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Story Update - Fall

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Hello everyone,

 This is the official Story Team Update for the wrap up of Fall 2020. It’s been a busy year for the ST, cleaning up the mess left behind by Flamboyant with the loregames and pushing the team forward into a workable state. We are glad to say, however, that the team is doing better than ever. The loregames have wrapped up in proper, with Golemancy being implemented and Naztherak being the last loregame piece to be passing through a loremag. Additionally, the event-catered side of the team has been hard at work, executing the Inferi Invasion eventline and wrapping up Arcas, LotC’s 7th official map.


Even as the team wraps up these projects and events, we are looking forward towards Almaris on the horizon. As such, now is an apt time to update you on what the team is working on and looking forward to.




Lore-Related Projects


The work done by the lore-catered members of the ST to shorten loremag time has paid off. There are less pieces sitting in wait now than there have been in a long time, and other projects can now receive the time & attention that they deserve. Below, you can find all the current projects of the lore-catered ST currently being executed.


The Racial Update

The Core Racial Lore Update Project, based on the idea of outlining how to play each race, is near the end of it’s draft phase. It is currently being looked at & reviewed by Nation Leader’s and ST management alike. Before the end of the year, you should see it out on the forums as a resource available to you.


The Voidal Project

The Voidal Project has been churning along steadily since the last update. The team is focusing on one aspect and one piece at a time, working on that which is most critical to the project. Eventually, the hardest of the work should be done, and the polishing of the project will begin.


The Review Teams

Lore Reviewals are moving consistently faster than they have been in years, or perhaps ever. With this consistent pace, we have begun to catch up on the large stockpile of pieces in the lore submissions list. Very soon, we will be on top of it. And, as a result, newly posted pieces will be able to actually be voted on soon after posting. Historically, it has instead been 3 or more months after posting, with more and more pieces piling up. We plan to keep up this increased pace because that is what the community deserves.


Story Rules Update

A more ‘background’ upcoming project that’s been started has been to update the long-outdated Lore Rules. The current set of rules was implemented by Flamboyant, with many strange caveats and restrictions that nobody remembers, follows, or likes. As such, some members of the team have been breaking these down, salvaging the rules that are actually good, and otherwise updating an obtuse set of rules. We hope this will make a smoother and easier to comprehend lore experience for the server at large.


Vortex-Story Rules

Vortex is looking to become an integral part of playing LotC. As such, a project we are looking to start is outlining and clarifying interactions between ST-Materials and Lore with the systems of Vortex. This is a relatively small project, but should serve as an important kernel for the interaction between these two parts of LotC.


Lore Fixes & Pauses

One job of the lore-catered ST on top of accepting new lore is to adjust and reassess existing lore. At the moment, there are two major things that the St are currently reassessing, updating, and otherwise fixing for the server at large. These include Air Evocation & Treants. Air Evocation is going through some balancing, fixing, changes, and a new guide as well. Treants are being rebalanced, as well as an entirely new guide being written from scratch. Because of this, new Treants cannot currently be made. Both of these lore pieces should soon hopefully be out of the workshop and available to the server at large once again.


The Materials Project

The Materials Project continues on. Material nodes will be, largely, automated and compatible with Vortex. However, Vortex nodes will remain relatively low yield. To supplement this, event nodes are remaining, mined via an interaction with an ST. These event nodes will remain with a higher yield, rewarding those willing to RP to acquire these materials while also satisfying those who prefer the mechanical method.


Limb Signage

Because of active manipulation & abuse by the owners of ‘magic’ limbs (i.e. animii limbs, golem limbs, atronach limbs, etc.), having such a limb requires the player to have an ST-signed item. This is after much discussion among the team, with those for it and those against it. Ultimately, however, this was decided to be the best solution. As such, all those with existing magic limbs are to make an /sreq to get their limbs retroactively signed into an item.
If your limb is in vaults, you are fine - Otherwise, we are offering a 1 month grace period to get limbs signed and represented. All magical limbs count for this- Paladin, Druid, Atronach, Animii, and Golemancy all require signage for limbs.




Event-Related Projects


The event team has been doing incredibly well for the most part, handling the first large scale eventline that LotC has dealt with in some time. This, along with continued independent small events and the winding down of Arcas events, has led us to one of the best event sects that the ST has ever had. Averaging about 55 hours a week worth of events, the Inferi campaign was a literal virtual workspace with intense coordination between actors, nation leaders, builders, and players. Below, you can find all the current projects of the event-catered ST currently being executed. 


The Inferi’s End, and Poll Winner

The Inferi Invasion was a herculean effort, drawing the majority of the resources of the event-catered ST members. Mass organization, large attendance across the team, and quality acting ability led to a relatively successful execution. As such, the event team is taking an official break for the next month for actors to relax and gain their motivation back. This will not mean the end of events for the full month; members are encouraged to continue making their own events and weaving their own narratives. However, there is no pressure to do so, and there will be no widespread event efforts by the ST for the rest of the month. There are big plans for Almaris, after all, and it would be no good if the team was too worn out to execute them.

Aswell, the winner of The Inferi Feedback Poll is @Motherchild, who will be receiving their in-game Minas reward in short time- Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll, your feedback is and has been incredibly valued.


Return of Mechanical Events

Vortex & unprecedented developer support for Story means that, for the first time in a long while, ‘mechanical’ events will be possible. These could include the custom mobs previously on LotC, dungeons, and other things. The possibilities are quite wide. There is nothing promised or planned in this direction, but it is a possibility and an avenue that the team could now pursue. These could help flesh out and decorate the event landscape of 8.0.


Project Ecosystem

Project ecosystem has always been a pipe dream for many actors wanting to introduce highly interconnected RP consequences between the land and the flora and fauna. A delicate web and of various relationships just like in the real world, with LOTC’s own lore and twists. There’ll be new unique Almaris flora and fauna located in the new regions, with intractability amongst them. Stay tuned for updates!


Project NPC

Project NPC is an ongoing initiative by the ST to create minor factions, designed to be neutral and to help drive narrative and exposition upon release of new lore pieces (such as NPCs informing players of new animal sightings, etc). They range from pirates, to adventure guilds. A post will be released about how to interact with them once the project is completed, but it's not expected for another few months (as there’s builds, skins, plugins to consider).






The Story Team is currently looking for new talent. There is always a vacuum for new & creative people, as well as veterans looking to contribute once again. As such, all three sects of the Story Team are recruiting. These three sects include Story Lore, Story Event, and Story Event-Builders. If you are interested in applying, you can do so here.




Current Management


Riftblade (Story Administrator)

Firespirit44 (General Management)

Squakhawk (Story Manager)

ScreamingDingo (Story Manager)



A huge thank you to all our current ST, both those who have been with us since our reimagining in the Spring & those of you who are new. The ST is now something special, something unlike what the Lore Team or Event Team were before. We would not be where we are without all of your hard work and herculean effort to fix the team and improve the server. Thank you all.

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Thank you everyone from your participation and contributions during the Inferi and the subsequent end of Arcas. We look forward to changing gears and hope everyone enjoys Almaris!

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i didn't read any of this yet i just wanted to leave a reply. hello.

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glad we can finally unwind after the long and strenuous inferi eventline 

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Ooooh, things a-comin! Gonna be fun

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The casual **** talking of flam tickles me with delight.

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The ST Actors are always looking for mentally strong individuals with strong work ethic that have a creative vision for LOTC and to showcase unique LOTC lore. 

Thanks for the writeup squak and archi.

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Gotta thank you all for the hard work you all put into the server! It's very much so appreciated, and though everyone may not show the love all the time, your work is valued. I look up to everyone who volunteers their time to making improvements! I look forward to what is to come in the future.

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