

Trade Federation

United States of Arcturus

Frontier Colony Affiliation

Han Dominion

Redon Imperium

Backhatta Hive

Protorian Council

Cevelli Pact

Cynn Foundation

Cooperative of Lorbi

Galaron Republic

Ascardian Principate

Libellan Union
Confederation of Xalphonius

Tassaran Republic

New Siam


Production (AP)


Base: 4

Trade: 12 (6 as of 2151 Modifier)


Population: 4 (Armathwaite), 0 (Gibraltar), 0 (Falkland)

Center of Southern Galactic Trade: 6

Federation: 12 (6 as of 2151 Modifier)

Grand Bank of Armathwaite Trade Bonus: 14 (10 as of 2151 Modifier)

Grand Bank of Armathwaite Business Bonus: 0

Business: 2

Industry: 1

Banking: 2

Expansion: 2

GTC: 2

Total: 65 (Base), 49 (Revised as of modifiers), 20 (Loan repayments)


Resources (Stockpile and Generation)


Dakite: 130 Kilos (10 Kilos a turn)

Itoron: 2,600 tonnes (200 Tonnes a turn)


Naval Registry













Another market shock hit the Mercantile Kingdom again this year, the war heating up like nothing before saw the stock in trading companies devalue by a significant margin. Many of the medium and large trading conglomerates on Armathwaite and beyond go bust, with only the most large surviving either through chance or various private interventions across the Galaxy. Worse yet the substantial military losses the Kingdom had endured once more brought up the question of strengthening and increasing the fleets compliment, the entire Frigate corp of the Royal Navy obliterated to save the Han something that many resented.


News yet that the Eadni had declared war on the Han once more raised the resentment that the humans of Armathwaite had for the cloners and the Han fanatics, many common people curse both factions while the Corporation and Kingdom remain eerily silent on the matter. Simply waiting to see who’d be the victor, the Eadn who have so many times before relied on overwhelming strength that has failed it in the past, then the cunning Han who have somehow survived despite having almost no military. Armathwaite did not gamble and it would not make any investments towards either side.


Interestingly enough the Colony of Newfoundland had reported that the planet itself was alive, caution was advised to the new settlement and it was advised that they try to find a way to determine if the planet itself is a sentient being. Scientists would be dispatched to begin this research on the planet in earnest. Meanwhile the Bounty Hunter would be offered her assignment and an advance and an annual retainer if she chooses to accept the job. She’d be even offered a ship if she chooses to accept it. Outside of that manufacturing of the new line of mech suits would be undertaken, samples of each model needed to be created.




Further research is undertaken into Disruptor technology, continuing the project from the previous year. (20AP, 40 Last Year, 60 in Total concluding this year)


Ten new Frigates constructed across two shipyards would be constructed with an additional Light Cruiser being constructed in Solarin Territory. (25AP)


The Bio-Interfaced Cockpit as it was pitched by the science teams would be given funding to further improve the systems until it works seamlessly with the Mech models produced by the Corporation on behalf of the Kingdom. (10AP)


The Silver Knight Corporation would be commissioned to build many mechs to balance out the mech production across the entire new product line to create some of each model of mech. (10AP)


Investments would be made for the scientists to research and attempt to conduct communication with the living planet. (3AP)


An advance would be offered to the Bounty Hunter should she accept the mission proposed by the Corporation. (1AP)


An offer is made to the open market. 100 Kilos of Dakite would be offered for sale at the price of 100 AP. (Mod)


An offer is made to sell all 2,600 Tonnes of Itoron to the highest bidder, though bidding starts at 100AP. (Mod)


Offers of trade are put out to any Xenos Nation not presently trading with the Kingdom of Armathwaite to cautiously trade and enjoy the benefits of the SGTC. Three spots are open. (Mod)

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United States Of Arcturus


Arcturus system








The group of young boys smashed the window into the warehouse, on this far side of the capital city there were no guards here anymore “Come on guys! Let's check it out! I bet this is where they store all the jewels and stuff!” The leader of their gang of kids Johnny scoffed “I doubt it, they sold all that **** off years ago!” The boys climbed through the window and stood on the platform that overlooked the warehouse floor, it was dark and dusty. “Whoaaa check it out” the boy who broke the window William called to the other two. He pointed towards a 10 truck which sat on a flat tire near the main door “Check it out!” The boys walked over to the truck coated in its own layer of dust, the boys tried opening the door which was firmly stuck, wiping off the dust they revealed a name “California National Guard?” Johnny wondered aloud “What the hell is California?” William pondered “Ohhh California! That was an old state back on Earth!” The boys chuckled as the door opened and they climbed inside the dusty cabin “Wait….that means this...is from earth? IT MUST BE ONE OF THE ORIGINAL ARK VEHICLES!” The boys oohed and ahhhed as they slid out the side door and continued walking around the wherehouse “I wonder what else is in here?” William spoke to his friends as they rounded the corner where rows of shipping crates sat. “I wonder wha-” He was cut off by the sound of a hiss of air coming from the nearest crate. Approaching the shipping crate the group looked down the row and each container hissed. “Yo I don't like the looks of this guys” The african american Albert said as him and his brother backed away from the two cousins William and Johnny. The doors of the first crate opened as the rest of the crates followed suit, Albert and his brother ran as William and Johnny stood frozen inside the crate a red light appeared as several whirring sounds erupted from inside, following down the line of crates. Tithonus MK2 droids marched out and turned to face the boys “Stop! Intruders!” The droids quickly surrounded the boys as Albert and his brother escaped out the window to safety. “Oh **** man! Don't hurt us robot! Were just kids yo!” The droid commander lowered his rifle “Orders from command! Grab those two and take them to the command post!” Two of the mk2 battle droids nodded and grabbed the boys arms leading them off down the end of the corridor of the wherehouse as they passed 12,000 of the mk2 droids activating and being maintained by automated service droids. “Oh man we should've gone with Albert!” William quipped as they approached a large steel door at the heart of the wherehouse labyrinth. One of the droids scanned a card and the doors opened, inside were several US Marines standing at consoles rousing the droids from their slumber as a flurry of activity covered the control room. Reaching the back of the control room the droids opened the door and spoke in a mechanical voice “Go inside intruders!” The boys gulped as they walked inside what appeared to be an office.


The droid spoke “Sit down!” Before closing the door and leaving the two boys of 18 and 17 respectively alone in the office. They sat down on the satin couch as they looked out the tiny window before looking to each other. At the end of the room another door opened and a man stepped out in uniform, the boys stood up sizing the man up who appeared to be in his late twenties bearing captain's bars on his shoulders. “So I see you boys stumbled upon my warehouse?” Johnny looked to the man “look were just kids sir, you don't have to kill us, we were just looking around honest!” The man looked at the boys as he sat down at his desk “What are your names?” William spoke up “Im Will, he’s johnny and he was right we were just looking!” The older man looked at the boys once more “Settle down this isn't the Han Dominion you're not going to be killed. My name is is James Cuthos, you might have heard of my father?” The boys looked shocked “Wait your dad was Admiral Cuthos? The Admiral Cuthos? The one who routed the entire Solarin fleet? At Landliir Triat?” James nodded “Yes that’s him.” Johnny looked at the man. “Wait wasn't he killed?” James nodded “Yes he was, and if you’ve noticed our nation is in shambles.” The boys collectively nodded “So what are you doing here?” James smirked “I've come to set the nation straight.”



The mk2 tithonus droids marched out into the outskirts of the capital marching towards the city center. Joining the LC troops the droids would begin to quell protests and guard the streets.


James Cuthos took care to inform the LC about this development before he walked out of his office, with the boys, sending them home. He strode into another room where a crude recording setup was sitting at the ready  The US marines loyal to James continued to modify tech systems before speaking to him “Sir were standing by to route the signal to the carrier then broadcast it.” James Cuthos nodded taking seat in front of the flag very well let's get to it. He said as he shuffled his speech papers in front of him.


“My Fellow Americans, over the past years our government has abandoned us, yet we went on, our government up and left at the drop of the hat as soon as things were getting rough. Cowards the lot of them. To Succeed in this new world, this new war, this new conflict! We must unite as a people and finally quell this hostility towards one another, we must all return to our work,  and we must focus on the task at hand, I have managed to retrieve the codes for our planetary defense droids and have set them to work to keep the peace, The Keerim have come to our doorstep and soon we will no longer have time to quarrel among ourselves, I have contacted the LC with this proposal and now I make it to you, Our government system will be led by a President, each colony will be led by a governor and each city an senator, all these roles will be elected and up for election within the year, we will change this planet for the better, good night, and god bless, the United States of Arcturus.”







0AP James Cuthos Presents himself to the LC as the best choice for a leader and seeks a meeting to discuss the future.


0AP The US eager to prove themselves, offers their fleet and droids to assist against the Keerim wherever the LC need them.


5AP is spent on what can only be described as a MASSIVE exploration vessel.


Capable of transporting over 2000 scientists, engineers, security teams and diplomats.

The exploration ship would be extremely well over engineered to be about the size of a light cruiser, featuring shields and minimal weapons, the ship would also host several drop ships and landing craft for moving equipment and people to the surface. The exploration ship would contain extremely efficient water and oxygen converters as well as a large enough hydroponics section to feed the entire crew while embarked. The ship is fitted with a warp and anchor drive. Immediately upon the launch the ship would speed out into the galaxy to discover new wonders. Its first destination would be to explore the south western corner of the galaxy the ship taking a wide berth around conflict zones.




5AP is spent on an extensive survey of all TCs and CS's to find proper resources to exploit.


4AP is spent on a colony ship




0AP the system to the direct west of the capital system would be scouted for the colonization of it.


0AP is spent sending several probes out to search for any potential pirates that would threaten the supply lines of the war effort.


0AP looking to sell off its mineral reserves to finally get back on its feet, the US contacts the Darkul, protorian, LC and the ka'Chezh or any other willing party, to sell off 1000 tons of Itoron and 1000 tons of Xyrolite


0AP the US contacts both the Skellar and the libellan to speak of the possibility of sending US Officers aboard their naval vessels to observe and hopefully gain insight into combat.


0AP James Cuthos former Captain of the USS Valley Forge and now defacto leader of the United States offers the full use of his fleet to the LC war effort, awaiting tasking.


3AP The Entire US Navy goes through a Block 71 retrofit. Receiving certain plans, the US installs

Al-Mawt railguns on all of its ships. Furthermore almost all software systems are overhauled. Each ship receives the upgraded passive sensors researched by the US several years ago. 300 Shifya repair drones are also constructed and distributed throughout the fleet.  






Naval Registry










15AP on Civilian Bunkers (Capital system)


45AP on PSDI (Capital system)


8AP on PSDI (Vulentum system)


8AP on PSDI (Harrow System)







520,000 Humans

38,000 Da’nor

5,800 Human-Tijerian

32,000 Skellar

30,000 Libellans

5,500 Ceri

2,000 Ascardians



120,000 Ceri

150,000 Ascard

20,000 Da’nor

5,000 Skellar


Total Pop








National Mentality





-25,000 US Navy sailors


-15,000 US Marines


-500 fighter craft


-100 Hunter-2 bots


-15,000 Defender droids.


-12,000 Tithonus MK2 droids





+100 Xyrolite per turn

+100 Itoron per turn


1000 Xyrolite in storage

1000 Itoron in storage



Arcturus System








Harrow System



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Asgard Republic


Leader - Chancellor Veera Stavanger

Population - 652,750 Humans

200 Kalronians




  Hide contents



Asgard (Asgard Sector)

Muspel (Asgard Sector)

Vanaheim (Vanaheim Sector)



Shipyard L3 - Asgard

Trade Station - Asgard Sector

Space Station - Vanaheim



Asteroid Itoron Mines - Asgard Sector

Itoron Mine - Muspel (Asgard Sector)

Xylorite Mine - Vanaheim







Sensor Improvements (on hold, 6ap saved)

Ion Cannon Research (on hold, 5ap saved)

Ship Lasers (on hold, 4ap saved)

Os'laran excavatations (on hold, 4ap saved)

PROTOCOL 12 (on hold, 2ap saved)



Industry: 109/25AP (+ 4AP)

Agriculture: 0/25AP

Business: 0/25AP



Slots - 9/12


Lithruan Coalition (4 nations)

Trade Federation

Han Dominion

Imperial Provinces


Solar Ascendancy





In a landslide election following the resignation of Chancellor Henrik Steiner, the "Survival" Party (not strictly a party due to constitutional blocks against polarised party politics) gains a significant political standing in the high politics of the Republic. Focused on militarisation and defense in the face of foreign aggression, it enters into a coalition with many of the more traditional power blocs in the Republic - forming a unity government with prominent survivalist Major Veera Stavanger as Chancellor. Stavanger, a member of the anti-Kalronian military resistance in hiding during the occupation, is a comfortable middle ground between those angry over the navy's retreat during the invasion and those who recognise that any further division will spell doom for their worlds.






10,000 x Regular Infantry

3000 x Hunter Bot Mk.1

50 x Tank Bot Mk.1





ACTIONS - AP Pool: 13

Base: 4

Tiles: +1

Population: +4

Trade: +3 (-2 from Events)

Industry: +4


[Totals include AP spent this turn and previously]


0AP - In a somewhat controversial move, the tens of thousands of Kalronian dead are interred in a specially built mausoleum on Vanaheim, dealt with according to what can be gleaned from records of Kalronian funerary tradition and questioning the Kalronian survivors. Many question whether the brutal invaders deserve to be memorialised in such a fashion, prompting Chancellor Stavanger to make a speech on the issue in which she reiterates the Republic's commitment to courteous and respectful treatment of Kalronian survivors and that respect for the dead is an almost universal paradigm. The Kalronian survivors remain housed in a former Kalronian base on Vanaheim, located a relatively short distance from the new mausoleum.


2AP - As many soldiers as possible are recruited and armed with whatever Kalronian armour and weaponry has not already been allocated to the standing armed forces.


5AP - 5 more corvettes are placed into production.


2AP - Long neglected research into "Distantium" ion cannon technology is given new funding. Asgard needs an edge over numerically and technologically superior enemies. A weapon that can swiftly disable targets will help even the odds. [7AP]


4AP - A colony ship is commissioned, the first in many years, and dispatched to the long surveyed Itoron-rich sector to the south of Asgard to settle the most habitable world there. The Republic may be in peril, but its colonial momentum needed to be regained. New resources, and the possible treasures of unexplored worlds, were needed to protect the Asgarder dream.



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Kyber Kore


The entire planet of Viyter was roaring, the industrial machine was in full swing. Cybernetic production was only scratching the surface. Freighters and cargo ships flew in and out of the atmosphere, crates of cybernetics begin transported across the planet. Johnny admired it from the windows of Memorial Hospital in the city center.


His wife, Sara had entered labor less than 4 hours ago and their baby boy was on the way. Johnny was giddy with anticipation to finally be a father, he was not without his concerns. The ongoing war between the LC and Keerim, now with the Redon’s defeat of the Backhatta and now them pushing against the Protorians. Then his mind came around to a long threat of the nation, Kalronians. No longer of this world, he could just wonder what had happened and hopefully it would not happen to them.


Johnny had a tap on his shoulder, as his elongated gaze zoned him out from reality. It was the nurse, holding surgical scissors for him to cut the umbilical cord of his newly born son. His grin was wide, the excitement was beginning to overtake him. A new era in Johnny’s life was beginning, as he cut the cord tears rolled down his cheek. He looked his wife in the eyes, the gleamed with joy but exhaustiviness. They nodded to each other in agreement.


“His name is Benjamin, just after his grandfather.” More tears rolled down his cheek as he took the baby and held him. “You’ll do great things.” he whispered into his ear before kissing him on the forehead to hand over to the nurses.





1,000 Tonnes of Itoron is donated to the LC to fund their war effort (0 AP) 


Cybernetic production continues, as the war machine does not stop. (7 AP)


Increasing the industrial capacity on Viyter (10 AP) (63/75 AP)


Building a Colony ship (3 AP)


Scouting territory near the upper edges of Kyber Kore (3 AP) https://imgur.com/a/P7NURz9 ((Its the square on the map near my territory)) 





Continued research on Cybernetics continues (2 RP)

775,750 Humans, 100,000 Da'nor, 52,000 Human-Da'nor, 1,500 Terraskolarians, 100 Novan, 100 Terraskolarian-Da’nor    

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A Brighter* Future for your Children! Apply Today!
*Hephaestus Enterprises does not guarantee equal levels of light throughout Corporate space. For further information, please contact your local HERMES representative or call 092 HEPHKNOW for a FREE information booklet!





A cripped Corporate heavy cruiser, "HECF Bogan," being fired upon by an Ar'gakari warship, circa 2151


“The Battle of the Five Crabs” was the name the news and entertainment subsidiaries called the crippling loss over Crabsfear. Some of the less reputable outlets called it “Cantankerous and Crabby Crab-Fight” or “Amanda’s Crabs” depending on the audience they were aiming for.

Morale in Hephaestus space was particularly low. With the Grgl destroying the remaining Ar’Gakari fleets nearby, the employees at least felt safer. With business slowing to a crawl and pirates prodding at the trade lanes, it was getting harder for the employees to distract themselves from the horrors beyond their worlds. News showing the Redon's unflinching advance, the Keerim and Lithruan war, the terrifying and mysterious Kalronian genocide, and the first-hand experience with the Ar’gakari was unavoidable at this point. A somewhat uncomfortable (for them, at least) camaraderie had evolved between the employees. Sympathy for the families of the fallen was on everyone’s thoughts throughout the rest of the year, and that mindset didn’t mesh well with the predicted market drops in the future.

As you might imagine, the mood was rather dour.

The remnants of the Hephaestus fleet now orbited Aurora with repairs to their shattered hulls moving forward at a breakneck pace. High Commander Phelps gave her troops shore-leave on Aphrodite. It was noted by her subordinates that although she continued to command as before, she didn’t seem able to look any of them in the eye. With the Ar’gakari gone for now, the Board did not appear interested in constructing new warships. Many in the fleet took this as a slight on their “honour” (or whatever it was Corporate troops had) and a lack of confidence in their abilities. Drunken brawls between soldiers became commonplace on the resort world as a result. Extra Enforcers were called in to the pleasure-planet in order to deal with the violence and citations were thrown around liberally to keep the miserable navy in line.


Despite the ample opportunity to devalue and blame one-another for the tragedy, the Board remained unified and focused on the next steps for the Corporation. There were, however, a few quiet voices that questioned the tactics and qualifications of their High Commander.





The night sky of Aurora was lit up with colour from the warships anchored around the orbital shipyard. Steven could remember them at Hades a mere year prior. It looked so impressive, then—its Hephaestus-blue markings and the proud Hephaestus logo strutting about Corporate space. Thinking back, a withered businessman felt disgusted at himself for pressing it to engage the vastly superior Ar’gakari fleet. It didn’t matter what tactics they used against them in the end. The fleet was just so...


... irrelevant.


They were totally irrelevant compared to the technology and experience of the invaders. He’d never allow his fleet to engage them again unless the numbers on the Hephaestus side were overwhelmingly in his favour. There was simply no other way to do it.
Steven reached over to a glass of whiskey on a small table next to his armchair. Beneath it was a full report by his analyst toadies, and a written account by High Commander Phelps. He managed to push his way to the casualty report and caved on reading the rest. He’d have time to feel sick tomorrow, after all.


“Grampa?” A small voice squeaked next to his knee and little Sinchil looked up to him with her big green eyes. “I drew.” She held up a scrawled picture of two colourful stick-figures holding hands. Steven smiled warmly at the four year-old.

“It’s a beaut, Sunshine.” Wheezed Steven, and ruffled her hair. “This you and daddy, hey?”


“Nah. Dad doesn’t play with me much. This is mum.”


Steven’s jaw clenched as he raised his glass to his lips. He hummed in thought for a moment before tickling her under the arm. Sinchil answered with squirming and giggles.


“You want to see some Hephaestus stars, Sunny?” With a wheeze, Steve lifted her on to his knee, and pointed up to the warships in the sky. “We made all of those, some of them back home on Hades, and a bunch of them here at Aurora. See that one, there?” He prodded a shaking finger towards a collection of flashing lights near the silhouette of the Auroran shipyard. “That one’s called Downsizer. Want to know the other names?”


“Where are the others, Grampa?” Sinchil furrowed her brow as she searched the sky. “There were lots more at home.”

Steven closed his eyes and sighed.


“Would you like to hear a story?” He croaked. Sinchil nodded, though there was a hint of confusion in her eyes with the sudden change of subject.


“Once upon a time there was an... elephant.”


“What’s an elephant grampa?”

“Lord have mercy...” Steven groaned and his head drooped. “You know what a sheep is, Sunshine?”

“Mmhm. Saw one at the animal dome. It was white, and very fluffy.” She noted the description of the sheep with audible confidence. This was indeed an animal she knew well.

“Right, right. Okay, so, once upon there was this sheep, yeah?
The sheep sort of kept to herself, talked with other sheep, - “Baah baah” - all that kind of sheepy rubbish about grass and wool, I guess. Anyway...

...so the sheep had it pretty good. She didn’t get angry about stuff other sheep did, and watered her own patch of grass until it was one of the nicest in the paddock.

Suddenly,” Steve rubbed his forehead, thinking as quickly as he could. “some of the other sheep started fighting over the paddock’s grass. Two big flocks would run at each-other and bite their enemy’s legs-”

“Why would they do that? Grass is everywhere in a paddock.”

“Yep. Yes it is, but-“

"Sheep don’t bite, also. That’s not what sheep do. I drew one and it wouldn’t do that.”

“These sheep do. So-“

“Those are mean sheep.”

“They sure are, Sunny! Glad we settled that.” Steven cleared his throat, and continued on.

“So the sheep bared its teeth like the rest, kept an eye on its patch of grass, but didn’t join in the fighting. Since all the other sheep liked her, they didn’t bite her and chase her off her little piece of the paddock.”

“Good sheepie.” Sinchil added.

“She sure was. Sadly, some twit with a big stick came up behind her and whacked her on the bum with it.”

“No! Why?!”


“Because sometimes in life, Sunshine, a twit with a stick will blindside you. It happens. Can’t be helped. All a sheep can do is dust themselves off, keep an eye on their bum, and get back to work.”

Sinchil nodded thoughtfully, and looked back up to the sky. “What happened to the sheep, Grampa?”

“She kept watering her grass, talking with other sheep, grew eyes on the back of her head, and told stupid allegorical stories to her lambs.”


The twinkling stars over Aurora ambled across the sky in their eternal dance. The Corporation slowly churned itself back to a traumatised normalcy, and Steven Penrith loudly farted in his luxury penthouse. Sinchil laughed.


Action Points


4AP by default,
10AP from trade (-10AP due to trade blocks)
8AP from population,
11AP from sectors,
4AP from business,
8AP from industry,
2AP from the Trade Federation,
1AP from cargo capacity,


Total = 49AP


-Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output.
-National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population.


-Johnny returns once more to Grand Alliance space to continue his psionic education. Though the wars have interrupted his education multiple times, he is determined to complete his training. (-1AP, fourth year of training)


-A new quantum anchor is constructed in the Hades sector. The limitations created by distance made it a necessity for future defence operations. The Corporation is determined to learn from its mistakes. (-1AP)

-Colonisation operations continue as normal. After the tragedy, even more employees want to start again on a different world, and tickets sell out within the first few hours. (-3AP towards a colonial freighter)

-Project: Peach (-5AP)

-The laser-lances had performed dismally during their first run. Though the engineers responsible blamed impossible deadlines and technological inferiority for their effectiveness, the Board chooses to ignore them. Instead, they throw more resources at the project to make it better. Frankly, they had invested too much money in it now to try something else anyway. (-10AP towards the laser-lances, total of 110AP invested)


-Another MOVING MEGA-MART is commissioned by the board, along with a supply ship.  (-9AP towards one large freighter and one regular freighter)

-The Auroran shipyard is scheduled for a significant upgrade. During such unstable times, the Corporation begins seeing the necessity for further domestic military production. (-20AP to upgrade Aurora shipyard to tier 5)


-The last stockpile of itoron (600 tonnes) is auctioned off to the highest bidder, due to changing economic conditions in the southern galaxy. (-0AP)

-A message is sent to the Confederation of Xaplonius detailing the Corporation's deepest sympathies for the brave Grgl souls who gave their lives to defend innocent Hephaestus employees from the horrible Ar'gakari threat. Though the Corporation can think of nothing of equal value to the terrible loss, they enclose their deepest thanks, and the schematics for the quantum anchors used by the Corporation. The Board, and by proxy the employees of Hephaestus Enterprises, hope that the gift offered will aid in the future defence of their nation, and that despite the failure of the joint fleet they will still consider Hephaestus Enterprises for business in the future. (-0AP, Quantum Anchor/drives schematics sent to Confederation of Xaplonius)  

-An expedition accompanied by an armed escort scouts the recent battlefield in Hephaestus space, seeking out survivors, remains of survivors, and any salvageable materials. (-0AP)  




-Hades (Capital) (SL2) (Trade Station) (Quantum Anchor)
-Grand Ares
-Aurora (SL4) (Quantum anchor)


Population: 1,400,250 Humans, 260,750 Grgl, 335,000 Tassareans, 95,000 Human-Tassareans, 65,000 Libellans, 60,000 Redons, 61,250 Backhatta, 45,500 Human-Redons, 191,000 Galaron, 28,000 Redon-Tassareans, 21,500 Human-Redon-Tassareans, 40,000 Protorians, 9,500 Karass, 3,750 Skellar, 3,500 Adaptaar

Hephaestus Enforcers: 90,000 troopers, after voluntary sign-ups (Applications are closed for the moment)

 Corporate Naval Rates: (Pending when I can be bothered to do the math again)



Hades, Tier 2
Aurora, Tier 4

Trade Ports:
Hades, 20AP 
GTC-East, 10AP

 Accumulation List
Industry: 160
Business: 80
Agriculture: 25 (Sweet, sweet worm-eggs)

-Laser weaponry (26AP)
-Laser Cannons (65AP)
-Warp-drive technology (Gifted unto them by the Terran Federation)
-Quantum Communications Technology (Via trade with Terran Federation)
-Duo-fusion Xylorite reactors

-Xylorite energy cells
-Artificial Gravity technology (Via trade with The Remnants) 

-Itoron-Steel alloys
-Mk I Hunter/Mark II Hunter combat bots.
-Tithonus/Alastor combat droids.
-Jump-packs (Gift from Utopie)
-Tri-phased deflectors
-"Project: Lemon"

-Swarmer Missiles (65AP)
-Quantum Anchor

-Advanced AI systems (Appropriated from Aurora)
-Railgun weapons (Good ones! Appropriated from Aurora)
-Machine-Human interface (Appropriated from Aurora)

-Ten Firstborn Servitors (One now residing in Steve's office, the others at GAIT)
-"Project: Pineapple"
-Longshot Railguns (45AP)
-Anti-gravity (5AP)
-VITC (45AP Trade with Edonia)
-Helios Laser-Lance (110AP invested next turn)


Trade Agreements
-Solarin Federation,
-Free Human Technocracy
-Trade Federation
-Silver Knights
-People's Agrarian Republic
-Confederation of Xalponius
-Han Dominion
-United States of Arcturus
-Sovereign Military Order of Malta
-Thulean Republic,
-Asgard Republic
-Republican Systems of Edonia

-Kingdom of Unified Systems
-Tassaran Republic



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Empty Space : Government Ship



“It’s magnificent really.” Pablo said, finally breaking the silence in the room. He looked out the window, observing the starry scene before his eyes.

“Nothing compares. Even after seeing the many things I’ve seen in life.” Isabella had her arms crossed as she took in the view.

“It truly is a wonder that we can see this, at such leisure. A shame this serenity could be at risk.” José shook his head, “But we cannot dwell on this. We have important things to discuss.”

“Yes, that is, after all, why we came to such a remote place.”

Pablo cleared his throat, “Yes, we need a protection.”

“A special one, no less. After all, we are no match to threats in regard to conventional strengths.”

“There is a program that I have had in mind for years, nearly since our first frightened sights of the outside world, that I believe can act as a…” He paused, searching for the right phrase, “Contingency plan. Though it could have more functions.”

“Do explain.”

“Well, it could help provide resources also. Plus, it could net us some influence over a certain realm of the galaxy. However, it would need to be exceptionally covert.”

“I see, well we will need to find a head to lead this program. Someone we can trust that has great loyalty and capability.”

“I have just the man in mind.” Isabella smiled, “Rafael Iñigo, a man born with great capability for this, only needing practise to refine his skill. Loyalty, however, needed to be better explained to him. Though now I believe he could fill these shoes.”

“Yes, you have told me about him. And, if my memory serves me well, I met him myself a couple years back.”

Pablo clasped his hands together, “Excellent. This is excellent. I see a bright future for Andorra.” He smiled, “Now, let us put this plan into action.”



AP Collection

Total: 28

Base - 4

Population - 2

Additional Territories - 4

Proximity to Trade Federation - 1

TF's National Idea - 2

Trade - 4

Member of IA (Prosperity Fed) - 4

Neutrality National Mentality - 3 (.0)

Solar Ascendancy Contributions - 4


AP Usage

-EVE scientists continue the long grind, now with a little help from Ascendancy funding (14 AP + 50% = 21 AP; 95 AP Total).

-Many suits of Dragonsnake Exo Armor are produced from the schematics gifted by the Solar Ascendancy (4 AP).

-B.A.S.E. is founded (2 AP) (Skype).

-Some money is sent to the Eadni as the first part of a purchase (8 AP).


AP Investment

3 AP into Business (17 more)

0 AP into Industry (25 more)

0 AP into Agriculture (25 more)

19 AP into ATM Phase 1

95 AP into Project EVE



Total: 716,000 Inhabitants

Andorra La Nova (Capital): 380,000 Humans + 17,000 Cevelli + 10,500 Zyrka

+ 5,500 Ymorians + 2,800 Human-Cevelli + 29,000 Krib + 13,000 H'Wong

Mindesorra (Trade Municipality): 95,000 Humans + 7,000 Cevelli

+ 1,300 Human-Cevelli + 7,500 Krib + 2,500 H’Wong + 1,000 Zyrka

Escut (Mining Colony): 32,000 Humans + 1,250 Cevelli + 550 Human-Cevelli

Poblintoresc (Countryside Town): 55,000 Humans + 6,000 Cevelli + 1,250 Human-Cevelli + 27,500 Krib + 5,250 H’Wong

Esperança (Trade Municipality): 13,250 Humans + 1,500 Cevelli + 350 Human-Cevelli



S.L.A.M.-Equipped Infantry: 5,000 Humans

Hunter Bots: 8,000 Units

Tank Bots: 500 Units

Spacecraft Crew Members: 2,550 Humans



1 Light Cruiser

3 Destroyers

4 Frigates

1 Freighter

100 Fighters

6 Corvettes

Original Colony Ship, the S.S. Santa Maria

Colony Ship, the S.S. Pinta (Used)

Colony Ship, the S.S. Niña (Used)


Trade Partners

-The Trade Federation

-Kingdom of Unified Systems


-The Han Dominion

-The Solar Ascendancy

-New Siam

-Republican Systems of Edonia

-The Erakat Caliphate

-Republic Star State of Kanata

-Slavic Federation

-Tjieran Principate

-Ascardian Principate

-Random Merchants Who Confuse Us With The TF



Quantum Communicators

Warp Technology

Itoron-Steel Alloy Plating

Zebulon Reactors

Project H.I.P.S. - Stealth Technology (Inquire for specifics) - 54 AP invested

WIP - Project ATM - Who Knows? Improved Money Dispensing?

WIP - Project EVE - Maybe I’ll do a project ADAM next

Mk II Hunter Bots (From Solar Ascendancy)

Mk II Tank Bots (From Solar Ascendancy)

LAS I (From Solar Ascendancy)

Improved Labor Bots (From Solar Ascendancy)

Mk I Dragonsnake Exo Armor (From Solar Ascendancy)

Tri-Phased Shields (From Thulean Republic)

Gauss Rifle (S.L.A.M.) Technology

Shipyard Level 3 in Andorra la Nova

Shipyard Level 2 in Escut

Level 2 Trade Outpost in Mindesorra

Itoron Mine - 1,200 tons collected

Dakite Mine - 90 kgs collected

National Mentality - Neutrality

National Idea - The Latent Power: 50% boost to all technology investments


Solar Systems

Gloría System: https://imgur.com/a/GbPyQ

Alfacendi System: https://imgur.com/a/ufS3e

Cinabrida System: https://imgur.com/a/QENLM

Vivella System: https://imgur.com/a/KAenN

Capvespre System: https://imgur.com/a/39haUeD

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The Trade Federation






Evil Twins truly do hate each other. (45AP) (180AP invested)


The Harpie Mk I fighter faces long expected upgrades. (7AP) (45AP invested)


A TAROT-M module is set up in Hephaestus space and begins to scan for Trizendrium, Itoron, Xylorite and Ribalite, scanning as many sectors -both Hephaestus and nearby uncolonized areas- as possible. (5AP)


The defences on Citadel face continual upgrades. More railguns, more point defense, more missile and torpedo tubes, more mines, more shields, more generators. Everything is needed. (5AP) (16AP invested)


A new colony ship is created. (3AP)


Creation of Citadel Guards, an elite fighting force specifically made to protect the Citadel. Volunteers from elite forces of every C-GAP nations are invited to join. (2AP)


The Shipyard near the Citadel are upgraded from SL2 to SL4. (16AP)


Classified transactions. (6AP)


Selling of 1.000 tons of itoron to the Darkul. The sale is made no secret of, and the fact that an offer was sent to the Redon, Protorians and Ka’Cezh before the deal was agreed to is made clear. (+50AP)


The Federal Security Bureau begins a thorough scan of all upper echelons of the government, R&D, the military, etc, for anything that might be off. They are searching for spies, infiltrators, clones, anything. They also do DNA checks. (3AP)


As long as the involved nations pay for resources needed, the Trade Federation begins to scan C-GAP territory using TAROT-M. The amount scanned would depend on how much the other nations would be willing to fund a year. The only compensation requested is that they fund the search of Federation territory, once theirs has been surveyed. (??? AP)


Specialists assigned to TAROT surveillance are doubled. Nothing is to approach within 4 sectors of the Trade Federation without them knowing it. (0AP)


After the conflict in Hephaestus space, the Trade Federation approaches the Grgl, offering a joint Simulation & combat exercise training program for their fighters & bombers, to compensate for the discrepancies when facing the Ar’Gakari. (0AP)


An tightbeam quantum message is sent to the Keerim, stating that, while their territory if technically in the newly created C-GAP Zone of Influence, the C-GAP wishes no hostilities or contact between the two groups.  (0AP)

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The Centre-Galactic Accord for Prosperity

& The  Second Treaty of Tordesillas


An accord between the Cynn Foundation, the Chupan’Mo Empire, the Cevelli Pact and the Trade Federaion with these goals:


To establish a peaceful, unified coalition of nations in the Eastern Galaxy with the goal of stabilizing trade, economy and industry in this sector. To create an enclave of peace in this region and form an Accord of like-minded nations with profit and prosperity as their central tenant.



Yellow = Cevelli

Green = Chupan

Blue = TF

Red = Cynn




  • To prevent further disputes, the C-GAP will establish an official Zone of Influence. This ZoI will encompass all unoccupied sectors in the delimited area.
  • Each nation will gain a claim to a certain part of this ZoI, which they will have exclusive colonial rights to, in rapport to other C-GAP nations.
  • The formal creation of the Centre-Galactic Accord for Prosperity, will be officialized by all nations, with its seat at the Citadel, above GTC-2. The C-GAP will be the union of all three nations under the agreement of promoting peace, prosperity and trade.
  • The formal creation of the Council, which will consist of one representative of each nation and will reside on the Citadel. They will resolve disputes, pass laws and agree upon the continued prosperity of the C-GAP together.
  • The establishment of a Mutual Defense Pact in which any nation attacked without provocation will be aided in a defensive manner by the other two.
  • The Agreement to make of the Zone of Influence a Neutral Trade Zone. In which all trade ships of foreign nations may pass unhindered, regardless of the side which they take in war, lest they attack a C-GAP nation directly.
  • The agreement to make The Citadel an C-GAP station under the control of the Council.
  • The Free utilization of Trade Federation TAROT modules to scout out resources for all parties. (Establishment of TF maintained modules throughout the ZoI to search for resources and threats.)



All nations are invited to the Citadel for the formal signing of the C-GAP.


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The Battle of Xin’Xian - After Action Report - Office of Naval History
The Battle of Xin’Xian began with the entrance of two carriers, the IEN Hayreddin Barbarossa II and the IEN Abdelqadir. The carriers promptly released a series of thirteen inflatables of various sizes which succeeded in deceiving the Han vermin.

After releasing the balloons, a strike group of 300 Saqr II fighters and 200 B4-X8’s bombers were released from the same carriers and began to engage with an approaching group of 400 Han Type 090 fighters. These were dealt with in short order with only 50 losses to the Eadni group in total (30 fighters and 20 bombers). The Han attempted to disable the Eadni strike craft with some kind of focused electromagnetic pulse, but this failed spectacularly.

Following this engagement, Eadni fighters began to tow the inflatables toward Yugou, successfully deceiving the Han as they committed over 2,000 fighters to the engagement of these glorious warships. This engagement opened a window of opportunity not previously anticipated for the Eadni strike group.


Under the leadership of Captain Khalid Khosafa, the Eadni strike force reacted quickly and began an impromptu assault upon the Han’s shipyard, Beijing Stronghold. A second force went off toward the capital city of the Han, Xin’Xian, to further exact revenge upon the vermin of Yugou. These missions proved incredibly successful with tens of thousands of projected Han casualties. Beijing Stronghold has been rendered at least partially ineffective, according to Eadni intelligence.


Eadni Saqr II's on their attack run in Xin'Xian

These are the opening salvos in what we anticipate will be a prolonged and bloody conflict. Inshallah, the might of Eadni resolve and their iron wall, the Reformed Navy, will allow our people to prevail.



Press Release By The Caliph Nassef Erakt Following The Yugou Assault

Broadcast to whoever might hear it


Ten years ago four-hundred thousand Eadni were driven from their homeworld. Thirty thousand of my brothers and sisters were left on the Holy Planet cold and lifeless. For the better half of the last decade, I have devoted time into nothing but fostering a renaissance of Eadni culture. We have thrived on our new world and sought nothing but peace.

In time though, all good things must end. The same nation who funded the mercenaries that killed 30,000 Eadni only insulted my people further when it declared itself lord over not only my people, but all people of the Human race. I ask you now, to those who would condemn our actions, what would you have me do?

Sit back and allow this to occur? I cannot do that. In human history, when another man has claimed dominion over his equals in other states, has man not acted against him. Shall I cite the examples? Napoleon wished for dominion over Europe. The Coalition struck him down. Hitler and the Axis wished for dominion over Earth. The Allies struck him down.  

For those states who do not understand Human history, or have not learned enough of it yet, understand that our history has shown us that inaction allows only for a problem to fester. Is this not a universally held notion? Now is the time to put down the one who claims lordship over his fellow man. This was the danger of the Eadn’s own Sultan a decade ago. He too was put down. As survivors of despotism, we are capable of recognizing it when we see it ourselves. It is why we now so vehemently strike out against this ideology of fear.

Another case I have seen being made against us is our decision to strike out against civilians. To this, I can only say that war is a difficult endeavour. We lost 30,000 of our own to it. The Sultan chose to take lives in a suicidal bombardment on Utopie. We neither deny this nor are we proud of it. However, this strike on Yugou was different. The difference is one of intent. The strikes on Yugou were clearly intended for military and strategic targets and the lies being spun about our intent to directly harm civilians is unfounded. Strike craft were in fact directed toward Xin’Xian; however, their targets were all strategic in nature. Given the quantity of Han fighters and the nature of the mission, imprecise shots needed to be fired. Civilians were harmed. Payloads were dropped prematurely. We will not apologize to the Han for these actions, but to the galaxy as a whole, we implore that you do consider the ugly truth: Civilians die in war. While we do what we must to prevent it, it is the gruesome reality.

Look at your own conflicts. If your histories are anything like humanity’s, acts of war on strategic targets have yielded unintended or unforeseen collateral damage. In our Second Great War, hundreds of thousands of civilians died in a firestorm that resulted from a bombing. The bombers were not those who intended to impose tyranny, instead it was the forces of righteousness who dropped those bombs. I am sure there are parallels in your own history - recent history, even.

To the Protorians who wish to rush to war, we ask you to reconsider. Our diplomatic channels are open. We recognize that you, along with many others, regard the Eadni people as monsters. This is in part because of the actions of our dead Sultan and because of our heritage. We are not monsters. Every Eadni is free to think and act as a regular man would. If one wishes to challenge us on the ethics of this practice do so formally. Engage us in debate. Do not merely rattle sabers with unfounded justifications.

To the Han people who wish to see an end to this senseless conflict, we merely ask you to renounce your claim to the stewardship of humanity. No further strikes will be conducted if this is carried out. If this is not, more strikes will follow. Your leader has placed his pride above the well-being of all of humanity.

To my fellow human states, my fellow survivors, I say this. I will not ask you to take a side. I will not demand you join me in my war against the Han nor will I beg you not to join him. I merely ask you to consider the implications of aiding or fighting alongside the Han. You legitimize his claim, you serve his objectives. Have you not then surrendered your sovereignty to him? Have you not then clumsily bowed before him and accepted him as your Emperor?

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Republic Star State of Kanata




An assembly of ships gather together as the Republic Star State of Kanata heeds the call to arms. A total of three strike groups are made, each headed by a medium ship of their class with Brooklyn consisting of a support carrier, a destroyer, and two corvettes. The other two strike groups follow the same template, though warrant a light cruiser rather than a carrier.


Current Colonies (Station Level)(Trade Outpost Level)(Industry Level):

Jardun III (SL6) (TO1)(I1)

Carspan II (SL0)

Eranus II (SL0)


Total Population:

704,000 Canadians


Population Dispersion:

Jardun III -  

310,000 Canadians

Carspan II -

210,000 Canadians

Eranus II -

184,500 Canadians


Trade Partners (Types of Trade):

Ganvius (Civillian)

Trialition (Civillian)

Grand Alliance (Civllian)

The Interstellar Accord (Civllian/Technology) ((6 Separate players))

Trade Federation


Developed Industries:

Industry - 0/20 AP

Agriculture - 0/20 AP


Researched Technologies :

Handheld Gauss Weaponry

Tri-Phased Deflector Shields

LAS VI Program

LAS II Program

Itoron S-50 Alloy Plating (Steel-Itoron)

Carbon-Itoron Plating

A.T.C.-70 Mechs

T-60 Combat Armor Suits


Deuterium Tritium Explosives


Military Personnel:

Army -

40,000 Active Duty

20,000 Reservist

Navy -

20,000 Active Duty

5,000 Reservist

Marines -

60,000 Active Duty

20,000 Reservist


Fleet Capacity:

Fighters -

500x Provectus Fighter

Corvettes -

15x Rideout Class Corvette

Frigates -

5x Dundas Class Frigate

Destroyers -

7x Hamilton Class Destroyer

- R.S.S.K. Concord

- R.S.S.K. Driver

- R.S.S.K. Wellington

- R.S.S.K. High Garden

- R.S.S.K. Endeavor

- R.S.S.K. Talisman

- R.S.S.K. Crossroad

Light Cruisers -

2x Richmond Class Light Cruiser

- R.S.S.K. Ironwill

- R.S.S.K. Avenger

Support Carrier -

1x Queens Class Support Carrier

- R.S.S.K. Retaliator

Battleship -

1x King Class Battleship

- R.S.S.K. Redeemer

Dreadnought -

3x Wharnecliffe Class Dreadnought

- R.S.S.K. Defender

- R.S.S.K. Cornwall

- R.S.S.K. Steel Butterfly


AP Activity (28 Total):


Two more dreadnoughts of the line are made, a massive undertaking for the hands at the shipyard above Jardun III though they are supplied to carry out the request. (24 AP)


An order of 400 more Provectus-Class fighters is put in, with hopes of supplying the hangar bays of the fleet. (4 AP)


Strike group Brooklyn, Mayweather, and Dauntless are sent to Protorian space to assist with the war efforts. (0 AP)


The colony ship above the desert planet makes preparations to colonize, and within the year begin to head planetside in hopes of finding a new home. (0 AP)


The resource reserves of the Kanatan’s are expended and put onto the market. A total of 900 Itoron and 900 Xylorite is up for sale.


Navy Documents: https://tinyurl.com/yddqrok4

Army Documents: Coming Soon!

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The Han Dominion

Spring, HSC 9

Year of the Eadni Rat





Yimu couldn’t bring himself to go to the funeral. Instead he sat in his office with the door locked, and tried to pore over a certain Skellar book, though he absorbed little of it. When he tried to look behind him, out the window, he would only see plumes of smoke from the districts of Xin Xi’an which were still being cleared of rubble. His house had been in one of those. So had Lin.


There were few people the High Inspector held higher than state interests. Certainly, he’d cut corners for the sake of his wayward son in the past, to put it mildly. Lin had never needed it: she’d always been on his side even when they were apart, as independent as she was loyal, as ambitious as he was, but while he spent his days pruning the people of destructive dissent, she spent hers working for their improvement. He had loved her, and when doubts about his work had crept in at night he’d always consoled himself with the knowledge that she loved him.


Now she was gone, and the world was lesser for it. It was his fault, too: for all he had done to dissipate threats before they reached the Dominion, he had still been unable to keep away the cloner menace. None of his underlings seemed to realize the failure, directing their anger to the navy. A disgusting lack of responsibility. If the Jinyiwei were doing its job, the navy would never have had to fire a shot.


The door opened without warning, and it took Yimu several seconds to pull himself to his feet. A man about his age stood there, with white hair, weathered face and crisp uniform. Behind him was the tall firstborn Chaal, visibly in distress. The inspector gulped in nervousness, but calmed himself: she would be far too preoccupied with the aura of suffering surrounding them to truly probe his thoughts.


“Your secretary,” said the Emperor, “is drunk.”


“I’ll have him shot,” Yimu replied, only half joking.


The Emperor frowned, and motioned for them to sit.


“Today was a failure,” he said, following a long pause. “There’s no getting around that. But we learned as much about them as they did about us. And we unearthed a….traitor.” The word was followed by a grimace. “The next engagement will go very differently.”


Yimu nodded, silent. His superior looked at him for another long moment as if expecting an answer, before continuing.


“I wanted to get an idea of how this development affects your operations.”


“The KUS wasn’t in possession of sensitive information. Not the most significant, anyway. Still, I should have seen it coming. I apologize.” The inspector’s voice was hoarse and tired, so different from its usual silky calm.


“Well,” the Emperor never leaned back, never relaxed in any way. “In any case, we’re really at war now, and can’t have any further incidents. You will go to Zukaden, and establish your office there. I expect the rats will have surrendered by the time you get there, and we’ll need someone with an attention to detail installing a new regime.”


“That’s not really necessary, there are plenty of age-”


“Yimu.” Yimu fell silent, feeling the subtle mental stress that always came on him when a psionic tried to read him. “I’m sure there are. It will do you good to get off-planet for a year or so.”


Slowly, he nodded. It had been well over ten years since his last field assignment. And Yuguo was fairly painful to be on at the moment. He looked up to see both of them looking at him in sympathy. The Saryn in particular seemed worried. Did she know what he had done? If she did, could she ever forgive him? Had it even been worth it?


“As you wish, Your Majesty.”


The Emperor seemed satisfied. “You’ll leave before sundown,” he said, getting to his feet. “There’s quite a bit of work to do, and the Eadni no doubt won’t want to let this stand.” In a moment, the visitors were gone.


Yimu sighed, and looked once more out the window. He had never been outside the Dominion, but for once in his life, his career was the least of his problems. Maybe he’d be gone a year. Maybe it’d take longer. What difference did it make?






Little comes from the Han in the way of response to the Caliph’s tripe. Their position has been made clear: the word of an Eadni is worth approximately nothing, any statements they make are calculated for their own narrow advantage, and the only sensible response to any activity of theirs is total opposition. They have shown this to be the case time and time again, as in just the past ten years they have tried to claim hegemony through force, and when that failed have consistently used lies and threats to undermine any attempt at human cohesiveness.


The Celestial Human Empire remains resolute in its stance on the Caliphate: their allies are to be removed away from their destructive path, by force if necessary, and there is but one solution for the Eadni themselves: total eradication. The Han have attempted diplomatic solutions in the past, and the enemy has merely acted in bad faith. They will not make the same mistake again.


In demonstration of their commitment to destroy the evil cloners and all who stand by them, the Empire strikes out against the first available target: the so-called Kingdom of Unified Systems. A brief standoff between human forces culminates in the occupation of KUS space, the only cost to the Han being to drop their theoretical claim to the Kingdom of Armathwaite. 60,000 Han soldiers are soon en route to the captured territory, whose government is to be reorganized.


Days after the confrontation, the puppet government on the KUS homeworld is made to agree to harsh terms:


Treaty of Zukedan


-The Kingdom of Unified Systems renounces all claim to the throne of Great Britain, and forfeits the right to a hereditary monarchy.

-The Kingdom of Unified Systems will be reorganized as a protectorate of the Frontier Colony Affiliation, and will henceforth be known as the Province of Zukedan.

-The Province of Zukedan will henceforth be forbidden to raise a navy, and will raise an army only at the discretion of the Emperor.

-The Province of Zukedan will henceforth contribute 75% of its annual budget surplus to the Grand Protector of the Frontier Colony Affiliation.

-From January to June 2153, a treaty of free migration shall exist between the Province of Zukedan and the Kingdom of Armathwaite.

-All economic, military, and diplomatic operations of the Province of Zukedan shall henceforth be subject to Jinyiwei inspection.

-Former king Richard is to be taken to Yuguo to face justice. All former cabinet members of the KUS are to be barred from public office.


Following the signing of the treaty, King Richard is brought before the jade throne of the Emperor himself, where he is sentenced to death. In dramatic fashion, he is jettisoned from an airlock in the same way his forces jettisoned the ministers of parliament decades ago. The news is heavily publicized, particularly on Zukedan-II.


Citizens of Zukedan, however, are treated well. The only true difference is the absolute vilification in the media of their traitor king, who threw every gift of the empire in its face to join with monsters.




Han Stats Link:




The resources sent by Utopie are put to good use, in the construction of  yet another colony ship and the expansion of the imperial anchor network. [8 AP]


The old project known as 'purple noise' continues under imperial jurisdiction, with a more focused direction. [8 AP]


The Triple Crescent brims with elation as news reaches them that their pilgrims have reached Solot’Dohol, the old home of Seelil the Firstborn. Along a similar vein the Jinyiwei salivates at the idea of a birth-aligned psionic living near the Han. Taking it upon his organization to spiritually guide the Han people, Zeng Xue asks Chaal at some point in the year if she could help in a search through the capital’s population for more psionically-gifted individuals. [0 AP]


Shi Yimu spends his free time throughout the year learning Skra’bartr’gat, the language of the Skellar. He talks about it to few, but begins to read the book he’s been gifted in the original language. [0 AP]


Wen Yang, the unofficial ambassador to the Kuilei, enters their tunnels again with a gift of a thousand Shangli rifles, modified for their use. She approaches the golden-eyed lord, and makes a simple offer in their strange psionic way of communication: for an oath of fealty to the Empire, they will help unify the Kuilei race in whatever way the gold-eyes see fit. In addition the new Kuilei state will receive everything they need from the Han to enter the galaxy. [0 AP]


Two freighters depart for somewhere special at the end of the year. [0 AP]


The Dominion dumps much of its xylorite reserves on the open market, along with some of the newly-harvested ribalite. [-1000 tons xylorite, -1 ton ribalite]


Yet another colony ship departs from Yuguo in search of a planet of use to the Emperor. [0 AP]


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Solar Ascendancy

Founded 2143


The Fleets had arrived in a Redon Controlled System, Having driven off any defenders of the Void and a massive distraction offensive lightyears away One Hundred Thousand Protorian Soldiers along with 34,250 Solarins, 20,000 Edonians, and roughly 20,000 Slavic Troops had begun their landing on Kaldorian B. Some of the largest Human Armies to land together on hostile ground fighting a common enemy.


It’s thrusters burning bright as 300 Nemesis Class Fighters escorted down the Protorian Transports to the surface, less than a few minutes into landing the Protorians had already begun establishing a Forward Base and Fortifications around the Landing Zones.


Nira pulled back on her throttle as the fighter’s wings folded in and it hovered for a moment before landing. Stepping out of the cockpit and onto the snow covered ground she removed her helmet.


Nira Usenko, Princep of Terra & Sovereign of the Solar Ascendancy (Flight Suit)


Hmm, reminds me of home.” she commented to herself looking around. This would be her first true combat mission, the Xylorite Refinery and Energy Cell Factory were vital to the Redon’s supplies for the front line, they were here to reverse that advantage.


Gideon walked over “Sovereign, getting ready for deployment?” She walked back behind her fighter opening a panel “Just going through some last minute changes, the energy cores in these are hard on the circuitry so some last minute look overs wouldn’t hurt.”


Why isn’t June or Admiral Darynna here..I would’ve thought that you would have had them come along to help. June never lets you go anywhere without an escort.


Well today I have an Army and allies I trust with my life, besides they have personal orders from me. Should be an interesting time when I get back.” he frowns “If we get back.” Nira sighs closing the panel “Gideon..not now..


Nira look you’re a great pilot, but this is your first combat mission-..


And it won’t be my last, you’re dismissed Gideon. Go report to your Lance and make sure your mechs are ready.


Gideon bowed his head “Yes Sovereign, Solaris Aeternum.” he offers a roman salute


Nira returns the gesture “Solaris Aeternum



Solarin Paladin Lance Companies prepare for the battle to come.


Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol


Stellar Class Shipyard - Level 5 (21/40) - Capacity 20

Trade Outpost - Level 1

Solarin Battlestation - (3 AP)

Emmerson Science & Research Facility

Notable Locations: Sol Colony


Total Population

Peacetime - Restoration of Humanity - 0% Prime Pop Growth (Current Status - War)

Solar Ascendancy - 921,500 Humans, 122,500 Grgl, 75,500 Tassarans, 60,250 Libellans, 47,000 Human-Tassarans, 18,500 Karass, 2,500 Chupan’Mo, 1,250 Alduu’uuraneans



Solar Clone Militia (Previously GENS)

Government: Military Junta (Autocracy)

Role: Military Sectors/Autonomous Armed Forces


Current Vassal Demand

Conscript 120,000 Clones for Armed Forces Deployment


Total Pop - 1,249,000

Civil Development/Research

Expanded Farms - Harvest

Emmerson Science & Research Facility - Terra

Federation Academy - Terra

Enhanced Medical Facilities - Terra



Terra(x) - Capital


Remnant’s Memory(i)





New Anchorage


Military Forces (Total) - 56,250

2,250 Paladin Class Mechs

30,000 Army - Dragonsnake Mk I Armor

15,000 Marines - Dragonsnake Mk I Armor

4,000 Heavy Infantry - Power Armor Mk I

10,000 Navy


Updated for 2152

-Resource Access/Trade/Expenditure-

Rodina - 1 Ton Per Year/Total Current Tonnage =7r Tons

Xylorite Mine - Terra/Dune - 200 Tons Per Year/Total Current Tonnage = 950x tons

Itoron Mine - Remnant’s Memory - 50 Tons Per Year/Total Current Tonnage = 1000i Tons

Import Program - 50 Tons Per Year/Total Current Tonnage = 150t Tons


AP Total = 26

Standard - 4AP

Trade - 2 AP

7 Colonies - 7 AP

1.25 Mil Pop - 5 AP

TF Bonus - 2 AP

Expansion Mentality - 4 AP

Federation - 2 AP


-Trade Partners-

Hephaestus, Silver Knight, Andorra, Malta, Trade Federation, Confederation of Xaplonius, Tassaran Republic, Protorian Council, Lithruan Coalition +4 Nations



The Ascendancy pushes for more Volunteers to join the ranks of the Military, using the Battle at Kaldorian B against the Redon Empire as key point that our war effort is vital to the Protorian Alliance. (Mod)


The Ascendancy builds a Heavy Cruiser on behalf of the Silver Knight (He paid for it)


Operation Home-front Commences (12 AP)


The Ascendancy aids Andorra in continuing with EVE (4 AP)


The Ascendancy expands it’s work on Spinal Cannons, or Mass Accelerator Cannons as some are calling them (10 AP, 15 total. Based off pre existing tech..so wasn’t sure how to pool the total)


Due to the recent heavy losses by the Grgl, as a sign of the years of friendship between the Grgl, Tassarans, the Solarins offer to sell 1 Thousand tons of Itoron and 950 Tons of Xylorite, and 7 Tons of Ribalite if they are interested. (Mod)

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National Security Agency of the Erakat Caliphate

Public Broadcast





A joint conference is broadcast out to the galactic community jointly by the Caliphate’s National Security Agency and the Secret Service of the United States of Arcturius. It is distributed mostly through the Arcturians and whatever other human outlets might receive it first, then spread throughout the Southern galaxy.

Arcturian representatives speak first.

“The United States of Arcturius has been the victim of a coordinated assault by the Han Dominion. Agents of the Dominion, acting with some kind of advanced disguises or appearance-altering mechanisms, deliberately and systematically entered the country. Once inside, they stirred up chaos that resulted in the deaths of Arcturian civilians and forced the Lithurian Coalition to step in to stop the fighting.

Now that we’ve regained our stability and rooted out these chaotic elements, we want to issue a warning to the nations of this galaxy. We have reason to believe that Han agents have successfully interested an undetermined number of states across the Southern and Northern galaxies. We believe this intelligence to be very credible, and though we cannot reveal our sources or methods to the public, we encourage all states’ intelligence services to act immediately and effectively. The key to rooting out these "shape-shifters" is their D.N.A. The Han Agents, though they can mask their appearance perfectly, cannot mask their DNA. This how one must go about rooting them out. 

If you fail to act, your own nation may go the way of our once peaceful Republic. The Han were able to infiltrate all levels of our government. It is safe to assume that they may have donee the same to you. Act quickly.”

The American representatives step aside, allowing the Eadni officials to speak.

“Since they occured, our nation’s attack on the Han has been called everything from genocidal to reprehensible to outright illegal. We dismiss these notions and these acts only further provide us with justification to conduct strikes like the one that took place on Xin’Xian. It also provides us with justification to continue the war against these vermin.

I ask you all again, especially those of you who share the heritage of Earth with us, do really wish to defend he who spies on you, sows chaos within you, and claims to be your overlord? Do you wish to continue to berate me for strikes carried out in defense of my sovereignty? Have you forgotten that the Han have Eadni, Arcturian, Solarin, Imperial, and F.C.A. blood on their hands? The Erakat Caliphate does not wish to continue to wage war. It does not wish to continue the spill Han blood. It desires a humanity that strives together towards peace; a peace that cannot be achieved as long as the Han Dominion exists in its current form.

Glory to the Arcturians. Glory to the Eadni.”

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